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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 22, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at home. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's monday june 22nd, i'm robin winston i hope you enjoy your weekend. it was father's day weekend. we sure had some nice weather, let's check in with dave spahr in see if that nice pattern will continue today. well good morning robin good morning, everybody and deal with some fog going on this morning, not rule apparent from this shot here in the bay bridge toll plaza fairly clear from this vantage points but swing of things around from the shot from u c berkeley ah, yes, the east bay shoreline all filled up with some of that morning fog to greet us here. >>is a snuck in overnight 55, san francisco at this hour east bay shoreline lower 60's,
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a cooler 55 down there to fremont kind of a hodgepodge of 50's up to the north bay 63 antioch and 61 for concord if you're comparing this from 24 hours ago in some spots a little cooler this morning than made with the exceptions of san jose and nevado for example, but elsewhere were a couple degrees behind again from this time yesterday, here's the fog kind of helped us out a little bit a little bit more aggressive than we saw from yesterday. there's what happens by 09:45am nice clearing job and don't you know it's going to come back again for tonight, it looks like getting some progress up here, iran contra costa county up there as well. the temperatures are going to be spiking for us we do have a heat advisory. that's now been posted this was the excessive heat watch we had earlier as a formality solano counties in this and all of the central valley. inland highs easily in the 90's all week long because this has been extended now until saturday at 8 inland highs in the 90's we're talking to the coast in the 70's heat, exhaustion and heat stroke possible so take it
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easy. highs today 62 going on by 8 at 11. we're at 78, however, inland highs will be reaching maybe not quite as warm as yesterday but will experience that as we get into tuesday, it's going to be hot week coming up ahead, we'll be having and the extended. coming up later from that doctor back to you rob, thank you looking forward to that sunshine we'll new this morning, one man is dead after a fatal police shooting in the south bay. >>milpitas police say it happened sunday afternoon at an apartment right along temple drive. they were responding to reports of a stabbing when officers got there on scene they found a 19 year-old man armed with a knife when they ordered him to drop the knife. the man ran toward an officer who then shot him. a man was taken to the hospital where he died. police did find a stabbing victim who was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. the name of the man shot by police has not been released. well a family in the south bay got a rude awakening yesterday morning when a car just crashed right into their house kron four's
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gayle ong explains how at least 2 people were hurt. >>12:21am on north murphy avenue sunday, this silver mercedes suv smashed into a home, the driver crashed right through the wall of the home apparently into 2 rooms asleep inside a family o'grady mean you're a dad at was in a car. now family ciriaco lives across the street she was at the scene helping her neighbors came out and then there's a bunch of smoke and think i you that live because she's a baby sitting around little. >>syria says other people in the home were hurt trying to help the man pinned under the vehicle and she says the driver tried to run away from the scene in the gutters in the car that. >>ran into the house he escaped. right here's a hit and run. i think part of sunnyvale police say the driver was traveling at high speeds along great is av a new before crashing into the home, the driver was arrested for
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suspicion of dui the speed limit here at 30 miles an hour remnants of the vehicle remains across the grass the front yard smashed as the suv barreled toward the home. >>the suv was extracted from the home it carefully as the cleanup here begins. in sunnyvale gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well the san francisco archdiocese is condemning the toppling of the lenin pero serra statue of golden gate park kron four's reyna harvey house, a response and why the statue. so controversial. >>a letter posted on the archdiocese website says in part. the memorialize a shunt of historic figures maren's an honest and fair discussion as to how and to home such honor should be given. but here there was no such rational discussion. it was a mob rule, a troubling phenomenon that seems to be repeating itself throughout the country serra's legacy is controversial in many use native american indian labor to build his
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missions i spoke to those in attendance at the cathedral of saint mary of the assumption regarding their take on the toppling of the statue, some disagree with the manner in which was removed another stating its removal could have been done differently. >>i did a better way to handle things they you know and people get angry, they know they do whatever they do you know. and the view is a bad guy than you know, he's definitely not have a statue know him. >>san francisco mayor london breed wants the community to work with the city to evaluate public art in its role and the country's history with racism. in a statement mayor curry wrote in part there's a very real pain in this country rooted in our history of slavery and oppression, especially against african americans and indigenous people i know that pain all too well but the damage done our part with far beyond just the statues that were torn down and included significant damage to golden gate park. she also added that every dollar spent cleaning up the vandalism as funding taking away from actually supporting the community. well that was
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reyna harvey reporting for us this morning the investigation into the vandalism of 24 acera statue is ongoing. >>well the bay area now has more than 19,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 530 deaths check out the numbers here are the latest numbers broken down by county on your screen right now alameda county has the most cases in the bay area with more than 4800 cases but the pandemic has been deadlier in santa clara county which has 100 and 52 deaths so far if you like to see the full list broken down by city and county. we always have a listed on our website kron 4 dot com. happening tomorrow, the san jose sharks in santa clara county will be hosting free covid-19 walk up testing. it's happening at the snp center from 01:00pm until 07:00pm tomorrow through friday. and then on saturday 09:00am to 03:00pm no appointments, health insurance or doctor's note is needed to
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get tested. it is also available to everyone regardless of immigration status. well happening tomorrow to new free covid-19 testing sites will be opening up in santa clara county. so the testing will be available tuesday through friday 10:00am to 04:00pm. you can go to these locations. there's and real hill high school in san jose and northside branch library in santa clara so check out those 2 locations a tester free. you do not need an appointment we also have more details listed on our website. so if you like to learn more just head over to kron 4 dot com. weekend brought some much miss traffic to several restaurants and businesses all across the bay area as many look to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic sunday was the busiest a that many restaurants had seen and months as more people place to go orders and dined outside on the patios owners were pretty happy to see some type of normalcy more restrictions last space of course, fewer
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workers. >>you for to be one of those situations where things are going to come city. what half the staff we are >>well contra costa county is set to move into stage 3 which would allow for dining in restaurants on july 1st. virus das reach nearly 120,000 this weekend in the united states. now in total there are more than 2.2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus the numbers just continue to grow as the president is facing criticism for comments that he made about testing at his rally whitney wild has the latest. >>this is not the trend to health experts hoped to see covid-19 cases are climbing and now more young people are testing positive obviously then deftly not social
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distancing. and now a massive new infections have ticked up in nearly 2 dozen states in arizona home to the next presidential rally infections nearly doubled in the last 2 weeks i would consider whether it's appropriate to have this event in phoenix while we are increasing the amount of covid in our community. officials are doing what they can to slow the spread and undercover investigation dubbed operation safe open. >>led to the suspension of permits for 12 bars in texas that violated the state's reopening protocols. >>as the numbers swell a new wave of criticism is crashing down on president donald trump. >>and a rally saturday, the president said he told officials to slow down testing to curb the number of reported cases from high now jake. >>you know it was tongue in cheek. this is incredibly frustrating for the millions of americans who have gotten sick. i'm not going to not be able to get along with testing and tracking officials across
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the country are weighing or implementing mask mandates. >>a source says the cdc plans to issue new guidance soon and the white house says they're stocking up for the possibility of a second wave, i'm not saying it's going to happen but of course you prepare and in washington whitney wild kron 4 news. >>how is the better with you. are you said well a man was caught on camera taunting a woman for putting up black lives matter signs in her berkeley neighborhood. >>the woman who only wanted to be identified as henry out of says that the man also launched a probe fame tirade at her and her daughter and they tore down some fliers from owning a child for justice event calling for an end to police brutality and racial injustice. andrea is fire racial she's pregnant and she was with her 2 young children at the time. she says unfortunately this is just one of several races encounters that she's had in her life. >>racist instances are really just the tip of the iceberg of
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what you know black indigenous people of color have to deal with in this country. i this racist confrontation to take away from real issue that's happening which shows that black men and women are dying at the hands of police on a regular basis and that's unacceptable. >>well despite the man's best attempt to prevent the message from getting out the child for justice event happened anyway, and hundreds of people on social media shared pictures of the beautiful sidewalk art. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news teams in san francisco are fighting for the right to vote. how they're making their voices heard. a statewide order on wearing masks is getting a lot of pushback put one bay area infectious disease expert is stressing the importance of wearing them. and after the break 2 people are dead and 7 others hurt after shooting in charlotte. what we've learned from overnight.
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>>welcome back everyone happy monday the time is for 14 thanks for staying with us let's check in on the forecast now because we need to see how monday and the rest of the week is shaping up so we have someone who will answer all of your questions, hey it's a far today. >>hey good morning robin good morning, everybody just a little bit of glaze happening around the golden gate for this morning. we did note some fog happening in some selective areas, we're going to see that again tomorrow but don't let for you because we're going to be looking at hot temperatures going on for
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this afternoon, big high overhead as everything goes up and around us and gives us little bit of extra warming. now today it may not be as apparent, but you'll start feeling a tuesday into much of the balance of the week. thus far temperatures stand like this where it's 60 lot of the east bay shoreline for now 55 to fremont 57 livermore 63 antioch 50's control up there in the north bay with 55 san francisco in 60 meanwhile to san jose. so for that zone that we're talking about here is the heat advisory covering solano county as a formality in the central valley, however, during the week we're just seeing a lot of high temperatures in the east bay inland. also up here in the north bay that will be reaching well into the 90's as well, so, although you may not feel the big brunt of it today you're going to start feeling a tuesday wednesday in a little bit hanging on to thursday too so it's warm and sunny today, more those 90's going on in land hot in spots and then for that heat advisory again solano county and central valley, hot and daily highs in the upper 90's generally speaking for this week, it's hot inland. and we
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want to include mid to late week, so it's going to be with us all week long and some mid to upper 90's will be felt right here in the bay area probably concentrated mostly in contra costa county a little bit leading into napa county as well 67 we're going for a high today for san francisco, oakland 7486 for san jose as we want to look at numbers start to move their we do have a couple of 90's it will be down there in the south bay 97 going on for any aac today, 93 for conch a concord up to the north bay santa rosa gets close at 8886 san jose and or looks chilly from here 79 for fremont and 74 for oakland coming up a little bit of course we'll be having your 4 zone forecast robin back to what those bridges and such yes we need to check in on the bridges taking a peek at the traffic. it is not bad heading into san francisco, 80 west. >>looking good moving well, this is what we like to see can i guarantee you it's going to stay this way all morning. nope that's not going to happen later on we'll see some
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heavier traffic into san francisco right now you're good smooth on the upper deck clear on the skyway no problems in san francisco, let's take a look at some more bridges shall we we have 92 there's always a little bit of a crowd in the 4 o'clock hour there. it is leaving hayward over to the peninsula. so you are not alone, but you're not going to be stuck in traffic at least not for now, we're looking at under 30 minutes from the nimitz over to the bay shore we'll check more bridges coming up a little bit later. well now to some breaking news that we're following for you from overnight, this is out of north carolina. 2 people are dead and 7 others hurt after shooting and charlotte. now it happened early in the morning at an impromptu block party that was a continuation of juneteenth celebrations police responded to calls of a pedestrian that was down and when they arrived they found hundreds of people out there in the streets. as police responded shots were fired. police say there was evidence of multiple shooters 5 other people hit by cars at the scene. a total of 12 people
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were taken to the hospital and they're still no word on their conditions this morning. the large sections of the u.s. are beginning to open up for the first time and months allowing people to get a haircut finally go to the gym. but medical experts are warning that the risk of getting the virus remains very real kron four's theresa stasi reports, people can protect themselves and others from the virus as they go out in public. >>we need to know that the stars is. with us, it's seems to be increasing here in the bay area certainly around the world she creasing. we need to know that this is early in the we're nowhere near being over. >>doctor john schwartz berg is an infectious disease in vaccine all adjust with the u c berkeley, he recommends several key steps to take when going out, especially right now is counties began to loosen restrictions for one he says any time you can choose between being inside or outside. try and stay outside.
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>>so that's easy. how are we ever you have a chance for any city indoors as always were received to be outdoors nest because primarily the distributions of hours outdoors with the wind blowing it means it's from a sleepy we're going to get. suspicion on the virus to get a 64 outdoors indoors, it's a very different story, so every time you have a chance still to reach the doctor adds that when shopping make a list limit your time that's what they do in his family limit how long you're inside for example, i'm the one who's appointed to go shopping in my family, so i try make those trips. >>with the list very short very quick, precise. >>that's exactly what a wife does to she she as you might exactly what the grocery store it looks like she's got her list she started ranged in a way that she can get in there as quickly as possible. the
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key to keeping yourself safe. tie in distance. the shorter the time you're east coast of the virus list like you're going to get infected. speaking of family, the doctor says it is understandable after months of sheltering in place. >>the desire to get together with loved ones and friends is great, but it is still vital to continue to socially distance my son and his wife and 2 granddaughters statement 10 minutes from us when we visit a week ago in the backyard. >>we spend time with him in the back your minimum of 6 feet distance from and bottom line. no matter what. wear a mask. i put number one. politics should have nothing to do with this with so much so very missed. essentially they're making statement. they don't care about other people's hell's again. the
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doctor says that wearing a mask is vital right now. >>and in the state of california. it is actually mandatory to wear a mask when you are outside. theresa kron 4 news. >>well to the east right now the chp says the shooting a longer freeway in antioch was a targeted attack. investigators say the victim was driving eastbound on highway 4 near the long tree way exit at around noon on friday. when someone in a gray suv shot 3 times at the victims pick up the victim was hit in the leg and was hospitalized. chp is looking for the driver of the suv that's possibly of 90's model mitsubishi. well to the peninsula now the menlo park police chief is stepping down he announced his retirement during a city council meeting discussing police practices following the death of george floyd police chief dave 14 he says said he believes the city council has lost trust in him and the city needs to quote fresh start. now it's not
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exactly clear when he will step down during the meeting some public speakers called for defunding the police department and diverting money to community programs instead. next on the kron 00:04am morning news protests against police brutality continued over the weekend. >>with violence erupting in some places will have a breakdown of the rising tension all across the u.s.. look, this isn't my first rodeo... and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans.
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welcome back for the 4th consecutive weekend. many americans were protesting against police brutality. >>that includes a call for investigation into an officer involved shooting in los angeles county john lawrence reports. >>tension on the streets of los angeles county sunday wasn't being aggressive violent or anything like that. they just started shooting on tear gas at us and they started the rubber bullets protesters, they're demanding answers about the fatal shooting of undress war dog, though it's still not meal, it's still like kohl's my eyes and i hope, and i pray that it's not really have been eating one of our daughters relative says the 18 year-old was working as a security guard at an auto body shop. >>deputies say they were patrolling the area thursday when they saw a man pull out a handgun and run off. the sheriff's officers after a short chase or dato was shot by a deputy a 40 caliber semiautomatic pistol was recovered at the scene. >>that firearm had a polymer frame. with no markings or
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serial number across the country in new york, an nypd officer suspended without pay after he's caught on camera allegedly using a >>officials are investigating the incident and one person is dead and another injured after a weekend shooting in seattle's protest zone. police say they tried to respond to the call but demonstrators would let them enter. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>on the kron 4 morning news the cdc will be updating recommendations on mass. what they're now focusing on. let's focus on maybe the bay bridge. yeah i want to go outside there you go a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it's dark it's early but the sun's going to come up and it's going to be another nice day it's going to be hot again for those inland spots will get the specifics fear a city with
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>>welcome back everyone that i'm a sport, 29 thanks for waking up with us we're waking up together. i'm sitting on my coffee, i'm hoping for another nice day, let's check in with dave spahr get the latest safe. >>we're not intruding are you intruding on was rudely interrupted by this news coffee for normal thank you ca good morning rob, good morning, everybody and we
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don't disturb robert you still kind of getting out there. >>anyway, some of the fog we've been talking about in some spots is really pronounced if you will the shot from u c berkeley we can barely see the shrubbery in front of us here and certainly the east bay shoreline. normally all lit up we can't really see too well this morning, so call quite aggressive this morning as you will see that will mix out pretty quickly by 1015 or so gone except maybe a coastal areas. into tonight tomorrow morning we're going to repeat this performance and again it's going to spill over the east bay shoreline up to around the delta little bit. and this is after we go into this heat advisory covering solano county and off to central valley as well. high pressure is anchored in our west coast. so all this week it's going to be warm and will be looking at conditions air quality is going to start to that area a little bit. right now there's no spare the air day but we're talking moderate for the east bay over the east bay hills and santa clara counties, particularly getting moderate, we're looking at numbers at about 60 or so oakland in the hayward now


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