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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 19, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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currently san francisco just >>and thanks for joining us on this wednesday, i'm darya one of many spots that are folsom and i'm james fletcher city under clear skies this we'll get to the headlines in building going up in san jose, a minute, but first let's get you caught up on weather and but you can still show you the sky which is nice and clear traffic with john and robin good morning, good morning all and looking outside at the the traffic lots of it it is east bay here berkeley looks not getting better at the bay great. you've got clear skies bridge toll plaza so what did just a bit of a low lying the drive time for you all cloud coverage you can see right, it is supposed to get hanging out towards the coast warmer today, i'm just wondering when yeah right in the distance conditions will remain nice and clear because it's still pretty chilly out there i've been through the day today high promising it all morning and pressure is keeping us dry too we are eventually going to get for the time being as we've there, but it is still cold seen basically all month long for those of you venturing up to this point. so a dry outside even now that the sun rest of the week weekend ahead is well come up over the horizon so no just one of many going to be more of the same too. now ahead in future cast of our views that are showing off those blue skies overhead are a couple of changes that not showing off warm temperatures just yet though are really involved in the chance of rainfall but a few more clouds pushing in palo alto redwood city, dublin especially late tomorrow cloud livermore and morgan hill all cover will push on into the in the 30's. most of the rest bay and an increase had even of us are sitting in the 40's more than that on into friday right now oakland, one of the warm spots at 49. well north of mostly to partly cloudy day bay temperatures are on the definitely one of the cloudier rise but mostly still 30's nap ones of your forecast ahead sir going to be a dry one now and fairfield at 39 degrees temperatures in the upper 50's each later on today, you're and low 60's at the coast gonna notice temperatures very today with highs temperatures similar to yesterday if you elsewhere still rising into enjoyed yesterday, you're the mid to upper 60's really
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going to like today too comfortable weather highs back in the 60's. rob, thank you similar to yesterday actually foster city redwood city, san john checking in on the bay bridge 80 west. it is packed mateo and palo alto each at 64 degrees while santa clara, san right now. >>the backup continues to jose campbell and milpitas spill through the oakland maze it's 67 for your highs today, and now it's also heavy up the east bay highs in the mid 60's incline through the tunnel and a little crowded on the suspension to so this is what with areas like oakland and you're going to have to deal berkeley and richmond for with heading into san francisco right now 16 to 20 india like yesterday at 64 minutes for your drive time napa vacaville and fairfield traffic tracker does not have hot spots just moderate at 67. well santa rosa in crowding for the e sure 24 5 petaluma just one degree cooler than that temperatures tomorrow and friday, not 80 and the nimitz these numbers all looks normal will changing much they will be a check more coming up darya touch cooler come the weekend but skies will also clear out changed thanks allow robin 81 after that cloudier friday in the big story this morning. the cdc has just lifted the that we're going to see monday quarantine orders for a 180 and tuesday of next week will bring a brisk winds with temperatures still remaining american evacuees who were in the 60's and looking at being monitored at travis air force base that's right a bus with evacuees. just a slight chance of rain >>brought them to the airport last night another bus is come the end of next week we'll keep an eye on that one as we do get closer. robin leaving to head there this morning with some folks we're taking you pick up the heading home the sfo to family san mateo bridge or drive on 92 west and it's always good they haven't seen in weeks to see traffic. >>looks like this heading over been a long road a big journey to the peninsula without any major issues so we're getting and the next stop is sfo. so let's go live there with kron through the morning without
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four's will tran dai well. problems here on 92 we can get rid of the slow traffic, it's >>good morning james, and area going to be there for several there's a good chance that bus more hours, but at least for is already on its way to sfo only a 26 minutes crossing the fighting through morning bay over to the bay bridge 80 traffic. you probably will west the carpool lane never see happier people stuck certainly look a lot better one point describing for the in morning traffic because at least they're heading to the carpoolers to but now it's just a cash payers a fast airport same thing that track or so if you have to happened yesterday with the drive through this this morning. yes, it's still first wave of evacuees, backed up into the maze at leaving travis air force base least for under 20 minutes for 2 buses actually one to san now no problems on the upper francisco international the deck some more numbers for you and they remain moderate other 2 sacramento international after health livermore to dublin 14 minutes officials at travis air force that's from vasco to the base working with the centers dublin interchange a little busy for you on the nimitz but for disease control lifted not bad because it's under 40 their quarantine they arrived minutes from to 38 off to 2.37 at travis air force base back on february 5th closely james. monitored by health officials >>thank you very much robin. so national headlines this to make sure that their morning where president trump pardoning again offering symptoms when away or they clemency to some of the country's most high profile never develop symptoms for white collar criminals chief among them are former san them to get the all-clear to finally return home to family francisco 49 er owner eddie debartolo along with a former and friends and for many people it wasn't just 14 days, financier, the former n y p d many of them are actually quarantine in asia the but police commissioner and former illinois governor rod
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before being flown back to us blagojevich who don't forget was convicted of trying to soil to travis air force base sell barack obama's senate and other bases across the seat after he was elected country for many of them they president the president's didn't know when it would end. decision has got a lot of push back especially in but boy gets his home state of >>i was more on the edge when illinois. >>more lawmakers on both sides i was that are troubling from the aisle they say that my original location in and history will not judge him well mark maxwell has more. china to wuhan because will >>all 5 illinois republicans in congress issued a joint highness to ground 0 for statement saying that history will not judge former governor rod blagojevich well they hope outbreak, so it's a little on edge while traveling. there is voters don't judge them and also very nerve wracking. the republican party too harshly after president >>there are evacuees still at trump's decision. democrats to travis air force base they disagreed saying the governor flew into the air force base belated should have full a on sunday night about 380 served his full 14 years behind bars but in the end. altogether at travis air force president trump saw an opportunity to prove a point. base as well as lachlan in san >>it was a prosecution by. the antonio of course of their time under quarantine still continues i did talk to an same people call me airline pilot this morning, i fitzpatrick the same group i saw that and i did commute told them exactly what's going this set. on why i'm hearing he said >>former governor rod it's a little uncomfortable blagojevich's wife patti for him to fly. some of the pleaded with president trump for years on cable news pads people back to their homes and on social media making the
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even though he understands case that over eager that they've been cleared i ask them what they have their prosecutors flex their muscle and unfairly put a governor own flights, the said more behind bars with his own than likely they will be among impeachment trial now behind him the president granted the general public since they leniency to convict who he was were cleared by the centers fired from his own reality tv for disease control, but he show. president trump. it's probably the least credible says ultimately whether or not person 2. they fly on a flight all by themselves despite being cleared. it will be up to each >>make this decision given what he's done over and over individual airline interesting fact. all right, thanks a lot. again to thumb his nose at one of the core principles of our well. >>well as we mentioned the first group of american democracy is that the no one is above the law chicago mayor evacuees from wuhan china to travis air force base are lori lightfoot a democrat and slowly being reunited here's a house republican leader jim, case in point a happy reunion durkin both criticized president trump's decision at sacramento airport after a comes at a time when illinois father flew up from san diego government is once again under to meet up with his wife and 2 the scrutiny of federal kids. a wife and 2 kids he prosecutors as sentence was hasn't seen in a long while appropriate why should he get they've been in china before special treatment and some being forced into corn team, other people have been sitting in the apartment of corrections for drug offenses the whole family. finally for you know they're getting together again after 2 whole 3040 or drug sense. they're never going to see the light months. of day. >>already type really from this president is just because >>be fully mapped probably was a celebrity of rob blagojevich like on 1, 1, month and a 5 republicans in congress issued a joint statement half. ice i was a little bit saying history will not judge rob blagojevich well. can want
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over a month and for me my the president's move could last the aau in ways, january depress republican turnout at 19 the whole thing them being the polls are important election year is a concern separated and i can get to about state of illinois for them they can't get out and next november. newly installed senate president donna hartman all of the unknowns and all had a major hand in the the things that are happening there. >>and then the quarantine. blagojevich impeachment, the democrats said one key thing >>there once back on a san still bothers him to this day. diego, they say they plan on spending a whole lot of time it would be a lot easier to together. stomach is the former governor >>today the santa clara county shown any contrition at any point along the way. leaders are going to be coming >>but i think. together for an update on the coronavirus in the south bay, the department of health is >>donald trump the behavior going to report its findings at 10 o'clock this morning in where you never apologize or a meeting at the santa clara show contrition for anything county offices in san jose. and seems he is rewarding people who behave the way he and continue to spread more behaves. >>governor pritzker did not than 2000 people now around meet the media to discuss this the world have died most of the victims. we're in china. decision but did tweet out that he condemns the commutation saying it condones there are 75,000 people infected in china. more than corruption and sends the wrong message to the public at the wrong time when federal 1000 cases of the virus are prosecutors are still digging in looking for corruption here outside of china and 79 new in illinois. senator dick durbin had previously said cases have now been confirmed that 14 year prison sentence on that cruise ship to tanker off in japan. was pretty steep and he almost empathize with former governor >>and join us don't forget at blagojevich but denied through
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9 o'clock we're going kron 4 aides that he ever lobbied news special report all about president trump directly to try and help get him out of coronavirus we'll take a jail early. reporting in springfield mark maxwell. closer look at the virus itself how it spread how to protect yourself how great is your risk will have a doctor >>well coming up next how a here in studio to help answer date night turned into another your questions questions that you've been sending in through night on duty for 2 police our facebook page to keep them coming again go to kron four's officers in kentucky fake facebook page submit your question will have the doctor answer them live on set that begins at 9 o'clock this morning. in the north bay santa rosa police are investigating an assault that sent 3 men to a local hospital with serious injuries. it happened at the transit mall downtown last night, the refreshing bath updates... the right prices start with lowe's. victims. they were confronted shop our bath savings event and get up to... by 78 men, one of them hit the 40% off select bath essentials. victims with a golf club. and finish it off with dual-scrub stain resistant... police have limited descriptions right now the men involved they're asking anyone valspar ultra interior paint plus primer who might have information if starting at $24.98 a gallon. you witnessed it if you know do it right for less. start with lowe's. who was part of this call police let them now. a look at this video out of the east bay, the chp caught 16 year-old who stole a car in oakland and led police on a chase all the way to berkeley. this was yesterday morning the chopper located the teen in the backyard of a home and
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from that vantage point was able to direct search teams to that teenager who was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and running away from police. >>time now is either 6 on the peninsula, a man was arrested for trying to kidnap a woman from her home. jeremiah porter police say showed up in a woman's home on mont alaina core monday night. repeatedly rang her doorbell when she opened the door he forced himself in grabbed the woman by the neck and told her that he needed to get out of the area. she fought him off when he tried to get her in the car and she was able to run over to a neighbor's house and call for help. police found porter hours after that in the same area throwing rocks at windows and yelling. breaking news from overnight search parties introducing wendy's big bacon classic. with fresh, never frozen beef have found a man who went and hot crispy bacon. missing while hiking in marin if you're not getting your bacon cheeseburger from wendy's, county. the rain county sheriff's office found 76 what are you getting? year-old robert bennett. a (soft rock music playing) live at 11 30 last night. he get the big bacon classic
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had been hiking at big rock now on wendy's made to crave menu. ridge and marine wood on monday and these are pictures of the rescue last night. we don't know that because kind shape. he's in right now. we just know that they ended their search and they are stressed him or in county because they're also looking at the same time from palo alto couple who went missing on valentine's day carol karski and ian are land were last seen at the bretton bet a bed and breakfast, they're staying at in inverness they're supposed to check out on saturday. but all their belongings were left there and there's no sign of them. yesterday 40 people and 4 dogs were out searching for them. >>it's a confusing search as far as this isn't a normal search profile. >>it's at an area that people frequently get lost on and so you know all the different scenarios just on the table, you know the murray county sheriff's office investigation unit is a engaged working this case and we're going to continue the search. >>and the search will just right now they should be get
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going at 8 o'clock this morning and they're going to be looking at the water's edge with boats and canines. >>san francisco mayor london breed is looking at ways to ease traffic congestion in the city and it could mean you'll have to dig deeper in your pocket, cheese right now contemplating an idea with the san francisco transit agency to develop a congestion pricing plan which means more expensive parking at different times of day and that would include sunday and weekend out >>well 2 police officers who were who are. francisco. >>i want to whether or not it >>married enjoying a date night it turned into a crime could work in certain in order scene when a man with a gun to help address some of the walked into the restaurant. challenges that we know we you can see the masked robber face i mean the fact is san walking up to the register here at this kentucky francisco is growing. things restaurant, even though they are changing the way that were off the clock of course people get around the city is they knew they had to step in changing and so i think it's and they pulled out their important to look at all options. weapons and in a minute you're going to see them chase him out of the restaurant. down >>mayor reed also called for the transit agency to work the street and ultimately with lower income communities to make sure the proposals are wrestling. they were the only developed with them in mind. ones in their books like. and state lawmakers want to make when the robbery lies what was sure that men and women pay happening he bolted, but again they caught him. the same price on everyday >>i could only see his face items senator hannah beth and then and i saw her hands
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jackson unveiled a measure that would expand on a state go up i think he's doing. law that's already on the books that prohibits gender based pricing for services like dry cleaning. this new >>i believe that if not for the heroic actions taken by these 2 officers. the bill though would make it perpetrator's actions inside illegal in the state for retailers to charge customers the business would have escalated. they acted different prices on the basis of gender for similar products, currently known as a honorably and heroically but pink tax. we're trained for this kind of situations it comes to >>there is no basis for it people's lives are endangered other than that's the pink one like any other officer here 42% of the products out there with the exact same thing. are likely to cost more to >>well the man in the mask is now behind bars charged with women than they do to mend. armed robbery and the couple says that they hope their next >>price discrimination exists date night will be a lot less eventful. israel you see the examples here it is unfair it should be illegal. >>i'm here in napa with some >>the senate judiciary committee will now consider the measure congresswoman more information on the 2 jackie spear by the way has patients in also filed similar legislation at the federal level. >>morning news, one of 2 men wanted for east bay robberies is in custody, we'll tell you who they caught and a man attacks a worker with a burrito and it was caught on camera what was he so upset about. and after the break
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lawmakers across the country are weighing in on the president's pardon of some high profile white collar criminals.
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>>27 check in on weather traffic 40 midway through the morning for a lot of folks how we're own it's looking good holding up well so far no major hot spots just a lot of
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slow traffic if specially the and the temperatures have been on the very cold side this morning is there any movement on that we're getting there could slow those out still in the 30's for a few spots, so i'd say still bring the jackets but not as cold as it was earlier. here's a look outside at the lick >>welcome back 8.14 on observatory just sunshine now that's going to help us out as we continuously work our way later in the morning temperatures will climb they go redwood city just now climbing back into the low 40's. is a little bit of a milestone for you palo alto in livermore still hanging out in the 30's conquered in dublin, you are in the 30's earlier down the low 40's. well al amido one of our first spots in the low 50's petaluma nevado napa fairfield still in the 30's. but yes temperatures are beginning to climb now by the time we work our way into the afternoon. it's all about the 60's free a mid 60's for most of the bay area. well like yesterday making their way back to some comfortable conditions. robin. >>we're checking in on the golden gate taking a peek at one o one, it's looking good here across the span we have a
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crash on southbound one on one near sir francis drake and that keeping traffic a little heavy from ran would write 3rd quarter and era. but that's it that's a patch of slow traffic you're at 37 minutes nevado to the toll plaza checking in on the bay bridge 80 west. we have full house for the cash payers for fast. trackers yes, it's still back through the bottom of the maze. but i've noticed that the drive time has gone down. this doesn't mean it's going to stay that way it's just a good time to come on into san francisco and under 15 minutes for your average to fremont street darya james thanks a lot robin we're continuing to follow the latest on the coronavirus and you're going want to stay tuned. because we're talking about how it's affecting the bay in just 30 minutes we're going to have a special report on surviving the coronavirus. >>we're going to do this during the 9 o'clock hour the entire hour going to be spending it, giving you important information that you need to know to stay safe. we have a team of reporters with stories that are impacting the entire bay area sarah stinson is with a local doctor who will explain the virus and how
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it spreads and we're also going to take a look at the effects the virus is having on local barry businesses and we're also then have a studio doctor he's going to be in the kron 4 studios this morning and he's answering questions that you have on the coronavirus and you can send us those questions by going to our kron 4 facebook page again this all starts in just 30 minutes now in the meantime let's get you caught up on the headlines concerning the virus. this morning confirmed cases of the coronavirus are still climbing in fact globally more than 75,000 people have been diagnosed so far just this morning. we had 79 new cases confirmed on that cruise ship anchored off in japan. and right now more than 2000 people have died around the world mostly in china. yeah, but more than a dozen americans are infected and dozens more under quarantine fact the world health organization says it could take them. at least a year to find a vaccine. patients who are ill of the ones who are. >>at the greatest risk of transmitting the infection. when they breathe out. the air
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they breathe out is full of this virus to save a lot of lives to support a by testing the drones were currently testing and by getting everything in our systems working. >>well the world health organization does and that this disease doesn't pose a threat as deadly as sars and others that most coronavirus patients will probably make a full they say currently the death rate is less than 2% and for some reason it doesn't seem to be hitting kids, it's mostly older people that are suffering of complications here in the bay area 2 people are under isolation and. >>a hospital in napa yeah, they were all part of that group that was evacuated from that cruise ship in japan flown to travis air force base one has tested positive for the coronavirus the other showing symptoms or sarah stinson is live at queen of the valley medical center with an update on their condition. what's going on sarah. >>those 2 patients right now are under quarantine they're receiving medical care and ongoing tests has is a tricky
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situation, but they brought them here because there have been isolated area that's available for those 2 patients as you said one tested positive for the coronavirus the other tested negative back in japan but was experiencing some symptoms of that's why they have that person in bulls of these patients came from travis air force base before being flown from japan. they were on the diamond princess cruise ship among the cruise ship passengers flown to travis 7 were identified as needing testing or hospitalized nation 5 of the 7 were taken to local hospitals and solano county but due to a limited number of isolated beds these 2 passion cars are putting patients were transferred here to napa a public health officer here in napa county says there's minimal risk for napa county residents from the patients since they remain in quarantine this is the county's first report of coronavirus still unknown where to patients are from
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where they live and whether it was city or say we're still waiting to find out that information i have called napa county hell's in just waiting for a call back for now i'm live in napa sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thanks sara. it's a 33 and in the say one of 2 men wanted in to the east bay robberies is in custody now his name has not been released. but officers say the man had cut his hair and was planning on leaving the state when they caught him they say he admitted to his role and this robbery that happened in oakland on february 10th. you can see these 2 men robbing a man in his own driveway cleaning his car. they get him on the floor and take everything from him and then they got away and also the man arrested said he told police he had robbed a man in richmond later that same day police are still searching for the second man who was seen on the video police in san francisco, i'm looking for a
8:20 am
man who threw a burrito and other stuff at a restaurant worker over the weekend take a look at the video. this happened saturday night the restaurants on geary boulevard near 18th avenue. the man approached the counter to order food and they get upset and verbally abusive and then he hit the cashier's you can see through a cell phone a napkin dispenser and then a burrito. at the workers police are asking anyone who might recognize him to call them. >>you're on the kron 4 morning news in the wake of the iowa caucuses and the mixup there one bay area counties hoping that their new voter registration system and verification system will work we're going to show you how they plan on deploying it and then we continue our black history month series by looking at the hidden history of the 15th amendment and some people are continuing to fight to get more people to vote. and also the aids memorial quilt is going to be back here in the bay area we'll tell you where you can see it coming up, and still chilly out there, but we are seeing some
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changes now in the right direction. i think the direction most of us want to go. >>redwood city, you're back in the 40's livermore palo alto napa still at 39, your forecast ahead. >>and your morning commute is getting better and some fog like the richmond center fell this commute over how send out nicely 10 minutes for your av i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people. thank you, bob!
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tomtrump on the economy.ald his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>and we're back with breaking news. police officers have 2 te of starting a fire at a public library that killed at least one firefighter in porterville officials say the 2.13 year-old boys were arrested last night, one firefighter died another is missing after responding to that fire that happened at the port of a public library and tulare county. yesterday afternoon, everyone. inside that building were told was able to get out safely officials say the library was built back in 1953. >>and did not have a sprinkler system installed. >>more californians are
8:25 am
signing up for health care under the affordable care exchange there's been a 41% jump. in new customers overall and experts think that's for 2 reasons a california restore the penalty for remaining uninsured, and it also boosted financial help to pay for insurance coverage. a special enrollment period opens up today through april 30th to be eligible. you have to check the box on the form that says you did not know about the new tax for not having health insurance. a 39 and coming up after the break there's going to be a new face on the stage at the debate tonight for the democrats will take a look at the impact my vote mike bloomberg. >>while have on the democratic debate. now, we know the trump strategy-
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try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing.
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mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>welcome back 8.43 on this wednesday morning temperatures are starting to climb, but it is still pretty chilly out there for those of you that are venturing outside right now. i'd say just keep the jacket on hand as you're
8:29 am
getting out there berkeley looks really good you can see some of the low clouds in the distance that are hanging out just offshore but for most of us now i'm just sitting under blue skies in a really nice day to come with plenty more sunshine on into the afternoon high pressure still in place that's familiar territory. and that's one of the reasons we've been so dry throughout the course of this month so far and are going to remain dry throughout the rest of the week now today a lot of sunshine tomorrow, even though we have a clear start cloud cover does increase on into tomorrow afternoon you see that in future cast here. 06:45pm tomorrow night sun is going to be going down with a bit of cloud cover along with that then we work our way into friday and are cloudy a stay of your forecast. notice, no green and no blue still dry for this one, even though will be our cloudier day as we haven't seen much rainfall this month we are continually falling behind as to where we should be for rainfall this time of year abnormally dry conditions have returned this past week for the bay area as well as other areas in yellow
8:30 am
on this map and then moderatpor and southern sierra nevada too. we are actually about to see an update to the drought monitor tomorrow so stay with us on to the latest on what those colors are going to be looking like tomorrow expect even more orange and yellow on the map haven't seen the rainfall since that last edition was updated. temperatures in the 60's for your daytime highs today, oakland nevado at 64 well fremont hayward santa rosa on down to morgan hill at 66 san francisco and oakland low 60's and a little on the cool side some may want to keep the jacket with you even though with all that sunshine this afternoon it's going to feel really nice thursday friday temperatures much like today again friday will bring more cloud cover than any other day this week well saturday and sunday will clear right on out but temperatures a little cooler with a brisk wind for next week as high temperatures on monday only in the low 60's.
8:31 am
>>alright crossing the san mateo bridge westbound 92, it is still a crowded commute but you can get through it without any major problems and that's what's most important here you have to do with the commute traffic. but at least we haven't had any extra crashes or stalls to make it worse so we're at 23 minutes to the peninsula from oakland to san francisco traffic looks better on the upper deck, not behind the toll plaza. so the drive time is gone down to 11 minutes, it's still backed up to the bottom of the maze but and okay commute on the upper deck get out there early carpool if you can and if you don't want to deal with this just pop on barton's 10 up to the nimitz freeway were checking the drive from san leandro to downtown oakland. there's a long line and started to 38 it continues past the colosseum to just north of high street before it gets better so that's a 32 minute trip which is normal for the nimitz 87 leaving san jose 13 minutes to make it up to one on one 8.80 clocking in at 12 minutes for your average from san jose heading north to milpitas starting a thanks
8:32 am
robin 8.46 and this year is the 150 anniversary since the 15 men to the amendment was ratified. >>and one woman is making sure to continue. the mission of getting more minorities registered to vote she can average guy has her story. >>my name's he that williams and i'm chair of the clark county black caucus that they say the home is your your home is your castle. this is mike peace place. i mean i really is you that williams is a community advocate she's a fighter for equality justice and access to opportunity now she's empowering others to do the same the only way that we have a say. >>is by voting this year will mark the 100 and 50th anniversary of the 15th amendment which gave black men the right to vote and here in nevada we were the first to ratify and that to happen on march first of 1869 williams works with local black student unions to increase voter
8:33 am
turnout today we're going to be a passing a voter registration cards and really would like for who are capable to roll to register at liberty high school a handful of students are inspiring change i know as you i feel like i don't have voice sometimes i feel like voting as a great way. >>ticks pressure was i think it's important to vote i can see someone in office that i picked the represent me and that cares about me and my community to follow our young people actually went out and vote they could tip. >>the outcome of a of every elected person because they total about 42,000. in nevada that are eligible that are not voting. >>that's huge williams hopes education will encourage everyone to use their voice and inspired by them i'm motivated by that's why i do what i do really it's because of them why not use our voice azar vote which has been. >>what is this a long and the faa for. >>now she can levering a reporting and make sure to stu tune in this saturday for every 22th at 09:30pm kron
8:34 am
four's pam moore is going to be hosting our hidden history special celebrating black history. >>voters head to the polls on march 3rd in the east bay, a new voter signature verification system will make its debut. the registrar's office in contra costa county is using this new technology to process the votes. officials describe how it works. >>this is a brand new city art piece of equipment, this is the first election were using that it's very fast very quick. we scan all blokes and this this machine captures a picture of the face of below poured a voter's name is and where they signs. we use that to verify the voter's signature against the one we have on file and then us sort out any problems any reject any ballots that may have been canceled. >>well the technology is expected to work. well we'll see if it does the department is expecting roughly 400,000 ballots. happening tonight
8:35 am
billionaire mike bloomberg will join 5 other candidates on the debate stage in las vegas. bloomberg qualified for his first debate after polling more than 10% with voters in a national poll. billionaire tom sire did not make the debate stage so the other candidates, joining mister bloomberg will be joe biden pete buttigieg amy klobuchar elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and speaking of sanders, the vermont senator is the leading choice now among california voters. that's according to a new poll. sanders now polling at 32% that's a double digit lead ahead of his democratic rivals. second among voters is former vice president joe biden with 14% elizabeth warren coming in 3rd with 13% and as you can see mike bloomberg and mayor pete buttigieg. tied with 12% to peace. >>it's a 49 coming up next in the 9 o'clock hour our special on the coronavirus we're going to break down everything you need to know about how to keep your family safe and what's going on with this mysterious virus. that's when the 9
8:36 am
o'clock hour this
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pride celebrations in san francisco are getting some attention right now this marks the 50th anniversary of the event. >>and as you can see mayor breed along with other city leaders are talking about what they're going to already special art and museum exhibits leading up to june. >>lgbt history is american history. we are all a part of the fabric of what makes our city and our country so great. so we will not be silenced. we will continue to lift our voices and celebrate what makes us so great, what makes us so unique. >>the big tried weekend june 27th and 28th the theme is generations of hope. and portions of the iconic memorial quilt are back in san francisco, you bet it's going to be on display in golden gate park from april 3rd
8:40 am
through the 5th to coincide with the official 100 50th birthday of golden gate park. >>cleve jones who you see there was one of the original founders of the aids memorial quilt and he says the park. well it's the perfect place to host the quilt. >>you know when i first moved to san francisco back in 1973. i fell in love the golden gate park and i would spend hours every day walking through the park i didn't have a job so i didn't have much else to do and. a very poignant for me and lovely that the quilt has returned and is going to be on display in golden gate park it's a opportunity to honor the memories of our friends who passed and also to do so in a place that has become really kind of the heart of san francisco. so i hope everybody show up it's going to be amazing day the display of the quilt will be the largest ever in san francisco, they will consist of more than 1900 panels. >>which is approximately the same size and shape as the first major cult display which took place in d c back in 1987.
8:41 am
>>the 5 right now and for thrill-seekers who want to fly to space and as long as you've got deep pockets, you may enjoy this one. next year space acts signed a deal with space adventures and they will send 4 people on the crew dragon spacecraft. >>the passengers you do have to squeeze into a spaceship is just 13 feet wide site and you're fine without spent 5 days in space. and you'll go farther away from there isn't any astronaut as a decade, i love that i'm on board until we give you the price which i don't even know yet james if you have to ask it's going to be too rich for your blood probable a all right time now is 8.55 coming up in our 9 o'clock hour. >>our special on surviving the coronavirus we're going to break everything down that you need to know and how to keep safe. we'll have that coming up at 9 o'clock this morning so stay tuned for
8:42 am
tom steyer will beat donald
8:43 am
trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>is local news station. special report. joining us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher thank you for joining us here for this kron 4 news special report surviving the coronavirus over the next hour on a walk you through everything you need to know about the deadly virus including how to protect yourself. >>how local county and city officials are taking steps to keep people safe. and how the spread of this virus is affecting the local community. the show is not meant to scare you, but instead to provide the facts as we know them in a way that's clear and easy to
8:46 am
understand also in this hour, a local doctor will join us in studio to answer your questions about the coronavirus. >>let's start with the latest numbers. >>the death toll at this point has now passed 2000 worldwide. all but 6 of those deaths have happened in mainland china overall more than 75,000 people have been affected more than a 1000 of the cases have been reported outside of china and that includes 624 cases reported. >>on board the diamond princess cruise ship that docked in japan.
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