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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  June 11, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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looks like all that heat is behind us for the time being. >>indefinitely working its way out some cooler weather working its way back in and sure sign of that the fog that we're seeing across the bay this morning. just a moment ago actually if yo look really closely there. that is just the very top of the golden gate bridge barely peeking through this blanket of fog that has just been shrouding the golden gate marin county through the morning. elsewhere in the bay we've been nice and clear but do watch your travel on highway one in portions of our coastal areas as visibility is still pretty low temperatures currently are in the 60's and 70's we're going to be later today is still warm for inland areas, but cooler than we had been the big drop in temperatures well that arrives tomorrow and continues into saturday which we'll talk more about still ahead your forecast back to you daria thanks a lot john at 9 o'clock the big story, a grim outlook for the coronavirus there are now more than 2 million confirmed cases. >>in the u.s. and doctors are afraid they were going to see a spike in new infections over
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the next few months. >>right now we have between 800 and a 1000 people die every single day in america. and all of the models all the data suggest that things are going to get worse in have increases the virus hasn't gone away. it's not like we're looking for for the second wave, the first wave isn't gone. >>yeah 1000 people dying in days not gone the harvard global health institute for ticks a 100,000 more americans are going to die of covid by september and 12 states including california have seen coronavirus hospitalizations wise since memorial day. and they've seen a 10% increase in week to week cases reported in 19 states. despite the dire predictions. more bay area businesses are starting to open back up and that includes all of the dmv offices now but there's a big catch kron four's reyna harvey has live in walnut creek and rainy you say don't show up without an appointment.
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>>you do not want to be turned away if you show up here without an appointment so i really been learning daria the customer experience this morning, you have people that have arrived with no appointment and been turned away the second thing i learned is not every dmv office is going to able to handle your needs so you need to be very mindful when you're making that appointment onldne where they send you to one of the customers told me showed up to this dmv they have a list, you go through the list and the list tells you what services they provide and what services they don't provide so just like you mentioned a 160 90 and the offices open up across the bay area and throughout california so a lot of people being able to get a lot of things done if they have not in some time. a few things you can get done you can pay for registration for vehicle impounded because of registration related issues. you can also reinstate the suspended or revoked driver's license. you can also process a real id transaction now like i mentioned the importance of being here and showing up
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within a point minute spoke to one customer was unfortunate. >>it is my driver's license expired back in march. >>and so i need to get a driver's license and replace a go and present my driver's license they don't accept excesses of expired. they told me that it's for limited services only. need to have an appointment. they're not except in a mock in traffic. >>so behind he wheel driver's p tests are still not available at this time. >>and again the dmv is recommending that although you can call and you can go online and make those appointments to be seen. they want to use or online services, i mean the reason why there making sure that people arrive and have an appointment is so they don't have an influx of people. coming into the dmv you know they want to still keep people separated again. everyone here this morning that is arrives all at their mask on along with the people that are going to be assisting in this
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morning. so again. the main thing i learned is you want to make sure that you have that appointment also just make sure you come down here with a mask and staying safe but for now, reporting here wannacry craig harvey kron 4 news all right, thanks a lot rhonda. >>one of the south bay's biggest park say is now open again. but there will be some changes at alum rock park that you need to know about kron four's will tran is there live in san jose to explain i will. >>good morning daria repeat after me only 2 things that you're allowed to do hike and bike for now, but a lot of people they say that's perfect with them because alum rock park right behind me. it was closed for about 3 months because of coronavirus but they came out here you see that sign that said close now it's off to the side let me show you video we got this live. last hour as they came out and they open up the gates into alum rock park you can see there is a line already outside people could not wait
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for it to reopen because this is one of san jose's finest parks and definitely one of the beloved parks in this neighborhood the line was long and almost resembled black friday with people running in there to get their hands on the big screen televisions in this case, it was the great outdoors cars are backed up probably about a dozen or so at that time and then they went through this area. here's what you need to know it opens up at 8 o'clock every morning closes at 8 o'clock every night. the parking lot will be closed at 6.30 no longer accepting cars so at least you still have the daylight hours from 8 to 8. you have to practice social distance and by all means bring your own water because they are not using the water fountains at this particular time because of covid they want people touching those areas and the barbecue grills that a lot of families use. that's still off limits for a noun because let's facet we're still in the middle of a pandemic but i got a chance to talk o the
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park goers. they could not be happier. >>i love her and not go i can't even imagine size. >>what were you doing when he was not available. >>walking around the house again dizzy. but music who are you guys have a great day. the safe. >>i guess it's just like the local hard to go to us so well known hike to use everything is just so like it's just exciting to get back into >>daria the things you take for granted until it's taken away from you so i don't think they'll ever take this part for granted again. again you have to come in here and if you're around a group or so have your mask, i don't have a mask on because there's nobody in front of me at this particular time and you only 6 feet away from me. but if you are close to somebody have a mask practice social distance and i've seen runners already
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through you're there you'll have to work out maybe you want to come down here and show them a thing or 2 about writing the trails repeat after me guys once again only hiking and biking for now. >>back to you alright hiking and biking got it well. >>and you know what else is allowed drinking wine tasting in sonoma county grover sarah stinson is live in santa rosa to explain why more wineries are going to be opening up sarah. >>cheddar it's true of one country is open as we know that the county reopen tasting rooms last friday this friday will be sonoma county opening tasting rooms they don't have to have food they can just serve you wine for tastings but i will say many places only doing reservations because they have to make sure they space people out and they have to make sure that they can cleanup in between different this all follows gavin newsome or governor's order chasing rooms are encouraged to offer food but it is no longer require and to
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serve food to reopen because last month wineries were able to reopen only if they could provide sit-down outdoor meals with a food facility permanent. >>tasting rooms will need to follow social distancing and health guidelines to reopen though napa county as i said reopened tasting rooms last friday and they were booked right away reservations were full. they were barely allowing walk ins if at all i would call winery before heading to snow or napa counties to make a reservation since they really can only for the few people in their tasting rooms at the time they uh many of them have beautiful outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy taste a tasting or even just i know a lot of lot of whiners are just allowing you to get a final you can enjoy that while you keep distance from others, you must bring a mask though you wear that when you walk to the bathroom you walking around the tasting room maybe around the vineyard sitting on a beautiful day, once you sit down and you're enjoying a glass of wine hors d'oeuvres you can take that mask off but definitely bring that mask check if they have any
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availability. one country's pretty popular these days people have been cooped up for months, staying home. i'm live in sonoma county sarah stinson back to you darya ok so wineries are one option restaurant or another in san francisco, they're starting outdoor dining. >>tomorrow bars though still will not be open. but city leaders are pushing to speed that up to kron four's taylor, the sacking has more. >>we're hoping for. >>is that the city understands that. there are hundreds of responsible for operators in the city. that are ready. and eager. to open their doors and safe and responsible way anthony healy london owns several bars in san francisco, including breast tracks in mina in his valley. >>here at a nina london says it's a perfect space for socially distancing the large outdoor patio waiting to be used we have the space and the ability. >>where with all the expertise to operate safely and the
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restaurant next that we know work with throughout the year according to the city's current timeline. >>mars without a kitchen can't reopen until mid august while restaurants can reopen for outdoor dining on friday and indoor dining the july judging by san francisco's response to the pandemic supervisor matt haney says it's time to readjust there are indicators and what we've seen. >>allow for many of the other counties that reopening right now. are at where san francisco is or even a little bit behind in terms of cases and hospitalizations he says he's now working with the mayor's office to move to a sooner reopen date for indoor dining and bar reopens i do think there's a lot of support in a lot of consensus. >>and speaking to the mayor's office in speaking to other supervisors to move quicker. and what has been put in place right now as it relates to bars as it relates to indoor dining, but we still need to get the state. >>to give us that variance like a lot of other counties
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have been given. >>to move forward. he says the city would need permission from the state until then owners like healy london are planning to find food partners. the event that the city allows them to reopen for your service, we are in discussions several food vendors trying to figure out which one works >>and to all those guidelines as well that's it but us open. >>already the city would allow bars to do this in its latest raft of what's called the shared spaces program and that's where the city allows restaurants to use its public spaces like sidewalks for outdoor seating for bars to participate in that there are a few conditions in to name a few. the bar would have to serve food and it would also have to have an approved permit naming the source of that food or that food partner and san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>disneyland is going to reopen on july 17th. there's going to be a limited capacity and lots of safety precautions. but just know
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that you can go start going on the rise on july 17th and before that you can go shopping in downtown disney, their opening match. on july 9th. again with all kinds of limitations, she's going to have to buy your ticket. well ahead of time. and once again for that to be great, i can't imagine saved by think half capacity or something he won't have any lines which i think is the point that sounds nice yeah, it does it does, but you know a lot of precautions in certain things he will be able to do i think they're still going to let you take a picture with me in you know, mickey. but we have a mask on and i they haven't said how that's going to go i wonder if they'll have like face masks just for cool yet to promote you know >>i think that because everyone's got their face that's not even the characters. >>well looking outside today we are seeing some changes just around the corner, although today will still be warm for inland areas like in san jose in the mid-eighties that's
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>>9.15 right now and today yosemite national park reopens to visitors. here's a live look eu 70 falls. this morning. officials are reopening with a limited capacity, 50%. the average visitor rate is loud in there says about 1700 vehicles with passes per day. you have to reserve a spot on line. and it
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looks like the weather's going to be great for that john yeah it is going to be a nice day out there today. daria and nice to just see that. >>at least if you get the reservation you can still go up to yosemite national park and practice social distancing out in the woods looking out at san francisco, not so much the words nice clear skies as well here and we're going to be seeing those clear skies. >>throughout the course of your thursday ahead. now on into friday and saturday things begin to switch up a bit into the weekend. the high pressure ridge that has kept a so dry, sunny and warm the past few days is still in place today but about to be pushed out and we do have some cooler air from the pacific that has the opportunity to started to make its way into the bay area. this means that starting tomorrow daytime highs inland are really going to plummet and look at the sierra come friday night we're going to have some activity with the form of thunderstorms and even high elevation snowfall. so if you are heading up to 70 or anywhere in the sierra watch out for friday night things could get a little bit slick up there other than that skies will be
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clear not just for the bay area but also up into the sierra just some clouds here and there and some fog hanging out at the coast from time to time friday and saturday your cooler days and then sunday going to be the warmest day of the weekend. as for today cooler at the coast with 60's for your highs in san francisco and elsewhere right along the coastline. temperatures on the bay will be mostly in the 70's 80's with foster city at 79 today, redwood city saying palo alto each a 83 degrees south bay temperatures mid to upper 80's for you still warm but not as hot as we have been the past few days. 80's for most of the east bay conquered you reach 90 degrees though, and for oakland berkeley and richmond you hold on to the upper 70's. 90's up in solano county as well as in youngsville and napa county. well as you head out towards the coast. you can expect some cooler conditions. stinson beach in point raise much like the city of san francisco. only in the 60's now tomorrow temperatures plummet for inland areas down
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into the 70's from these upper 80's today where they'll stand the saturday amid some brisk winds. so a lot like last weekend you want the jacket as you step outside friday and saturday. sunday and monday we climb again by monday of next week, it's back near 90 degrees. daria thanks a lot john it's 9.18 and we're following a big story out of ole how a child's birthday party turned deadly. >>when 2 women were shot and killed and 3 others were injured, including a 10 year-old child kron four's dan kerman has the latest on the search for the shooters. >>it was shortly before 10 tuesday night when gunfire erupted outside this filly home and cynthia avenue, this is a toddler's birthday and unfortunately these this groue of individuals got out of the car. >>and targeted that the the group of party goers a 63 year-old woman and a 37 year-old woman were killed. >>a 10 year-old child was wounded along with 2 other adults. those 3 are expected to survive we need to one of
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the. >>alarming things since i've been here we had a 192 shootings in the last year our top priority is to reduce gun violence and we can't do that ourselves la's police chief says reducing gun violence will only happen if everyone works together. >>takes a community to collaborate make these things happen molly wilson with the valais hope peace project degrees and he says anger over the police killing of george floyd is bringing people together and he hopes that can be channeled towards reducing all types of violence in the community from hopeful, greg, you know with the people that are reaching out and you know networking trying to work together that will come up with beautiful programs that will not >>our youth that are in schools, but our youth and have you know graduated and even some of the adults that are just you know it's wanting to get involved in your ways to help again 2 dead 3 wounded including a 10 year-old child police not furnishing any
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details about a possible motive. the search now on for the shooters in the dan kerman kron 4 news. >>also in the lay of the city council has approved an agreement with the state justice department to reform the policies and practices of the police department officers were involved in several shootings between 2016 2019. and this new agreement will focus on proper use of force procedures anti bias training and updating training and policies. it will last for 3 years allowing the department of justice to oversee the department's reforms in the layout that announcement also comes more than a week. after the death of 22 year-old sean monterrosa who was fatally shot by vallejo police on june 2nd. and california is getting rid of 0 bail policy went into effect to reduce jail populations and lower the risk of spreading covid but it was met with strong opposition from law enforcement. the policy is going to be removed on june 20th, however, the
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courts will still be allowed to keep the policy if they feel it's appropriate. california judicial leaders are considering an early end to the statewide emergency order that suspends foreclosures and evictions the state judicial council delayed all eviction cases in april some lawmakers are you it's too soon to make that and saying it disproportionately harms minorities. we have no word on when the vote to end the ban on evictions will happen but we will keep you posted. also still ahead we're going to tell you about bay area toll. plazas they're not completely cash free just yet. >>but they're going to be moving that way we'll tell you more in a few minutes. it's
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9.24 as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise families are still demanding action be taken. >>to protect the millions of americans who are behind bars has really to shatter reports families in placer county are demanding alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders. >>we're just concerned you know as a family member. having a family member in jail like it's just a matter of time when are they going to get it canard your mission and her family are worried about her 31 year-old brother moses
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who was an inmate at the offer jail in placer county where more than a dozen inmates have contracted the coronavirus more just all afraid and where. >>well it's a global issue going on around and he's a nonviolent inmates. so i feel like he should at least you know have a chance to do sentencing like the alternative sentencing to anchor monitor do something since may 30th 14 inmates inside the placer county jail and one correctional officer have all tested positive for the coronavirus moses term mission has been in custody at the jail since >>jealous releasing inmates not buy into that. here to party like you because you're going get moses says he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in till about 2 weeks ago on r >>we're going to look for.
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that's all we he says he doesn't see the areas where he and other inmates spend time being sanitized or clean regularly. >>ups weeks watch weeks. i don't think that that have served the purpose for that because everybody you miss a fall in the value of the station tables and we catch your he says a sergeant told in a prepared statement, a spokesperson for the placer county sheriff's office said. >>our jail staff has quarantined inmates as needed and is closely working with placer county health officer doctor aimee sisson to prevent further spread within the facility. the jail has adjusted its inmate programming to address the
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health of all inmates in the jail and to ensure that each inmate is receiving adequate time off lockdown in moses said many other inmates would like to share their experience inside the jail but are unable to because of the lockdown in auburn rowing to shattuck fox 40 news. >>9.27 and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the oakland unified school district wants to remove oakland police from their campuses. we'll tell you about the new plan.
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>>9.29, let's take a peek at wall street because it's been down as you can see here over a 1000 points, 1373 our trading a 25 6.10. it's been falling all morning long because of all the uncertainty that's happening around the country on so many different fronts, so we'll keep our eye on that. >>as well as the numbers in the forecast for today and as we're inching closer to the weekend and take peek at i hope john yes definitely going to be cooler come the weekend numbers that we actually want to see going down after such a toasty week behind us. this week, not as warm as last week was but for many areas that has been high for sure 90's as warm enough, golden gate bridge has been shrouded in fog all morning long and it's going to stay that way for much of the morning right along the coastline now for inland areas much the different story, nice and clear already and areas even out towards the coast will get
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times of sunshine. briefly, 60's and 70's for your current temperatures besides san francisco timber on in pacifica which are on the gray side concord pittsburgh, dublin and fairfield some of our warmest spots in the 70's right now now later today, look for to 60's and san francisco, mostly sunny towards financial mission districts little cloudier ocean beach oakland, 77 for your high wall san jose sunny and still warm at 86 degrees talking that cooler weekend ahead your forecast. daria thanks a lot john 9.31 in a big story in the east bay, the oakland unified school district is looking to remove. >>campus police from their schools, this comes in the wake of george floyd's death and the nationwide calls for police reform kron four's gayle ong has the details of a new plan. >>it is called the george floyd resolution and it's demanding the school district's police department be eliminated or students or schools in our community deserves nothing less in does
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your meeting wednesday night superintendent kyla johnson trim al announcing new legislation to push out oakland unified school district's police department as a community. we will create an alternative safety plan and a transparent. >>an intentional way including stop. students community and board and put the district's police department is separate from opd according to the district the unit consists of more than 100 sworn personnel in school fight officers. >>who oversee the schools and neighborhoods across the city of oakland in the wake of the killing of george floyd districts across the country are calling for police free schools wednesday afternoon activists, students and parents held a press conference calling for change we are clear action. >>no point ust board of educators only introduced the legislation in their virtual noodle this is a way to re imagine. >>how we educate children
9:33 am
without harming them with constant contact with police and this isn't to say that our police officers and usc are bad people the labor rep ust police spoke out in public comment saying they are ready to meet with the district. >>at the bargaining table. the board of educators will vote on the new legislation on june 24th. >>gayle ong kron 4 news 9.33 and staying in oakland, hundreds of protesters were outside mayor libby shaft home. yesterday afternoon demanding that she defund to the police department last week the mayor signed the mayoral pledge to review and reform use of force policies within the department but she has not yet agreed to reduce or redirect money from the police department san francisco's district attorney is investigating a video that shows a san francisco sheriff's deputy. >>pushing a black lives matter protester to the ground. it happened on may 31st and they tweeted about the
9:34 am
investigation saying in part there where the video depicting the actions of the staff in crowd management activities during this demonstration and that they are conducting a follow-up investigation. they've been in contact with the d a and anyone with video or information is asked to come forward. america's top general is apologizing for appearing with president trump. when police used pepper spray and rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrators outside the white house last week general mark milley the chair of the joint chiefs of staff said he was outraged by the killing of george floyd and the protests that it sparked for centuries of injustice towards african americans. he these are his first remarks since the public photo op with president trump or federal authorities. president pro tem president remove protesters. so that the president could hold the bible for a photo op in front of a church there general milley said that he thought he was going with the president to review national guard troops
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outside lafayette square in washington d c. and president trump is traveling to dallas today for a roundtable with police and law enforcement he could announce an executive order on police reform but it's not known what that would entail boris sanchez has what we do now. well protesters march on amplifying their voices within american cities to demand changes in policing. >>discussions are underway inside the white house on a possible executive order addressing police reform. but it's unclear just what kind of action president trump may take. he's stayed silent on the issue other than repeatedly claiming i am a president of law and order. the white house press secretary says trump's possible plan is reaching its final editing stage the president spent the last 10 days.
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>>quietly and diligently working on proposals to address the issues that the protesters breeze across the country. >>lawmakers on capitol hill are not waiting for the president. there are already debating sweeping police reform legislation. this week congressional democrats introducing the justice in policing act looking to ban tactics like chokehold and no knock warrants in drug cases and create a national registry for tracking police misconduct that baffles me. >>that the president the tpunited states and his staff can take a deep dive into this legislation and realize that america just cannot continue on the path way that it is house republicans pledging to work with democrats on some of the issues there is not a legitimate defense of choke holds or lynching or bad cops to get shuttled around and you'll be able to count on republican cooperation senate republicans also crafting their own police reform bill
9:37 am
expected to be released by friday. >>it's led by the only black gop sen, tim scott, who says this about whether they will earn trump's support if history is a is a teacher of the president has been receptive a 4. >>the last 3 years on the priorities that are brought to him. meantime the loan us florida asking congress to serve justice for his brother george i'm here. >>to to make it stop. stop the pain stop us being tired. the emotional testimony before the house judiciary committee just one day after the funeral of the man killed while in custody of the minneapolis police josh whether heard anyone a day. he didn't deserve to die over $20. x and you. is that what a black man is worth. $20. that was boris sanchez, reporting the president also announced his first campaign event.
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>>and thus a shut down it's going to be on june 19th at tulsa oklahoma. critics were quick to point out that that date is referred to by many as juneteenth a holiday celebrating the emancipation of enslaved african americans. 9.37 right now we want to get a look at the forecast coming up. >>yeah and we've got changes daria you can see a cold front that's going to be pushing its way on into california in the well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong. the home is ours. we can sell it if we want to at any time. i like the flexibility of not having a payment, but i can make the payment if i want to. you're responsible for keeping up your property taxes and you're responsible for paying your insurance on the property. for us, it was a security blanket. the value of our house, was to fund our long-term health care. for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity
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from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind.
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>>it's 9.40 and a developing story a controversial arrested oklahoma is under investigation after tulsa police wrestled a teenager to
9:41 am
the ground and handcuffed him for jaywalking kimberly jackson has the video. >>the sun down he saw me sit down and >>i told the police released the body cam footage that shows how chaotic the arrest was the juvenile says he was punched. the officer says he was head, but it seemed police officer run up on him and instantly grabbed him. >>and put his hands behind his back and it instantly wrestling to the ground. marcus williams says he watched the video shows the boys had been walking in the street and the officers say they were jaywalking, but it's a quiet street normally jessica gibson column says she was hurt by down here when i saw the news yesterday and the way this team and where hostages. gm are casting the way just before she was shocked at the video like others but not everyone is surprised that the culture of policing that that's but that's the cold hard facts that is the culture of
9:42 am
policing. lieutenant marcus harper says that happened near his house speaking off duty, he questions the officer's behavior and their procedures that day that was my neighborhood brownley of where that took place. >>okay that was my neighborhood right now should warm me up. so you policing other neighborhoods. they exact same way that police in north austin neighborhood has a 25 and a half year veteran. >>is not happen even the mayor of tulsa spoke out saying no tulsa kid should have to fear being tackled are cuffed for walking down the street internal affairs is reviewing the arrest but marcus williams says jay walking isn't enough to warrant this i feel like the cop she just told him hey you guys need to get out of st. >>and and went on about your bill you have bit bigger fish to fry. >>that was kimberly jackson reporting tulsa's mayor says he's going to work with the chief of police on reviewing the policing of that neighborhood. >>it's 9.42 and coming up after the break, we'll
9:43 am
highlight another senior who is graduating with the class of 2020.
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>>and 45 right now and checking out the weather be careful driving out there a lot of people walking in this weather definitely watch out for the people that are walking. as their get outside today to enjoy a really our last day of the week's warmth before a big cool down.
9:46 am
>>tomorrow and saturday it's going to be cool and pretty brisk a lot like last weekend was you can see san francisco sitting under some bright skies in financial district over cities hall but out in the distance toward the golden gate, there is still some fog hanging on definitely no fog out in the south bay for san jose nor on the east bay, either if you look closely though you can see it hanging out there in the golden gate and into the marin headlands timber mill valley been foggy throughout the morning as for conditions later today, a lot of this cloud cover that you saw the coast is going to clear up and you'll have a window of sunshine out that direction clear skies unimpeded by any sort of clouds further inland. now high pressure is in place right now the slow to our west is pushing in some cooler air that's can result in the big drop in temperatures for inland areas come tomorrow, and although the bay area remains dry folks on the sierra because we do have some showers that will be seen up their friday night into saturday morning. so if your weekend plans involve maybe heading up to the mountains
9:47 am
you want to keep that in mind. friday and saturday your brisk days of the weekend before sunday temperatures warm back up temperatures in the bay today range from the 60's at the coast which is cooler than we have been to 70's from millbrae burlingame to holding on to the 80's in redwood city palo alto and mountain view as well as in the south bay, your last day with these 80's after today you will have a break for a couple of days from these warmer temperatures 80's for the east bay as well with a low 90 hanging on in concord 70's from richmond berkeley down through oakland. in the north bay solano county solid 90's for most areas youngsville also at 90 degrees. well closer to the coast. some 60's and stinson beach and point rays. tomorrow temperatures really level out all across the bay from today's extremes of 80's and 90's inland and only 60's by the bay. we're all going to be pretty cool come friday and saturday sunday or inland areas start to heat up again and by monday inland spots are close to 90 degrees. daria.
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>>thanks a lot john 9.47 and bay area commuters can expect to see toll takers back in their booths in the next few weeks so there's a long term goal to go cashless. they're not prepared to get rid of the toll takers quite yet. traffic is starting to pay it back up we've notice to each morning here and the metropolitan transportation commission says that too many drivers are not switching over to fast track so you should definitely get that done. as for muni you don't have to worry about a fare increase any time soon thanks to a deal with the san francisco board of supervisors knew he wanted to raise the rates to make up for the drop in revenue they've seen in the pandemic but city leaders said so many people face financial hardships that's why they're not riding because they don't have a job so they'd like to you know, not give him a double whammy when you get back rolling again so after they talked both sides reached a deal where muni will freeze ticket prices for the next 2 years. and in exchange the board of supervisors agrees to
9:49 am
drop a measure that would have given them final say over fare changes in the future. and what about bart testing has started on those new 5 foot high fare gates. they're at the richmond station first you'll notice them starting this morning they're out there they're the swinging style that they developed to try to stop the fare evaders from jumping over the gates and avoiding paying. barr says the cost to install the new gates at all the stations is going to be about million. because the winds of change are blowing through sports from nascar to the nfl with black athletes in the driver's seat. nascar is only black driver bubba wallace has a win for the race for black lives matter getting nascar to stop flying. the confederate flag, seen by millions as a symbol of slavery and racism. the flag that has flown high over a stretch for 70 years is no
9:50 am
longer welcome in the stock car series. while bubba war and i can't breathe t-shirt and he did not kneel during the national anthem yesterday but at least one nascar official did he kneeled before a race in georgia on sunday. and we're sure to see more football players doing the same the question is how will they be treated we all know what happened to 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick after he first started dealing back in 2016. afl commissioner roger goodell didn't even mention caps name when he apologized for not supporting players who protested, but he did say the nfl is listening now which is why he just put out this video condemning racism 49 ers quarterback richard sherman says if the nfl is really listening. they will put more people of color in positions of power. >>you know they they tried their best to the throw money beyond it for a long time. any
9:51 am
it takes more than that it takes it takes you do literally calling out bigotry. nba been. been motivated not just let it be a bad him pleading. it's been consistent year in and year out. that are combating this issue and that this is a problem that needs to change and not just this year, not just 2016 2017, but you know black lives matter they had met a grabber you know they have met every year every you know report for most of us got to live it every day and so keep so many people are talking about am so tired of dealing with these politics. in sports met on so so chart having to deal with these race issues. it was like i do think by people feel you know you deal with it forever. and the day you're born the day you get on the ground and so. you know it's up to everybody kind of in this. >>us soccer is doing a complete one 80 saying players no longer have to stand for the anthem, a rule. >>that they made after megan
9:52 am
ruh-pee-noe kneeled in solidarity with kaepernick's call for justice. us soccer says has become clear the policy was wrong and detracted from the important message of black lives matter meantime female athletes are still fighting for protection from predatory coaches. 6 women have just filed the first major lawsuits under a new california law that allows crime victims from years ago to confront their abusers in swimming coach abused her in danville from the age of 11 to 16 and another says her coach got her pregnant when she was 17 and told her to get an abortion months before the 1984 us olympic trials. she says if she has the courage to tell her story on a national stage, usa swimming should have the courage to clean house and make the sport safer for all children. so the fight continues for justice and change no matter your gender
9:53 am
or color.
9:54 am
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>>the news is almost on the kron on never stops so let's go to theresa in the newsroom and see what's up i theresa heidari a with a big day here a lot going on we're covering and watching for you first of all there's a mall that's opening up in the east bay for in person shopping and we're going to live there and see how people are dealing with this. >>and all of the measures that
9:56 am
are being taken like for example are they taking people's temperatures as they walk into the stores that kind of thing plus we have a lot that we are tracking throughout the day with the president he's got a full schedule today and of course those protests around the country, especially in seattle much more throughout the day on the kron on app back to you daryn thanks a lot teresa and let's take a peek at another senior. we are honoring the class of 2020 here on the morning news and today we want to say congratulations to rainy ward. >>rain is graduating from heritage high school in brentwood and she's going to go to dominican university in sandra fell and study public health and nursing. she says she wants to help others in breakthroughs of science and epidemiology and pandemics well we could use you now. so congratulations to her and to your grad you can be part of our yearbook just go to kron 4 dot com salute to grads as a picture tell us where you went to high school what your plans are for the future. speaking of the future short term here
9:57 am
let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forecast. you can see past 7 days in the forecast kenya in anything really i mean it looks like we're going to get a little relief with cooler temperatures building towards the weekend as we see more clouds and will wind. head into that forecast as well than average by sunday and then look another warm-up for next week. that's it for now, i'll see you back here tomorrow morning extra early and the start of
9:58 am
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