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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  June 9, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's tuesday june 9th, i'm robin winston good morning, everybody, i'm marty gonzales to start this tuesday morning by checking in with dave spahr for the forecast. heidi hey good morning guys, good morning, everybody off to a pretty good start we are not much the way of winds either calm conditions. we expect a little bit of an afternoon breeze building that will just be because of inland heating now later on we expect more winds working here on shore this could help cool us off that will be as we get into thursday friday zone. temperatures thus far we have some lower 60's working here in the north bay at 5968 in antioch 64 livermore east bay shoreline hodgepodge of well 58 going on for up at 62 for hayward 62 also for san jose and san francisco for comparison sake most of the bays little bit ahead of where was this time from yesterday pocket a pair of the north. you can see is trailing just a
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touch breaking it down today about 82 by high noon to 3 o'clock we're talking 89 will be some locations it will pop in the lower 90's today, more of them expected tomorrow, we'll take a closer look at that forecast coming up in a little bit back to you. all right dave, thanks a lot in san francisco. there are 3 new arrests in the public corruption and money laundering scheme. >>the investigation linked to the january arrest and charges filed against the city's former public works director mohammed nuru want to get the latest on the investigation now let's turn to kron 4 sarah stinson in san francisco, good morning sir. >>marty as you recall mohamad nuru was arrested and charged back in january for trying to bribe a san francisco airport commissioner and now 3 more people have been arrested and charged with different types of charges they this is all linked though to the same corruption scheme. a new rule was also at the claim against
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nuru said that he tried to get free and discounted labor and construction equipment from contractors to help him build a personal vacation home. prosecutors say he worked with a local sports bar owner nick bovis both arrested and charged back in january, newer resigned in february and is out on a $2 million bail awaiting trial the corruption now seems to go further as 3 more city employees. >>one city employee and 2 other people have been arrested one being sanders nega who is in sidor to be san francisco's fix it director sunni got pictured here on the mayor's office website with a red top and a blazer the complaint against her claims she was news longtime girlfriend and knlw about in benefited from his schemes she also charged was she was charged with conspiracy to launder money which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. now a former longtime employee of the city's department of public works belmore hernandez was also arrested and charged with
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bribery he now has a chief executive officer and vice president to a san francisco based construction engineering from prosecutors say hernandez won a contract on a tile job with the city and made million off that job and lastly florence kong who owns a construction company as well based in the city was charged with making false statements to the fbi by denying nuru helped her company get contracts on city jobs calling hernandez appeared in federal court on monday and zuniga, appears in court tomorrow. so a lot going on with these hearings and then of course the trial coming afterwards, there's a lot more details on our website about this i just had to kron 4 dot com for non live in san francisco sarah stinson back to you. >>yeah, a lot of new twists and turns thank you sarah that sarah stinson reporting for us live in san francisco robin. >>to the east by later this week the oakland police commission will present a report on the mobile assistance community responders of open program or
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macro it's a different model of policing that involve civilians responding to specific 911 calls kron four's has a menu reports. >>i love this is oakland police can i help you. >>a different model of policing that involve civilians responding to specific 911 calls is currently under consideration to the city of oakland none of the calls that dispatch gets regularly is that parent will call and say my child won't get up and go to school. there's really no reason to respond to that call with a badge and a gun a little over a year ago the oakland city council commissioned the urban strategies killed so the oakland police commission and the coalition for police accountability to develop a report on how to implement what is called the mobile assistance community responders of oakland program or macro and jakes of the coalition for police accountability describes how it works for the calls that don't really require a badge
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and a gun. if they responded to by a macro. >>thai team, it enables the police to spend their time on calls that are genuinely criminal or violent in nature instead of hiring licensed clinicians the program but you specially trained counselors an emergency medical technicians to resolve nonviolent police calls for service, the things that will make them excellent of their jobs or that they're very good at de escalation. >>they're good at working with people to help people figure out what the best resolution is to their own situation. >>and it's a very good problem solvers the macro program is based on eugene oregon's cahoots program crisis assistance helping out the streets which has been working successfully with the eugene police department for the past 30 years in a statement to kron 4 they wrote quote in 2014 kahoot handled 9,646 calls for service in 2019 they handle 18,583 calls quote
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janke says it is important to note like eugene oregon's model macro does not involve abolishing the oakland police department i would say it's definitely a model of re imagining public safety. >>has it meant you kron 4 news. >>well to the south and now the san jose police department is releasing new guidelines on how it will handle crowd control and protesting this comes after a number of violent demonstrations of following the death of george floyd let's check in with kron four's will tran who is live in san jose this morning with an update on these new guidelines will. >>robin the new guidelines are effective immediately the san jose police department they say they're not tone deaf that they don't have their head in the sand, they fully are aware of what's going on locally and nationally they're not admitting any guilt but they say they will make changes moving forward because we've all seen the video of protesters being confronted by
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police officers sometimes is justified. and other times if you listen to the protesters they believe it is not justified, especially if they're peacefully moving down the street and all of a sudden rubber bullets and other projectiles are being shot at them. so according to the san jose police department they will no longer shoot rubber bullets at people and less a life is on the line so this is their new policy it took them, not a very long time to make these sweeping changes and when i say sweeping, i mean it because often times it takes some time for police departments to conform and this case they even have the endorsement of their own union they've all seen this play out in fact the san jose police department they've come in and come under criticism by local protesters as well. this is a statement from the san jose police department this is before their city council meeting tonight with the city council will officially ratify this the statement reads
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effective immediately in crowd control situations when addressing agitators within a crowd projectile impact weapons will only be used in situations where a person is actively attacking an officer or another person or when armed educator poses a threat to officers or other peaceful protesters so they will not going to use it to disperse crowds. other things that they are not going to do or will do and these are some of the key points that they passed along in the memo, they say they will report and intercede they will prohibit and this is important because we've all seen what happened to george floyd they will prohibit knee on neck choking. crowd control training and they will do community engagement a lot of the community members not just here robin but across the country. they say that they want input on how their police department polices them so now it looks like they will be receptive from the community members. this has also the
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endorsement from mayor sam liccardo they will meet tonight they will ratify the protests will continue of course but they say they will no longer fire rubber bullets which are nonlethal. but if you saw see out see some of the pictures and hear some of the protesters. they say if anything it is extremely painful. >>back to you and this is good changes could thank you well. well happening today, george floyd will be laid to rest in a private ceremony in houston, this follows a day where thousands of people paid their respects to the 46 year-old who was killed while in police custody darryl forges has in houston with the latest. >>thousands of people came out yesterday to pay their respects to george floyd today's funeral and his family will finally say their goodbyes. i want to thank. >>everybody who came out to see my brother and cheer him
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on the victory was last left thousands of people came to the fountain of praise church in houston monday. >>to pay their respects to george floyd dignitaries at the view included former vice president joe biden who met with members of floyd's family, the family is extremely grateful. >>vice president biden and doctor jill biden who was also there and i mean really reached out to this family and texas governor greg abbott who said floyd's death was the most horrific tragedy yes, ever observed george floyd. and the future of the united states. >>video floyd's death 2 weeks ago in minneapolis has sparked protests in cities across the united around the world and calls for police reform on capitol hill monday democratic lawmakers said the nationwide strike action has helped push for police reform bill that the justice in policing at the congress is standing with those. >>fighting for justice and
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taking action floyd's rather felonies is expected to testify before congress about the issue. >>and dignitaries and close friends and family will be the only ones allowed inside of the church during the funeral services reverend al sharpton is expected to eulogize george floyd and he will be buried alongside his mother. and houston texas. i'm darryl forges. >>and we'll have the service streaming in its entirety on air and on the kron on app so be sure to download it now you can stay updated and connected. >>and coming up on the kron 4 morning news more bay area counties announcing plans to let businesses reopen in the middle of the pandemic health experts now warning us not to let us not let us get our guard down against covid-19 we'll have more on that coming up plus the protests that turned violent in oakland last weekend damage several african american owned businesses flood details on a new community effort to help rebuild those businesses that's coming up after the
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break and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza here check and your day out 80 to buy high noon 89 going on by the mid afternoon in the east bay, some of those locations will brush up to the lower 90's more of them expected tomorrow and then later on some changes put your forecast together for you in just
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>>8.14 this tuesday morning welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, this go ahead get a check of the weather forecast from dave
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spahr and day spa so we're looking at right now like walnut creek are really going to see an increase in the temperatures today and yet today and tomorrow looks like to that's location of the heat spike we're looking at good morning marty good morning everybody live shot coming into the golden gate bridge just a little the way some wispy high clouds which is what we're going to see throughout the day today tomorrow complements of our high building. thus far here's the progress of those temperatures 64 already conquered 68 for any aac got 58 fremont at 62 for hayward even oakland at 64 along with san francisco at 62 sore the start to move here up to the north bay, some lower 60's there too and 62. for san jose and just for comparison sake, we're head. a couple degrees where we were this time from yesterday will do better though this afternoon so doing it for us, it's the big those a high-pressure we know what that is sits on top of us in the falling aaron such that's going to cut off or surface winds for the most part. but this is a short event is just 1, 2, days and weakening already as we finish off the week ushering in a change will
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get some onshore winds. and maybe even a little chance of a passing shower perhaps long range forecast models kind of into that a little bit. from friday night into saturday, sunny and warm to hot today depending on your perspective monday mention will probably be scratched some lower 90's going on in land more of those tomorrow by the way a lot of 80's for the bay in midweek again those 90's at work here and lower 70's that will cover the coastal areas so looking good at the beaches. repeats by care and then by week's end cooling quickly with 70's returning and that means even in the inland areas will be looking at 70's with a big change slight possible shower going on there saturday morning might have a secondary little wave afterwards, but again not a lot from these systems at all we're looking at 74 san francisco, the high today 84 oakland 87 meanwhile for san jose across the wider real estate. well we don't see a whole lot of reds working here in the east bay will see it picking up a little bit for tomorrow up to the north bay to a lot of upper 80's and all of that we'll get into more of this in your 4 zone forecast
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oming up, robin has a look at bay area traffic and bridges what's going on around us still waiting for this back of to clear out at the bay bridge toll plaza it's been pretty thick. the couple of hours. >>so yes, we have some delays heading into san francisco. this is just so your typical commute traffic. so a little bit of a wait. but overall it's still nice, it's only stacked up from west grand a little busy through the tunnel as well, but still under 20 minutes to make it to downtown san francisco. here's 92. we have some caltrans work on the eastbound side. if you look closely you can see those cones there near the center divide. they were blocking some of the lanes earlier traffic is getting by without a major delay, but it's just a little congested in both directions so be aware of that and just get out there a little early if you can, but at least we're hot spot free marty. >>all right robin let's go to the south bay this morning, the mountain view police department says it will no longer use a restraint technique called the carotid hold the department tweeted that it would stop using the carotid hold immediately. it's also reviewing additional
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policies and also having meaningful conversations with the community. last friday governor newsome said the carotid hold which cuts off a person circulation has quote no place in the 21st century because it's outdated and sometimes even lethal. >>now an oakland woman is stepping up to help black business owners whose businesses were damaged during protests. the organizer is elise douglas she partnered with a local nonprofit to raise money and make it available to black business owners some protection measures include boarding up windows and any damage repair. >>a lot to me to know that they're always have this resource or vehicle to get resource it is. it is a psychology doing what they're doing it's a lot easier to fix windows and is to fix systems of racism and injustice enemies my time and energy to make sure that. 16 windows and i'm you know the people like people honored at a clean graffiti and we're doing that
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background infrastructure work so that a larger world for the mission which is really towards racial justice can be caught. >>oakland black business damage fun has close to a $100,000 now. >>in the north bay this morning fire crews continue to get the upper hand on the quail fire that's burning in solano county cal fire says that blaze is now 75% contained. the fire broke out over the weekend in the area off of quail canyon road and pleasant valley road. the 3 structures all told have been destroyed. >>the genie is planning to move across the bay, the utility is looking to sell its headquarters complex in san francisco and relocate to oakland expects the move will cut its real estate costs and that translates to long-term savings to customers. the new pga headquarters will be located right there at 300 lakeside drive in oakland and the move is expected to happen in phases over the next 3 years. well check this out this video is from daly city
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you got to see it in just a bit lower left-hand corner there it is a mountain lion spotted near vendome avenue and hillcrest drive. that's not what you want to see when you step outside your tour right. the man who gave us this video says that he's been there for a while 30 years he's lived in that neighborhood he has never seen one before. thank goodness he sought from the camera while we have some good news for you if you're looking to travel soon. >>the pentagon lifting travel restrictions to many states and countries those countries include belgium, germany, japan and the uk. the restrictions were put in place to try and limit the spread of the coronavirus pentagon says the decision was based on numerous factors that includes shelter-in-place order has been lifted in those countries also fewer and fewer people with covid-19 like symptoms over the course of 2 weeks and a lower number of new covid-19 cases or positive cases in the past 2 weeks some states still haven't met that criteria though, and that includes california florida and north carolina.
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>>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news as thousands all across the u.s. protest for justice in george floyd's death. there are signs activism is turning into action will have the latest on the call for police reform coming up. we're looking outside a pretty shot here from the san mateo bridge blue skies sunshine. >>62 degrees in hayward 5063 in antioch a 59 in the late helen 61 in san francisco will be right back stay with us.
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>>welcome back everyone, a somber homecoming for george floyd his hers right there carrying his casket arrived at the floyd family church in houston texas for a public memorial on monday. one day before his funeral thousands of people showed up waiting in long lines to pay their respects. floyd's death at the hands of minneapolis police has inspired protests all around the world nadia romero reports on the growing call for justice in honor of floyd. >>i was making a strong thousands turned out in houston monday to pay their respects to george floyd his death in the custody of minneapolis police drawing attention to racial inequality and police brutality in america free because i'm not that it's time for change time for justice time for reform.
8:25 am
the memorial bringing together the floyd family with other grieving families and thank you all so much for coming out to support a. >>and all the family of that he will meet today, michael brown and their >>there's a great awakening that this death has caused george floyd's death. we'll end up leading to systemic change in our country in minneapolis, the city council announcing plans to dismantle the police department our community is ready to re imagine public safety from a groundout and in washington a sweeping police reform bill could set some new national standards for policing all we've ever wanted. >>should be treated. equally. justice and policing act represents a strong necessary bold step. in that direction
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for george floyd's family a hope that his legacy will be lasting and that tell you what if he was told he would have to sacrifice his life to bring the room together not knowing him, i know he would do in houston nadia romero kron 4 news. >>and coming up this morning face coverings are of course a must but what else should hpparents and students expect heading into the next school year we'll have that coming up before we get to that though let's enjoy this view of the golden gate bridge this morning a picture perfect doesn't life light traffic to doesn't get any better than ♪
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♪ ♪
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>>welcome back everyone the time is 8.29 thanks for staying with us good morning, i'm robin wants to everybody on marty gonzales to start this half hour off by getting an update on the forec%st. here's dave sparked robin marty good morning and good morning everybody off to a pretty good start we winds not much of that just calm the single digits little bit of a breeze this afternoon but just a breeze. >>here's what's going on san jose state, nice blue skies down to the south bay as well. now upstream, yes, this high will break down but for right now it's going to keep away game giving us warming temperatures today tomorrow as it breaks down we'll have the onshore winds and success of systems up in the pacific. maybe the little chance of rain friday night that's we're looking out for now temperatures thus far where now etty much graduated to the 60's in most locations
8:30 am
exception valais whoa. and that's about it on here and 68 already antioch 64 conquered 62 for a word. so way we go and for high noon 82. 3 o'clock 89 that's pretty indicative lot of the inland areas are going to be pretty much upper 80's but some lower 90's in there too. they give you some separations everything we'll have the 4 zone forecast in a bit as well as that extended back to you. >>all right sounds good. thank you dave. we're learning new details on the ambush attack that killed 38 year-old santa cruz county deputy damon gutzwiller now the county sheriff says calling his death a murder. the suspect stephen was a u.s. air force rgeant on saturday, a 911 caller says correa was driving a white van believed to be filled with guns and explosives when santa cruz county deputy damon gutzwiller and 2 other officers responded to korea's home mayhem erupted. >>this was a very chaotic scene. there's a lot of
8:31 am
gunshots. there was pipe bombs going off. a radio and cell reception is pour in that region of the county. damon was a good man is a good good police officer. and he was a friend that we all love. >>well a second identify deputy was also shot when responding he remains in the hospital that road that leads up to korea's house has been blocked off as the investigation continues they found more guns and explosives. currently the fbi is looking into a possible link between creal span and this white van you see here this was seen leaving a deadly may 29th shooting at an oakland federal building the feds are offering no new information as of this morning. we'll take a look at this surveillance camera footage shows the chilling moment that a worker at a but been lawman a marijuana dispensary came face to face with the suspect in the killing of the gutzwiller gutzwiller has come for swearing, kelly reports of
8:32 am
that worker initially thought that the suspect was an off-duty officer. >>the surveillance video shows the suspect crouched behind a parked car in front of the redwood coast dispensary off highway 9 in ben lawman saturday afternoon employee mark kowalski says at the time he was aware a deputy had been shot and hat a gunman was on the loose when he and his boss came out to investigate a commotion outside as soon as he got to the parking lot. he found himself face to face with the armed man we've got a look each other up and down i was he was holding a you know an assault rifle. >>and for a moment, i think i hope to use an off-duty police officer because use i a 30 year scruffy like someone had just been in the shootout as we look at each other i just was co uk was going on. >>and he said and i were your karma and i really got to get out of here. and i was still hoping that he was going to flip out of that and say i'm a police officer. he said i'm
8:33 am
not a bad guy, i'm just sick of all this duality bulls s. said realize ok. >>kowalski says he was able to back away when the suspect looked in another direction and then jogged across the parking lot jumped in a car or young lady was i heard her screaming jumped out. >>it was after that that the man left the parking lot. another witness says he then attempted to carjack another local man who tackled the suspect not long after that the suspect was arrested and later identified as ben lomond resident, stephen kowalski learned after his run-in with the suspect that a santa cruz sheriff's deputy was killed in the ambush >>this guy to know how to direct his anger. a good guy is a ime. >>that pot shop worker says that the suspect never pointed his firearm at him at any time
8:34 am
during their encounter. but he is still rattled by the experience. at least 4 other people were here in this parking lot potentially in harm's way. maureen kelly kron 4 >>well, california students are likely to continue distance learning even when schools reopen later on this year. the state superintendent tony thurmond unvieled a fitting 55 page guide for schools did that on monday on top of requiring face coverings and 6 feet of social distancing that guide recommends rotating students onto the campus twice a week and allowing them to distance learn the rest of the week. the superintendent says though that these are just recommendations not requirements, we're not saying. >>or mandating that anyone be under since learning we're simply saying that issue should continue to a comedy. way he can buy the quest. they're coming from parents for some distance learning, we know that many of our students really need in-class instruction.
8:35 am
>>a local school leaders will be deciding how they will reopen classrooms, but education leaders note implementing these guidelines will require schools to spend more money and more details are expected on that next week when governor newsom signs off on the state budget. with more and more counties reopening coupled with the way recent protests have been going health officials are sending out the reminder that this pandemic is not over there's been a lot of concern about protests and how that might lead to a surge in cases ucsf a bead on it that doing you all a g professor doctor george rutherford says this data does not yet show that happening and until there's a vaccine people must continue to wear a mask. >>this stuff has not gone away. this is a virus that doesn't listen to political clout pronouncements doesn't listen to the news cycle. doesn't read the papers does it's not on the internet. on wants to is reproduced that's what is programmed to do. and if you get in its way it's going to reproduce in you.
8:36 am
>>well doctor referred says in parts of california covid-19 numbers continue to rise, but that's mostly in southern california. here in the bay area. he says we have flatten the curve. >>and to the east right now a new u c berkeley study finds emergency responses to the global pandemic happens successful in preventing nearly 500 and 30 million coronavirus infections across 6 large countries, including the u.s.. the study reviewed nearly 2000 policies implemented and china. south korea, italy are on france and the united states check out this picture right here you see all the red the red on the right. it's what our country would have looked like. in the number of cases if the number of cases you know had no policies been in place as co author of the new study in bolinger explains the number of total infections would have been even larger is not everyone is tested. >>april 6 we would have seen about 60 million more infections. in the u.s.. we're
8:37 am
not an active in the austin and so we need to be smart about our we continue to evolve our response that's endemic. a lockdown for all populations is not a sustainable society it makes the rise in the indictment, but it will cost winds not been other words. >>the research team found at home isolation, a business closures and lockdowns have the clearest benefits we're as travel restrictions had mixed results they were most effective in countries like iran and italy but then less effective here in the united states. well our coverage of the coronavirus continues head over to our website kron 4 dot com. there's so much helpful information there. the latest on the outbreaks in the bay area an interactive map and just lots of information on ways that you can say safe you can find all of this and more on our website kron 4 dot com. >>and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the minneapolis city council talking about plans to defund the police. we'll find out why the council's president says it's time for major police reform. and we'll take a live
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look outside beautiful view from the embarcadero camera this morning, plenty of sunshine and blue sky hoping to get out enjoy it. safely we'll be right back. well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong. the home is ours. we can sell it if we want to at any time.
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♪ ♪ don't feel like wearing pants? okay who drank all the milk? enjoy the great taste of dunkin' at home. >>george floyd's death sparked widespread protests around the world against police brutality. and now lawmakers are responding. the minneapolis city council actively planning to defund dismantle and reorganize the city's police department. the
8:41 am
council's president say she says has a veto proof majority to move forward with her plan and in the wake of floyd's death says there needs to be major reform. >>our reform efforts have failed and we have too many maybe in terms of reform and new leadership in the department and many things and we still see this tragic. yes and so i think the wake of our community is a striking the city council's announcing i know the statement was bold and i i stand by that statement but the will be long it will include every member of our community it has to. >>another member of the city council says they're going to dramatically rethink how they approach public safety and emergency response. minneapolis mayor jacob fry was booed by protesters over the weekend. when he refused to commit to the funding. the city's police force. >>and here's a look at the breakdown we expect for today a little bit of a warm-up starting today we got 82 by high noon upper 80's for you
8:42 am
by mid-afternoon. all those summers are reaching the lower 90's we're going to check into that in the 4 zone forecast and look at your extended as well the
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>good morning welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news 8.44 this tuesday morning check out the scene at sfo, plenty of sunshine clear skies and no delays day as far as their tell us more about what should be a sunny day around the bay. i did it looks like a good morning. marty good morning, everybody and
8:45 am
continuing that tomorrow will build those highs little bit more so it looks like to. here's a live shot for you from san jose state looking good there from the media logical department suppose marty was just talking about no delays this morning at all and not much the way of winds yet we'll get a little bit of a breeze cooking here once we get these inland areas start to warm up a little bit more so then even the east bay shoreline and that differentiation and heating that will drive a little bit of the typical surface winds but not a wholelot of them though we don't expect today tomorrow as this high breaks down. that's when the onshore winds will start kicking in here. we have some 60's already across the board in fact most of the real estate is their 59 to label the exception, 64 san francisco and oakland 68 ought to antioch 64 livermore in 63 for fremont highs today in the central valley in the lower 90's today will build on that tomorrow as well 74, san francisco, monterey at 70 and southern california 92 for san diego pair of its for l a
8:46 am
there feel the effects of the high little bit better there getting into the weekend, here's a little shot of some rain showers friday night into saturday morning kind of a secondary little wave behind all of that it does not look like a lot quantitatively and not everybody is going to get up but there's that chance if you will some showers all part of the cooling program the we warm back up again into the following week so the 90's will probably return for today, 74 san francisco in the spores own forecast 71 daly city pacifica 6771 for half moon bay, mid 70's for the northern end of the peninsula down south. some 80's poking out here san matteo at 80 to 85 redwood city 86 palo alto and in the south bay upper 80's, 92. morgan hill county exception 87 milpitas looks like santa clara 86. lower to middle 80's on the east bay shoreline to the south tri valley upper 80's so nolan 86 dublin 87. meanwhile off to walnut creek at 8991 for conquered, san ramon 87, a
8:47 am
touch cooler along the east bay shoreline the lower 80's with berkeley about 79. up here the north bay here fairfield at 93 91 antioch 77, 87 for now and 88 for sonoma, let's to santa rosa in 8964 for stenson beach with upper 80's doubt south. so for tomorrow, we warm up a little bit more so break the back of the high temperatures dramatically drop on the or lose and maybe almost 2 decades here within the course of a day or so that will come with some winds and maybe perhaps some sprinkles friday night into saturday but look we're back in the 90's already by next week and check a bay area roadways robin to listen. well traffic looks a lot better at the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco, the back of that we had it didn't last for very long maybe a few hours or so it's gone now clear across upper deck in trouble free. >>all the way through downtown san francisco. so it's looking much much better. let's check in on the richmond sandra fell where we never had a backup, it's been clear all morning so use it now less than 10
8:48 am
minutes into the north bay and we're checking out 1, 1, across the golden gate not much commute traffic rolling south out of novato san rafale larkspur sausalito it's going to be smooth and at the limit under 25 minutes nevado to the toll plaza marty. >>all right rob and will lawmakers in sacramento are proposing a change in police protocol they want to create a standard use of force for rubber bullets. this comes after a protester was hit in the eye likely causing blindness rachel wolf has more. >>on may 29 to my life was forever changed mia love is a medical assistant and mother of 2 who says she was a victim of police brutality protesting against a freeway overpass at 12 and 30th i was actually like walking away i was walking well was away from the crowd. and i turned around to my brother was that when i turned around. >>i got hit she was hit in the left eye by a rubber does not feel like river it felt like i
8:49 am
was on my shopping with again and doctors say she will likely lose her sight. says something you're here. it's still unclear which agency fired the rubber bullet, but her attorneys says sec police said county sheriff's deputies and chp were all there in order to get justice for nia loud. >>we need witnesses and we need video, they're calling for the public's help and an internal investigation into the department responsible while legislators call for reform and what we found was there is no standard use for these projectiles and the use of those by the police assemblywoman lorena gonzalez is co-authoring a be 66 which would ensure a standard use of force for rubber bullets along with assemblywoman wendy could what we are seeing now. >>is not the america that we should be creating >>days of social unrest over the death of george floyd in police custody, government
8:50 am
agencies are reevaluating protocols. the governor demanded an end to the carotid control hold sac police suspended it and so did woodland and davis pd but not everyone agrees it's a big mistake for mercer county sheriff john mcginness says these are tactics meant for use on a violent or combative suspect and are effective when used properly i see them as wrongs on me force continuum without which inevitably we will get to a point where we're deadly force will be the only option he says whether a chokehold orrubber bullets every case must be evaluated individually forney along this isn't just a moment, but a movement in the fight against social injustice. i fight is not over. >>well that was rachel wolf reporting the sacramento police department says it uses spawn should not robber bullets. the sacramento county sheriff's office and chp of
8:51 am
not yet responded with what type of bullets they use. >>the world health organization says it's rare for asymptomatic coronavirus patients who spread covid-19 the world health organization analyzed data from countries that perform contact tracing and found that people who test positive have absolutely no symptoms rarely they really in fact someone else however, the world health organization says that some people who think they have no symptoms actually have mild or unusual ones, those patients can pass on the virus and then pre symptomatic cases also are more contagious. those patients start off feeling, ok. the later they feel sick. the world health organization says that while asymptomatic transmission is rare, it's still possible. >>we're going to take a live look outside of conditions at sfo this morning a little bit of activity on the runway there and clear skies and dave spahr will be along with the forecast for this tuesday kron four's
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
happy to salute the class of 2020 and this morning we want to congratulate joy ris joey graduate from dealers sell high school. it's in concord he'll be attending. oregon state university in the fall and he has plans to become a veterinarian you can let us know about a graduate in your life as well just go to kron 4 dot com find the salute to grads twenty-twenty under the news tab. and then submit a picture of your graduate. let
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us know the high school that the graduate attended and what's next in store for them. >>now let's get a check of your how's it shaping up okay, good morning robin good morning everybody off to a pretty good start here, nice blue skies we have here is a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and our temperatures thus far we have a lot of 60's and the board that just about everybody is in the 60's billy goat 59, 68 already this hour for any aac 64 livermore 64 for concord expect some of these numbers to approach about 90 if you don't get there today, you'll probably get there by tomorrow, we're a little bit ahead of the ball game in most locations across the bay, although a touch cooler a little patch up here in the north bay and the peninsula for the breakdown today, 82 by high noon to 3 o'clock word 89. a little bit warmer tomorrow and our heat spike expected. we break the back of a high on shore winds kick in and maybe a little sprinkle for your friday night robin what's going on with traffic. >>traffic has thinned out nicy, it's looking good
8:56 am
moving well into san francisco, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza much different from what was that like an hour ago we had a backup that spilled to at least the bottom of the maze. so that's no longer the case a smooth trip. all the way across the upper deck under 10 minutes for your drive time, let's head over to the golden gate where one o one has been very quiet. everybody is behaving here still smooth and at the limit north and south into and out of san francisco marty ok robin coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news. >>george floyd will be laid to rest today in houston. we're taking a live look at the fountain of praise church. >>in new center services will begin in just moments. when the world gets complicated, a lot goes through your mind. with fidelity wealth management, your dedicated adviser can give you straightforward advice
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and tailored recommendations. that's the clarity you get with fidelity wealth management.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 9. >>good morning. thanks a lot for joining us on kron 4 morning news on marty gonzales it's tuesday june 9th. let's go ahead and take you to houston texas where a private funeral is going to be held for george floyd now following the ceremony his body will be escorted to his final resting place in pearl in texas. that's where he will be mayor buried next to his mother. now we're continuing to monitor the situation there in the ceremony will bring it to you live once it's under way. but
9:00 am
first we want to start off our newscast. this morning by taking a look at the weather forecast by checking in with dave spahr hide a hey good morning marty good morning everybody off to a kind of a mild start to warm start at that live shot of the bay bridge you see all the blue skies cars racing past the toll plaza there. >>as you can see numbers for you at this hour we've got mid 60's line up the east bay shoreline 72 antioch already reaching for the 70's, 65 up to napa 68 for santa rosa, 66 for nevado and also to san jose, 63 by the way for fremont for comparison sake, we're a little bit ahead of things over a good chunk of real estate trailing a little bit in the peninsula in a little patch up there to the north bay. we're going to be ahead, it looks though, and highs going on today because here's the game plan here. we've got sunny warm to hot going on a tease for the bay. a few spots may get some of the night is going on in london. now by midweek we'll have more of those going on actually mid-nineties in some cases anlo


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