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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 17, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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4 morning news, i'm joined by meteorologist john tribal was look at your monday presidents day a good forecast today could back to the some sunshine and some warm temperatures. >>but a little fog this morning and still no rain in sight. some rain in sight. i got to enjoy the sunshine. but could use some rain at this point especially as we make our way through the end of february now still after some dry conditions for multiple weeks. thisis your look outside we do have moisture in the atmosphere. it's in the form of some fog that's
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hanging out right through the golden gate right here can barely make out alcatraz in the distance you can see some of those city lights of san francisco down below it's very patchy fog. this morning, nothing super widespread but streaming to the golden gate and then hanging out right through the bay itself also some patches out into the inland the east bay, too that you'll be encountering so do watch those areas because it's very dense when you drive right through those areas. >>were you do seelimited fog not really covering the entirety of the day at this point though lookingoutside the temperatures right now we're in the 40's and 50's hayward and fremont each at 47 degrees oakland, you're at a cool 46 while a couple of 30's now on the map in petaluma and napa up in the north bay at 39 degrees. each later on today still well above average as far as temperatures go we've been sunny we've been dry. we have been looking at temperatures warmer than they should be all throughout february that trend continues today anice afternoon with highs well into the 60's and low 70's back to robin all
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right, thank you let's check in on traffic, it's presidents day a lot of kids are out of school folks are off from work. so we're not pecting a lot of heavy traffic. >>around the bay area this monday morning right now it's a 7 minute trip into san francisco for you early birds, will be an easy drive coming in. we're looking no problems on the span downtown the skyway 1, 1, to 80 wide open. here's a peek at what should be the 70 oh bridge to right now is this law whole lot of fog and this is going be the case for some city freeways and bridges jamas us telling us that the the fog is dense in some areas and this is a clear example of why or maybe i should say not so clear here thinks couple. why we can't even see the traffic there just some brake lights right side of your screen but 12 minutes here to make it off to the peninsula don't forget the headlights in the wiper spokes doesn't look that didn't hear the return sandra fell you're fi from the east bay to the north bay, you're looking at 7 minutes from the pay gates to one on one and
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the traffic tracker shows great news get number 6.80 south to take on the danville right on time. the de martin bridge an easy drive to the peninsula 5.80 livermore to dublin. you'll see some valley fog out there too but no big problems heading west on 5.80 trip 6 minutes from brisbane heading north to san francisco. back to breaking news that we're following for you this morning, a plane carrying american coronavirus evacuees from a cruise ship in japan has finally landed at travis air force base in fairfield we've learned that 14 of those evacuees have tested positive for the coronavirus this is video from overnight and it shows a plane when it landed atround 11 30 last night, these evacuees have been quarantine on the diamond princess cruise ship in japan for 2 weeks and then also a second plane carrying more evacuees has landed at an air force base in texas all of the evacuees will have to spend 2 more weeks under quarantine at the air foe
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bases. hundreds of other people from all around the world are still being quarantined on the ship. this is video of theevacuees leaving the ship yesterday, 44 americans now diagnosed with the coronavirus state in japan. there are more than 380 americans onboard that cruise ship keep in mind more than 71,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported now worldwide more than 1700 people have died. there are 15 cases of corovirus in the united states 8 them are in california including 2 cases, right here in the bay area in santa clara county. make sure you join us wednesday wednesday morning 09:00am for kron 4 news special report on surviving the coronavirus we'll take a closer look at just how the virus spreads and what you can do to protect yourself will also have a doctor. we'll be live with us in the studio to answer your questions about the coronavirus once again that's this wednesday at 09:00am so make sure you tune one man is
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in custody after a woman was stabbed and another assaulted along the embarcadero so the first attack happened just was a long pier in 19 a woman was stabbed by a man who got awaon a bike and then just 10 minutes later there was another attack down at pier 39.this time police say that a man attacked a woman with some sort of tool that man was arrested, but what led to the violence is still unclear. yeah, that's just insane to unfortunately, you know there are those in certain select few that decide you now. >>caused the inflicted inflation of pain where it's just like you know i just don't understand why people in and come down that route but and it's tragicto hear. >>well the man's name is not ing released and detectives are still looking for more witnesses. well to the east bay now brit with police there are investigating a crash that killed a man ke a look at this picture. this is a picture of the crash that happened along fairview avenue between central and san jose
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avenue you see that car almost wrapped around a tree, the driver was trapped inside and died. and police don't think that alcohol was involved the driver's identity has not yet been released.well over to the peninsula now in san bruno a man was arrested for dring under the influence and selling drugs. brian hernandez rodriguez was pulled over along el camino real in mibrae officials determined that he was under the influence of drugs at the time. during a vehicle search officers found meth marijuana xanax oxycodone and also other items that led them to believe that rodriguez was indeed selling drugs an undisclosed amount of cash was also seized. rodriguez has been booked into jail and faces several charges. well to the south bay, a man has been arrested in connection to 2 assault, cold cases now one happened 23 years ago in new mexico. the other in 2004 in mountain view this is video of the suspect there is right there 45 year-old van over 10.
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he's known in alquerque as an advocate for at risk children. while he was arrested sunday after his dna link him to a assault cold case back from 1997 that allowed mountain view police to find a dna match in the mountain view case overton is facing assault charges in both cold cases. san francisco mayor london breed is addressing a pass relationship with former public works director mohammed nuru now new or was arrested last month on public corruption charges. breed says she dated nuru 2 decades ago after the relationship ended. they she never crossed any ethical line with him. so mayor reid also a minute that newer paid $5600 for the repair of her personal vehicle and a rental car. the mayor says that this does not violate state ethics laws. i decided to go forward with this because yes there were a number of rumors.
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>>and because i wanted to make sure that people heard abo our relationship for me in no to be clear have i been asked to do anything improper by mohammad nor have i ever asked him to do anythingmproper and the fact is you know in every instance this job comes first. >>but ciy supervisor hillary roman says that the mayor what she did is a clear violation of city ethiclaws and that she needs to step down. >>it is illegal under our laws to accept gifts from our subordinates and that's why. >>today i she admitted to doing that i'm asking her to do the right thing in to resign. >>supervisorordon mar is taking a measured approach saying quote breach should do the right thing it temporarily step back from her duties until a full indendent investigation can be
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completed. supervisor old and has asked the city attory to investigate the mayor if she has violated city ethics law. well a mexican national arrested for deadly shoong on a san francisco pier will not stand trial on federal gun charges. a us district court judge ruled that jose garcia is today not competent to stand trial because of mental illness which was not being treated. out he was acquitted of murder and 2015 to 2015 death of kate steinle e it was a case that sparked national debate dropped a was in the us illegally at the time and lawyers from both sides will meet with the judge on wednesday to decide the next steps in the case. 21 working and living in san francisco may have noticed this sky heist i look at that pretty ol right to people just take a leaf from the air so the matrix for you may not know, but it's being shot right here in downtown san francisco. >>but it's not the only big movie that's ing filled in san francisco kron four's gayle ong reports.
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>>cell phone video shows keanu reeves onset of the matrix 4 in san francisco. fans watched as he rode by sacramento and sansom street saturday night. >>another video shows 2 people doing daredevil stunts in the sky between 2 high rises in the city's financial district, the matrix 4 dead project ice cream began filming in san francisco february 5th. that's when our cameras caught can a reason tion the scene here filming a scene so when another film production set up shop in the tenderloin sunday people re looking for the celebrity that it was keanu but it's known the van smith lives nearby where production crews blocked off a portion of o farrell re only permanent vehicles in muni buses were allowed san francisco police were seen walking to the area of course that production crews can't reveal what they're working on but some people have an idea movie. >>they saw famous blockbuster movie something with super a spiderman unable to the ocean
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the order you will spot a man who was talking inquiring missile, no actors citement this passer by says he's used to seeing things like this and it's ok i live in la size do that all the time. >>the big lights generators and huge truck says it all all flood movies. i love being around this. so tt's not like pretty exciting to hear movie was being filmed here in san whatever they're filming we can expect to see both movies a theater near you. >>reporting in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news but it's pretty exciting. but it does kind of feel like you're in la right with so many moes being feel that one time all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the nba all-stars take time to pay tribute to kobe bryant. >>a little peek outside before we go a beautiful shot of the embarcadero in san francisco you can sethe bay bridge there in the background it sort of covered in fog, you know parts suspension, so it is dense in some areas will have your full forecast coming up
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what you're seeingfrom berkeley is actually some pretty clear skies. but if you look in the distance you can see that fog hanging out the distance such as right through the golden gate this morning where you are seeing a hanging out just south of marion county down around alcatraz so very spotty areas of fog currently what you will be seeing this afternoon are clearing conditions generally but this morning do expect to be running into a few spots real encounter low visibility. dry skies yet again today even with the storm system situated to our west you can see right here all this cloud cover sitting on right to the west of the bay area this high-pressure ridge is going to push it to our north and it's not even a very strong ridge of high pressure right now but keeping us a dry enough to be only seeing some cloud cover tomorrow morning from that system really no chance of rain from it you'll see that here in future cast with e clear skies today increasing cloud cover early on tomorrow morning and cloud cover moving out just as quickly as it arrives with
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clear skies into tomorrow afternoon for your tuesday after that wednesday thursday just keeping that dry trend of weather going still no chance of rainfall in sight. we could certainly use it. but in the meantime we do a yet again have a very pleasant day. i know i saw a lot of you out about this weekend enjoying all the sunshine that we had some pretty mild temperatures too we'll be seeing more of that today and with so many of us having the work day off. well maybe a good chance to get out there and enjoy some of that sunshine and these warm temperatures yet again todas daytime highs on average peak well into the upper 60's to low 70's with walnut creek and conquer teach at 70 degrees. areas like sonoma napa valais own benicia also well into the low 70's. well a few 60's hanging on in mill valley center fe and out to the coast. here's a look at your next 7 days so tomorrow, we see just a few clouds in the morning but we again see lots of sunshine into the afternoon on uesday wednesday thursday and friday we remain dry daytime highs
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above average mid to upper 60's for the most part and into the weekend more sunsne with daytime highs still in the upper 60's come saturday. robin all right, thank you john checking in on traffic. we're not expecting a whole lot. >>around the bay area on this presidents day because some kids are out of school some folks are off from work. so we are expecting holiday light conditions but not everyone has the day off so heading into san francisco right now smooth sailing here at the bay bridge toll plaza. also a quick trip across the upper deck what want to cross the golden gate doing fine, no problems city streets, no problems leaving the north bay, you're good 12 minutes here in neda to the toll plaza, here's the richmond sandra fell and all is well it's going to be an eas trouble free commute from the east bay to the north bay traffic tracker shows you 5.80 livermore to dublin that wide minutes for your average drive the nimitz you're loing th. good. if that's a part of your commute into 37 also looking milpitas to sunny bow. the
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l-star game was last night and before the game laker legend magic johnson hepaid tribute to kobe bryant. >>and if we can just have a quiet. for 8 >>well there was a peormance by jennifer hudson to honor koby magic johon told the cro that the nba would never see another player quite lik bryant. he also said that yant was always there for his fellow players. well tickets will go on le this wednesday for the public memorial of kobe bryant and his daughter gianna thousands are pected to come out and honor the nba legend his daughter and also the 7 other victims who were kied in last month's licopter crash fochamber has the latest. >>the lakers haveconfirmed what many already expected a memorial service for kobe bryant anhis daughter gianna
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will be held at staples center on february 24th at 10:00am. and it's going to be once in a lifetime so might as well be that a call he was very inspirational and i would like to sehim celebrate his life big fan. so of course who wouldn't want to be in there and ju be pa of it with the energy that heroughtto the community is amazing and this is another matter respect of the 20,000 or so seats here at staples many will go to lby's family. >>his friends other celebrities, an nba players. but a limited number of tickets will be made available to the public which has until monday night to register at ticktmaster and then you'll use the code that they give you at that time to buy your tickets on wednesdamorning. those tickets will cost $24.2 or $224 with proceeds going to the mamba and mamba see to orts foundation that would be lovely if igoes to the mamas association that is go and boys and girls club that would be cellent also you be
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willing to pay for tickets. yes, i wou pay the world he was li inspiration to me he was he was my favorite player, so. >>i got to pay anything to see here is going toward some think any time you can get from your heart a blast. he always comes back if demand supply. ets though exceeds >>fans will be randomly selected to take part. well that was her chambers reportg koby bryant was named as a finalist for the basketball hall of fame class of 2020 >>the class will be elected to e hall of fame on april 4th. induction ceremony will be august 29th and nasa chooses. we continue to celeate black history month by shining a spotlight. some of the ople breaking barriers this morning. we inoduce you to clayton turneof the nasa langley research center in virginia now he's making history in his new role as the facility's first african american director nita blatant has more. 3 2.
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>>one and liftf. and no longehated here at the nasa langley research center in hampton is the part played by african-americans in contributing to an incredible journey at continues to sht far beyond the moon from the human computers now memorialized on the walls we built th complex facility with all the latest computer technology in the. >>to do somhing shdid with the mechanical adding machine. >>that's pretty amazing now you'll find state of the art machines out of public view that havthe capacity to process even the most problematic calculations today, the katherine johnson's mary jackson's dorothy bonds and more they're th foundation that we build on to go further time has led us to a day when across the street and down the hall of this facilitis a less trees leaders. >>you'llfind thatthe early perseverance of those whose names were for so long unknown led toan increasing appreciation for diversity and i asked her for counseling h conversation about why still
4:52 am
doctor paving the way for the first black man to take chge when somebody comes and sees the pictures inthe future. wll see a reflection of america. i had the opportunity to sit down withclayton turner to frly shares that hool and still went on to e become an electrical engineer on his journey here want to celebrate the idea. ye the fist african-american to sit in this seat. >>and i don't want th to be first is a great thing and we celebrate it, but it shouldn't be the last he says nasa never crossehis mind early in life so spent a great deal of his time now in the community demystifying their it's literallyout of this world i talkedto a 2 year-old. >>about a class. >>about gravity aero thermal dynami coating because they're actually believe it or not books for 3 ye olds on those topi and they get it. >>even coacng on a football field he'sslipping in a little more context to the angles a young player eds to cut to reach the end ne with time left on the clock to be
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ableto just make said in that conversation. >>it's amazing to see how much it sticks in that manner it's about expanding their imaginations and now i have e opportunity make that connection to that xt generation that will see themselves he his very present shows them they too could someday be among the creative geniuses here figuring out ways for humans to live and work in outer space. what they talk about as watch rockets and we build with its in a chnology. a big part of our rose inspiraon and the more diverse the roomof innovators developg the latest technology for the nex mission becomes more everyone c feel inspired to join in to serve the nation vests. >>we need all the mines in a nation we need to reach out everyone we can bring those people out this to this amazing job new air hun space flight. >>well that was indeed a blade reporting and make sure you tune in on saturday night february 22th at 9.30 kron fo's pam moore will be sting ouhidden histy
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>>4.56 on this monday morning presidents day some of ou may having some family friends returning from that tended weekend. flng back into sfo in which case watch out because we do have some fog in the vicinity now it hasn't resultein any delays ju yet. but as i do on so many of these foggy days will be keeping a close eye on it because it could result in some delays at times is patchy fog we have this
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morning, 40's and 's for your current temperatures >>coming up in the next hou on the kron 4 morning news at 5 we're following breaking news, a plane carrying coronavirus evacuees from a cruise ship in jan has landed at travis air force base in fairfield 14 of those evacuees have beendiagnosed with the virus will havethe latest coming up for you in a live report and also is morning crews will continue their sear for a as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on cgress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anythin for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we genew ideas is electi new people, inuding a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and approve this msage.
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>>an thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher on this monday rning back to work for a lot of folks but it's a holiday so or not you write your company observes president stands a day off. obviously we are here know kids are wahing right now just so you don't have to get to school but you got to get to work maybe how the roads roads are looking good for this isgreat news for people who do have to work since so many other folks are often some kids are out you know school today we should have as much traffic. so well check on the bridges f you very good today off hopefully good weaer. yes, eat weather like we saw this weekend we're going to keep that going today really the rest the month to coach and some rainfall in sight just yet you can see this view a minute ago now it's all just


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