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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  June 22, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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in that heat advisory going on here with highs well in the 90's. the coast is looking at highs into the 70's breaking it down for about 85 at high noon to 3 o'clock, 91 coming up we'll have all but warn your forecast in a bit marty sounds good dave, thanks. a lot. we open this hour with a developing news. we're following this morning from the south bay. one man is dead following a fatal police shooting in milpitas kron 4 sarah stinson has been reporting from the south bay from the peace police department all morning long she has the latest for sarah. >>marty that's right. the investigation is ongoing here at the police department in milpitas we do know that a 19 year-old man was shot and killed by milpitas police officer that officer said this happened after that man lunged at him with a knife take a look at your screen a map for you can see exactly where we will keep us this happened yesterday on father's day happened at an apartment complex in the 130 block of
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north temple drive police arrived on scene responding to a report of a stabbing that happened inside an apartment police say they were approached by the man in a courtyard outside the apartments when officers arrived at one in the afternoon on sunday officers told him to drop the knife in surrender, but instead police say he lunged towards an officer resulting in that officers shooting the man was taken to hospital where he later died the 19 year olds name hasn't been released yet. the man who was stabbed by him in an apartment is a 34 year-old man who was treated at the hospital as well a person's already recovering at home. >>the officer involved will be placed on administrative leave his name also has not been released on the police department's facebook page. they rode any time deadly force is used we take it extremely seriously our thoughts are with the man's family and that investigation continues this monday morning. the santa clara county district attorney's office is also involved a still haven't
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heard back yet from the police department on an update everyone still getting office getting all the updated information we can always head to our website kron 4 dot com for the latest. a lot of milk peanut sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sir, thanks left that live report from the south bay and happening tomorrow also in the south bay, the san jose sharks and santa clara county are hosting a free covid-19 walk-up testing site. >>it's one of 3 new sites are opening in the south bay this week kron four's will tran live in san jose right across from the shark tank with a lot more information high will good morning. >>good morning, the shark tank is usually rocking and rolling with san jose sharks. awfully deep into the playoffs and win the stanley cup in this case, they're winning hearts because they are participants of the covid-19 testing tomorrow don't come down today, this begins tomorrow at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. they want to be active participants in the community to the point where everybody will get sharks are
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barracuda memorabilia so take a look at your screen. these are the hours if you want to be tested for covid-19 the great part is they don't care if you have health insurance, your immigration status a doctor's note, the bottom line is they just want you inside to get tested begins. tomorrow goes all the way through friday for these particular hours. 1 o'clock in the afternoon until 7 o'clock in the evening on saturday hours a little bit different still a 6 hour window. but in that particular day it's 9 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. if you can't come down to the shark tank there are 2 other locations in san jose that you can also visit, there's the andrew hill high. these hours are different from the shark tank, they're independent from what's going on at s a p these hours are from 10 o'clock until 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the first location is located at 3200 center. >>if you don't live near that location. there's another
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place called the northside branch library that's located at 6, 9, 5 moreland way you can go to those locations same deal they don't care about immigration status. if you might recall santa clara county actually was the county in the bay area. they took off the fastest as far as covid-19 cases, it settled down just a little bit. but we are seeing an uptick in covid-19 cases across the state, especially with a lot of locations starting to reopen. the test results should come back in a day or so keep in mind they want to preserve the tests for those are really needed. if you have a fever particularly around 99 degrees or so that's the jumping off point for you to come down to get tested, will not cost you anything, but your time as a peace center, they have memorabilia ready to go one per person back to you and it's time well spent thanks a lot. we'll we'll trend reporting for us live from san jose. >>new this morning. the spain's largest annual
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festival the stroll in albany in berkeley has been canceled because of the coronavirus concerns and of course is in the east bay tradition that started back in 1974 in the tracks about 250,000 visitors to the solano avenue business district in those 2 cities. organizers are hoping that 2021 will be a return for the avenue stroll. well the father's day weekend brought out a lot of dads and their families to bay area restaurants and businesses as many of them are looking to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic sunday was by far the busiest day that many restaurants have seen in months as more people place to go orders or dined outside on the patio the owners of the restaurants of course very happy to see some type of normalcy even if it means more restrictions less spray less space and fewer workers. >>you for to be one of those situations where things are going to come city. what half
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the staff we are >>well contra costa county in the east bay is set to move into stage 3 which will allow for dining in at restaurants beginning on july 1st. well the bay area now has more than 19,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 530 deaths. you're taking a look at the latest numbers broken down by county on your screen. alameda county house has the most cases in the bay area with more than 4800. but the pandemic has been deadlier in santa clara county which has 152 deaths. we have the full is broken down by city and county on our website at kron 4 dot com. this morning officials at the white house say they are preparing for another wave of covid-19 cases come fall, this comes as more young people are testing positive for the virus across the country. rosa flores has more. >>the trump administration
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says it's preparing for a possible second wave of the coronavirus after a week of downplaying the recent surge sweeping across nearly half the nation. we are filling the stockpile in anticipation of a possible. >>problem in the fall we're doing everything we can beneath the surface working as hard as we possibly can. last week. vice president mike pence said in a wall street journal op ed that panic over a second wave was overblown and on saturday president trump said this to supporters about coronavirus testing so i said to my people slow the testing down please. >>and they test test of people don't know what's going on his staff later said he was joking, but the increase in cases within at least 23 states is very serious for many state leaders do you think the people the 120,000 families out there who are missing their loved one thought it was funny with focus now on florida as a possible epicenter of
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coronavirus governor ron desantis is now admitting the recent spike in cases isn't only due to testing while highlighting a shift in just who's receiving positive results increasing are being flat. >>the number of people testing positive is accelerating faster than that and so that's evidence that there's transmission within those particularly the 20's and 30's while some officials say more young people are being diagnosed due to widespread testing other suggest it's because they failed to follow social distancing measures either way health experts sending this warning these people tend to be less symptomatic. >>they get plus it'll and they tend therefore to be spread ers they can spread it among their fellow workers. their family members. there's also a surge in arizona where trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally tomorrow. >>cases nearly doubling their over the past 2 weeks and passing the 50,000 mark still
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republican governor doug ducey's says he has no plans to slow the reopening of the state. in phoenix city council voting to make masks mandatory in public for its residents with the county also issuing an order phoenix's democratic mayor says she hopes the president will comply during his visit despite repeatedly avoiding masks and other events during the pandemic. >>one of the reasons we have this growth in arizona is complacency. we've had elected officials say that the worst was over. a month ago that was not the case and we are seeing records of the type we don't want to write. >>well that was rosa flores reporting for us this morning. now let's go to the south bay where a family in sunnyvale got a very rude awakening sunday morning when a car crash right into their house. it happened just after midnight on north murphy avenue that you get a look at the driver crashed right through the wall of the home and into 2 rooms and lisa raja sir aka says she lives across
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the street and she tells us that some people in the home were hurt trying to help a man who was pinned underneath the vehicle. she says the driver also tried to run from the scene. >>18 you're a dad at was in a car. pull him out phase and then there's a bunch of smoke and think that i you that live because she's a baby sitting around little and the gunners in the car that. >>ran into the house he escaped. right here's a hit and run. i think part of the country. >>sunnyvale police say the driver was traveling at high speeds along parade us avenue before crashing into that house. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. happening today, apple is kicking off its worldwide developers conference the company offering a sneak peek of what's in store for tech lovers iphone users will get a preview of the new operating system and the home screen experience as well as a look at the redesigned imac model. we're also expecting to hear more about apple switch from intel chips to its own
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in-house processor this year's conference is streaming online only and it runs through thursday. and still ahead this morning on the kron 4 morning news teenagers in san francisco fighting for the right to vote. we'll find out how they're making their voices heard. and after the break 2 people were killed 7 others hurt in a shooting in north carolina. we'll tell you what we learned overnight about and we're taking a live look outside of walnut creek where temperatures are going to creep into the 90's later today right now looking pretty good we'll be right back.
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>>morning welcome back to 9.14 this monday morning, let's go ahead and get a check of the forecast with dave spahr heidi hey good morning morning, good morning, everybody here is that shot from u c berkeley as we continue to see better progress in terms of mixing out the fog. >>you see some blue skies now entering into this picture and around the golden gate bridge slow going still seeing karl hanging around high pressure will be the story for all this week ahead expecting warming happening inland as we push into the middle to even upper 90's in some spots thus far has the progress we have 75 antioch 69 conquered, 65 for livermore on the east bay shoreline mid 60's with 60's up to the north bay 63 san jose 58 though for san francisco. do want to note though humidity levels are a little higher this week that we're seeing from last week
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this is how much they drop during the day only into the 40's in the 50's so not quite as low as we saw before. i mention this because well that's good news on have a fire threat going on this is a recovery overnight by the way this is basically fog tomorrow morning. and then we can see what we get in terms of mixing outdoor in the day. we don't see those humidity levels really fall a whole lot and really dry air helps to cool down because that's how the body normally cools we have all the moisture on us and in the bap or its way humid air it's harder to do that. so this human errors could feel a little more stuffy this heat spell than the one we had last go around it's warm and sunny going on today 90's and more to come. heat advisory in place for solano county and central alley. however, those effects are going to be felt in the east bay and up to the north bay with possible upper 90's as well for this week hot inland, not as dry too as we talk about some mid to upper 90's to be had. today 67 san francisco oakland 7486 going on for san jose. and some upper 90's to be found today.
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we'll see more of these though is the week starts to progress we have bit more in your 4 zone forecast coming up marty all right dave thanks a lot. we have breaking news from overnight in north carolina's 2 people were killed 7 others hurt in a shooting in charlotte. >>it happened early this morning at an impromptu block party that was a continuation of juneteenth celebrations. police responded to calls of a pedestrian hit and they found hundreds of people in the streets. shots were fired as police responded they say that there were multiple shooters 5 other people were hit by cars at the scene so it's really chaotic there. a total of 12 people were taken to hospital. no word on their conditions this morning and the police have not yet made any arrests. new this morning we're now learning that an american man was among the 3 victims were stabbed to death at a park in england. that rampage is being treated by police there as a terror attack, a 25 year-old man who is believed to be the lone attacker is in custody, but officials say his motive
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remains unclear. 3 other people were also seriously wounded in that attack. the san francisco archdiocese is condemning the toppling the statue of hugh who appears at golden gate park. a letter was posted on the archdiocese website that says in part the meme realization memorialization of historic figures merits an honest and fair discussion as to how and to whom such honor should be given. but here there was no such rational discussion. it was mob rule, a troubling phenomenon that seems to be repeating itself throughout the country serra's legacy is controversial and that he used many native american labors to build his mission. some members of the church disagree with the way the statue was removed, they say the removal could have been done differently. >>i've been better way to handle things they you know and people get angry, they know they do whatever they do you know. and the view is a bad guy than you know, he's definitely not have a
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>>as apd says the investigation into the vandalism of the sarah statue is ongoing. >>how has the better with you. are you said a man was caught on camera taunting a woman who was putting a black lives matter's flyers in her and berkeley neighborhood. >>the woman wants to be identified only as henrietta she says the man also launched a profane tirade at her and tore down some flyers promoting the chalk for justice event that called for the end of police brutality and racial injustice. henrietta is biracial and pregnant and was with her 2 young children at the time. she says unfortunately is just one of several races encounter, she's had in her life. >>racist instances are really just the tip of the iceberg of what you know black indigenous people of color have to deal with in this country i this racist confrontation to take away from real issue that's
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happening which shows that black men and women are dying at the hands of police on a regular basis and that's unacceptable. >>well despite the man's best attempt to prevent that message from getting out the chance for justice of and happened anyway, and hundreds of people on social media shared photos of their sidewalk art. after 17 months pg and e is now out of bankruptcy a u.s. bankruptcy judge signed a confirmation order for the utilities billion reorganization plan that approved plan provides 25 and a half billion dollars for wild fire losses. that includes 13 and a half billion dollar trust for wildfire victims. $11 billion for insurance companies that paid claims and billion for state and local government agencies pg ceo bill johnson said that the order is quote a critical milestone that brings us one step closer to compensating wildfire victims fairly and quickly and sets the course for pg and e's future. in the
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east bay, the chp is saying that a shooting along the freeway in antioch was a targeted attack. investigators say the victim was driving eastbound on highway 4 near lone tree way about noon on friday. that's when someone in a gray suv shot 3 times at the victim's pickup. the victim was hit in the leg and was hospitalized. chp continues to look for the driver of the suv they just they say is possibly a 1990's model mitsubishi. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we're celebrating 50 years of pride in san francisco and after the break we're putting the spotlight on just how far the celebration has come. and we'll take a live look outside traffic continues to move smoothly on the san mateo bridge to this monday morning will be right back.
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>>well this week marks 50 years of pride in san francisco kron 4 is putting a spotlight on just how far that event has come in the bay area. >>it started with just a few 100 people and now it's a 2 day event that brings in hundreds of thousands of lgbtq people and their families to san francisco and friends as well kron four's john trouble takes a look at how it all started a rebellion. >>an uprising enough is enough. those are some of the words that come to mind when we look back at what started the liberation movement that
9:24 am
went on to become pride celebration as we know it today. here's a look back at how it all started if you are a famine in or you were dressed nonconforming your sexuality of birth. >>you were arrested in try to be humiliated. and that's what was happening that night the annual pride celebration commemorates the rebellion of lgbt customers of the stonewall inn. >>in new york city's greenwich village in response to a routine police raid on june 2719 69. these are photos from the days following that raid when people began protesting the fact that new york city police. we're targeting the community buy rating bars in arresting and harassing people for just being in the establishment. the following year again and that took place on june 27th 1970 that was the start of the current pride celebration. since 1972 in san francisco, the event has been
9:25 am
held every year though under various names, christopher street west in 1972, freedom day from 1973 to 1980. then international and freedom day parade from 1981 to 1994. and finally its present name, san francisco, bisexual transgender pride celebration, san francisco pride has grown to be one of the largest and most well known pride events in the world. and kron 4 news airing a special this weekend both saturday and sunday it's a 10 o'clock at night. >>and the special include more on the history of pride as well as some of the people who are making a difference in our community. and still ahead this morning, the statewide order on wearing masks is getting a lot of push back but there's one bay area infectious disease expert that we talked to was stressing the importance of wearing a mask. >>and we'll take a live look outside still some foggy conditions but it's beginning to lift at the golden gate bridge will be right back.
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right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4 week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again good morning, welcome back to kron 4 morning news, 9.28 this monday morning, let's go ahead and check in with dave spahr to find out more about >>heat wave that we're going to be experiencing this week heidi a good morning marty good morning, everybody of the first things first we're taking care of that fog, it's looks a little better over here the would you have as we see things clear out from a the shot from u c berkeley got some blue skies finally getting in here too, but it's been slow going this morning
9:29 am
lot of her shots having a lot of fog involved with that sneaking in underneath the high pressure cell so hot we can expect hazy at put that in there for good will be some high clouds sneak in there too. but the other issue will be a little bit more humidity in the atmosphere sort of feel sticky or for this heat spell 75 going on for any aac 65 livermore 69 conquered mid 60's line up the east bay shoreline with 60's up to the north bay and the south bay as well. what a point out the winds are going to be driven by the heating. remember you hot air going on here air is rising something has to replace it comes in from the west. so we'll have a little bit of a but of onshore wind that's working here. all that does is just bring in some of that moisture helps bring in the fog for when the sun set some clear skies. so a bit of a breeze going on this evening inland, but it's not going to be that refreshing 89 going on by 1 o'clock by 4 we're talking 88 but high temperatures today expected to be in the 90's and many spots will be checking that on your
9:30 am
4 zone forecast to hit that mark all right dave look forward to that thank you whether it's through black lives matter's protests or possibly trolling the presidential rally. >>younger people are making their political presence felt teens on tik tok are taking the credit for the lower than expected turnout for president trump's tulsa rally meantime high schoolers here in san francisco are pushing for the right to vote. kron four's dan thorn has more. >>a youth movement is brewing across the bay area and nationwide san francisco teens say they want to vote while other young people are celebrating a suspected social media take down of president trump's comeback rally in tulsa young people really want to involve young people really want to have their voices heard we need you to have a voice district 7 supervisor and board president norman yee is behind this year's push to allow 1617 year olds to vote in local elections. he says young people have been increasingly motivated research has shown of 1617
9:31 am
year olds or in fact, ready to to dissect a new complex issues. the youth movement has been getting showcased in some of the city's largest protests over the last several weeks, san francisco's eu commission says as teens continue to show leadership. they deserve to have more involvement in our democracy local youths are extremely passionate. >>i think that that's why he should get the right to vote. on local issues. >>vote 16 measure was narrowly shot down in 2016 4 years later supporters think it's time for a change and they're confident it will pass with everything that's going on right now we can see how important it is to have. >>you boys is be represented in our cities democracy young people are ready vote. >>reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. president trump's 2020
9:32 am
campaign manager released a statement yesterday saying quote, leftists and on all online trolls doing a victory lap thinking they somehow impacted rally attendance. don't know what they're talking about or how are rallies work. he added that quote registering for a rally means that you've rsvp did with a cell phone number and we constantly weed out bogus numbers as we did with 10's of thousands at the tulsa rally. these phony ticket requests never factor into our thinking. the mountain lion that was captured near oracle park in san francisco last week may have killed 3 animals at the city zoo. zoo workers say that a red kangaroo into wall rooms were found dead inside their exhibits and had apparently been killed and partially eaten by another animal, the 50 pound mountain lion had been roaming san francisco's downtown area before it was caught last week. he was captured thursday after being spotted sleeping in a planter box at an office building. animal control says the young male might have
9:33 am
gotten lost after traveling from the peninsula. he was checked out at the oakland zoo and released thursday into a wilderness preserve. nascar officials at talladega raceway in alabama are investigating a noose that was found in driver bubba wallace, his garage. wallace who is african american made headlines earlier this month after he successfully pushed. the auto racing series to ban the confederate flag at its track and facilities. wallace tweeted about the district disturbing discovery yesterday. he described it as quote a despicable act of racism and hatred. he goes on to say that it will not break him and that he will not back down. he says he will continue to proudly stand for what he believes in. wallace is the only full-time african-american driver in nascar's elite cup series. large parts of the country beginning to open up for the first time in months and that allows people to get a haircut maybe hit the gym. but medical experts are warning the risk of getting the virus remains
9:34 am
very real kron four's terisa stasio reports on how people can protect themselves and others from the virus as they go out in public. >>we need to know that this virus is. with us, it's seems to be increasing here in the bay area certainly around the world she creasing. we need to know that this is early in the next year we're nowhere near being over doctor john schwartz berg is an infectious disease in vaccine all adjusts with the u c berkeley. >>he recommends several key steps to take when going out, especially right now is counties began to loosen restrictions for one he says any time you can choose between being inside or outside. try and stay outside. >>so that's easy. how are we ever you have a chance for any city. indoors as always were received to be outdoors nest because primarily the distributions of hours outdoors with the wind blowing
9:35 am
it means it's from a sleepy we're going to get. suspicion on the virus to get a 64 outdoors indoors, it's a very different story, so every time you have a chance to watch the doctor adds that when shopping make a list limit your time that's what they do in his family limit how long you're inside for example, i'm the one who's appointed to go shopping in my family, so i try make those trips. >>with the list very short very quick, precise. >>that's exactly what a wife does too she she as your mind exactly what the grocery store looks like she's going or less she started ranged in a way that she can get in there as quickly as possible. the key to keeping yourself safe. is. time and distance. the shorter the time you're east coast of the virus list like you're going to get infected speaking of family. the doctor says it is understandable after months of sheltering in place.
9:36 am
>>the desire to get together with loved ones and friends is great, but it is still vital to continue to socially distance i said he and his wife and 2 granddaughters statement 10 minutes from us when we visit a week ago in the backyard. >>we spent time with him in the back your minute the 6 feet distance and bottom line. no matter what. wear a mask. i put number one. politics should have nothing to do with this with some gusto very missed. essentially they're making statement. they don't care about other people's tells again the doctor says that wearing a mask is vital right now. >>and in the state of california. it is actually mandatory to wear a mask when you are outside. theresa kron 4 news. >>and still ahead this morning on the kron 4 morning news an
9:37 am
alarming warning from a new study has a mutation in the coronavirus may increase the chance of infection will have that coming up and be sure to join us on wednesday night at 9 for a live town hall with mayors from across the bay area we'll be talking about the changes cities are making after protest highlighting racial injustice and also help bay area cities are moving forward from the coronavirus pandemic and if you'd like to submit a video question all you have to do is visit kron 4 dot com and click on inside bay area politics. let's go ahead and click on the outside cameron will take a look at what's going on at san mateo bridge things looking pretty good there traffic moving smoothly. and we'll be right back.
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>>a change in the coronavirus may actually make it more infectious yeah that's the according to a brand-new study mandy gaither has more now in today's health minute. >>it's a mutation that scientists have been worried about for weeks now a study suggests the new coronavirus has mutated in a way that gives it 4 to 5 times more spikes those spikes make it more stable and easier to infect human cells. researchers at the scripps research institute in florida said the mutation affects the spike protein, a structure on the outside of the virus that it uses to get into cells. they say more research is needed to show whether the change has altered the course of the pandemic but at least
9:41 am
one researcher not involved in the study says it likely has and the changes may explain why the virus has caused so many infections in the united states and latin america. the researchers say that it is still unknown whether this small mutation affects the severity of symptoms and infected people or increases mortality and they say more research is needed to confirm their findings the work is now undergoing peer review for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>more health news this morning, the company that makes the antiviral drug brand is of year is about to test and inhaled version of the medication as a potential covid-19 treatment rem disappears the only drug right now that has emergency fda approval to use to treat covid-19 infections. that medication is currently administered through a daily ivy infusion at a hospital but gilley and sciences sciences said today that the fda has given the company the green light to start trials of an
9:42 am
inhaled version of ram disappear. >>and coming up on the kron 4 morning news has states reopen freezes on rent and evictions will begin to expire. we'll find out more about the potential housing crisis that could affect millions of americans and the fog is trying to hold on again apart across parts of the bay and we're getting some temperature progression here we've got 60's now in 70's on the big board. >>stick around to check into the 4 zone forecast and the extended the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>9.44 this monday morning welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and taking a live look outside from central cam this morning things looking pretty good starting to see a little bit of the fog disappear at least i'm thinking that dave yeah i thought you're cooking over there. morning body will good morning, everybody and some little bit better progress i guess happening here we can see the east bay shoreline all nice lit up, there's the blue skies but still have some fog still to take care of even at this late supposed been great all day all morning. no delays happening there so off to good start there. as i mentioned going into the break we have 60's and 70's on the board some exceptions off to the peninsula, half moon bay, a 57 59 san francisco, but everybody else is the least 60's and 70's. again it's our high pressure get used to it it's camped out hot again hazy because we have a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere. so it's going to feel a little bit stickier 100
9:46 am
for the high today fresno sacramento, 97 1 '06 up there to reading. donna southern california at the coast in the 70's however you go inland to the deserts of pops well over 100 67 san francisco in 64 monterey so in the 4 zone forecast what's it look like well a lot of san francisco be looking at 60's. golden gate park 66 marina district, 64 got 68 for half moon bay 65 meanwhile, pacific up 70's hanging on to the northern end of the peninsula here south san francisco, maybe 6980 foster city 85 palo alto with 83 mountain view 83 also for redwood city we'll probably see some 90's tomorrow on that as we will in the south bay here but for today, mid to upper 80's will do it. 91 for morgan hill 87 los gatos for the east bay shoreline to the hayward gets in there at 82, but still holding on to some upper 70's tri valley you've got the upper 80's lower 90's today again more improvement if you want to call it that getting hotter this week 90
9:47 am
walnut creek danville's well 93 for concord 73 for berkeley and 77 for richmond up here the north bay what a hodgepodge here now remember solano county has that. heat advisory, so there's your 94 fairfield backyard 97 but 74 cut the oddball getting a little bit of that influence from the bay 85 for napa 88 sonoma again these are places to watch for 90's tomorrow santa rosa, with point re about 70 expect the beaches to be in the 70's through much of the week ahead. they're looking at lots of 90's on the board for this week and as we get to sunday chipping away at it and i really got to dress up because it's going to be only 91 sunday cool snap all right dave thanks well as states reopen freezes on rent and evictions are beginning to expire. >>and that means that some people are faced with repent re having to repay months of back rent and not all of them are working again after losing
9:48 am
their jobs a couple of months ago. vanessa okay but has the story. >>qian ashley is being evicted and a nightmare is unfolding for her and her 5 year-old son news ear that's something i would wish on my worst enemy because. >>not knowing where you're going to rest your head up for the next day. that's not good. >>up to 23 million americans are at risk of eviction by the end of september it's a housing crisis in the making is not really many options our him has. >>you know when it comes to trying to find a place during this pandemic renters in 42 states have been protected under eviction moratoriums postponing rent payments as the economy stutters due to covid-19. >>but 40% of those moratoriums have lifted and more than 45 million americans are still without a job the united states can expect an avalanche of evictions.
9:49 am
>>and that will impact the entire community and have a cascade of additional losses, everything from financial well-being to health isu housing opportunities across the country. >>ashley has a section 8 voucher making her search for affordable housing more difficult. she's one of 15 million people living rentals in the u.s. experience in job or income lost because of the pandemic the people of color taking the brunt of it and they shun disproportionately affects communities of color. >>and women with children at the highest levels black households are more than twice as likely to be enacted as white households. so it's significant impacts that we're going to have here and that could lead to record homelessness coalition for the homeless in new york city says its mobile soup kitchens have seen a 100% increase in need. >>we've never seen anything like this and and again we know that this isn't the end it's not even the middle of this is only the beginning of the crisis >>the heroes act passed by the
9:50 am
house but stalled in the senate will provide billion in rental really including a national moratorium on evictions keeping people like ashley out of shelters. she's been there before with her son and doesn't want to have to go back no child deserves a. >>have the gold do experience like that, but. and so that's a very big fare minds because. since going through the process of. loom a loophole and the ins and knives and not know where we're going. >>it's not a good feel it. >>well that was vanessa your cave, it's reporting for us this morning. back here in california parts of fresno county jail are under quarantine this morning this after 13 inmates from the north jail building tested positive for covid-19. now the sheriff's office says the 25 inmates were tested for the virus before they were transferred to the wasco state prison earlier this month. he says those tests returned
9:51 am
negative and then they were transferred a week later, but once they got to separate tests were conducted by the state department of corrections and they found 13 of those 25 inmates were positive for the virus. >>inmates on 2, 3, 4, 5, all those floors that were between these 25 inmates now we have to obviously expand the quarantine and do a little bit more back tracing work. >>well according to the sheriff's office, those in the north jail building are being monitored for symptoms and 9 of them have a fever. national news this morning, former national security adviser john bolton says he will not be voting voting for president trump in november. in an interview that was published sunday bolton said in 2016, he voted for trump over hillary clinton. but after a quote seen this president up close he says he can't do it again. bolton also said his concern is for the country adding that the president does not represent the republican cause that he wants to support instead bolton says he will be
9:52 am
writing in the name of a conservative republican. lawmakers in congress are expecting to hear from former u.s. attorney geoffrey berman who according to the attorney general william barr was fired by president trump. berman serve the southern district of new york cory investigated several the president's associates barr tried to oust him on friday, but berman said before he was fired that he had no intention of resigning. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler says there is a pattern of bar quote correct and corruptly impeding all of these investigations never added that he's confident the committee would be hearing from berman soon. the president says he was not involved in the decision to fire berman. take a short break before we do we'll take a live look outside of clearing conditions at sfo and we see a plane they're moving on the tarmac we'll be right back.
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>>back happening today, a rally will be held to protest the pending closure of the fort mason campus of the city college of san francisco. the save see csf centers for coalition and supporters will be holding that rally this afternoon at the entrance to fort mason. the group says that art instruction facilities cannot be duplicated anywhere else and they're demanding the hiring of a full-time african american studies faculty also funding for the african american resource center and the creation of an african american studies associate degree. they also would like some physical space for a black student union. also
9:56 am
happening today in the east bay, the open education association is planning to rally and car caravan in support of the george floyd resolution to eliminate oakland schools. police department that rally will have old speakers along with artwork as well starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and will end with a car caravan to a second location that will be announced later. and take a look at this this week should be something. nasa astronaut chris cassidy shared this view of the solar eclipse on the heels of the summer solstice this happened yesterday is the type of eclipse that occurred characterized by its stunning ring of fire. it's not a total eclipse and the edges of the sun can still be seen around the moon. have to look hard for him don't see it. all right 7 day forecast for the bay area and it is going to warm up especially inland the low 90's today and tomorrow, then we start to gradually move up into the mid 90's by
9:57 am
the end of the week. dave says will have a cool down all the way down to 91 degrees by sunday. and that is going to do it for us, thank you so much for joining us and don't forget kronon takes over kron 4 news tonight and always on kron 4 dot com have yourself a great - why are drivers 50 and over switching to the aarp auto insurance program let's take a ride with some actual customers and find out. hey, well tell me about your experience when you switched to the hartford. - when i switched to the hartford, i'm sitting there, like, man, i should've turned 50 years ago. they saved me a bunch of money.
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