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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 25, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>news at 6. yesterday we had a record high 7,000. 149 people that tested positive for covid-19 we'll see today that number dropped to 5,300 and 49 still higher than we would like it to be. still a point of concern. >>california continues to see a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in fact the governor said today there's been a 32% increase in hospitalizations in just the last 2 weeks. thank you for joining us, everyone, i'm catherine heenan the governor gave that update this afternoon capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >>as the number and rate of coronavirus cases rise in california governor gavin newsome thursday said intensive care unit beds are now at about a 3rd of the
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state's capacity. he says california has seen a 19% increase in icu patients over the last 2 weeks when our system cannot absorb when there's a capacity consideration of limitation. that's when we obviously have alarm bells that are raised, but the governor says the state is not at that point and there are no plans to pause reopening he says the overall health care delivery system is at 8% capacity while the state is now testing nearly 100,000 people a day. california thursday rolled out its cal cat modeling system to the public data cities and counties and the state have been using to guide reopening, it shows short term projections and current scenarios for covid-19 and aims to get all counties on the same page we want to power local leadership to make informed decisions but we also want that information to be made public. >>well the numbers show california is not experiencing the series by like neighboring state arizona. the governor says for now he won't require
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14 day quarantines from visitors of that state or any other the message should be very clear anyone coming into the state of california. >>it is subject to the mask mandate. and the guidelines that we have put forth but at this moment, we're shutting down our border. to other states new some urging californians to remain cautious and careful in this stage of covid-19 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>also on that web site unveiled by the governor today projections on the number of deaths in the state. >>this model is projecting 7,202 people well die from the virus by july 11th. that's more than 1500 deaths and the next 2 and a half weeks. there are more than 21,000 cases more than 550 deaths in the bay area. you're looking with the breakdown by county the most cases in alameda county with a more than 5300 cases the virus has killed the most people in santa clara county which has 155 deaths. we have
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details on kron 4 dot com. when students and san lorenzo return to class this fall, it will not be on campus. the san lorenzo unified school district is telling families. the new school year will begin entirely with distance learning kron four's phillipe djegal has the story. >>darryl camp superintendent of the san lorenzo unified school district says beginning the upcoming school year with 100% distance-learning will allow the district more time to ensure that all instructional safety and operational protocols are in place prior to reopening campus buildings in a statement to kron 4 camp says quote we hope to gradually return students to our schools in a safe manner during the 2020 2021 school year. the timeline by which students return to schools will depend upon information we receive from public health officials policy makers and our community teaching principles are the same whether you're a
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personal environment, the space environment. but the delivery of the execution of those are very different due to the covid-19 pandemic camp informed district staff and families wednesday of the decision to return to instruction in the fall off campus. >>he hopes to move to a partial distancing format by mid october. doctor pam road, the man is dean of the college of education at the university of phoenix a majority online college which certifies teacher candidates across the united states i do think that this virtual learning will education in a good way eventually. you know we will we will gain instructional car i will you know get rid of the summer spy a lot of since you know serious academic last america away from schools, the san lorenzo unified school district says its goal is to eventually return to entirely on campus instruction. >>but we'll only implement that plan when it's safe and practical to do so phillipe
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djegal all kron 4 news. joining a lot of government agencies now calling for police reform bart's board of directors is signaling. >>it wants to relieve its officers from dealing with certain kinds of incidents among them drug use and homelessness and kron four's dan kerman he is live is at the glen park bart station with more on that dam. >>well real question in terms of what type of incidents debarred officers police officers in general. >>have to respond to do they respond to calls having to do with homelessness and drug abuse, those are questions now that many agencies as you mentioned are taking up. and now barred is taking it up saying maybe not maybe police should be responding to these incidents. >>the type of incidents park police respond to was front and center during parts online board meeting thursday with the board majority voting to have its staff rethink how the department operates i accept the challenge that black lives
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matter has has made and the cities across the country are really looking at how to make different investments do not. >>support structural racism in our society and i think that it over policing and using policing the things that are not criminal problems that is contributing the structural racism in our society. >>bart board director bev inductees resolution calls on staff to look at new approaches that emphasize responding to homelessness mental illness and addiction without relying on armed police d-san not situations that require. >>an armed response. >>i think that there better ways to handle it. and to de escalate conflict dufty says it's possible some of this work could be done by adding additional bart ambassadors. >>over the next 3 months bart staff will meet with interested parties explore other incidents that could be handled without police and
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propose specific changes. >>and if he says one of those incidents they will explore under the same area is fare evasion is that something that police should respond to or someone else live at the glen park bart station dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan in the east bay oakland school board voted unanimously to cut ties with school police. they're calling it the george floyd resolution. the board made its decision by citing the disproportionate rate of black students being arrested on campus. the board says it will find other ways to discipline students. the resolution mandates training and race relations for all district employees. the superintendent has until august 20th to unveil a new community-driven effort to revise the safety plan. the board voted to get rid of the school police by january. for the past 3 decades, a mobile response unit has been helping police in eugene oregon with non
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violent 911 calls. now a new space city appears to be on track to launch its own version of that program kron four's haaziq madyun talk to the program's executive coordinator and eugene's chief of police to find out how it works. >>a mental health crisis response pilot program will soon be on the streets of oakland. it is modeled after eugene oregon's cahoots program news stands for crisis assistance helping out on the streets chris hat is the executive coordinator of the white bird clinic in eugene oregon. he says cahoots as one of white birds 10 programs that primarily serves eugene's on house community steam consists of 2 people. one person who's a medic. >>usually a paramedic or an emt another person who's got experience in behavioral health. counseling could staff members are not police.
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they're not trained in policing. they don't carry weapons some mobile crisis response program operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year we have. >>3 vans. out on the streets over the past year the city of oakland's police commission has been laying the foundation for oakland's version of the cahoots program called macro i am concerned that we do have to continue to respond to those 911 calls and a scathing grand jury report just came out saying that oakland is not doing a good enough job, it's not like we're trying to build a piano here okay let's let's let's have behavioral health first responders. >>respond to behavioral health issues in fact eugene oregon's police chief chris kenner says the additional help with nonviolent calls for service is a benefit for his officers ultimately. >>do some of these calls really need a police response or do they need a behavioral health response.
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>>and so when you have a system like a who's like we enjoy in eugene we're able to triage those calls on that run and which frees up our police officers to do what i think committee members want them to do which is be in their neighborhoods and patrolling and keeping us safe oakland city officials say they anticipate rolling out their version of cahoots as early as fall 2020. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a. side our sutro camera giving us a very cloudy look i think that's downtown san francisco. a brazen robbery just joins us mabrisa sounds like it could be a windy weekend that might be a concern. yeah, very windy and cooler weekend. >>no viewers at home that camera is not broken that's actually because of the dense low clouds and fog blanketing the bay area coastline out there right now. >>and you could see it is streaming through making its way across the bay into our inland areas by the overnight hours and 24 hour temperature change tracking a cooler air mass, especially for those of you in santa rosa, thanks to the return of june gloom and
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also winds out of the south we're getting that cool sea breeze influence really cooling down temperatures there, 71 degrees for santa rosa, but novato warmer in the mid 80's and that's because you're getting those warm dry mountain breezes warming up temperatures few widespread 60's around the bay area shoreline with 70's and 80's as you make your way inland and current wind speeds out there right now on the breezy side, but we are going to see winds out of the southwest and we're going to notice quicker clearing by tomorrow afternoon for your bay area forecast slightly warmer temperatures along the coast. but really little change along the bay and even for inland areas, so we're going to be near average right throughout the coast upper 60's mid 70's along the east bay shoreline with the widespread 80's 90's as you make your way inland so still tracking warm temperatures there 5 to 10 degrees above average solano county you're going to remain under that heat advisory because of near triple digit heat from now all the way through saturday night
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so warm weather ahead, but then relief by sunday, but we are going to track some breezy double digit wind speeds for this weekend bringing down cooler temperatures as well more coming up in my full forecast in a few minutes catherine back to you thanks to bruce a coming up 6 flags in valais how their reopening next month but for now you can forget about the rugs. >>and when we come back with the 4th of july around the corner again firefighters are bracing for the
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>>warmer summer weather tender dry bay area and illegal fireworks adding up to a worrisome combination ahead of the 4th of july kron four's rob fladeboe has more on that. >>san jose firefighters were battling a vegetation fire today here in santa teresa county park. there was real enough, but it was a controlled burn and there was no threat to neighbors but downwind president steve guerrero saw the smoke and thought it might be the real thing given what's been happening in his neighborhood of late mother's every night we're hearing >>from anywhere from 8.30 all the way until 00:03am, in the morning, your arrow pointed out the burn scar from a recent fire the charred 30 acres above his home. >>the cause was arson not fireworks but guerrero and his neighbors are a bit nervous right now nonetheless, you know you hear these pretty large explosions the dogs start barking in the alarm started going around in the
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neighborhood and. >>you know the first thing that we think is is there another fire. >>back in the park, the like flashy fuel loads mimic what you'll find above steve girl's house and across the region for that matter new recruits in veteran firefighters alike take advantage of the wind in terrain but other than that the fire is real and the practice will come in handy says captain mitch matt low. >>this does give all of our firefighters and cal fire and county parks all an opportunity to practice so when the real thing does happen it will happen. it may happen today it may happen next week. it's going to happen maybe not here but it will happen and we will be well practiced at this was one of at least 15 fireworks related fires last year in san jose. >>city officials on thursday night. >>most troubling is why there's been so much fireworks so she says a worried steam guerrero it's been going on
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for the last month month and a half i'd say it is it has gone on a little bit earlier than usual. and normally it's somewhat contained again just with the close call that we recently had. >>with the dry season that we're having a free concert in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>santa cruz county beaches will reopen to the public tomorrow county officials had planned to extend the beach closure to the 4th of july weekend. but they say it's just becoming impossible to enforce the closure. santa cruz santa cruz county's current shelter in place order expires july 6 no new plans for another one local orders on face coverings and social distancing and restrictions covering skilled nursing facilities, they will remain in place. 6 flags in valais hole reopens next week the rides though i will not be operating and the number of visitors will be limited the park is reopening as and animals only experience there will be talks and demonstrations with animal
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experts reservations are required and plans to reopen fully will be announced later and we have details on kron 4 dot com. all right, let's take a live look outside again. it sounds like it's going to be a and it's a little breezy i guess now, but it will be a cool and breezy weekend of be about 5 to 10 degrees below average for the 2nd half of the weekend with wind gusts and that 30 to 40 miles per hour range all weekend long. >>so plan ahead for the bay area but from now we are tracking some pretty seasonable weather along the coast and east bay shoreline still warm as you make your way inland though with widespread low 90's for livermore and conquered about 5 to 10 degrees above average yet again for your afternoon highs today and let's take a live look outside from the south bay marine layer, nowhere in sight in fact, mostly sunny skies out there and temperatures for the most part cooling down into the 50's along the bay area coastline specifically along the san francisco peninsula. widespread 60's and 70's as you make your way inland.
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still warm though in the 80's for parts of the tribe valleys and a bottle right now at 82 degrees. thanks to those warm dry mountain breezes also known as offshore winds and current wind speeds out there right now in the teens but a little bit gusty for those of you at fairfield see sustained winds at 24 miles per hour. overall well below advisory level for today and for tomorrow as well, future cast for though is going to show june gloom blanketing the bay area coastline, even extending inland along the east bay shoreline and some of our interior valleys could see some patchy coastal drizzle visibility at or near 0 during the overnight hours with better lifting and clearing as early as mid morning and overnight lows tonight 50's along the coast with widespread upper 50's as you make your way inland and warm for antioch 66 degrees even for your overnight temperatures solano county triple digit heat once again possible for your friday afternoon. that's why you're going to remain under that heat advisory through saturday. and tomorrow's
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daytime highs low to mid-nineties for parts of the tribe valleys with 70's and 80's as you make your way inland and near average along the coast downtown san francisco warming up exactly where you should be at 67 degrees and taking a look ahead below average temperatures on sunday warming up to near normal by monday with a gradual warming trend for most of next week back to you catherine thank you for bruce, i'm still ahead the bay area county supervisor who says if you're not wearing a mask you really ought to be fined. >>and this week we're celebrating 50 years of pride in san francisco we're going
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♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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week we're celebrating 50 years of pride in san francisco next time you're in the castro neighborhood. >>be sure to looked out. that's because you won't want to miss the rainbow honor walk kron four's john tribal has that story. you may not have noticed it before but there's something very special. >>on the sidewalks of the castro neighborhood plaques that honor some of the bravest pioneers and lgbtq history, located in san francisco's castro neighborhood, the rainbow honor walk features bron sidewalk plaques on or bisexual and transgender individuals who have made a significant difference to society in california the u.s. or elsewhere around the world. now spanning several blocks the rainbow honor walk landmarks or educational for
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all who walk with some of the greatest and brave us pioneers in modern history. some of the honorees on the rainbow honor walk include the first american woman to be awarded the nobel peace prize in 1931 jane addams american novelist james baldwin, activists george choy spanish playwright federico garcia lorca senior sylvester james poet, tennessee williams astronaut sally ride and novelist virginia woolf among many many others. >>and be sure to join us this weekend for our kron 4 news special celebrating 50 years of pride, it will air both saturday and sunday nights at 10. a developing story in san jose, a woman who is accused of intentionally coughing on a baby works for a bay area school district it happened at a yogurtland on cottle road you're looking in store. a video police say the coffin woman apparently was upset the mother was not following
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social distancing ball waiting for an order so police says she coughed on the woman's baby. the oak grove school district in san jose says it's aware of the alleged incident and says the unidentified employer, least they're not releasing the name is currently off work not providing services to students, the district says it is cooperating with police. one person is dead after an overnight fire at a grocery store in antioch this happened at the lucky store on contra loma boulevard police say an employee caught a man trying to steal from the store and during a confrontation. the man attacked the worker during the fight to the attacker stopped breathing and died at the scene. not clear yet if that was the result of the fight or another medical condition the store employee was treated at a hospital for injuries. in alameda, a homeless man was arrested tuesday after a home invasion that left a woman injured that happened at a home on
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shoreline drive. the woman says a man came into the house hit her and demanded property she managed to get away. she called police, the suspect identified as 34 year-old solomon tolbert he was later arrested by livermore police and the they say they found the woman's car which had items from her home inside. coming up from saving a much needed medical center during the pandemic to dealing with how to help renters after the ban on evictions goes away. >>how are local mayors coping. and house democrats to advance their landmark police reform legislation, its chances now in the republican led senate. and after the break should californians be fined if they are caught not wearing a mask. the a san
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mateo county supervisor wants governor newsome to find people who do not wear a mask. >>kron 4 sanaz tahernia talked to supervisor david kannapel about that. >>look we've asked the governor that iris knows no boundaries knows no county lines is to create a uniform policy throughout the state. that empowers local jurisdictions. too to find those people who are not wearing masks so first offense is a warning. second offense
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goes to a $100.30 fence. is a $500. as you know the coronavirus as reits. you know reach chaos throughout the united states part. through says the state of california we're beginning to see in areas hospitalizations increased the aim to. see some deer ways that really you know could be potentially disastrous and so we need to hold people accountable and if they're not wholly there's a and this would be done through community service officers so they are these are officers that are not police officers working the service officers that would approach people and asked them to to wear masks and so that's the proposal. hopefully. you know the governor is in tune with that. >>governor newsome he


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