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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 28, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm rin winstonhappy friday t g i f and the weather looks good too wee checking in with job before we start making plans for the weekend yeah, some big chans for the weekend to deaths the nutley have to make a few th might include wearing jeans not too bad, a yeah we can definitely handle that change looking tside add what you're seeing ross the bay at downtown san francisco. yet again at least as far as
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horizon goes big dierence today. there is whole lot more cloud cover overhead that's gog to be the most noticeable change about today mpared to the last couple is instead of those crystal clear skies we're going to be looking at mostly cloudy to ptly cloudy conditions now despite that temperatures are still pretty mild this morning and thus are going to be pretty nice afterno too fremont you'e at 62 right now hayward alameda oakland and berkeley d to upper 50's currently san francisc 58 so yeah, it is a pretty mild start nothing frigid about numbers like these livermore you're a little on the cool side at 48 wall spots in the north bay also down into the 40's but as you see here dayti highs. already have a prety easy start they're not going to have to rise too terribly much after uch a mild start this morning by the time we work into the afternoon a few per 70's, lingerinland, while most of us fallento a range of low 70's to the upper 60's closer tothe bay and right along the coast, so wel still be warm at those changes i've got more
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details in your forecast still to come all right. thank u let's check in on traffic. >>taking a peek at yr friday morning commute and we are normally tracking you know friday light conditions so hopefully that will happen today we don't have any hot spots to start off your morning drive traffic looks good here at the bay bridge toll plaza acrosshe upper deck through downtown. no problems on the skyway so we're off to a great startat a very quick drive times so far of just 7 minutes off to fremont street. here's 92 and the flat section most folks are rolling out of hayward heading over to the peninsula. if that's you and you need to use the san mateo bridge. do it now or only at 13 minutes to make your way from the nitz acrosthe span and out a one on one. wes to the richmond sandra ll also looking good and easy drive and no hot spots at 8 minutes to the north baand they were taking a look at some more numbers and they're all good. so highway 4 tough contra costa county 13 minutes tioch to concord 6 ad is
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nice so far rolling south to take a while to danlle no problems for the no problems for want to want easy trip from san jose to menlo park. well back to a big ory that we're following for you this morning we're learning more details about the mysterious coronarucase right here in the bay area slama county health officials ve declared a local emergency after a woman tested positive. now this is the first case in the us where the patient had no known conntion to traveling abroad are ming in contact with an infected person kron four's dan thorn has more. >>solano county heah officials are working to find out how woman got infected with coronavirus the tient has no known connection to traveling abroad or coming in contact with other infected person making the case the the us. we don't know what in their exposure us this point we don't know where e patient was exposed public health ofcer doctor bay lamont eos says the patient
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visited vaca valley hospital for 3 days before being tranerred to u c davis medil center in sacramento. at the time the woman showed no signs of the coronavirus. >>because the patient did not initiay meet the criteria for coronavirus testing the patient was not in airborne isolation at north bay or at u c davis initially which means th there were multiple health care personnel who are exposed te individual so far dozens of hospital workers who may have been exposedto thispatient have been identified and they're bein addressed accordingly to a public health emergency and with help from the cdc solano county health officials are now shifting from containing disease mitigation is we ow e that they can side of the bag in rms of having spread and what we're trying to o is sl the spread as much as possle we as a country as our communities do need to start to prepare for the fact that we're going to see community transmission in the united states. >>reporting in fairfield dan thorn kron 4 news.
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solano county case us health officials are expanding their criteria for who should get tested and when so e cdc will be sending 200 more testing ki to california. they'realso sending 10 officials to help out with that testing. governor gavin newsome says that the state will become better prepared to fight the potentiatbreak is not just the lack of test kits his likeability utilize. >>those tax cuts now we'll be able to utilize em and we will be the recipient of an exponential irease in new test kits and then more tting locations will be made avlable. gornor newsome also added that the state ll continue to work with the patients who are possibly at risk. >>we'll take a lo at your screen right now these are se of the symptoms and simple steps actually that you can take to stop the spread of the coronavirus you need to wash your hands make sure you wash ur hands for at least 20 seconds or say your abc's that's why ways to aoid touching your eyes, your nose
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andyour mouth with unwashed hands. >>and make sure you know if you're ughing cover your cough cover your sneze with a tissue and then throw that tissue away. >>and make sure you stay home when u're sick don't come to work and spread those terms. welthe cdc is also urging local school districts to take precautions even ifthey don't have any confirmed cases in theicommunity. kron four's michelle kingston has more from redwood city. >>a second notice will be sent home to parents of students in the sequa union high school strict onfriday district officials wanting to continuously update their community on the coronavirus pants and students. >>should not feelworry at this time. i think that the schools are always f the best place for kids to feel and asense routine superintendent mary stretch lee says on friday all perintendents in san mateo county are meeting with the county's health department to coordinate communication making sure the same message
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is being sent home to students and their families no matter what school they attend, but we want to make sure leaing. >>it's still possible that kids can move forward and safe stretc lee says they've increased the amount of daily cleaning occurring at the scols in her district time we've activated our facilities department. first and foremost to make sure that we have clean. >>andeep cleaning and increased our free disinfectants an cleaning of all the common areas and th we have as a plan in pce to contin making sure that our facilities are as cleaas possible distct officials also encouraging the students and staff to wash eir hands as much as possible and continuously wipe down workspaces kids or feeling at all 6. >>or have any symptoms they shou be encourageto stay home. >>atriday's meeting, i'm told the superintendent's will
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discuss wh the plan will be if the virusdoes spre to stem a tail county in redwood city, miclle kingston kron 4 newswell facebook is softre developer conference because of concerns rrounding the coronavirus. >>theevent was supposed to happen on may 5th and 6th at the mccarney convention nter in downtown san jose. >>unless people means less commerce for everyone so ther is definitely a trickle effect when you have.visitors that are not showing up you have om so we're book onferences that were booked that are being held at certainly trickles down to the man on the street. >>about 5,000 people attended last year's conference. coming up at 4.3we have e latest coronavirus global numbers plus what vice preside mike pence and his task force are doing to prevent the spread of the virus. we'll alsoave an in-depth look at what you can do to protct yourself so make sure you stay tuned. well to
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the east way now the oakland police commission met for the first ti since firing former police chief anne kirkpatck last week. now kirkpatrick police that she s fired for not giving special treatment to one of the commissiers kron four's gayle ong has more. one week after oaand police chief anne kirkpatrick was fired oakland residents have these questions d comments for the police commission thursday night w wasn't she fired. >>how will the commission regain the trusof the public now that the pd is disruptive to ery open police officer, i kw is heartbroken by her decision youractions have removethe leader ofthe officers trusted on february 20th botmayo libby shaft and the commison unanimously voted to terminate rkpatrick with no cars afte3 years on thejob you all should be ashamed yourselves while a handful of public comments were against th vote. others though support the decision thank you for your urage. for firing chief. ann kirkpatrick we support commissioner harris. we ask her and this commissioto connue to asthe difficult
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questions and to do whas necessary to impro every 4 opd they're talking about commissioner jenelle harris, the formerchief claims part of the reason why she was fired was her refusal to do avors for ertain city leaders notably harris police commission chair regina jackn had this to say about the claims anyone. what casts such a erious vote based upon something so trifling as towing e. or a disagreement. quite frankly insulting. we spoke to m singer, the spokesperson for kirkpatrick who says she is speaking with attorneys to dermine her next news cal news in the national spotlight right now and there's heavy media attention. >>as well as legal attention on the police commission on the road monorand the possible mipending of $26 million but that monitor over the past 17 years. >>annow a lot of questions are being aske >>a number those questions are surrounding the federal monitor overeing the oakland
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police department, sam singer also sa that ann kirkpatric has not received her termination letter yet from the mayor office so at this time she is still entitled to that one year salary and she is still weighing those options. in oakland gayle ong kron 4 ews. >>the kron 4 morning news ste regulator slam pg and e with a record fine over thos deadly wildfires how much the utility will have to pay. plus super tuesday right around the corner and it could be the last stand for some campaigns this weekend in south carolin and february is almost over and there's still no sin of rain will talk about the toll that it's taking on thestate of california and specifically the baarea. a little peek outde we're checking in on 92 busbut not bad it's going to be a great tr to the peninsula. but of courswe'll check more bridges afr the break and tom steyer will beat donald trump the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. crtes thousands of good paying greejobs in california.
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bater or a doer? someone wi workable, common see plans to fix healthcar and create job who's done both. mike has the record and resources toeat trump. and it will take both. bloomberg: i'm mike oomberg but mike will get it done. d i approve this message. >>welcome back well the lack of rain is starting to ake a toll. ta a look at the us drought monitor map. that's right here on your screen so on the left sid that's from january 7th and then the right is from just 3 days ag you can see the how almost all of california is noin the llow and that indicates derate drought as opposed to last month when there was only a small sectionof northern california kron four's charles clifford explains. >>well with only a few days left in february, it looks like this month will be the driest february in recorded california history going back
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more than 100 years and on thursday the us drought monitor released a new map that shows just how dry california is according to th drought monitor about 30% of the ste mostly in the southern portion. i have no drought conditions whatsoever. but 70% of california through the middle in northern portions of california and all of the bay area are experiencing abnormally dry moerate amounts of drought and what that can mean is that the rivers could e low flow in the months ahead if we don't get more mois also the trees may be stressed because of the dry conditions and weould also be dealing with a fire season that is longer and more extre. then we have seen in the last cole of years and that is not good ews. the good news is that across the state right now califnia's water supply is in good shape. the reservoirs are at or above the historical average for this time of year. so that's good news up in the sierra they actually did a snow survey on thursday and and the snowpack of yearhere is the department
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of ter resources talking about where we're at with drought conditions. >>sore sturridge's is doing good right now if we have to go throug to dryers that we stt looking at what additional conservation meures we need now is looking like februy will remain dry. however there is some rain in the long-term forecast possibly. coming up in march. but for now ithese clifford kron 4 try february we're hopi for i guess like a racle march. >>so do have a syst heading our way let's talk about it system that will finitely result in some snowfall up in the sier which tahoe actually now falling into drought conditions, boy as well as the the system that we do have this weekend isn't expected to make a big dent. >>and those moderate drought conditions that you are seeing in 2 counties here in the bay area or at least widespread in 2 unties, those being solano and contra costa counties, portions of alameda and even napa counties tapping into
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those moderate drought conditio too. but the rest of us abnormally dry which is certainly a worse than we were to stt the season when we're actually stti a average as far as rainfall goes but that february the dry conditions sure to do a number on whe we're sitting with the drought. so we'd love to see some rainfall doesn't look like we're going to see a whole lot of it this weekend he the day a couple spotty showers are possible. but the system that is currently eing the bay area is goin to dump a lot of snowfall up in the sierra as for today, it's just going to result in some cloudier skies y're going to see cloud cover moving in er head through the day today so as opposed to last couple days that brought l that sunshine we're still actually pretty mild for your friday, just a whole lot cloudier tomorrow you're going to notice a lot of cloud cover to and into tomorrow evening there snowfall pushing into the sierra nevada so for those you that are maybe heading up to tahoe to enjoy the winter weather this weekend. do anticipate me slick roads on your drive back sunday as that snow moves in overnight. look at wh
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happened sunday for the bay area while the tahoe area get snolooks very likely that we' going to remain dry. we could use that rainfall t it is a good thing at hey tahoe is getting snow the rest of this year's giving it to as ose conditions up there have also proven to be just as dry as we've seen. temperatures today in san francisco fall back into the 60's as you will also see right alonthe coast. now a lot of the bay area still remains in the 70's ke in millbrae and burlingame and further south on the peninsula. singh cars redwood city pa alto in woodside all 74 for your his while south baytemratures near 80 degrees. but not quit getting there pretty similar to yesterday real for the south bay. these pay also keeping the mid to upr 70's around similar to where you were at yesterday oakland 71 what walnut creek in concord each 77 north bay temperatures mid 70's out towards the coast of cool temperatures and since and beach and only 57 for the high today so some changes
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from yesterday, especially along the coast as we do have a cool coastal breeze pushing back in into tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies remain a look at from 74 day to 64 on average tomorrow and even cooler ye on sunday while we snowfall in the sierra only the slightest chance of rainfall for the bay area on sunday. after that we drive back out for much of the rest of e week temperatures climb back into the 7s by wednesday and thursday. back to europe and all right, thank you let's eck in on traffic taking a ek at the idge's first. >>we have the bay bridge 80 weon stacking up a little bit off and on and some of the cash lanes you'll see folks off and on the right side, but overall it's been nice. it's a friday light sfar 8 minutes off to fremont street, this is onoh one across the golden gate. we're doing fine you won't have any major issues iraq actually i do see some flashing lights of ar the south tower, it's pretty far off but nothing reported there could be bridge crews could be something else going on i just
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see some flashing lights and near the south tower. so we'll call hiand see what's going on there 19 minutes nevado to san francisco. here's 92, this is a trip across the san mateo bridge and we're doing fine your way out of hayward across the span. but when you make it over to redwood city there's a major accident west 92 wet cannot a road. it involves an overturned garbage truck, so if you are continuing over to the peninsula do expect delays. st's 92 at can ya to road because of that crash traffic tracker shws good news for the east shore, no oblems for 24, looking good on 5 80 and the nimitz from to 38 to downtown oakland will check more coming up to date. happeningtomorrow, south carolina is holdg the last presidential primary before super tuesday. the state's deciding factor in the future of some candidates and their campaigns. john lawrence rert >>south carona, the state joe biden calls his fire wall. but in reality it's his 4th quarter. he needs a hail yes.
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>>because south rolina is thsurge extreme to win the democratic nomination. >>south carolina looks vorable for biden he got an endorsement from representative james cliburn this week and in a new is ahead of national front n runner senator bernie sanders, one of these serious things we got do is make sure that we the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country donald south carolina is basically do or die for the otr democratic presidential hopefuls like sen elizabeth warren are you in this ght senator amy klobuchar are i'm asking you to vote for me thank you so much eryone businessman tom stier i just don't believe that having the governnt take er big parts of the economy. >>it's asmart thing to do and former mayors mike bloomberg
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and people to judge for trying this country a h n run commander-in-chief not all of the answers have to come from washington but more the funding should i'm john lawrence reporting facing a record billion fine over deadly wildfires state regulators increase the unishment from. >>what was agreed at a one billion settlement announced in december. several consumer groups protested the settlement saying it was too lenient the new find includes $200 million that will supplement a billion fine that the utility is setting up as a part of itseffort to emerge from the bankruptcy protection. across morning news, a y areaenvironmental against companies for products th are harmful to the environment will explain after the break. >>think ouside before we go checking in on the golden gate still nothing's coming across the wires about any activity on the golden gate bridge as i look out toward the south tower i do see ts of
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can argue about. mi: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loafor 4 bus. livered clusively with uber eats. >>welcome back to the on 4 morning news. let's check in on those entertainment headlines for friday, anwe have a trio of trailers spanning from the spectruof political cody to hor david daniel has a look at this moing's hollywoodminute. >>i'm telling you guys jacket tothe real de campaign
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ours has caught the tention of the national republin party. >>wh steve coell and rose byrne square off in a small wisconsin town in irsistible written and directed by jon stewart that the political comy opens y and so had on us carrier ow oducer jordan ele and direcr near the cost of percent what they're caing a spiritual sequ to the 1992 horror film, candy man, th upda arrives june 12. >>money and person. and finay the documentazz top exploresalf a century of the power trio that to lone star stblues-rock worldwide musical deep dive hits dvd blu-ray and digital this
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>>wearing cheap sunglasses in hollywood, i'm david daniels. >>a little peek outside before we go we're taking a look at the bay bridge shot apprach to the toll plaza getting a ttle busy traffic stocking up in the cast lanes have a complete mckissack and mckissack is the nation's olde band cotruction firm. before mike,e were desperate. there were not a lot of opportunities for black-owned bunesses to compete. mike saw that and he leveled the playinfield fo over the years, we have heard a lot of talk. but mi came in, and actually did something about it. and that's how mike will get it done as president. i'm mike bloomberg
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kron 4 morning news a time r 29 happy friday. >>and t g i f wefinally made it now let's check in on the forecast we can plan on our
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weekend. i know we have some changes in store, so what's ahead. yeah, a few changes around the corner a little cooler even some snow in e got a plan coming mother nature played yeah, we could definitely use a more of it so if you know we can keep this trend going from t weekend on through march, it would help usout a lot because we had that recordry february that we about to wrap up now second to last day of february us today tomorrow officially your last day. >>not going to see any precipitationduring this time. but sunday is coming along with that snow in the sierras. so that is a good way to start the new month looking outside the golden gate idge. it is crystal clear out there what we d't have crystal clear as the skies up above us definitely a lot more clouds drifting across the bay area today you're going to notice that as you're stepping outsideonce the sun does come up. >>temperatures are fairly mild startthis morning. take a ok at freeman here at 61 oakland berkeley and san francisco comfortable in th upr 50's. ,


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