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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 21, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for daryn also banned, i'm james fletcher we've got weather and traffic leading off the hour with john travel and rebecca strong let's check in with record quick for get a forecast find out after a hot spots. yeah, i'm filling in for robin playing musical good news on the traffic from a no major hot spots. got a lot of him early this morning. the bridges look good so knock on wood to friday feeling or to you know what it's on what we're day yes, the bay area.
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okay because even though us in the bay area are experiencing one of our driest days when i'm around the there is actually rain in the forecast. it's just not for us we're going to be looking at showers and southern and central california, especially come tomorrow in the evening tonight. well here in the bay we're keeping the dry weather going and we are looking at some warm weather to golden gate bridge. it's nice clear and bright right now you do see those showers to our south. so if you are heading south on one oh one today possibly down into areas along the central coast do expect some showers down there but look at this the bay area just the opposite actually sitting under some sunshine right now and some pretty mild conditions. >>alameda you're at 54 for your current temperature oakland at 52 double in concord in livermore in the 40's while some 50's out towards the coast only one 30 on the map right now in saint helene a by the time we work into the afternoon look at where we're going to be solid 70's for your daytime highs with mid 70's for inland areas. very warm one considering what time of year
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it is i'm talking weekend rainfall for some of our southern neighbors and what to expect here back at home still to come right rebecca. >>thank you john i'm tracking a very lightly traveled bridges right now look at this the bay bridge toll plaza approach looking great the back of really starting to thin out here and you could see it just may be to the touch of the 82 per crossing that's about it. if you have fast track to move their just find the span and south across the upper deck. it will be a little bit sluggish to the fremont street exit but look at that drive time 11 minutes to kick off the 8 o'clock hour that looks really good. also thinning out the san mateo bridge commute coming out of hayward over to san mateo and connecting with one oh one dropping down to 60 minutes for your drive time on the westbound side. i'll check the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate coming up james from all right. thank you very much for >>breaking overnight we had unfortunately a good samaritan killed by. traffic accident has all southbound want to one in san mateo he got out of his car to help a disabled driver.
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>>things took a fatal turn, yeah, kron 4 sarah stinson on the peninsula right now with an update what are crews saying sarah. >>live in san mateo a really tragic story that happened earlier this morning as you said that man he stepped out of his car to help someone who crashed in the center divide and when he did he was hit by another car take a look at the video you can see it get a better idea for the cars involved with this chp got the call around one 54 this morning of a solo car crash just before 3rd avenue that exit on southbound one oh one us eye on was stopped in the middle lanes as i said after crashing into that center divide at some point a man in his late 20's or early 30's pulled over to help and that's when he was struck by another car he died on scene the driver of this island has was taken to stanford with some injuries there were 2 cars involved the side that you're seeing on camera and won the
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hit the man collided into the the investigators still trying to figure out who question who but definitely for cars involved and chp says you know it's really tragic. but it's it's also you know a good reminder people that date you don't want to get out of your car on the freeway they've seen this happen before. you're trying to help but same time you're putting yourself at great risk take a chp explain more. >>we're standing outside of his vehicle which is inherently unsafe anytime you're outside of your vehicle standing in lanes we appreciate when people to try to help out however any time that you're in a hot tub lanes of traffic it's extremely dangerous day it's an extremely tragic event when you do have somebody that's just trying to other people that are in a bad situation and then they themselves get hurt. >>and that's very true. he if you do come across somebody who is disabled on the roadway. the best thing to do
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is to just exit in call 911 and if your car does become disabled make sure you have your flashers on and you have any sort of like going on around your car. so people can see you and then also make sure you have your seatbelt securely on because if you do get hit you want make sure you're safe but of course number one get off the freeway if you can look like that syon was pretty heavily damaged chp does not believe anyone involved was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol for now live in san mateo sarah stinson kron 4 news all right that's good advice. thank you sarah. >>so another one of our big stories here this morning involves oakland where city leaders there will at some point today addressed their decision to fire police chief anne kirkpatrick. >>and the decision to fire her was unanimous between the mayor and members of the police commission kron four's will tran live in oakland with an update will. >>we're expecting to hear from city officials not to official
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news conference but reportedly some will come out during this hour to flush things out on why they made this bombshell decision nobody saw coming it came out of nowhere, but we do know this morning. oakland once again searching for a new police chief after ann kirkpatrick got fired 3 years on the job they had a closed door meeting the police commission regarded as one of the strongest police commission's in the entire country made up of civilians, they met behind closed doors with oakland mayor libby shaft there was nothing that you could point to and say the months of the weeks are the days that led up to the meeting that. on the hot seat instead they just decided out of the blue to fire could patrick without cause the mayor she signed off on it that's how the rules are written that the police commission can decide all they want, but they need the approval of the mayor and certainly she did despite hiring her 3 years ago making her the first police chief female police chief in
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oakland's history. here's the police commission and the mayor talking about their decision. >>there wasn't enough. leadership and so that we needed new leadership for oakland, it's my duty as the mayor to recognize the role and authority of this commission. and also to recognize when the trust between the police commission and the police chief has become irrevocably broken. will prevent this city from moving forwards. >>so you heard the mayor just talk about trust about 2 years ago 5 police officers opened fire on a man who was sleeping between 2 homes this little walkway between 2 homes he was sleeping at the time. he was armed with a 22 caliber gun there was dispute whether or not the officers were justified in shooting and killing this span. can tell you that a lot of the community members and the
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police commission at the time one of those officers at the very least fired. but to patrick they say stood up for them and did not fire them at all so that created the animosity and the friction between the police chief and the commission and last night they acted upon it and made the decision to fire her as far as kirkpatrick is concerned she still technically on the job because she still has to sign a letter saying that she agrees with the termination or at least resigned to it and if so she's entitled to about $270,000 worth of pay and severance pay back to you. >>thank you will. 8 oh 8 is the time in the oakland police officers association by the way has also released a statement regarding kirkpatrick firing. put it on the screen it reads in part the oakland police officers association stands ready to work with whomever is our next chief of police. despite the changes at the top the department oakland police officers continue to come to work every day and serve our residents in california's most crime challenge city.
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>>well now to another big story that we're following for you this morning, a coronavirus patient is now being treated in san francisco. now the person was infected on the diamond princess cruise ship in japan. they were travis air force base but have now been transferred to san francisco hospital for treatment. the hospital involved is taking all appropriate precautions for both the patient and the staff so that it doesn't get transmitted and they're not releasing the name of the hospital of course to protect patient privacy. but the 2 patients, a previously hospitalized in san francisco. they've been discharged and they're no longer in the city. and the first confirmed patients in santa clara has fully recovered so the man was isolated at home and was being monitored by public health tested positive for coronavirus after returning from wuhan last month. health officials say that he was never sick enough actually to be hospitalized more than a 115 people into their 2 week quarantine at travis air force base in fairfield and marine corps air station miramar in san diego. here's video actually of a bus leaving with
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the last of the evacuees from travis again the first group of evacuees from wuhan china they've been living on that military base since they were flown out. >>because the cry virus, all 53 travis completed their quarantine and have now been medically cleared to leave, but again this is the first group not the most recent group that came from that princess diana princess cruise ship had a much different story and china it counted 889 new cases. >>and a 118 deaths on wednesday. now those numbers bring the total to over 75,400 infections and 2200 deaths so loss. in the south bay have to have a group of wuhan natives who are now living in san jose that are banding together to send medical supplies to wuhan and its nearby cities. >>it's called a wuhan united it's a nonprofit that was formed nearly a month ago, and this was actually one of the first shipments that they sent to wuhan you get hospital now they're on their 8th shipment to china and they've got equipment that has everything from masks over a million of
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them to isolation gowns and gloves we actually talk to the founder of the nonprofit who actually came close to tears as he was talking about wuhan a place where he was born and raised. >>is locked know what it can go out and go you. the city's a sacrificing for the whole country from the war. nobody has ever seen consideration in world history and history of mankind, you know city of the problem people can look to. >>12 million that is a huge city wuhan united sent over 2 million supplies so far they've even been able to get their hands on about a half million of those really hard to come by of masks, the n 95 masks. those are also part of the shipment heading to some of the hardest hit areas of china. we'll take a break right. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news a high school in the east bay shut down after a cancer causing chemicals found on campus. we're going to have some of the emotional reaction from concerned parents and a bay
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area lawmaker laying out his vision for protecting immigrants here in the bay area we'll have details on that in a minute plus president trump's 2020 campaign may be getting external help from russia go into details on the latest intelligence report released to us lawmakers.
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>>welcome back all take a thinking about some spring skiing may be to go to not to go well squaw valley, alpine meadows they posted this video on their instagram page and there's a skier doing his thing shredding the white powder stoke level on right now most of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions but i guess are saying no come on up alpine medal says the conditions have been favorable for so. >>guess a little cranky about the snow machines. yeah gone because they haven't seen some snow in a while he has been a minute know and they could certainly use it but glad to
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see people are enjoying right, but they have up there which is what we are going to be saying is the possibility of some additional snowfall up there come the beginning of march on rangers are forecasting now. but we only have one more week of february and it does look to be a pretty dry we fortune i so that that system that's come and do a la and central california not going to bring up any snow to not really hiring and snow to the lake tahoe area but the southern end of the sierra actually officially back in drought conditions now so it's good news for them, we're just going to have to wait for northern california dose of it looking outside at your 70's, speaking of the snow you can see a little bit up there this live look there we actually have some really clear skies at yosemite you 70 does have a chance of dusting of snowfall but nothing like areas further south like south the sequoia national park when she really had down into the kern county mountains that's where you could actually see some accumulation that will be very helpful for the southern sierra lots of sunshine across the bay area this morning you will see passing clouds such
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as we did earlier this morning. there's your rainfall for the part southern part of the sierra you do see a little bit of snow popping up there out to the central coast, some very light rain nothing more than sprinkles has been seen so far this morning, rain falls to increase on into the evening tonight for central coast in southern california neighbors and then there's your snow fall that shows up in the sierra nevada, not as much for lake tahoe is i'm sure they would like to be saying, but there will be some further south showers will be most widespread into tomorrow morning for southern and central california. while the bay area and also lake tahoe looks at some pretty dry conditions. these next couple of days in fact well areas to the south get that rainfall tomorrow is actually going to be pretty clear for the bay area. now let's advance or way to the final week of february as i mentioned it's looking dry likely to be in historically dry month. while we work our way into march near long-range forecasts it does look likely that we could start the month with some helpful precipitation now that's still a while away. but
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some hope in the forecast hopefully around the corner could be a march miracle who knows still a bit away and we're always a way temperatures in the 60's and 70's for your daytime highs most of us today in the 70's millbrae burlingame each low 70's was saying carlos redwood city woodside each out 72, south bay temperatures mid 70's for a few spots like milpitas and san jose hayward you're also at 74 degrees today with oakland berkeley and richmond really nice 72 or 73 degrees. some of our warmest of spots in the north bay with napa sonoma on over to santa rosa in petaluma chet 75 degrees in february. that's really nice come tomorrow and sunday a little cooler but we're still above average and still certainly comfortable with lots of sunshine. a both of those days staying dry on like our neighbors to the south. now monday and tuesday temperatures climb back to the 70's in many spots and we do look to have a dry week next week as i mentioned, but there is the hope of rainfall on
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into the end of next weekend rebecca all right, thank you john heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza worth traffic is really. >>beginning to thin out here is so you can take a peek here. the backup really not bad at all just getting through those cash paying lanes you're just going to have to wait a little bit fast track their you move and they're just fine. it is a little bit sluggish across the upper deck. but 11 minutes for your drive time out the macarthur maze to the freeman street exit. that is a good commute time and it's not even a 30 quite yet. the san mateo bridge get a lot lighter here as well traffic wise 15 minutes coming out of the east bay, the flat section looks great high rise looks great all the way over to you connecting with a one to one in foster city and checking out some drive times around the bay area you're livermore valley commute only 16 minutes. coming out of the basket area trying to get to the dublin interchange on west bound 5.80. and then dublin to fremont only 15 minutes as you make your way closer to that mission boulevard exit and
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then a south 8.80 from san leandro down to milpitas on the south side of looking good under an hour. that's a really good commute time for this hour and then to 37 only a 9 minute trip from milpitas how to sonny bill back to the news. >>thank you very much rebecca national headlines now us lawmakers were warned last week about russian interference with the 2020 election. in order to get president trump reelected now sources say the president became furious. when he found out this intelligence got out to lawmakers. john lawrence has the very latest. >>the kremlin is focused on the white house one official said that that the their intelligence is the russia is interfering or attempting to interfere. >>in the 2020 election with the goal of reelecting president trump last week lawmakers were told russia is hacking and attacking us election infrastructure, according to one source familiar with the matter this angered republicans on the committee who will push back and when the president learned
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about this briefing was very upset the source says president trump was frustrated that house intelligence chairman adam schiff have been allowed to attend the hearing. the california democrat tweeting thursday that if president trump is interfering with the intelligence reports to congress. >>he is jeopardizing our efforts to stop foreign meddling. despite findings from us intelligence which echo warnings from last summer the russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections president trump has repeatedly rejected the idea of russia's influence on us politics, you know we've got the alexis. >>i got elected russian didn't help me at all i caught the russian hoax. >>it's a hoax democratic critics are calling on the gop to address the situation take that backbone. >>and speak to this president say this is enough it's enough. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>also in the headlines this morning assemblyman rob bonta of alameda is calling on california to better protect immigrants that are targeted
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by us immigration and customs enforcement, the proposed 3 new measures. the first is for releasing convicts who were sentenced when they were under 18 years old it would prevent the department of corrections from giving them over to ice another bill would call for more oversight of law enforcement agencies participating in the fbi's terrorism task force and the 3rd would prevent the state from working with any private businesses offering data or vetting services to ice law enforcement groups say that they're still reviewing that legislation. >>well after the break some bay area, teachers face layoffs will have the details behind this drastic decision and also reaction from parents coming up. plus governor newsome visits the north bay and his latest efforts to solve the homelessness crisis. now, we know the trump strategy-
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try to win by attacking,
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distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>we're back in a 25 governor gavin, newsome is back on the road to figure out solutions to the homeless crisis. he met with local government leaders in the north bay and here's a portion of what he had to say.
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>>we need to raise expectations in the state. and and i said this lovingly. and also accountability that. because yes there are some parts of state were they say men down my responsibility. and they very intentionally. so push. folks aside. and that's just that's not going to work anymore. >>now the governor believes that in order to solve homelessness the state needs to better treat things like mental health and substance abuse and behavioral issues. the price tag on the governor's proposed homes, this plan is about million, although the final count on exactly how much all of this would cost will be finalized in may. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a high school in the east bay shut down after a cancer causing chemical was found on campus will have the emotional reaction from concerned parents
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er will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. z3r07z z1ncz
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>>right and we are back time now is 8.30 and let's get things started this half hour with checks weather and traffic that's right and i think it's friday it's mel feit how they feel like friday but he's excited that's right and usually you know we have to plan our weekend based on the weather so let's see what's in store john what we're looking at some nice clear skies or at least right now at times you'll see some cloud cover pushing overhead so no nice green grass still hanging on even though we've had to try to month so far. >>we are going to be looking at some rain hopefully just around the corner which will help to keep that going. but it does look like the end of the month ahead of us at least this next week for the bay area is going to remain dry. while some showers do start to push on into the central and southern parts of the state on into today tonight and then tomorrow especially bay area going to have to wait for that rainfall at least the end of your a long-range forecast looks like march could bring something just around the
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corner 40's and 50's for your current temperatures oakland 50 for 2 san francisco in san mateo each of 54. well concord napa and dublin in the 40's right now. later today expect those 40's and 50's to quickly rise into the 70's making for the warmest and most comfortable day of the week so far. rebecca all right john thank you it's friday can't wait for the 70's. >>and we're seeing a lot of sunshine and traffic is starting to really thin out so can't get better than this right. getting into san francisco this morning. it's going to be a breeze if you're going to be taking the bay bridge because look at the toll plaza approach to really light. relief in now and just a a minor back some of those cash paying lanes not even to the 80 over crossing. 11 minute trip across the upper deck though to the fremont street exit and things are moving well here traffic wise 15 minutes as you make your way across the san mateo bridge. no problems on the flat section the high rise looks good trying to get over into foster city and connect with one on one checking out your highway for commute
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coming out of antioch it's really starting to get better and better only 20 minutes. as you try to head over to concord i'll check the richmond center fell bridge coming up in just a bit now back to the new right not so bad, thank you rebecca. well back to a big story that we're following for you out of the east bay, a high school in oakland shut down until further notice after a cancer causing chemicals found on campus. >>the way parents as you hear they were sherry us at school leaders during a special meeting to discuss the chemical. i was found right there on the grounds of a climate high school. so crews found that chemical while they were removing a fuel tank that's right next to the school's tennis court. the school will remain closed at least through early next week as they conduct air quality test.
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>>our concern is that there realized to see that that seeped through the ground and through our floors into the building in the air. and so if there are elevated levels of that then we can have school here. >>well school officials confirmed that the chemical did not originate right there on school grounds the state is actually cleaning up a handful of contaminated sites less than a mile away. now all of the sites are contaminated with that same chemical. >>school district also acknowledged the campus does have a history of high-profile cases of cancer including 2 graduates a climate high school can start from leukemia back in 2017 just a month after graduation and then this past fall a graduate from 2018 ramon, sanders died of bone cancer. he was 20 years old at the time played football college when he broke his leg and that's when doctors discovered the cancer at this point there's no definitive link between these deaths and the discovery of the chemical at climbs high school but that's something people will be looking into the full
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chemical found or should say the chemical that was found the ground water is called try claure ethylene it's known as tce for short, it's colorless it's a liquid and it's produced in large volumes for commercial use it's primarily used in 2 different ways, one is to make chemicals like refrigerants and the other is as a solvent to remove grease from metal parts studies show that longtime exposure to see tce can cause an increased risk of cancer. also in the news, we have layoffs looming in san francisco schools because of major budget shortfalls the district superintendent notified staff through an e-mail we have kron four's michelle kingston now with more on the story. >>a district spokesperson says cuts will be necessary this year it's unclear at this point that will be teachers or other staff members who will be let go do you love your teachers. >>if you love your >>some students at one of these to horace mann showing support for their teachers and their school just one day
8:35 am
after district staff members received an email from their superintendent warning them that they need to make drastic cuts to their budget the email says in part the combination of slowing revenues from the state and skyrocketing costs for essential nonnegotiable expenses is resulting in a structural deficit for this school year and beyond superintendent doctor vincent matthews goes on to say they've depleted their reserves and that employee cuts will be to its $16 million budget shortfall this information not but some parents want to hear. >>i'm horrified we need more teachers, more resources more money not less not less of everything a school district spokesperson says they do not have specifics at this time as to who may lose their job or how many staff members will be let go they tell us their current fiscal year budget shortfall was estimated at almost $32 million solution said that identified to address most of the gap by
8:36 am
2020 21. we expect or budget shortfall could be as large as million. >>the other part thing that i think we we as educators want to reach out to the families have been supporting us all along increases in taxes. we with bond measures all these things that are doing to support us we're saying like we're doing the best we can here. why is the money why where did the money go in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>all right, let's get you updated on that breaking news story out of southern california about just northeast of la is the community of monrovia and they had a bear which you see right there in droves screen roaming about the backyard so they've been tracking this pearson's around 5.30. this morning apparently this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. >>in this neighborhood so we're still waiting for fish and game to come out on scene and usually we have a bear roaming around a neighborhood like this still tranquilize the bear safely remove it so
8:37 am
far no one's been hurt or attacked we haven't had any reports of any injuries or shortages following him around as he's just roaming through the neighborhood yet couple dogs barking officer trying to protect property but we actually did get a little word from fish and wildlife he said that they will of course. >>resort to tranquilizing as a last resort, the first try to see if they can't what's called hayes the bear to scare it back into its natural habitat, but it won't go willingly then yeah they're going to have to track allies and then move them off to a safer place for him and for people there you go now that the shots wide net you can see how close police are whether they are right there looks like there and someone's backyard sort of discussing what their next step is i don't know if i'd even be comfortable that close to a bear just spoke to king it can cover that ground pretty quick but i know they look like they've got it in hand so they have to be careful we'll keep you updated this there is a large industry and it is in still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news bay area. could get even more expensive in the near future. we'll tell you what is happening that might start cropping prices back up
8:38 am
we'll talk to real estate expert. plus a second victim comes forward after police arrested a man suspected of an attempted kidnapping in the
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>>and welcome back to the south bay now second woman has come forward claiming to be a victim of an attempted kidnapper, she told police said she decided to wait until the man was arrested because she feared for her life jeremiah porter theres this photo right there. he was arrested after he burst into a home on mont alina court in mountain view. he grabbed the woman by the neck and he tried to kidnap her. now police say that a woman near monroe avenue said that porter held her and her daughter hostage inside of their home about an hour before. police say that the victims were random and it's leaving many neighbors on easy. >>i was really surprised that he had actually tried to kidnap a woman which just skater to think that he was within. you know just a couple feet of a sudden my wife and
8:42 am
my the order not to try to take care to cause we never in on this area and that's a lot of people case of people that i'm innocent. >>well, another neighbor is said to have encountered a man near some dumpsters recently who was looking for a place to sleep. mountain view police want to hear stories like this. an effort to find out if there are other victims so make sure you come forward. >>the breakers a quick live look outside our camera sfo shows clear skies lot of sunshine coming down as you can see that planes are taxiing to the runways and folks are heading. here and there and everywhere will be right back. tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own
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health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. this friday looking good out there to start the weekend lots of sunshine overhead right now but do expect cloud cover at times today drifting back in and out across the bay area golden gate bridge been fog free all morning to stay that way throughout the day today now while we remain dry
8:46 am
here in the bay area look what's going on to our south will be over. >>one of a few a rare storm systems that have worked their way into southern california. so far this month, we've stayed dry up in the bay area we did see some showers in the la area a few weeks ago and yet again this weekend southern and central california are going to get a dose of rainfall definitely not a drought buster not going to catch southern up with where they should be for this time of year as far as rain goes but good to see some rainfall for southern and central parts of the state in the meantime the bay area and lake tahoe remain dry. we're right at the northern terminus of where we're going to be seeing rainfall most widespread into tomorrow during the day. well rain falls down south. what we've got the sunshine for your saturday. now the remainder of february which is only about a week left at this point does look to remain dry. but into the start of march which is sunday, not of this next weekend but of the following one long-range forecasts are projecting a chance of rainfall and you can see that here in future cast. so keep
8:47 am
your fingers crossed that that pans out still a long ways away but we can definitely use that temperatures in the 60's and 70's for your daytime highs today most of us well into the low to mid 70's that is well above average for this time of year making for one of the warmest days that we felt so far we are going to be looking at daytime highs in san jose and milpitas each at 75 4 degrees for your highs. hayward also at 74 today very comfortable in oakland and richmond at 73. well some of our warmest of spots are in the north bay with sonoma napa santa rosa on down to petaluma each at 75 for your high temperatures. tomorrow and sunday, not as warm as today, but still warm and still drier than we should be and we stay dry through next week before that chance of rain i told you about just a moment ago. rebecca all right taking a look at her. >>the bay bridges around the bay area starting up with the bay bridge toll plaza approach, a traffic, nice and light here if you need to get into san francisco. in the
8:48 am
next little bit it is definitely friday light and we're looking at a drive time about 11 minutes. coming out of the pay gates and then trying to make your way across the upper deck to the fremont street exit. that's a great drive time and look at this really thinning out here the san mateo bridge only 15 minutes coming out of the east bay trying to make your way over to the peninsula. and it's nice and mild for the richmond sandra fell bridge. no backup behind the pay gates as a matter of fact and only 8 minutes on west bound 5.80 getting into the north bay and the north bay looks great coming out of the nevada area and south 1, one getting through moran to sausalito 21 minutes across the golden gate and into san francisco on south one to one. now back to the news all right, well as we head into the home buying season home values are expected to rise. that's according to zillow an online real estate database. >>kron four's felecia call has a closer look at the trend. >>overall january housing numbers released by online real estate database company
8:49 am
zillow show the typical home in the united states is worth 3.8% more today than it was a year ago in the bay area zillow economist jeff tucker says the percentage of growth was less but keep in mind. the homes here are among the most expensive in the nation fewer are available to buy now than there were a year ago but demand is still high in a strong economy, there's just a lack of new supply really tight inventory. >>and high demand from a lot of well paid people the bay area has the highest average income in the country. so if there's any place in the country that can afford these really high home prices. where buyers can afford these high home prices it is the day area in the san francisco metro area which includes contra costa marine and san mateo counties zillow says inventory meaning homes available to buy on the market is down 15.4% from a year ago and after falling for the previous 2 months the report says the typical home value grew one
8:50 am
percent. >>to close to million in the san jose metro area which includes santa clara and san benito counties inventory is down 18.6% from a year ago, and although the report says the typical home value dipped 2.9% to close to one million zillow points out that decline is less than half of last month 6.4% falloff sellers came to realize that can just expect to sell their home for 20% more than it would have the year before. >>more home set on the market and those sellers came around realize they had to come back to reality and lower those prices a bit so that's when we actually saw prices dip ins in san jose. >>and now that those prices brought buyers back into the market lower mortgage rates bought brought buyers back into the market. prices are on the uptake again in san jose and inventory once again is near record lows. there unless mortgage rates dramatically increase tucker believes buyer demand will remain high.
8:51 am
>>felipe should all kron 4 news. >>well we don't say warriors were back in action after the all-star break they hosted the houston rockets. but it was a good start to the 2nd half of the season, the warriors got steamrolled by the rockets won 35 to one oh 5. before the game and rockets points. guard russell westbrook got ejected for mouthing off to klay thompson on the sidelines. you see it there. words will be hosting the new orleans pelicans and less. all right up and down california there are historical sites dedicated to the states gold rush routes. now one woman is helping to link all that land together as one national historic park with a visitor center in placer vail it would be a partnership park. all the various sites will still have different jurisdictions and ownership but they will all fall under the national park umbrella with a limited role for the federal government. we have a whole gold belt. >>and there is actually quite a lot they could be part of
8:52 am
this part. >>well the move has garnered a lot of interest but creating a gold rush national historical the historical park would require congressional involvement will see if they're willing to do that. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news at 9 african american art is beginning to flourish throughout the bay area and that locations outside of the traditional
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>>and we're back still tracking that bear that's roaming around the community of monrovia down in. la we'll just northeast of la really you can see those officers there in the lower left corner and in the upper right corner. you make it that brown. a lot of kind of maybe as that's it pans up just a little yeah that's the bear roaming the neighborhood this morning. >>yeah went up and down some alleys it's been back and forth in the streets now in someone's backyard. we do understand that a fishing game they are on scene and they've tranquilized the bear so
8:56 am
they're kind of just waiting for it to kick in before they step make sure he's fully al cautiously or anybody goes up and approaches that bear but the l relocated back up into the national park where you came from. >>and hopefully hope will be safe there and we'll be safe here no one's been heard reports of any injuries or anything like that. so all is well so far all right we'll take a quick break it is a 56 4 morning news, the local police chief has been fired we'll tell you what might be behind her termination and a good samaritan is hit and killed on highway 1, 1, this morning after trying to help another driver. >>we'll have that story in a live report and the coronavirus patients from the diamond princess cruise ship is being treated in san francisco will have the latest tom steyer will beat donald trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for
8:57 am
everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>and good morning everybody thank you for joining us on
9:00 am
the finest hour of the finest day, i'm here with john trimble talking about the forecast for today and of course the weekend because people are already got one foot out the door and into saturday people are probably that way especially when they step outside realize how nice of the both that this afternoon. >>and into this week is going crazy going to be great guy spring fever and full force even though it's still winter and we should be seeing cooler weather this for sure look at that sunshine overhead from the east bay berkeley here looking gorgeous yeah it's going to be hard to go to work on a day like this map is relieve not one to come through today that's the first time i've seen that it is crystal clear across the bay area, let's focus on the south which is actually working because there is some rainfall down there that is pushing into central and southern california tonight on into tomorrow while the bay area remains dry and actually really warm so very much so 2 different situation,


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