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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 16, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news. >>now at 10 sme400 americans are excted arrive at travis air force base within the hour after being stranded on a cruise ship that's been quarantined in japan for nearly 2 weeks because of the coronavirus but once they land they will still have to be quarantined at that military facility in fairfield to make sure that they do not have the much for joining ustonight at
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10 i'm justine waltman and i'm j r stone another plane is carrying evacuees an air force bae in texas. >>along those americans who are on the cruise ship 44 were diagnosed with the coronarus those lks are not on the plane heading to the states tonight that plane though is almost here kron four's ella simonian has been acking the situation as it develops this evening. she's live in the newsroom wh the latest details. >>sharon justine that nightmare vacation is coming to an end but as you mentioned another isolated stable start for the group went in less than an ho one of those fightswill touch down right here in the bay area at the travis air force base in fairfield let'take a live look at the flight tracker right now to give you an idea of whee exactly the charter plane is that took off from tokyo this morninit looks like it's already st approaching the california coast. a second flht as you mentioned is making its way ver to texas. the americans on boarhave been evacuated from a cruise ship called the diamond princess which you see re where they were kept for
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2 weeks after 0 people contracted the virus. they're leaving behindundreds of other nationalities that are still stuckon board. the ship is home to the highes concentration of thnovel coronavirus outside mainland china. the us embassy said the departure was offered because high risk of exposure to the virus. >>the >>number of confirmed coronavirus cases has jumped to 71,000 334 worldwidethat's up by 3 since 8 o'clck news. 1775 of them have been fatal their 15 througut the united states 8 in california and 2 in the bay area specifally in santa clara county. but then therwere 2 more people who were brought in from nearby san benito county and they are now being treated in
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san francisco. symptoms were banned fr the flights and the group is set to arrive at 00:45pm tonight. they will be quarantined at te travis air force base for 2 weeks live in the newsroom. ellis simonian kron 4 news you so much else stay with kron four'swe continue our coverage on the >>we have exclusive stories on our websiteat kron 4 dot com. just click on the news tab an then on coronavirus. >>and join us on wednesday at 09:00am for kron 4 news special on surviving the coronaviruwe will take a closer look at hothe virus spreads and what you need to do to protect yourself. we will have a doctor live in the studio to answer your questions about the credi iris again that's on wednesday at 09:00am. >>a bistory out of the south bay tonight, a mountain lion attacks and injures a ild forcing a bay area open space toclose wildlife officials say the attack happened this morng. well the child was walking wi a group alng one of the trails at rancho san
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antonio parkand right now ranch rangers are trying to capture that mountain lion kron four's dan thorn is live at the pa tonight, he joins us with more. >>and this attack >>jr anjustine were told by a bo life officials at this little girl is expected to be okay, she only suffered so minor cuts after this mountain liograbbed her on one of the ails here at the park and adult actually fighting off this mountain lion and helpg to rescue this girl, the park will remain closed until this animal is captured inhis is just the second time in 6 nths, but this park has had to close because of close encounrs with mountain lions. after a mouain lion aacks rt a 6 year-old girl ldlife officials say the rl was lking a trail with her friends and family sunday out of nowhere and grabd her leg fortunately, and one reaed quickly punched lion in the side the live let go
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and so injuries wer very very minor california fish d wildlife ptain todd talked exactly as you should win cted cing off with a mountai lion because this ma fought back the child nly suffed some small cuts and was released to her parents if you're an atack you read peington with the mid peninsula, regional open space district echoed fightg back signs ound rancho san antonio preserved show what to do if you encounter a mountain lion we see these animals you want to backaway. want to make yourself big. make loud noises. don't turn your back on run. >>and in is case there is an attack forthe second time in 6 months on rangers of the gates were forced to turn aw visitors because of mountain liongate august, wildlife officials lod this mother and her cubs away from the trails over safety concerns the plan now is to capture the imal anmakesure it's the right one by using highly trained dogs and dna from the victim.
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>>if we capture it we're going to put it in a covert op keep it alive take some dna off of it. >>than those saamento are while it may have division will dede the fate of the line. >>we're told by wildlife officials thatangers will be camping out here tonight to capture that animal and it's important to note at just last month. anotr child was attacked by a mountain lion in southern cafornia in orange county. deputies eventually killed that mountain lion, reporting live in santa clara countydan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much dan ere is an outpouring of suppt onight in valais how for th mother and her son who police believe waskill by her ex-boyfriend in a double murder suicide. >he woman's name has not officially been released, but an instagram post by rapper and delay ho native never the pharaoh indicas that she is his sister farrow wrote i'll miss giving my nephew hugs and kisses i keep walking around
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the hoe thinking i'm going to see yourmile any minute. officers say e last thursday they found a 26 year-old woma shot to death by lewis from road and williams drive a short time later police found her 4ear-old son also shot to death police identified 25 ye-o jacoby brooks says the suspect in both murders. police say that he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend amend their 4 year-old son before turning the gun on himself. authrities say the brooks and the victim had a previous dating relationsp. >>also in the north bay santa rosapoli have arrested 2 suspected ng members involved in a fight. police responded a fight involving 3 people on the 700 block of west avenue this morning around 11. prior to officers arriving to peopledrovoff in a gray dodge pickup. officers were able to locate later a search of that vehicle revealed edence of drug sales, a loaded 45 caliber
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semiautomatic handgun and other clues that could connect the pick uto one used by a gang 23 year-old runner park resident pablo per as and 22 year-oldcould totty resident enrique hernandez camacho were th arrested for their involvement in this cident. >>e carroll cupar ski and ian are one ave been reported missing from or in ouy by the sheriff's office they have not been seen since noon on friday from their rental home on via della vista inverness see haven area. carol is 77 years old about 5 foot 2 inches tall with grey hair and blueyes, ian is 72 years old at 6 foot one with balding grey hair and blue eyes, there's pictures of them there they were supposed to check out saturdamorning from their rental house, but all of their belongings, including a pne wallet vehicle was all left at that vacation cottage and police say this is not your typical for them. so if you see them lease contact the sheriff's office.
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>>a look outside onthis sunday night beautiful shotf embarcadero and manpeople still have the weekend yes a three-day weekend is ahead tomorrow is president's y and what will the weather be like our meteorologistmabrisa rodriguez is here now to t us know they can expect to yeah we are tracking so changes in fact tomorrow we're going tobe warmer than today. we did notice a few degrees o cooling but still above average for most of the bay area. still feeling like spring out there even though the calendar sa february live look outside of downtown san francisco, breezy winds out of the west we are getting that coolsea breeze influence for dotown san francisco. but overall very dry conditions d temperatures out there right now low to mid 50 for most of the bay area but a unique microimate forecast for those of you in the rth bay napo cool 42 degrees right now because of winds comi out of the south but waer fo those of you in santa rosa and avato still in the upper 40's. >>because you're noticing
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those warm dry, noherly winds also known as offsho winds and overnight lows tonight will remain in the 40's so verylittle chan tonight compared to last night and wake-up planner forecast is going to show warmer temperatures in fact we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for president's day monday and also wind speeds pretty light to breezy around 15 miles per hour or less for most of the bay ara so along the coast going to notice. calmer inds overall and for the next 3 days above average temperatures and onthing to know no rain for the next 3 days but we are tracking some changes more details on that and it's willturn to the bay area my full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just few minutes you're just think back to you, thanks so much for free so will anyoneworking and living in san francis may have noticed this sky high stunt that you see right there the doing it right there. >>2 people dancing and dangling in the air not really dance and it was more of flights and dangling. frm the
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the matrix 4 is being shot in downtown san francisco. you can actually hear some of the helicopters utside there right now. >>as kron four's gayle on ports it turns out that this movie is not the only ones right now. cell phone video o shows keanu eves onset of the matrix 4 in san francisco. >>fans wched as he rode by sacramento and sanm street saturday night. another video shows 2 people doing daredevil stunts in the sky between 2 high rises in the city's fincial district, the matrix 4 dead project ice cream began filming in san francisco february 5th. that's when our cameras caught can a reason action the scene here filming a scene so when anther film production set up shop in the tenderloin sunday people were looking for the celebrity that it was cannery is now known the van smith with nearb off a portion of o farrell ked street only pernent vehics in muni buses were allowed san francisco police were en lking to the area of course that prduction crews can
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reveal what they're working on but some people have an idea movie. >>they saw famous blockbuster movie something with super able ocean the order you will find a man whoas talking inquiring missile, no actors incitement this passer by says he's used to seng things like this man, it's ok i live in la size do that all the tim >>the big lights generators and huge truck says it all l el love moes. i love being around this. so that's not like pretty exciti to hear movie was being filmed here in you knowwhever they're filming we can expect to see both movies in a theater near you, reporting in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thanks so much gail coming up on kron 4 news at 10 we're contuing to follow the plane carrying american evacuees from japan in route to travis air force base for updates throughout the broadcast.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this msage. >>the man bart police shot ball the tracks at the el
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serino station saturday is expected to survive. that's cording to bart today, this video was given to us by a kron 4 ws viewer who was on the platrm at the time of thshooting bar police say that officers wee responding to an argument between a man saturday afterno. when they were forced to shoot the man, a witness says she had just gotten on the train and was horrified by what s saw. >>child his the body of tracks it was devtating. >>officersay they were forced open fire after the man who they believed was armed with a gun ran out of the bar car and on to the tracks police say that a gun wafound on the seat. >>e concord police are searching for this suspect that you see right here on surveillance video snatching a customer's purse is there up loading and unloading items into the car. police say the suspect is connected to t
10:17 pm
least 3 other purse snatching incidents last week in the same parking lot near 050 tiller the sacking has the s stor >>concord police say the suspect dressed in the black hooded sweatshirt when ly purse snatching spree last shoppers like given patel were shocked after watching the surveillance video which shows the suspects stealing from a woman sues and loading items into her car. the parking lot at 2050 monument boulevard to sort daring i can't believe it. >>these things are happening in broadaylight and it's horrible man. >>people really digging down deep to eal from peoplyou know on 3 separate occasions. poce say the suspects stole purses from parked cars and then got awain a waiting vehicle described as a dark lored 20 1900 accord. >>i see some people anthe car ready to last. a round
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this lady shoppers at smrt food service and big lot say the area could use more securit better security here about it. is we don't normally dared to come out in the evenings of my times. >>becae we know that a lot of apartments and things do happen here. it's ares prone to this go shopping with somebody you know i guess these days i don't know if you have any helpful information contact. the concord lice dertment. >>unconquered taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. now to national news and prident trump made an appearancat the daytona 500 today, he took a p around the course of his limousine which is called the beast. trump served as the ce's grand marshal he even got to tell drivers to start your engine trump is only the second sitting prident to
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attend the ytona 500 the first was george w bush. >>but a short time after that everything was cut short the race was originally delay due to rain. but en it subsed then after just 20 of the 200 heduled laps, rain return so one of the biggest and most anticated races in nascar has been delayed until tomorrow time not to get a check of our weather forecas with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez any chance of rain here any time >>we are definitely keeping r fingers crossed, but nfortunately still going to remain dry. in fact we haven't gotten any rain in downtown san francisco for the whole month of february somethg that hasn't happened since the 1800's on the national weather service actually started keeping track of rain records sowe're going to remain y at least for the ne couple of days in rayne summary outlook righnow downtowsan fransco just half of what it should befor this wet season and that's why we're noticing abnormally dry conditions so
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we're back in a drought for half of the state of california and stormacker 4 even tonight, noticing very dry conditions. the storm is eeping through the bay area but instead it brought us some pretty breezy winds along the coast and we'regoing to notice northerly offshore winds so those devil winds will really ramp up along the highest peaks of the noh bay mountains east bay hills d diablo range could see wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour less but for the west of us we're just going to notice winds light and breezy could see gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour, especially for those of you a nap and fairfield but overall well below advisory level so is going to help warm up our temperatures even more from today's daytime highs a few degrees above avege for most of the bay area but downtown san francisco cool down a few degrees to slightly below average temperatures of 59 average high 60 deees for today. so let's take a live look outside downtown san francisco we are noticing a fairly calm quienight in now in the low to mid 50's t starting to cool down in the
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upper 40's for fremont and also most of the north bay and overnight lows tonight wil remain in the 40's or tracking widespread low to mid and upper 40's but tomorrow's daytime highs waing up about 5 to 10 degrees above average even seeing widesead low 70's for most of our interior valleys and throughout the bay area shoreline we're going to warm up into the mid to upper 60's. so let's take a look at our 10 at 10 outlook because as you can see very dry outlo for the next 10 days but we do have a slight shot of some ght rain showers mainly for those of you in the north bay a week from today on sunday and that's who notice temperates cooling down to near average but that storm unfortunately weakening as i speak so it looks like we're going to end now february on a dry note but keeping our fingers crossed for that miracle march that sometimes hopefully really comes into play later into the wet season. >>i like miracle mah. >>it's like our last any time
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yeah so enjoy the warm temperatures even for your president's day monday so enjoy that thanks all right d heads up for anyone who is writing bart on presidents day tomrow, bart says trains will be runingon a saturday schedule. they're also be longer trains and the green orange and the red lines for the entire day. >>coming up on kron 4 news attend the results oft iowa caucus are still not confirmed and the chair of theate's democratic party has stepped down at 1030 what's being done results. end to get the >>and music legend elton john made a big annocementtoday while on tour up next y he obama: he's been a lder
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, . michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obamworked ther in t fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows wus what can be achieved when
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solution bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan.
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>>wcome back to kron 4 news at 10 for your money tonight, sprint and t mobile on the cost of merging the new yo attorney general says she will not appeal the merger after losing a case that was aimed at stopping the deal, new york d a dozen other states sued to stop e $26 billion merger. they say it would hurt consumers byreducing competition. us district judge vior marrero ruled against them this month. the ew york atrney generalays she won't appeal at ruling califora's attorney general is still considering the options asof now the merger appears likely. >>in entertainment news, elton john says that his big night diagnosed with walking
10:26 pm
pneumonia. the british singe made the announcement while on tour in new zealand today and social media, th 72 year-old singer said he gave sunday's performance everything he had but that he was quote deeply upset and sorry r losing his ice. john is currently touring as part of what he says is his final world tour known as the farewell yellow brick road tour. he is due to play2 more concerts in new zealand, this tuesday and thursday followed by more shows in australia. >>next at 1030 there are growing calls tonight for attorney general william barr to resign. it's made by hundreds of prosecutors. and the white house's response. >>and our coverage of the coronavirus continues some americans who were aboard th headed back to the bay area where they will ha to be quarantined again and we are tracking their trip to fairfld and we'll tell you whenthey are expeed to land and all have your fulsierra
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forecast for the long holiday weekend including your microclimateforecas growing up in la, bad aiforced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. that's why i wrote the nation's climate ange is an emergency. most proessive climate law.
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and that's why i'm endorsing tosteyer. beuse when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm m steyer and i approve this message.
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>>welcome bk to kron 4 news at 10 our corage of the coronavirus connues now this is a live picture of travis air force base as we speak there is a charter plane. adding they're carrying americans that were stranded aboard a cruise ship th was quarantined in pan that you
10:30 pm
are looking at at live picture right that ple is set to arrive at just after 11 o'clock tonight, it's one of2 charter flights carrying americans. >>that is left tokyo and now on the way to united states one is going be flown to travis air force base in fairfield the other is going to lackland air force base in texas and even though once they get there, they're not that all the passengers don't getto go home and so they have to be quarantined for another 2 weeks at travis air force base and we know that there's alrea group that's under quarantine theye and they're going to be kept separate. so the video just saw those the plane as it left japan this morning and as david daniel reports, the evacuees are going to face a mandatory evuation. once they get stateside. >>americans abrd the diamond princess cruise ship are on the way back to the us docked off the japanese port city of yokohama since february 3rd thousands of passengers remained on board
10:31 pm
as health officials confirmed more than 350 cases of coronavirus the largest concentration of cases outside mainland china. from the balconies of their cabins passengers watched teams in full body suits boarded t ship to escort them off one y one some 0 amerins loaded to buses destined for tokyo where 2 planes chartered by the us government waited to bring them home. while the diamond princess cruise ip is finally behind them, it not the end of the journey for those amercans headed home, both flights are destined for us air force bases one in california. the other in texas once they arre passengers face a mandatory 2 week quaranne. >>and we for sure going to be quarantined for 14 days i i like that answer. >>the department of health an human services along with th cdc will monitor evacuees for symptoms of coronairus anyone
10:32 pm
who test positive or exhibit symptoms will be transferd for further evaluaion and treatment. >>that was david daniel reorting for us tonight and those arring in the us will be house separately from the have been quarantined on the bay since february 7th. meanhile, 44 americans are among the more than 350 confirmed corovirus cases aboard the diamond incess cruise ship in japan. those americans or anyone who has been showing symptoms, we're not allowed to take an flights back home they had to remain in japanese hospitals for treatment. >>in national ne tonight more than 1100 former prosecutorand other membs of the department of justice are calling on attorney eneral bill barr to resign in a statement. the officials accuse barr of doing the president's bidding sayinhis actions of damage. the department of justi's reputation for integrity d the rule of law iscomes after a career prosecutors thdrew from the roger stone case after barr overruled
10:33 pm
their sentencing reactions to at move have been split among party lines. bill barr has do trump's biddin. instead of protecting rule of law which iswhaan attorney general is supposed to do i should be there in the firs place and that's why i voted no agnst him the president pick mill barr to be attorney general i have confidence in bill barr i thinhe's doing a good job. >>the attorney general also publicly pushed back against the president and separately ordered an examination of politically charged cases inlving those close to president dona trump. tight, the white house says the bar supported by the president. >>the iowa democric party named the new interim chairman th weekend after the foer party chair stepped down amid national backlash over the handling of the iowacaucuses. state representativmark smith, the new chairman got to begins the partial recanvassing of 143 caucus
10:34 pm
precincts, this was requested by the campaigns of former mayor pete buttigieg n senator bernie sanders who landedina virtual tie. if any errorsare found the re campus coul change how many delegates that the candidates will receive from iowa. >>meanwhile early voting is ready underway for the next caucus in nevada. this was the precincts a large turnout not some voters were standing in line for more th 3 hours early voting runs throug tuesday and the nevada caucuses are next saturday, the 22h. >>let's take a live look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast re is san francisco, the bay bridge. it's sunday night a lot of people have moday off for president's day. one of those lucky folks maybe want to ask what the weather's like to head outside and the breeze or adrian's has been tracking that weather right now anything changed in the ra
10:35 pm
department well we are possibly going to see some light scater showers next weekend but mainly for the north bay not going to be a should be seeing crop for wet season. and those of yolucky enough to celebratepresidents day monday and this year dr weather going to remain above avage in fact acking temperatures on monday in the upper 40's even ntinuing on tuesdayas well wednday very little change so we are going to notice mostly sunny skies the middle ofnext week and 47 degrees. so no significant winter snow storm is making its way into the sierra and closerto home in bay bridge and we are acking a live look outside right olden gate bridge this evening very dry. calm conditions out there for your sunday night in temperatures as you head out 50's but cooling down into the 40's for those of you in the north and overnight lows tonight going to remain in the 40's so very similar to last night but tracking ome changes for your president's day monday things to those northerly winds warm dry
10:36 pm
offshore winds are going to help warm us up to above average highs about 5 degrees above normal for downtown san francisco breezy wind spees as well around 15 miles per our or less low 60's for older not about half moon bay warmg up to 64 degrees in brisbane warming up into e low 70's and low 70's for those of you in san mateo and san carlos a little bit cooler in palo alto 59degrees for your afternoon high so very pleasant temperatures there and spring-like weather widespread 70's or most of the south bay san jose trying to floor was 70's but currently 69 grees and in the east bay livermore 68 degrees as is hayward. >>berkeley 60 degrees and concord in walnut creek in the low 70's napa upper 60's for you at 68 degre and santa rosa 72 degrees for your monday afternoon his but tracking some changes monday nighthrough tuesday morning because of that lack blanket of cloud cover we are going to notice chilly overnight lows in the 30's d 40's so waking
10:37 pm
up to cool temperatures tuesday morning and then again tuesday night or dnesday morning another round of chilly temperatures mainly for the interior valys could actually cool down into the 30's so just keep that in mind but overall very dry tlook could see some light scattered showers by next sunday, but mainly r the north bay, but it is going to be light rain at that so nothing too significant senthis to wash your card a little drained and anything to et mother nature user and ask uh i mean take our lead from u familiar with this rain that's we need for the kicker ok at the end of e show ll come up with the rain than look at that you >>but will track up next how an art exhibit in michigan is bringing the hidden history
10:38 pm
mckissack and mckissack is t
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black-owned desi and consuction firm. before mike, wwere desrate. there were not a lot of opportunitiesor blk-owned busisses to compete. mike saw that and he leveled the playing field for blk-owned businesses. ovheard a lot of talk.e but mike came in, and he actually didomething about it. and that's how mike will get it donas president. i'm mike bloombe and i approve this message. it donas president.
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>>welcome back to krln 4 news continuing coverage of black history month here kron 4 news. tonight, 're taking a look at e hidden history. >>of kyle mitchell from our station in michigan shows us an exhibit at film festival that's bringing hip-hopo life. >>the ique sounds of hipaa so. around you at this exhibit inside the louis walker institute for the study of race and ethnic relations at
10:41 pm
western michin university. i think it's ablutely amazing. i love hip-hop fan, myself wmu student jasmine jordan is in awe of how hip-hop has grown i was a lot of friends, hip-hop. >>so the feel-like global is craz the all-me top 10, hip-hop movies, plus one museum exhibit in film festival is payingtribute to the ever evolving world of hip-hop as the african american ov the years. >>a lot of music has strted with us i believe that. >>in my opinion, hip-hop is one that we havetruly owned shante dickerson says the exhibit from curator doctor y keen has been a hit people don't know what to quite expect comic acually come in viewso when ey come here, they're absotely wowed leach r wallace says the variety of hip-hop and its reach is amazing understanding the elements in the beginning of hip-p is something that i think it transcends. i'm just one generaon or just e race or gender. >>or ethnicity. the exhibit is part of a bigger plan to preserve hip-hop history. our
10:42 pm
goal is to establish michigan's fit hip-hop archives and in doing so really srting to tell the sty of michigan hip-hop orgazers hope the archive will have a lasting mpact for generations, it's the prservation of culture because if you don't have a way of preserving people's experiences, people's journeys >>then you lost. >>that was yle mitchell reporting and make sure to tune in next saturday night february 22th at 9.30 kron four's pam moore will be hostg our hidden history special celebrating black history. still ahead here on kron 4 news at 10 we're continuing to follow the flame that's carrying american evacuees from pan, this a travis air force base where wee expecting that plane to land this evening. th have much more on this breaking news story aftethbreak. >>and up next in sports. it was the all-star gameteam lebron taken on team jon as kate rooney ill
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brzezinski: take a look at this. tom steyer... bean: tom steyer... o'donnell: surng in nevada. sco'donnell: surging in southfor carolina.r. smernish: i don't think it's just resources. mitcll: surging in two new poll out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: up eleven points from october. thats dramatic. steyeri'm saying we have a broken government. that's what's gog on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporatns, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to cchange that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>all-star game in chicago today, d this year's edition had some noticeable changes first know golden state warriors in the game second a new format where the winner of each quarter would earn $100,000 for that team's captain chosen chicago area charity with the final quarter
10:46 pm
being on time with the team reaching a 24 point target declared the winner, 24 in one of the 2 numbers kobe bryant wore during his nba career. the players to 8 2nd moment of silence before the game 8 representing bryant's other nba jersey more on that tribute but 1st quarter lebron james with the to hand reverse slam. >>and team the teen to win the 1st quarter than $100,000 for the bronze charity chicago scholars we go to the second the steel an alley oop dunk t honest on 10 of whom both his school was starting to assert themselves. the greek freak had 25 points 11 boas and a second to make sure yng the buzzer beater from half-court is an on it was the winner of the 2nd quarter. >>nettg a 100 grand for charity after school matters 3rd quarter of 2 on the baseline for the windmill jam don't see that every day from the 7 footer look at the end of 3rd young haleigh to really go there the big throw down the tide the quarter rolling over the prize money to the
10:47 pm
4th go to that for targets for one 57 here kawhi leonard the baselinpull up jumper to tie it at one 50 quite had a game high 30 points. all right anthony davis on the line to win the game. after missing its first free the second for the win one 57 one 55 and team lebron wins it james fired up he had 23 points the kids from lebron chicago scholars charity runs and they stormed the court. you know why because to run that of them $400,000 total and yana says after school matters got a 100 gran not bad and then finally newly named kobe bryant's mvp award when to leonard a great night all around for the nba, let's hear from leonard on winning the first koby bryant of the deal were in fact when you look >>it would have put their >>trophy room and just be able to use of our >>several bay area college
10:48 pm
teams were playing today some great games and we'll start with the 8th ranked stanford cardinal taking on the colorado buffaloes this was the defining play the game here tied at 66 with under 10 seconds to go kiana williams. >>a 3 from half court. last up 3 pointer that can stand for the victory wow what a thriller stanford won 1696 how do you like that will host the 11 th-ranked oregon state beavers on friday. here's what williams had to say after a heroic effort last it just happened so fast. just go to my teammates >>the respect together was looking game but. the shot a look at the talking have to let it go in. >>thank god, it went in. >>can watch ellen over and over cal also in action the golden bears in utah taking on the youth and 2 there's really shine taillon crocker malaysia styles crocker led cal with 26 points going 8 for 10 from the
10:49 pm
floor and 2 for 2 from downtown meanwhile style following suit with 19 points 5 for 6 from the floor they combined for 45 points leading how to an 88 74 victory and the bears will host the 3rd ranked oregon ducks on friday and now we go to the men's side march, fox and cal hosted an arizona state sun devils 2nd half. a su leading 50 to 46 matt bradley. from downtown that will count within one. >>a little bit later on son of about 5.20 martin. 3 of his own he had 22 points in the game and that would do it cal ult, arizona state 80 to 75 the final score. they will take on the washington state cougars on wednesday. >>a pretty good day for sports in the bay area overall. thanks so much kate in our coverage of the big story we're watching continues now it's on the coronavirus and right now there is a charter plane. >>carrying some 400 americans were stranded aboard a cruise ship in japan. they risk
10:50 pm
quaraine on that ship because of coronavirus fears, here's a live look at travis air force base where we are expecting that plane to land shortly after 00:11pm tonight. >>again you heard justin talk about their 400 americans aboard that plane. finally heading back to the states where ty will be quarantined for an additional 2 weeks. >>yeah, and the passengers who were on that the cruise ship who have coronavirus who have shown symptoms for it were not allowed to get on the plane to come back to the united states they had to stay in hospitals in japan. but there was one passenger who did deci to stay and we get the very latest now from reporter jessica much. >>and bosses service this week to skate from the diamond princess cruise ship in japan, more than 300 americans finally leavg the tiny cabins they've been trapped in nearly 2 weeks quarantined over coronavirus action to
10:51 pm
keep t american passengers were given the option to evacuate to the us, but they'll face another 14 days in quarantine at military bases like travis air force smith and his wife both from elk grove chose not to leave. >>understand some people haven't been any injuries out and totally sympathize with anyone o's absolutely crazy but frankly, are braces i did this point is to maintain the corn team that the japanese health officials. >>have established he doesn't want to risk boarding a plane with potentially ill people or go for another corn team are we for sure going to be quarantined for 14 days or by the us. i like that answer with roughly 356 confirmed cases of coronavirus on board 70 announced sunday american evacuees were only allowed to leave if they were
10:52 pm
>>the people's army said the mere 4. the continued spread of the virus on the ship calls into question quarantine methods being used to the direction of the japanese government earlier this week we learned roughly 1000 crew members had not been kept in quarantine eating meals together with masks off and is hoping the second round of isolation to protect from the virus spreading any further a lot that we don't know. >>as for smith he's hoping his nightmare vacation will soon be over. >>but since he didn't board the flight they do not know how long we're going to have to stay here in japan it indefinitely until the cdc makes a decision on that. >>that was jessica mensch reporting for us tonight, evacus are expected to arrive within the next half an hour or so and we wi be watching that very closely for everyone here. they will be how separately from the other
10:53 pm
200 evacuees who have been on the base since february 7th. >>and coming the final check at your forecast including your warm president's day tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white hoe. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold this lawless president amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can ke on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message -
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because there is nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people.
10:55 pm
othroughout the country for the past twelvyears, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and presidt obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to irove education, and to develop innovative wayto help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>up nexthe news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on and it is commercial free ella simonian is standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on l
10:56 pm
a. >>they're guys the senate passed a resolution to mit the war powers of the president falling military action against a top iranian commander if you remember well coming up on kron on we have an exclusive interview with a foreign correspondent who served as an advisor in iraq and she credits qasim solemani for why she's alive today she's going to share with us an inside look at what life was like covering the middle east narrowly escaping death join me tonight at 11. >>how we will see you then and they sure to download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free. local news coverage, we have for the evening, we'll check in again with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez and we notice for wearing red white and blue very patriotic for. >>in sync. >>there are dry and the of biking i don't have those kind of i wish if somebody did have some of those kind of powers
10:57 pm
because we certainly need ranked i know i wish i was storm. >>and our get real atrix 4 zone of a little too long. yes or no to seeing above average temperatures are going remain was spring-like weather northerly winds will help to boost our daytime highs tomorrow, widespread 60's 70's so 5 to 10 degrees above average. >>but it looks like our rain outloolooking pretty slim so we need to work on that rain dance for him a little this thanks so much for joining wonderful holiday. (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life.
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