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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 27, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and ensures californians protects union negotiated plans. can make their own health care choices. i'm m steyer and i approve this message. in would be that. >>first here in the united states. >>now theywere learning more tonight about a sterious coronavirus case in the bay area solano county health ofcials have declared a local state of emergency. afterthe cdc confirmed a woman tested positive for coronavirus good evening. thanks for joining us. a date i'm can way and i'm pam moore this case is being called the fst in the country where the
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patient has no known connection to traveling abroad in or coming in ntact with an infected person health officials gave an update on thsituation today kron four's dan thorn is live tonight in fairfield where we begin our coverage stand. >>ken and pam county health officials and the cdc are right now investigating who this patient may have come in contact with so far theye identified dozens of employees at area hospitals they've also emergency over the situion which means theye turning it from containment suation to a mitigation situation. solano county heah officials released new information about the first community bad transmission within the us public infmation officer doctor balan ah t ah says the patit with no known source of infection visit back a valley hospital r 3 days before being transferred to u c davis medical center in sacramento at the time the
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woman showed no signs of the coronavirus nation wasn't tested prior to that because they. >>they weren'severely ill enough and they had no connection to any ofthe known risk factors for coronavirus says a local heth emergency ll help them invesgate where the patient y have come in contact with the virus. so far dozens of hospital workers who may have been exposed to this patient have been identified and they're beingaddreed accordingly and the numbers will rise beyond the numbers that ve already been identifiebecause everybody has evaluated with help from the cdc solano county health officials are noshifting from containing the disease to mitigating the disease mitigation is we knowthat they can side of the bag in terms of hang spread and what we're trying to do is slow the spread as much as possible we as a country as our communities do need to start to prepare for the fact that we're ing to see community transmission in the united states. >>health officials added that this patient has no known
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connection to the evacuees that were quarantin at travis air force base in nearby a nearby travis air force base here in a fairfield that situation was odd simply coincident, however they feel that they are well prepared for the situation an even more aware of this situation bause of the quarantine at travis air force base. reporting live in fairfield dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you the cdc is urging local school districts to take precautions even those who do not have any confirmed coronavirus cases in their community. >>they say the spead of the virus in the us is inevable, and they want schools to be prepared for a possible outbreak. our team coverage continues with kron four's michelle kingston. she spoke to the superintdent of the sequoia union igh school district in redwood city today about what they are doing should any cases break out there. >>a second notice wilbe sent home to parents of students in the sequoia union high school district on friday district officials wanting to continuously update their
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community on the coronavirus parents and students. >>should not feel worry at this time.i think that the best place for kids to feel. and a sense routine superintendent mary stretch lee says on friy all superintendents in san mateo county are meengwith the unty's health department to coordinate communication making sure the same message is being sent ho to students and their families no maer what school they attend, but we wa to make sure learning. >>it's still possible that ids can move forward in the same stretch lee says they've incrsed the amount of dly cleaning occurring at the schools in her district time we've actived our facilities department. first and foremost to makesure that we have clean >>nd deep cleaning and increased our free disinfectants and clning of all the common areas and that we have is a plan place to
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continue making sure that our facilities are clean as possible strict officials also encouring their stents and staff to wash their hands as ch as possible and continusly wipe down workspaces if kids or feeling at all or have any symptoms theyhould be encouraged to stay home. >>at friday's meeting, i'm told the superintendent's will discuss what the plan will if the virus does spread to stem a tail county. >>in redwood city, michelle kingston kron4 news and concern for to sacramento, dical students exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus tonight, those students are under self-quarantine onof the students attends american a student at assume this rives college. >>officials say the students were exposed to e patient off campus while performing professional duties. one of them return tschool after being exposed to the virus but
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pointing away from other students now lifornia now has more confmed cases of coronavirus in any state in the country. but governor gan newsome is noy ready to call a state of emergency. ascalifornia, it ramps up its response the coronavirus state aders an health officials are trying to put the public at ease as more cases of coronavirus are confirmed here. the state is now monitoring more than,000 people for the virus. >>we are not overreacting but nor we and are reacting to the understandable anxiety, many people have. >>at travis air force base of the federal government and state of califora have worked to treapeople possibly infected on cruise ships or and orwe in china. the cdc is now promising to send california more testing kits ansays it will update its protocols after the agency took 4 days to test one patient the centers for disease control and prevention says there really are simple steps that everyone can take to stop or at least slow the
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read of the coronavirus washoe head. >>and often with soap a water for at least 20 seconds avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth with unwashed hands cover your cough your sneeze with a tissue and then tossed that tissue in the trash and stay at home when you are sick. >>ahead at 8.30 we're taking a virus is affecting businesses from earnings to a facebook conference being canceled. >>and stay tuned to kron 4 and kron on for the lateson the coronavirus we are tracking the local response by bay area cities and counties as well as the late cases and the information that you need to know to keep your family safe. you can nd all of that information at kron 4 dot coms. >>other news tonight in the east bay, the oakland police commission helda special meeting in the aftermath of the firing of the police chief is was the first meeting sas ann kirkpatrick was red. we were there as the president of the ter approved independent citizens
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cocil gave the commission's first public comments since last thursday d the firing occurred. and tonight on kron 4 news at 9 we hear from those who supported and those who did not pport and kirkpatrick firing. >>a man nted in nnection with the assault and robry in safrancisco has been caught and arrested we want to show you the video that went viral. it shows this man a 68 year-old asian man collecting cansin the bayvie neighborhood this past saturday. police say 20 ar-old dwayne grayson recorded the video and at one point he can be hed saying quote i hate asians the victim was attacked and hit in the head grayson was arrested toy on a number of charges including robber elder abuse and a hate crime enhancement san francisco police are still searching for the person who physically attacked the victim. a city cruption scandal in san francisco is looking far wider than first reported city attorney dennis herrera announcing today that he has issued 14 more
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subpoenas as part of a joint publ corruption iestigation. >>well foretell so the monon is live in our newsom tonight with the latest details on this fellacome in cam this investigation is looking into a vaety of possible legal or policy violations. >>involving city employee is accused of king gifts from contractors and developers in exchange for hiring them for blic projects by funning money through nonprofits. now this is all stemming from okay, so we first reported earlier this month you might remembemohamed noor ifwe rks director who has since esigned after he was arrested and charged with public corruption along with the owner of duels that was nick bovis that arrest gave y to this investigation by city attorney dennis herrera who today issued 14 more subpoenas for contraors and companies linked to zhang li and his project and 5, 5, 5 fulton street. and take a ok to her said quote make no mistake we're following the evidence
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wherever it leads we're not going to stop until we get to e bottom of this san francisco has always been a leader and we're going to make sure that we lead when it comes to clean government city leaders have called foa 3rd party investigation as wel live in the newsroom allison monae and kron 4 news l a thank you turning now to concerns over the growing drought conditions in california, here's a side-by-side ok at the us drought monitor map. >>the left side is from early january, the right side is this week you c see how almost all of calirnia is now in the yellow as opposed o just a little corner in northeast, california in th first week of january. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here as how this is outside the good news the water managers in california have kept t reservoir s running high so no problem there, but when you start put in successive years of drought conditions that were really becomes issue and you can see the drought conditions spreading across california right now sded in yellow. >>a moderate drought showing up in some of the 10 here in the central valley wantto give the compason now we're
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looking into possibly the only the second dry february on cord since 1864. d i want to show you what happened in the march following those very dry years and so these are the top 10 driest february on record since 1849 you can see thatone in 1864. m really not much in march only inch and a half of rain but then you get to 1899 and they had quite a comeback over 7 and a half inches of rain falling 1852 over 6 inches f rain and 1995 you've been around for a while was called a march miracle, they only had a quarter of an inch of rain in february everybody started talking drought, everybody was worriedabout it and then all of a sudden almost 8 inches of rain on the way in march, so certainly things can change in a hurry. we are looking at some changes in the weather pattern you may have noticed that today. no rangers shared yet some high clouds moving overhead and over theweekend. we've got a cold front dropping him, but it going to fall apart that's not going to be a rainmaker. but watch
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what happens a lot ofpart of the week, according this computer model, although some thin begin to open up and there yogo if this happens maybe we're start talking abt some rain continuously as the core low kind of off theoastline that could pump and storm ter storm after storm into the bay area. this model is very wet. some of the other mode still remain very dry guys back to you. up on kron 4 news today a gunman killed 5 people and then himlf inside a milwaee beer factory tonight ware getting new details about the man who pulled the trigger a bay area environmental group is tang legal tion against big compaes for products that are harmful to the enviroent, especiay plastics. we're hearing from the 10 of the biggest plastic t producers after the break, san francisco is taking actionto make fewer addicts shootdrugs on the str
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vo: he h already taken the giving pledge to givhis money to charity, when thicalifornian walked away from his billion dollar company r good. drives a chevy volt, flies commercial, and spends h ys building assroots campaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer belies every ild deserves the same opportunits as his. a althy planet. good schools. quality healthca, living wage jobs, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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san francisco is moving closer to openg safe injtion sites, maryland and brie believes encouraging addicks to shoot drug at indoor facilies will help prevent fatal overdoses while at the same time improve the quality of life on city streets. the goal is have fewer addicts the shooting drugs on the street and preventi fatal overdoses on4 maureen kelly reports. witnessing addicks openly shooting ugs or stepping over dirty needles. some parts ofsan francisco. in
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this is an opportunity to something different that may make people uncomfortable but could actually turn things arou or the city and for help today. mayor london breed and supervisor matt hay held a news conference a glide church say it was in the same s safe injection site was erected there ty announced town next week they will intduce legislation that will establish a process for nonprofits to apply for permitsfrom the department of health. >>so they c open safe consumpti sites this is about not just the conditions that we are tired of seeing out on our streets. >>this is about saving people's lives. there were 0 fatal overdoses last year largely driven by fentanyl and more expected this year overdose preventiosites are not a radical idea. >>therare over a 100 that operate in 65 cities all over the world and in those oveose prevention sites, not a single person has died of an
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overdose mayor london breed who lost heown sister to a drug overdose. >>says the idea is to have staff on hand to bo medically supervised the addicks and enurage them to get clean just agine them walking through this door. >>and getting a space where they're doing it inside where it's contain where there are around people who basically are treating them with respect and making clear to them thatas soon as they are ready. we are there to lp them. >>this comes after a philadelphia nonprofits poised open a safe that's because a federal judge rulethey uld not be olating the federal controlled substances t, san francisco addicts willhae to says they cannot move forward changes passing the state legislature. ab 3.62 is expected to be taken up sometime this year. maureen key kron 4 news. >>overrun by plastic bottles
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and containers and now bay suing to force the big p is companies involved to do something about it. classics logged waterways float in our oceans and show up in the sea food that we eat so today, the berkeley base earth island institute filed a lawsuit accusing 10 giant us companies, including coca-cola pepsi proctor and gamble and clorox with letting the world ecosystem of plastics while falsy claiming that their products will be recycled went inreality, they are not. >>if you had one problein this country and so we come of plastic and i hope we can mail a monoogue they're still promoting these products is recyclable you still s that i'm each bottle. >>and we know that it's not a 91% of wt we see here today a landfill. that's not been stainable. e of the companies to cut t to plastic use pay for cleanup
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and stop messaging that says their containers will be recycled. tonighton kron 4 news at 9 o'clockhour vicki liviakis talks at length with those involved in the lawsuit. and hers from a local recycle or who confms there was nowhere for the tons of plastic to go. >>of water resources conduct the 3rd manual ow survey of 20 20 at phillips station up by echo summit in this year near lake tahoe today and officials say he snow water equivalent which measures water. content in the snoack is below average. >>this critical information ofcourse for all of the water reurce managers throughout california and 4 how to provide water to more than 27 million people in the state. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is backing has more details on that route conditions lara you guys so we're talking about snow water equivalent right we're talking actually in the snow you get some of those very cold storms
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that come through they have that fluffy snow but there's not much moisture in ityou have those nice very wet subtropical storm system that come in a lot more moisture so we're looking for thcontent. >>the amount of moisture in there really not lookinggood this year so far about 40 to 50% of normal across much of the sierra nevada we're dry out there right now in fact looking dry out there around the bay area right now some clouds start to move in. but it was another day of record breaking heat outside as temperatures soared to 79 degrees here in winter in san jose 78 in livermore and 74 degrees the oakland airport and all around the bayarea, those temperatures running well above the average as much as 16 degrees above normal today found 70's everywhere we were awayrom the coastline, even a san francisco mid 70's, there 79 in about new 74 in fremont 79 in thnapa valley and it looks like things are going to start to change wil switch gears he by tomorrow at least along the coastline will call the temperares down with 50's and 60's out toward the beaches still pleasant 70's. well above the average inuch of the bay and valleys.
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>>thank you lawrence in national news tonight. authorities have identified the gunm who killed 5 employees at them cps facility in milwauke51 year-old anthony farrell worked at the company as an electrician he opened fire yesterday afternoon in a portion of the facility where machine is powerhouse erators and electricians rk. more than a 1000 people were working on that facility at the time for all took his own life during the shooting, an attornewho represented him eviouy describe farrell has a quote nice ll adjusted man. >>police say a car criminal makes an unohodox selection then heles police on a ehicle. high-speed chase after the break our police annocing break our police annocing some big cition
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vomikeloomberg has a recordgue of doing something. as mor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'mi bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>our police department is releasi its findings on racial disparities in its policingpractices the agency is also talking about what it plans to do about the and what it shows com for surrey's stasioreports. >>so. can we just put the switch of excess and guessing the answer is no why not and how can you first e bart the bar district really as a whole someort of action plan fare evasion is the largest problem on rt accounting for over 93%. >>of all quality of life
8:25 pm
crinal citations each consecutive year on avage 40 tations are ised on a daily basis throughout the system and of those citations according to a ne studby bart fare evasion enforcement by race broke down to 50% black. 14% hispanic, 22% white with asian and unknown making up the rest. >>i just hink this is really enlightening and i appreciate them. staff of 4 compiling this information i kn is difficult and i just think it's it's clear thatwe need to get. we need to harden our stions and this goes back to. possibly i hope that we can see new gatehardening the station's rolling outhis year. starting this year. pending a budget approval and in the board support. >>and code of conduct violations such as eating aggresse panhandling smoking yo nation is the next
8:26 pm
laest category and again most citations we given to african-americans this was ao the case for disruptive behavior and transit crime lation field interview reports. rt directors called the findinginsightfuand added it gives direction for improvement. >>leave because we believe there is some bias in the act the acts of giving those citions then we need to start that exercise by doing a proper study we're lookg all the national level in all the local an state initiatives and train that we can get our hads on. >>but media were y ahead of the curve and we maintain our buy space police in training. and as long as we keep doing that ina it pass it on to our ofcers and you get engaged community in our training what they were gointo be the place. >>now as theresa stasi reporting part announced today it ll participate in what it calls the government alliance onace and equity training series to advance systemic racial equity and
8:27 pm
opportunitiesfor all. well as a national research project that is supposed to be out in >>4 news today, theorth bay murder investigation was a cold case for nearly 5 decades night, a critical clue, but the man wanted in the crime. >>plus cases of the coronavirus continues speical officials here in thus tr to calm fears how businesse are feeling the growing up in labad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climatchange is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's st progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsi tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to vicry. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm m steyer and i approve this message.
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>>tonight a county health officials he declared a local state of emergency that's after the c confirmed a woman there tesd positive is stila mystery because the patient had no known connection to traveli abroad nor coming into contact with an infected person in total there are 28 confirmed cases being treated in california the coronavirus a outbreak continues totake a toll on business today. >>facebook canceled its pular f 8 developer conferen in san jose th conference was set to be held on may 5th an6th at th mchenry conventi center in a statement facebook said in part celebrating our global developer community at f 8 each yearis incredibly important to us a facebook but. >>we won't sacrifice the heth and safety of our community to do so out of coerns around covid 19 we
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arcanling the in person component fate. but we look forward to connecting with ou developer partners to local events video and live streamed content re losses on wall street beuse of coronavirus the dow posted its worst one-day drop ever losing just short of 1200 points. >>the ndaq and the s and p 50also lost hundreds of points stock marke around the world have been falling as investors continue to sell off. as the coronavirus spread and goldman sachs hasa major economic warning, america's corporate earnings y not grow at all this year because of the coronavirus outbreak. >>analysts lieve us companies quote will generate no earnings growth in 2020it is based on what the company says is the likelihood the impact of the virus will be widespread. >>47 years ago today, a man named naomi sanders was assaulted and kill in vallejo the investigation. the actually turned into a cold
8:32 pm
thanks to dna evidence and advanced technology com forcefully to go report nearly half a century later, this case has been solved. >>over the span of 5 decades. valjo poce never gave up on acking wn naomi sanders apartmentcomple manager back on febary 27th 1973 and lived on property whenhe was sexually assaulted and strangled inher unit on oakwood aven that day she lived alone and had no children. >>amurder case remained unsolved until recently when dn testing of a seaman sample found on her lothing turned up some leads through the years detectives traveled to different states to find a match to the killer. eventually when they couldt trace he dna to the murder directly. they research potential mily members that led them to robert wards. he was 22years old at the time of the killing and it turns out at one point his father worked with naomi sanders.
8:33 pm
when police learned edwards died back in 1993 of a drug that his remains were y and cremated. they reached out to hibiolical son who ves out of state. my testing his dna they re able to confirm the seaman samplesalong to his father robert edwards, the killer who had several run-ins with the law including assault with a deadly apon and attempted murder. >>police re able to reach naomi's nieces after solving the case who shared their gratitude for the detective bureau's determination for justice. >>in a statement thfamily says quote many family members directly affeed by the loss of naomi have also passed and unfortunately they cannot be afford the truth as to what happened. those of us who do remember the stories of naomi's life and untimely death. can now feel closure. thanks to the determination and teamwork of the vallejo police dertment and partnering law enforcement agencies. naomi now ret in
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peace. in the late hopefully pick all kron 4 news. >>rather disturbing details about a car theft in los angeles police y someone stole a hearse, and it still had a by insiand then the driver caused a rush hour accident with the hear this morning, tina patel reports. >>what was he thnking >>many people are asking that question after hearing about the driver who ole a lincoln navigator from the pasadena area church la night the suv was being used as a hearse and there was a body in a casket in the goes out to badews never stops. lapd says someone called 911 around 7 30 this morning after spotng the navigator near expositionark officers tried to pull the drer over but the person took off on the southbound one 10 freeway. a minute later crashi into other vehicles near the vernon exit in south la. the suspect was taken into person had to be taken away in
8:35 pm
an ambulance, there was a huge traffic backup as crews worked to clear the freeway. the navigator was eventually towed away with the body in the casket still inside made it to thtow yard, the casketwas moved to another vehicle. people who watch the bizarre scene unold. what to know why the person you stole the suv realized what it was kerry. i want turn. >>he navigator to you don't keep going until may >>our 4 zone forecast for the live look at the golden gate bridge on this thursday nigh i chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here it's been lovely certainly say we've had great days, but we do need some rain or to seek another nice friday for before we start to see weekend but yeah we're definitely going to see some much cooler weather on the way tomorrow will notice some immediate changes out along the coastline and yo see those high clouds up above tonight, some those gh clouds already drifting up
8:36 pm
above and some patchfog be in a moving toward the coast. temperatures relatively mild for this time of year 60 grees in san jose 63 right now in oakland 65 still in san jo 58 in livermore 63 in concord 58 degrees in santa rosa overnight tonight you can see low clouds and fog fillon along the coastline tomorw when you wake up going to see some those clouds early on and a lot of high clouds ming up on the south from a weak area olow pressure off the coastline, nothing of bringing rain there overthe weekend all cold front will dive in that could bring a few showers temperatures are going side panels of 50's and 60's out toward the beaches inside the bay still beautiful and mis 67 degrees in burlingame 73 in mount view 70's in the san jose ce warm afternoon. there 76. in pleasanton 77 in livmore 76 in walnut creek. get the idea still looking at some veryice weather away from the coast but out to the beach is much cooler temperatures as the sea breeze will return much cooler weaer over the weekend with a slight chance of showers on nday.
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>>a bay area starp working to find a cure focanc, how it's using artificial intelligence to redefine ccer treatments, a california officers being hailed a hero tonight s quck response en a fire nites inside a home is caught on camera and after th break slumpg sales havled to a fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives we're fighting for clean air an. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one cdidate for presidenwas with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make cleanir and clean war a right fore, regardlessf your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>for your money tonight, jason day continues to strgle the reta chain announced today it would b
8:40 pm
closing 6 more stores. the company did not share details about when or where the closures will take place jc penney said that it meets with analysts in ril and was share specifics tethat the company currently has about 850 stor across the country. it has close about 200 store over the last 5 years beuse of slumping sales and profits wamart has confmed is developing a competitor amazon's prime membership program a spokeswan from wal-mart said it will be called wal-rt plus. >>the program woulhave ceain perks said amazon could not offer such as discounts on prescription drugs at us phmacies and at its gas stations. the initiive comes as wal-mart is ocked in something of an arms race with amazon to bring packages faster to customers homes. amazon's prime program costs a $119 a year. up next a to caught dozens of animals were rescued during our final are flying tales trips but where do they go we're gong to take you to north bay sanctuary.
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>>for some of them spenthe rest of their day is for some say it looks like tom brady may be open to movingn from the patriots, what might this mean for the raiders mark
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mckiack and mckissack is the nation's oldest black-owned degn and cotruction firm. bere mike,e were desperate. there wereot a lot of opportunities for black-owned bunesses toompete. mike saw that and heeveled the playing field fo over the years, weaves. heard a lot of talk. but mike came in, and he actually did somethingbout it. and that's how mike will get it done as president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. goes beyond his animal rescue flights to show you what happens after the ane landed in this case we visit a napa
8:44 pm
county rescue organization that makes animals ves coortable. >>crossg e state for years making of ozens and dozens of cats and gs and even the occasional bear cu. once we drop off those animals. and we focus onour next trip. what appens to those animals after we're gone. >>some mixed and makes pass those they can be adopted out there is that we belve. this is their last and final stage. the make sure that they hav the best >>and monica stephens is e founder and ceof jamieson animals rescue ranch in napa county. it's one of the many shelters and sanctuaries where r free passengers get dropped o. she gave us a tour to meet some of the 70 residentson the property, that had almost noair and l
8:45 pm
could barely doing great ow. and the new catty oh i can't patio for seniors can see some who've tlive their human owners churc we have a great partnership with napacounty animal gets a lot of it and so we he over the st. 5 years since he've innings is since we haven't take 200 senior cast many these cancer in their teens and they and other unwanted animals will likely spend the re oftheir days here is a step people rrounding thcats american team of the frencair force is the feed in the care that he. >>speaking ohorses, some of those are here to each has its own personality. you can see the came i know you want to taste it you want to taste it it's like a naive then. >>james's says it's helped more than 40,000 animals during res and floods across calirnia and beyond some of these horses were rescued during the north bafires to
8:46 pm
cows seem to tch e horses with envy. >>the sheen i knew surrey. >>where's their tree. >>and en you get in there chase after is they wantthe app. every day. efore that. and i >>carol got to a great facility known so many animals so they now they they have about 70 right there's room for more and they're expanding their to build an education involved in understanding what's going on was with animals and and how they affect our world and how we can affect their son you said they have pigs and more than
8:47 pm
we just saw on on the you tube deo flying tells you c see the 2 there's a lot interaction with the pigs things are pretty 500 peacocks ere's allinds of stuff going on up there in changes all the timebecause more animals come a tie. good story. all right for your help tonight this year the national institute of cancer estimates one 0.8 million people will get diagnosed with canc. >>well a foster city start up is redefining cancer treatment althrough artificial intelligence, the company is called notable and its goal is to rapidly advance cancer drug developnt at a fraction of the traditional cos. on talk to the founder and ceo of notable labs about this new approach we are in inic trials and testing talented i'm onof the examples trial that we just completed wih stanford interest me. >>you know titled what cancer oh my word on sticks d rocks for example were collected of each s different st amount combinations that physicians
8:48 pm
bearhaselected we provided that information back. they together asou work hard to earn more and we will get e most active potential therapies for that individual patientand that and then presented at several academic conferences. we showed in that da waat notable ones. 80% and 85% accurate in predicting ich stars i would respond inhe nation returns would not and those are several things that are really in cot gives you world predictedi have a 4% so we have been some isin clinical trials which have been promising about wee doing larger studies are just are some watched a 1000 pients that need to gallery predicted that you're seeing lot more. >>to listen to the rest of tht interview just download theron on app live local news streaming commercial free 24 7 majuana use has spiked among pele 65 years old and
8:49 pm
older and octors are warning this might not be a good ing new research published in the medical association found use was highest among women racial or ethnic minorities an seniors who are married college educated or had mental health issues. researchers also saw significant increase in use among adults with diabetes as well aa number of seniors who reported using both cohol and cannabis small studies have shown that cannabis may be harmful r people who had recently had heart tacks and health officials warn that marijuana can interact negatively with other medications. >>well the nfl season is only been over for just a few weeks but we already can't wait for what's ahead next free agency begins in mid-march and one of the biggest names in league history is about to hit the open maet tom brady on track to become a free agent and according to reports, thers a high chancthe 6 time super bowl champion and future hall of famer.
8:50 pm
>>and up leaving the patriots now as for possible destinations, the number of including a neighbor turned to the bats, the chargers colts cowboys canned the las vegas raiders now to san mateo nativeides to join the silver and black that would mean derek carr is no longer the franchise arterbk and there's been a ton of chatter this offseason it's about cars future. but for now he has jon gruden full support. >>or player, and i got a lot of respect for wh he's done there was so tough circstances so i'm not going answer every. the media room are out there st can't do it on this going to listen to my serious rock and roll classic love with their carded a t lovely brings to our team in texas the continue to build around the combine and e ppening at forty-niners trying to figure out how they can improve their roster, how shanahan and john lynch are in indianapolis, this weekend and ke many
8:51 pm
members of the faithful to head coach still thinking about what happeneearlier this month in miami against the chiefs, coach shanahan is fresoff an off-season vacaon combo but the pain of losing super bowl 54. still that's life now you can deal disappointing how we do have to grieve it. >>but doing a lot better now than i was 3 weeks ago and i plan on doing that or 3 weeks from now and i am right now and i think our team is made important or team, t just very you know individually tnot just have a career in th-s leue but we've got guys who want to win and it's very important to him. those are the guys that will continue to bring our building. now to the cactus leage an portunity to watch one of the a's dynamic you hurlers who is in line to be a roie of the year candidate, a jayhawk making his second ring start first inning ta. >>david dahl. the ley gave up a hit but gets through the first on skis second inning weeks. watch this play the
8:52 pm
platum glove are back guns always out at first talkives up no runs and 2 hits this 2 innings of work a's win 5, 2, giants beat the mariners on a bases loaded walk and the night finly college basketll mark fox in the cal golden bearshosting 21th race, colodo right to the 2nd half call-up rally off the face 3 is goo bradley led golden the goldenbears wi 26 points. monts later cal, still in control kareen southconverts a three-ball 19 points off the fence fo south. there's up by 16 cow with the set 76 62 with the bears aranteeda winning home conference record face ah saturday ken and pam that time of year we're talking some nfl combine. it's only matter of time before fillin out of college basketball brket some of be listening my classic-rock vinyl for a while you john drug it kind of swap some recommendations thanksmark and my next today
8:53 pm
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>>a foot hill police officers being hailed a hero after pulling a man from a burning building and happen in grass valleywhich of course is ryan hill reports. body cam . was rolling as grass valley poli officers shed to help as a fire begins to grow inside a me on the stump higher road neighbors quickly
8:56 pm
joining >>calling out for a man named korea believed to be inside the inferno. one of our officers running out of opons checked one other side door officer jonhan brown quickly going ffighting crime. >>to fighting flames. >>luckould have it up on looking inside with his flashlight below the sme level he s able to see what he believed were e feet of a human being around snatched the man's feet and pulled him from the burning home. ultimatelrisking his life to something >>thank god at officer, i don't knowambut ank him so much for going to the side door. and finding corey. >>wife ofthman inside there's always that component where you're so thankful that things went because otrwise we'd be having a different conversation.
8:57 pm
>>and that was ryan hill reporti the man who was pull to safety is expected to make a full covery and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 trel on us and they can win the aac the are standing by with the news atight. >>comes up. yes, we are thank you, pam andken coming up ne at 9. relief sobering new numbertonighton coronavirus in northern california what we're learning about th solano county wom who was the first pern to be infected from an unknown source. also that thousas of people here whare no being moitored for the virus and the local schools are doing so that they're ready plus oakland's police commission meets tonight for the first time since its stun people by firing the chief without cause >>commisoners say tonight about the polarizing dismissal that could leave the city facing another lawsuit and chf meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking a g change co
8:58 pm
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now that'one flushin' fresh bathroom. >>mortonight about that mystery coronavirus case the bay area that is really rattling nerves across e globe solano coun health officials have declared a local ate of emergency. after the cdc confirmed a woan tested positive for coronavirus for no clear reason. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis is case is being called the


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