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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>bart after a police shooting last night. they killed a 27 year-old man who was said to be asleep at the wheel at a wendy's drive-thru and again that wendy's has burned to the ground. >>we will be following that throughout the evening, you're looking at video earlier of the windies on fire but as of about 1020 30 minutes ago. we have information that the fire crews were able to address that fire. they were holding back a for a for a while and then they decided to move in on it and they were able to finally put that fire out again we'll be back following that story throughout the
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evening good evening. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus thanks for being here tonight at 9 o'clock here in the bay area in marine county activists want to rename. >>a street named after an english explorer and slave trader thousands have signed a petition to get rid of sir francis drake boulevard. >>but as kron four's dan thorn reports the name change is not the only thing being proposed. >>petitioners say it's time for a name change in marine county sir francis drake boulevard which honors the english explorer might also be honoring a problematic historical figure. >>he represents white supremacy. he represents this false narrative of white superiority. he also is a slave trader. >>activist and marine county native warren brown is leading
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people that wanted to name the street anyway after him like why didn't they question his morals and values. >>as the black lives matter movement has been reinvigorated statues and monuments with ties to racism and slavery have been getting removed worldwide brown and other activists argue this 30 foot tall statue of sir francis drake should also come down. it's been standing next to the larkspur ferry terminal for nearly 30 years likewise petitions to remove drake statues in england have also been circulating brown says her goal is to not erase history names change all the time and i would love for into have. >>the main arterial road reflect the morals and values that we have in this county. >>the boulevards name change and the removal of the sir francis drake statue would be just the beginning. brown says that she's hoping that sir francis drake high school would also consider a name change. a peaceful protest at the statue is scheduled for
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next wednesday evening. reporting in larkspur dan thorn kron 4 news. >>back to our top story earlier this evening. a fire in atlanta, where protesters a protest erupted after a black man was fatally shot. my an officer in a struggle following a field sobriety test this all started when officers got out call late last night about the man asleep at the wheel. in the drive-thru line other cars were driving around and they showed up and found re shard brooks said the man you see on the left they're sleeping in his car. police say he then failed a sobriety test this happened at wendy's where protesters set fire to that restaurant tonight brooks his attorneys saying. >>witnesses tell him there never was a field sobriety test. but the police tried to arrest him there was a struggle on. right here this video shows brooks and the altercation they say brooks took the officer's taser one of their tasers and we freeze
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the video here you can see. brooke started to run away. the officer is chasing right after him. brooks turn-around points the taser at the nearest officer, perhaps fires the taser that's not definitive but right around that time, the officer who is closest to him right here uses his gun and shoots brooks who later died at the hospital, the 27 year-old father of 4 passed away one officer was injured he has since been released from the hospital but the brooks family as i mentioned has an eternity they've hired an attorney to now and he is questioning the officers use of force given the entire circumstances. >>atlanta police chief erika shields she has stepped down from her job that's less than 24 hours after that officer involved shooting this afternoon atlanta's mayor keisha lance bottoms said the chief or you see here is stepping down because she wants to see reform in atlanta's police department and believes removing herself
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from that post is the first step toward change. >>chief erika shields has been a solid member of a pd for over 2 decades and has a deep and abiding love for the people of atlanta. and because of her desire that land should be a model of what meaningful reform should look like across this country. chief shields has offered to immediately step aside as police chief. so that the city may move forward with urgency in rebuilding the trust so desperately needed throughout our communities. >>tonight both the former police chief and mayor are both calling for the officer who shot brooks to be fired immediately. >>we first brought you the story through our kron 4 mobile alert. you can download our mobile app to stay up to date on developing news stories and protests across the country. labor unions led
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rallies today in the bay area demonstrators in the east bay marched from the rock ridge bart station to sproul plaza at u c berkeley standing in solidarity with the black lives matter movement. >>i've i lives matter. and we're not saying the other lives don't matter when you were saying that our lives are just as important it's not just enough to say things and not just enough to correct your family we have to take action and go out and confront our government system and these people that are that are oppressing. >>members of our community. >>the crowd of more than a 1000 people took a knee and shared a moment of silence in honor of the lives lost to police brutality. president trump's first rally since the pandemic is getting a new date he announced on twitter that he is delaying his campaign rally in tulsa oklahoma because of juneteenth june teens takes place on june 19th this celebrates the emancipation of slaves.
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>>but the trump campaign rally was also originally set for june 19th and that led to a lot of controversy and criticism the president tweeted last night that his african american friends and supporters asked him to change the date and out of respect for the holiday. he has moved the rally a day later to saturday june 20th the president says more than 200,000 people have already requested tickets for the event they do have to sign a waiver, refusing to sue if they get covid-19 at the rally. >>back here in the bay area for the first time in 3 months, san francisco is allowing people to eat outside at restaurants that new order started yesterday and kron four's gayle ong shows us how people are taking advantage tonight in north beach. >>it may not be as easy to find a parking spot, but it is for a good meal we are seeing more traffic here in north beach vehicles, people filling parking spots to dine out and you don't even need to touch a menu you can order food right off your phone, it's through a barcode customers choose what
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they want the order goes straight to the kitchen at ilkka sorrow pizzeria francesco kabuki is the owner has been great since his like it's a new is a new grand opening of a sunni of an arrest friday by the come see you and we often yes, and there's bbc to there again another great night customer safety is top priority employees temperatures are checked before every shift there's reminders to maintain distance colucci applied for the city's shared spaces program that allows businesses to set up tables on the street customers love it, it's really great it just feels like. >>side and as you enjoy the city finally and also much needed human iraqi, staying inside that's for sure some businesses are reporting a glitch in the city's shared spaces program where permits are not being approved. >>mayor london breed indicated restaurants should move forward with or without guidelines and permits. she says the city will do its best to work with businesses through this process. in san francisco gayle ong kron 4
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news. >>and tonight, we know california will be relaxing more restrictions starting next week with new state guidelines. nail salons tattoo shops and massage parlors will be allowed to reopen june 19th with county approval and that's key because the bay area's been more conservative than a lot of other parts of the state, so you need local counties to sign off on this stuff. but statewide workers and customers will still have to wear masks and services will be limited but salons will be able to offer things like facials waxing massages indoor religious services with a limit of 25% capacity. we'll also be allowed. >>the sfmta will begin enforcing street cleaning restrictions starting this coming monday that's june 15th. san francisco continues to gradually reopen the city will also resume enforcement for parking violations related to ng. the city stopped issuing tickets on march 17th to allow residents to stay home without wearing about getting a ticket resuming enforcement for mechanical street sweeping is
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now being described as necessary as the city begins to allow more businesses and activities to resume. >>the death of george floyd has sent shock waves around the world about 15,000 people took to the streets today in paris to protest against police brutality. and a judge has ordered seattle police to stop using tear gas at protests. >>the aclu and protesters are reacting tonight. >>and we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of atlanta a live picture here on the ground it's after midnight in atlanta. and another person in this country a 27 year-old were sharp brooks has been killed by police that happened last night outside a wendy's that wendy's has now burned and protesters are outside demanding that the officer who shot and killed for sharp brooks. the arrested that has not happened the police chief has resigned we'll keep an eye on the situation there's things pier. peaceful at this
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>>as an agent did use pepper spray to clear peaceful protesters at lafayette square in washington dc just prior to president trump's controversial photo op at a local church in a statement released today the secret service noted that it previously say pepper spray was not use but the agency is
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now saying that it has since learned that one of its employees did in fact use pepper spray on a protester who was being combative again that crowd largely said to be peaceful. >>thousands of people gathered in central paris today to protest against police brutality some are rallying around the case 24 year-old black man adomah traore a who died in police custody back in 2016 in a paris suburb. well police have not formally banned today's protest gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted under france's coronavirus laws. >>whether time now as we switch gears. briefly a check on the 4 zone forecast is. we send it over to meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >>they're going to be key yet tracking cooler temperatures right now compared to half an hour ago live look outside from downtown san francisco and we're going to notice an increase in that high cloud cover temperatures for the most part cooling down into the upper 50's and low 60's
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wind speeds out there right now noticeably, calmer compared to earlier this afternoon we saw gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less sustained winds right now at 18 miles per hour for those of you in fairfield seeing the breezy east winds right now this evening in the bay area and stormtracker 4 dry conditions but tracking that increase in the cloud cover right there for those of you in the north beat bay area and future cast for is going to show that june gloom returning to the forecast by tonight during the overnight hours. bring us some light scattered showers mainly off the coast, but we could wake up to some patchy morning drizzle specifically for those of you in the south bay by your sunday morning with warmer temperatures and better clearing by your sunday afternoon and future rain totals really just going to track traces amount of rain at best overnight lows tonight, thanks to that blanket of high cloud cover going to be on the mild side widespread mid to upper 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs about 5 to 10 degrees of warming tomorrow compared to today so near for most of our inland
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areas, warming up into the low to mid 80's. santa rosa, 85 degrees. antioch 86 san jose trying to flirt with the 80's but 79 degrees for your afternoon highs oakland, 75 degrees and downtown san francisco flirting with 70's but 69 degrees by your sunday afternoon and taking a look ahead at the extended forecast little change tomorrow through tuesday, but then warming up 5 to 10 degrees on wednesday and then we're going to notice those summer like temperatures even on the first day of summer above average daytime highs even by late june standards with the widespread upper 80's for interior valleys and 70's and 80's along the coast and along the bay as well so we do have that summer sizzle heading our way but fortunately, no major heat wave, even as summarized a week from today back to you grant vicki. >>thanks for brees to fremont police have arrested this man who you see here dennis aquino a suspicion of ransacking a fremont home they say it
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happened. yesterday afternoon person who lives there says she heard noises went downstairs in her house and everything was thrown all over the place she saw a guy running away officers say that man is a key know and they later tracked him down. he has been booked into the santa rita jail, he is on probation. they say already for vandalism and has stay away orders from lots of locations in freeman, including the area in which she was found. >>santa cruz police trying to identify whoever vandalized the mission santa cruz during a recent protest and march. the march on wednesday night was in the area of mission plaza park and holy cross church. police say someone vandalized the mission using graffiti as you can see there with red spray paint profanities were written on the mission itself and also its memorial plaque. santa cruz police are asking anyone with information to call them. >>and in the north bay, the sonoma county sheriff's office tonight is investigating a homicide that happened thursday night detectives were called to the 400 block of brown's lane in unincorporated
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area of petaluma authorities have not provided many details but we will bring you any updates as we get them. santa clara county now calling for greater adherence to social distancing and safety measures since a string of new coronavirus cases a construction site. >>has been discovered 10 confirmed cases in more than 30 potential exposures have been reported at that construction site in mountain view. the company has since voluntarily close down the site then in san jose and milpitas there have been between 3, 5 cases to construction sites. there. there are at least another 9 sites, reporting infections in the county health officials are monitoring the situation there trying to determine if there could be more cases out there. virus has now killed more than 115,000 people here in the u.s. the alarming prediction from the cdc about what could lie ahead for americans and the academy of motion picture artssciences say
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become more i
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tonight a petition has been launched to replace confederate monuments in tennessee with statues of country music star. >>dolly parton the news comes amid growing calls to remove statues of races historical figures. protesters in the u.s. and the uk have been removing in vandalizing monument to problematic problematfigures such as
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christopher columbus and bristol slave trader edward colston the petition titled replace all confederate statues in tennessee with dolly parton was created by alex parsons and can be signed on change dot org. >>the only group behind the oscars says it now has a plan to make the awards more inclusive phase one of the plan would focus on things including membership in workplace culture. there's also a plan to enhance inclusive industry standards. the changes come after years of criticism that the oscars are dominated by white men. the academy has also updated its policy for the best picture category and starting next year. there will be nominees in there will be 10 nominees a year. idaho police confirm they have found the remains of 2 missing children we have details on that coming up. >>and president trump delivered a commencement speech at the u.s. military academy at west point we will show you how the ceremony looked very different from others in the past. >>and for the 2nd half of the
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weekend tracking 5 to 10 degrees of warming near average inland but a few degrees above normal along the coast a
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>>and back to our breaking story as we continue to tense situation in atlanta, atlanta police officer. i was shot and killed richard brooks has been terminated that is the latest news. we're getting. according to atlanta. police a spokesman
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carlos campos a second atlanta police officer involved in the case has been placed on administrative duty and that is brooke see saw their father of 4.27 years old. >>he was killed last night after a confrontation with police this is a live look on the ground in atlanta right now about 12:30am in the morning there and protesters are not showing any desire at least a large amount of them to go home this evening as there's still a lot of rage and a lot of pain after another black man has been killed by police in this country and the police chief in atlanta is now the former police chief erika shields resigned today. she said she wanted to. let the department heal and reform and she thought the best way to be an example of police reform was to step aside she's still an employee of the city, but she is no longer in the top spot at apd and she and the mayor
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had been calling for the firing of the officer who shot rashard brooks and just less than an hour ago that firing there was another officer involved he is on administrative leave. we'll continue to follow what's going on in atlanta has a lot of people seem to be taking pictures or video with their phones. the wendy's outside of which. brooks was shot and killed has been it appears to the ground or if not totally close to it and that is where the protesters have convened at this late hour as more news warrants. we'll take you back to atlanta but for now we move on to the pandemic plan coronavirus has now killed more than a 115,000 people in the u.s. and the cdc base in the land is projecting that there will be 130,000 deaths by the 4th of july. it's hard to come to grips with that our karin caifa has the latest now from washington. >>we're seeing right now. it's
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something obviously that's disturbing at least 19 states are now seeing a surge in coronavirus cases maybe we need to slow down a little maybe we need to attend intensify our capabilities to identify isolate contact trace. we don't want to get out of hand again the cdc is now issuing a new warning that time spent with others greatly increases risk of catching the virus. the greater the number of people involved in the interaction, the higher the risk of covid that kingsborough arkansas's now act of the national guard members after seeing a record number of cases in the past 24 hours. >>we have increased 731 cases in the last 24 hours, many states and cities across america are now pressing pause on reopening more than almost anyone would love to say the baltimore city is open and safe. but that simply is not what the data is telling us at this time, you know right now
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saying those can turn the wrong direction and if we let transmission i get out of control despite the uptick in cases some states like indiana are still moving forward i want to remind hoosiers to be safe as we move to states for. >>i feel a bit like a nagging mom, but i'm going to remind you that covid has not disappeared and it's lights camera action in georgia and california with movies and television kicking back into production in washington, i'm karin caifa. >>precautions were in full view as president trump spoke to the graduates of the u.s. military academy at west point today more than 1100 new the u.s. military academy listen to the president while they wore masks and where physically distant 6 feet apart, here's what it looked like the president's remarks were typical for a west point commencement he praised the institution as a symbol of american values and thank the graduates for their service, the president also mention the pandemic referring to the virus has an invisible enemy.
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>>i want to take this opportunity to thank all members of america's armed forces in every branch active duty national guard and reserve. who stepped forward to help battle. the invisible enemy. the new virus that came to our shores from a distant land cold china. we will vanquish the virus. we will extinguish this play. >>meanwhile, this woman has made history becoming the first practicing see to graduate from west point. second lieutenant and molnar all a second generation immigrant born and raised in roswell, georgia. >>idaho police say autopsies confirmed the remains of lori vallow's children were found at her husband's property, her spouse, chad daybell is charged with destroying evidence 7 year-old jj vallow and 17 year-old tylee ryan have been missing since september vallow and daybell fled to hawaii and got married
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in november. vallow was extradited in march to face charges that included desertion and nonsupport of children. >>we're also following the heart breaking developments out of l a county where a 24 year-old black man was found hanging from a tree in palmdale dozens of people gathered at the city council chambers yesterday's officials held a press conference. a passer by had reported seeing robert fuller's body around 03:00am wednesday. la county deputies say emergency personnel responded and found that he appeared to have died by suicide fuller's death though has generated intense scrutiny, hundreds of protesters took to the streets today marching from the park where fuller's body was found to the sheriff's station, many carried signs that said justice for robert fuller fuller sister diamond alexander insisted her brother was not suicidal and protesters held a moment of silence and took a knee outside the sheriff's station. >>go back to whatever he's a
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country >>and police in southern california, the city of torrance say they have identified the woman in that now viral video who. she went on a racist rant against a young asian woman at a park and then she also did the same sort of thing to a man and his young son the next day. police say the woman is lena hernandez, but they haven't been able to find her just yet michelle geely has the story. >>the torrance police chief says that the woman now linked to 3 racial attacks in her city is 56 year-old leanna hernandez along beach woman who has ties to torrance >>go back to whatever he's a country long that would explain why hernandez was captured on video in wilson park wednesday.
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>>that you're going to get you. my family. >>unleashing a hate filled tirade on not just one asian-american exercising here great you just made a racist comment. >>you know what i'm not a racist person uses you just made a video you need to go home. >>i am from here but also lobbying racial slurs and profanity at a second man and his son at the same torrance park respect the respect people. >>officers have tried to find lena hernandez with no luck. >>police confirm, she's also the suspect in a 3rd disturbing racial incident involving assault at the de la mome all last october the case is being presented to our city attorney's office actually as we speak. >>i don't know what sections there are i don't because a lot of this might possibly not rise to the level of a crime and yet some of may. but
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i'm going to leave that to the investigators who actually have all the evidence and all the information before then i don't have all that information. >>and that was michelle gilley reporting for us tonight police are asking anyone who may have come into contact with lena hernandez to contact police. >>a wisconsin woman is facing a hate crime charge after video caught her spinning on a black lives matter protester. she told police that she is a cancer survivor and felt threatened because she was surrounded by crowds that didn't have masks on, but. in the video as she didn't have a mask on either. police say the woman in this video is stephanie rapkin of the protesters 17 year-old erica lucas it happened in the midst of a peaceful protest in shorewood last weekend in milwaukee, prosecutors charge rapkin with disorderly conduct an added a hate crime in hansard lucas and his attorneys are pleased with the hate crime modifier but say that the disorderly conduct charges, not tough enough. >>a white woman can spin a bike man's face because he's black and the only thing that
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the da's office can charge him with is a disorderly conduct which is a crime that you can get for just shouting to public place. it seemed an equitable every time i try not to think about them on because every time i think about that moment it take me down. >>a traumatic experience. >>wrapped in is also charged with battery to a law enforcement officer in connection to a separate incident that happened outside her home the day after the protest. rapkin is expected to make her initial court appearance, july 24th that she declined a request for comment. >>right-wing protesters are clashing with police in london, this weekend. the counter protesters say they want to protect various monuments from being taken down amid the black lives matter movement. the uk's official black lives matter group told all of his followers to stay home this weekend and the quote take care of yourselves and each other. london's mayor is pleading with all protesters to do the same he says while he supports black lives matter. he'd rather people stay safe, especially with the
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risk of spreading covid police arrested more than a 100 people today across london for protest related offenses. the trump administration finalized a regulation that overturns obama-era protections for transgender people against discrimination when it comes to health care and the new rule defines gender is a person's biological. >>the obama regulation defined gender is a person's internal sense of being male female, neither or a combination. critics say the rule will impact the ability to fight against discrimination by doctors medical facilities and health insurance providers arsonist a hernia spoke with samuel garrett pate with the quality california about how the timing is of this announcement. >>but i do want to also back up and say how. i'm certainly cruel. it is that the trump administration decided to make this announcement in the middle of pride month in the middle of a global pandemic and on the four-year
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anniverryof the shooting at pulse nightclub in orlando. we just let that sit in. >>that of all days of all months of all moments to be a. they chose that day to say that you know what transgender people here in america to millions of you out there. >>we don't think you deserve health care after the trump administration said yesterday. >>the announcement also came at the end of a week where 2 black transgender women were murdered milton in liberty township, ohio, and dominique fells in philadelphia. so far this year at least 14 transgender or gender nonconforming individuals have been fatally shot or killed by other violent means here in the u.s. that's according to the human rights campaign the campaign says it plans to sue the trump administration over the protection rollbacks. >>mother of the accused pasa robles shooter speaks out after her sons to de
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>>tonight the mother of the suspected pasa robles shooter says her son has a history of mental illness and he did not get the medical help he needed. >>she says she doesn't believe he intended to hurt anyone reporter materials babb has the story. >>the >>within 36 hours for california officers injured in an innocent by standard killed. the suspect 26 year-old mason james lira from
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by salia we're as mother deborah hogan sharing these photos of her son. she says he has a history of mental health illness and believes he did not mean to hurt anyone. she claims the oregon and california health systems failed him in a statement exclusive to our station she says quote mental illness is a disease doctors don't let people with heart disease or people with diabetes fall through the cracks they are treated people with mental illness need to be treated as well a change needs to be made and quote hogan sent her condolences to the 2 deputies, the police officer in the chp officer who were shot, san luis obispo deputy nicholas dreyfuss who was shot in the head underwent surgery and is recovering he is going to be doing ok the other 3 officers, including kings county deputy blake bercy agha who was shot in the leg are recovering at home. percy agha itching to get back to work and chance to be in good spirits i just spoke to him this morning. i thought that yeah.
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>>update around here take some time isn't really big deal so. >>and that was red arrows babbitt reporting for us tonight. a shooting outside a bar left 8 people hurt in texas last night you see the scene here in san antonio. >>police say a group of men and women left one barn walked across the street to another bar but were not let in because they appeared to be drunk the police chief says somebody from the group claimed to be a ufc fighter from california went to his car and pulled out a rifle. suspect they say opened fire shooting several people nobody died. the victims drove to the hospital themselves in are expected to recover police say they are still looking for that shooter. >>former nfl star antonio brown charged in a battery case learned his fate after appearing before a judge in court yesterday andrew perez reports. >>antonio brown appears in court mask and all formally changing his plea from not guilty to no contest on 3
9:46 pm
diffa moving truck driver battery case that made national headlines earlier this year there are 3 charges one 3rd degree felony one first-degree misdemeanor one 2nd degree misdemeanor police say the nfl star attacked a moving company truck driver brown left court with his orders some 2 years of probation he'll undergo a psychological evaluation now and have to take a lengthy anger management course, yext steelers and patriots wide receiver from miami. also must do a 100 hours of community service. he's also ordered to stay away from the victims all of this effective immediately. and that was andrew perez reporting for us tonight. brown is not currently with any nfl team. he was released from the oakland raiders and the patriots last year amid accusations of. >>inappropriate behavior. >>no football for him that's what the president is saying he says he's not going to watch the nfl. the president commented today on a tweet on social media replying to somebody who was posting about
9:47 pm
the u.s. soccer federations recent decision to repeal a 3 year-old ban on kneeling during the anthem. this of course comes says the nation is protesting a lot of people in the country are protesting against police brutality and racial injustice which was sparked by the killing of george floyd in minneapolis. the president replied to that tweet about the soccer kneeling saying, and it looks like the nfl is heading in that direction also but not with me watching. in the past the president has been very vocal about his opposition to taking a knee during the national anthem. >>let's take a live look outside right now and our 4 zone forecast at san francisco's embarcadero is another cool day today but. >>the times there a change in meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at sunday and beyond him a person yet that's right grant and vicki and summer officially one week from today and we're going to track above average daytime highs just in time for the first day of summer but from now until then tracking some low cloud cover
9:48 pm
right along golden gate bridge first it's going to arrive right around the bay area coastline visibility at or near 0 and it is going to extend inland. during the overnight hours but better clearing and lifting by around mid morning on sunday and temperatures out there right now cooling down into the upper 50's and low 60's for most of the bay area and overnight lows, thanks that blanket of low and high cloud cover going to be on the mild side widespread mid to upper 50's a little bit cooler for santa rosa 49 degrees in antioch only cooling down into the low 60's, let's take a look at your microclimate sunday forecast for the 5 degrees of warming right along the coast downtown san francisco warming up to 69 degrees. 59 for those of you in daly city in half moon bay 67 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs once again, breezy winds for your sunday afternoon with gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour less fortunately below advisory level san bruno 65 degrees burlingame warming up to 67 degrees with widespread upper
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60's fomateo and foster city, but san carlos, warming up into the low 70's with widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 79 degrees but cupertino a degree warmer warming up into the low 80's with upwards of 10 degrees of warming from most of our inland spots livermore near average at 80 degrees or into 67 and richmond 78 degrees for your sunday afternoon napa 83 degrees and also mid 80's for santa rosa petaluma 78 degrees in mill valley 68 degrees for the 2nd half of your weekend and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook some warming on monday but overall near average highs all the way through tuesday, but then by the middle of this upcoming week, a big warm up 5 to 10 degrees above average with some of our interior valleys warming up into the low 90's and we're going to stay near 90 even through saturday of next week. the first day of summer yes, it's right around the corner, widespread upper
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70's along the coast and even mid 80's as you make your way into the east bay shoreline back to you grant vicki. >>thank you bree said joe biden's search for a running mate is entering a second round of vetting now for this list of potential vp nominees with several black women in strong contention yeah, very interesting list democrats with knowledge of the process a that biden search committee is narrow the choices to us he was 6 serious contenders after initial interviews among the group still in contention. >>senators elizabeth warren kamala harris. susan rice who served as president barack obama's national security adviser and others who. made the list or atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms and new mexico governor michelle lujan grisham. those with knowledge declined to name other contenders and say that the process does remain. so what fluid. >>california investigators are reviewing amazon's business practices as part of an inquiry into the tech giant wall street journal reports that the state's review. focus is at least in part on how
9:51 pm
amazon treats sellers in its online marketplace. that includes amazon's practices for selling its own products in competition with 3rd party sellers. >>chuck e cheese is trying to avoid bankruptcy. it's reportedly in talks with lenders to raise million the pizza franchise. had a billion dollars of debt at the end of last year, it's also facing a $2 million loan payment that's coming up this month. rapper ludacris is trying to make it easier for kids to talk about race, he rolled out this web site
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>>actress tiffany haddish shared an emotional story about her experience of being a black woman living in los angeles, you know the actress was out with protesters yesterday outside of hollywood laugh factory in l a take a look. >>i can't even drive in beverly you what i get pulled over and i got attacked. i shouldn't be afraid when i see those lights come on behind me right shin feel like is this going to be the last day that i'm on earth. >>this wasn't the first time that haddish has spoken openly about social issues. and 29 teachey postponed a show in georgia over that state's controversial law banning abortions at the onset of a fetal heart beat. >>award-winning hip-hop artist and actor ludacris created a new media platform to help talk to kids about big topics like racism. he said his own
9:55 pm
children and then the outcry of racial injustice across the world inspired him to create kids nation. right now kids nation has 2 songs on its website one called get along about racism. another called stay clean about the importance of hygiene. >>about new ideas and trying to to and something positive to what's going on and i obviously you know making way for the new generation. and i'm trying to use my platform to create another platform for all of the parents that are doing online classes and obviously summer time you know the summer time classes are not going on right now so how can i help in a positive way and have these conversations and to make way for the new generation that's looking mation back comes out about video that you just played is getting an overwhelming response around the world. so i'm just trying to do my part in in leading right now so thank you so much for this opportunity i appreciate. >>what a great idea you have
9:56 pm
these dual crises right now you have the pandemic you have the racial injustice and it's tough for kids to understand especially the young ones and comprehend how to kind of navigate through that so if someone like ludacris is going to break it down like that that's outstanding by the way lou is encouraging kids to send in their dance videos to the songs that he puts on his website. so that they can show how they're getting involved in kid nation and they may be watch themselves on his web site so pretty inclusive it is in a great place to put all that kid energy and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. >>of course our top story this a city that is torn by by racial strife, a shot here in atlanta. the that experience another officer involved shooting of a black man last night you're seeing. protesters on the streets tonight. we're going to continue updating that story for you. >>that 27 year-old ray shard brooks is the man who was
9:57 pm
killed. last night by atlanta police and just within the past hour or the police officer who pulled the trigger has been fired he's been identified as garrett. rolf. the police chief resigned today because of this. the former chief now in the mayor had been calling for his arrest the protesters are calling around sorry they've been calling for his firing on the protesters and they calling for his arrest. >>we will be right back for kron 4 news at 10 that will be on our kron on app good night,
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