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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 15, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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her apartment complex tryg to evict her just have no family. ing i had. i >>it's close tonig after a man is wounded in an officer-involved shootin bart police say they shot the man while he ran out of a bar car and on to the tracks. >>i'm j r stone a i'm justine waltman thoicers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at the serino to norte a tation just before 2 o'clock this afternoon, the shooting foe
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the station to be closed for several hours. krn four's dan thorn has been following the stor for us tonight, he joins us now live from el serino with the very latest >>well, jr and justine it's stl pretty active here as investigators are still collecting evidence and they'veactually had to turn people away at the staon here as well as at the chmond bart station because the investigation is still ongoing police were able t recover a handgun here at this station, but the is still a lot unknown. ey also del norte a bart staton swarmed by pole following an officer-involved shooting bart police say the officerere responding to an argument between a man and a woman on board a train saturday afternoon. >>when they were forced to shoot the man being there. >>experiencing all of that chaotic energy. hearing the noises those it was to miss mallony turner says she had just gotten on the train and was horrified by what she saw
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and i have. >>young child his an african-american and the by of an african-americantracks >>the park police chief ed alvarez says officers were told the n had a gun as they approach them d they apparently saw it as he ran away under the platform and then n to the tracks at which suspect and officers shot. carrying a gun the man had to be rushed to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. the train station was shut down for several hours as investators were collecting evidence a handgun was found at the sce but it's still unclear, how many shots were firedur officers i believe reacd to waste their trainer reactor they responded did great job. the identity of the suspect has not been released by bart polie there right now collecting video from bo
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cameras the platfo. >>and the train to a help out in their investigation as for this station, it remains closed right now as well as the richmond bart station for people who need to get around ac transit is actually helping out you can take bus 72 or the m 7 or excuse me the 72 m from elserino plaza for service to el serino del norte a that's here and also the richhen bart station that s the latest here live in el sino dan thorn kron 4 news so much to not just in to the kron 4 news in the city of brent was police department is reporting that a 23 year-old man died. >>in a fatal car crash today, the department shared this brutal picture from e csh scene on facebook officers responded to the crash just after 5 o'clocthis evening. the area of irview avenue between central boulevard and san jose avenue was closed for everal hours. the driver was trapped inside thcar and died at the scene. the cause of the collision is still
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being invesgated police say though they do not suspect alcohol to be a factor, the driver's identity is not beg released at this time. >>and the east bay,pittsburgh lice are investigating after a 21 year-old shot and killed last night. it happened on crestview drive in alta vista circle. police received several calls about hearing gunshots in that area. when police arrived they fond the man suffering from several gunshot wounds, lifesaving forts were performed on e man. but he was pronounced dead at his identity has not been released. investigators say the victim was in the park across from all to these to circle that is when authorities say an him and began firing. at ached shooter ran and drove off a car police are still searching for that person. >>grief counselors will be available for students a concord high school after a student was killed in a hit and run car crash. 18 year-old joe barrett was walking home from the library when a r
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ran him over and then drove off the mount diablo school stricts as we extend our deepest condolences to the family and our thoughts are with them as they al with this difficult time. the statement also says th joe was a ki and thoughtful young man and he will be dearly missed by many there will be counselors ailable when school returns on tuesday, but the school is also offering counseling services to anyone who needs teenager's body was found in e the road on port port chicago highway near the highway for on-ramp monday night. police have located a pers and a vehicle of interest as they continue to investigate but no >>police are searching for a person who is snatching purses from parked vehicles at a concord shopping center. happened 3 separate times in the parking lot of 2015 monument boulvard at the corner of oak ove road. this video shows a person in a black hoodie and pants walking up to a car and then stealing
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a shopper's purse all while they're loading up the car. the suspect then runs to a waiting vehicle where they then drive off cars described as possibly being a dark colored 2019 honda accord. >>san francisco police are investigating after a woman was stabbednd another woman was assaulted by a man along the city's embarcadero it happened early this morning now n custody. kron four's is gayle g talked with a witness andhas more on t condition of the victims, san francisco police arrested this man accused of attacking 2 women along safrancisco's embarcadero saturday police saythe crimes happened in the morni, the first just before 07:00a police respoed to peer 19 where one woman was stabbed by a man whogot away ona bike police interviewed is woman visiting the city. >>she s the but to get to the tourist only seak russianbut says she was relying on with her sent to
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clear 23 that's when they saw a woman running faster than a man riding his bike a swearing, using obscene words at first they thought the man was coming for them. >>as he circled his bike then moved on next ing they know they see the woman has been stabbed on her upr back. police say the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries around 07:10am lice sponded to another attack near pier 39 this time police say a man attacked a woman with the tool. the victim before she wa taken to the hoital meanwhile, tourists and cals stunned to hear what happened wasscary. >>scary coming here with so much trouble around you feel little sar. yeah that's just insane to fortunately, you know there are those in certain selecfew that decide you now aused the inflicted inflation of pain where it's just like you know just don'tunderstand why people you know down that route bank and it's tragic hear police say the suspect is connected to both incidents exactly what led to the violencethough is still unclear detectives are still looking for more
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tnesses reporting here in san francisco yle ong kron 4 news. >>thanks so much gail now to a big story. we're following the coronavirus today was reported hundreds more people have died from the virus, including the first death outse of asia. there are also several case that are new for the coronirus. >>although for the 3rd dain a row, the mber of new cases has dropped kron four's also the money and has been tracking all the latest numbers for us she's nowlive in the newsroom with the very latest l a you're just today china reported 2009 new cases of the coronavirus. >>bringing the total number to 60,500. there were also 142 more pele killed. so t death toll in mainland china now stands at 1665, as you said this is a drop in the new coroavirus cases for the 3rd raight day. the head of the world healh organization has praid the country's efforts to contain the disease. but he also took a moment to acknowledgethat because of the outbreak certain grou are now beintargeted and
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even discriminated against saying that it cannot be tolerated. these >>today thefirst coronavirus death was reported in france. th victim was an 80 year-old chinese tourists who is visiting europe. the french health minister saysthat the patient's condition quote unquote deteriorated rapidly after being hospitalized in late january francis also reported a new confirmed ca ingi that country's total to 12 here at home there e 15 confirmed cases in the united states 8 of them in california. most recently san diegcounty health officials
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declared a local health emergency after discovering 2 cases of the vius. both patints were from. cha as vacuees and they're beg isolated and treated at u c san diego hospital. more than 200 other evacuees remain under a 14 day quarantinat the camp ndleton mari base county officials say that the declaration comes friend and it of caution. we're continuing to follow the coronavirus as we learn more day by day so we'll have the latest details for you guys tonight at 11 on kron on live in the wsroom monae and kron 4 news. with kron four's we continue our coverage of the coronavirus have exclusive stories on our website at kron 4 dot com. just click onhe news tab and then click on coronavirus let's take a li look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast here is the city of san francisco. >>on a satuay night a a little chilly out there this evening, a numbers is here to breait all down and what we can expect tomorrow morning. yeah we are noticing
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temperatures out there right now still in the 50's so he's a live look outside of dowown san francisco and let's take a lookat temperatures because we are tracking a warmer air mass compared to around 24 hours ag upwards of about 5 degrees of warming bufor those of you at lf moon bay seeing double digit warming t there right now so low to mid-fifties nap and the only city right now 49 degrees but we're all going to be in the 40's for overnight lows. so a little bit warmer for overight lows tonight, thanks to that increase in cloud cover from the storm trng to and daytime highs for bay area tomorrow. they were today. so let's than track ts storm well to our north and we're noticing some light scattered showers along parts of northern california just north of the bay area with the main front of this storm just to our north right now over portland. it was in seattle waington but you're starting to dry out from that system but our storm track is going to remain or so we are going to notice drier weather
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an crease from cloud cover from time to time but this wind maker than a rainmaker. details ahead on what you ca expect for the 2nd half of your weekend and a full check of your micrclimate forecast coming up in just a few minutes. sharon just think back to you thank you so much mabrisa a heads up for ose riding rred on presidents day. >>the agency sa trains will be running a saturday schedu. is coming nday. they're also be longer trains on the green orange and red lines for the entire day. so be sure to anahead d if you do ha to work on presidentday. remember that those trains are are switched up to tt weekend scdule that. >>coming here on. of the 10 we continue our coverage the coronavirus at 1045. you will heafrom passengers for quarantine on a cruise ship in japan. find out when they might ableto get off the boat and come ho. >>plus president trump is keeping his campaign promise to bud a wall along the u s mexico borde but the way he's obtained the funding is now being criticized by both
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political parties. >>and a new development for the man who was acquitted in the 15 deat ate fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives we're fighng for clean air and . that's why i wrote the law to send billions from plurs to communities suffering the most. and on one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. anhe's still fhting for us, pledging to make cleanir and clean war a right for everyone regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>back to kron 4 newat 10 a man who is a mexican national who is in the us illegally and arrest for a deadly shooting along a san francisco pier will not stand tri on federal gun charges us
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district court judge ruled on friday that jose garcia surat a is not competent to stand tri because of a mental illness. >>that was not being treated garcia's rodger wasacquitted of murder in the 2015 death of kate steinle it was a case that sparked national debate federal prosecurs later charged him with gun possession. lawye from both sidewill meet with the jud on wednesday to decide the next steps in this case. the national debate surrounding the case dealt with immigratn and it highlighted san frcisco's sanctuary city poly which limits local officials from cooperating with federal immigration authorities and that feud is only escalating as the trump ministration. now plans to take dozens of agents from the border. >>and reassign themto cities with large migrant ommunities like san francisco, los anges houston and newark. so th can assist ice. oakland mayor libby shaft has been a vocal critic of the president. she twted in response to the news. writin don't brng it to oaknd. our
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residents deservsafety pl sanctuary cities and sanctuary in our streets. not tactal border agents. >>in national news president ump seems to be getting the border wall that he promised during his presidential campaign but mexico is not paying for it instead the trump administration is using taxpayer moy diverted close to billion from the pentagon that was intended to be used for the military and naonal guard as barbara starr reports the move is getting backlash from both sides of the aisle. >>it's pretty impressive president trump showing off the progress of ilding his border wallright now we have. a 122 miles of wall this bn built the late plan to help pay for it is 2 different nearly billion of ptagon spending much of it from weapons programs. >>to keep going but one of the president's most contrersial priorities, the new funding
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proposal is faci a buzz saw bipartisan congression opposition, the ranking republican on the house armed services committee says the unconstitutional the constitutiosays it's congress's role raise and maintain for armies and navies and other military coses what's happened here is they di't get congress's approval, they st movemoney around and even us lawmakers say border securis important so are e priorities of providing what our trps need to fight and win amica's wars. >>the money iscoming out of critic programs such as the the armed reaper drone et and program, th considered a vital tool for fighting what say this much border security is national security and naional security is our mission of the action we took is a. >>is legal under the law some of these defense dollars are being put in to deal with these drug interdictn fund to help justify building the
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wall i stopping drug smuggling former homeland security official not so fast that a wall is a statiory object. it's easy to defeat and traffickers will use boats they will use aircraft they will use anything so wall is ineffective to stopping illegal drugs coming into the united states. >>turning to world news no the us and the taliban ha reached a quote reduction in violenceagreement for 7 days, it's not known when the oposal will take a fact although this stopped short of a concrete peace deal. it is descrid as a first step, us defense secretary mark esper says us forces will stay in afghanistan. as long as necessary to pport the country's residents. >>and arctic has one of the coldesplaces on earth but this week the content registered its warmest temperature ever. ientists say it reached 69.3 degrees fahrenheit beatinthe
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previous high of 65 degrees. antarctica and the world meteorogy will meorologist ca organization is working to verify. th potential record-breakg temperature that is a little frighteni. >>time now to turn our attention to weather for greece or rather he goes there even talking about some of ice breaking. pieces of ice breaking to walk and cycle. we don't often see that yeah and we're going to otice dry conditions for us here in the bay aa, no rain in sight. so definitely noticing some changes out there as far as our wet season goes locally in stormtracker 4 right now showing very dry conditns. >>some light scattered showers just off the coast of the north ba but overall we're going to remain dry through tonight. thre is a storm that is going to sweep through the bay area during the overnight hours but instead ofringing us much needed rain 're going to get another when orm making its way through the bay area starting early sunday morning and then again for your sunday afernoon could see gusts upwards of
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about 30 miles per hour or less along the coast. >>camer conditions during the overnight hours,but it's the north bay mountains and east bay hills including the diablo ange by monday morning through monday afternoon that could see wind gusts wards of about 45 miles per hour or less will expect wind advisories to be issued for our highest peaks possibly on monday then calmer conditions by monday night and no fire danger threat just because we are tracking a little bit re moisture out there. so that is great news for us here at home today's daytime highs, despread 60's we were upwas of about 8 degrees above avage live look outside from our alcatraz camera you can see the beautiful san frcisco skyline all lit up for your saturday night temperatures out there right now in thlow to mid 's and overnight lows tonight will remain in the 40's so tracking warme temperatures tonight and daytime highs will be slightly cooler morrow compared today's so upper 50's alg the coastal areas of the n francisco peninsula with widespread low to mid 60's and
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still going to remain about a few degrees abo average in your president's day outlook in the 's staying dry with breezy winds for your monday and then after that warming up back into the upp 60's for the remainder of the week even early next weekend as well, but the one thing that we're tracking the lack of rain for a 10 at 10 outlook so very concerning ut there for us in the bay area, nothinagain for a long stretch of time seems like all these storms just bring us wind instead of rain so we are notici that storm track well to the north unortunately so much risk and. >>yeah, exact. kron 4 news at 10 house speaker nan pelosi defending her decision to tear up president donald trump's state of the union address. >>coming up at 1045. she reveals issue is planning the move all along. and plenty of people are looking for love online these days, but officials are now warnin people
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growing up in labad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote t nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when bigil tried tosto, he led us to victory. same with the ketone pipeline. when tom says we can savthe world and do it togeer believe him. i'm m steyer and i arove this message.
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new report says that romance scams are costing americans millions of dollarthe ftc says last year consumers lost $201 million to scammer crying and pring on people looking for love. officials scribe these romance scammers is people whfirst build a relationship with their victim. then ask that person for money to get out of a so-called crisis in 2019 re than 25,000 consumers
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filed a report on romance scams. >>tesla's voluntarily calling some model x hicles because of a power steering issue. most cars built before mid october of 2016 are affected. the issue involves corrosion on steering gear bolts making the drive or use more for forced to turn the wheel. tesla says it is unaware of any injuries or collisio. there will be no affected models. x any >>next 10 democratic presidential candidates are bringing their campaigns to california ts weekend. more on joe biden's campaign at the state capitollus find out which candidate is coming to the bay area next week plus a san francisco man is behind bars suspected of selling rugs on the peninsula. >>we're learning abouthe arrest tonight. >>and i'll have your sierra foecast and
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>>house speaker nancy pelosi is defending her decision to tearup a copy of the state of the union address president trump handed it to heas a ceremonial act ahead of th speech and then at the end of the address you casee here, closing just ripp up the pieces of paper. well tonight the democratic speaker says the move waa of the moment reaction. >>th wasn't a an think is the fact that with all that
10:30 pm
we have done legislatively when there's equal pay for equal rk raising theminimu wage gun violence protection issues that relate to our children and the list es on climate action now with very little. press oit. and it prs you have to t the tension. so i thought well, let's get attention on the fact that what he said here today was t true. >>republicans have called the bevi are appalling and shameful saying degrad the event some members of the gop tried to condemn pelosi's actions with the resolion. but were unsuccessful. >>joe biden brought hi brought his presidential campaign the state capitol today. the decratic candidate won the endorsement of sacramento, mayodarrel steinberg last month. this tries to rack up support in next month's critical super tuesday vote here in califonia. one supporter says when it comes to the next president, he's voting for someone who cahelp return
10:31 pm
things to the status quo all. >>this country desperately needs a different kind of chge change back what what is normal. >>what is respectful. white is necessary for people to have confiden in our democtic institutions. >>super tuesday will be held on march 3rd. >>presidential candidate pete buttigieg is also campaigning incalifornia ahead of the state's democratic primary he made 3 campaign stopon friday. san francisco pa alto and then he a town hall in sacramento, thatattracted hundreds of people some of those in line and they told us here kron 4 they came to support buttigi while others wanted to learn more out th candidate before making their decision in the state primary on march 3rd. >>i wanted to sehim in person i want to see him up close i've goa chance see menotti be used for the news and i think it's really ing
10:32 pm
to without filters and in person. >>buttigieg also made a final stop inter walk during his california campaign and senator bernie sanders will be in the bay area next week moay. he is set to hold a rally. at crane way pavilion in richmond doors will open at 10:00am the rally starts at noon. >>there you see all those bright lightsand the lights of the bay bridge. >>chilly night out there though, let's check in now rodriguez we just saw on your st forecast that there's no rain for a little while so what's that doingto the snowpack yeah, i know this is a long holiday weekend president's dan a lot of to head out to this year, but unfortunately the snowpack is starting to diminish jus because of the lack of rain d snow showers making its way into this year. so l's take a look at the latest numbers this year right about 59% of average and we're noting dry conditions out there right now but as we take
10:33 pm
a quick check at the outlook for this long holiday weekend light rain and snow showers for the 2nd half of the ekend. but it's really not going to bring us y significant rain or snow accumulatns to this year it is going in dampen he ground a little bit so make sure to drive safe leader heading in and out of this year because it is going to make for very slick and dangerous commute now is the willnotice some prtty gusty winds, especial in south lake tahoe 35 miles r hour less inreasing wave heights throughout south lake tahoe, 2 to 4 feet and ridge tops could see upwards of 100 mile per hour wind speeds throughout the ridgecrest of is for the 2nd half of the weekend. but overall we ar going to notice, partly cloudy ski tempetures in the low 50's d then warming up into the upper 40's buyer president's day monday and very little change holding steady by tuesday of next week as well so sightly above average temperatures will continue for is year and closer to home in the bay area we'retracking a fairly lm night out there right now
10:34 pm
light breezy winds but overall temperatures on the mild side in the low mid 50's for most of the bay area only oling down into the 40's so weare going to notice slightly warmer temperatures for overnight lows. the daytime highs tomorrow, thanks that storm that is going to ing us more of a wind storm than a rainmaker will co us down to near avrage right along downtown san francisco, 59 degrees upr 50's for those of you in half moon bay, mild temperatures also from brisbane all the wayinto burlingame so wind seds along the coast about 30 miles per hour or less san mateo in foster city in the upper 50's with widespread low to mid 60's for those of you in the sout bay hayward 63 degrees the east walnut creek in the mid 60's with oakland degrees for your afternoon highs in napa in the mid 60's with upper 60's for those of you in santa rosa. in the north bay and right w noticing abnormally dry conditions for half of the state of california and here's
10:35 pm
w lack of rain and that is going to include uin the bay area's well, no ain for the next 10 days so pretty >>they go to come in from now and the chp investigating a deadly crash on highway one in burlingame that happened earlier this morning. authories say arou 5.30 an suv went airborne and then crashed on the broadway. off-ramp right near the ford dealership there the chp d shut down rollins road from cattle equate to tie and drive following this crash. no details but the person who died have been released just yet. the crash is uer investigation. >>in san bruno police arte a 19 ye-old san francisco man for driving under the influce and selling drugs according to san bruno police brian hernandez rodriguez was pulled over on the 900 block of el caminreal in millbrae wednesday. officers determine he was under the influence of drugat the time. now during a vehicle search officers und meth marijuana xanax
10:36 pm
oxycodone and other items that led them to believe rodriguez was selling drugs. an undisclosed amountof cash was also seized. driguez has been booked into jail and faces several charges. >>the city of san francisco has agreed pay. $225,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by 7 african-americans who say they were targeted because of their race in a sting operation intended to arrest people selling drugs near schools. those 7 people were arrested called operation safe schools which happened between 20 13 in 2014. the operation was carried out by fedal law enforcement inan francisco police. the american civil libertieunion of northn california said all 37 ople arrest in the city's tenderloin neighboood were african american. despite the raal and ethnic diversity of dr dealers in that neighborhood. >>police arrested 31 demonstrators at sfo on
10:37 pm
friday, hundreds of catering workers and supporters are calling for american airlines to address whatthey call poverty wages and unfordable health care. police arrested those who are blocking traffic that included san francisco supervisor shame on walton. workers at sfo are among the thousands who marched protested 15 airports across the untry. >>kn 4 news at 10 there is a state of emergency in mississippi tonight as people brace for historic flooding. >>and 2 teens have been arrested one of them indicted on murder charges. what'd we dee on the flyers again?
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athroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg isere. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked tether in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows wus what can be achved whenin we bring people together to seepragmac solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan.
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>>welcome back to kron news at 10 in national news tonight, 14 year-old boy has been indicted on murder arges in last year's stabbing death of a college freshman. police say 18 year-old tessa majors was walking in a new york city park last december when sh was robbed anfatally stabbed the 14 ar-old suspect was arrested friday ght. he is being charged as an adult, a 13 year-old has sobeen arrested in this case. prosecutors say he willface charges in family court. >>evacations are underway in mississip as flooding is expected to get worse throughout the weekend tonight, the pearl river which you can see right here behind me is projected to reach major flood stage and first
10:41 pm
responders and high water resc vehicles are on stdby to help people were stranded. as meedith wood reports this coul be the worst flooding. the area has seen in decades. >>this is a historic the event this is this unprecedented in the last 35 years. declared in mississippi several communities alonghe pearl river are bracing for e possibility of extreme flooding. people. it is certainly ot of somhing that you should not take for granted. >ome areas near jackson, mississippi have alt with ring flood waters for days. but experts say the worst is still tcome when the pearl river crest saturday evening is projected to top out at 38 feet. officials say that would e historic. >>this will e the 3rd the wot flooding of the pearl river the surrounding communities. weaven't seen flood levels like this in the area since 1983. >>more tha2000 hes are at risk prompting mandatory flood
10:42 pm
evacuations and vulnerable areas and wait to the water gets in your >>back wait. >>with the river expected to crest overnight officialwarn roads tht are sible now could be under water by nightfa, making travel an evacuation dangerous if you havebeen alerted. >>please please. get out before dark. tonight. >>more rain is the forecast for sunday meaning the flood through the start of next we. i'm meredith wood reporting. >>still ahead here at 1045 some passengers w have been quarantined on a cruisship in japan because of the everyone is celebrating this news. >>ahead in orts, the nba honor the late kobe brya festng the all-star weekend
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as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washingtonnsiders went crazy. they said term limits e bad, that thell break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for policians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on clite, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shup washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this msage.
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continues to spad, although e number of new cases is dropping. cha's reporting 2000 new caes and 1600 more deaths over thlast 24 hos. the world health organization is praing the country's efforts to ntain the disease in japan, another passengers on board. this quarantine cruise ship that you see right here is called the diamond princs. >>are now infected with the coronavirus that brings the total number of cases contracted on the vessel to
10:46 pm
nearly 300. but there is some good ws. the us is preparing to evacuate american passenge from the ship this weekend. >>and once they leave the ship they will ve to undergo 14 days of quarantine in the united states and anyone who has tested positive for coronavir or showing any type of symptoms. cannot leave and they will continue receiving treatment japan. as will ripley reports this forced to stay behind it. be >>for americans under quarantine on the diamond princess a knock on the a glimmer of hope so our purpose to come in and check the of the passengers will be looking at a the americans over the next couple of infectious disease doctors from the checking every american on the ship ken frazier for mgan and as someone else on his shaking like aricans and hospitals yes, okay, my wif
10:47 pm
is. isn't e of the hospitals. frazier's wife rebecca tested positive fo nol oronavirus last week each day apart feels like a week. we're back now at the court in hospital in tokyo whe rebeccarazier is and are high so she still has no symptoms of the virus in fact, she's feeling great. >>e frazier's just learned of a plan to evacuate americans on us vernment charter flights. >>so hope all that to myself my husba can hopefully get on that plane progress she's not bothered by the prospect of yet another 14 day she'll be with her huand at t least that's what she thought. so what happened right after we left the hotal. >>the doct came and nig night 10 minutes later. i also brought my test results back and th were positive it's got positive result means she cannoget on that flight or
10:48 pm
stating i'm so sorry >>there was likea punch in the gu >>and i was so sure is going to come out negative was so sure. news that you're still going f to be separated. for the foreseeable off. >>was devastating really was li we had like a pretty clear picture on our mind so what's going to happen and it just got shot to help. >>and so the frazier's holiday from held now has no end in sight, thefed makes things really tough today was looking really good. we're getting >>we may be on the hours after that it's just ba down no worse than what we were befo 2 it's an unknown intereting contest negatives. >>when the other americans for those charter flights home the frazier's like dozens of other us citizens with the vis and their families i have no choice but to stay behind. i'm
10:49 pm
waitin for the day they're good news finally com. >>that was will ripley reporting ay with us here on kron 4 as we ontinue our coverage of the coronavirus be of e very latest on our website kron 4 dot com ju look for the coronavirus tab. and are news. >>all-star mvp trophy. the kobe bryant p award. >>r 24.2 seconds so we're all just to read aloud we wa to make some noise. >>several emotional mome satday duringthe nba all-star weekd the league honor the te kobe bryant and his daughter gianna by participating in a 24.2
10:50 pm
shot-cck violation. nba commissioner, adam silver making the announcement the that the mvp of the all-star game on suay night will now be receiving. the kobe bryant award. the all-stargame happening on sunday night betweeteam lebron and team g i but on saturday, it w all about the dunk competition at stole the show in a coroversial w it came down to aaron gordon anderrick jones nior jones from the free throw line did the jump there slams it and that would earn him a 48. >>for his final dog. he thought it should have been more an utdoor setting up to dunk over taco fall, yes, that's rit total is 7 foot 5 gordon who is 6 foot 9 and right over him there and this is where became a little controversial gordon earned a 47 1st finals on the audience and the players obviously, and disbelief they can't belve it. nonethelesderrick jones juor is your 2020. atnt slam
10:51 pm
dunkchamon now to the ice the n jose sharks wrapping up a 2 game road tp in minnesota taking on the wild. timo meier gearing up looking for the team's second winner 3rd period, we go no score dylan gambrell out goes in for the goal sharks take it one to nothing atthis point they're up one nothing minnesota could muster anything sharksshut out the wi to nothing yr fins, the sharks first shut out win this season back home on monday, the host the florida panthers. >>in other news, tom brady hitting the free ency market has been a top subject in the nfl offseason i guess that's what happens with 6 time super bowl champions. earlsurday report came out linking tom brady to the silver and black larry fitzgerd senior father of hall of famer larry fitzgerald school says the now los vegas raiders are ready to make an offer to brady a 2 year, $6milon contracts
10:52 pm
with the raiders moveto the sensitive the samateo native. >>would be closer toome that derek carr is currently in the middle ofa 5 year deal. he is set to make just under 20 llion the sheriff sova brady deal happen. we'll likely see some trades as well. now some giant sunday's talk and both teams made a little history on saturday spring training games. haven even started and they're making history pretty impressive earlier today it was announced the san francisco giants traded pitcher burch smith to the oakland a's, ok. well, the first trade beeen the 2 >>since 1990 a move that would bolster their bullpen. tha's auired smith and in return. >>the giants receive cash. smith wadesignated for assignment last week and in 10 games for the gits smith posted a 2 point all 8. e r a firstrade for these 2 in about 30 years so maybe we'll
10:53 pm
see more deals down the road yet to be determined, we will wait and see on th one and that is orts. obama: he's been leader
10:54 pm
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: adership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked tether the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to findood jobs. old ideological battles he shows wus what can be achieved when we bring people together toeek pragmatic soluons. bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan.
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10:56 pm
>>if you want uto the people asking for need help. and uh i was a person to cater to site distrust. >>yeah, i mean i i did hear you say like are you guys, ok did they respond to you could they hear you because they were pretty close. >>there are very close. i did develop announced they needed help because i know the area where they were heading down and you know it's a intersection one. 2 there's a lot of high voltage wires in the area that you know the
10:57 pm
cause so the people on board yeah which print iran now the house in which the intersection to see park d a assessed with any kind of aid. >>so we're told that the hot ai balloon had to make this emergency landing after it lost pressure while in flight there were over a dozeof people on board but thankfully, no one was injured they went a little f course looks like it's se of the people in the neighborhood told me that happens more ten than you'd expect. and chp says it happens 3 or 4 times. >>just lands in the middle of the street that's concern. a record democrat running for president
10:58 pm
we all have progressive plans to the addressouse. the big challeng facing ou country. whatakes me different, is i've been working for ten yearoutside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our mocracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach
10:59 pm
ato hold is lawless president amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like term lims... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as presidenti'll declare cle change an emergency on day 1. to finally address the climate crisis. d, i've spent 30 yrs builng a successful internatnal business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this messa - because there is nothing more powerful an t unified voice of the american people. hello and welcome to our
11:00 pm
season debut hoop session....i'm your host jason dumas.....>all season long, this will be your place for all things warriors and bay area basketball..>and our debut comes at the perfect time as the warriors get a few days off for the all-star break.....>we will breakdown their season up to this point, go in-depth on their moves at the trade deadline and more.....>but firslet's break down some of the warriors' games this week...starting with mony's matchup against the heat....that included a spl visitor....>


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