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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 25, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us dark and early on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston we like to start with a check of your forecast and hopefully there's re good news because it'sbeen feeling so nice we have meteorologist on travel sending even warmer today yesterday weclimbed up to some warmer numbers today even warmer yet close to 80 in a few this is going to be a day for a few spots across the bay area as we do look at our
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inland daime highs challenging as i just mentioned a second ago 80 degrees in a few spots no that is too warm to be seeing what has been a dry and warm and definitely on both of those same notes thesnext coupleof days you see the golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear and dry this morng, no fog whaoever out there look at how clear he skies are in stmtracker 4 cells we look outside at your temperatures currently it's fairly mild. the start were in the 50's foareas like berkeley valais how alameda fremont san francisco. >>out of pittsburgh and even up to saint holding a well 40's and else other areas of the north bay fairfield at 61 already starting this morning off pretty mild temratures in that range of 40's and 50's for most of us by the afternoon look awhere we're headed upper 60's right along the coastline yesterday there s lower 60's for some of the same spotbayside areas in he mid to low 70's waller our spots closest to record nd
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breaking into thupper 70's, i'm talking what it's looking like exactly where you're at into thafternoon and what to expect for the rest of the week all still to come. >>robin all right, thank yo john now it's time to take a peek at traffic u want to check in on your commute aroundthe bay area this morning here's 9 this is yo trip across the 70 oh bridge and 's already picking up so we have folks packinup rolling over to the peninsula. b so far no problems no crashes no stalls were looking at minutes and growing to make it from the nimitz off to highway one o one. we're ecking in on the richmond sandra fell there. it is west by beating at the toll plaza wide open delay free trouble free it's going to be easy 8 minutes to make it into the north bay. we're tang a peek a traffic acker we do not have any hot spots are major problems or even special traffic alert so far so that's always a great way to start off ur morning drive are checking t the e sure 80 west. it's 14 minutes from crockett down to oakland 24 is looking good so far so no problems leaving walnut creek
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lafayette and around a checking a drive on 5.80 that's trouble free from to 38 to downtown oakla and so as some of its an easy 9 minut from san leandro to 9.80 wi check more coming up in a bit. over to he east bay now riding instructor is under arrest and accusedof inappropriate behavior with a student. danville police rested the man weeks after they began investigating kron four's all about the well bellow spoke with neighbors who are in disbelief >>all classes canceleuntil furtr notice monday afternoon the karate internatnal studio in danvle stood emptya small community so everyone's going now someone that goes to that probably a hairdresr was dick whenbill says learning of owner and instructor ramon pruitt is arrest as upsetting, especially since he's been teaching for more than a decade. >>if i had anhing to do with that crowd the studio in the last 1012 15 years i wod actualltalk to my children i absolutely don'think it's
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esh gamble police began investigating pruitt on january 14th after a stent reported inappropriate behavior with him. he was arrested february 21th on 3 arges of lewd and lascivious acts right now we have one victim danvil police aren't revealing the age or gender of the student but are asking any other potential ctims to come forward en the police from here in danville receives information like this we e act on it immediately. >>and we tried to t to the truth of the matter which is our job to us such a nice guy a body had a a a differt approach in termof martial arts cure and had 2 sons take past, he says the 63 year-old wasn'taggressive classes were more fun based learning. >>he alsosays pruitt but host movie nights and other weeken trips with the students. but his kids ver want it just kind of brought back i like what would happen >>you know for kids attended that just kind of put thgs in perspective, especilly in danville. >>pruitt remains in custody,
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held on $500,000bond in danville know well bellow kr 4 news. >>well also in the east bay police are looking foa driver responsible for hit and run that killed a 12 year-old girl thishappened at crow chang in and man to row that's just off of 5.18 castor valley. police are looking for a black ford f one 50 pickup truck. well to the peninsa now a man and 3 teens are in custody after a series of car burglariesand send details four's cking has more. kron >>a trail of sattered glass and punched out of windows left behind on monday in san details laurelwood neighborhood looking to work in the morning. >>and i saw too when does show that i was surprised about does the shots, >>just because we live around here andas for the nicer neighborhood,you know expect it happened san mateo police say 4 burglars broke into cars
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on the 1300 blockof west hills dale boulevard and the 1900 block of parkway drive. they say the caller spotted the suspects early monday moing during the series of break-ins and saw them get away in a silver ford sedan the neighborhood of the year for the >>i don't ant to say i'm scared say, but am so disappointed in and b youngs to you th we live in a beautiful day, >>it i hope this doesn't happ. i'm so blessed to be the on after police found the suspect'matchi the caller's description. >>they arrestd 19 year-old daniel mendez and other juveniles police say they stole luggage vehicle documents clothing in more thankful and i'm happy to be part of this neighborhood that to a school gone glad, they caught him. the again it is surprising. >>i guess you should leave 87 the car periods they're goin to break in the for the neighborhood. the surprising
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police recovered the stolen items and are in the process of returning them to the victims police ask that anyone with additional information or secity footage to coact the police department they believe that these 4 suspects several other break-ins in nearby cities. >>in san mateo taylor bus aqi kron news. ann kirkpatri is going public just days after she was fired from her job. >>as oakland's police chief c says thshe was stunned by the announcement last week and she's ready to fight back kron four'palmore talk with kirkpatrick and has more. >>former kland police chief an kirkpatrick lasing back claiming part of thereason she was terminated from her job was her refusal to do favors focertain city leaders notably commissioner harris police commissioner harris and that s just one of her stunning announcement and talking with me tod. the first female chief says she is now considering a lawsuit over her firing and is critical of the 17 year long federal monitor oversight of opd wh
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you came on board their 1, 2, to 3 issues and the federal requirements that had to be met and that as you are accident at this point there ar7 or 8 whic is an crease said they say helped lead the termination right. >>i thinkthat it is time and i am going to be a callg. >>the department of justi to come an and to open an inquiry and to the history of this reform effort and nowll tell you why. i am the 10th she who has been terminated. during this. reform effort. i bieve in reform i want to. make myselfperfectly clear that believe in government oversight and reform when it's needed and i think oakland native the nationally. but we're going into our 17th year. and then you. you have had 10 chiefs for mayors. 2
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judges to monitoring teams when does it stop the cause when you make as much money as yodo. as an overseer the worst thinincentive bring us into compliance reform important but you can also have watchdogs who re of takingadvantage of the system is that what you feel mister washerdoing i think that there are problems and i think there are patterns there aft 17 years that you can read the patterns i find it very interesting that the monitor would say to me and i one on one meeting with that making progress that we and the red sound and my response to him is is it ing to be in martin in your reportbut he says. no promise why would you d why would you not report why do you think that the federal monitor mister russia would do that. i think that there could
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be incentives for you kw if you get into compliance you no longer need a federal monitor to it. and sowhen you're making e money that you're making. there i think it is something that is a pattern that neds to be looked >>oakland has spe millions of dollars in the 17 years of federal oversight kirkpatrick says despite the mmission and the feder monitor public positions. she has met allf the requirements associated with r hirin3 years ago ssistant chief darren allison will serve as acting chief while oakland against the nationwide search to find a new cheese pham or kron 4 news. well you can watch. pam moore is full interview was kron 4 dot com. on our website >>coming up next on the cards. classes will resume for students atclimate high school but at other campuses and this rning there are still questions will have th latest on the testing for for kobe bryant and the ute
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starter 10's of thousands of people gathered inside staples center yesterday to say their final goodbyes we'll take you inside the lebration of lights. a mountan on caught on camera look at that jumping over a bay area my goodness where this happened and what people who live there ar saying about it. pick outside before we go checkingn on 92 are waking up to someold temperatures around the bay area this mornng. but we have some beautiful weather tap, plenty of sunshine highs in the 70's today, we'll have the 70's today, we'll have your full forecast coming up. this burger's delicious! the 70's today, we'll have your full forecast coming up. let's make it more delicious! put anxtra patty on that! bam! wo! uh-uhhh! my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an ext buck. totrump on t economy.donald his people over profits plan creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and prides 10% tax cut for
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my $4.99 triple bonus ja combo! stack it up for an extra buck. >>come back we'll take a look at this video of a mounin lion see it walking next to a fence right there, but it's going to chop over there is just right over the fence and the backyard of a ome in san bruno this happened in the rollingwood area kron fur's michelle kinton spoke to people there whwere absolutely stunned to see this video. >>the y or girl. whatev it is. that's that's that's scary care alina lopez who walks dogs and the rollingwood area of san bruno reacting to this video of mel in mind caught on camera jumping over someone's fence and into their backyard that's that's scary. yeah. >>definitely. i don't know how to react if i saw that in my backyard, the video wa captured early monday morning. >>san bruno police say there were also reports of a motain lion spotted at the
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intersection of snead enrolling would drive. >>they could not confirm that there was this a mountain lion or second one roaming the area include the year. >>d now all died in the small and what we see it all the time in norman hsu is lived in this neighborhood for morethan 15 years and sees a lot of wildlife but has never seen a mountain lion on his street, what did you do if yo saw him out alive well i see away couldn't believe at does only day i can do it, but it make you nervous if you saw itdefinitely would since i've never encountered u know such a big strong scary now ll um i don't know how i wod react there we no reported injuries by the mountain lion otte in san bruno on monday but just last week a young girl was bit by one on a trail in cuperti the animal was put down or public safety reasons just a few days after the attack. >>the 6 ye-old is recovering from minor injuries, san bro
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police say to stay safe don't leave small children or pe outside unattended and to not go for walks or bs alone at ght in san bruno michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>alright, i'm joined by meteorologist ron stray bull talking about the weather it fls a lot like spring these ds around or john asked about lines and doing it too much the days and so are we 've been getting out there enjoying some of the sunshine. hope you have to looking out the a berkeley conditions, nice and clear overhead all the way out to the baybridge to the coast. things looking no fog and not a whle lot of cloud ver all this morning compared to yesterday when we d see some clouds drifting overhead righaround this time this morning we are starting out with clear conditions got this ridge of high pressure still sitting in place this is whahas been keeping us tried a similar set up today you're going to have a nice warm wind from our inland areas pushing out towards the ast. this is going to keep marine layer out offshore so even warm out
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especially warm for inland areas ina sealed a lot of sunshinout there today. and whatwe're going to be seeing on into tomorrow is a continuation of some of our clear skies a little bit on the cloudier side though come thursday friday and saturday jut around the corner, your last 3 days of the mon actually sore finishing february still with these dry coitions then come sunday, the firsday of mark some snow in the sierra nevada pale couple spriles could be seen inthe bay area looks like some of that rain just to the west though the good thing out next week is it is going to be a more active pattern so we do have a few more chances of rainfall at we can certainly use in the bay, but that snow pack up in the tting sierra which is very important for the rest of th season you got to have th snow starting to fm again as we've seen much of it melting off this past month as fordaytime highs today look at n francisco mission ifincial districts in near 70 degrees today, daly city in l granada each at 66 f your highs today seembruno brisbane
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similar temperatures well burlingame t 70 and southward on the peninsula, looking at even more of those 70'was saying calos redwood city in woodside ch at 72 south bay daytime highs, mid 70's for milpitas santa clara on over to sonny bill at degrees each while in the east bay solid mid 70's today as well oakland and rkeley righat 70 degrees look at concord getting close to 80 toy at 78 while getting to 80 in fairfield and a vacaville sonomavery close at 79 while sant rosa. also at 79 toy, so a lot of these temperatures are getting close to daytime highs are t all-time highs for this day so definitely going to be a warm one and 's not the end of it either wednesday thursday and friday are all going to be warm days wi daytime highs in the 70's on average wenesday and thursday your warmest of days we do cool down on io the weekend and then into next week withhighs back into the 60's and can't ignore that
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chance of rain onsunday. back to robin how we definitely need to thank you john over to the bay bridge toll plaza we're taking a peek at 80 a live look at the traffic heading into san francisco. >>we're doing fine. we don't haveany problems crashes stalls it's going to be wide open. >>across theupper deck to downtown san francisco so come on and folks 're at 8 minutes for yo average drive to fremont street. this is whati want to cross the golden gate, looking good for those of you who have to travel between san francisco and the north bay and easy 18 minutes here that's for the southbound drive wch is the commute direction on the left 18 minutes nevado to the toll plaza, here's the richmond sandra fell and all is well 7 minutes here to make yourway across the span it off to highway one o one pick a traffic tracker shows more we are still in the green zone highway 4 at the limit to contra costa county 6 ad is fine for the southbound drive. no problems for the nimitz to san leandro hayward fremont union city and then woa one is a good looking trip to only 26 minutes for your average
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heading north fr san joe to menlo park will eck more coming up a little bit later. >>ricco got a piece of and as i look the arena across the globe. a you of course you wouldn't behere. those are the memories that we have to live with therwe learn from >>well an emotional and at times a joyful celebration of life tookplace yesterday for lakers legend kobe brya and his daughter gianna 10's of thousands of people they packed into staples cenr in los angeles. so say their final goodbyes conner powell takes us inside. >>because i love and this is one of his favorite >>a more than20,000 fans frnds and famiy gather to say goodbye. so one of the
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greatest basketbl players of all time that the kobe bryant his 13 year-old daughter gianna real big. >>us. could have aginedthis many of bryant's former los angeles laker teammates were in the audience that the team's general manar giving a touching tribute to mama could be the st friend. koby the coby the sband bryan's wife of 18 yars vanessa even emotional tribute to and coby the mvp of girl dads. >>did you would have most likely beme the best player in the wnba. she would have made a huge differencei couldn't see him as a celebrity. are just incredible basketball player, us. he was beautiful father of our children. he was min >>in the game of basketball. colby nothing in the ta. he left it all and the floor.
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>>in los angeles i'm conner paobriety is suing island express helicopters for the aths of colby of their daughter gianna the lawsuit claims tt island express is liablefor the actionsaken by the pilot who was also killed. it says that he did not properly monitor the weather or abort the flight because of unsafe conditions. no financial figures were disclosed, but the lawsuit is seeking neral economic and punitive damages. still ahead morningnews as the coronavirus outbreak grows the world health organization is preparing for an epidemic all this as the virus triggers new travel restrictions. >>a little peek outside before we go checking in on the golden gate bridge there. it is traffic looks good in both directions. welloutside your door we are waking up temperatures in the 40's this morning t nice in the 70's this afternoon we'll have the llywood minute ming up
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>>back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for staying with us time to check in on those entertainment headlines. and hollywoohas taken another h from the coronavirus david daniel has that and more showbiz. and this morning's hollywood minute. >>i don't take anything for granted for doing it tom cruise's next mission impossible movie has hia snag, the first 3 weeks of filming for mission impossible
4:26 am
7 were scheduled to take place in italy but with more than 200 cases of the coronavirus there public gatherings have been halted and theilm shoot in venice has been called off cool cool thing if you like diane warren's movie music do we have a film for you the 11 time car nominee will produce a drama for paramount based on her cal and newly written songs, no title or other details on the proje are yet available. cry pretty is doing pretty well for carrie underwood the latest album from the singer songwriter has been certified platinum by the recording industry association of america. >>the i a a is also certified for singles from the track which is go goals in hollywood, i'm david daniel. peek outside before we go we like to check in conditions around the bay area, a peek at
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the bay bridge toll plaza traffic stacking up a ttle lanes and your temperatures e cool. so you'll need a jacket stepping o because we're in the 40's this morning but looking good into the afternoon it's going to a niceay we'll have your full forecast cominup. ghting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air an. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for to president was with us back then,
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tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make cleanir and clean war a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>welcome back the kron 4 morning news checking in on the forecast and it seems like we're just on an i cycle of sunny and mild sunny d mild
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feels yeah, so yeah february been historically dry we've got possibly a few historically warm days ahead of us becauseemperatures climbing upper 70's low80's, some really warm conditns out there what we're going to be seeing into the start of march though is a switch up this pattern that's going to be cooler and at least offering up some chances of rainfa some mountain snow fall which really is the most imrtant thing at this point becae after such warm and dry conditions this february into this pattern now we are gog to be looking at a decrease snowpack for next snow survey up in the erra so the snowfall that we've got on sunday, it's a really good thing up there. >>as for conditions this crystal clear we do have a is light offshore breeze and that is pushing any chance of fog well off shore this rning so you've got a clear view across thbay and stormtracker 4 is as quiet as i've seen it not a single cloud out there so d 're definitely startg cool


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