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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 28, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. watching kron 4 news. >>i know we now know of a 4th case of coronavirus with no known origin of exposure. these this latest comes out of washington state and oregon the 2 other cases are here in the bay area good evening, everybody. i'm vicki will and i'm ken wayne in for graham lotus tonight, santa clara
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county officials revealed their mystery case earlier today. >>kron four's dan thorn joins us now live from san jose with the latest there dan. >>well ken vickie's santa clara county health officials say that they now have 3 confirmed cases of coronavirus but this latest case is different from the other 2 because this person got it through community transmission meaning that this person did not travel abroad and did not have any known connection to someone who is infected with coronavirus. >>it's another mystery coronavirus case in the bay area santa clara county health officials confirming friday they have a 3rd case similar to what was discovered earlier this week in solano county. >>like the california case reported 2 days ago. our 3rd case did not recently traveled overseas or have any known contact with the recent travelers are an infected person health officials say this patient and older woman contracted coronavirus through community spread the unnamed
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woman has chronic health problems and was originally hospitalized for respiratory issues her doctor called the health department wednesday night to have her tested for coronavirus. >>the results came in thursday night since receiving the results last night we've been working to identify the woman's contact. >>contacts and to understand who she might have exposed while contagious health officials were not releasing more information about the woman santa clara county announced its first coronavirus case on january 31th that patient recently traveled to china, he was not hospitalized in instead self quarantine health officials cleared him on february 20th. >>the second case involved a woman who also traveled to china. she was confirmed infected on february second she too did not need to go to the hospital and has been restricted to or home health officer doctor sara cody says the goal now is to slow the spread in santa clara county. what we know now is that the virus is here present at some
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level. but we still don't know to what degree. >>santa clara county health officials also noted that they can now do coronavirus testing here at their lab in san jose. this will help speed up the diagnosis of coronavirus here in the community reporting live in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news stan. thank you this year's game developers conference has been postponed because of coronavirus concerns was originally set from march 16th through the 20th in san francisco, but for the past several weeks companies such as facebook sony electronic arts and amazon withdrew their attendance citing health and safety concerns. organizers say they fully intend to hosted gdc event later in the summer as of now school leaders say there's no reason for alarm san mateo county superintendents met with counties. >>health officials this morning to discuss coronavirus concerns superintendent of
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nancy mcgee says the school should continue to carry on as they have been. >>our greatest plan is provide safe and supportive school learning environments for students. as there is no reason take any additional action and as soon as there something that indicates we do something differently. we will do that in the meantime we're encouraging all of our families to practice, good health protocols as well as our staff. >>concerns about coronavirus in palo alto schools. the city's district sent to students home who they say may have been exposed to the virus at kron four's gayle ong standing by live for us in palo alto where she's been talking to folks there about their concerns and what's going on with the school's scale.
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>>making this is a precautionary measure by the palo alto unified school district they say the students had no symptoms but apparently their parents may have been it's an exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus it is unclear where this contact took place in a letter this afternoon as superintendent wrote to parents notifying them about the situation one student goes to held also a high schooler pally the other goes to jail s middle school. and the letter says the students were sent home because their parents were in proximity to the person who tested positive for the virus spoke to a resident was also a substitute teacher with the school but she is not worried. >>and looking back at it we had sores we had a flu epidemic we had other that i think didn't threaten the people to this extent. i think all we have that we can do is just keep our hands really really well and if there is somebody who is in the family or someone we think we're close to we get a face mask.
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>>at this point of time the school district is following the guidelines of the california, public health department and the cdc and the students will remain off campus until they are cleared to return over the weekend and they have cleaners staff adjusts and sanitized areas up so that will be taking place this weekend. reporting live in palo alto gayle ong kron 4 news, they'll. thank you health officials are urging the public to start taking additional measures to try to slow down the spread of coronavirus. >>they say the most important step is to keep your hands clean. also cover your cough stay home when you're sick and try not to touch your face also think about family preparedness if you do need to stay home for as long as one or 2 weeks for parents who have children in school. officials getting work done at home if you can and for people who work in an office try teleconferencing and of course keep your guests and other surfaces at work and at home
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as clean as possible. more than a 1000 coronavirus testing kits are now on their way to california our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has an update. >>hundreds of coronavirus testing kits are heading to california as the officials say thousands are still under surveillance for the coronavirus the department of public health friday said it set to receive an immediate shipment of up to 1200 kits this comes as california used up most if not all of the 200 testing kits the cdc had initially said the state before the federal government promised to send more page and make sure there are plenty of that test kits available california congressman ami bera lead a hearing with the director of the cdc this week in washington what i find she should director west. >>south korea is just just kidding 1000 people a day and there's no reason state shouldn't be able to produce a large number chess and get them distributed across the
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country exactly how soon will get to california is still unclear what told the she she will have our test cuts forced next week that's falling out the cdc did not respond to a request for comment friday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news around the world more than 83,000 people have been infected with coronavirus more than 2800 have died and has also caused chaos in the financial markets. >>both the dow and the s and p 500 saw their worst weeks since october of 2008. >>the dow dropped 12.4% just this week and the s and p gave back 11.5%. the nasdaq ended flat today but has dropped 10.5% for the week. energy markets have been particularly hard hit as investors fear a collapse in demand for jet fuel and gasoline hopes are high that the federal reserve will actually cut interest rates on march 18th, stay tuned to kron 4 and kron on for the very latest on the on coronavirus we're tracking the bay area response by local
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cities and counties as well as the latest cases and the information you need to know to keep your family safe. you can find all that information on kron 4 dot com switching gears here for a moment time for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside from our sutro camera looking san francisco beautiful shot of you that never gets old chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here we're talking about friday night and weekend. >>yeah week it's going to be a big change in the weather we've had such a nice weekend in this been flip-flops and teachers all week long so i'm like temperatures in parts the bay area but now. >>well things are changing so those high clouds come in today seem stretching across the bay area but look at the cold front that's now coming down from the gulf of alaska that is going to change everything some these temperatures drop a good 15 to 20 degrees. but not today. it was spectacular today across much of the bay area we did cool down along the coastline, but still some records in some of the valley's livermore today checked in at 80 degrees that was a record also record of 74 degrees at the oakland airport and around the bay area get away from the coastline. it was pleasantly warm yet 70's all around the
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bay of the low 80 in livermore 75 in the concord 73 degrees in santa rosa, but look at the coastline started to see the changes there today as the fog return to the coast only 60 degrees today in half moon bay. out there right now a little hazy you could see some patchy fog there in the distance as system begins to work its way down the coastline that's going share some cooler air as high pressure kind of gets out of the way lot of high clouds out there right now we're going to see those throughout the night tonight and occasionally seals often on tomorrow. big story other than the cooler temperatures tomorrow will be the winds. they're going to be really with an outside right now just more of a gentle breeze but by tomorrow afternoon, those winds really get going in fact even in the morning along the coastline, you see those winds picking up a by the afternoon you've got some 20 and some 30 mile an hour gust, even more when with another cold front developing on sunday, a look at all the color coming in you start to get orange and the red those are some gusts of 30 maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts the mountaintops but blustery all around the bay area some much cooler temperatures on the way. tonight, partly cloudy
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skies with some patchy fog tomorrow, partly cloudy and much cooler windy in the afternoon. and then we've got some partly cloudy skies slight chance of showers on sunday temperature, wise numbers running in the 50's in and around the bay cooler along the coast at 48 degrees in pacifica right now 51 in san francisco, some partly cloudy skies get some patchy fog along the coast. here we go cold front dropping into the bay area overnight tonight it's tomorrow that is going to really cool down the temperatures and kick up the winds blustery conditions outside temperatures taken a major hit maybe as much as 15 maybe 20 degrees cooler so said the 70's and 80's we're talking about 50's and 60's for highs. thank you lawrence is pretty unusual to see brush fires this time of year. but that's exactly what happened today on san bruno mountain and firefighters say that it's a stark reminder of just how dry. >>california has become and how an early fire season may begin. crawford's dan kerman has the story a raging grass fire is not what you might
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expect in february but that's what happened on this winter morning, a top san bruno mountain. >>the starting gate little fear going on there the closer i got i i saw that it behind my house. >>in the mount daly city resident jerry gree a go decided to climb up the mountain from his backyard to get a closer look at the blaze plans everything he shot this video as was learned during these start collecting valuable company think about all those other wildfires that we've had you know in the bay area. >>and so you know the united news, you know personal and it's close luckily. the fire was not burning towards homes still it was moving fast and very dry grass and brush. >>containing the gorse the course is probably our biggest issue up there. >>because it contains a lot of oils and it burns very fast and very hot. >>fire officials dispatched 60 firefighters and a helicopter to knock down the blaze which they did holding it to just 6 acres as crews mopped up in the afternoon investigators
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combed the scene for a cause. but fire officials point out a fire like this in february as a stark reminder of what could be coming. >>they had significant rainfall this time of year last year above a 100% snowpack we have a lot of greening up. right now we're starting to see those who moisture ys at levels that we don't usually see until later in the spring and the summer so and if we don't see significant rain in the near future i unfortunately this has the potential to indicate the fire behavior that we're going to see over the next few months again, the fire remains under investigation though fire crews do say the park was open. >>at the time the blaze broke out in daly city dan kerman kron 4 news. >>politicizing. there's you they're politicizing it. we did one of the great jobs. you say house president drawn trump doing they go moana could not to. and no of any to
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they can't even count the votes in iowa. >>president trump is calling concerns about the coronavirus safe a hoax being used by the democrats today, the president spoke at a rally in north charleston south carolina. he went after democrats who he says are using the potentially deadly virus to discredit him. the president also suggested his supporters cast their votes for the weakest candidate in the democratic primary, the republican party in the state canceled its own primary. meanwhile, a former vice president joe biden faces a crucial test in the south carolina primary tomorrow a loss could doom his campaign and a victory could hit the reset button on the entire race just 70 reports. >>because south carolina is the surge extreme to win the democratic nomination tonight, joe biden is looking for a south carolina lifeline. >>hoping a victory will revive his candidacy this nation is looking for a revolution of
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some of my colleagues talk about. they're looking for progress looking for results. >>the eve of the south carolina primary finest tying him so closely to former president barack obama there's 2008 when here help send him to the white house has been a launching pad for barack and i believe will be a launching pad for me this americans. >>this is a marathon for the whole of the hole right here. >>that bernie sanders is still in command of the race let us go forward. tomorrow let us win the primary here in south carolina. let us win the democratic nomination. stuffy donald trump. >>not ceding south carolina. but also looking ahead to super tuesday. with 14 contests from coast to coast a warning a 3rd of all delegates. we are building a movement that cannot be stopped. >>the next 4 days are critical for democratic candidates fighting to stay alive on the
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woman who is going to beat donald trump i am not going to be able to out divide the divider in chief i will beat and trying to become the alternative to sanders senator sanders is a front runner but the majority of democrats are looking for something else what process we go through post-super tuesday to assess your way forward book or so we will be looking closely at the results of the delegate count and making sure that we have the right path forward. tonight ad spending topping a $1 billion mark. michael bloomberg alone accounts for half that with more than 500 million in tv radio and digital ads, tom stier more than million and here in south carolina stier spending 22 million far outpacing his rivals including biden this biden's aides are keeping a close eye on stier as robust investment in the state a free ticket it into biden's expected margin of victory stier 20 lead dismisses the criticism what would you say to those people who say you may be taking votes away from vice president biden. >>i would say that's insulting
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not to me, but to the people that somehow he owns the folks really. and there's an implication in there that in fact we're talking about african americans that was jeff felony reporting for us tonight, a new cnn poll shows senator bernie sanders holds big leads in california. >>and texas which are the largest states to vote super tuesday. he's polling at 29% support, former pres of vice president joe biden has 20% and former new york mayor michael bloomberg has 18%, joe biden's wife doctor jill biden was in san francisco today she spoke with voters on her husband's behalf and fort mason. >>catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics was also there. doctor biden told catherine she doesn't like it when candidates argued during debates, but she says the firing back and forth does show that voters chose voters rather that candidates are fighting for them. >>and to be the candidate and so. and so i think and maybe
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more people i don't know maybe that makes more people watch when they see that it's it's not pouring that politics is about people's lives and we're fighting for americans i think if you looked up there on the stage i think you could look at joe biden and say you know what what you know he what he says his message he is a president he is someone i could picture as our next president. >>you can watch the full interview with doctor biden on inside the area politics, an air saturday and sunday mornings at 11 oh 5 on kron on you can also catch it right here on kron 4 television sunday mornings at 6.30. the sheriff says go district attorney's office announced that they will no longer charge people with possession of contraband that was a result of stop and frisk style searches district attorney chase said rudy made these announcements today. he is also ending the 3 strikes law and he says he's giving longer
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sentences and he's ending giving longer sentences based on gang affiliation instead his office will now seek sentences based on the person's president conduct such as the weapons used or injuries to victims. rather than the person's past history. according to the da's office all of these policies are subject to exception. if the suspect presents a grave risk to public safety or crime victims. and the san francisco police officers association course responding to the da's new policy in a statement that reads in part. i had a short tenure chase of butadiene has demonstrated that he is a clear and present danger to the law abiding residents businesses and visitors of san francisco get pulled over and have an illegal handgun or a r 15. no problem bodene will throw your case out have 10 pounds of meth all in small plastic bags ready for sale, no problem bodene will toss that case too. it's unconstitutional. the bodene
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would let someone with an illegal gun go free only to allow them the opportunity to arm themselves again. jason bodene is emboldening criminals and we're all going to pay a steep price for his absurd policies in oakland, a man is facing charges in a major retail theft operation police say the suspect thirty-one-year-old willie in cordova could be us was found with 250 stolen power tools, worth an estimated $300,000. he was also allegedly in possession of a firearm and drugs. police say the suspect sold some of the items at flea markets in oakland and san jose. investigators are looking to try to identify the victims in oakland in neighboring cities to return the property to their rightful owners in the north bay interstate 80 westbound lanes are back open as lotto county tonight after an earlier big rig pileup yeah, the big rig crashed over a center divide and hit several vehicles. this is a picture from the scene this morning. in total 6 vehicles were involved in this crash, including another big
9:21 pm
rig. multiple injuries have been reported the cause of the big rig going over the barrier that is under investigation. a memorial service has been announced for the 12 year-old girl who died in a hit and run crash in castro valley this week. >>lana carlos and her sister where we're legally in the crosswalk when a truck turned left and then hit and killed. carlos it happened on monday at the intersection of mentor and pro canyon road. the suspect 24 year-old joshua earn was arrested after turning himself in on tuesday. the memorial service was announced lana's go fund me pages where it was announced it is scheduled for saturday march 7th at 01:00pm at the 3 crosses church in castro valley. >>coming up a bay area community is scrambling to find medical masks to do to the local spread of coronavirus what you need to know before hitting the store and a victory for the white house an appellate court rules said it will not enforce a subpoena to compel a former
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white house lawyer to testify before house lawmakers will have details ahead. plus it's the end of an era tonight on dine and dish or going to visit with the famous che tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right.
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creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. out there. it is the end of an era for french cuisine and fine dining at least in one place in san francisco after more than 3 decades, the famous unlawfully is planning to hang it up so tonight on dine and dish. >>we pay a visit to the chef
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behind it all. was ease. zacks into some big shoes and love to bring in food and wine legendary don't meet chef alon purcell >>the base. the one who japanese up 30 feet the chef and owner of lawfully in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood. cooking back in the kitchen, 6, 9, 2, weeks or so hands on he and his wife started lawfully back in the 80's. she say we have to be crazy to up in an old or on record it live for you because it's madness. that's him in case you're today boston fancy multi-course meals are apparently losing their appeal to the modern diner and paso sees the writing on the wall after 32 years he's taking leave from the kitchen and closing the doors a lawfully mid-march 2 years you see of people worse and you know all
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the cho the show she at peace, i'm eating to drinking to do where they go out to do where delays. >>to do away with a looping for 4 storm. >>the so still has other more casual restaurants all around the bay area and will always have a hand in making find food. but here lawfully the office a toast to all the good times and find meal served the us do not do french restaurant named for chair lazy and i really value ones she is life is good in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news, you know, there's still time to book a table that they're open until march 14th you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe. >>our food truck to dine and dish send us an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. >>san francisco city leaders encouraging you to shop local especially in chinatown after
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his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>>i'm actually the news at 9 we're following the ongoing spread of the coronavirus as reported at the top of the hour. there are now 4 cases of coronavirus with no known origin of exposure of the latest case comes out of washington state in snow so homeless county just north of seattle that case was identified in a teenage boy who was a student at jackson high school in the community of mill creek. health officials said the student had not traveled overseas. and it
9:30 pm
was not immediately clear how he got infected and other cases in oregon in washington county just west of portland. in addition to 2 cases here in the bay area all of them again cases with no known origin the latest case here is in santa clara county. the fears surrounding the coronavirus have really taken a toll on tourism, especially in san francisco's chinatown today facebook announced that they're partnering with the city and offering a $20,000 grant. >>to help the chinatown promote shopping and dining in their neighborhood preference. michelle kingston has more now from city leaders about the shop local campaign welcome to chinatown. >>i'm kain chan and i'm the owner of the walk shop tame chant opened the walk shop on grant street in san francisco's chinatown 52 years ago, it's so a landmark here in chinatown chance as business owners in chinatown of seeing fewer customers
9:31 pm
coming into their shots because of people's fears of the coronavirus city leaders reminding everyone that there are no reported cases in the city is sadly there's been a lot of xenophobia as a result of what's been it's impacting young people in our school system it's impacted. >>elderly people and others throughout san francisco. and i want to just focus on the fact id there have not been any diagnose cases here in san francisco as a preparatory matter. >>we declared a state of emergency to make sure that we can unleash all of the resources that we need to make sure that our people are safe and healthy that our economy remains vibrant coronavirus is very serious and we have to take it seriously we can't dismiss a. >>but by the same token we have to continue to lead our lives we can show shut down and curl up in a ball city leaders want everyone to know chinatown is open for business.
9:32 pm
>>facebook helping the neighborhood promote their businesses but the $20,000 grant and $5,000 in facebook ad credits to encourage people to shop local we will not tolerate. >>rumors we will not tolerate xenophobia we will not tolerate racism in san francisco. we are all in it together it's we have seen a downturn in blocking traffic. >>but joe we're all very optimistic because we know our china town this too will pass we're told chinatown businesses have seen a 70% decline, but as you heard from chance she is optimistic that things will turn around us in chinatown tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 10 people in the north bay are scrambling to find masks in response to the coronavirus help but break. >>the ace hardware store in sassoon city was out of stock when we stopped by a little earlier today, the assistant store manager don kirby says the n 95 masks have been unavailable since the weekend.
9:33 pm
it is the model the centers for disease control and prevention recommends to the public during this outbreak. and she says consumer request of increase in solano county declared a proclamation of local emergency yesterday in response to the virus. >>beginning like over a 100 calls a day. and about 50 to 60 people coming in looking for the mask. >>hardware says it is unclear when thnext shipment of masks and hand sanitizers are will arrive the store says vendors are not committing to deliveries because they too are in short supply here are the latest numbers right now more than 84,000 cases have been confirmed around the world. more than 2,800 people have died from coronavirus south korea is reporting 571 more coronavirus infections just today bringing the total there to more than 2300 it is the biggest outbreak in asia outside of china. more than half of south korea's corner virus cases are in the city of
9:34 pm
daegu. >>and hundreds of coronavirus cases there include members of a secretive south korean religious group. this weekend officials are expecting to see even higher numbers as more than 1200 test results are expected to come in. and a few other countries are getting hit hard. they are italy mexico and iran, iran's health minister and now said prayers today will not be held. they weren't held today in coronavirus affected cities. mexico's health ministry has confirmed 2 cases of coronavirus they're the first in the capital of makeup mexico city in the second in sinaloa and the number of coronavirus cases in italy have exploded at least 821 people are infected 21 and died. stay tuned, kron 4 and tron on for the latest on the coronavirus we are tracking the local response by our bay area cities and counties. >>as well as the latest cases in the information you need to know to keep your family safe. you can find all the information you need by going
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to our website kron 4 dot com. also ahead in national news an appeals court announced a ruling that former white house counsel don mcgahn does not have to testify before the house judiciary committee that is a big win for the white house since it could have had broader impacts on other witnesses the 2 to one decision from the us court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit made that ruling. judge thomas griffith is the author of the majority opinion. he wrote the judges should not be forced to police standoffs between 2 other branches of government in this way president trump says he's nominating representative john ratcliffe for director of national intelligence. >>that announcement comes in a tweet today that the president calls the texas republican. an outstanding man of great talent. trump had wanted rockliff in the post last year but ratcliffe withdrew his name amid the bipartisan criticism. some say the nomination is another sign president trump is surrounding
9:36 pm
himself with the loyalists i might be particularly true in the intelligence services that community has clashed with the president during his tenure. a california woman thought she was going to die with her car tumbled down a saratoga mountain was all captured on her dashboard camera and when you see it you're not understand why she felt that way jeff nguyen reports. >>leak has admitted that she was going to survive the winter car went off a state route 9 in northern california. last friday i was scared. >>first of all dying alone is it something i want to do she had been on a road trip from santa cruz to san jose. >>she says her brakes locked up and where she went down a hill near saratoga and the car slid off a 2 lane road when i was running down or member yelled rolled over in. >>and buzz ahead and cover. >>because the sea air bag didn't go off this is what her 2006 mitsubishi looks like after it tumbled down an
9:37 pm
embankment. luckily, she was conscious when it came to a stop i called 911 my phone died, so they distract it. they found me at the bottom half with the bottom the long beach resident took this picture of where the car landed after paramedics rescued her. we met her in little tokyo where she told us she's been treated for fracture in her spine and a concussion. the near-death experience has given her a new outlook on life appreciative of everything have people around me. >>that was a jeff nguyen, reporting for us tonight the woman says she's going to be a happier person moving forward. >>we've got partly cloudy skies around the bay area now you thought it was warm this weekend is going to be much much cooler this weekend with the 2 will talk about it coming up next. >>and a gator who was somebody's head is now leaving the owner's home, how authorities captured it so could go back to its. a
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natural habitat and ahead in sports a dramatic finish for the force ranks stanford cardinal in ar steyer: wall street banks took advantage of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory- give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. (shouting) earning on headphones!
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huh? earning. earning. still earning. always earning. i don't know where you're pointing. not that one! the big one. you can't sneak a good earning opportunity past me. in fact... i've got a hand modeling gig that starts right now. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. oooh. my hand looks good. chase. make more of what's yours. we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures
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wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >>college basketball tournament time right around the corner and with only 2 games left in the regular season, the fourth-ranked stanford cardinal with some rare late year struggle, taliban of yours crew out into song stanford coming off a loss to 3rd grade to earlier
9:41 pm
this week. go right over time cardinal in a jam town 7 keanu williams cashes in from downtown. >>stanford was in for it 30 seconds to go cardinal down to check out the lexi hall quarter dagger stanford takes the lead. there come the wildcats area mcdonald's. by herself to the rams finish his own up by one got to go stand for looking to respond williams takes it down no timeouts called. off glass arizona, grabs, the rebound clinches the upset 7370 to cardinal lose to cast the first time since 2015 and suffered back-to-back losses, the first time this season. another top story major league soccer is back the san jose earthquakes set to open the 2020 campaign saturday night. >>avaya stadium, the quakes entering their second year under mathias almeda looking to build off a season that have been fall just short of the playoffs took the call about half a season to learn
9:42 pm
the new system, but this time full speed out of the come out of the season and really pretty fast and hot. >>and playing in for us, hi and run for a second you know there's a lot of confidence to everyone, you know no one's behind snow and snow is trying to catch up to sinister learning, you know everyone i'm kind of an equal playing field which which raises everyone's game during training hopefully seat in the game. >>it's going to be fun coming up our kron 4 sports at 10 cactus league in prime time tonight as the giants face the rockies tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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vomike bloomberg has a recordgue of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>alligators on his way to an animal sanctuary in myrtle beach right now it's in south carolina after spending most of his life in a basement in ohio. and that's where some medics happened upon him during a health call down in the basement. >>just happened upon him for some reason they were in the basement anyway, we'll get the story early seacrest talk to the owner of that gator and the police officer who helped remove the animal. >>normally i'm telling them or chase or a car chase or some matter of fact and then a. >>and it was hard to put into words, 17 years with the department and commander darrell brenham and got a one of a kind call thursday and i've never. >>then this past one alligator call. >>there was a medical call to this growth port home while medics were there they spotted an alligator in the basement, so how can i help other than getting in that end the 5 foot
9:46 pm
long reptile has been the family's pads for 25 years dusty rhodes tells me he got alley at a reptile flea market i just got to win isn't. >>about a foot long of had him ever since it is illegal to have an exotic animal like an alligator. >>unless you have a permit which roads does not our have into a zone too old to take care of him police called in for reinforcements from the department of agriculture and they wrestled the gator into crates and away the property in describing, yes, he said it won't hurt you as were her words. i was going to test that theory they brought the alligator here to the department of agriculture, but they tell me they plan on sending it to an animal wildlife sanctuary in south carolina. some there every day and law enforcement. >>i was lacey crisp reporting for us tonight police say the owner will not be facing any charges that's because. s>he gave up the animal voluntarily. we want some of passengers on board the iconic jungle cruise to disney world they experience to ride it was a little less. the magical
9:47 pm
yesterday the ride had to be shut down for several hours after one of the boats took on a more than a foot of water. a disney spokesperson says all the passengers were able to get off the boat safely a local fire department spokeswoman. told our partners at cnn the firefighters responded but nobody was hospitalized as he says that you know i work with the folks who are on the boat so that they could enjoy the rest of their day at the park. disney officials didn't say how many passengers were on the boat or what caused it to take on water. >>well the good news is they have the guy with the cap gun that bush sheep to impose away from attack on uh i don't know you got to watch over >>our 4 zone forecast as give you that beautiful shot of san francisco's embarcadero with bay bridge all lit up in the background can you imagine the kids eyes on that thing that has to been every right a realist
9:48 pm
>>it is friday friday we're get ready for the weekend you can already see some changes in the answer you probably saw that today those clouds up above still very warm day some record temps look what's going on now starting a little hazy out there inside the bay you see some patchy fog along the coastline as well. >>we'll see some much cooler temperatures on the way in for the fop is really rolled in that is actually damage toward of the golden gate bridge with the fog so thick you can see the out there now so you get the idea the fog coming on shore temperatures for highs only in the 50's tomorrow with windy conditions in the san francisco be prepared. it's going to be a whole lot cooler all around the bay area tomorrow so bundle up lori forecast here we go we've got one cold front coming in for tomorrow that is going help to clear bringing a couple clouds and kick up the winds. then a slight chance of some showers as we get into sunday is another weak system slight the windy as well and much cooler temperatures but here's where it gets really good. this model now and this is the moca smokestack your one starting to paint a chance of rain coming in by next friday into
9:49 pm
saturday and possibly through the weekend and that's the same forecast as the other model so they're starting to come together now and think the same that makes me think we're looking at a major change cooler this weekend slight chance of showers much warmer next week with a chance of rain returning by next friday. flames erupted near a paris train station today police evacuated the gare de leon station has. >>smoke billowed from the area as you can see there. emergency crews arrived on scene to help put that fire out according to social media was all under control by early afternoon officials have not said what caused the the station serves trains traveling to paris from all over france in neighboring countries. >>a man who survived a 75 foot fall from a bridge. she was able to meet his rescuers this week, the 24 year-old had stopped on an interstate bridge in north carolina to try to help a stranded driver but he says a speeding semi truck force him to jump off that bridge an amazingly he survived the fall of only
9:50 pm
minor injuries, tina terry was there as he met the people who got him to safety. >>emergency workers jeremiah create is a walking miracle i was expecting for him to have some serious injuries. the last time they saw jeremiah he state trooper that was there was holding a flashlight ever the side of the bridge and his co-worker was there and the lady he stopped to help was there. >>and i think we both look at each other light. this has going to get thing and he wasn't on that cold wet and dark morning, nice to firefighters held down the bridge and exercise, they'd only practice. >>on this tower at the fire station it is only 45 feet
9:51 pm
high train and you can s a. >>and learn from it when you're and they're doing it you better know if you feel and see that's what we are trying to do and i enjoy >>there was a out they made it to the ground safely teams on the bridge talk to your my on the phone and he was standing up and i was kind of shocked as light. the u k here just sore curtains okay was that i wasn't expecting that at all they were able to repel them back up the bridge city that's been hit the ground is that like you're getting on today the public servants reunited with them and they now consider one of their own he stopped to help people and that's what we do so and in many rescuing one of >>smiles all around that was tina terry reporting for us tonight. logan's worries were able to bring every single person who was involved in the rescue to meet with script in total about 2 dozen people were there on that day. coming
9:52 pm
up an unlikely friendship caught the attention of people around the world look at this picture one organization did helped. >>a little we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
9:53 pm
even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. to give his money to charity, giving pledge when this californian walked away from his billion dollar company for good. he drives a chevy volt, flies commercial, and spends his days building grassroots campaigns for social and environmental justice. why? tom steyer believes every child deserves the same opportunities as his. a healthy planet. good schools. quality healthcare,
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living wage jobs, and life without fear of discrimination. tom: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>justin timberlake is weighing in on the best girl scout cookie debate and that's a tough one and the singer posted videos on the subject to his instagram a county caption, them. food for thought double tap for double samoas comment for thin mints.
9:55 pm
and we support you. based on enthusiastic response, it seems safe to assume that timberlake is team it's freeze the thin mint, certain that way check this out varias long the the puppy chihuahua. he can't use his hind legs, she's snuggling up to his new best friend herman the pigeon you can't fly both of them rescued by an animal foundation outside rochester, new york. the viral video melted hearts around the world caught the eyes of walkin pets in amherst new hampshire and after one phone call in a rush delivery to new york lundy got this it says new mini wheelchair and it's just the beginning for
9:56 pm
little lundy, he is up for adoption right now and walking paths says it hopes that the wheelchair will make lundy even more adoptable and more able to find his forever home what a qt payout about the past and swings first bird but this is no magic trick check this out veterinarians australia for par pulling a beach towel out of a snake. >>it tells you the family who owns monte 18 year-old the jungle carpet python says that she ate the entire tao the night before they a broader to the small animal specialist hospital that's were able to find the missing item in monte stomach using an endoscope and then they use long forceps to grasp that how and safely remove it as you can see there. what is now back at home and her owner says it to she's. >>back to normal i would assume eating regularly hats off to the vets for figuring that out right that's bit
9:57 pm
untraditional case right. >>no surgery needed just. alright now that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 that our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore is here with kron 4 news at 10 vicki and can thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock the coronavirus spreading there are now 4 cases of on known our jen across 3 west coast states, one of those is in santa clara county health officials saying quote the virus is here now they are trying to track how a woman was exposed and stop the virus from spreading further plus the global outbreak taking its toll on the us stock market wall street seen its worst week. >>since the 2008 financial crisis, the impact being felt on a local level as some businesses are struggling and the next 4 days are critical for democratic candidates fighting to stay alive how the south carolina presidential primary could be a turning point in this race, don't go
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>watching kron 4 news. >>the corona virus is spreading in the united states and from an unknown arjun tonight we're learning of at least 3 more cases in which those affected did not travel overseas and did not come in contact with a known patient. thank you for joining us tonight


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