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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 19, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>watching kron 4 news news at >>a growing number of people are being tested for coronavirus here in the bay area. this comes as hundreds of people complete quarantine at travis air force base and the diamond princess cruise ship in japan. but concerns remain about whether those leaving the ship are in the clear good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm pam moore, the centers for disease control and prevention says a dozen people
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in the bay area are currently being tested. >>we have live call for team coverage on the growing impact locally from the virus plus we are hearing from a california man who is out of quarantine we begin tonight though with our grant lotus here in the studio with the latest developments grant pad can says the reason there would be cases in the bay area and when you considered china's proximity to california as you're entering the us and then of course travis air force base here in fairfield is a resource for the cdc and tonight that organization says the number of local patients undergoing medical evaluations for the coronavirus is rising 12 people possibly infected are currently being isolated that number jumped in the past day from 7 to now a dozen on sunday, 178 people from the cruise ship in japan arrived at travis air force base in fairfield 7 people on board tested positive for the virus. that's according to japanese officials of those 7 3 were sent to the university of nebraska medical center in
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omaha. the 4 remaining 2 were at travis air force base where isolated and then sent on to local hospitals on that same flight 3 additional people were sent to nearby hospitals because they were exhibiting coronavirus like symptoms. now 5 more people have developed symptoms since bringing the current number of patients being examined to 12 overseas in china. there are nearly 400 new confirmed cases tonight that brings the total number of cases to more than 75,000. as for the death toll that number today rose by 114 in the past 24 hours that raises the total number of deaths to 2126. back to you haven't kept all right grant. thank you as we mentioned some people finally being allowed to go home after 14 days quarantined at travis air force base in fairfield. >>tonight we're hearing from a person who lived through that ordeal. our kron 4 team coverage continues with ella
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so the monae and live in our newsroom tonight with his story l a. >>and was one of hundreds of people that was housed in hotel rooms at the air force base after flying in from china, you can imagine their relief is they were finally allowed to leave this morning as the first group made their way out of the base sent to the san francisco international airport. their bus broke down at the bay bridge. jeffrey ho who was one of the people on that bus says that he was quarantined after vacationing just outside wuhan china with his wife and daughter during the novel coronavirus outbreak. he tells kron 4 that he flew back without them said he can return to work. >>still to go back to work. and even though there's a coronavirus keeping me from working phils don't stop coming. >>they've that the truth hope flew home to southern california. and he plans to go back to china to get his wife and baby once a country gets a handle on the virus. meanwhile, we've got some breaking news into the newsroom just now that japan's health ministry says 2 elderly
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cruise ship passengers. aboard the diamond princess who were hospitalized with a viral infection have died. this is hundreds of passengers have been allowed to disembark that cruise ship after a 14 day quarantine off the coast of japan. only those who tested negative for the virus were cleared to leave. but there are still concerns after 14 passengers who were airlifted to travis air force base earlier this week. develop symptoms after leaving the cruise ship. they said that the crews have the largest concentration of confirmed coronavirus cases outside of mainland china with 545 on board according to the cdc. infectious disease expert who visited the ship says that infection control was completely inadequate live in the newsroom allison come only on kron 4 news ella thank you stay with kron four's we continue our coverage on the coronavirus we post the latest updates and information on how to protect yourself and we have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just
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look for the coronavirus tab under news. >>other news tonight in the east bay police have arrested this man who is accused of attacking a woman during an exercise class in fremont on monday. he has been charged with felony battery and assault. officials say it may not be the first time he's done something like this are accused of doing something like this will have much more on this in a live report coming up on kron 4 news at 9 s. >>it's frustrating when you're you know given a task and you're trying to help a family look for a loved one and unfortunately we haven't found him yet. >>rescue teams continue to search for a missing. powell also couple in and around inverness in west marine today marks 5 days as the search started for 77 year-old carol cupar ski and her husband 72, year-old and or when. >>dive teams scotamales bay this morning and were unable to find any new leads a force michelle kingston joining us live now from outside marin county sheriff's office with more on the search michelle.
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>>well tell you these crews have searched on foot on horseback in now in the water, but this case remains a mystery and dive teams searching all of tamales bay on wednesday looking for signs clues evidence as to where this missing couple may we did have a search teams out today that included it. >>boats with side scan sonar. we have our dive rescue team out there we had a canine team and our dive rescue teams searchers have covered a 2 mile stretch of areas surrounding the air bnb rental where the couple stayed last week near point reyes national seashore after 4 days of searching for 77 year-old carol cupar ski and her husband 72, year-old in or when crews turned their focus to the water on wednesday officials say despite coming up empty-handed for days this is still an active search. we we don't know what happened to them so. >>it's hard to switch from a search and rescue mission to a recovery mission when we don't
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know what happened to them. crews say there's no surveillance no sightings, no hits which is making this investigation complicated on tuesday, the murray county sheriff's office brought family members of the missing couple to the rental i think they're you know they're out under the same impression that we are that it's. >>very strange it's unusual it's you know, there's there's no sign of them and let's begin with the family yesterday they talked about you know it's like they got the means to to mars out of nowhere sergeant brian schneider with the murray county sheriff's office says the search manager on this case as in the 40 years he's worked this is just the second time someone has gone missing in the area. >>but their disappearance altogether is obviously troubling so we you know we don't see any suspicion of foul play but we can't necessarily rule it out because we don't know what happened to them. >>crews search for about 5 hours today. they say they'll likely be right back at it in the morning live in sandra fell tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news in the
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shale thank you meantime search parties have found a man who went missing in moraine county after going for a hike. the marine county sheriff's office says 76 year-old robert bennett was found alive about 11 30 last night he was reported missing after hiking a big raw courage and marine wood on monday. these are pictures from his rescue right now there is no update on his condition, a federal judge had some harsh words for pg need today. >>calling the company a quote convicted felon and saying its executives have put greed before safety. the comments came during a court hearing to review how well pg e has complied with the terms of a five-year criminal probation. after its natural gas pipelines blew up in a san bruno neighborhood in 2010 killing 8 people in 2016 the utility was convicted of 6 felony counts of falsifying records and safety violations since and pg e's aging power lines have been blamed for igniting a series of wildfires that killed a 130 people and destroyed thousands of homes. the judge told pga me he
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believes the fires quote could have been prevented had an upgraded and maintained its electrical system instead of following billions of dollars into shareholder dividends and executive paul bonuses end quote. foles took the stage in las vegas tonight, former new york mayor michael bloomberg and his first debate with the other candidates and it was a. >>a tense debate tonight, right now bernie sanders is leaving the choice among california voters in one new poll that poll gives him 32% a double digit lead ahead of his democratic rivals, second among voters as former vice president joe biden with 14% senator elizabeth warren came in 3rd place with 13% in this poll and mike bloomberg and people to judge both place at 12% since i bay area politics host catherine heenan had a chance to talk with washington post national correspondent philip bump on this race. and while sanders does have a sizable lead here in california. bump explains how
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the delegate distribution works against the vermont senator. >>one of the people suggesting fill up that even if he does turn out to be uncatchable doesn't necessarily mean that he will clinch the nomination correct. >>exactly right so one of the weird dynamics of the democratic primary process is because they just are you delegates proportionally she it means everyone who gets about 15% in the voting actually get some delegates so someone could stay in the race is leti of 2 people is stay in the race each of them gets about 25% of the vote a free sanders gets 50% of the rest of the valley the fact that those people are getting that many delegates means that sanders can't quite get to the level he needs to in order to clinch the nomination before the convention, so it's in the delegate rules really work bernie sanders when there's a broad field of candidates behind us. >>you can catch more of inside bay area politics this sunday right here on kron 4 will air at 6 30 sunday morning all
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right, let's take a live look outside looking out over san francisco and the bay and it looks like a clear night in this picture, it's been a pretty clear for a long time around here this winter february a very long time we're we're about to set some records now as we've seen that a long dry spell continue and check this in san francisco is only a been dry for the month of february one other time for the entire month, the ethical all the way back to 1864 that was the last entirely dry february right now we could be the second 1849 sun records were first being kept with the rainfall in san francisco. and it just does not look promising looks like no rain at least no major storm inside probably until least the end of the month, there's something that's going to come close maybe on friday, but again boy it just doesn't look like it's going to be much of the most that heads to southern california to go along with that of course we've got high pressure we get above normal temperatures. today numbers cool just a little bit we had a little of a sea breeze out there still numbers above the average about 2 to 5 degrees above
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normal well into the 60's around the bay area tomorrow. i think we're back into the 70's in some spots. coming up on kron 4 news in a nightmare for a normally quiet self a neighborhood a body found inside a home and tonight, a suspect under arrest and next a governor devotes his state of the state address to the homelessness crisis this strategy to try to combat the epidemic. >>and the president taking ai tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for
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everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>california's homelessness crisis was the entire focus of governor newsome state of the state address today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was there and tonight she explains some of the action news team is urging lawmakers to take on this hot issue this year. it's a disgrace. that the richest state in the richest nation succeeding across so many sectors is falling so far behind to properly house heal and humanely treat so many of its own people governor gavin newsome putting homelessness and its counterparts housing and mental health at the forefront of california's priorities. the governor wednesday calling on the state to lower the bar for forced mental health care to treat the mentally ill saying the current standard is too high and contributing to the state's crisis people of california you know this are demanding bold permanent solutions anything less is not going to get the job done
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while calling for reform of the millionaire tax money meant for mental health newsome also demanded cities and counties who have accused the funds to spend it by june 30th or else the state will in rapid response to getting the homeless off the streets. the governor announced 286 state properties are now available as shelters. he also said 5 more cities and counties from santa clara to riverside are next to get emergency tents and trailers while those are temporary solutions newsome urged lawmakers to make way for new permanent housing to tackle the state's shortage. i do believe that 2020 will be the year of production democrats confident this year is different this is the number one priority that we have to make room for part. >>not just for this year, really for the coming republicans say they wish the governor would have addressed more issues some have concerns about the governor's hyper focussed plan on homelessness and mental health if people are i take good if they're on they don't have the cognitive ability to say hey i want out. we see here and again so this
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is statewide intervention by the governor. are forced people to get how can how does that look like and how do we put that together in a legal manner where people still have their right. >>the price tag for the governor's proposed homelessness plan is at million but how much it will actually cost will be finalized until may. >>and the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news reaction to the governor's speech has been mostly positive, however there are some who feel that his plans come up short. >>kron four's dan kerman talks with lawmakers and homeless advocates in san francisco. happy he devoted so much time and attention and you know we every state resource pizza piece of land. staffing that they can provide san francisco supervisor matt haney champion the navigation center on the embarcadero. >>and it's called for shelters or services in all districts. >>says the governor's focus on homelessness during his state of the state speech is more than welcome. >>and we have a over a 1000
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people who are sleeping on the streets in san francisco. if the state has the shelters and they can make available treatment facilities to get people inside and get them help. we are facing a crisis unlike i think anything we've seen. >>the governor also called on state lawmakers to make it easier for local authorities to force the mentally ill into treatment anything that he can do. >>to alleviate those bottlenecks that are forcing at places like san francisco to push people out on the street who really need to be inside and treatment is going to be very much welcomed just say let's make it easier to lock people up is basically hoodwinking the public into thinking there's an easy solution where there's not. >>jennifer freedom bach with san francisco's coalition on homelessness was less pleased that the governor speech, especially as it concerns lowering the threshold for conservator ships instead of saying ok we know what caused this we're going to invest and making sure that people have access to treatment. >>we're just going to pass a law to make it easier to lock people left the standards are
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not the problem. the problem is is that the state's doesn't take responsibility for people to the conservatorship courts when they don't have anywhere to place people and they don't bring back says there simply are not enough facilities in the community. >>for those with mental health issues can live. she says that's where the investment needs to go we need a massive investment in building up our mental health system and that's going to get us to the place where we don't have thousands of people on our streets with untreated. mental illnesses box is also concerned there may be too much emphasis on sheltering as opposed to where she thinks the emphasis needs to be. >>which is on investing in permanent supportive housing. at san francisco city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>president donald trump visited bakersfield today, he announced new federal rules which would deliver more water to central valley farmers and roll back protections for fish, which concerns, environmentalists and the president also took the time to slam san francisco's homeless problem. >>look what's happened to san francisco. so sad.
8:20 pm
>>what's happened when you see a slum where it's islam its worst a sub there's no slum like that. >>what they've done to san francisco is a crying shame. and something that we're going to do something about because if they don't fix it up play that up take care of the homeless to what they have to do but clean up this city. the federal government's going to have to step in we're going to do >>we have a special section dedicated to the issue of homelessness in the bay area at kron 4 dot com and on the kron 4 mobile app just look under the news tab and click san francisco homelessness now to our 4 zone forecast says we take a live look outside of the market, errol in the city. >>and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing but i'm not i wish i could just more of the storm about 30 to 50 miles with them we be talking about rain. i'm not that powerful mud, i wish i was certainly like to get that ring going here nothing out there right now we've been looking at spring weather and above normal temperatures
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today, a little bit of return of the sea breeze that help to cool things and we're seeing that again tonight in the temperatures staying cool along the coastline, 49 right now in pacifica 51 hayward 54 in oakland, 54 also in san francisco 46 in and 46 degrees in the napa valley, here's that storm was talking about boy i'd love to be able to move this just a little bit so we call a cutoff low now it's a really kind of separating from the main jet stream and it's spin off the coastline. these are difficult to forecast usually see these late march in april that usually that transition time as we get into spring but right now we've got one haugen the coastlines, partly cloudy skies for tonight as the system will throw a few clouds our way tomorrow you'll see a mix of sunshine and some clouds lot of clouds rolling in by the afternoon but looks like really the energy from the system will swing all the way down in the southern california. so it's going to spin off some clouds our way maybe a few showers get close maybe in the monterey bay maybe a downpour big sur. but i think the brunt of the system moves all the way into southern california bringing them some rain we unfortunately continue to stay
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dry. >>all right lawrence, thank you still ahead tonight at 8 the trump administration stepping up illegal immigration enforcement in sanctuary cities as san francisco's mayor is fighting back and after the break car break ins now, we know the trump strategy- try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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i thougin that moment. illiant we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>on the peninsula new how-to crime report shows while some violent crimes are down in 2019 from the year before car
8:25 pm
break ins are spiking of course we reported on this it is a crime trend that's plaguing a number of bay area communities kron four's maureen kelly talked to the >>a broken car windows from smash-and-grab burglaries like what you see in this video is an increasing problem throughout the bay area and tony palo alto is not immune to this crime trend. there police department issued a report showing in 2019 there were more than 1700 reported larcenies. >>which includes car break ins, a 44% spike from the year before it's not unique to palo alto but it's a crime that we're serious about because it is a violation. >>when it when it sees comes in it and breaks your windows and takes your personal property public affairs manager for palo alto pd says they're trying to be proactive fighting auto burglary, including assigning a special enforcement team to target it they always target hot spots areas like shopping centers or the downtown area.
8:26 pm
>>sometimes they do a lot plainclothes surveillance and they're trying to to catch people who are in the act of breaking windows and doing those smash-and-grab at a crime that can happen in just a matter of seconds she reminds people not to leave valuables anywhere in their vehicles. not even the trunk, another thing citizens can do to help police is to be a good witness. we've had some cases where there somebody who's actually witness. somebody suspicious peering into car windows in it parking garage or even in their neighborhood. they called us up on 911 and told us what they're observing saying it suspicious activity and we've come out there and in couple cases we have gone actually caught and arrested the auto burglary suspects while the number of car smash and grabs has spiked the police spokesperson says palo alto is this a city the annual reports show that all other major crime categories remain in the double digits, if that. >>the city recorded one homicide in 2019 its first in
8:27 pm
3 years maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>kron 4 news at 8 teenagers accused of sparking a fire at a central california public library. tonight we're learning more about to first responders who fought those are disturbing details on those grounded 7.37, max jets, boeing finding dangerous debris inside parts of the plains and after the break a startling discovery inside a south bay home leads police on a homicide u cook,
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>>in the south bay neighbors say they are rattled by a homicide and there otherwise sleepy neighborhood in the east foot hills of san jose tonight, a suspect has been arrested and as kron four's from final tells us some are concerns that the killing happened at a home >>here in san jose the santa clara county sheriff's office this evening announcing that they have made an arrest in connection with a murder investigation here in the east foothills about 3.45 on tuesday afternoon sheriff's deputy said they got a call from someone. reporting a possible dead body inside this home on mountain view avenue. sheriff's deputies evening issuing a press release saying that a suspect now has been taken into the suspect identified as 25 year-old real she from c a no further
8:31 pm
details released other than the fact that the the suspect apparently turned himself in at the sheriff's office about 1145 today. neighbors in this otherwise quiet neighborhood ar this particular home here is a rental and was on the rental platform of air bnb a spokesman for air bnb said now that it is cooperating with the sheriff's office and that this home has temporarily been taken off of the platform, but again the sheriff's office now says that it is made an arrest in this case the suspect once again identified as 25 year-old real she few zia no further details released the name of the victim, a woman is not been released pending the identification of her next of kin. and san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>there are new details tonight in that deadly fire sparked at a public library in to larry county to 13 year-old have been charged with arson manslaughter and conspiracy police believe that they
8:32 pm
started the blaze and portersville which is just north of bakersfield. they were seen running from the library, according to police shortly after the flames started one of the responding firefighters, captain raymond for was killed while battling the flames yesterday another firefighter passion jones went missing and still has not been accounted for officials say the library was built back in 1953 and did not have a sprinkler system installed good times actress junaid to blog has passed away one of her daughter says she died peacefully in her sleep at her home in glendale in southern california yesterday. >>the family says the death was unexpected since she had no underlying health problems and she had attended a good times reunion event just a few weeks ago. dubois was best known for her role as well on the woods in good times just so wrote in saying moving on up the theme song to another norman lear sitcom the jeffersons. she is survived by 3 children and grandchildren. dubois was 74.
8:33 pm
>>the department of homeland security will start deploying border patrol, tactical units to help us immigration and customs enforcement efforts all targeting sanctuary cities as according to the trump administration. the announcement has stirred up mixed reaction in washington with some questioning the legality of the proposal, washington correspondent and a warning key reports. >>the trump administration says it's preparing to deploy 100 border patrol swat teams to certain us cities to help ice agents arrest undocumented immigrants they're going to try to use the special units particularly. >>in areas where local authorities are trying to enforcement of federal immigration law con's van spakovsky with the conservative heritage foundation says ice agents need the extra help. >>he says right now there's over a million and forced deportation orders sitting at dhs every single man and woman that they can get who's an asian to work on this. >>is something that they need
8:34 pm
to fill manpower shortages that they have all over the country. >>the acting director of ice said friday that the swat teams will help ice agents tracked down undocumented immigrants with final orders for removal after they're released from the custody of local law enforcement. >>randy capps with the migrant policy institute says the real goal is fear the message that sending the board tac team sends is that you're not safe. if you live in a sanctuary city doesn't matter what the city or the state does to try to protect to the federal government can still send in a swat team after you massachusetts democratic senators elizabeth warren and markey sent a letter to cbp asking them to call off the deployment or give more information about the plants. so far the trump administration isn't saying exactly when it will deploy the swat teams in washington, i'm anna warning key. >>san francisco mayor london breed posted a video on her twitter page today responding to a report that ice detained people outside a courthouse in
8:35 pm
sonoma county. here's what she had to say to the immigrant community recently the federal administration has continued to ignite fear in our sanctuary cities like ours with today and for that i 3 individuals outside the courthouse as sonoma county we want to remind all of our residents that the city county of san francisco is a sanctuary city and we will continue to do everything we communities, san francisco is stronger because of our diversity our immigrant communities are inseparable part of who we are as a city. >>and will continue to fight back against these attempts of fear and division. >>san francisco's police chief bill scott who was standing next to the mayor in that video said that as apd does not enforce federal immigration laws and does not provide assistance for any ice or border patrol operations, not our 4 zone forecast as we show you a live picture of the golden gate bridge on this wednesday night our chief
8:36 pm
meteorologist lawrence karnow talking more about spring in the middle of winter yet continues tomorrow, you actually warm up a little bit more so yeah it's already been above normal now we see these temperatures pushing back up in the upper 60's maybe some 70's by tomorrow afternoon clear skies out there for the most part little haze developing out toward the golden gate bridge is we see a little bit of a sea breeze but high pressure kind of holding on and you've got a little spin off the coastline that will bring a few high clouds to our skies but still a very comfortable temperatures out there in san francisco tomorrow will be about 65 degrees. the mission 63 downtown san francisco 64 in daly city to find cooler numbers right along the water's edge in the 50's there, but that's about it 64 degrees in burlingame inside the peninsula just beautiful weather further to the south 69 in mount view. >>then we start to crank out some 70's 70 in cupertino 71 in san jose 69 degrees in campbell about 68 milpitas 71 in livermore 67 degrees in hayward 70 in danville and about 69 degrees in concord certainly some very nice
8:37 pm
weather above normal temperatures continuing. and it looks like we'll keep that trend going here a few more clouds coming our way on friday but now looks like it will stay dry right through the weekend. >>they are still ahead a rideshare safety uber launching a new tool to give passengers more powers. and clay new product concerns words of warning about cleaning products and their effect on and after the break details on why almost 6 million chi growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
8:38 pm
and now we have to deal with this climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>for your money tonight close to 6 million water bottles for children are being recalled because they pose a choking hazard the recall involves contigo kids cleanable water bottles and their replacement lives. the affected bottles have a black spout base and a black spout cover the silicon spout can detach and potentially lead to choking. officials say they will see more than 400 reports of those spouts detaching boeing says it found debris in the fuel tanks of several 7.37 max jet sitting in storage, it's just the latest problem, boeing faces. >>as it tries to get the 7.37 max back in the air. the company's vice president and general manager of the 7.37 program sent a letter to boeing employees about the foreign object debris referred to as fahd fahd can pose significant safety threats on planes including short circuits and fires, boeing says it will address the problem by updating instructions and require
8:41 pm
checklist for employees along with more inspections and audits to doorbell camera ring rolling out new privacy and security features users will now have to enter a one-time code in order to see the feed from their cameras already offered 2 factor authentication to customers this second layer of verification is mandatory. >>ring says this added feature will help prevent unauthorized users from gaining accefs to your account even if they have the user name and password. this comes as a number of people have come forward recently saying there rain cameras have been hacked uber says it is trying to make your rights more comfortable and safe the ride sharing company is launching on trip reporting it lets you discreetly give alerts about non-emergency incidents such as inappropriate conversations or even reckless driving. >>riders can send the alerts during their trip in real time before people had to wait until the trip was over before sending feedback. the company
8:42 pm
says it will take action if it sees a pattern of behavior over time. >>coming next said a racing to the rescue a california officer reacting quickly when a car goes up in flames with the driver trapped inside ins forces, 2nd half of the warriors season starts tomorrow and most of the talks
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
vo: a great president and an effective mayor. leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message. >>california police officers
8:45 pm
quick thinking saved a man's life that officer pulled the driver of a that burning vehicle with just moments to spare this happened last the officer's body camera emily maher >>you can see the flames as a police officer jared houston pulls up to the wreck on waterman vote last week are through my mind was like a the way was in the car within seconds houston jumped out of his patrol car and runs for the fire somebody in there. >>i don't have years i could hear someone in the car talking to someone on the inside police say the driver had moved over to the passenger side of the car houston runs to the window his baton telling a man stuck insii got a backup for one oakley badly that way. >>the office will begin smashing in the window, the fire growing in the front of the car houston knew he had to
8:46 pm
act fast and his training kicked in to my experience in law enforcement i know that. >>if you don't quit some battle happened so stake >>get is about walk through the broken glass, the officer safely pulled the man out of the burning car so doing our job and going on to the next my job, i know larry by work with you want to work with in the past law enforcement there was an exact same thing i >>i >>was are reporting authorities say the driver the car is expected to be ok the cause of that crash is still under investigation. >>for your help tonight words of warning about exposing infants to cleaning products, according to a study published in the canadian medical journal if is exposed to the chemicals and cleaning products are more likely to develop asthma later in life. researchers followed more than 2000 the children in canada starting at the age of 3 months, they determined
8:47 pm
symptoms of chronic wheezing showed up by age 3. the first months of a baby's life are crucial for the development of the immune system and respiratory systems. the study says that by identifying hazardous exposure during infant hood preventable factors could reduce childhood, asthma and allergy risk there is not enough done being done here in the us or around the world to protect children's health and development that is according to a new report. >>mandy gaither has more. >>us ranks lower than 38 other countries when it comes to children survival health education and nutrition a new report suggests the research published in the land said ranked 180 countries based on data that use various factors to measure the extent of which a child was given the opportunity to fulfill their potential this included child survival rates years of school teen birth rates maternal mortality prevalence of
8:48 pm
violence growth and nutrition. the us came in at number 39 with norway ranked first overall and the central african republic coming in last to improve outcomes among children some of the recommendations by researchers are for countries to stop excessive carbon emissions. tighten regulations around commercial marketing of junk food alcohol and other harmful products introduced new policies to protect children's health, nutrition and rife. >>and incorporate children's voices and the policy decisions for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>the study also ranks countries based on excess carbon emissions. swat researchers say will prevent younger generations from having a healthy and sustainable future. when it comes to sustainability goals and excess carbon emissions, the united states ranks near the bottom at number 173. >>and head coach steve kerr was one of the speakers at a farm tonight about gun violence prevention kerr you may know is then an outspoken
8:49 pm
supporter of gun control for years his father died from gun violence back in the mid 19 80's tonight, a panel of guest talk to commonwealth club in san francisco, a flyer for the event called gun violence, one of the most crucial and critical health issues of our time. coming up on kron 4 news tonight at 9 o'clock you will hear some of what kerr had to say. >>time now >>and starting tonight with the warriors 1st half of the season unforgettable for all the wrong reasons and although golden state doesn't have much to play for bill and the year providing some highlights that's because steph curry is on track to make his return in the near future the superstar did not practice today but here he is working out and warriors hq the 2 time mvp has missed most of the season with a broken hand yet. he's made great progress and although there isn't a set timetable for his return. steve kerr says he will be back this season. give a thought to city in country s.
8:50 pm
>>you are healthy and we didn't resent him to our fans and say here you go. here's your here's your gift for staying with us. for this whole season would that say about us that we don't care about our to me this is it's never it's never been a question he's says he's ready. he's coming back on fans deserve it. we needed as a team to to as i said to springboard into next year. and it's the right thing to do. >>play the rockets tomorrow night now curry is the warriors and bp over a spring training for the a's matt chapman is a serious candidate to be this year's most valuable player 27 years old entering his 4th major league season and he's already one of the game's brightest young stars sevens in the american league last season with 36 jackson an all-star 2 time gold and platinum glove winner. moments as he has an even scratched the surface on reaching his potential. sky's the limit for him. >>and he's one of the top players in the league in an early hed probably hasn't had
8:51 pm
the offensive season that he would like to this point too so it's just going continue getting better he's not at his ceiling right now. i've said often that he he will be in the mvp conversation for years to come in my opinion. >>and finally tonight, the nfl considering significant changes to its schedule and playoff format, the league and players union is set to vote on a new collective bargaining agreement this offseason and among the changes is an expanded playoff form and that increases the postseason field from 6 to 7 teams in each conference under the proposed changes only the top seed would receive a first-round buy all the remaining teams play on wild card weekend if approved this would take effect this upcoming season. the cba is also proposing a 17 game regular season. so the nfl always making adjustments can all right thank you mark. >>and coming up next from sunken chest to superhero. one teenager says he feels like
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
>>teenager says he feels like iron man after a surgery to raise up his sucking chest the surgery involved a metal stabilizer. kathy walsh reports. >>when kai ko who he was a little kid, he noticed his chest was different and wants >>flat and straight like my brothers or my father's. >>kai was born with pectus
8:55 pm
excavatum funnel chest, some ribs and his sternum crew abnormally the debt didn't bother him much until his cousin said something at the beach she commented saying, hey why is your test looking and that really made me notice it. >>it made me feel self-conscious about myself. kai learned the deformity could be corrected with surgery. he traveled from hawaii to denver and pediatric surgeon doctor sarah lai at rocky mountain hospital for children, this is the stabilizers doctor lai did what's called the nuss procedure. >>through a few small incisions she placed a curved metal bar behind kai sternum to raise it up if you can imagine putting braces on but correcting them exactly to where you want them to be immediately chest looked normal right away i almost couldn't believe it was completely. >>st. it was the best thing i've ever seen it was painful at first, but kai was up and walking 2 days later, he'll go back to hawaii with confidence
8:56 pm
i can say i had of course surgery. >>i got army and i became i meant. >>will lose his medal in 2 years when the bars taken out he'll be back at the beach as just kai. but with his chest >>and that was kathy walsh, reporting yeah and she answer the question of how he grows what would happen with are like you know when you have a races you just some of use of that that's coming up in 2 years but in the meantime he has to get through security with and explain what's going on there right people in here for a an area of life at >>all right well that wraps up kron 4 news tonight in a trend lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night. ken pam, thanks very much coming up tonight at 9 a disturbing assault at a popular jim in the east bay police say. >>a man pulled down a woman's pants inside a 24 hour fitness and then got on top of her and investigators think there could be other victims out there jim members say they're shocked to hear what happened we have a live report coming up.
8:57 pm
>>people still living in tents people living in cars. and there's people still in shelters from the fire. >>more than a year after the camp fire decimated paradise survivors still coping with devastating loss and trying to move forward after losing everything plus san francisco police made dozens of arrests and even saved 4 lives. we have a firsthand look at their efforts. >>to crack down on drugs in the tenderloin keep it here kron 4 news at 9 is next. i thought steyer was brilliant
8:58 pm
in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>watching kron 4 news. tonight police in fremont say they have arrested a man who sexually assaulted a woman during a class at a local gym, thanks for being with us. >>tonight at 9 everybody i'm grant lodes and vicki liviakis police say it happened at the 24 hour fitness padre parkway in fremont about 6 30 monday night. >>detectives believe there may be other potential victims. our first taylor sackey spoke to police tonight she joins us now live from 24 hour fitness with some more details taylor. >>the key absolutely horrifying story that happened here just the other night it happened on monday and police say th


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