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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 18, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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download "il in the blanks" for free on apple and stitcher. you'll be glad you did. thanks so much. we'll see you next time. [applause] finally free. >>after weeks in quarantine nearly 200 americans are cleared to go home to their families what it was lik living at travis aiforce base. and what's next for those evacuees. >>thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm j r stone in for grant los this just and tonight a patient confirmed to have the novel coronavirus is being treated in napa county and a second patient with symptom is under investigation. the queen of the valley medical
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center we know both patients are not residents of napa county. and both were flown to travis air force base from japan where ey were under quarantine on the amond princess cruise ship the 2 are among 7 who were sent to bay area hospitals upon arrival. >>the other 5 are in solano county hospitals t we do not know their conditions. and tonight a total of 180 american evacuees and then medically cleared after their 14 day quarantine at travis air force base. the group of evacuees came from wuhan china and d been undemandatory quarantine due the coronavirus concerns. tonight the cdc is stressing that these people being reased pose no health risk to the public kron forcefully shares. >>one evacuee is experience. >>one of least 2 buses seen leaving travis air force base in fairfield tuesday carrying evuees medically cleared of having the novel coronavirus in all a 180 people who
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returned to the unitd states 2 weeks ago from wuhan china being shuttled to san francisco and sacramento internatiol airports over the next few days geoffrey howe was leaving wednesday morning a lot officially clear that they belve already invests i have this crisp and this game this worse than a 3rd of that e temp check on me they get a letter, letter from th cdc saying that i coronaviru >>officially donfoe says he was in china with hifamily to celebrate chinese new ar overseas. he ys his one ed year-old daughter stayed behind because he felt that was safer. i think it mo on the when i was tt are troubling from my original location in ea and china. >>the 2 will hunt right because wel high as ground 0 for so it's a lile on edge while traveling. there is also
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very nervewracking the hotel at the air force base a a state department chartered n flight schools like got to the bases. where away from like the laxe danger zone most oours is a so. i fell over the for any here trav air force base as everyone quarantine 2 weeks ago should be gone by the end of the week. >>passengers o were on board the diamond princess crse ship d have been quarantined more recently are being hel in separate quarters. it's unclear when they'll be releas the centers for disease control and prevention says the people who've been allowed toleave pose no health risk to the public. >>in fairfield flipped and all kron4 news. >>tonight, the coronavirus death toll stands at 2005 including 5 people outside of manland china. mo than 75,000 people have been infected around thworld. if you'd like totrack the ronavirus in real time you
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can check out this interactive map. there's a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>happening now delta and hawaiian airlines are woing with the cdcto trace the path of a japane couple who are diagnosed withthe coronavirus after returning from hawaii. officls are worried that the couple cod have made contact with hundredof people. well in the the islands ere they were on maui between january 28 and february 3rd they then took a hawaiian airlin flight to honolulu on february 3r intel, the 7th. the man is now in critical condition. japan. y are bothback in >>and join us tomorrow at 09:00am for kron 4 news special rert on surviving the coronavirus we will take a close ok at how the virus spreads and what u need to do to protct yourself. well the doctor live in studio to answer your questions about the coronavirus that's wednesday at 09:00am.
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happening right now tonight, we're hearing about another missing ker marin county bringing the tol of missing hikers in the area up to 3. the marin county sheriff's office tweeted a few hours ago, confirming a new search and rescue incident taking place for a miing elderly hiker near big rock ridge, his name is robert beett and seen yesterday wearing a grey flannel shirt, and blue jeans. >>also happening tonight, the search continues for a palo alto couple that went missing after renting out a cottage on via della vista in inverness 136 searhers with the marin unty sheriff's office. volunteers another agencies from all over the baarea are looking for 77 year-old carol can parse key and 72 year-old in or when the 2 re last seen on friday and we're supposed to check out oftheir rental saturday morng but they never showed and ft all their belongings in the cottage. >>the search fo the missing
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couple has hit those in the hometown and their home ton of palo alto pretty hard one neighbor describes them is extremely happyand fond of hiking in west marin our first rob fladeboe has more now on that part of the story live from palo alto right. >>that's right vicki, i'm here in the missg couple's neighborhood in palo alto where people here describe this couple is extremely happy and very ve fond of hiking in wes moe and having been there are seral times before they're clearly worried, but they are hoping and pyi, i'm toldhat this is just a case of 2 hikers who got lost and alternately be found safe. >>here's more o they're really really nice happy people very friendly. he said tigers missing couple says their neighrs are very worried about him in rson everybody in the neighborhoods are really i sit on the porch. here every morning and this morning. several people walked >>asking me if i knew anying and everybody in the
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neighborhood is rlly where >>tiger confirms that 77 year-old carolcupar ski enter 72, year-old husband, ian are one. >>live here in thihouse on cowper street in palo alto were they we often seen were really good friends with people used to live in this house and so one time most people are in town in the came er and we had adrink at the port here an >>they're super nice taggart says her neighbors her son had hiked in st marin several times before. >>herschel a coney lid just up the stret from carol indian. >>and i don't know wherthey could be in the know walki out of him in been there many times in that it's verdid he know th nice hing tra said that as the search for the couple ntinued for a second day other neighbors were quick to reject reported jerry's the couple may have met with foul play. >>sa one it doesn't make sense. but lisa taggard finds those reports troubling nonetheless i it's really
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worrome. i i ard that they had left their cell phones and all of their ideas and everything in the air bnb where they had been staying. >>it's really woisome. >>i spoke th a man who identified himself as the cole's landlord he too says that he is wried but offer no insight about what might have gone wrong. but i like others in the neighborho he too is hoping for a happy resolution to althis live in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news rob. thank you and for some time now your pilots have been saying when they are hit from the ground with lasers really comprises the safety those on board the aircraft and potentially those on the ground. >>last night we had another one of those laser stkes here in the bay area. but authorities actually found the person who they belve was shining the laser kron four's dan kerman is live at chp air operation in napa with details dan. >>well lk about the wrong
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place at the wrong time of the wrong plane to shine a laser atthis cas it was a chp aircraft which had an frared camera aboard that was what was he object of thlaser strike and they were able to track down the suspect in question. >>it was just before 11 monday night when chp officerflying their single engine get sarah van just east of travis air force base were hit with laser blue spectrum colors the i can deal witverywell. >>compared to red and green so that's astream lea disorienting luckily autopilot was engageto the aircraft remain steady. kylie years put on a pair of laser goggles well the other officer on board tried to track down where the laser was coming from video using the sage these onboard infrared camera we located him pinpoint his location probably within about 3 minutes because he ju repeatedly kept firing a laser at us whicans very easy to see when your game with
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underbelly camera like we have in fact the chp says they were hit with the laser more th dozen times. they directed solano county sheriff's deputies to the lasers location and within 25 minutes of this man 33 year-old ristopher larson was arrest the chp says this may have not been his first time shining lase at planes. was in contact with to birth control. >>and they advised me after i td them about the latest write that they had a numbr of military aircraft inbound that week that have been struck by the ue laser as well. so most likely the same a suspect but hard to sa >>this point the suspect faces ball statand federal charges.the fbi he could get volved in this and already has been contacted again ball state a federal charges could be filed againstim going forward live in air operations at the chp dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you ipso much. dan a big story we'r
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following tonight president trump s granted full clemency. >>to eddie debartolo junior, the former san francisco 49 ers owner convicted in a gambling fraud scandal. the bar w junior who built the san francisco forty-niners 1980's and 90's 5 time super bowl-winning dynasty was involved in one of the biggest istory. in 1990 80 pled guilty to failing to report a felony wh he paid $400,000. the former losiana governor edwin wards. in exchange for riverboatgambling license. executive order this morning at the wte house aer meeting th several former nfl players, including jerry rice and ronnie lott about the party and the president signed of clemency today. tive grant >>as well granting full pardons to finaner michael milken entrepreneur aerial free ller and david sarah fan seraphin rather 3 wom tie,
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nice haul crystal munoz and judith new grown were also granted clemency. the pardons also includes some controversial choices, commissioner bernard kerik was found guilty of tax fraud and rob below voinovich he's the forr illinois governor who was sentenced to 14 years in prison on corruptn charges reted to bribes in an attempt to sell barack obama's pen senate seat. >>the apprentice years ago. he has served 8 years in jail. is a long time to go. many people disagree with the sentence is a democrat is not republicans. it was a prosecution by. e same ople call me fitzpatrick the same group. a very far from his children. i school now they rarely get see their ther outside of an arjuna i saw that and i did to it's set.
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>>the boy is said to have spent his last 8 years in prisonutoring and teacng ged classes to fellow prisoners. >>coming up a reform drug addict turns his lifaround how he's helping the mmunity and geing a second chance at for california lawmakers to tell u about a new law that will put an end to the so-called pink tax. >>antoday is the last day to register to vote in califoia. wt you need growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an ergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer.
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because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victo. same with the keystoneipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe m. i'm m steyer and i approve this message. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. chael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obamworked tether in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develoinnovave ways to help
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teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved whenin we bring peopltogether to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan. us what can be achieved whenin
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>>welcomeack to kron 4 news at 5 over 650,000 residents in contra costa county have registered to vote in the super tuesda presidential primary election. tht's an increase of nearly a 100,000 register vots from 2016. the county to registrar's office tells kron 4 says monday and today is the deadne f anyone else who wants to register to vote. >>here at e contra costa county voter. registrar's office in martinez where officialhere say today s the last day to register to voteonline for the march 3r presidenial primary in california assistant county registrars got little passive tells you everything you need to know heck your registration make sure its current that you're at the right addresin your signature is the same in your party is what yo wanted to be. >>if it's not if you want to
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change it, today's the day to do it registration can be done line to say its web site through midnight tonight paper registration that's sparkedby today. the movie consider that a good day in process it and neverill be registered for those o missed the deadline to register to vote. hesays don't worry you can still get it doneover the next 14 days as it gets. >>it's a conditiol registrations and so it will require the voter to vote at the same time that the registries. >>and the ballot will go into an m pillow. >>to be processed was register ready. i just dn't receive my vote by mail ballots. i thought i'd come in cck and the senate to vo in person passion about this coming election and i just wanted to get him physically but have the relief of putting my ballot >>more informn votersin contra costa can labor to the county's website at coco vote
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dot us. martinez has a menu kron 4 >>tonight, nepoll from npr shows democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg is polling at 19and that these it. he is qualified fo wednesday's democratic presidential debate in las vegas. at will be his first appearance on stage with his 2020 rival so far. bloombrg has avoideengaging directly with his opponents in fact, bloomberskipped the first 4 primary coest. planning instead to compete onsuper tuesday march, 3rd state lawmakers today unveiled a new proposed law that will impact just how much women spend on some every day items compared to pitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>t this one cost 2 and a half dollars. re. there no basis f it other than that's the pink one from tey bea to tennis shoes, california lawmakers are hoping put an end to th pink tax on items marketed for womeand girls 42% of the
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products out there arlike to st more to women than they do nd senator hannah beth jacksontuesday unveiled s p 8.73 which would expand on a state law that already prohibits gender price discrimination for services like dry cleaning the new ll kes it illegal in califnia for retailers to charge stomers different prices on the basis of nder for similar products, this is long pastdue also at the capitol for tuesday's announcement filed simil legislation at who the federal level i ho that that measure will be taken up. within the next couple of months, lawmakers laidout a table full of examples tuesday, including soccer ball as blankets and razors with price differences rom one to $3 for different colors experts say, although the price difference caseem small they say it's still significant price discrimination exis israel you see the examples here it is unfair it should be illegal. the measure is now awaiting a hearing in the
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senate judiciary committee in cramento, ashley zavala kron 4 newsright time now for 4 zo forecast we're going to send it outside taki a live look from our city camera overlooking the golden gate bridge. viewfull shot as we're joined by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow >>what we're looking at i mean beautiful shot out ere, but we could actually use some rain but it is not so yeah, i mean rgeous to look at but certainly would love to see the rain d this time he reportedly not getting it so yeah i got to enjoy that sunshine while we have and there it is look at that blue skie over safrancisco, not a cloud in sight there is high pressure just continu to dominate the better art of california around much of the western states witthat big dome of high pressure clear althe way up to seattle and portland there in e kitchen a break from the stormy weather. you see the storm clouds off thcoastline eventually back to this moisture is going to cut off and spin off the cstline. probably bring us the best chance to s any raindrops and but look like much that cominlater this week. winds they've been that mainly offshore we're still seeina
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little bit ofan offshore component there in a bottle 13 miles per hour. most a westerly component of sonoma in santa rosa right now so kind of x so the temperatures comfoable the drop just a little bit today, mostly clear overnight tonight with some cool temperares overnight lows will be in the 30's and the 40's tomorrow, mostly sunny i'll just a couple scattered high clouds and it's still mostly dry with that slight chance oshowers coming on friday. when these numbers outside right now nice evening winter day in redwood 67 and conquer 60 in san w francisco, 63 in and 65 degrees berkeley. that ridge months extending a little furthe to the north now to see this next stem begin undercut that and prably begin to spin off or for a few more clouds across the sky from right now tomorrow another dry and very ld day and then as we get into friday may we start to talk about a chance, some rain it will be that way across state to plan about 70 degrees in los angeles degrees in bakersfield d 68 in fresno lori recasters of the system spinning off the cotline to
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clouds coming our way slight chance of showe as we get into iday doesn't look like mu, i'm not a whole lot after that guys bacto you. >>thank you so much lawrence still aheawildfires dangers arng early in northern california. the fire that creware battling in e tahoe national forest what those
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growing up in a family that struged economicly powerfully influenced my values. bernie sders and guarantehealth care for al.
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now, our country is at a turng point. hard working people, beayed by trump, struggling to rvive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bern sanders. we know he'll fight for us as predent because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve thisessage. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 00:05am tonight a vegetation fire is burning in
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the tahoe national fores roughly a 120 acres were orched on monday. according to authories. fire crews helped get it under control in what hasalready been a busy bruary. cal firettalion chief steve mueller says low humidity, windy conditions and no rain as force them to ramp up eir response. >>for this week wee had 10 fires for 2 and a half acres and abt counties that's the second week of february pretty rare want to get in the canopy then it starts throwing up embe in spots and then not only do we have e main fire front that we he spot fires and if it's windy the st fires. kerry ahead of the main fire to 300 maybe even a quarter to a half milehead. >>crs have cleared more than 800 acres between colfax and applegate it's one of 3 dozen state projects proved by the governor to reduce fuels heading into wildfire season. no word yet on what used the fire vicki. >>tonoght we're learning that thnumber of california and signing up for healtca on the affordable care act
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excnge is rising just over one d a half million people signed up on the state-run exchange for 2020. an increase of e 0.6% there was also a 41% jump in new custors. experts think 2 ma factors led to the increased number of sign-ups california restored the penalty for remaining uninsured,but also boosted financial help. pay for coverage. lawrence. >>heyguys we're looking at the long range forest right now this one comes from noaa wanted to give you an idea of just what we're looking at re but yeah we are looking at the probabilities of rain for the next uh 10 to 14 days and now word unfortunately. doest look very promising alongthe west coast. you can see the big be here that is below normal precipitation that continues right to california. but norm some taste as you get into of the plainsand northern parts the panhandle. there of texas and a coinuing nto the deep south but right now, worried about california we've just seenthat dry weather setting itself up and looks ke that
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is not going to change drastically in the least 8 to maybe 14 days that get usn a march that one continue right to thbeginning of march so out there right w we're dealing with spring-like weather in fact you probably noticed some of the on your windshield, the trees are blooming. d it's just look at my whole lot like spring outside as we've got e storms are stay well off the coastline, not even getting close to anywhere alon the west coast. so temperatures right now well above the average 67 degrees right now in concord the 63 and live more 65. in san jose if you're headed out no threat of any in leave th umbrella behind grab a light jacket with you will cool off here as the n begins a separate skies are going to stay mostly clear tonight overnight lows expected to be in the 30's and e 40's. no fog speak of tomorrow, we're headed the afternoon again and some of degrees in concord about 16 live more for a high 16 san jose 64 degrees in hayward just some beauful weather to get outside enjoy some lunchtime maybe enjoy the weather toan francisco to be a little cool. they're still
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nice at 59 degrees. >>thank youlawrence next at 5.30 the amount of sleep preschoolers get is crucial for their metabolism why a new study is linking a later bedtime with ahigher risk of obesity. >>also it turns out doing kind things for others can help boost yourown physical health. what experts are comparing the benefits t. >>and president trump is visiting califnia. why he
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