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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 22, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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when prime time. >>from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>tonight at 8 o'clock a noose is found hanging from a tree near sonoma raceway where that investigation stands tonight. >>and san francisco is taking another big step in to reopening the city the businesses and activities allowed to resume next week plus governor newson gives a statewide update on the pandemic like he says we're not out of the woods just yet. our top story though at 8 o'clock tonight that you stop paying near. sonoma raceway was in a tree. thank you for
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being with us tonight at 8 o'clock everyone, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis employee spotted the news hanging from that tree on saturday. and it happened on the very same weekend a noose was found in black nascar driver bubba wallace is garage in talladega force taylor bisacky joins us now live from sonoma raceway where the sheriff's office is now investigating this as a possible hate crime taylor, sure seems like it. >>yeah that's right grant and you know the noose was found actually buy the race waste former administrative building on saturday that same day the racetrack was also hosting an event called the sears point racing experience from 8.30 in the morning until 04:00pm now in a statement on monday, the raceway said quote on saturday, a sonoma raceway staff member discovered a piece of twine tied in what appeared to be a noose hanging from a tree on race pay property. our staff and local law enforcement have been contacted and asked to share any information they may have the incident is under
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investigation by the sonoma county sheriff's department. so a raceway takes this incident very seriously and is dedicated to operating a facility that is welcoming to everyone sonoma county supervisor. surely zain says in all 11 years, she's been on the board she's never heard of something like this happening here. >>i think we need to turn over every stone to find out who did it because it's a horrific hate crime. it is it is not just a message of threats and hateful message a threat but it's it's a >>her. >>you know that they could be killed. >>now the sonoma county sheriff's office responded to the crime scene and this morning around 1030 in the morning into the race ways reviewing surveillance also walk working with the sheriff's department to find out who may have done this. reporting live in petaluma tiller sackey kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor and tonight driver bubba wallace received a tremendous amount of support
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and a show of solidarity from the nascar family after that news that we mention was discovered in his garage straw, just yesterday fellow drivers followed by crew members here push wallace's car to the front of the grid today right before the ray started at talladega and overcome with emotion. wallace was consoled by his legendary car owner. there's the king richard petty who is 82 years old and hasn't been to a racetrack since the pandemic but he came here to support his driver today. the fbi is now involved in nascar is vowing to punish the person who left a noose in wallace's stall a lifetime ban is what's being talked about bubba wallace is the only black driver in nascar's top circuit. he successfully lobbied the sport to get nascar to ban the confederate flag at nascar races. >>tonight, san francisco police are investigating after 5 people were shot in the tenderloin district this is video you're looking at for the citizen app it shows officers taping off
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leavenworth street near church street just after 03:00pm for the people who were shot went to the hospital with non life threatening injuries that 5th person declined medical help so far no one has been arrested but. anyone with information is being asked to call police now to the pandemic in this year is another step towards boosting the local economy, san francisco. >>is moving into the next phase of its reopening plan. city businesses and activities originally set to reopen in mid july or maybe even later will now be allowed to resume next monday. yeah, they include hair salons barber shops museums, zoos tattoo parlors massage establishments. >>nail salons and outdoor bars kron four's dan kerman reports. >>for the past 3 months airplay salon and other hair salons in san francisco have been empty the city forcing their closure along with other businesses due to concerns over covid-19. but monday san francisco mayor london breed
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came through with their promise to speed up the reopening of hair salons announcing they can open their doors june 29th. 2 weeks earlier than planned it is exciting that that is opening a think we're all eager and ready to get back to work. but when clients come in the door things will be very different is of this was a long. >>and sad case in this country. tell you there will also be a gauge in the wall to take people's temperatures and that's just the beginning social distancing requirements means instead of having 10 stylus in at a time they will only have 5 and only working on one client at a time. >>before every 3 starts here. so now we're looking at this time of year. and started here, no friends here only have to shampoo stations will be used as will only half of the dryers. >>we're doing everything we can to. for the safety of a
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u.s. this time us as well as the safety of client is very important. so we're going over and beyond. >>the mayor's push towards accelerating san francisco's reopening timeline comes with risks of an outbreak but health experts say at this point the numbers seem to support it. i don't have as much concerned about san francisco than other places and people in san francisco where it masks i think they're maintaining. >>social distancing to the greatest extent possible. i think we're seeing declining case counts i think we're seeing low levels of positive testing and we're doing a lot of testing and testing in the right areas. all those things put all look good. >>the city still has an issue the specific guidelines for this business and others that will be allowed to open on june 29th. that's expected to come sometime later this week in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news the decision to reopen those san francisco businesses earlier than expected comes as governor newsome delivers a sobering update. >>about covid-19 in california
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kron four's kate rooney has details. >>a new message from governor gavin newsome monday as california continues to monitor covid-19 numbers in the state newsome said monday that california is still in the middle of a first wave of the virus. those it suggest we're out of the woods. >>those that suggests the somehow is going to disappear. these numbers tell a very very different and sobering story the last 2 weeks have seen a rise in cases of covid-19 46,735 newly reported which is more than a 3rd of the total cases in california since the pandemic began. >>hospitalizations are also up 16%. and the number of people admitted to the icu is up 11%. the governor newsome made it very clear how we can get those numbers to go back down where your masks. >>practice physical distancing continue. the hygiene that is so foundational in terms of mitigating the spread of this
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virus. the governor also debuted a psa urging california residents to wear masks for which she was joined by former state governors, jerry brown, pete wilson. >>gray davis and arnold schwarzenegger do you don't like covid when we're a mask just new some also provided new figures on california's finances, the state is facing a billion budget deficit due to the economic challenges presented by the pandemic for kron 4 news, i'm kate rooney tonight, the white house says it is prepared for a second wave of mass coronavirus infection rates this comes as several states are seeing a big spike in covid-19 patients. >>athena jones reports. >>people are not practicing physical distancing with coronavirus cases on the rise in 23 states compared to a week ago and more states moving to the next phase of reopening. experts are sounding the alarm they're not wearing their masks, they're not paying attention and
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they're not believing that there's a problem new confirmed cases nationwide topped 30,000 for 2 consecutive days over the weekend with 10 states reporting their highest seven-day average of new infections. >>including florida texas and california or hospitalizations recently reached their highest level since the pandemic began hospitals also under pressure in states like washington florida and arizona. our hospital beds have about 17% left in capacity, we are in a crisis situation florida today passing 100,000 cases, joining 6 other states to reach that grim milestone leading some localities to pump the brakes we're not opening a large where you any sort our congregation people were sporting event where it around many of those testing positive are in their 20's and 30's and while the white house suggest the jump in cases is due to more testing. >>experts say the high percentage of positive tests in florida where the rain has passed 10% and in arizona
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reuters around 20% show the increase is real florida governor ron desantis a trump ally agrees even with testing increasing are being flat. the number of people testing positive is accelerating faster than that and so. >>that's evidence that there's transmission within those communities nfl players are now being advised to stop training together. >>and major league baseball is shutting down some training facilities in florida and arizona in the face of rising cases, the cdc is expected to issue updated recommendations on masks and one white house official says the administration is preparing for a new wave of infections in the fall by stockpiling supplies. even as another says that way it won't come we're doing everything we can beneath the surface working as hard as we possibly can we're on it. >>we now have to deal with this stuff. now it's come a long way since last winter there is no second wave coming
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it's just you know. >>hot spots moving ahead with reopening city, new jersey washington dc in georgia where the 6 flags amusement park opens to all guess long new york once the epicenter of the crisis in america is taking the next step in what has been a slow cautious approach we had less than one percent transmission rate yesterday. we went from the highest to his mission rate in the united states to the lowest transmission rate. >>if we see any tick in those numbers we will respond. >>that was athena jones reporting for us tonight in florida, miami's mayor has just announced that masks or face coverings will be required in public that order will go into effect immediately. >>tonight we know 2 staffers who attended president trump's rally in tulsa oklahoma here on saturday have now tested positive for covid that's according to the president's campaign officials say they attended the rally and we're wearing masks the whole time after the test came back
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positive the campaign says they activated quarantine contact tracing protocols. the 2 positive tests bring the total number of trump staffers in tulsa who tested positive to 8 hours before the rally 6 staffers who had been working there tested positive. they did not attend the rally. committing to fighting racial inequality in the south bay white racism has now been declared a public health crisis. >>and protesters tried toppling a statue of president. andrew jackson in washington dc have police broke up the crowd before the statue could come down. >>and the big vote is expected to take place in oakland, this week why teachers are rallying to get rid
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♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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big vote is expected to happen in oakland on wednesday, the school board there says citing on whether or not to keep the oakland schools. police department yeah, it's the only school district in alameda county to maintain its own officers. >>kron four's michelle kingston has more from oakland tonight where a rally was held just a few hours ago, >>yeah that's right oakland educators rallied right here outside district headquarters asking them to eliminate the police >>dozens of people talking holding signs and asking for the school board to vote to eliminate the oakland school
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police department the black organizing project a local organization working for racial social and economic justice has been asking to remove police from oakland schools for years now oakland educators now standing in solidarity with the organization and looking to replace uniformed and armed officers with counselors nurses and mental health staff. >>and the things that students actually need to ride and to learn and save over policing, we know that's a great real safety funds need to be directed to him providing the basic services that students need to having counselors have restarted just innocent people that are trained in that 9 uniformed who are armed and who their presence produces fear. >>on monday afternoon people stood outside the oakland school district headquarters on broadway dancing painting the street and asking for support from community members school board members plan to
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vote on dissolving the school district's police department on wednesday oakland educators say they want the board members to vote on the resolution as it did not make any changes you know we're just really hoping that on wednesday every single board member votes. yes for that charge flight resolution and really you know he's got call from oakland and pass the country. >>maggie we do not need police and school we know that having police in schools leave so the criminalization of young people disproportionately black brown young people on our schools and leads to more punitive measures can prevent schools from being safe for all students. >>now again that vote will take place on wednesday and we actually just heard from the district spokesperson, he says there appears to be a lot of support for eliminating the police department live in oakland tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you. michelle, another big
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story we're following tonight. >>supervisors in santa clara county are addressing racial inequities kron four's rob fladeboe has more on the story. >>i believe that to change history. we must confront it. >>county supervisor cindy chavez says the resolution declaring racism is a public health crisis is long overdue that we're committed to equity. >>to justice. inclusive collaboration with our block with the black community but also a hard stand to fight the elimination of systemic racism institutional racial inequalities and making the changes that will have meaning for the children who come long after us. >>the resolution supports the black lives matter movement encouraged by the proposal or the n double acp another civil rights an activist groups who vowed to hold policy makers accountable for what they say is long overdue action to address racial inequities we are defined by the battles we've their fight. the challenge before us is to keep hope alive. despite our
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enemies and the magnitude of areas this resolution, the from the black lives matter. >>there's racial violence and commit the county to work with black community for the nomination, a systemic and institutional racism we're going to talk about equity we need to talk about reparation because we can't level the playing field without closing all of those gaps first got to start calling for policies that address police misbehavior toward minorities. >>alleged discrimination in the courts in jail and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on black and brown people. the second resolution to declare juneteenth a county wide holiday will be proposed by county supervisor dave cortese. >>you can see the past month should stand as a reminder. we must all address these issues together. i believe strongly. we are all equal. and as doctor martin luther king said the content of character should be the sole factor for which we should be judged. the
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san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>all right taking a live look outside as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast that it was a full foggy day of rolled in. late this afternoon in san francisco and that would be downtown san francisco that the sales for star just. >>poking through their meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here with a look at the week's forecast time a breeze that either going to begin right now visibility in downtown san francisco up to 4 mile so please drive safely around the bay area coastline already tracking visibility at or near 0. so don't forget the low beams this evening thick june gloom out there, but we did warm up pretty nicely downtown san francisco near average high 66 degrees. a few degrees above normal for those of you in oakland warming up to 73 degrees and hot temperatures as you major way inland with mid 90's for livermore and conquered earlier this afternoon. so that is going to be the weather story for the next couple of days cooler along
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the coast, thanks to mother nature's ac but hot temperatures inland. temperatures out there right now still toasty for parts of the tri valley is like conquered in antioch in the low 80's. but 57 degrees right now for downtown san francisco in half moon bay on account of the return of that june gloom out there this evening really blanketing the bay area right now current wind speeds on the breezy side but we still have high fire danger concerns this week because of the very hot and dry air mass and even a cool sea breeze could spread fires if any do sparks will please plan ahead bay area live look outside from our alcatraz camera can't even make out the san francisco skyline because of this poor visibility out there at or near 0 at times during the overnight hours. even for your tuesday morning with better lifting and clearing by around mid morning on tuesday overnight lows tonight a few degrees warmer tracking widespread upper 50's and we do have another heat advisory that the national weather service has just reissued for solano county. this one goes
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into effect tuesday afternoon through saturday. so much of this week going out hot inland temperatures specifically in solano county at or near triple digit heat with little relief during the overnight hours only cooling down into the 60's and 70's in those areas in tomorrow's daytime highs once again tracking 90's for those of you in the tribe valleys widespread low to mid and upper 80's as you make your way inland with 60's and 70's along the coast and along the basin near average highs for downtown san francisco in a few degrees above normal for those of you along the east bay shoreline but overall hot and dry weather will be the big weather story in the days ahead back to you grant vicki. >>thank you theresa. still ahead tonight. the fda is sending out a warning about hand sanitizers and which ones to avoid they say some might contain a toxic chemical and covid-19 outbreak at a sanitation company in marine county why health services says. >>this is a good reminder to
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>>the garbage and recycling company in marin county has now seen dozens of its employees test positive for the coronavirus first charles clifford has details. >>well here in marin county 42 employees at wmur insanitary services have tested positive for coronavirus sanitary services provides garbage pickup and recycling for 30,000 residential customers
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across marine county according to their website that's about a 3rd of the population here in the county according to wbur in county health and human services, none of the infected workers have been hospitalized, human services also says that no members of the public are at risk of contracting coronavirus through garbage or recycling pickup as for how these workers got sick health services says they believe the disease may have spread amongst employees who were working in the commercial areas of the company or possibly writing together in trucks or vehicles health services has also sent a team to the company to help them with preventing the disease from spreading any further now we did reach out to marie unsanitary services for comment but have so far not heard back the company is still operating and services should not be interrupted and finally health services also says that as people return to their jobs. this is a good reminder of the importance of maintaining social distancing wearing masks and washing hands frequently to keep the corona virus from spreading. >>a marine county charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>the fda is warning you to avoid 9 different hand sanitizers that may contain a toxic chemical, we'll tell you which ones to toss out if you have a home and scientists are warning people about a new mutation with the coronavirus how the change could impact the fight against covid. plus officials are still tallying the cost of damage done in golden gate park over the weekend what other threats are being made against public art
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>>tonight we know friday's vandalism in san francisco's golden gate park will cost the city $20,000 that includes over time and materials for repair does not include damages to the statues themselves that cost will be determined later by an art commission for now the statues that were torn down or in storage kron four's maureen kelly reports that other threats are now being made. >>san francisco police say sunday night there was a threat to statues at the legion of honor and patrols were boosted there. they say they will continue to be alert for threats to city monuments and will be increasing passing calls to those areas. their investigation into the vandalism friday at golden gate park continues. included the toppling of statues francis scott key who wrote the star-spangled banner but was also a slave owner. >>and ulysses grant the united states president and leader of the union army who also owned a slave he later freed and say
8:31 pm
tuna pero serra who's accused of enslaving need of americans to build the california missions on thursday, the city removed the statue of christopher columbus in order to subvert threats to pull it down today most of the graffiti and damaged in golden gate park has been painted over or washed away but the pedestals those statues stood on are still empty beer london breed says she understands the pains country rooted in our history of slavery and oppression but denounced the vandalism pointing out that the cost to clean it up takes money away that could be going to support underfunded communities. >>but she has ordered a review of public art saying who and what we honor can and should reflect our values. deborah walker is a member of the arts commission's she says while she doesn't condone vandalism but i totally understand people have no more tolerance for an untrue history and not in complete history, one of the things i know that this mayor believes and is dead. >>there is power in art. there is power in our cultural story
8:32 pm
telling she's asked the human rights commission and the arts commission to evaluate and to make sure that we are we're telling our true story. and including off folks who need to be part of that history. so. it's pushed i think that the infrastructure and the bureaucracy into taking action. >>details of how and when this public art will unfold has yet to be released, but it will likely be discussed at the arts commission next virtual public meeting next month. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>a violent confrontation between police and protesters in washington dc today, protesters tried tearing down a statue of former president andrew jackson. it's in the middle of lafayette park which is right across from the white house. police showed up in riot gear, using pepper spray and batons to break up the crowd. before the statue could
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come down. jackson who was on the $20 bill is a controversial historical figure because of his treatment of native americans. he is responsible for the trail of tears which was the forced relocation of about 60,000 native americans the oakland police departments, 911 center is in crisis that is according to the results of an alameda county grand jury investigation. >>and the complaints about response times according to the report over 18,000 collars waited over 2 minutes for their call to be answered. and this chart shows 13,000 of those emergency calls were abandoned. >>the grand jury farm approximately of the callers who call 911 in the city of oakland. so we can get through and so this leads to a lot of and an emergency calls this is a result as severe under staffing dispatchers. >>the grand jury report also states that opens
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communication center fails to meet the cow oea as standard. i'm answering 95% of emergency calls within 15 seconds. >>national news now today mourners move through a historic church in atlanta, paying their respects to the late richard brooks a viewing ceremony for the 27 year-old father of 4 of the black man killed by police got underway this afternoon the viewing at ebenezer baptist church where martin luther king junior served as a co-pastor that's also where private funeral service for brooks is set for tomorrow. doctor king's daughter, the reverend bernice a king is scheduled to speak there. >>and this just in tonight, we know that the state attorney general will not provide an independent investigation into the vallejo pd shooting death of sean monterrosa an officer sitting in an unmarked car killed monterroso well. he was kneeling outside of a walgreens earlier this month. the officer thought monterroso was pulling out a gun and fired at him through the windshield monterroso was
8:35 pm
actually holding a hammer solano county a district attorneys krishna abrams asked the state attorney general to take over the investigation into the death. but the a g s office declined saying that they're confident abrams office can conduct a fair and thorough review of the shooting and that her request for an independent investigation, poised to a lack of community trust in the process she hoped her seas. for your health tonight. the fda is now warning americans to avoid using 9 different hand sanitizer products saying that they contain a substance that could be deadly when absorbed through the skin. the hand sanitizer is made by the sk bio chem in mexico. the products in question include all clean hand sanitizer gsk bio cam clean care know germ advanced hand sanitizer and others several samples were tested and found meth in all in the sanitizer which has toxic effects. if you have any of these products, throw them out.
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>>road trip we have learned the monterey bay aquarium will be reopening on july 13th there of course will be new rules, the changes include a more limited capacity, public health screenings before you can get in and everyone in there will have to wear a mask. tickets will be available online only starting july first we have specifics on our website kron 4 dot com as we take a look outside off and foggy there at the coast in monterrey foggy here to coast. we're near it at least over the golden gate bridge. >>meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at the week's forecast for precept either going to kiev very typical summer pattern here in the bay area that's why we call a june gloom because we're pretty socked in with the fog and next month we're going to call it no sky july because of that the marine layer so just to put in perspective. grant vicki, because i'm still trying to process it 4th of july is next saturday. so it's coming up really quick, let's take a look at temperatures out there
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right now 50's and 60's along the bay area's shoreline with widespread 70's 80's as you make your way inland. so still tracking warm temperatures in the tri valley is like conquered in the low 80's right now and overnight lows going to be a few degrees warmer in the upper 50's but for those of you in the north bay low to mid 50's so we are tracking slightly warmer temperatures average highs for downtown san francisco warming up to 67 degrees and even half moon bay 67 degrees for your tuesday afternoon winds out of the southwest, so they are going to be light and breezy around 20 miles per hour less san bruno 68 degrees with no break and burlingame warming up into the low 70's and the tail 72 degrees. redwood city 81 degrees as his pollo alto but the widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay. san jose 86 degrees in santa clara warming up to 83 degrees for your tuesday afternoon highs and warm temperatures, especially for inland valleys in the east bay livermore 91
8:38 pm
degrees but along the east, the shoreline widespread mid 70's, oakland, 75 degrees. and richmond 72 degrees conquered 89 but scorching heat for solano county. that's what we're going to have that heat advisory go into effect tuesday afternoon through saturday antioch 96 degrees in vacaville 97 degrees of scorching heat there but napa 83 degrees near average highs there and santa rosa 86 degrees. so widespread low to mid 90's and it looks like we're going to have a mini heatwave for inland areas. friday and saturday we could even see some widespread triple digit heat in our hottest inland spots. but then gradually cooling down 7 days from now, but we won't get to near average until about 10 days from now back to uganda, vicki. >>still ahead tonight, disney resorts are slowly. welcoming back some of their guests won't open right now and when theme parks are expected to follow suit. and this is not a disney bear but a real. we're big brown bear making his way
8:39 pm
around a los angeles neighborhood where he is staying tonight. >>plus a new mutation in the coronavirus as scientists worried at least some of them why they say the change. >>could be responsible for the recent spikes we've
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8:41 pm
>>a mutation in the coronavirus may make it more infectious that's according to a new study don't need that mandy gaither has more about that in today's health minute.
8:42 pm
>>it's a mutation that scientists have been worried about for weeks now a study suggests the new coronavirus has mutated in a way that gives it 4 to 5 times more spikes those spikes make it more stable and easier to infect human cells. researchers at the scripps research institute in florida said the mutation affects the spike protein, a structure on the outside of the virus that it uses to get into cells. they say more research is needed to show whether the change has altered the course of the pandemic but at least one researcher not involved in the study says it likely has and the changes may explain why the virus has caused so many infections in the united states and latin america. the researchers say that it is still unknown whether this small mutation affects the severity of symptoms and infected people or increases mortality and they say more research is needed to confirm their findings the work is now
8:43 pm
undergoing peer review for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>this week, the world health organization said the mutations seen so far in the coronavirus would not affect the vaccines that are being developed. >>tonight, we know the gilley and sciences the bay area company that makes the antiviral drug remdesivir is about to test an inhaled version of the medication has potential covid-19 treatment remdesivir is the only drug right now that has emergency use fda approval to treat covid-19 infections. the medication is currently administered through daily ivy infusions at the hospital but gilley and sciences announced today that the fda has given the company the green light to start trials of an inhaled version of remdesivir galea de chairman and ceo says that they will screen healthy volunteers for phase, one trials this week. and they hope to begin studies in patients with covid-19 in august. next up a big bear is
8:44 pm
spotted roaming around this los angeles neighborhood, how wildlife experts moved >>where he's living tonight plus a big announcement today concerning a major golf championship. that's actually coming to the bay area will fans be they're also the mess with major league baseball and the coronavirus and will the warriors lose one of
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8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>>time now for school. >>welcome back i have some bad news for bay area golf fans who are looking forward to attending the area's first major golf tournament since 2012. the pga championship at harding park in august won't allow spectators. the decision was made together by city health officials the mayor and the pga. the pga of america which conducts the championship had been considering moving the competition to another site but keeping the event in san francisco had always been the preferred choice. mayor london breed said we are thrilled to welcome the pga championship to san francisco. we are able to safely take this step toward reopening because of the ongoing sacrifices of our citizens, the continued commitment. work of our health care workers. and the early action we took the battle covid-19 the tournament takes place from august 6 to august 9th. it will be the first major tournament of the golf
8:48 pm
season. the drama between major league baseball and its players association continued on monday. the players association voted to reject the league's proposal for a 16 game season and in response to mlb owners voted unanimously to proceed with the season under the terms of their original march 26 agreement with the mlbpa now if you're confused don't worry this is all ban hard to follow but to put it simply it appears that the owners are now planning on having a season. they have asked the mlbpa of players can report to camp by july first and sign off on health and safety protocols. the union has been asked to respond by 02:00pm on tuesday. drama drama drama there now warriors assistant coach mike brown will reportedly interview for the new york knicks opening head coaching job. brown has been on steve kerr staff since 2016 before that he was the head coach for the cavs and the lakers. he led lebron james and the cavs to the 27
8:49 pm
22,007 nba finals and was named coach of the year in 2008. the warriors went 12 into 2017 postseason when brown had to step in as head coach due to steve kerr is back issues. he has a 305 187 career record. that's your look at sports specter. you guys that's a good record. thank you jason southern california a big old brown bear was spotted wandering around the neighborhood today. >>you see he was caught hanging out in some backyards, what is that walking on wall is that. >>he'd get hot nobody stopped them imagine that some people are actually wondering if this is the same bear the people so roaming around near los angeles mission college and rummaging through some trash cans earlier in the day. they do look alike in order to move the animal wildlife officials tranquilized and you can seeing there is on the ground lost his balance and stumbled around here but they say don't
8:50 pm
worry once the sedatives kicked in officials say they were able to notice a yellow tag on one of his years meaning he's been captured by fishing game before. now they're planning to drop them off in the angeles national forest. >>right well, good news for disney fans, the happiest place on earth is starting to and fight back to some of the 2 guests that's good for. >>everyone who loves disney and today disney world started reopening some of the resorts near its theme parks in orlando they include some disney deluxe villa resorts, the disney fort wilderness resort campground according to disney's website more resorts and hotels will be reopening in the coming weeks and months. disney's theme parks are still off limits to visitors but they are scheduled to start reopening on july 11th. >>father daughter duo in kentucky, spreading joy everywhere they go how they
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>>a smile can go a long way, especially right now. >>to spread some joy a dad daughter duo in kentucky is starting a movement. once while at a time kate springer has the heartwarming story. >>you about brown eyed girl maggie rae loves to dance therapy, not she loves her and while she can't tell you herself her smile says it
8:54 pm
beauty of her smile and want to share it with the work of maddy has down syndrome and is non-verbal but it doesn't take much for her to when nothing else seems clear it's matisse face lighting up that provides clarity for her dad michael when i always need to be uplifted. >>i always had one constant thing in my life. and that was her he wondered if maddie's grand could do that for could do for others what can we do now to take how she has changed my life to impact the lives of strangers smile project louisville started with a photo in a wendy's drive-thru in the spring of 2018 i said i would love to take a picture to remember a smiling to get on this moment to say you know thank you to to us you guys look dynamic duo here that never knowing a moment would become a movement just a little platform that i created who really just to create change in my life and within our community and i often say we live in a very special community in light of
8:55 pm
all has kids resonated today well beyond the city of louisville you really goes in front of let's go now he travels around the area with maddie spreading hope and happiness something that costs nothing but the payoff is huge smile after smiles story after story at first taking pictures of strangers throughout the city and now granting random acts of kindness people started nominating people and would be like you know telling the story of why somebody needed a smile i'm going to so that takes a little creativity be stays we've used 10 foot poles on put giant plastic over get out with people each one a chance to change someone's day someone's life we're going through some crazy times whether it's a pandemic in and all the stuff you know with race relations is that. if you lead with love and you find love in your heart. you have the ability then to go
8:56 pm
around and smile a complete and he recently took his message to 28 the broadway outside the looted boarded up kroger an act of kindness that triple right in front of his eyes happen to be james. and it's an amazing moment, you have a $100. you're going to kroger shopping it's that kind of moment, he hopes to continue spreading with mattie by his side to tell people we smile because life is hard not to use the dad and daughter using a special smile to spread a message no words necessary by the reason someone smiles today and say hey give me kiss blow kiss. it's a great message. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 lead with love. our prime time news continues though at the top of the hour. so keep it here and we have some. >>troubling video out of san jose what was this woman thinking police are searching for a woman who appears to
8:57 pm
deliberately cough on a baby in a stroller plus the latest on the 3rd hate crime investigation here in the bay area in the past week. >>this one coming after a noose was found hanging from a tree at the sonoma raceway those stories and more just minutes away on kron 4 news at 9.
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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am. >>now at 9 o'clock a disturbing investigation is underway tonight in the south bay police say they're looking for a woman seen here, she's wanted for intentionally coughing on a baby. good evening, everybody thanks for being here 9 o'clock, i'm grant lodes and i'm vicki liviakis surveillance video from friday shows this happening. >>at a yogurt land. our kron four's dan thorn live at the store in san jose with more on the investigation >>well vicki police are calling this coughing incident an assault on this baby boy they're trying to find out who this woman is and what her excuses for doing this. >>surveillance video from inside the yogurt land on connell road captures a series of cops now being treated as a crime as


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