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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 4, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station. news at 5. >>i love my brother, th man we had so many memories you know together can happily say his name. >>now at 5 remembering george floyd people gathering to honor the man who died at the hands of police. the man known as the gentle giant. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news tonight, i'm justine waldman george floyd's death prompted a global movement and
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today his family friends and those who were inspired by him remembering his life. and a church in minneapolis today, moments of prayer and reflection at the first memorial service for george floyd reverend al sharpton delivered the eulogy. minneapolis mayor jacob frey sobbed in front of floyd's casket and minnesota are minnesota governor tim waltz was also in attendance, there as for his family prepares to say a final farewell to the man they loved so much people in 2 other cities will pay their respects in the coming days on saturday, a public viewing and a private memorial service will be held in raiford north carolina. the state where he was born then on monday floyd's body will return to houston for a public memorial and private service. and all for minneapolis police officers involved to george floyd's death are now in custody. officer derek chauvin
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who held his knee on floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes is facing charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. former officers thomas lane, jr legs and are kong and to chat how made their first court appearances today after being charged with aiding and abetting. bail for those 3 officers has now been set at $750,000 each. and george floyd's death has inspired people across the globe to demand racial equality and end police brutality here in the bay area, those protests are still happening today. 10 days after floyd's death and in cities, including livermore san francisco freeman in oakland. there have been protests and that's where we find kron four's dan thorn right now he's in oakland, joining us live from frank ogawa plaza for a peaceful demonstration is underway tonight. dan what's the scene like there. >>i'm just saying there are hundreds of people here franc ago was it better protesting against police brutality protesting for justice for the
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death of to explore. see behind me here we have some speakers here they're from an organization that's called by any means necessary they're against police brutality there against the current administration in terms of the white house and they're asking for things to go in a better direction on several people are here, holding signs really diverse crowd out here it seems tobe growing by the minute it's expected that at some point. this group will eventually move from the farc and eventually a march as we've seen up for several nights now throughout the area. when a man has lifted its curfew. so the expectations are the people who might be having some of the clashes with the police over whether or not they need to go home and for the most part people here seem to be socially distancing people seem to be keeping it positive and peaceful. backers of year. >>and tonight this will go on probably the next few hours and then this probably going to grow as my false here enough and then we haven't
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many police officers in this area. so far they have been kind of circling around just making sure that things are staying busy and that there there is any sort of crime. edginess that that happens as we've seen with some analysts including that's been happening some of these protesters seem to be getting a little out of hand for the most part here and people seem to be just making sure heard. >>and that. >>come on get it will be more peaceful demonstrations that are like this to make sure that they're getting the message out there this team. >>and that con four's dan thorn reporting for us live tonight in oakland and a number of curfews have been lifted throughout the bay area take a look now at the updated list, san francisco's curfew ended this morning at 05:00am alameda and contra costa counties also lifted their curfew orders today, some cities such as walnut creek remain under curfew orders even though the county order has been lifted. we have a complete list of all the
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changes due to curfews on our website kron 4 dot com. newly released body camera video is spurring some questions about tactics used by san francisco police officers during an arrest. the arrest in question happened back in late january but has resurfaced amid the national outcry over george floyd's death in minneapolis. and now san francisco's police chief is addressing the incident kron four's dan kerman joins us live now in san francisco with how the department is reacting good evening. dan. >>good evening justine this video that you're seeing has to do with an incident as you mentioned that happened back in january but resurfaced following what happened to george floyd lots of questions as to whether this is a use of force at all what constitutes a use of force and whether or not this violates department policy in san francisco. you're looking at police
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bodycam an eyewitness video posted of san francisco police taking a suspect into custody back in january and hunters point. the eyewitness video in the center was posted to social media on friday and has raised questions as to whether the tactics used for similar to those minneapolis police used that led to the death of george floyd you to the new video are feeling concerning. >>during wednesday's online police commission meeting chief bill scott told commissioners the department's internal affairs bureau is now investigating. >>and the chief has asked san francisco's department of police accountability to conduct its own independent investigation or her department there were 5.1. >>pretty good use of a private neck restraint home, the current policy also prohibits choking by means of pressure to the trachea or other means that prevent freezing but the chief says more must be done. >>we intend to immediately draft verifying. they're also
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clarified that pressure to the neck and broken by during physical control or personal body weapons is also prohibited commissioners seemed dissatisfied my concern is that this incident this video happened in january 2020 and we will learn about it because it's on social media 6 months later, the chief says control of an individual by putting a knee on a person's back or upper shoulder blade is not considered a reportable use of force. >>but commissioners say whatever this investigation determines that must change as well and we should be see more laws of any or whether minor or major officers u.s.. >>the chief is also indicated they will look at training protocols to see just what officers are being taught and if any of those also have to be changed live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you so much dan this afternoon county officials lifted the curfew in
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pleasant hill, the ace city suffered some damage and looting but as kron four's theresa stasi reports. >>the mayor says in recent days, protests remain calm and focused on the important conversations. >>i actually just confirmation that the county is actually going to be lifting the curfew pleasant hill mayor matt ran sharing live on kron on learning the curfew was just lifted in contra costa county. >>the order came down after looting and vandalism in the county including the east bay city of pleasant hill. but after a few days of calm. the mayor says that he has seen a big change last night was an example we held rally and a city hall is very peaceful. >>it was organized by our faith based community and it was really nice to bring the community together in a peaceful manner everybody's voices be heard an official protest and so it is really great that we can do that the mayor says that it's been a tough time for so many as they reflect on the killing of
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george floyd. >>and their own strong feelings, it's been a very emotional along this for a lot of people in our a lot of trouble gun scared, we were targeted. 20 was shot out to a law enforcement personnel wouldn't put in extra hours extra efforts in extra time with their families to secure. our cities during this curfew time the mayor also added that he believes the recent events opens the door for some very healthy discussions. it is an uncomfortable conversation, but it's a conversation we you know we need attention is long overdue and as community leaders which remain silent anymore and we need to put and policy and procedures to end the systemic racism. throughout our country and society. it's been very emotional. my heart aches for the joint george for situation and we should be in a position where we never have to say another name again and so i signed on with the obama foundation. airs pledge, we're
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looking at our police practices are going forward and that on going but really. it just breaks my heart now has enough is enough we know that the rally together. >>and again the curfew is now lifted and pleasant hill. but other cities in contra costa county may still face some restctions. theresa kron 4 news. >>we go to the south bay now we're curfew imposed to quell violence amid ongoing protests has come to an end at the same time police are defending their actions in what amounted to quote force met with force that's according to the police chief kron four's rob fladeboe has more on this story now he's live now from san jose from the police headquarters drop. >>and that's right justine of both police and the city officials tonight are convinced that that curfew which as you say a expired this morning help to quell the violence incentive to help to calm things down and ease tensions between police and protesters. police tactics,
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they tell us will be reevaluated going forward but at the same time a police here today defending of those tactics last weekend in particular in the face of what they characterized as all out chaos and violence aimed at officers much of what they say instigated by agitators here's more. we're not going to lose the city. >>these men and women will not lose the city. >>san jose police chief eddie garcia on thursday coming to the defense of his officers from the chief says have endured an onslaught of violence during street protests that put the lives of testers and police in danger like police and fire officers actions of save lives. >>property and ensured that peaceful. demonstrations are able to continue here in san jose police making their case by plane clips a video showing violent clashes with police vandalism arson and other crimes. police alleging much of the criminal activity was the work of educators exploiting otherwise peaceful
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protest and there were individuals running around through downtown with accelerants and lighters lighting fires we give up that space. i guarantee you it was only a matter of time before they started structure fires and then we would have been one of those cities. >>on the news burning. we made the decision to not give up. >>police said officers were hit with crowbars rocks frozen water bottles and chunks of asphalt the use of tear gas and other nonlethal projectiles was justified say police the mayor and city manager also weighing in. >>ashley was chaos. like the front office ers and the shoes at >>i have confidence in our community. and i have confidence in our police department by working together. we can keep each other safe. chief garcia again apologized and pledged a full investigation into allegations one officer talked to the protesters. >>but by and large the chief says his officers had no choice but to meet force with
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force in the face of what he said was an insurrection a preplanned violence, your officers love this city. and they protected and they will continue to do so. she garcia said the department has received hundreds of online complaints and pledge that each and every one would be investigated also very interesting is they tally up the total number of arrests and addresses the chief revealed >>a majority of those arrested including those alleged agitators were from san jose and as for that curfew the chief and the mayor did not rule out the possibility of reinstating the curfew if need be reporting live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you so much rob coming up tonight here on kron 4 news at 5 many leaders in the sports world have made their voices heard during this time of unrest, 49 ers head coach kyle shanahan now sharing his thoughts with kron 4. plus a 5.30 how bay area representatives are working to continue the momentum from
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these nationwide protests and use it to push better policy on police reform and up next a national campaign on police reform is gaining steam what organizers say needs to stop happening to and
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national reform campaign says police violence could be drastically cut down its police department at 8 policies. the campaign 0
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organization is the group behind the 8 can't wait policy reform campaign, maybe you heard about it on social media today. but today kron four's haaziq madyun poke to a police use of force expert about the recommendations. >>if you are a law enforcement officer working in the state of california more than likely the foundation of your trade came from this been. >>the last 50. what years i've trained about. 40 seconds 50,000 police officers on camera it is a highly renowned police use of force expert we wanted to get his thoughts about campaign zeros 8 police use of force reform policies called 8 can't wait those policies include banning chokehold requiring de escalation. >>warning before shooting exhaust all of their beads before shooting duty to intervene a ban on shooting at moving vehicles use of force continuum and comprehensive reporting okay it's nothing i
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mean that's been around for back to campus as officers learned these same policies of the academy what. >>they haven't just 8 the to read included a lot of the policies. >>reforms are needed. >>well rashida green eyes of the oakland coalition for police accountability says the 8 can't wait police reforms are a good starting point to the list she would that. >>how officers are recruited. how they are selected. how they are trained. no they are supervised. right. how they are disciplined one technique that don cameron says it never should be taught is using to be on the deck of sub would be detained. >>the officer was. >>actually using a technique that we teach us. i mean that our next circus even said that we don't we don't use our knees and some expect or upper neck with that area on the 8 can't wait website you could look up police departments across the country to check
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how many are currently using the 8 policies but in this e-mail the richmond police department challenges the sides accuracy after seed they were listed using only 2 of the 8 policies. according to rpd their current use of force policy covers all 8 recommendations. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>we go to the north bay now where crews are investigating a fire that destroyed multiple homes and burned more than 300 acres. the flames ignited wednesday afternoon near the sassoon city wildlife center. it destroyed at least 4 homes and forced many people to evacuate. this is video from this morning showing us the damage. today fire officials say they believe the fire was started by quote a make shift grill, heavy winds and triple digit heat help spread the fire and firefighters expect to see more fires like this popping up as the region heads into fire season. let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look here lawrence karnow working from home tracking the temperatures for
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us hey lawrence. >>yeah, a very hot around parts of the bay area again today the sea breeze of course going to be a problem of course in the fire season here of course all the grasses are brown and those wind whipping the afternoon certainly going to be concerned throughout the summer months to go up there over the bay we've got some white caps out there this afternoon as we're seeing a change in the weather pet are now has finally that ridge of high pressure showing signs of breaking down so some of the numbers begin to come down quite a bit today along the coastline and just inside the bay still hot inland 98 degrees in concord 95 in livermore 92 degrees in santa rosa, very comfortable 75 and warm in oakland, 86 in san jose and 64 degrees much cooler in the san francisco. well you can see change now in the pattern look the fog begins to move up from the south up into the monterey bay we're going to see plenty of that fog moving into our skies as we head toward tomorrow, especially along the coastline kind of forming overnight tonight into tomorrow morning maybe a deep enough marino you
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might see a little drizzle you see the green there on the coastline and certainly there's a chance that drizzle and certainly it's going to develop as we head to the day and then we got another front that's moving in late in the afternoon that will bring some cooler temperatures and the winds are going to be with it. from morning big change huge change in the weather tomorrow and on shore breeze going to bring some much cooler temperatures so said of triple digit heat we're talking about temperatures topping out only in the mid 70's and justine that works out that way these temperatures will drop a good 20 degrees. in one day, that's least forecast back to you. >>thank you so much and still ahead tonight vegas casinos are officially reopening today. what your next trip to sin city by it looked like during the covid-19 pandemic. and up next how shanahan speaks with kron 4 why the 49 ers coach says our countries in the
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midst of both a global pandemic and civil unrest over the death of george floyd and a sports slowly begins to resume leagues will have to meet both of those issues head-on kron four's jason dumas stalked with 49 ers head coach kyle shanahan to get his thoughts and everything that has unfolded. >>as the nation protest systemic racism and police brutality san francisco head coach kyle shanahan wants to show his support people are are hurting and people. >>black people mainly are scared and then the disturbing thing is a bit scared for a
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long time. and this is i mean this is it there. this is a cry for help that had been given for a long time and people don't only look and and i think everyone is at fault or but i must and black people or because they're the ones who have been screaming and there was a fault for not only listen shanahan specifically address the lack of diversity in the nfl and says he tries to maintain a diverse death all the heck are there for only 4 black coaches out of 32. head coach is how the only to chance. i mean we're in a predominantly i mean the majority of our players are black. so the fact that there's few. i mean that's not debatable like i don't know if people are openly sinking, they're doing it which i think that people sort of that. but that's what the problem is that number is not debatable and that's that is an issue when he does know is that the complaints of injustice or bad. >>this is a systemic problem that is the harsh reality in our society. >>and he will be there to
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support all of his players if they choose to protest during the season. i know our organization as i know jedd is i know our players are like. that's we always have them. what's different now on them. it's embarrassing to say probably, but i think why do you worry more passionate, i why people are more passion about it now than that and that's that's our ignorance and. that's what upsets black people and they have every right. they have every right to be upset because they haven't just been telling us this last few weeks so been been telling us since this >>our grandparents reporting in san francisco, i'm jason dumas scrum for news. >>new orleans saints quarterback drew brees is apologizing for what he calls insensitive comments that he made during an interview on wednesday. brees was asked about his opinion on players kneeling to protest. police brutality wants the nfl season begins this fall. he says he supports the protest but does
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not see the national anthem as the proper way to do that his comments were widely criticized by his teammates fellow athletes and celebrities and less than 24 hours later brees took to instagram saying he is an ally to the black community and recognizes he should do more listening and less talking. next here on kron 4 news at 5 suspects in the fatal shooting death of ahmaud arbery made their first court appearance today as a judge decides whether their case can be tried on murder charges. >>i mean a warning key in washington lawmakers on capitol hill are divided on how to address racial justice and we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99.
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pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. >>8 minutes and 46 seconds officer derek javan held his knee on george floyd's next. as he kneeled on his neck as he yelled i can't breathe i can't breathe and called for his mother today. we gather here in solemn reverence. to not just mark his tragic death but to give honor to his life. we now will pause for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. in remembrance. of george floyd. >>a few words there from new jersey senator cory booker at the capitol this morning before senate senate democrats held a moment of silence for 8 minutes and 46 sec


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