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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. millions of americans marched to market due to the holiday commemorating the day the last in slave african americans were free. >>this year the day taking on a renewed urgency. amid protests for racial justice across the nation and here at home thousands came out on both sides of the bay. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 5 i'm justine waldman and this year juneteenth celebrations coincide with widespread protests in the bay area and beyond. >>it's also happening with
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multiple hate crime investigations by oakland police and the fbi after ropes that were knotted and tied to trees which look like nooses were discovered around lake merritt we have team coverage on the local juneteenth rallies. kron four's rob fladeboe is live for us in san jose and dan kerman will join us live from oakland. they're also gatherings that both of those city halls and then in san francisco as well but first we will join kron four's gayle ong who is live now in oakland at a gathering that's underway right now good evening, gayle. >>hey just seen this fight ropes and a fake body being found near lake merritt in oakland the people i spoke with want to focus on celebrating juneteenth the end of slavery in the united states. take a look hundreds here at the amphitheater as we speak the stretching as far as the eye can see many are enjoying themselves gathering on the lawn and dancing showcasing art work. local vendors are raising money for the black lives matter movement and the funding of
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police. here's what one oakland resident had to say about the hate crime investigations. >>and all the people been investigating those dead. they did but even noses but at the end of the day we took them down and we haven't but right now it's about doing today. >>a lot of distractions in recent days but today, people say is all about celebrating the freedom day celebrations are expected to continue through the night live in oakland gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you so much gayle will go now live to kron four's dan kerman he is reporting for us from now on a routine celebration is happening as well good evening down. >>we are oakland city hall right now and there was a march earlier in the day outside the port and that march which shut down the port of oakland ended up coming here to help and city hall and i would say that this event here was less of a celebration
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of juneteenth and more of what we've been saying in terms of calling for police reform and protests with that in mind. >>is about is a symbol i heard it before freedom. it's a symbol of liberation it's a reminder of history in the history of injustice because black people in this country have lived in an injustice state from the time that we were brought here thousands gathered outside oakland city hall friday afternoon. >>to mark juneteenth and called for a national holiday. but with an image of george floyd towering in the background speakers also continued to call for police reform and the defunding of police. >>we've got to take a stand and the police officer will sit by and get stepped
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>>many demonstrators arrived here after protesting in shutting down the port of oakland speaker said going forward that's the way to get real change stopping capitalism in its tracks. >>from beyond the past to resist as to the capitalist imagine that this wasn't just a one-day west coast, it was like yes, shutting down all the west coast ports and 1, 2, 3, >>there was also a push to get out the vote in november. if anything this june 10th event here outside oakland city hall was more a call to action in
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gauging the energy of the crowd. it's a call that will be answered and acted upon. >>live in oakland city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you so much dan there was also a rally in san francisco today at city hall and kron four's terisa stasio shows us what it looked like. >>march >>it was a moment of prayers and passionate pleas to reflect the past and honor the president at this juneteenth rally in san francisco. the street was shut down in front of san francisco city hall to give everyone apple space to gather safely during this time of a pandemic hundreds showed up including gwen woods. the mother of mario woods, what's was fatally shot by san francisco police officers in december of 2015. she called out the names of others had died at the hands of san francisco police officers. >>mario woods. can this party.
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now it's the time. luis gongora. jessica williams shane and his. >>mayor london breed had this to say in a statement quote juneteenth has always been so much more than a festival. it is a reminder of our history a reminder of the bonds of slavery of our long struggle for equality and it is a reminder that despite our progress we continue to face. so many challenges end quote. >>the city of san francisco still dealing with the pandemic in at this gathering for the most part everyone maintain social distancing and they wore a mask. theresa kron 4 news. >>to mark juneteenth leaders and activists held a family friendly community event and asked for changes today kron four's rob fladeboe has more now. >>is live for us
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>>good evening. just yet you send it to the event outside san jose city hall this afternoon was billed as a family friendly event and it was just that. but it also served as a platform for 3 core values defund the police invest in black communities and defeat president trump. >>here's more. >>physical distancing aside. the observance of june teens here outside san jose city hall friday featured inspired messages of hope and justice reflecting your own experience having been raised in the south teacher rocket holton crowded late coretta scott king. >>my story is a freedom song of struggle. it is about finding one's per piece how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than oneself with health and wellness resources are dancing in music event at a kind of festive atmosphere but as part of the movement for black lives 6 nineteen's national day of marches and rallies.
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>>the signs carried by many spoke to the demand for police reform and the need for investment in black communities says organizer audio home. >>jobs housing. you know having to worry about. you know health care and food just like basic necessities that people think about when you're talking about human rights has not been realized for many americans it's actually pocketbook. there are poems about the struggle for emancipation calls for the ouster of president trump were underscored by a voter registration booth. during the call for change in pledging to help make it happen there's county supervisor susan ellenberg. >>my intention is to leverage what i'm learning to make policy decisions that reflect the communities needs this communities needs 12 officially a day to commemorate the end of slavery juneteenth is also about honoring the many contributions in slave black americans and their ancestors have made to the cause of freedom. and another thing
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that appeared to have broad support at the back these celebration outside city hall today was the growing movement to make juneteenth. >>a national paid holiday live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you rob and governor gavin newsome issued a proclamation today commemorating june 20th as june 10 juneteenth national freedom day in california. in a statement, the governor said quote as we celebrate juneteenth we must redouble our efforts to achieve justice and take on systematic racism and its devastating consequences for black americans. recent demonstrations, feeling important reforms throughout the united states are the latest contributions to building a more perfect union. we remember those who have lived and died in this pursuit and their memory inspires us to make that promise real. juneteenth rallies were also held across the country today as the nation's capital. their players from the washington wizards in the mystics
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organized a protest meant to draw attention to police brutality and systematic racism. in atlanta thousands of people flooded the streets marching to the city's centennial olympic park. demonstrators in new york city march to the brooklyn bridge and in wisconsin. the juneteenth flag was hoist it above the state capitol today for the first time in state history. some companies and some cities have chosen to mark juneteenth as a holiday. and there are calls to make it a national holiday as well in the hopes that this will spark conversation about racial and political conflicts and where they began. another big story. we're following tonight is in louisville where police there terminating one of 3 officers involved in the shooting death of brianna taylor officer brett hankinson is accused of blindly firing 10 shots into the taylor's apartment as she slept on march 13th. she was killed after officers forced their way inside her home and exchanged shots with her boyfriend. the mayor had previously delayed firing any
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of the officers saying he was not able to take action on the case, an attorney for the family says today's announcement proves otherwise. >>we said all along that he's had the ability to terminate them. so we're happy that part one of them today, we still want the other officers involved in brianna's murder terminated as well and we still want them prosecuted. >>other 2 officers were placed on administrative reassignment at this point it's not clear if any further actions, we'll be take. and a quick programming reminder now kron 4 is hosting a live town hall next week with mayors from across the bay area. we will be discussing the discussing the changes cities are making after protest. have highlighted racial injustice and how cities are moving forward from the coronavirus pandemic if you would like to submit a video question. you can just visit our website kron 4 dot com. just click on the inside bay area politics link. the town hall will air next wednesday june 24th at 09:00pm. we do have some
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breaking news now to report out of contra costa county where the california highway patrol is responding to a shooting on eastbound highway 4. this is just off of west laurel road near antioch chp is close in part of the road right now to investigate so if you're headed to antioch or brentwood are conquered. you could be affected by this closure. this is a very developing story and as soon as we get more information on the shooting along highway 4 we will bring you the latest details. and coming up tonight here on kron 4 news at 5 as the north bay moves further into reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic. >>how nail salons and tattoo parlors in sonoma county are preparing to welcome customers back. plus at 5.30 an east bay community says its final farewell to dave patrick underwood a federal officer who was shot and killed in working at a protest and coming up next an open college professors at the center of a viral post over an e-mail he sent to a and
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oakland to college professors at the center of a viral post over an email that he sent to a student. >>in the exchange laney college professor matthew hovered asked a student if she could anglicized her name and that professor is now on administrative leave kron four's haaziq madyun shows us the conversation and tells us how the college and the professor are responding. >>it is a tweet of an e-mail
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conversation between a college professor and a female be of any student that has gone viral quote good you anglicized your name ph you see be you i sound like an insult in english on quote according to the person who posted the tweet that request was made by laney college math. professor matthew hubbard the female student had this response quote your requests for be to anglicized my name fills discriminatory and i will move forward with filing a complaint with the title 9 office if you could not referred to me by my given birth name unquote. >>unfortunately, i'm not surprised because there has been instances where i see teachers are having a lot of miscommunications mispnderstandings there is a large diverse population that doesn't always reflect on the faculty laney college journalism student, michelle snyder questions why professor hover did make the effort to look up the correct pronunciation because there's
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so many other ways that the teacher could have handled that situation. >>and the pronunciation of the name isn't even that if you actually you can look it up on you to she's right in fact, according to these videos ph you see and be you i are not at all pronounced the way professor hovered suggested his email reply with the rights. >>call your name in the list sounds like expletive boy if i lived in vietnam and my name in your league, what sounded like eat a expletive i would change it to avoid embarrassment. i caught up with professor matthew hubbard to give them an opportunity to explain his side of the story, but he declined to be interviewed the president of laney college cent kron four's statement regarding the incident that read in part quote i am writing you to let you know that we are aware of the allegations of racist and xenophobic messages from a faculty member at our college with a student about the pronunciation of their name we take these allegations seriously and immediately
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place the faculty member on administrative leave pending an investigation on quote in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>on the peninsula workers that san mateo medical center came out to show solidarity on this juneteenth holiday. doctors nurses and other staff observed 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence in honor of george floyd whose death sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. the medical community said they wanted to send a message that they are in solidarity with the black community. >>we come together to recognize racism as a public health problem. and cause a disproportionate mean. suffering. and death in communities of color. >>this was one of 2 events in san mateo county today. the other rally was held in half moon bay. well take a live look outside right now to talk about our 4 zone forecast here is sfo and that fog bank
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slowly starting to roll in as our first weekend of summer is finally here our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at how temperatures are going to do this weekend happy almost summer lords, yeah, we are right there to 43 the afternoon tomorrow summer officially begin look at that. >>yeah that looks a whole lot like summer doesn't that fog beginning to make its way through the golden gate bridge stretching inside the bay now we're going to see more of that overnight tonight so that can help to cool down the temperatures just a little bit boy was toasty in parts of the bay area today as high pressure sitting over head has brought some very hot temperatures to many inland spots some of those temperatures soaring well into the 90's again, but now we're seeing some changes as that sea breeze is going to start picking up in fact you can see it right there to 20 miles an hour in oakland, 18 and fairfield 21. an sfo 13 in san francisco little swirls off the coastline. those are called coastal eddie's little small areas there swirling around a fog off the coast still enhanced the low clouds
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and fog to start to push that a little bit further on shore. so we're looking at some hot temperatures this evening. in fact we've got an excessive heat watch. through about 9 o'clock tonight, those temperatures in the 90's in those spots overnight lows only in the 60's and 70's so really not give your body a chance to recover from all that heat temperature wise we've got to 78 degrees in san jose right now cool 56 with some fog in pacifica 58 degrees in san francisco 91 in fairfield 72 very comfortable in the napa valley at 72 degrees also in petaluma tonight low clouds and fog return to the coast and and probably some local valleys. tomorrow, mostly sunny. it will be a breezy afternoon and then sunday, another very important day father's day going become mostly sunny just a little bit cooler but looks like high pressure going to flatten out just a little bit for the weekend that allow for more cool breeze developing along the coastline. a little more fog out there to just. thank you lauren. still ahead tonight, a black trans woman was found dead in portland more than a year ago for death has been ruled. >>a suicide but her friends and family say otherwise and
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they're still searching for answers. up next all restaurants in the bay area can now offer outdoor dining to customers by alameda
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>>in the east bay alameda county health officials is more coronavirus restrictions today allowing for outdoor dining and indoor retail shopping. alameda is the last ferry county to allow these services to reopen and has
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also reported more than 4600 covid-19 cases which is more than any other county. under the amended health order groups of up to 6 people can dine with each other at restaurants that have outdoor seating and residents will also be able to attend religious services with a maximum of 100 people press it other services also reopening today include fitness classes for groups of up to 12 people and you can find all these details on our website kron 4 dot com. now we go to the north bay for gyms movie theaters and nail salons are among the businesses allowed to reopen under an updated health order in sonoma county. kron 4 sarah stinson is in santa rosa with details. >>many more businesses will be able to reopen their doors here in sonoma county starting today. i'm here in santa rosa right now where a gym called studio fitness is right next to off one nail salon and the gym's opening till monday but this nail salon made it very clear they are opening up
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today. but you must wear a mask before entering the nail salon inside i can see they have a plexiglas barrier between employees and customers as they check out also reopening our tattoo shops i talked to an owner of one santa rosa, it's called the whole thing she says tattoo artists are already accustomed to intense health guidelines. we assume everybody has. >>a gauge ivy have c yeah, i mean so we are ready sanitize everything down with like madness. i was killed. >>you know within minutes take a look at your screen you can see a list of the other businesses now reopening hotels short term rentals campgrounds means is going to be some visitors heading to sonoma county gyms and fitness centers movie theaters nail and tattoo shops museums and galleries plus outdoor recreation like many golf of course all these places must follow guidelines and protocols to make it safe, including temperature checks for employees plus of their feeling any symptoms at all they must stay home and as
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places start to reopen its important to remember that while business owners work hard to keep customers safe. it's also on the customer to follow the rules that's wearing a mask keeping distance and if you're coming to sonoma county from another county in the bay area make sure that you follow the rules in santa rosa sarah stinson kron 4 news now, here's a look at the latest coronavirus numbers here in the bay area we now have more than 18,000 coronavirus tests and 525 deaths statewide there nearly 170,000 cases with more than 5,000 deaths. >>across the country there are more than 119,000 deaths. >>next year at 5 as the country celebrates juneteenth president trump is preparing to hold his first campaign rally in tulsa oklahoma and city leaders there will they have some concerns about it. plus as we start to make summer plans new coronavirus hotspot suggests the virus will remain an unwelcome
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visitor through the season and beyond. and remembering a fallen hero up next how the community came together today
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>>i know i was talking to him right now he was safe for all of us. here today and across america is to stay strong. stay strong focus on love. >>before he was laid to rest today, dave patrick underwood
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was memorialized at his alma mater pinole valley high school, hundreds of people attended the service underwood was a federal protective officer killed in the line of duty 3 weeks ago in oakland. but kron force one to call says his friends and family say that he will always be remembered. >>friends family and complete strangers touched by dave patrick underwood service in law enforcement and the tragic way he died compelled to pay their respects in from left home that day. he was happy. >>yeah i have to focus on that right now we all have to focus sister angela underwood jacobs describes her late brother as secure and confident, but never arrogant or she says his killers took away a good man. 2 suspects are now in custody charged in connection with the murder both possibly tied to extremism i will give that person my energy know what i did think about is his 2


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