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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 24, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>well happening today, thousds of people from all over will be thering at the staples center in los angeles this morning, the arena ll hold a celebration of life for kobe brya and his daughter gianna who are among the 9 killed ahelicopter crash last month of course the state of to 24 symbolic will head to conner pao who has the latest scholar. >the eyes of the sports world and hollywood are on los angeles this rning as they gather to pay tribute nd celebrate the life of lakers, great kobe bryant.
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>>it's being called celebration of life. and this opportunity to say goodbye to one of the greest basketball players of all time insparta algenerati. >>of young athletes i grew up watching him play you know it's like he's a part of all our allies and special person koby bryant and his 13 ar-old daughter gianna. >>were laid to rest during a private memorial servi earlier this month in corona del mar california. >>bryan spent his ente professional career with the los angeles lakers much of that time pling right here at thstaples center. tickets for today's services range from $24 in $0.2 to $224 those price points along with the number 24 jersey, bryant wore the later part of his career. and the number 2 jeey, his daughter gianna warren used basketball. >>bryant so nonymous with los angeles. he has a day
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honoring him so i first came i am and i dn't know where i was going i don't know anything about anything that iswatchinthe city developing world. >>to being here today. passio for the game something brian shared wi john a 4 g g. >>as e was kno. >>she fine just kind of came out nowhere because my daughter just decided she wanted to play about 2 and a half years ago, it's fun to sit there watching them. >>rest in peackoby never going to be forgotten. we love you mama. >>today's memorial service is expected to raise millions of dollars and all the proceeds will go to bryant'mamba and mamseat a foundation here in los angeles live in la conner powel back to you all righ, thank you so much connor. >>well now back he at in the bay area we want to check in on our weather forecas and see how your monday is shapin up with john travel jos and good morning to you robin we are looking at nice conditions out there this monday temperatures this rning. certainly chilly but nditions, nice and calm as you do venture out your to get
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you can see skies, nice and clear on the horizon berkeley all the y up to san francisco looking at clearing skies overhead we do see some cloud cover this mornng but that's already working its way out of the picture. >>so increasingly sunny skies by the time we work our way into the afternoon ahead of us temperatures righ now are in the 40's and 50's pretty mild conditions formost of the bay, you head up into the north and that's where you'll find your 30's right now petaluma napa fairfield and lena each in the mid to upper 30's for your current temperatures later on today look foro daytime highs rising into the upr 60's to low 70's in some cas we're keeping a trend of e warmer than average weather going these temperatures are certainly something we're familiar with. but shouldn't see as much as we have durg the month of february as we make our way into march which is w in sight near 7 day recast. i am looking at some chances of rain fall st around the corner and i'll get to that still to come ck to robin my goodness do we need
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the rain yeswe do thank you john all right, let's check in on traffic now. >>and see how your monday morning commute is shaping up. it's always nice when we can start off hot spot free right. so we don't have any problems here on the bay brie, the mazedowntown san francisco, your trip and will be nice and qut and smooth. so far we're off to an easy 7 minutes to make that drive off to fremont street. al right over to 92, let's take a peek at traffic leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. this is a live look at e san mateo bridge in case you have to use it traffic looks good so far no problems no crashes no stalls for easy 13 minutes make it off to the peninsula checking in on the richmond sandra fell another bridge that's in really good shape. this morning, no problems across the span into the north bay easy transition off to one on one and then taking a peek at traffic tracker e want to look at some more freeways and drive times guess what they allook good. no bad news here for highway 4 13 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 a spine from pacheco to danville i don't see any issues that you have to worry about on the nimitz nor one on
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one it's going to be easy drive of 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park of course we'll check more coming up a lile bit later. now to a big story that we're following for you out of the east bay, high schl in oakland will rein closed today after a cancer caung chemicawa fnd in the groundwater on campus. the school has een closed since lt week. however, early air testing of a climate high schooin west oakland,thehowing some promising results kron four's dan thorn spoke with the district official about the update. >>the doors will remain closed at the commons high school despite early air testing not detecting the harmful chemcal tce dozens of sampletaken at more than 50 spots across mpus have so far turned up empty allthe sampling that we did yesterday on preliminary testing came back 0%. he says air samples that every classroom across to the school. >>every location where evybody gathers we tesd all them, hower, oakland unified school district spokesman john sasaki points
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out that these are preliminary results the district shut down classes and the climate is st thursday. >>after the potentily dangerous chemical was found in the hools ground water. the school is expected to be closed for at least the next we as more air testing will be done that's had district officils scrambling to find some place put the more than 350 students looks like tuesday will the day that wehave him back in school but it won't at thelimbs a saki says in the d is nsidering west oakland middle westlake middle and lph bunche acade has options to house studentsthe goal is to have everyone back in climb and a week from tuesday, but first final air testing needs to be completed if it indeed shows the same thing these preliminary tests. >>showed that we can get ds back in school sot's it's good ws. we're being cautiously optimistic so hot. >>reporting in kland. dan tho kron 4 news. >>well to the peninsula. now woman is de after police say that the car that she was riding in ran off throad
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an embament went airborne and then collided with a light le. this happened at around 3 sunday morning on southbound one oh one nearverans boulevard in redwood city. the driver was an 18 year-old woman fr san jose, the passenger also woman was pronouncedead on ene was a factor in that crash and think twice before you go c to drinking and driving. >>don't drink and drive fiing a dozen the driver. uber there's lot of waysto i t home safe that's >>well,he driver of that vehicle is now facing felony dui charges. >>they were justexpressing they re overjoyed that we found them. and that ey didn't think they were going to be found. >>wow now to a great story of more about the palo alto up who was found alive yes ive after going going a week. a ouple is recovering
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this morning in the hospital the search teams calling . noing short of a miracle latest. it was not a likely place expeed to find carol cupar ski and ian are when the palo alto couple was missin for more than a we and found alive in a drainage about shallow beach near tamales bay state park that this is a combination katie bu with poison ere is low trees, the couple was airlifted to safety with the help of sono sunday we learn new details r. from the volunteers who had a part in the rescue from operations to logistics. it's such a miraclstory 18 year-old quincy webster is a high school student volunte for marine county search and resc team. >>he along with canine officer grouand another team member found the 72 year-old we get them and were asked you know what we want to imeans and karen and we're still we're
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because they em like they just got lost yesterday at one point the search effor shifted to recover be an assignment, 17 year-old ella foskett will never forget we pretty sure we are looking for cover radio call that there were too many people. >>and it s just amazing and it'ssuch a story of hope never give up the couple survived by drinking ter from a nearby pond and eating the vegetation they were staying at a rental cottage in the town inerness a ace where they've been befo he told authorities on the evening of valentine's day they went for a walk to watch the sunset and plan to be back before dark they stumbled upon a ate park trail and walked out and found themselves stranded because really even see her d for their face. >>and so ansition crawling. and at a certain point they found themselves om the brush and it's i'm going wnll. course the wire is the mo viable alternative hundreds of peop from different agencies set out to
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lookfothem spending 10 to 12 hours a day. >>en working on other searches in the county, e rush was so dense that their voices are muted. he said they re both given up at times but then they comforted each other and help each other thrt. >>i spoke to a family member by phone you say extended family are flying to the bay area to be by the couple side. the family has asked fo privacy at this time and they extend their gratitude to the search and rescue team members who work tirelessly to find them and those sending well wishes they did sathey will share their story of survival in time in marion county gayle ong kron 4 news while such an amazing story. >>well happening today kron 4 wi sit down with former oaklpolice chf anne kirkpatrick oakland city leaders made the announcement that kipatrick have been fired late thursday evenin they said decision was voted unanimsly between the oakland mayor libby schaff an members of the police comssion now currently they're still no definite reason for kirkpatrick spy ring. kron four's pam moore
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wi get her side of the story today at 11:00am and you will be able to watcthis interview on our news app kron on so make sure you download it right now.well coming up next it neighbors in various san francisco neighborhood they're with law enforcement for failing to act after multiple sishows take >>plus it's been one year . since a woman was killed in a landslide at san francisco' fort funston we'll see howthe victim's mily is honoring her. and 2.13 year-old boys are facing murder charges after starting fire that killed 2 rst responders will have more details on the story when return. are you little peek outside here we go 90 to 70 oh bridge traffic looks good om the east bay to the peninsula, no hot spots here on west 92, but we'll check in on west 92, but we'll check in on the rest of the baarea this burger's delicious! on west 92, but we'll check in on the rest of the baarea let's make it more dicious! ♪ menaur put an extra patty on that! bam! wo!
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for folks you know walking around on city streets, you have a chanceto see. >>how they you know make them will be some which its i think we probably have right this is a helicopter for both movies that don't know which one this is what i think you know they're ing separate school it's really cool to see. so as they are maybe today later on tonight, let's talk abouthe conditions that they'lbe facing you know what it's en od filming weather lately because the whole month has been dry. i'm sure plants ar sad years they're very happy i know most tocarry around all that equipment when it's light rain and well. >>coveredup in rain gear. so there's one go besides whether being joyable about the dry stretch of weather. we've had now as we make our way into the next month ahead of us wch is now in sight march starts on sunday. it does look like insome of these raw long-range forecasts have been looking at for multiple days n thatthe
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storm dooraybe opening finly but nountil the start of march february still off to a very dry finish ahead and that includes today with a look across the bay showing you just how clear skies are really no fog to be seen out there we do have cloud cover l's taking out this morning but even that is going become less and less of a thing into e afternoon. so as we work our way through tuesday wednesday thursday and friday you e a continuation of dry weather certainly some mo clouds on into the weekend. but this is suay at 08:0am right here notice some much needed swfall up in the sierra nevada and also the potential for some light showers on into the bay area w these will be very light showers, it's looking lik still a few days away though, so things could change as we work our way through next week, your first week of march, it does look like we could see even more rainfall on top of that still keep those fingers crsed that this long range forecast does pound out in this way because rain that we can get l the temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's and san francisco
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today really pleasant day daly city elder not a pacific a low 60's for you while on the bay side of e peninsula a range of mid 's for the most part saying caos redwood city motain view woodside hol68 for today's daytime highs while in the south bay expect low 70's in campbell and san jose out to the east bay so a couple of 70's on the map so nice and dublin in livermore at 70 degrees each concord walnut creek down to danville in san ramon also low 70's for your highs, north bay temperatures mid 70's a nap and fairfield again. above average for this time f year definitely looking at a continuation of weather that we'vgotten used to lately and look at tuesday wednesday thuray and friday the rest of the weekbasically even warmer than today is about to be so february a very dry and very warm finisto the month now saturday is your last day changes coming up tere of because on sunday your first
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day of march looks like we could be seeing a few showers and that is something we so desperately need. >>robi all right, thank you let's check on traffic always happy to see smooth like conditions round the bay area, especially starting off the drive into san francisco looks good. it a for jusa minor weight in some of your cash lanes there on the left overall it's been a nice trip across upper deck to downtown san francisco. here's one on one trip across the golden gate, it looks goodwith no problems here. 18 minute ey right on time from highy 37 to the toll plaza and then the richmond sandra fell is also looking goowe're off to a fantastic start at 8 minutes off to e oh one all right checking in on more drive times more freeways, they look good. we have the e sure we know that can be tough during the morning drive. it's a great time get on out there early heading, westward 14 minutes from crockett downto the maze 24 looks goodleaving wanted creek. so far i don't see problems for the minutes, i don't s any issues on 5.80 so a great looking commute so far from to 38 to downtown
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oakland will check more coming up a little bit later. 2.13 year-old boys are charged with murder after starting a fire that killed 2 firefighters in poervillepoce say the boys were arrested after they were seen running from the porter bill porterville city library shortly after flames erupted la tuesday that county district attorney's office filed 2 counts of murder with special circumstances of multiple murders an arson the boys have denied the charges and they remain inail. their names were t released becau of course areinors and they are scheduled to return to junile court on march 11th. well jury deliberations in the harvey weinstein trial will esume this morning before eaking on riday. jurors indicated that there is a chance that there could be deadlocked. so the jury ked the judge if they can be hung on e or 2 counts listed in the indiment, mainly predatory assault. while reaching a unanimous decision on the rest. but after speaking with the defense and
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prosecutorshe judge urged the jury to keep deliberatin and said any verdict. the jury returns on y count whether guilty or not guilty must unanimous so weinstein has repeatedly denied all accusations of non consensual. also today jussie smlette he's back in court. the former empire star. facing new charges now earerthis month, he was indicted by a grand jury for making false reports. a little over a year ago you remember the story smollett told police said he was attacked by 2 men because he wablack and openly. however, authorities ter determined that the whole story was fake and was done game publicity swell that the law denies that he lied about the incident. well on super tuesday democrats and 14 states including california willgo to the polls to help choose the democratic nominee for president. the candidates will be chasin228 delegates in texas alone and a warng talk to republican and democratic strategist on what
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li ahead for the candidates in texas. >>democratic candidates are gearing up for their biggest battle yet sur tuesday. states hold primaries on march 3rd, includingthe nation's most populous states tes and califnia to win. the super tuesday. and you have both the 228 delegates democratic as strategist paulbell says a big win in texacould catapult a candidatto the democratic nomination for presidenit's incredibly portant. >>and you already see candidates that are out there they've been out there for a long time now. join a rally this weekend actually in el pasoelizabeth warren was on the ground first la marina with conservative think nk r street institute says former new york mayor michael oomberg have me tes a priority. >>bloomberg's team announced his campaign lhost 285 event this weekend in the lone star state michael bloomberg a stuffy on in the ground at his about a 160 paid staffers
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throughout the state and 17. offices that he's opens well. marina says texas is big and expensive so candidates are forced to me tough decisions as to where to allocate their resources and democrats o are meetg in the primary polls have shifted their focus elsewhere centers clubs shar mayor pete may be struggling to actually investments a focus smaller states in washington, i'm anna wren, a key. >>well still ahead the kron 4 morning news of southern california cy is pushing back after the governor plans to move 70 corovirus evacuees to their area will have the latest numbers coming up after the break. looking outside before we go we're checking in on e golden gate bridge traffic is off to a fantastic start temperatures in the 40's mainly in the 40's 49 in san fraisco, 41 in the bottom will have thhollywoo minute weatheand raffic.
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that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. >>she loved to perform that wait to g on that >>the first lady of song is headed to movie theats eagle rock entertainmt announ the documenta ella fzgerald ju onof those thingswe'll play in select theaters, beginning april 3rd the film follows fitzgerald's l great depression throughher rise to fame as an ternational singi
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superstar. >>so branches 300 a well below market, it's it's really not about the money for us, here's a sneak pek at the hulu oginal drama little fire everywhere bad on the nove by celesteng the 8 episode miniseries stars reese wieroon kerry, washington and joshua jackson and follows the strangers who changed and their live little fires erywhere premieremarch 1h on hulumy >>i can do more. it's my job to it. >>scary ovie news, here's the first trailer for thhorror flick run the movie star sarah paulson is a very controlling mother and here at allen making her feature length film but as the daughr begins to suspect sethi is and right with hemom run his theaters mother's day weekend may 8 watching their my hands in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. >>i mean to i don't want to look at what's really scaring all right a littlpeek
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outside before we go we definitely have soe heavier traffic in san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza of cash lanes stacking up and it's not a great trip into san francisco will check re bridges and drive tim for you after the eak stick around. for ndreds of years
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americsystematally stole black lives, black freedom and black bor. and i know my story wod've turned out very differently if i had been black. so today i'm proposi a sweeping strategy to invesin black wealth creation. the wealth gap is inextricably linked to theacial inequalities of the past, a centerpiece y presidency. >>welcome backand thanks for waking up with us happy monday before you step out let's check in on the forecast now with meteorologist john sure ae talk forecast looking
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you haven't enjoy the sunshine in the warm weather this month. i hope you get out therethis next we can do it please do because there are some changes in the forecas ahead of us changes as maybe a little bit of it's so bad we need the rain that we we definitely need to start seeing some of that rainfal and it doesn't look at the end of february is going to bring it to us but guess what we've only got like. >>a few days left to february now the last day of the month is on saturday. so this is your last week of february last stretch of this historically dry weather before it does look like a big pattern change could be ahead of us to the start of march which is so needed by this time you're look outside at the golden gate bridge right here is showing me low clouds pushing in right above it, but definitely not a lot of visibility issues across the bay area visibilities actually just fine you can see so cloud cover that sitting across the bay right now but to our west some clearing skies. and after this cloud cover pushes out sunshine can be expected. well through the afternoon ahead


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