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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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steyer: wall street banks took of millionof americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action we started a non-profit community bank wi a simple theory giveeople a fair deal and real economic por. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and pele of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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>>tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking cal stories and here's a look at what's going on around the bay area right now we will begin in the east bay, the ballot measure for the oakland police commission was already in the process of being written when a scandal came tolight a few years ago involving members of the oakland police department and a teenage rl. a few months later oaklandvoters overwhelmingly approved measure l l and the police commission was formed today kron ur's haaziq madyun spoke to one of e co-authors
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of measure l l to see if he sll supports the additionto the city's chartein the wake of the police commission firing ief anne kirkprick. >>oland city council member dan cobb is the co-auor of the voter approved a measure ll establishing anindependent police commission with the power fire a police chief now that the commission has taken its firstpolice chief anne kirkpatrick off of the board a buyer's with how this >>no you but the commission dies is a combination of the structure. the commission and o the individual commissioners are well the council membe still supports establishing e police coission he says there is still room for improvement that find everylook at things it's a new commission that around for a couple years it was going d, but actual in effect there for over 2 years and some of commissioners took a while for em to get eir their feet on the ground and understand how things so as i'm listening to the other commission meeting video appears to show th sides things work in this new
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reality course, i'm a custom working with the commission. i'm trained to be mindful hey have we called the commissioners rk with you we are open and willing at yet whenever yo say, but we've never been invited we've never been respected more indications of problems or detail here this joint case manageme statement of dating opd is colianstatus in the 2003 negotiated settlement agreement called the working relationship between the oakland police department the city administrator's office the city attoey's office and the police commission has been difficult at best an overtly hostile at other times unquote commissioners who had some disagreements and disappointed were disappointed. >>in the ief over th past few months or more. i got was that was there. i did not realize that thentire commission felt so. upset that they felt that she can no longer this job oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is behind a new measure
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that would give the police commission ev more power. >>councilmember cobb says he wouldn't go that far if anybody. >>anybdy wants to remove the mayoral appointments. i ablutelyoppose yeah i oppose it because we have to have thatshared responsibility and i do not want to get rid of thos haaz madyun kron 4 news. kland >>alsin the east bay police in hercules are looking for a missingirl tonight, 13 year-old briana holiday was last seen in berkeley yesteay.she was wearing brn floral pants white t-shirt with the red and bl nasa logo on the front and her hair was in ponytail if you have any nformation about her or if you see her hercules police are asking you to give thema call. >>terrence cisco is movg closer to opening safe injection sites kron four's maureen kelly talk to the mayor who believes encoaging add extra shoe dru. indoors will help prevent fatal overdoses while at the same me improve the quality of life on the streets, the goal is to have feweattics
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shooting dgs in the stree and prevent fatal overdoses. >> shooting drugs or stepping over dirty needles is an everyday experience in some parts of san francis. this is an opportunity to do something iffere that may make people uncomfortable but could acally turn things around for the city and for the people we're trying t help today. mayor londn breed and supervisomatt haney held a news conference d clyde church say it was in thsame space up back in 2018 a mock safe injection site was erected the they announced out xt week they will introduce legislation that will establish a process for nonprofits to apply for permits from the department of health. >>so they can open safe consumption sites this is about not just the conditions thatwe are tired of seei out on our streets. >>this is about saving people's ves. there were 330 fatal overdoses last year largely driven fentanyl and more expected this year overdose prevention sites are
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not a radicaldea. >>there are over a 100 at operate in 65 cities all over the world and in those a single person has died anot overdose mayor london breed who lost heown sister to a drug overdose. >>says the idea is to have staff on hand to both medically supervised the addic and encourage them get clean just imagine them walking through this or. >>and tting a space wher they're doing it inside where it's contain where there are around people who basically are treating them with respect and maki it clear to them that as soon as they are ready. we are there to help them. >>this comes after a philadelpa norofit is poised to open a safe injection site next week has because a federal judge ruled they would not be violating the federal controlled substances act san francisco addicts will have to wait longer however, the mayo saythey cannot move forward until a bill authorizing the
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legislature. ab 3.6is expected to be taken up sometime this year. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well today around the bay area again some record breaking temperatures out there in parts of the area of more than a moment now to my cluds beginning to move in so a sign of some changes on the way a little more drasticover the next few days in fact you' see that on the computer bottle in a fog gather along the coastline overnight tonight high clou they're going to bind the down least along the astline still warm away from he coast a lot more clds coming our see to swing in toward the bay s going to really help to drop the temperatures outside numbers tomorrow you're in the 60's and the san francisco 50's along the coastline. so that's a big change from what we've seen a little cool out toward the beaches, mild inside the bay, though just some high clouds up above you got 70's in a reood city 73 degrees in santa clara73 milpitas 76 and pleasanton
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stil70's as you make your way in walnut creek in a emnant hercules 72 and lael the idea still some ni temperatures way from the coastline but thin are changing looks like see more clouds still a slht chance of showers a much cooler over the weend. stilto come we're just days away from super tuesday and the california primarygot a vote esday. >>just a few minutes from now our political analysts will break down where each democratic candidate stands as we speak. >>and next at 5.30 a coorado woman is out hundre of dollars after fallg when i came home from prison my sons were in their teens. so iot involved inuvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created go through the same the young men's initiative. in helping keep other young men
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d young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being employed. we see young people being removed out the system. ruing for president, bwhat br platform for himtem. to speak about real justice, al refm. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve th message.
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>>for your money tonight, a coloradowoman is out hundreds of dollars and she is now warning other people about a scam involving the popular money transfer platform heard a venmo yeah, it just a matter of seconds vict's bank account was drained by scammers. >>but she never gave away any personal informion just a 6 digit code, kristen brca reports now from denver. >>i. >>y a lot of my bills on venmo i yoknow if i'm not wanted it's easy to pay back app venmoas a convenient way to transfer moneybut last week she t caught up in a scam u just feel violated and taken advantage of smith got a call froa man claiming to be with venmo he alerted her that she may have
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fraudulent activity after he said money s sent from her account to california. he offered a free protection plan and said he wassending a 6 digit code then instructed her to read it back but the next day her banaccount that's linked to venmo was emptied don't go personal information don't don't telthem anything personal tity. so how did this happen. the problem solvers talk to a cyb security expert who said th criminals intercepted the 2 factor authentication whicis a second layer of surity that requires you to enter a code that sent from the company to your phone. the attackergoes to e website this that i forgot my password. >>then most sends a one-time co to the the registered phone of the unt and this particular case she got socially engineerethe go off and give that one-timcode to that packard the problem solvers contacted venmo wh said in part. >>the security of users and
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their account information is always top priority. we encourage users to always be vigilant of who calls and messages arfrom then no never sends userrequests of this nature as for smithit's a hard lesson, but she hopes this ll prompt others to be careful and use strong passwords that are different for each account, check all of that information because you never know. how they're going to get in. >>that is christian hoeber reporting for us tonight. so if you get a ll like this cyber security experts say that hang up and call where the company directly right away. >>up our political roundtab we're going to take on not only super tuesday, tom steyer will at donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides 10% tax cut for creates thousands of good paying evne making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public
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option to obamace. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their o protects union negotiated plans. health care chces. i'tom steyer and i approve this message. >>now just 5 days awafrom super tuesday, which this ar happens tobe. >>caifornia's primary, yeah really busy that means a week fr today we're going to have hopefully a better idea who the democratic nominee will be so we're joined now by the host of inside bay area politics, our own catherine heenan as well as 3 of our experts out thercatherine a big topic on the table for you ys the coronavirus outbreak right for you it is and it is a political, bulet me say that tom del beccaro is joining former chrman of the state republican party tyra fun out hire is a candidate for the democratic county central committee anjames
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taylor ames is a professor at a professor of politics at usf ok coronavirus. handle a major medical crisis related organizations and i and those things. >>they may actually hava probably the least political brancs of our government. >>and there's a lot of continuity there i wish the president would and would be more circumspectthan optimistic at this point but i n't have a fear that the professionals th are there and th have been there are doing the right thing and wi the additional money, i'm confidt look it's a difficult disease. at spreads t i don't want us to get political the other also know that some of the president was not the rational intimes of stress and i'm so i don't have the mos confidence but of course i hope that ah the adinistration is successful navigating this disease know wanted to spread boy cries will ,000 times is not going
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to be trusted wheyou will for the shows up. >>the wolf is he. and donald trump is not to be trusted at all by anybody.he has no credibity at all with anything he says aboutthis a problem and this is why i think donald trump is in trouble in terms of his reelection. th2007 this happen john mccain when the economy fell on top of his head in the middle of the campaign. it wasn't obama that out maneuvered mccain, it was that mccain mishandled the momenand said the fundamentals of our economy are strong and e result was basically thatseptember before the nomber 8 election the enomy fell in john mccain's he and it was his response wh we need to move on to the presidential politics art by this time. >>xt week panel do what we have a presumptive nominee know you'll havsomeone as i predicted look away la march of last year you'll have someone with the most delegas bernie's leaning. >>in 9 out of the 14 super largest he set to run the he 4
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table here in california and get up to 300 delegates. he will have a sizable lead. bu the entire dnc is now. raining themselves against him to limit his reach and it's going to be que the thing to watch and crimes actuallagree that bernie will get the most delegates fall short f the majority and we'll go to invention i think ifthi happens it's going to be a disaster for the democratic trump 2016 to read and to understand bern in 2020 this is the same phenomenon the phenomenon of the details are different. >>logical etcetera but the insurgent populist outsider taking over theparty with the party doesn't want m and is it difficult to what haened with donald trump factthis happened with bernie and trump can anin the last election and now trumpgot in because the republicans want has y more able to thwart his a rise where the democrats throu the manipulation of nevada and bbie wasserman schultz and
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hillary clinton were le to move at bernie's rise and so now. >>it the question is will bernie be able to overcome the democrats because that's where he's running again season against decrats and eventually a win against republicans aren't real fast who is likely to drop out next week tom turn are no clutch our state, alhough i think low charted could be the consensus to come out of the convention your friends she's done for the presidential top of the ticket. i think she's done i thinis on s way out the door i think you're going to 3 heed monster biden bernie and warren, works where oomberg has already gone he's very contentious you're reminding me but. >>that didn't change anything i mean this was really a food fight but didn't change any minds. michael bloomrg is just so so that he loses momentum, but i don't think it changes any minds. >>looked the democrat saying that they're going to have a
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brokered convention because they're going to stop this kind therefore there's no reason for any, but i wrote about this a week at the epoch times there's no reason for anyone to drop out because they need those delegates those are baaining chips, amy klobuchar can say look i can do this so that's where i think theyare the problem with all of them is none of em are able to organize an onizing the coalition's to the extent that bernie has. >>footage it has been alover bernie about what his socialism will do in to you know to the down take it the cotail effect and then you look at buttigieg he's like poland at one to 3% with with african-americans he's tq not even attracting his own constituents. i think the bottom line is you have modetes and progressives in the democratic right now bernie is not to be aracted to the moderate democrat and that's where thingare hoping. bloomberg wilcome in and really replace biden as a moderate candidate. >>all right, thank you so much and vicki andgrab back to you. boy she cries all have eah,
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different opinions will see top and ght for more out on political news make sure you tune in to inside the area politics that airs. every sunday morning at 6.30 right here on kron 4 >>well it's been all about that blazing sunshine and even some record breaking temperatures around the bay area toda now we m we choose to go to the moonn this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling fohalf-measures wasn't good enough. when candidates say we can'tng guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, or create a world at peace, mremember that erica is bestall, when we strive to do big things, even wn 's hard. i'm bernie sandersnd i approve this mesge.
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not an aarmember? the hartford canelp you join in minutes. to getour free no-obligation quote and e how much you could save, call the hartford at the number on your seen. or go to the website on your screen. the buck's got your back. sons were in their teens. when i came homerom prison so i got involved i didn't want them toustice, go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created the young men's initiative. in helping keep other young men and young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being empled. we see young people being removed out the system. running for president, what betr platform for him topeak about real justice, real refm. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>checng on the 4 zone forecast take a live look outside right now still
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daylighthe embarcadero in san francisco joining us now chief meteorologist lawrce karnow with the forecast for places sunshine around much of the bay ea today and we have some records ming down outde a record a tide there in san jose of 79 degrees the middle of winter record set in richmond a78 also record oakland airport checking is 74 degrees we're all around the bay area fan incredible numbers for this time of year some of these temperaturerunning a good 16 degrees above the averag everybody up in the 70's except right along the immediate coastline little t cooler out toward the beacs but not bad 68 degrees in half mo bay at 79 in mount vi today 74 degrees in yward 79 in the napa valley. so certainly some incredible numbers morrow we're going to watch him change though cooler alonthe coastline highs there will be in the 50's in the 60's still warm inde thbay in the valleys up in the 70's all right lawrence and that wraps up kron 4 ws at 5. thank you so much for being with usthis hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in ime me right now we rn it over to pay more and
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can we hear the news, it's a i grant vicki thanks to both coming up next at 6 o'clock. >>much more on the coronavis new cases being treated tonight in california governor newsome says is being done to proct residents and more than a 1000 people are being monitored to see if they develop coronavirus symptoms what we kw about the first person in the country to contrt the disease from unknown origin plus many are reacting to the firing of former oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick we he from the city council member who wte e measure thatga
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z3s7oz z1ncz
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y3s7oy y1ncy to give his money toharity, giving pledge en this californian walked away from his billion dollar comny for good. he drives a chy volt, flies commerci, and grassroots dayscampaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer belies every ild deserves the same oprtunities as his. a healthy planet. good schools. quality healthca, living wage jobs, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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initiated a series of ble, we protocols that we were prepared to advance those protocols include deep traing andracing. >>now has 6 governor gain newsome addressing th being treated in the stateases including particular concern over a new case of unknown origin. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. those cases night california now has more confirmed ases of the coronavirus than any state in the country. the cdc is sending a teamof people here. >>kron four's ashley vala was on hand as governor newsome held that news conferen she joins


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