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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  June 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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log on to and share your thoughts about today's show. you can also find me on facebook and twitter, and don't forget to check out my podcast "phil in the blanks." we'll see you next time. >>news at 5. and we begin to go back. to our old ways and old habits. >>the consequence is we are spreading this virus. >>now at 5 a dire message from governor gavin newsome as the state continues its reopening process amid the covid-19 pandemic the latest numbers show in california is trending in the wrong direction. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here tonight, i'm
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justine waldman for the second day in a row california has reported a record number of covid-19 cases overnight more than 7100 new cases were reported today. a jump of more than 2000 cases from yesterday which was also a record number even more concerning though hospitalizations due to covid-19 are also rising as kron four's theresa stasi reports governor newsome says now is the time to heed the warnings or else. >>it is or behaviors that are leading to these numbers and we are putting people's lives at risk governor gavin newsome getting right to the point. >>covid-19 cases are surging in california causing alarm. i mean to say that to be modeling to be hyperbolic but we lost 52 individuals again in the last 24 hours, 65. on tuesday, the governor claiming that the increase is in large part due to our actions. the reality is i'm not naive
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people are mixing. that is increasing the spread of this virus. it shouldn't surprise. anybody. using the latest data to illustrate what state officials are seen. the governor says, although we are testing more numbers show the spread of the virus or positivity rate is what is significant and that has gone up 5.1% in the last few weeks also he says hospitalizations and icu rates are also on the rockies. so cautiously in eyes wide open it cannot practice physical distancing. then are you practicing love. the governor is saying that it is critical to continue to socially distance also he added the medical experts say the when you are choosing your activities choose outside rather than inside. when you're not at home. and you have now gone to the office or your back and the retail enviro ment or any other environment that's indoors as you go about doing.
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>>your day-to-day necessities. minimize the time you are indoors and the governor emphasized once again the importance of wearing a mask saying that no matter your age that you should absolutely. >>whether you are inside at work or outside going on an errand to make sure that you mask up for everyone's sake in fact mass are required in california. governor newsome added that he does not want to make it a crime to. >>be caught without a mask, but said that with today's numbers. it is vital for all of us to do all that we can to continue to fight the virus where we may find ourselves back where we were in march. theresa kron 4 news. >>here in the bay area there have now been more than 21,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 545 people have died. today all county saw a rise in cases. alameda county also reported 2 deaths from coronavirus and contra costa
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county reported 5 deaths. another nursing home in the east bay is suffering from a covid-19 outbreak. this time it's and ago villa in conquered, it has seen 75 positive cases of coronavirus and at least 14 patients and one caregiver have died. the facility is still operating as normal and kron 4 we have reached out for comment. but so far have not heard back. the outbreak at this nursing home is an indicator of a larger problem more than 12,000 covid-19 cases have been reported at assisted living facilities across our state. contra costa county health officials are working with sen go villa to try and prevent the disease from spreading any further. east bay hospitals are treating more covid-19 patients this week than they were last week. so far staffing and capacity levels have been maintained and as kron 4 sweep to call reports 2 major health care system say they're ready for a surge. if and when it comes. >>in the past 24 hours at
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least 71 new cases of covid-19 have been reported in contra costa county. >>and data from contra costa health services shows more than 400 new cases have been reported in the past week nearly double the amount of new cases reported the week prior. >>at this time hospitals are not overwhelmed we're actually in a very good spot. this when i see it as a standpoint and from a ventilator standpoints feel very comfortable that we would be able to handle significant increase space beyond where we are now doctor nick mica says the medical director of clinical operations for john muir health's walnut creek and conquered campuses you're planning for capacity of 4 it's if he just wants you to shun is and we're nowhere near or standard capacity much less and forcing a plan in fact mike is says the hospitals have set aside a unit on their campuses to care for an influx of patients if need be. >>he says in discussions with the county john muir health has plans in place to accommodate a potential surge
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in covid-19 cases anticipated around labor day and are moving in the right direction. it's unclear at this point whether we're seeing any one particular sector whether we're seeing couples us and about more than they have done is restrictions are listed in a statement a spokesperson for kaiser permanente northern california says quote the recent increase in cases throughout california is a reminder that the virus is still active in our communities. we have seen an increase in covid-19 cases at kaiser permanente hospitals over the past week. our facilities and staff have remained ready to respond to a surge and safely an expertly treat patients with the virus. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>san francisco's annual outside lands festival has been canceled because of the ongoing pandemic organizers made the announcement today and in that same announcement they also revealed the lineup for next year's festival which will be held august 6 through august 8th. headliners include
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tame impala lizzo and the strokes anyone who purchased eager beaver passes will be able to use the next year ticket buyers have one month to request any refunds which can be done through the festival's website. and our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic will continue throughout tonight's broadcast at 5.30 doctor anthony fauci the nation's top infectious disease expert will give us his thoughts on california's response to the pandemic and the problems with reopening too soon. well turn out to some other news and in the east bay oakland police are investigating 2 deadly shootings that happened overnight in the span of 3 hours. the first shooting happened just before midnight last night and kal kah place and the second shooting happened around 2 o'clock this morning on the street. both victims who are oakland residents died at the scene. they have not been identified at this time. and after the south bay where there are plans in the works to reform the police department in response to calls for change in the wake of recent protests on for us rob fladeboe joins
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us now with more on this story is live in san jose good evening rock. >>good evening just tenia well many cities across the country as you know are urging the defunding of their police departments, the mayor here in san jose is calling for a package of comprehensive reforms instead let's take a closer look at exactly what he is proposing. >>a community expects us to do better and we're committed to doing better in a virtual news conference wednesday, san jose mayor sam liccardo announced plans to reform the city's police department. >>the action follows the mayor's refusal to give in to protesters demands to defund the department while still addressing calls for change amid outrage for police brutality nationwide is are several very substantive changes which are proposed. >>for how we will ensure that sends a continues to be at the forefront of police accountability. and how we can ensure that we are providing
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equal protection for everyone under the law the mayor laid out an ambitious nine-point plan included are steps to improve transparency and accountability in arbitration and disciplinary decisions. independent investigations of alleged police misconduct expanded authority of the independent police auditor college money for low income use who want to join the department. >>the separation of criminal and non-criminal matters a ban on rubber bullets and a review of use of force policies expanded authority of the mayor over the police chief leveraging data for hiring and an audit of the department's budget and spending the mayor says the plans reflect his commitment to reforming the police department without defunding it. i believe the overwhelming majority of our residents. >>want us to continue funding the police because they want police officers to show up particularly in communities that are. >>heavily him by crime. our residents are overwhelmingly telling us we want more police
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not less the cost for defunding are rooted in something that is absolutely true. which is that we need to take a hard look at our police department as we think about policing the 21st century and identify ways in which we can better respond maybe not with a person with a badge and a gun. but for example if somebodys experiencing a psychotic episode when the mental health worker. >>now the mayor acknowledged that enacting these reforms will take time and it won't be easy given the fact san jose has one of the most friendly staff police departments in the entire country. we should also point out that the reforms include a the creation of a public database that will track of everyone who was detained or stopped within the city. live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you robin national news now a republican police reform measure collapsed in the senate today the bill failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass. senate
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democrats say the legislation is an inadequate response to nationwide calls for action to address police misconduct and racial injustice. the bill was led by south carolina senator tim scott, the only black republican sen. democratic leaders called for bipartisan talks before the vote calling the bill. disastrously week. >>this bill last. because it was woefully inadequate. it never would have passed. and mcconnell provided no pass to improve it. >>all of our colleagues for their work today which is. to not fallen to a political track. to not take crumbs on the table when there is a hunger in america has for real solutions to a very real problem. >>while the bill failed to move to the senate floor today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he may bring it up again. a georgia grand jury has indicted 3 men in the shooting death of 25 year-old
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ahmad arbery which happened back in february. the district attorney announced the 9 count indictment earlier today. the indictment charges 4 gregory mcmichael travis mcmichael and william roddie bryan include malice and felony murder, ahmad arbery's killing captured on this disturbing video drew national anger. his death has also fueled georgia state lawmakers to pass a new hate crime bill and that happened on tuesday and the governor plans to sign it pending a legal review. and a quick programming reminder right now kron 4 is hosting a live town hall tonight with mayors from across the bay area. we will discuss the changes cities are making after protests highlighted racial injustice and how cities are moving forward from the coronavirus pandemic this town hall will air tonight at 9 o'clock right here on kron 4 and coming up right now here on kron 4 news at 5 new york, new jersey and connecticut have issued mandatory quarantine for any visitors coming in from certain states at 5.30 find out which states
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they are and why they're considered to be high-risk. plus president trump has signed an executive order to try to protect job growth amid the pandemic but some argue. >>the order could actually do more damage to the economy and up next the calls to defund police have been heard across the u.s.. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. >>in the east bay, the oakland city council approved a budget that includes defunding the
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police department a city council member tells kron four's haaziq mccune why she believes redirecting the funds will increase public safety. >>redirecting a portion of the oakland police departments, million annual budget and investigate in alternative public safety programs that is one of the primary goals of the mid cycle budget passed by a majority of the oakland city council but for me it's not about deep funding for me it's about you where do i want to invest the revised budget is the work of the city council's equity caucus led by finance committee chair councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney we reduced our expenditures and police about 12 million she says giving police more time to respond to violent crime is the aim of the new budget what we want to do is to get some better policing on the serious and significant fines murder, trafficking kidnapping. >>rate. and relieve the
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department of any of the things that are better suited for social workers that are better suited for. >>but they are because they are better syria. for a community of the programs receiving a funding boost is the city's department of violence prevention and the police commission's mobile assistance community responders of oakland the goal that we want to get there is a city that is ultimately safe routes of reduced reliance on. >>those who carry a gun councilmember mcelhaney says she knows what it is like to have police respond to a call involving a loved one needing mental health assistance. >>i was terrified and i literally through my body around. this young woman. nbc's to allow it to be handcuffed. but the protocol was suv handcuffed in the middle of a mental health crisis. that her car was broken. she says the revised budget also allows for the city council to study what it will take to reduce opd use of
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the city's general purpose funds by 50%. >>we know that we cannot police are way to safety. we have to do the things that create healthy whole community has a menu kron 4 news. tonight, the oakland unified school board will vote on whether to eliminate its school police force the george floyd resolution would dismantle the oakland school police department which consists of 10 sworn officers. >>and 50 on armed campus guards. it cost the city million a year activists and community groups have been the department. the vote is scheduled happened around 5.30 and kron four's gayle, ong we'll have a live report with the results tonight on kron 4 news at 8. now last night the san francisco unified school district's board of education voted unanimously to declare the city's public schools to be police free under the resolution the district will not renew its. memorandum of understanding with the city's police department and will deem it schools sanctuary spaces from law enforcement
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armed officers will not be allowed on school grounds and funds that were previously used to pay law enforcement will be redirected towards student support services. happening right now the oakland police department is asking for help in finding a missing teenager 12 year-old kenzie cox was last seen tuesday afternoon around 4 o'clock leaving her house on a street near the west oakland bart station. cox is 5 foot 3 with brown hair and hazel eyes. she was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. officials say that cox may be visiting. the area with coastal views. if you've seen her please contact. the oakland police department's missing person unit. at the number that plus stood there at the bottom of your screen. we will talk about our 4 zone forecast right now as we take a live look outside at san francisco, looking nice mid week. sun's out for this part of the city but that fog has really been a role in in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look at our
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forecast for this evening and maybe looking ahead towards the weekend. in toward alcatraz and certainly some nice weather out there so beautiful as you get your way away from the coastline, but certainly the nice weather as you head inland. >>and looks like out toward the coastline. different story we got that fog kind of hugging the coastline and that's keeping you cool there as we've got the fog right there making its way through the golden gate bridge once again see the sea breeze blowing the clouds and yeah they continue to roll in they're going to filter. well on shore overnight tonight temperatures outside right now 81 degrees in san jose 88. in livermore 85 degrees in dublin 92. in concord 73 degrees in berkeley 61. in san francisco 92 degrees in fairfield 74. in the napa valley and 84 degrees
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in petaluma low clouds and fog kind of breaking up right now, but that will settle in tonight and begin to develop and move back on shore otherwise another active afternoon in the sierra nevada look at all those thunderstorms rolling across the sierra nevada continue to bring some lightning strikes there over the high country. back out we go you can see the winds picking up along the coastline right now to 21 miles an hour at sfo also 21. in the fairfield 14 as you make your way into san jose at this hour tonight low clouds and fog dense in spots moving on shore into the bay and some local valleys tomorrow morning clouds then becoming mostly sunny. this weekend though big change in the weather. we'll see some much cooler temperatures a few clouds and the winds are going to be picking up before tomorrow high pressure builds in that's going to bring another warm day around the bay area expect plenty of sunshine and these temperatures soaring in the afternoon again from some 90's again in the valleys while toward the coastline you're looking at temperatures 30 plus degrees cooler. >>thank you lauren still had another business has filed for bankruptcy during the covid-19
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pandemic which gnc stores in the bay area will soon be closing their doors and after the break union city police are investigating a hate crime after racist messages were found in someone's car. in
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the east bay now the union city police department is investigating after a racist message was found spray painted on someone's car. >>who had a black lives matter sign in the window now this
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happened last sunday, their ballot in boulevard and alvarado niles road and that's where we find kron 4 sarah stinson she has the very latest. >>the hate crime involves this car you can still see residue from the spray paint used to put racist graffiti on it the car was targeted from having black lives matter signs in the windows these are pictures of what it looked like before being removed we've blurred out most of it because it had vulgarities and the n word, the front window was also cracked in smashed in. this happened on sunday in a neighborhood near all muttin boulevard in alvarado niles road we received the call actually from a passer by who notified us and. >>when the officer showed up we tracked down the victim and we're the ones that informed him of what had occurred. and obviously he was a very upset by what occurred the officer who responded took pictures of the hate crime and conducted a thorough investigation. >>afterwards, the officer wanted to do something to help
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the victim or officer took it upon himself basically because he's a nice guy and it's the right thing to do. to actually have that graffiti removed he did it himself. >>most of the graffiti is gone, but the victim's window is still cracked the black lives matter signs now remain in the victim's back see damage from the vandalism is lieutenant mendez says this type of racist behavior is not representative of union city i grew up in union city and you know i know for a fact that you know there's a lot of different nationalities and groups in union city that we're proud of the lieutenant mendez says the department is listening and learning as the black lives matter movement continues to fight for real change within police departments across our nation. we know that our business of our profession of policing is it. >>static it has to revolve and evolved you know around what's going on in the community. so we're you know we're working towards that at this time
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detectives are still going through the evidence with pictures and video but they're hoping someone will come forward in this neighborhood if you saw something then say something you can even do it anonymously with police. >>in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news next kron 4 news at 5 gyms are reopening in san mateo county. so we will check back in with 2 personal trainers to see how they plan to make their client sweat. >>with new safety measures in place. plus the trump administration is planning another attempt to strike down the affordable care act while democrats argue with more necessary than ever during this pandemic. and doctor anthony fauci holds a virtual qna with state lawmakers up next his warning
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>>well, i don't think it's anything that the state of california is doing wrong and not it's what the response of the to what the opening process is. >>doctor anthony fauci the nation's top infectious disease expert in the leader of the national coronavirus task force weighed in today and california's response to the coronavirus and issues with the reopening our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains his warnings for our state. >>that from from the leadership doctor anthony fauci a key leader in the nation's coronavirus response complimentary of california but says its people could do more californians have risen.


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