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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at >>what not. just disappear. like this it's not like her. it's not like are they. >>now 9 and east bay woman has been missing for days family and friends are now pleading for help tonight good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, 37 year-old erika lloyd from walnut creek was last seen on sunday her car was found abandoned and vandalized in the desert of san bernardino county on tuesday. but so far a search in the area near joshua tree national park has not turned up anything else kron four's dan
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thorn is live in the studio tonight, he joins us with more on the investigation and the search for erika lloyd can help him a few of her closest friends tell us they find lloyds disappearance troubling and strange they say they last heard from her on sunday. when she told them that she was going on a trip to clear her head but now almost a week later only her car has been found in the desert. >>a 37 year-old mother from walnut creek has gone missing in southern california police say erica lloyds car was found off of a desert highway near the city of 29 palms just outside of joshua tree national park. but there was no sign of lloyd she simply. >>what not. just disappear. >>like this occur is a monzo is a close friend. she says lloyd has been under a lot of stress lately and needed to get away. but where lloyd was going was unclear, she said she just needed to clear her head and she wanted to take her son to big sur but on
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tuesday chp found lloyd's car abandoned more than 700 miles away from big sur investigators with the san bernardino sheriff's office say a missing persons report was filed a day later so far there has been no confirmed sighting avoid her son did not go on the trip, she's got a little bit got means heard. >>she really good friends to a lot of people's she ever love serve where we work co-worker and friend rebecca malone says lloyd recently deleted her facebook and has been unreachable on social media or over the phone. >>malone worries her friend will be suffering through scorching desert temperatures. she's holding out hope that lloyd will turn up soon we're just concerned and want to get the word out there just that we can try her calls we just got to bring her home that's all there is to it she just has to come home. >>we've been told that lloyd's family is coming in from the east coast tonight to help in this search. her father is a former police officer who plans to help deputies who are
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searching the area using atv's and drones police are asking anyone who may have seen lloyd or spoke to her before her disappearance to come forward, reporting live in studio dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>well this year marks the 155th anniversary of june tain and while president lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation in 1863. juneteenth marks today more than 2 years later that the union army arrived in texas and announce the end of slavery june 19th 1865 the ratification of the 13th amendment to the constitution was on december 6th 1865, there's now a bipartisan effort led by lawmakers including california senator kamala harris to make juneteenth a national holiday juneteenth rallies were held across the country today at the nation's capital players from the washington wizards and the mystics organization. had a protest meant to draw attention to police brutality and systemic racism. in atlanta, thousands of people
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flooded the streets marching to the city's centennial olympic park demonstrators in new york city march to the brooklyn bridge and in wisconsin the juneteenth flag was hoisted above the state capitol today for the first time in that state's history. juneteenth rallies were held all around the bay area today to the golden state warriors including warriors president rick welts. >>observe the day by helping to paint a black lives matter mural at the african american art and culture complex in san francisco. >>luis gongora. jessica williams shane and says. >>when would the mother of mario woods who was fatally shot by san francisco police in 2005. read the names of others who have died by the hands of san francisco police said a juneteenth rally and san francisco city hall hundreds in the crowd are pushing to defund police
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departments demanding more services be offered in their place. bay area native and mayor of san francisco london breed had this to say about juneteenth growing up it wasn't just about celebration. juneteenth has always been so much more than a festival. it's a reminder of our history reminder of the bonds of slavery of our long struggle for equality. and it's a reminder that despite our progress we continue to face so many challenges there are still so many barriers to equality to equity and to justice in oakland juneteenth celebrations coincide with hate crime investigations by oakland police and the fbi. >>that's after ropes and a fake body were found at lake merritt. >>despite all of this hundreds gathered at the lake today to celebrate juneteenth the day again that the last and slaved african americans were freed in the u.s. kron four's gayle ong was at one of the gatherings at lake merritt. >>despite the recent incidents at the lake people say today is all about freedom day the
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crowd stretched as far as the eye can see many enjoying themselves gathering on the lawn dancing showcasing art work the empty theater packed at lake merritt friday to celebrate juneteenth important is that we are finally free. >>full of running out here who is the one with my little income. >>and it's a really hard time right now, but i mean we still happening. you know come together and celebrate each other. and adversity and then to speak out against. you know that that flight killing was a softball the holiday commemorates the end of slavery in the united states in 1865 more than a century and a half later. >>juneteenth comes amid widespread protests in the bay area and beyond in oakland, it coincides with multiple hate crime investigations by oakland police and the fbi after ropes and a fake body were found at lake merritt and all the people will been investigating those dead. >>they did but even noses but
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at the end of the day we took them down and we haven't been right now is about to meet a local vendors are raising money for the black lives matter movement and defunding of police. >>one of the tents was not selling anything but encouraging other voices to be heard where it happened at least 20 to 30 people so far have registered to vote and i believe that's one farm where we can protest and it's been great it's been powerful the solidarity the unity this out here and individuals are eager to register to vote later in the evening, hundreds gathered outside here at the alameda county courthouse paying their respects leaving flowers. >>on the steps honoring the legacy of the black panthers party founded here in oakland. >>long kron 4 news. >>governor gavin newsom issued a proclamation today commemorating june 20th as juneteenth national freedom day in california. in a statement, the governor said quote as we celebrate juneteenth we must redouble our efforts to achieve justice and take on systemic racism
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and it's devastating consequences for black americans. recent demonstrations, fueling important reforms throughout the united states are the latest contributions to building a more perfect union. we remember those who have lived and died in this pursuit and their memory inspires us to make that promise real. >>kron 4 is hosting a live town hall next week with mayors from across the bay area we will discuss the changes cities are making after protest highlighting racial injustice and how cities are moving forward from the coronavirus pandemic if you'd like to submit a video question just visit kron 4 dot com click on inside bay area politics, the town hall will air next wednesday night june 24th at 09:00pm in san francisco supervisors dean preston and john walton are calling for the city to declare juneteenth and official recognize holiday both supervisors represent predominantly black neighborhoods in the city in a statement walton said juneteenth matters because it
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marks the end of slavery and its esta black people we as a country and city honor the history of black people including those who have gone before us and those that have paved the road to freedom many with their lives while then added that now is the time for san francisco to lead by example and to embrace the importance of juneteenth. >>now to the latest on the coronavirus most bay area counties are easing restrictions but at different paces, here's an overview. rain county announced today that starting june 29th indoor dining hair and nail salons gyms and short term. launching may reopen. today people in alameda county were allowed to dine outside for groups of songs, aaron social bubbles indoor retail shopping and non-contact fitness classes are also now permitted. and it's noma and napa counties gyms salons and theaters were all allowed to reopen today. >>today california recorded more than 4300 new cases of
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the virus has the highest number of new cases in one day for the state since the pandemic started, here's a look at the latest numbers tonight in california there are more than 170,000 cases and more than 5,000 reported deaths the united states has more than 2.2 million cases and 119,000 deaths in the bay area there are more than 18,000 cases and more than 500 deaths. >>contra costa county reported 37 new cases and one new death today, the state has now added contra costa county to its list of counties of california department of health is monitoring closely kron 4 s noelle bellow joins us now in the newsroom with more on. this watch list that the state has put together and that's right there are currently 11 counties on the state's watch list contra costa joining counties such as los angeles kern santa barbara and fresno counties as ones that the state is keeping a closer eye on right now there are 24 people in the hospital being treated.
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>>for covid-19 in contra costa over the last 3 days the county has been consistently reporting a small but steady uptick in those hospitalizations according to the state department of health. this increase is parallel to the rise in community transmission that the county moves away from shelter in place to more normal routines and further into phase 2. the increase in numbers comes as the county allowed barbershops and salons to reopen this week. i asked infectious disease expert doctor dean winslow from stanford if the rapid reopening seen in counties like contra costa concerned him, here's what he had to say. >>it absolutely does you know europe i think it's been a good example of you know how really that the government's worked in a very concerted mariner to to really not just flatten the curve but actually make the kurds start coming down and people are talking in the u.s. about a potential second wave this winter, but i'd like to remind all of our
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viewers and listeners that we're really a situation where we're still in the midst of the first way so to speak >>of covid-19. >>now still in the first wave, the state department of health has created a list of key actions for contra costa's health department to try and help the county get back on track. those key actions include pushing the importance of wearing face coverings and getting tested preparing local health systems for a surge, making sure nursing facilities have proper ppe and know how and when to use it and educating people on the importance of contact tracing to prevent spread to friends and loved ones now right now the county has not been asked to roll back any of its reopening plans due to this increase in numbers. for now bars gyms and movie theaters are scheduled to reopen in contra costa on july 1st in the newsroom. well bellow kron 4 news. >>thank you know well in national news there are growing health concerns over president trump's reelection rally that's scheduled this
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weekend in tulsa oklahoma oklahoma state supreme court today rejected a request to require everybody attending the president's rally to wear a face mask and maintain social-distancing inside the arena. the mayor of tel so reese ended a curfew that was put in place ahead of saturday night's rally. 10's of thousands are expected to either attend the rally or stand outside those who do attend inside are required to sign a waiver that they will not sue the trump campaign if they contract covid-19 as millions of americans around the country commemorate june teens send the fight for racial justice. president trump warned protesters to stay away from his rally in tulsa. >>the president tweeted quote please understand you will not be treated like you have been in new york seattle or minneapolis. claiming it will quote be a much different scene today, the white house press secretary defended the president saying he was referring to looters. >>he was meeting or violent protesters anarchists looters, the kind of lawlessness that
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we saw play out before president trump came in with the national guard in condor streets with law and order. >>the rally was pushed for today, so it would not conflict with juneteenth celebration, san francisco mayor london breed announced the establishment of the first african american small business revolving loan fund in response to covid-19 the city has invested million into this fund the fund will provide access to capital and financial assistance for black entrepreneurs and black owned small businesses affected by the covid-19 pandemic this fund is in partnership with the san francisco african american chamber of commerce and main street launch today, san francisco district attorney jason bodene criticized to san francisco superior court's decision to end the policy of 0 bail during the covid-19 pandemic. >>the 0 bail policy was designed to ensure that jail populations were maintained at safe levels and those released would not have to post bail the dean said quote we are
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disappointed with the judicial council in the san francisco courts for moving away from an effective public health policy despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of people released on 0 bail did not reoffend and many were never even charged with a crime. dean emphasize that 0 bail helps minimize the harm. the criminal system inflicts on low income communities and people of color. >>pg and he is getting the final ok to get out of bankruptcy, a bankruptcy judge announced today that he will approve the utilities $58 billion plan allowing pg and e to pay billion for losses from the devastating wildfires in 2017 2018 pg and e's bankruptcy started after investigators ruled that the company's outdated equipment was responsible for the wildfires that killed more than 100 people and wiped out towns. the finding led to dozens of lawsuits which have been settled with billion
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earmarked for more than 80,000 wildfire victims. >>i know i was talking to him right now he was safe for all of us. here today and across america is to stay strong. stay strong focus, a love. >>before he was laid to rest today, david patrick underwood was memorialized at his alma mater pinole valley high school, hundreds of people attended the service underwood was a federal protective officer killed in the line of duty 3 weeks ago in oakland kron four's phillipe djegal says his friends and family say he will always be remembered. >>friends family and complete strangers touched by dave patrick underwood service in law enforcement and the tragic way he died compelled to pay their respects in from left home that day. he was happy. >>yeah i have to focus on that right now we all have to focus sister angela underwood jacobs describes her late brother as
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secure and confident, but never arrogant or she says his killers took away a good man. 2 suspects are now in custody charged in connection with the murder both possibly tied to extremism i won't give that person my energy know what i did think about is his 2 children. >>i thought about them and i thought wow. he obviously didn't think about the legacy that he was leaving for his own family jacob says she's angered by her brother's murder but not angry she says hate vengeance and violence solve >>underwood served as a federal protective officer for 10 years working for a company contracted by the department of homeland security. he was murdered 3 weeks ago outside the federal building in oakland while monitoring a protest acting homeland security secretary chad wolf says underwood served with honor
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>>several elected leaders attended the memorial service at underwood's alma mater pinole valley high school attendees will be good comes from his death and that deadly attacks on law enforcement come to an end in an old collegians all kron 4 news. >>just into our newsroom. the justice department says the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york is resigning, however geoffrey berman is refuting that news berman had clashed with the attorney general over some cases he has been involved with investigating president trump as and also investigators several people with connections to the president the white house announced tonight that trump is nominating jay clayton to replace herman clayton chairs the securities and exchange commission but he has never been a prosecutor, however, berman released a statement saying he has no plans of
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stepping down from his job. >>more to come on that for sure well as a warm sunny day in parts of the bay area. but if you look at the golden gate bridge right now not much warmth out there lawrence so we're live down in a hurry now as things are really begin to change guys and now we're getting ready for the first day of summer which begins tomorrow at 2.43 in the afternoon the summer solstice but here we go the fog looking very summer like outside right now rolling inside the bay it will stretch on shore little bit overnight tonight as we see more of a sea breeze days highs kind of taking a hit today as we looked at 64 degrees in san francisco said of 80's 70's around much of the bay we this was in the couple 80's in the santa clara valley as some hot 90's well inland but far cry from the hot temperatures that we had a let's go to get away forecast lot of folks start to get out and about in the monterey bay we'll see some cool numbers in the 50's in the 6070 in carmel valley. los angeles you look at a very comfortable temperatures for this time of year 73 in los angeles 72 in long beach and 71 in san diego in the high country lake
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tahoe, very nice up there some passing clouds about 79 degrees south lake tahoe, 75 in truckee and 85 degrees in reno. fog hugging the coastline right now you see all the great down in the monterey bay in big sur and even further south just north of point conception going to settle in here for the weekend we'll see more of the fog on the way and of course that sea breeze strong enough to bring that fog inside the bay and some local valleys to tomorrow, we'll start out fairly calm as we head toward early tomorrow morning and then by the afternoon things begin to change that sea breeze picks up again and there you go see some stronger winds lot of part of the day to 20 month plus miles per hour near the coastline. but a general sea breeze kicking in for the weekend and that will help to keep the numbers down. so temperatures outside right now in the 50's with the civica 59 degrees in alameda still warm in concord of 70's still 73 degrees in pittsburgh 50's in the petaluma as we look out over the next few days here though things are going to change mostly sunny tomorrow, but a breezy afternoon and then mostly sunny on sunday that of course
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is father's day looks like a good one starting else low clouds and fog though in the morning. temperatures tomorrow looking at 75 degrees in redwood city about 78 in napa about 86 degrees in concord and 91 still hot in livermore next couple days, we'll be in summer with a cool down and then heat right back up the beginning of next week. >>and coming up on kron 4 news in i do most americans agree with the protests which followed the death of george floyd by a police officer at 9.30 we show you a poll on how americans are reacting to the protests and if they think change will come from those demonstrations and at 9.45 in oakland college professor is under fire for asking an asian anglicized her name, what action the college is taking now is it too soon to reopen disneyland employee unions think so the action they disneyland is scheduled
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to reopen july the 17th but a union that represents many disneyland employees wants the park to delay the opening date. >>in a letter to governor newsome the union says it does not believe the park will be safe for employees by then in the letter of the union is asking the governor to for bid the park from opening disneyland has announced new safety measures such as reduced capacity temperature checks increased cleaning and face mask requirements for guests, the union criticized disney's lack of plans to test
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the employees for coronavirus saying a testing strategy is the cornerstone of plans for other areas of the entertainment industry on wall street, the rising number of covid-19 cases seem to be scaring businesses and investors trading start off strong this morning but. >>both the dow and the s and p closed the day down the nasdaq rose for a 6th day climbing 3 points over the course of the week all 3 indexes recorded gains 170,000 more people were out of work than previously reported in the month of april that's according to california officials the employment development department announced last month that the state's jobless rate in april was 15.5%. now the department says the rate was actually 16.4% may's unemployment rate was slightly lower at 16.3%, california's unemployment rate is still about 4% higher than it was during the great recession, which is a decade ago. >>coming up next bart officials rolled out their
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when we closed our doors in march, wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back.
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>>all from the associated press finds many americans think the recent protests around the country will bring positive change 54% of americans say they approve of the protests 32% disapprove 44% of americans think the protests will bring positive change. the poll also found a majority of americans say law enforcement officers had generally responded to the
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protest appropriately well somewhat fewer say the officers use excessive force. >>we say. the time has come for us to think about 20 seconds century policing. we're smart we're thoughtful and we're transparent. >>bart officials say they are expanding bart police training and adding more unarmed employees to their safety plan. bart's general manager says he'll increase or safety budget by $2 million in order to move forward kron four's michelle kingston has more for us on parts plan. >>more training in moore, an armed employees, bart officials say they are committed to this plan. bart officials say they're in the middle of an opportunity to advance police reform i took back. >>in banned the use of the carotid restraint that's something that's been a national conversation piece and i just took it out of the equation we're no longer use in that bart police have stopped the use of choke holds in say they are moving forward
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with progressive policing increasing staff and adding more resources to the independent police reform auditor's office officials say they also have plans to increase the safety budget by million to add on arm staff like ambassadors or to bring in outreach workers. >>if there's a man who is house list. >>and he has no clothes and he has no shoes we are in conversations and then some agreement that his first interaction may need to be with an outreach worker and not a man or woman trained to take down a soldier, bart police officers will also take anti racism courses in additional training on de-escalation tactics to decrease the likelihood of lethal contacted and use of force and i and i apologize for my being emotional. >>3.92 the collection of ideas of how do you decrease lethal use of force within police departments. we're ready to go. and we're making that commitment today we don't maintain.
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>>that concept of continuous improvement without discussions from the community without input from the community. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>there's a sam, a tale medical center came out to show solidarity on this juneteenth holiday doctors and nurses and other staff observed 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence in honor of george floyd whose death by police and that 8 minutes and 46 seconds sparked nationwide protests against police brutality, the members of the medical community said they wanted to send a message that they are in solidarity with the black community. >>we come together to recognize racism as a public health problem. and cause a disproportionate mean. suffering. and death in communities of color. >>this was one of 2 events in san mateo county today, another rally was held in half
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moon bay. >>in the east bay, a demonstration at the port of oakland was one of several across west coast ports that protest was followed by a march to oakland city hall. kron four's dan kerman us air shows us a message shared with thousands on juneteenth. >>juneteenth is a reminder. it's a reminder of who we are. where we came from and what we stand for outside oakland city hall friday afternoon thousands gathered on this june t. >>and while there was a call for a national holiday. the focus was on george floyd and the continued call for police reform. many demonstrators
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arrived here after protesting in shutting down the port of oakland. and speaker said going forward that's the way to get real change stopping capitalism in its >>all of that you get at the walkout and shut it down. >>if anything this juneteenth events outside oakland city hall was a call to action gauging the energy of the crowd. it's a call that will be answered and acted upon. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>a federal judge has issued an order to temporarily banned
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the oakland police department from using tear gas flash bangs or rubber bullets on protesters. the decision comes amid a lawsuit over the department's use of these tactics during recent demonstrations against police brutality following the death of george floyd the order prohibits police from using tear gas and firing rubber bullets a flash bang grenades at the protesters, however, state police can still use those measures of necessary to protect people from death or serious injury. the temporary ban will remain until a hearing which is scheduled for july the second. >>louisville kentucky police are terminating one of the 3 officers involved in the shooting death of brianna taylor, louisville's mayor made the announcement to fire officer brett hankison during a news conference today. hankison is accused of blindly firing 10 shots into the woman's apartment as she slept on march 13th. taylor and emergency medical technician was killed after officers forced their way inside her home and exchanged shots with her boyfriend. the mayor put
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off the move repeatedly said he was not able to take action on the case an attorney for the family says today's announcement shows the mayor can take action and hopes he'll do the same with the other officers involved those other 2 officers have been placed on administrative reassignment. >>in southern california, a group of los angeles residents held a rally to demand justice and to honor a teenager shot and killed by la county sheriff's deputies. a memorial was set up for 18 year-old and russ good ardo as demonstrators blocked a few lanes of traffic. the auto shop owner said that worked as a private security guard for his business. deputies say they were patrolling the area early thursday evening when they saw a man flashed a handgun and then saw someone runoff between nearby businesses. the sheriff's office says after a short foot chase but ardo was shot by deputies in the upper torso he died at the scene. the auto shop owner says when deputies showed up the dato ran because
9:36 pm
he was afraid. it's not confirm whether the teen was wearing a uniform. this was the second fatal shooting involving a lee county deputies in 2 days. >>democratic presidential candidate joe biden is facing growing calls to select an african-american woman as his running mate as an acknowledgment of their critical role in the democratic party. yesterday senator amy klobuchar took herself off the ticket screening list. >>this is a historic moment and this is what i told joe biden to put a woman of color on this ticket. he's got great to choose from and there. many many qualified people. but i don't think you want to lose this historic moment for our country. >>the presumptive democratic presidential nominee has already pledged to select a woman as his running mate for vice president right now the top the p contenders among the women of color or senator kamala atlanta. from
9:37 pm
california atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms senator val state senator about damage from florida stacey abrams from georgia. >>for your money tonight, apple is getting ready to close some retail stores and it just reopened in the past month due to coronavirus the company is planning to shutter 11 stores across florida, north carolina south carolina and arizona this weekend. in a friday statement today, apple said the stores being temporarily closed again new to localized outbreaks of covid-19. >>and the san francisco forty-niner player has tested positive for coronavirus what details we know about this after the break. >>and a cool fog rolling in now, but a major
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>>an unidentified san francisco 49 er has reportedly tested positive for covid-19 after an informal workout with teammates in nashville. the rest of the players were tested this morning and they're waiting for their results, some of the other players participating in the tennessee workouts were our quarterback jimmy garoppolo and tight end george kittle the positive test by forty-niner player is the first to surface among bay area pro sports team sent. the latest of many in the nfl social media app snapchat is apologizing after releasing a filter asking users to smile to break chains on june taint the filter was set against the
9:41 pm
backdrop of a pan-african flag, a snapchat spokesperson says. >>a diverse team was involved avella ping the concept but the version of the filter that went live this morning had not been approved people on social media called the filter tone deaf snapchat says that it is investigating this mistake so it doesn't happen again amc theaters says it will now require customers to wear face masks after. >>getting a lot of backlash for its admission ul initial reopening plan. this plan did not include making mass mandatory out of fear of political controversy. the popular theater chain debuted its amc safe and clean policy earlier today to explain a safe reopening for its customers after shutting down see utters in march due to the pandemic however, the initial plan did not make the use of masks mandatory despite numerous health experts saying they're an essential step to limiting the spread of covid-19 after some intense public outcry amc reverse the decision several hours after making that initial
9:42 pm
announcement. >>coming up in a college professor at the center of a viral post over at email. he send a stud ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed,
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and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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>>in oakland college professors at the center of a viral post over an email that he sent a student in the exchange laney college professor matthew hubbard asked a student if she could analysts eyes her name that professor is now on administrative leave for says it might even shows us the
9:45 pm
conversation and how the college and the professor are responding. >>it is a tweet of an e-mail conversation between a college professor and a female be of any student that has gone viral quote good you angela size your name. ph you see be you i sound like an insult in english on quote according to the person who posted the tweet that request was made by laney college math. professor matthew hubbard the female student had this response quote your requests for be to endless eyes. my name fills discriminatory and i will move forward with filing a complaint with the title 9 office if you could not referred to me by my given birth name unquote. >>unfortunately, i'm not surprised because there has been instances where i see teachers are having a lot of miscommunications misunderstandings there is a large diverse population that doesn't always reflect on the faculty laney college journalism student, michelle snyder questions why professor
9:46 pm
hover did make the effort to look up the correct pronunciation because there's so many other ways that the teacher could have handled that situation. >>and the pronunciation of the name isn't even that if you actually you can look it up on you to she's right in fact, according to these videos ph you see and be you i are not at all pronounced the way professor hovered suggested his email reply when he writes. >>call your name in the list sounds like expletive boy if i lived in vietnam and my name in your league, what sounded like eat a expletive i would change it to avoid embarrassment. i caught up with professor matthew hubbard to give them an opportunity to explain his side of the story, but he declined to be interviewed the president of laney college cent kron four's statement regarding the incident that read in part quote i am writing you to let you know that we are aware of the allegations of racist and xenophobic messages from a faculty member at our college with a student about the
9:47 pm
pronunciation of their name. we take these allegations seriously and immediately place the faculty member on administrative leave pending an investigation on quote in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>the navy commander who pleaded for help as his ship out of the coronavirus outbreak in april will not be getting his job back captain brett crozier a santa rosa santa rosa native who commanded the uss theodore roosevelt was let go for quote poor judgment after writing a memo warning navy leadership that decisive action was needed to save the lives of the ship's crew. maybe leadership decided their decision to relieve him of duty will stand saying he did not act quickly enough to contain the virus on the ship crozier will still be in the u.s. navy. >>the iconic eiffel tower in paris will reopen to visitors next week it has been more than 3 months since the popular tourist attraction was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic the longest closure since world war 2 the structure will re
9:48 pm
open on june 25th with some limitations everybody over the age of 11 will be required to wear a face mask and only a limited number of visitors will be allowed at once then once inside visitors can only climb to that our by stairs the elevators are expected to reopen in july. >>now to our 4 zone forecast we're going to see how things look at sfo were to thin a little foggy out there. pam garrett chief meteorologist laura cano says things are cooling off here comes summer guys, yeah, ready or not spring boy has come and gone our talk about the first day of summer tomorrow starting at 2.43 is the summer solstice and we start out with the fog out there tonight summer fog already making its way on shore tonight you can see more of that tomorrow morning and probably into sunday to after that major warm up about this outside right now we're still looking at 70 degrees in concord but a cool 55 in half moon bay with the fog 56 foggy skies in the san francisco, 65 now in san jose and 67 degrees still mild in livermore all
9:49 pm
right on the big picture you can see we have a couple clouds along the coastline, most that just fog and low cloud cover you do see a couple high clouds to our north that's actually part of a cold front that's going around the top of the ridge kind of flat that ridge out for tomorrow allow for stronger sea breeze so we'll see low clouds and fog surge on shore into the bay, maybe locally in land by tomorrow morning as well then going to start to break up and pull back to the coastline as we head toward loud part of the day that looks pretty familiar like a summer like pattern setting up and then yeah there we go more than on the way in fact not only we're going to see that into saturday, but it looks like on sunday to we'll start out father's day with some low clouds and some fog before giving way some clearing late in the day a little sunshine possibly by the afternoon. temperature wise tomorrow we'll be down just a bit 50's and 60's in the san francisco, a cool 59 little breezy and foggy in the daily city 58 in pacifica 62 degrees south san francisco breezy in the afternoon 67 in burlingame 69 degrees in san mateo 75 degrees and sunny in redwood city to see plenty of
9:50 pm
sunshine in the south bay with 70's 80's going to be common all around still maybe squeeze in some hot temperatures well inland, you're looking at about 90 in pleasanton about 89 in dublin much cooler temperatures inside the bay mid 70's in union city and hayward and fremont 69 degrees in san leandro 71 in berkeley about 76 degrees little breeze in the afternoon, the delta there in flail 64 degrees mill valley and 57 at stinson beach next couple days we bring in some really cool down through sunday. then we heat backup getting hot near triple digits by monday. thank you lawrence happening tomorrow, the safari west wildlife preserve in santa rosa will reopen the animal space has been shut down since shelter-in-place orders were issued back in march. >>kron four's terisa stasio talks with nate woodward of safari west about what you can expect when you go visit. >>we have 11 other giraffe and the and we've also got rhinoceros we've got the draft several different herds of antelope freeman who really pp she does and all kinds of
9:51 pm
other on top of it. >>and with the pandemic what are the the measures we know that the governor has said that if you are out and about you should wear a mask. and tell me a little bit about the procedures. >>absolutely out we are after visits or a facial covering inappropriate facial covering we have several new barriers up like the plexiglass we've been seeing at the grocery so we have a lot of that up here at our checking account or even become some of the heat on the work truck to allow families to be able to live together but also to be able to defend. and so they're going on safari safely with one another 12 the sanitizing all the trucks between fewer than of course the rams to clean up in a crash. >>nothing like doing an interview with the giraffe kind of nibbling at the top here had their reservations are required for all visitors and don't forget your mask and make sure to follow all social distancing guidelines also happening this weekend in north bay food bank is stepping up efforts to feed those affected by covid-19 the
9:52 pm
redwood empire food bank is having to big drive-thru food distributions one tomorrow and then another the following saturday, the food bank says after doing a targeted food distribution to furloughed hospitality workers if realized the need was even greater so from 9 in the morning until 00:11am in the morning, the food bank will pass out free food to anybody who drives up there is no need to register just tell them how many families are feeding. >>it will pack your vehicle with food, the redwood empire food bank is at 3990 brick way boulevard in santa rosa. >>she'll be then moves forward and free. >>and i was reading of the emancipation proclamation next we'll talk with that bay area actor about how 40 the volkswagen today.
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>>student aid is also known as freedom day to celebrate the day 40 bay area theater companies came together tonight to support black theater and do a production on zoom of the play called polar bears black boys in prairie friends or cuts. >>for more on the production kron four's terisa stasio talks with the playwright vincent around durham and actor billingsley. >>these 40 theaters couldn't come together if we didn't have a great peace to present and this piece polar bears black boys and proof wrenched
9:56 pm
work it is a piece that brings whites and blacks together in one play having a discussion about race where people really can't leave the room and they need to interact with each other, but the play deals with. police violence against black bodies it deals with racism, it deals with gentrification it deals with same relationships, there's a whole lot that sits and has put into this play and it's really funny and then it's really mostly in that order. >>that's a durham says that he hoped that the play would continue the conversation about racial injustice was a black community theater works posted video of actor billingsley reading the emancipation proclamation on its website. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. here's what we're tracking for kron 4 news tonight at 10 a june taint like none seen in recent memory, the celebration of emancipation taking on new significance as millions of people marched to mark freedom
9:57 pm
day and demand an end to systemic racism, we'll take you to the rallies across the bay area plus a family launching a search effort after a nice pay mother goes missing the clues, leading them hundreds of miles to southern california. >>and my friends say her mysterious disappearance is troubling and bart unveils a series of police reforms, the i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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>>you're watching kron 4 news. >>millions of americans march to mark juneteenth but 155 years this day has been a celebration of emancipation when the last slaves in america learned they were free more than a century later the day takes on renewed urgency amid demonstrations for racial justice across the nation. and here at home thousands come out to celebrate on both sides of the bay. >>thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne this year marks the 100 55th anniversary of juneteenth while slavery officially ended in 1863. juneteenth marks the day the union army arrived in texas to announce the end of slavery. more than 2 years later on june 19th, 1865 many bay area cities including san


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