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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 28, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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on your side, >>we have one little trouble the bridges look eat the ut drive times e low, so hopefully it'll stay that for looking towards the weekend as the weather. i think everyone's listening to the forecast something like okay saturday is iffy sunday's iffy but toay it's like yeah, it's definitely going to be a nice day out there even ough skies are a little cloudier than they ave been we're still going to be keeping those 70's around r a lot of the bay nice little sunrise you can see some brightness making itway through even with those clouds that are hanging out above the bay area right now 40's and 50's for your current temperatures, hey we're at 52alameda 55, san francisco and berkeley. >>tube or warmer spots the d to upper 50's while a couplof low 40's up in the north bay and out towards fairfield at 41 later today as i promis you we got a few more 70's for bayside in inland eas while or coastal areas actually do see the
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biggest difference from yesterday, a f spots falling into the 50's right at the coast. the rest your forecast is still to come rob and all right we're off to the golden gate taking a peek atone o one it's been quiet throughout little bit now on the left at south 1 one into san francisco for dong fine, no delays in the north bay, no problems on city streets. >>and easy 22 minutes highway 37 to the toll plaza, here's the bay bridge. and yes we have a backup no it's not bad. this doesn't even spill back through the maze sowe're righat the bottom of the g maze looking good on the upper deck it's only 12 minutes into san francisco will check more problem in e south bay on one oh one right, thank you robin at 71 the developing story that we'refollowing mexico is now confirming its first 2 cases of coronavirus theris one patient. whhad ntact recently with someon who traveled to italy that's all they're saying about th 2 so far. >>and new this morning we've
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learned that one patient who has tested positive r the coronavirus is being treated now in san mateo county and with that news school superintendents in san mateo county are meeting today to talk about what they're goin to do trying to tame this friend does make people nervous copper sarah stinson is live insan mateo coun with more on that sarah. >>part of preparing is the health department is going to be talking with school officials today the superintendent from eachof the 23chool districts in the entire county and this is to talk about the potential spad of the crime virus and just make sure that they're ready if this happens especially since a of one confirmed case in the county did just reach out to the health department to hopefully they'll call us back in love a snow cave any updates on that but in terms of this meeting today again it will be with discuss a plan the meeting ll will aim make a unified plan how they will deal with the kronf ours if it spreads and advances which would disrupt our day they
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live so it's imptant to have a significant break down what they wi do district offials want to make sure they are sending out the same alerts to parents evy school in every district at w there's no nfusion, everyone's on the same page to speak with a superintendent who nts parents to know that this plan only to ensure the safety of their children. >>parentand students. should not feel worry at this time. i think that the schools are always for e best place for kidsto feel. and a sense routine wwant to make sure learning. is still possible thakids can moveforwrdand be safe. >>and part of being safe ey've increase the amount of daily cleaning is that occurring in the school and teachers and students have been recommended to clean much more frequently just like everybody else is as well now
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i'm here at bay would elementary school ju one of the schoo this county that will be a part of his plan in today's meeting and so hopefully we can catch up with someparents today as they drop off their kids see what they'd like to hear from district officials and public health officis as well for now live in san mateo sarah stinson kron 4 news. much sheriff and the other big story is we now have alot more information about the first community spread case of coronavirus in the count which ishere in the bay area. now we knowthat patients and solano county is a woman. she's in serious condition and on a breathing tubthis morning, yeah and as we reportd yesterday she has no knownconnection to. >>traveling china to anybody who had traveled to china. so the quti is how did she become infected, that's the big mystery, we know that she lis in solano county and we know that hundreds of people were quarantined there at trav air force base. she was initially treateat vaca valley hospital for about 3
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days before being transfred to u c davis medical cter is only then tt she s scovered to test positive for coronavirus meantime a coronavirus patients from travis air force base s been transported to a local hospital inmarin county for treatment th tient among one of those that was a evacuat off the prince said i'm a princescrse ip in japan. the patients moved to rin countyto reduce the burden on spitals and solano county. >>and so in response to that solano county health oicials have to concur lake a local stateof emergency which we've seen other bay area counties shep includi san francisco dand that frees up a lot of money so that they can continue to you know ramp u their efforts ha get ahead of this covers will tran is ve there with the latest well. >>daria that state of emergency absoluly right, it's really a preemptive measure, it's not like anything specific wear. the county residents have to extra as opposed to other counties, not under a state of emergency hs allows him to
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mobile now to access the thngs that they need to tackle coronavirus especially after this woman came down with community spread coronavirus because she never left the country so she's been at u c davis medical center for the past several days on sunday actuly that's when the cdc told doctors at davis medic center to go ahead and do e teing on coronavirus 2 days ago he came back positive, here's what we do know about her we know that she is a woman who did not knowhat yesterday because it was so tight lipped abouit because of privacy laws, at we don't know is where she under wraps for n, but do s know at r family has been quarantine and that the people who treated her first and back in alley hospal. the nurses they've also closely monired some of them possibly even quarantine because when they openedup her breathing her lungthat that might have
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releasedome of the coronavus to them so they're taking this veryseriously it's almost like investigato working a homicide case to retceevery step who she talked to where she was because we do know she never left the country in the meantime we are talking to residents of solano county. here's what they had to say about coronavirus that's going to often be just the county it's goingo go everywhere >>we've seen it already to china. 2 korea here. >>still not a pandemic situation now soi'm not going to wor about it yet. >>are you doing anything differently washing your hands more being know i always did that i'm a ge freak. so i don't you know it's one of those things i just don't put a lot of stocknto what's going on right now and no wait and wait and see. james tarea informion is coming out little drops we do know a lot
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of people there's rumblings people are mad that perhaps why did you. >>fly these people with coronavirus or lease exposed to travis air force base and there's some speculation that possibly she is one of the workers that comes and goes from travis air force base the deal with these people. but it appears accorng to health officials that she is not among the workers treang the people at travis air force base othe investigation continues back to you all right, thanks a lot. well. >>well i also want toheck with a 4 to possess one of the other aspects of our ecomy being impacted by coronavirus you casee the dow. this morning down by nearly a 1000 below a 1000 we're back do dip below the 24,000 mark, if you can believe it was just a trading above 28,000 but again this is just another sign of how mu of an impact the fear coronavirus is having on the broader economy, the worry that perhaps maybe even the american economy at the local
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level for main street all th way to wall street could see some softening as a result of the coronavirus the spreading he potential for people being quartined and local economy is grinding to a haltthat's those are some of the things we saw in mainnd china. when the virus reallyravaged that part of the world and the worry is that it cod happen here if this virus spread without. stop and that's one thing the national overnment is trying to do is systems in place to keep this from spreadingany further office you see that on the local level to you just sathe report from will tran so wall street reacting to coronavirus as well we'll keep following th pa the story i may have made his way to the u c davis on campus there unersity says 3 roommates from arney hall. >>are being monitored and they are in isolation. one of them is currently being tested by the cdc and olated at home in the other 2 are being isolated at different on campus housing and none of those 3 as yet teted posiive that the university is already ramping up cleaning and asking
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everybody to share their travel history if they do come down with symptoms. 2 sacramento, students are under self-quarantine right now they were exposed to somebody who tested positive for coronavirus a walk off campus we should know one of the students attends american river college. the other is a student at casa miss a river college and the students were exposed off campus. viewers have been writing in to kron 4 asking questions about how does it spre what can i do to keep myself my family safe and so we are going to have a doctor in studio again at 9 o'clock this morning member we did this before whave another doctor this time we're going to talk to that ctor about the virus safety concerns your questions about prevention. and that's all in the 9 o'clock hour. also all of the latest that we ever do on this is on kron 4 dot com. >>still ead here on the kron 00:04am morning news. it hit and killed by car in antioch and policsay he wasn't in
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the crosswalat the time, but we'll tell you what they believe happened. raquel martin in washington, us education secretary betsy was back thhot seat. defending the trump is time administration's proposed cuts to public education, i'll have the full story coming u >>stocks are set up for more steep losses today and wal-mart is taking on amazon prime ght jane king will have their stories comingp. >>one more day in the 70's before we cooldown into the rest of the weekend and it's already a mild start to your day. i've got your weekend forecast ahead, and as you prepare tohead to work this morninand know that there's a little bit of crowding out th bay bridge toll plaza, it's not that slow from the bottom of the mazeof eay
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working with mike bloomberg was one of experiences that i've had.the mg it important to talk to the people who know him personally. i worked for him for 8 years in city ha. i've beeworking for bloomberg for 27 years. 25 years almost 30 years. there's nobo that i respect mo, and felt more respected by. mike believes excellence is not defined by gender. mike builds a culture that advances women. i was the first woman ever appointed to be council to the mayor. he expects excellence ouof everyone, but he also provides the kind of support that allows you to be that person. mike called to tell me, you should be oud of what you've done and your name should be on that project. he has faith in you, he believes in you. it was aut always owing up and doi your best. and your name should be on that project. i always knew that he had my back.
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he was raiseby an extraordinary woman, she supported him all along the way mike supports won, he promotes wome and he respects women.
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>>some 14 right now we're looking at whether going into the weekend that sure is a nice way to start the weekend yeah, thstart is definitely
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better th the finished, okay, although the finishe a to that just a couple prinkles and a little cool good chance to actually wear a jacket that true since this and we really of the snow has a son who's a border scare him away for this. yeah, the snow is going to be really good on sunday, especially to expect a few slick spots up in e sier sunday, but as for your skiing it's going to be great looking tside this morning skies, definitely cloudier biggest change this morning in the rest of the day today as compared to where we have been just not as quite as blue, but temperatures are going to stay pretty similar still holding on to the 70's for just one re day even with cloud cover overheahigh pressures gradually slipping to the east now and we do have this low pressure area that's goingo begin working its way on into the state. come the evening tonight, this isgoing to result in a lid 10 degree drop in temperatures from today on into tomorrow tomorrow just as cloudy us today. but you're actually going to be feeling cool. it's almost like fall after a
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little many summer that we've been having then we work our y on into sunday and there's needed up in the sierra we d have a snow survey, the other day tahoe is well behind as the rest of the sira officially having fallen back now into modere drought. this is going to help him but bay area even though you do just a drop in what is a big bucket that we need to pick up in march to filback up after such a dry february. temperatures in san francisco marina district, definitely the cool spot only at 57 you'll find a couple other 50'sright along the coastline today so cooler the oast than about anywhere else. our land and even bayside areas still holding on tosome warmth with daytime highs today very similar to yesterday and the day before that they were for that too san jose 79 todasanta clara milpitas and campbell each at 78, while the east bay, mostly mid 70's. you find a couple of upper 70's in areas like conquered in walnut creek. well some low 70's in spots
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like oakland, north bay temperatures mostly 70's as well there's a couple of 50's out along the coast in marin county like in stinson beach at 57 today. temperatures the next 7 days a bit of an up and down in his one now saturday that's tomorrow last day of february we'r going out dry 64 degrees cooler cloudier t no rainfall sunday, a couple chances of sprinkles in the bay area most notably going to be really snowy up in the sierra which is great news. we dry out into nexweek the following weekend could see some more rainfall as we could that robin all right we'll do let's head over to the richmond sandra fell we're checking in. >>on west bound 5.80 now we have some heavier traffic westbound leadi up to the bad still considered friday t castro so were minutes to on make it to the north bay which is still get slow at the tolls ving well across the span of the bridge itself not bad prettmuch same story for 80 wesson san francisco flight
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the tolls moving well on the suspension. the backof hat we're looking at is now at the bottom of so what's holding there normally on friday doesn't back up all the way through the maze so we'll see this morning if everybody is behaving we should be ok so 13 minutes for the average off to fremont street, here'the trouble spot. i'm not calling a hot spot becausethere's no traffic alert for this it's if you're traveling through san jose south one oh 1, 2 north 8.80 the connector ramp is closed the truck towing a trailer, the trler flipped over there trying to get earedno major delays getting through your hea traffic is actually northbound and that's the commute side and that's ju a little pockets sell 40 minutes, north one oh one san jose to menlo parkand you're looking good on highway 4 as you ecover from a crash 22 minutes antioch to concord mes, thank you very much robin to national news now there's a growing fighton capitol hill er funding for schools across the country democrats is king money om key tration
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education programs, but some republicans say that's not true. >>raquel martin has the story. >>how c you continue tmake these kinds. democrat congresswoman rosa delauro perforated us education secretary betsy to last thursday, calling the trump administraon roposed cuts to dozens of educaon programs an attack on the nation's public schools deny the resources to the mot to the school that need the help most yes, you will fail to laurel saidthe proposed buet would slash funding to charter hools tutoring services in danger youth literacy byrolling althe money in general block grants code for tting programs, illinois democrat cheri bustos says the proposal would also an less money for rule school district desperate to recruitteachers at cutting that that's a stament that they are not taking this problem seriously and it's a big problem for our kids but secretary devolves pushed back on ose claims saying block grant simply give states the flexibilitythey need to decide how money should be
7:20 am
spent different states will invest their share of the block ant differently. >>and that's ok while some republicans praised the administration's strategy others raised concer and there's a risk he, but oklahoma congressman tomcole still tough ended device. sayg the secretary is simply doing her job. >>i know you faced a very difficult challenge in making all the pieces fit with all sincerity this is not going to democrats say theyl keep fighting to ensure public schoo continue to get the funding they need. >>in washington raquel marn. >>for your money this morning walmart is developing a competitor to amazon prime and stocks are seeing big losses today, jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane heidara good morning at the moment, we're down809 points in the dow we've been down more than a 1000 so that comes after the 1200 points almost lost that we have the dow yesterday the biggest one-day point drop in story 124 year histy of
7:21 am
the dow walmart wants to go head to head the famils on the chain reportedly working on a paid membership called l-mart plus itwould directlycompete with amazon prime andreportedly include text toorder anis expected to start testing in march no the tsa is warning of ait aos amid a hiring freeze to freeze went into effect after members of the union to ge a collective 3% living wage increase the freeze will n impact spring break travel, according to the tsa. >>and amazon far more than a million products for sale in recent wes that had inaccurately claimed to cure or defend against the coronavirus worse reports, 's removed 10's of thsands of price gouging deals as well offering a 10 pack offace masks for a 128 bucks accordg to reuters that was up from a recent seller erage of 41 live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king back tdaria thas a lot change >>it's 7.21 coming up here on the kn 4 morning news, the oakland police commission meets for the first time since firingformer police chief anne kirkpatrick we'll have
7:22 am
reaction from the commission chr. plus san francisco taking action to make sure fewer addis sht up on the tom steyer will beat donald trump on the economy. his people over prits plan makes a living waga right. creates thousands of good paying greejobs in california. and provides 10% tax cut for evne making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public evne making under $250,000. option tobamacare. protts union negotiad plans. and ensures californians can make their own protts union negotiad plans. health care choices. m tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>an 11 ar-old boy was struck n a hit killed a car in antioch he was crossing the street with his brother, here'svideo of the car that hitim. this white vehicle wi front end damage. the boy was walking with s brother noin the crosswalk at launch the brother survived the road. driver stopped and cooperated with the police and the driver was not impaired they say nor was the driver arrested. >>san francisco is movg closerto opening a medically supervised space where addicts can safely inject drs. mayor london breed and supervisor matt haney are introducing new legislation to pavthe way for sa injection sites. the plan will tablish a ocess for norofits to apply for permits from the department publ health to open upthe
7:26 am
safe injection sites. the mayor is hoping this program will save lives and encourage addicts to get clean. >>that's whatthis is about when they are ready when the say the word there getting the counseling and the services and they are immediately provided the treatment that they need to t healthy. this is the rit thing to do it's the smart thing to do it's a compassionate effective thing to do and it could not be more urgent. >>fous ght now as we face this most deadly epidemic. >>the mayor says they can't move forward with the plan passed by the state ng it is legislure and that is expected to be taken up setimthis year. we'll take a break at 7.26 to coming up here on the kron 4 morning news, bart police annocing some big citation changes when it comes to race. well explains. we choose to go the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but becausthey are hard.
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president kennedy knew settling wasn't good enough. when candidates say we can't guarantee heal care for all, ke college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that erica is best when we striveo do big things, even when 's hard. i'm bernie sanrsnd i approve this message.
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>>an29 were looking at weather and traffic for anna friday, not much to complain about robin wright exactly the bridge you know busy but not bad and i still have one little trouble spot on one oh one in san jose, it's all take a peek at that on this friday, let's t the weather update from john yapp big changes guys not just the month, t also the march starts on sunday. and a dry february soon to be behind us and hopefully a not so dry march ahead of us here look outside at the golden gate bridge brging a little bit of cloud cover overhead, but ceainly no fog through the bridge is morning. >>you can see those clouds filteng in and out across the day at times you'll get some blue atimes little bit more on the grave site today, 40's and 50 for your current temperatures with conquered in redwood city at 49 oakland at 4.54. berkey and san francisco each 56 coolest up inhe north bay out tords fairfield at 42 degrees right now. later today, it's definitely still a warm one in our warmest one of the upcoming weekend. so if you'd
7:31 am
like this whether saver today before a cool down tomorrow 70's for bayside and nland areas. robin let's check the bay bridge heading into san francisco. i'll show you 2 differenangles, so first i'll give you the approach om the toll plaza from the maze leading up to the toll caltrans cameras on the righ have traffic coming from the e sure on the left it's 80 wesand they are wide open so normally it's backed up all the way through the maze but on fridays we normally get a break and that's exactly what'shappening. but. >>from west grand to the tolls here is or slow down. so there is some traffic ere, but it's just not bad you're averaging 17 minutes carpool lanes e we open that's going help you save some time and no problems on the upper deck quick peek at one o one south to 80 north. it's still closed. that where a truck with a trailer flipped over but traffic is getting through without a delay darya chant, thanks a lot of 7 31 in the east bay, the oakland police commission that for the first timesince firing police chief tor patrick believes that the
7:32 am
she was fired for not giving special treatment to one of >>kron four's gayle ong took a closer look. >>one week after oakland was fired oakland residents have these questions and comments for e police commission thursday night why wasn't she fired. how will the commission regain the trust of the public now that the pd is disruptive to every open police officer, i kn is heartbroken her decision your actions have removed leader of the officers trusted on february 20th both mayor libby shaft and the commission unanimouslyvoted to terminate kirkpatrick with no cars after 3 years on the b you all should be ashamed of yourselves while a handful of public comments were against the vote. others thgh support the decision thank you for your courage. for firing chief. ann kirkpatrick we support commissioner harris, we asked her and this commiion to continue to ask the difficult questis and to do what's necessary o improve every 4 o p d. >>they're talking about commissioner jonellearris, the form chief claims part
7:33 am
of the reason why she was fired was her refusal to do favors for certain city leade notably harris police commission chair regina jackson had this to say about the claims anyone. >>what casts such a serious vote bad upon something so trifle him as a towing fee. or a disagrnt. quite frankly insulting. we spoke to sam singer, the spokesperson for kirktrick who says she is speaking with attorneys to determine her next news local news in the national spotlight right now and there's heavy media ttention. >>as well as legal attention the police cmission. monitor and the possible misspending of $26 million but that monitor over thpast 17 years. >>and now a lot of questions are being asked. >>a number of those questions are surrounding the federal monitor overseeing the oakland police department, sam singer also said thaann kirkpatrick has not received her terminaon letter yet from the mayor's office so at this
7:34 am
time she is still entitledto that one year salary and she isstill wayne. those options in oakland gayle ong kron 4 news it's 7 33 in the bart police department is out with ndings on racial sparities in enforcemet they found. >>that fare evsion is the biggest problem on bart and on average they issue 40 citations a day but part says out of all of the citations african-americans bar dictors called the findings insightful and they add is gives direction for improvement and how officers patrolled the ations. >>we believe there is some bias in the t the acts of giving those citations then we need to start that exercise by doing a proper study look at the local and state el in all initiatives and train that we can get our hands on. >>but dia were way ahead of the curve and we maintain our buy space police in training.
7:35 am
and as long as we keep doin that in a it pass it on to our officers and yoget engaged community in our training what theywere going to be the place. >>but also says that mot citations thatwere violatis for. >>eating nhaning and destructive and disruptive behavior that those re also mostly given to african-americans >>san francisco policehave arrested a man and accusehim of a hate crime after attacking a man in the bayview district. here's a picture of the 60 year-old victim. the age comes from a video at the suspect recorded as he was attacking the victim last saturday. police arsted 20 year-old duane grayson. and we have a mug shotfrom a prior that we can show you there it is grayson is cused of making a racial comment as he attacked a man who was collecting recycling grace and now faces a number of charges including hate crime nd elder action to stop the tons of l plastic that'polluting the stres and waterways around the bay area arounthe world really. berkely based earth
7:36 am
island institute filed a lawsuit against 10 us companies, inuding coca-cola and pepsi the suit accuses them of filing should say filling the world's ecosystem with astics and products that they claim will be recycled, but aren't even recycling companies are being overwhelm. thre's nowhere for the tons of plastic to go. >>if you had onprobl in this country and so we come of plastic bottles ani hope we can element there still promoting these products is i'm each bottle and we know at that that's not 91% of what we see here today is going to be burned pua landfill. that's not sustainle. >>first islandwants the court to order the companies to cut plastic use and pay for cleanups. les check once again with the big 4 this rning. see what the effects of the coronavirus care havg and once again it a sharply down day th the dow off by more than 950 points right now trading at 24,0008 oh 8
7:37 am
rounding out a pretty ba week in fact just yesterday we saw the dow plummet nearly 1200 points. the biggest one day point drop ever and it looks like we're in for what appears to be another day similato that will keep an eye on the numbers of track where they go throughout the program. >>it's 7.36. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news new evidence help solve a decades tell you who police say and what we're seeing this morning still some pretty mild temperatures we're still going to beolding on the warm temperatures this afternoon but the rest of the weekend is bringi some changes. >>i've got that forecast ahead and i'm tracking ur commute around the bay area live look at one o one north heading out of san jose it still clogged up frpockets from sou
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treatment plans for eversmil twith your goo ragtag group of misfits,ing somehow wins it all, mov. twitremember guys,tag gglory lasts forever. bottle that confidence, mi. tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph >>in the north bay closure for the family of woman who was murdered 47 years ago. police
7:41 am
have solved the murder of naomi sander shwas an apartment complex manager and lived on the property on oakwood avenue she was sexually assaulted and strangled in her apartment and new dna testing avenue of evidence help police find her killer robert wards. he died ba in 1993 of a drug family of the victim have he thanked the police department now for their hard work saying that naom may now rest in peace. a corruption scandal that rocked the san francisco, public works department is looking bigger than first repoed the city attorney has now issued 14 additional subpoenas to contractors a companies linked to a project at 5.55 fulton street. this is all tied to former public works director mohammed nuru our new room. he stepped down afr he was arrested and charged in a federal public corruption case along with restaurantowner nick bovis the new subpoenas mean that these of thosthat have be records tied to new rule which might show any sign f alleged bribery. you can find a list
7:42 am
of information on this case on our website at kron 4 docom. >>time now 7.41 coming up on the kron 00:am morningbuzz, what's so funny about that we'll see what the brown found amusing. anders and the niners arplayg the giving pledge
7:43 am
to give his moy to charity, when this californian walked away from his billion doll company for good. he drivea chevy volt, flies coercial, and spends his days buiing grassroots campaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer belies every ild deserves the same opportuni. a healthy planet. good schoo. quality healthca, living wage jo, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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ynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. we have had a really warm and sunny week behind us we're going to keep the warm weather going today and at times a bi of sunshine as you can see here from berkeley. but you're also seeig is a lot more cloud cover today that's really thebiggest change that we've got for your friday aad of us going to stay mfortable, but stormtracker 4 is showing those louds that are pushing over the bay at times high pressure is beginning to exit the region a cold front dipping into the bay areatomorrow is going to result in a big drop in temperatures so todayeasily our warmest day you're most comfortable, one stepping outside tomorrow is gonna feel
7:46 am
a bit more like we should for this time of year and then come sunday you're cool stay in the forecast wheyou're cloudy us too and look at this some snowfall up in the sierra nevada great news for skiers really good news for drought conditions which s officially returned to tahoe as of this week. but in the meantime the bay area esn't look to be seeing a whole lot of activity couple sprinkles here and there but that's about all we've got other than at we're gog to stay dry through the beginning of march until the enof xt week. when we could see some showers and the following week after that a long-range projections are actually showing some really good news. let's hope that all works out as for temperatures 60's and 70's for most of your highs today very similar to yesterday for south bainland east bay and north bay area's conquered still 77 san jose just one degree cooler than yesterday's 80 at 79 while san francisco couple degrees down back into the upper 60's tomorrow more than a coup of degrees down a solid 10 degree drop on average for your daytime highs sunday, even
7:47 am
cooler than that wi that slight chance of rain trying out intonext week robin. >>all right, let's head over to 92, we're taking a trip acss the san mateo bridge checking in on the west found drive and it's already thinning out. so we started off with some heaviertraffic this morning, but right now it look pretty good. it's getting better already at 21 minutes to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge it's one of our heavier co. bridges. police at the moment, the backup only spills the bottom of the maze not through deck 12 minutes for the drive into safrancisco in your carpool lanes look fantastic by the way we're checking in traffic tracker one o one it's going to be heavy from 3rd. 2 about cesar chavez to 80 slows right around geneva through the one oh one split and then in san jose's the south one oh one connecr to 8.80 north still close because of an overturd trailers so crews ve been working without for a while no delays going south annorthbound very busy from south san jose throh downtown continuing
7:48 am
into mountain view so we' put it at 48 minutes from 85 tomenlo park. in them was another brutal loss fothe warriors this time to the lakers. >>i'm not laughing, we kw they're not laughing wih us so one of the bron find so funny dream on greens see at rick's he makes it 5 minutes into his first game backfrom injury and was ejected from offof the raf are t calling foul had. >>ki james on that amusing as you can see yakking it up with the guys on the sideline the left too hard you mit pull something lebron he's already gota sore groin the warriors take a one 1686 beati even coach kerr says this is gettinold and they need a couple of wins just to feel better. >>steps back which ould be as soon as sunday they're going tomorrow. an upte on that. >>derek carr knows when the raiders head to vegas, he might not be on the bus. well they've got wondering eyes on
7:49 am
young talent at the combine an old man bradin new england. coach gruden is still singi a love song. >>i really think dek sector player, and i got a lot of respect for what he's done. there was some toug circumstances so i'm not going swer every. the media room are out there just can't do it, i'm just going to listen to my serious rock'n'roll classic final and keep working, but love with their carded a lovely brings to our team and anxious continue to build around that classic rock and rolif they trade car he can dedicate this one from bon jovi to yield to they now. >>ok the forty-niners know it's not easy to get over a shanahan is looking at ch >>he is still upset aboutthe one that got away. >>that's li now you can deal with that no one died. is disappointi how we do have
7:50 am
to grve it. but doing a lot ago and i plan on doing that or 3 weeks from now and i am right noand i think our team is made othe right stuff. i think it's very important or teen not jus individually to not just have a career in this league but we've got guys who important to those are the guys that will continue bring our building. >>so wouldbe journey don't stop all right, i'll stop. after the nfl combine. the 40 on april 23th. the zamboni aft driver who saved the day has hockey taking a new look at who can be an ebola or emergency backup goalie david ayers suddenly had to shoot up when oth goalies for the carolina hurricanes got hurt. the minor leaguer turn zamboni driver saves a win and became the oldest goalie in league history to his regular season.
7:51 am
the nhl but. 42 years old, 42 when got her out there are what about the bug case in 2018 when a 36 year-old got in thecrease for chicago, i got a song for that >>ok now how stop singing i'll leave it to taylor swift. she just dropped the video for her new song, the man and she's the man when it comes to annotating one chk it t it's all over the intenet. the video highlights, you know the double standard for men. what they get to do have a walk how they talk even in the she talks about you ow how she play it cool and play the field. >>should the fearless leader look at her. i lo the way she's carrying her that her james. you do realize this is her. credible watch is in the hands up anshe just like tough lockdown we tell you see
7:52 am
the man's this on the subway. she's like sticking the cigarette like the ashes on the lady because you know n they just rule the world in fact at one point you just kind of turns around and uses the world has her bathroom here are his bathroom because that's what men get to do in the lyrics. she's taing about i'm so sick of running as fast as can wonding if i get there quicker. if i were a man. and the cool thing about is is at the end. i don't know if there's a tennis player, but anyway, so here she is on her he is on a boat. then later, she's got a of like a tennis player. she strong like a mcenroe fit right, you know, and then the a look at is look at the body movie she comes out and where he now certain now, here's the real taylor, swift she's playing. the director and james what she says here preless she ys he and that
7:53 am
was good can you do it again year and more likable beuse u know how mantime taylor has heard that told that every a great video so check it out at's the bus started but the
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>>today's box office report bught to you by the new luxury lounges at century n francisco center. >>ll we have just one movie opening in wide lease this weekend. universal'latest take on the invisie ma which stars elizabeth ross. e movie could have a strong opening weekend it's actually getting some etty solid review anindustry analysts think it may very well finished number one we'll have to see come monday. and coming up e next hour morning news, the solano county woman is in serious ndition now as she ttles e coronavirus now health ficials ha declared a local state of emergency will have thfull story. tom steyer will beat donald trump on t economy. his people over profits plan
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makes a living wage a right. createthousands of good paying green jo in california. and provides 10%ax cut for everne ming under $250,000 tom's plan also kes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotted ans.blic and ensures californians can make their own protects union negotted ans.blic health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this mesge. - only invisalign treatment uses smatrack technogy. itoves teeth more comfortably and predictably than ordinary aligners. treatment s for every smile. twith your goo ragtaged group of misfits,ing somehow wins it all, movie. twitrememberuys,agtaged gglory lasts fover.g bottle that confidence, mike. tonight, la quin. bottle that confidence, mike. tomorrow you tumph.
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>>thanks for joining us on this friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm jas fletcher let's get you caught up on weather and traffic with john and robin before we get to the headlines of the road so far been pretty good. yes. it has we've had problems they are clearing quickly but i do have the south bay salt eck that and the bay bridge all right and taking a look at pretty nice safetoday yeah, keeping that warmth going and it's the last day of it fore some pretty big changesthe rest of the weekend. it's going take us ck to the 60's and even 50's in a few spots, this is your look outside at sun old which is looking like thre of the bay little spots, a blue but definitely some more clouds today th whawe had been saying you can see those also here in stormtracker 4. >>no chances of rain but definitely not as sunny as we your currt temperatures for still hanging


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