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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>mortonight about that mystery coronavirus case the bay area that is really rattling nerves across e globe solano coun health officials have declared a local ate of emergency. after the cdc confirmed a woan tested positive for coronavirus for no clear reason. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis is case is being called the first in the untry. >>where the patient has no
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known connection to traveling abroad are coming into contact with an infected person. health officials gave an update on that situation today. our car first and a thorn is live in fairfield tonight where we begin our team coverage than us. >>well vic in grand county health officials and the cdc are right now investigating who this patient may have come incontact with so far they've identified dozens of local health care workers. they've also declared a local health emgency which turns the plan from containing the situation to mititing the disease. >>solano county health officials released new information about the first community bed transmission thin the us public health officer doctor balan marty os source of infection visited wn vaca valley hospital for 3 days befo being transferred u c davis medical center in sacramento at the time the woman showed no signs of the coronavirus nation wasn't
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tested prior to that because day. >>they weren't severely ill enough and they had no connection to any of the known risk factors for corovirus says a cal health emergency wilhelp them investigate where the patient mahave come in ntact with the virus. so fardozens of been exposed to this patient have been identied and they're being addreed accordingly d the numbers will rise beyond the numbers identified because everybody has aluated with help from the cdc solano county health officials are nowshifting from containing the disease mitigation is we know that the cat side of the bag in terms of having spread and wh we're trying to do is slow the spread as much as posble we as a country as our communities do need to start to prepare for the fact that we're going to see community transmission in the united states. health officials have also added that this patient has no connection or no known
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connection to the acuees that were quarantined at arby travis air force base that was simply coincidental. >>howeer they believe because is more than prepared to y fairfield dan thorn kron 4 n news right and meantime a concern for to sacramento, medical students exposed to someone. >>who has since teste positive for the coronavirus tonight. thosestudents are on self quarantine one of the students attends amican river college. the other is a student at consumers rive college. officials say that the students were exposed to the patient off campus. well performing professional duties, both of thm returned to school ter eing exposed to the virus. but our quarantine away from other students. >>as the corona virus reads so too does misinformation. health officials are now urging people to get informed know the facts about prevention. many of the same rules apply. they say when you're dealing with something like the flu or another common ailment kron 4 sailors sackey joins us now live in the
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newsroom with what exrts are recommending a tale you walk around u see a lot more people e now wearing those face masks in the bay area are they affective should people do that. >>well grande for people ke you and i who don't have the virus. the cdc says these those masks are not the most not recommendthe general does public where tse masks to protect against the coronavirus instead health washing your nds are the yday most effective. >>as each day passes health care profsionals learn a little more about th coronavirus but there are still so any unknowns out there what we do now his people should treat it like the flu or any other virus to prevent the read that means taking a back to the basics experts remmend washing your hands regularly for at least 20 conds so tha might seem like a short ount of time we've been keeping track and is been about only 10 seconds. >>if you cough or you blow
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your nose a that's very important that's time suck at make you're washing youhands or a hand sanitizer that's at least 60% medical director and co-founder of cbon health doctor cesar java here. ian says you should also avoid touching your eyes nose or mouth with unwashed hands importantly there is like if you're feeling sick faced a so that others around you don't get a prior having any generally no one to go back. your activities when your fever goes away so if you're it's generally safe time start mingling with people also clean and disinfect common areas and frequently touched oects using household cleaning sprays or wife's to take it a step further som n the short supply of face p masks, but the cdc does not recommend people who are ll wear a face mask to protect themselves from the coronavirus usually wear one of thesof a health care
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professional recommends it also a face mask should be ward if you have the coronavirus or are showing symptoms last we avd contact with people who are sick or show symptoms. >>now the cdc sas it wants people to share the facts not the fears we know many of you probbly feel anxious with all the news about the coronavirus but the best thing wecan do is to remain calm and take those everyday preventive actions to stop e spreadof those germs reporting live from the newsroom. taylor key kron 4 news. >>l right, thank you. taylor, meanwhile in the wake of this a lot of county case. us hlth officials are expanding their criteria for who should get tested and when the cdc promise today to send more testing kits to california. it originally sent ju 200 but now weearned today more than 8,000 people are cuently beinmonitored f coronavirus symptoms in californi the agency will also be sending 10 officials to help with testing. governor newsome said today the state will become better prepared to
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fight thepotential outbreak. >>it's not just the lack of tax cuts is likeability utilize those tax cuts now we'll be able to utilizethem and we will be the recipient of an exponential increase in netest kits and then more testing locations will be made available. >>and the governor said calirnia will continue t wok with the federal who are possiblyat risk of the virus. the governor even said his adnistration is working identify even more areas to continue. this work across the statnot just northern california which appears to be hardest hit right now.antoday, vice esident mike pence let his first task force meeng in washington. president trump put pence in charge of the tional response to coronavirus yesterday pence is leadinthe group of high level officials and health experts but he says he will ly on health and human services secretary alex azar as chairman pence also defended his actions as
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indiana's governor during the state's worst hiv outbreak. nearly 200 people got infected with hiv from 2011 to 2014. as a rest of shing dirty needles ipence faced ierce cricism fonot lifting the ban on needle exchanges right aw, speaking with sean hannity on fox news today pencesaid he took the necessary action fight off the epidemic. >>and thecoronaviruss certainly hitting the stock maet hard this week today. the dow jon industrial average sank nearly 1200 points deeping a weeklong global market right. this is all stemming fr worries that the virus outbreak will wreak havoc on the obal economy. bond prces soared again sending the yield on the 10 year treasury to another record lw when yields fall it a sign that investors are the strength of the economy going forward stay tuned to kron 4 and kron on for all the latest on the coronavirus we're trking the local
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response, byron bay area cities and counties as well as the latest cases d the information you need to know to ke your family safe. yo can find all the information on kron 4 dot com. >>the other big story. wee following tonight was the first oakland police commission meetin since they fired chief anne kirkpatrick bothmayor libby shaft and the commission made the decision exactly one week ago. kirkpatrick has since opened upto our pam moore this week saying she believes one of the reasons she was fired as retaliation from one of the commissioners kron four's gayle ong was at the commission meeting tonight and is live at oakland now with the details of what happened there. gayle. >>the commission share read a statement about ann kirkpatrick speaking out to the mea and they seem to havno regrets about the decision. tonight's meeting had mix of feelings. >>one week after oakland policechief anne kirkpatrick
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was fired oakland residents have these questio and comments for the police commission thursd niht why wasn't she fired. how will the commission regain the trust of the blic now that apd is disrupti to every open police officer, i know is heartbroken by her decision your actions have roved the leader of the officers trusted on february 20th both mayor libby aft and the commsion unanimously voted to terminate kirkpatrick wih no cars after 3 years on the job you all should be ashamed of yourselves. wl a handful of public comments wereagainst the vote others though support the decision thank you for chief. ann kirkpatrick we support commissioner harris, we asked her and this commsionto continue to ask the fficult questions and to do wh's necesry to improve eve form opd they're talking about commissioner jonelle harris, the former chief blames rt of the reason why she was fired was her refusal to favors r certain city leaders notably harris police comssion chair regina jackso had this to say about
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the claims anyone. what casts such a seris vote based upon fee. for a disagreement. quite frankly insulting. we spoke to sasinger, the spokesperson for kirkpatrick who says she is speaking with attorneys to determine her neck news local news in the national spotlit right now. >>and there is heavy media atteion as well as legal attention on the police coission. monitor in the possible misspending of $2 million but that monitor over the past 17 years. >>and now a lot of questions are being ask. >>a number of those questions are surrounding the federal monitor erseeing the oakland police department, sam singer also said that ann kirkpatrick has not received her termination tter yet frm the mayor's office so at this time she is still entitled to that one year salary and she is still weighing those
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options in oakland gayle ong kron 4 ws. thank you gae for a little background here the ballot meure for the oakland police commission was. >>in already in the process of being written when a scandal came to light involving members of the oakland police department and a teenage girl few months later, oakland, voters, overwhelmingly approvemeasure l l and the civilian police commission was formed today kron four's is equal newspoke with one of e co-authors of measure ll to see if he still suppor the addition of that measure to the city's charter >>oaklancity council member dan cobb is the -author of the voter appred a measure ll establishing an independent power to fi a police chief now that the commission has taken its first police chief anne kirkpatrick off of e board a buyer's with how this works how it or >>now ou but the commission dies is a combination of the structe. the commission and who the individual commissioners are loud e council members still supports
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establishing the police commission he says there is still room for improvement that find every look at things it's a new commission that around for a uple years it was ing die, but actual in effect there for over 2 yrs and some of mmission-rs took a while for them to get their feet on the ground and understand how things so as i'm listening to the other commission this police coission meeting video appears to show both sides trying to understand how thgs work in this new reality course, i'm a customer working with the coission. >>i'm trained to be mindful. hey have we ll the commissioners work with you we are open and willing at ye wheneveryou say, but we've never been invited we've never been respected more indications of problems or detail here is joint case management statement updating opd is compliance statuin the 2003egotiated settlement agreement pulled the working relationship between the kland police department the city administrator's office the city attorney's office and e police commsion has been
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fficult at best an overtly hostile at other times and quote i knew there were a couple commissioners who had some disagreements and disappoint they were dispointed in the chief over the past few months or mo knew that was that was there i did not realize that the entire commissiofelt so. >>upset that they felt that she can no longer do this job oakland city council president rebea kaplan is behind a new measure thatould give the police commission even more power. >>councilmember cobb says he wouldn't go that far if anybody, anybody wants to remove a mayoral appointments. >>yeah i oppose it because we ve to have that shared responsibility and i do not want toget rid of those checks and balances in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. now to a corruption scandal that has rocked the san francisco public works department and more. t, it's looking more and >>like that scandal is more widespread than first thought have city attorney issui more than a dozen additional subpoenas today to y and get
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to the bottom of all this kron four's ellis said the money and she's live in the newsroom. >>last details l a. >>the city attorney hopes that these additional subpoenas will help the investigati. confirm any legal or policy violations that would be considered bribery kkbacks inside deals. this is tiedto former public works director hammed nuru who stepped down after he was arresteand charged with plic corruption. gside left to dole's restaurant owner nick bovis according to court documents new or used his position to influence contracts and construction project this grong investigation is also searching for whether city contract, funneled money through nonprofits to fund city programs d events like public works holiday parties. today city attorn dennis herrera issued 14 more subpoenas to contractors and companies linked to project at 55, 5 fulton street. harris said quote make no mistake we're following the evidence wherever it les we're not going to stop until we get to the bottom of this san
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francisco's always been leader and we're going to make sure that we lead when it comes to clean government. th subpoenas mn that whoever was listed has to turn over records that are tied to a new of the alleged bribery and you can find that list to kro4 dot com live inthe wsroom allison monae and kron 4 news. >>thank you well, let so go ahead and check outside right now are 4 zone forecast says we get a live look from our sutro camera looking san francisco andmarket street they're all lit up in red down the middle chief meteorologist lawrence karnow isere. >>no for feels like was never more than a month race seems happens. yeahhere we go we t start to sedrought concerns center around the state. we're certainly seeing that now as high pressure has be sitting over we haven't had a drop of rain sie january 28th, so there you go latest drought monitor shows you that yellow spreang across the state. we've seen things very very dry not only that it may be more importantly. the ow we just have not seen much in the
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way of snow the storm's not coming in so reay that area that we get all of the water to fill up our reservoirs we have not get much help the sean only 51% of normal in the rthern sierra nevada, 46% the central and 43 of normal in the southern sierra nevada now. given the u of february is dating all the way back to 1849 in 1864. it did not rain a drop in all of february in the bay area they fall that up by saying just an in and a half of rain in the following march now very dry in 1853 as well just a fe drops in the bucket there and then they only had just unde 2 inches of rain after that but look at the 1899. they had only a 10th of an inch of rain and all of february. but then in e following march ovr 7 and a half inches of rain and you may remember this one if you've been around long enoug in 1995. it was called the march miracle less than a quart of an inch of rain in
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fall of february that year followed up by almost inches of rain. so certainly we get back into that rain and some of e models are starting to pick up on some changes this weekend will see a weak cold front come throh slight chance of showers on sunday t maybe more importantly, the whole pattern shifts and there you go if we start to following weekend certainly we can start to pick up some rain totals in a hurry keep yr fingers crossed that'snot francisco is moving closer to allowingmedically supervised spaces for. >>addts to inject drugs to city leaders e introducing legislation that would pave the way for safe injection sites from first maureen kelly reports this ces as the city of philadelphia. >>is poised to open the nation's first e next week. witnessing addicks openly shooting drugs or stepping over dirty needles. >>is an everyday experience in some parts san francisco, this is about not just the conditions that we are red of seeing out on our streets. this is about saving people's
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ves. today, mayor london breed and supeisor matt haney held a news nference and clyde church was in the same spac up back in 2018 a erected therthey announced s town next week they will introduce gislation that nonprofits to apply for for permits from the department of consumption sites, each overdose prevention site will save the cityapproximately million in health care costs. >> this is the right thing to do it's the smart thing to do it's a compassionate efctive thing to do and it us right now as we face this most deadly epidemic there were 330 fatal overdoses st year largely driven by fentanyl and more expected this ear mayor london breed who lost her own sister to a drug overdose. says the idea is to have staff on hand to both medically supervised the
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addicks and encourage them to get clean that's what this is about when they are ready when they say the word there getting the counseling and the servic. and they e immediately provided the treatment that they need to get hethy. the mayosays they cannot move forward until a bill authorizing the changes passing the ste legislature. >>ab 3.62 is expected to be taken up sometime this year. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the man wanted in connection with an ssault and robbery in san francisco hasbeen arrested these are the still imag of the victim. the video of this nt viral. it shows that 68 year-old asian man collectg cans in the bayview neighborhood this past saturday police say 20 year-old duane grayson recorded thvideo one point can be heard saying. i hate asians the victim was attacked and hit in the head grayson was arrestetoday on multiple charges, including robbery elder abuse and hate crime hancement as apd is still
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searching for the peon who attacked the victim. >>san francisco police are investigating a robbery where they say the victim s dragged down the sidewalk. it happened out 9 o'clock sunday morning at the stockton tunnel at stockton and sacramento street, a police say a 55 year-old woman was walking side the tunnel. en a suspect got out of a car and grabbed her purse, the woman fell during the struggle with the suspect. she was then dragged down the sidewalk towards the spect's car police say that's when another person got out of that car and went after her purse police are asking anyone with information about e suspects to call he police department. and for coronavirus what some local schools are doing now before ansign of the potentially deadly virus plus incredible video of a rescue in the sierra foothills, how an offic t the man out how that rson is doing tonight. >>d a horrifying crime fora grieving family to deal with how their loved one in a casket was. around southern
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ca steyer: wall street banks took advantage of millions of americans ring the recession. so, my wife kat and i took acon we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory- give people a fair deal d real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women d people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's aesson politician in washington could use right now. m tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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>>someone stole a hearse with a body inside i know the ief reportedly took the vehie is parked outside ahurch near pasedena last night, yeah kd of the driver apparently caused a rush hour accident what all of it this morning. lapd says somebodcalled 911 about 7 30 this morning after spotting the lincoln navigator
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near exposition park. obviously try to pull the driver over but the person took off on the one 10 freeway. a minute later crashing into other veicles in south la suspect taken into custody, but at least one person had to be taken away in an ambulance. >>what was he thinking goes out to thi bad nes never stops. towed away after 09:00am with the body in the casket still inside when it finally did make it to the tow rd of the casket. case you're wondering was taken away and another vehicle, the hearst does have significant dage as you can seit's unclear how many vehicles were totally involved in this eck that well. >>the grass valley body police department there rushed to heth as a fire from the growing inside this house, this is on the stump. i wrote
9:26 pm
earlier this ek neighbo called for help and that's when the first police officer yosee there arrived at the scene officer jonathan brown was able grab the man who was inside where the fire was all around the officer grabbed his feet pulled him from the burning home, the man inside is expeed to make a full recove. >>coming up a bay area envirmental group taking legal tion agnst big companiesor products that are harmfulto the environment. we are heari now from the folks who filed suit agains10 of the biggest plastic producers. >>and more than half of the democratic ters in south carolina are black why this weekend's primary is critical for joe biden and why bernie sanders health care plans could cost him in the palmetto state. and facebook. >>it is aming it all on the coroavirus the world social media giancanceling a vo: while other candidates argue
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about health care, mikeof doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorke. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's righ to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on
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health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. before he could even inspecthe acdamage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free clas, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by ourgot members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>>the cdc is urging local school districts to take precautions even those that don't have any confirmed coronavirus cases right now in their community. they say the spread of the virus inthe us is evitable, and they want schools to be prepad for the possible outbreak our kron four's michelle kingston spoke to the superintendenof sequoyah uniohigh school district today. >>about what they're doing in case cases emerge here. >>a second notice will be sent home to pares of stdents in the sequoia unionhigh school distrt on iday district
9:30 pm
officials wanting to continuously update their community on the coronavirus parents and students. >>should not feel worry at this time. i think that the schools are always forthe bestplace for kids to feel. and sense routine superintendent mary stretch lee says on friday all superintendents in san mateo county are meeting with the county's health dertment to coordinate communication making sure the same message is being sent home to students and their familienmatter what school they attend, but we want to make sure learning. >>it's still possib that kids can movforward in the same stretch lee saysthey've increased the amount of daily cleani occurring at the schools in her district time we've tivated our facilities department. first and foremost clean. sure that we have >>and deecleaning and increased our free disinfectants and cleaning of
9:31 pm
all the common areas and that we have plan in place to coinue making sure that our faciliies are as clean as possible dirict officials so encouraging their students and staff twash their hands as much as possible and continuously wipe down wospaces if kids are feeling at all 6. >>or have any symptoms they shld be encouraged to stay home. >>at friday's meeting, i'm told the superintendent's will discuss what the plan will be if the virus does spread to stem a tail county. in redwood ci, michelle kingston kron 4 news facebook announced its decion to cancel its annual f 8 software develor conference to the concerns surrounding the potential spread. >>of the virus. e event was scheduled tbe held on may convention center in downtown san jose and the news caught community leaders by surprise. >>no didn't see it oming we've been planning for
9:32 pm
facebook to return to downtown san jose they've been holding the convention here now for a a couple years, it's been extraordinary st transformed the whole nvention center. it's going to be a eil loss not to happen this season. >>sources say approximately 5,000 people attended st year's f conference the economic impact of the canceation was not a meal immediately. available. >>globally the mber of coronavirus cases is growing there are more than 80,000 pele now throughout 40 couriesat have been infected and in italy. there are more than 600 cases international efforts to contain the spread. several european countries annound new cases traced to italy and the world health orgazation says the virus isnow spreading faster outside of china which is of course where it first onated. classic is everywhere right on the supermarket shelves. it's pili in our vironment alarmingly plastic bags and bottles are polluting our waterwa, your stoes about that all the time. it's even
9:33 pm
showing up in ou seafood and in our own bodies. b there's a local group trying to change all that yet today for the island to bury environmental group filed a lawsuit is the first of its kind apparently. >>against 10 major companies aretrying to rce them to filly do something about all that plastic pollution. we tr our best to recycle sorting it in bins and hoping for the best, but thiis where so much ends up plastics clogging r waterways floating in the ocean. >>if you had one probem in this country and so we coe of plastic bottles and i hope we can element of now e berkeley based earth island institute is filing a lawsuit accusing 10 gia us companies, includi coke pepsi proctor and gamble and clorox of blood in the world ecosystem wi plastics there still. >>promoting these products is recyclab is still see that i'm each bottle >>and we know that it's not a 91% of at we see hertoday is going to be burned for put
9:34 pm
a landill. that's not sustainable. we want those plastic companies be held accountable and responsib cread. mess that they've >>the are beinoverwhelmed. it seems there's nowhere. classic to yes, the bulk of this will not be recycled. it will be incirated. it will to a landfillsomewhere and then some portion of it will also end up as pollution in our envirment for violent wants a court to order th companies to cut plastic use. >>pay focleanup and stop messaging that says their containers will be recycled. recently your china was taking l of our plastic garbage they shut the door on that so that's another reason that it's all pilg up here want to point out that environmentalist and everybod says es. >>keeper cycling it's good to recycle glass, your paper and uminum. they do recycle that it also saves on e valuable resource. es, certainly those
9:35 pm
10 companies named in the are the only ones responsible for creating all of the plastic earth island says it intends to na otherdown the line so it is the issue that the astic that these companies are using is not recycle a wl is the rest of them only about 10% e rest of it incinerate or they throw it in the land easy right. it disturbing certainly we'll stay on that all right. thank you vicky meanwhile, votersin south carolina will head to the pollssaturday to cast their ballots inthe first primary in the south and unlikethe first 3 elections this primary season. >>the winner in south carolina will be decided largely by black voters nearly 60% of the democratic voters in south carolina are people of cor so connecting with the community is critical for any candidatetrng to win in that state joe biden has long believed that his strength among black voters could give them a victory in that state and that would be critical. he believes to moving forward in
9:36 pm
the race. so far in south carolina, the polls are on his side and in the closing days of the uth carolina campaign biden is continuing to draw sharp contrasts with presidtial candidate, bernie sanders and sanders medicare for all pressure. >>will be a long long expensive slog can afford to wait for at he calls and others call believe are totally sincere a revolution. >>while sanders is making a play for south carolina. he's also setting its sightson super tuesday. sprinkling in a vit to the bay area this will hold a rally at the south hall of the san jose nvention center. enough san jose of course that at one 30 in the afternoon admission is free and open to the public on a first come first serve basis, the black vote is also important president trump in the upcoming election earlier today, he held a black history month ceremony ere. >>invited a number of blk onservative commentators community leaders and
9:37 pm
adcates president touted his policies saying they are improving life for all americans, including black people he citehis tax cuts special opportunity zones had encourage investment in distressed neighborhoods, criminal justice reform and increased funding for historically back black colleges and universities he also ok the time to take a swipe at democrats who are criticizing his administration's handling of the coronavirus outbreak. credible actuallyhe democrats and i was a racist. >>from black people asian from chinese people stand with this was a racist because i our untry to people coming in from certain there's a or these people are really in trouble they've got problems. >>today's celebration coincided with the 0 50th anniversary. >>of the 15th amendment which black men the right to vote.
9:38 pm
>>we've got clear skies ound temperatures today will is rd that again tomorr talk about that coming next a gunman kills 5 people and then himself inside a milwaukee beer factory. tonight we're getting new details about the in sports. it seems more r and likelythan ever now that tom brady will t be in new england patriots next year could be aded to the raiders and what would that an for vo: he had already taken the giving pledge
9:39 pm
to give his money to charity, when this californian walked away from his billion dollar company for good. whhe drives a chevy voltlked away from his flies commercial,mpany for good. and spendsis days blding grassroots campaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer belies every ild serves the same opportunities as his. a heagood schools. quality healthca, living wage jobs, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approvthis message.
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happing is week in indianapolis an opportuty for teams round the league to evaate young talent to watch the conversation is making headlines. >>but fr agency mean from one of the greatest players in league history, tom brady is ontrack to become a free agent and according to reports oi chance the 6 time super bl champion and ture hall of famer ends up leaving the patriots out for possible destinations, a number of options have been floated the chargers colts cowboys in the las vegas raiders not the san mateo native cides to join the silver black that would mean derek carr is no nger the franchise quarterback and there's been a ton of cheddar future but for nohe has jon gruden's full support. >>think they're exact player and i got a lot of respectfor what he's done. there was some tough ccumstances so i'm not
9:42 pm
ing answer every. theedia room are out there just can't do it, i'm just going to listen to my serious keep workingbut love with and theicar did lovely brings to our team texas the continue to build arnd that. >>stay tuned a lot of movement ead college baskball now mark fox in e cal golden bears hosting 21th bring colodo right to the 2nd half call-up time and bradley 3 ball is good brady led the goldenbears 26 points. moments later cow still in control kareem and heard from downtown 19 points off the bench for south fares up by16 cow with the upset 76, 62 and the guanteed a winning home conference record will face in utah satury. >>coming up on kron 4 sports at 10 warriors akers tonight at chase draymod green didn't stay on the court for very long. well
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too the moon in this decade
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and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew stling for half-measures wasn't gooenough. when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college afforble for all, coat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that erica is best when we strive to do big things, even when 's hard. a world at peace, i'bernie sanders i approve this message
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>>of wisconsin has dered flags to fly at half staff today after multiple eople were killed at a milwaukee brewery camilla burnout is in milwaukee where authorities are trying to piece together why this haened. employee storming a milwauke brewing complex wednesday gunning down 5 people we have located 5. >>additional deceased ult
9:46 pm
victims. the victims all workedat most of course police say the 51 year-old man eventually turned the gun on himself by families. 6 families actually are grieving. and will be grieving and because of this horrific act. of this individual more than a 1000 employees were working on e sprawling campus when they began receiving text and email alerts about an active shooter find a sa place tive shooter on campus. >>police are on scene remai on lockdown. >>dispatch from one fire engi called the scene a war zone though at company coloco pretty big do the names of the victims have not been released nor has the motive of the shter. >>a local company bw city brand announcing they're making miller strong shirts to help raise money for the families of the victims in milwaukee, i'm camila bernal
9:47 pm
reporting. >>all right time now for 4 zone forecast as we go outside and get a live right now looks like the same coverage indeed chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining usno fog out there and that's kind of been the case this week rate super arm day after day of really mperatures running a good 1516 drees above the average stay we have somerecords out there. yeah a little bit on the toasty side the blazing sunshine around and there you go tied a record of 79 degrees today. >>in san jose that's amazing for the middle owinter richmond checking in at 78 degrees that was a recordin oakland airport alsa record of 74 degrees and all around the bay area ese temperatures running well abe the average 75 degrees in the san francis, 75 also on the more 77 in concord and 78 degrees degrees above normal in anta rosa. outside tonight. we are eing some high clouds beginning to move and that's a sign of so changes the rich will start to weaken just a little bit more
9:48 pm
of a sea breeze going to kick this a pretty mild out thre though 64 in san francis still 62 in oakland, 64 san jose got 50 in livermore concord and santa rosa really not bad at all ernight tonight, we'll see more in the way of the high cloud the low clouds and fog to gather along the coastline by morrow morning. so yoknow so changes that will keep temperatres much cooler up toward the beaches still going to nice inside the bay but will notice those high clouds and that sunshine all throhout the datomorrow should make for beautiful unset by tomorrow night. but the numbers will start to come down. so instead of 70's plan on some 60's in a most to san francisco and that's the 50's and some 60's out along the coastline with some of that cool fog moving in only pleasant burlingame at 67 degrees about 69 in ster city 71 with some high clouds in woodside 74 degrs in santa clara 77 in mpbell and about 72 derees in los gatos how about the st bay numbers well into the 70's by tomorrow afternoon staying above the average again for least another day enjoy it looks expected over the weekend
9:49 pm
temperatures going to really tumble as we get into saturday, especially on sunday. but abut 74 degrees lot of clouds rollto the skies tomorrow in santa rosa 59 degrees stinson beach, the next few days, we'll cool down the temperatures more clouds on the way and the numbers really starto drop get a little gusty around the bay area with a slight chance of shower on sunday backed warm sunshine on monday and tuesd. thank you sir are right now on this oklahoma homeowner right re something going on some commotion in the attic. >>he's thinking himself. i have squirrels corals there you know i had iq. >>instead he finds a grown man hanging out on a mattress risones has details of oklahoma city 9, 1, 1, one emergenci've got a during mom now the stranger in his house and a mattresseek. remember camped out vernight on the somebody here immediately i have a gun on hiright police say before the homeowner grabbed his gun
9:50 pm
hekept hearing strange noises coming from his adult he heard >>and we want investigate there's actually somebody that here to take up residence in his attic, the residence has a staircasehat goes up the side of thhouse with cess and that appears to be w the persongot to be out on the 911 call you can hearthe homeowner direct the suspect out of the house at gunpoint or of ur bag we're going down there put the gun wn now, i'm walking down the str words turn left here left he realized his fence gate was lock. so he escorted him do the driveway where officers are waiting tonight that spect in the oklahoma county jail. >>wellen ah that was johns reporting for us tonight, quite a story there. meantime 86 year-old otis do car an his 67 year-old fe dimitri they were ontheir way to denny's from thbank when police surrounded them. ah, and the couple was handcuffed they were detained for bout 40 minutes. officers thoht that they were armed suspects a robbery that happened at the bank hortly after they
9:51 pm
left authorities later admitted it was a case of mistakendentity and that's something dimitri thinks should have been obviouthey asked holes in the costs 8 miles what's his name does does he have a gun in the car. i say no we don't have any guanhe can't say >>they're not ble wall ph less only >>well otis is a retirecity of chicago worker and a korean war veteran he has glauco. can't see demetrius also diabetic it is not known if police d eventually tracked down the real thieves. well. well rappers jay and yo gotti filed a second lawsuit this week against the mississippi department of corrections and thsuit targets the state's notorious rchment prisonwhere at least 9 inmas have died since the ginning ofthe year was fid on behalf of more than 150 inmates housed in the prison. it alges barbaric conditions within the
9:52 pm
facity, including. >>food contaminated with rat feces and cockroaches, flooded cells and a lack of medical care last nth the 2 rappers help more than 2 dozen inmates file, anotheclass action lawsuit against that priso it attributed inmate deaths 2 years of systemic neglect and 2 under staffing. upnext a professional glass installer used tries out the role of highway hero by putting
9:53 pm
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>>actor and comedian tracy morgan of course if you recall he was critical injured in a crash d it's been 6 years while rd to believe 6 years but the 30 rock starhasn't forgotten the nurse who helped care for him. he presented the acy morgan award for excellence in rehabilitation nursing to jean of the mango who works with under is difficlt recovery period, domingo works in the brain trauma unit. at a hospital in hackensack new jersey this center tweeted pictures of morgan giving her the award in june of 2014. morgan was critically injured in a six-car pileup on the new jersey turnpike they returned to the stage almost year and half after the incident. >>months after being rescued from the ashes of a ventura county ldfire this owl is lying firefighters found this al named rahm injured and disorinted during last year's maria fire. graham had
9:56 pm
suffered apparently smoke halation and x-rays revealed a broken bone. the great horned owl was taken in by the camry a wildlife rehabilitation people an after a few months of rehab the bird was healthy enough to be released. into the wild officials say that they do expect ram will easily adapt to his old surroundings. >>poce chase scene houston ended with an arrest, thanks toone guy who decided to help ou jose cruz was driving his glass installation truck when he saw a car being followed by that convoy of police officers you saw he s in heavy traic winds, the pursuit which it already crossed several jurisdictions approached him from behind. the best thing that he thought hcould with his truck in help track the vehicle. >>all the vehicle was that and that's hen the other a police union in front of me in it was like stop theth police got not quite a pit maneuver
9:57 pm
more like a. >>slow down and stopand try and i we're a little bit of damage to cruz's tail light. >>when the vehicle hit him. cruz is fine by the way and he says his bosses and worry about the min damage. so yeah, kind of hero they got the guy. that wraps up kron 4 newat night. >>but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore andken wayne are here with kron 4 news at 10vicki a grant. thank you both somuch next at 10 lifornia and federal health officials scrambling find out more about the person in vacaville who beca infected with coronavirus without hang gone to china or interacti with patient plus the first puic meeting of the oakland police commission afterthe firing ofthe police chief what members of the public are saying about that controversial decision and we all think we are doing the right thing by recycling plastic but it turns out much of that plastic does not go
9:58 pm
where we think it should. w a lauit aimed at changing thaton't man: the deadly corona virus
9:59 pm
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