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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  June 30, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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thanks for staying with us let's get an update on the forecast now let's head over to the weather center and check in with dave spahr dave ok, good morning robin good morning everybody live shot coming in from u c berkeley get a little bit of haze that we have just agreed just a bit but the fog will intensify a little bit later on this week. >>temperatures along the east bay shoreline we're in the lower 60's 50's up to the north bay antioch at 6860 meanwhile for san jose for comparison sake and this is important because we don't have the winds going on for as much this morning we've seen temperatures drop off a little bit up in the north bay elsewhere, they're actually a little warmer east bay peninsula and out of the south bay. for today. we expect 64 going on an atm by 11 we're looking at 81 under sunny skies to coming up a little bit here. we'll have the 4 zone forecast there still are some 90's. hi hiding out. but you see in the extended. cooler temperatures coming our way as we finish off the week robert. we're learning of new developments in san francisco's public works corruption case involving the city's former public works director mohammed nuru and other city officials.
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>>the city controller released an initial public integrity review of the corruption and his recommendations to improve transparency while also reducing the risk of fraud kron 4 s taylor bisacky has more. >>through its first in a series of reviews the san francisco city controller's office found several shortfalls in city policy and oversight that allowed for unethical behavior by former public works director mohammed nuru in several other city officials. some of the issues include the power and authority given to the director of public works gaps in purchasing oversight gaps in city and state restrictions on gift giving and weaknesses in contracting methods and procedures used by the city. >>it's going to take more than just prosecuting director knew it's going to take changing these bad laws ensuring their structures protect public dollars. and prevent it's sort of awful behavior on monday city supervisor matt haney announced his proposal of an
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anti-corruption legislative package. >>he says it aligns with recommendations from the controller's office. it focuses on the elimination of these loopholes in city policy there's a exemption for gifts even from contractors if you can say that they're your bff. >>in that you known them for a long time even contractors can give gifts to officials. there's a provision that allows. i department directors and bureaucrats to solicit donations to nonprofits some of which then turn around and give that money back to the any amount without having to disclose that at all in addition. >>in 2011 former mayor edwin lee designated new as the director of public works to act on the mayor's behalf in approval of various aspects of the contracting process. this meant the department oversaw itself allowing new route to award contracts to handpicked contractors for example, public works establish 114 contracts with million the use
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of prequalified pools from july 2017 to march 2020 in another example, the controllers review found that public works awarded 7 contracts worth $10 million through no discernible selection process to expedite homeless services purchases. i represent a district where. >>we've got filled the streets we have sidewalks covered in feces and trash and during that time we had a director of the department of public works who was self-dealing who was giving contracts to friends who is shaking people down for donations to fake nonprofits on monday. >>their london breed said in a statement that the city will immediately begin implementing the reforms recommended by the city attorney's and controller she also said she's rescinding the delegation of authority that was granted to the director of public works in 2011 mayor breed also says that if the city needs to pass new laws they will do so in
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work on those laws with the board of supervisors. meanwhile supervisor matt haney says that he'll announce the new legislation on tuesday and will formally introduce it in the coming weeks. >>in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>to the south bay now rebukes and calls to defund san jose police are intensifying after spoke postings were exposed in recent days. the executive director of the council on islamic american relations says the cheese shock but she's not surprised said bigoted an anti muslim facebook post have been linked to current and former san jose police officers she says the post and one of those posts suggested using a job as nooses calling to mind previous allegations of anti muslim sentiment by a muslim officer who sued the department in 2018. but what this confirms for me is that. >>it may not be safe for someone who looks like me to call them to protect you.
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>>well in a statement police chief eddie garcia said that he has no control over what officers post online. but promised to investigate saying that we have no place for this. well to the east right now oakland police are searching for suspects and answers in a string of allege weekend hate crimes on saturday morning, someone smashed the windows of the oakland lgbtq center and then on sunday a mannequin and sign or also tagged with messages also on sunday after being away from the way for the weekend. oakland resident to see lee a synagogue notice that her house was just covered in graffiti her home tagged with the phrase all lives matters and slurs against police. the recent hate crimes now bring the total in the city to fife. >>you know we need if a someone's home. the message that you're trying to say. loses all value want to sit down and have a conversation. like to do this. what was the intent so that i can understand that people think
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>>and we have so much more to fight for dignity for justice. >>well if you have any information on these hate crimes oakland police is urging you to call them. well to the east way now crews in contra costa county have knocked down several brush fires that are being investigated as arson they sparked up right along iron horse trail in pleasant hill yesterday afternoon burning between sherman and brooke food drives one person was question but was later released. everyone is asked to avoid the trail in nearby streets while crews continue to monitor those hot spots. well in san francisco, 4 people are injured and a driver arrested after crashing into a bus stop this happened last night at around 8. a long mission street and on on avenue. now for pedestrians were taken to the hospital the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. new this
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morning, the city of berkeley can be the first city in the country to remove police and from traffic and parking enforcement. the city council will take up the proposal at a meeting in 2 weeks the proposal is co-sponsored by the berkeley mayor if approved traffic and parking enforcement responsibilities within shift from the police department to an armed civil servants. now those servants would be part of a new department of transportation. well staying in the east bay contra costa county gyms and bars that were supposed to open up yesterday are going to have to keep their doors closed a little bit longer. health services say the average number of coronavirus patients in hospitals has entry 75% in just the past 2 weeks. last month they saw about 2 to 3% of tests coming back positive and now that number is 6%. >>surge doesn't happen slowly. it happens quickly and so we're really looking at trends as a way to try to predict what's coming and then put in place what needs to happen to keep that from happening to
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us. >>well the county has now postponed opening businesses that were previously given the go ahead to reopen on july 1st. those businesses include bars personal services, gyms and fitness centers. >>limited indoor leisure activities hotels for tourism. an individual travel. for nearly 9,000 donated the monitors were handed out to families at san francisco public school campuses the devices are called kansas smart thermometers and they can be paired with smartphones to track health symptoms pretty cool. school district officials say that that the monitors are tools that should come in handy. when in school or when school starts back up. as people are looking towards what will school look like in the fall. >>having a thermometer and having regular temperature checks is probably reality so making sure that every household has the materials to do that in the technology today is going to be crucial. unlike any sort of new normal that we're looking at. >>well officials say the district is using guidance
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from the cdc, the california department of public health and education as well as consulting with local health experts. the district's goal is to have a plan ready for review by the board of education by mid or possibly late july. lawmakers in washington are worried covid fatigue is setting in and that people just aren't taking the pandemic seriously, especially as people protests in cities nationwide. the president continues to hold large rallies, joe khaleel reports. whether protesting police brutality. we're rallying for the president lawmakers say images of mass gatherings make it harder to convince people the pandemic is still a real threat we're in treating a very risky dangerous a time in the pandemic democrat ro ruiz says he supported the reason protesters filled the streets after george floyd's death racially targeted excessive use of force is wrong but with
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spike in covid cases in some areas, louise is concerned his constituents are no longer taking cdc guidelines seriously people are becoming fatigued orders lot of people just kind of looking at this down the middle are saying. >>there's no consistency to any of this republican doug lamalfa says some people in his district are skeptical about social distancing and wearing masks its messaging coming from some lawmakers are seeing all this other stuff going on. >>and saying what's real what's true. remember why seeing an nl a drone go over where thousands of people standing right next to one another gop leader kevin mccarthy says he believes protests led to the current covid spike in southern california and when pressed about the president's rallies, he said safety measures should be consistent. we should all remember continue to watch your hands social distancing wearing the mask and lawmakers say public skepticism could make passing coronavirus measures more difficult in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>gilead sciences is setting
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prices for its covid-19 drug rimmed is a fear it will cost $300 per vial for the government which includes medicaid and it will be the same price for developed countries now a typical five-day treatment course would include miles which will cost more than $2000 per patient, private insurance company will be charged more $520 and then until now the company has been donating the drug to the u.s. government, it's the only medication that's been approved for emergency treatment of the coronavirus. well happening today governor newsome will be in pittsburgh to provide an update on project room tia program to secure hotel and motel rooms to protect the homeless from covid-19. the press conference will be today at noon. coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, the giants player has tested positive for covid-19. how the leak is responding after the break. and before we go we want to take a little peek outside we're checking in on
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the embarcadero in san francisco is 56 degrees right now in san francisco 63 in valais hill 60 in san jose and 52 and santa rosa we'll have your full forecast in just a bit.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time is 4.44 thanks for staying with this time for another update on your forecast now with dave spahr
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day robin good morning, good morning everybody live shot from sfo much the way fog going on no delays happening a look at the fog coming back, however, a little bit tomorrow, it looks like here's late tonight. the development of 03:00am a c a good chunk of the east bay peninsula. yeah, this is the fog really coming back however, go in the balance on wednesday, you're not going to feel the cooling going on even though this is the right direction for it, that's not going to happen really until about thursday all the warming up in time for the holiday weekend. it looks like temperatures got 50's and 60's mixture all over the whole board here we have 50's out of the peninsula here as well. and let's watch the humidity levels with all of this as well, here's the dry out this afternoon dropping to the 20's in the 30's pushing that marine layer off towards the coast. returning tonight. there's the coverage area for your wednesday morning spilling into it looks like the central valley. again the fairly drying out phase, although not as dramatic it looks like for wednesday afternoon. all right a look at the current winds little bit i mild breeze happening kind of. store to the north a little
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bit it will start to favor the one on shore wind later on this afternoon 95 going on for fresno sacramento at 9468 san francisco with 69 l a x and 73 san diego getting into it for your 4 zone forecast 68 san francisco. most coastal locations along the peninsula will be in the mid to upper 60's that that bayside meanwhile push that to the 70's and down south we still have some 80's hiding out and we might start to see these crack tomorrow, 85 palo alto 83 mountain dew 83 also for redwood city and the south bay, it's pretty much middle to upper 80's. morgan hill at 88 los gatos at 8886 santa clara cupertino 87 east bay shoreline to the south about 80 ish livermore 80 snide 87 for pleasanton and dublin as well while the creek at 1993 for concord 72 for berkeley 73 going on for richmond and jumping up to the north bay. we're still looking at 90's but not as many 94 pittsburgh in antioch 91 for vacaville, but 84 napa and sonoma about
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88 85 for santa rose with 80's heading down south will be a drop tomorrow maybe in some locations here but the inland areas, not really feel it again until it looks like about thursday. that's when things start to really drop off more dramatically and we head into the holiday weekend warming back up again it looks like and looking out by sunday and monday might have a repeat of some offshore winds on the side of what's going on with traffic robin traffic is looking good folks are behaving i don't see the big problems out there. >>the trip around the bay area is off to a fantastic start we have 8080 wesson to san francisco. it's looking good with no delays at the toll plaza smooth on the upper deck, it's going to be trouble free all the way through downtown san francisco, let's head over to the richmond sandra fell we need to check in on west bound 5.80, it's also wide open and hot spot free so an easy trip for you to the north bay and a peek at the golden gate that trip from the north bay to san francisco smooth an at the limit with no problems for highway one o one we'll check back in on traffic coming up a little bit later.
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happening tomorrow or speaking of the golden gate bridge, the golden gate bridge toll fares will be increasing yeah we're gonna have to pay a little more money so for fast track users to rate goes from $7.35 to $7.70 one time payments will increase $0.20 to $8.40 tolls golden gate ferry and transit fares are all going up as a part of a 5 year program and you may be wondering where is my money going well that extra money will go toward maintenance. unless it will be teams convene for camp ahead of the shortened 16 game season, the giants are one of several teams. that have been hard hit hard by the virus kron four's jason dumas has more on how major league teams to try and keep their players safe moving forward. >>the judges confirmed on monday that 2019 1st round pick hunter bishop has tested positive for coronavirus who will temporarily be kept off the giant 6 team and player pool sports medicine doctor rand mcclain says we should not overreact to these
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positive tests you're going to be requiring these players and those session will be waived for her. >>if you put a treaty out about a week every member also why we're watching the uptick in infections. if the gun case is about little hairy. every work how the rain when summer camps open on wednesday players and staff will be required to go through medical testing and screening processes before they enter team facilities. >>the league has also banned spinning items such as sunflower seeds peanut shells and tobacco pictures will be allowed to carry wet rags in their pockets instead of the common habit of licking their fingers for moisture here is that we're going to what we're doing is we're doing the best we can. doctor maclean
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actually believe the biggest issue may be soft tissue injuries due to sudden increase in intense workouts for the players. >>by the 85% your visual 100%. >>reporting in san francisco, i'm jason dumas scrum for news. >>amc theaters reopening date has been pushed back as covid-19 cases soar all across the u.s.. the movie chain was originally supposed to open july 15th. but several upcoming releases were pushed back to the middle of august. amc says it now expects to open 450 of its more than 600 theaters on july 30th, so we'll keep you posted the company is hoping to be fully operational some time in august. well democrats on capitol hill are pushing for their plan to expand health
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care coverage. they say their bill is more important than ever as the country battles, a global pandemic but republicans called the vote political saying the policy will only hurt americans. washington dc correspondent raquel martin explains. >>this is going to build on the affordable care act. this is absurd. this is psychotic monday democrats and republicans to reignite their feud over health care as house democrats like michigan's debbie dingell advanced a plan to expand coverage under the affordable care act when you're in the middle of a pandemic when people are scared you're anxious. you don't threaten to take away their health care you helped make it stronger. the vote comes just days after the trump administration called on the supreme court to scrap the obama era program, illinois democrat cheri bustos says that would leave 23 million americans without health care, i can't think of something more foolish democrats say their plan would lower premiums allow the government to negotiate cheaper prescription drug prices and
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incentivize more states to expand medicaid democrat sharif david says the bill would be a big help for kansas, one of 14 states that has not expanded its program, it's something that i've been pushing for for a long time since before i was even in congress republicans like illinois congressman rodney davis says democrats only want headlines before the election and this is nothing that's going to become law. >>it's a messaging bill louisiana, gop steve scalise says the bill will slow innovation of lifesaving drugs what are we doing bring a bill to the floor right now. >>when we're trying to find a cure that will make it harder to find a cure with little republican support the bill isn't expected to go anywhere in the senate in washington raquel martin. >>and a live look outside before we go checking in on airport sfo partly cloudy 56 degrees at the ai welcome back the
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time for 55, we need to check in with dave spahr get an update on your tuesday forecast 8th. >>hey good morning robin good morning everybody a pretty clear view we have but looking the east bay shoreline as we can see now even seen some a gray happening in the skies there and number the way of intrusion of fog going on either just a quick note about that as we get into tomorrow morning. we'll probably see a little bit more because we have a shift in the winds now happening it's no longer going to be offshore what's not to be as dry. and that means cooling temperatures not too
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far away. here's the progress thus far we have some 50's and 60's mixture 68 going on for any aac 64 conquered, 63 meanwhile for billy whoa the breakdown today with some great breaking over there the east bay hills 64 by 08:00am by 11 we're talking 81 still got some 90's on the board here but they're dropping off as we get later in the week robin, nice looking forward to that sunshine all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news has more bay area counties begin scaling back their plans to reopen. >>we're getting our first hand said what santa clara county may be planning we're live with the details. plus toll fares are increasing on the golden gate bridge get ready to pay a little more money we'll tell you how much coming up. and he's a family is speaking out after they say they were harassed by a neighbor for simply being black.
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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news on a tuesday morning, i'm robin winston good morning, everybody, i'm marty gonzales we're going to start the
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morning off by checking in with dave spahr and get the forecast martin robin good morning, good morning everybody off to a fairly calm start we have not as much the way of fog going on either which is still continue to be the case now that's going to build it looks like going forward, but pretty nice shot here of the east bay shoreline pretty nicely lit up, jumping ahead to this is tuesday tonight. this is tonight now going overnight into wednesday morning there we see some recovery and with that that means cooler temperatures along the east bay shoreline peninsula in portions of the north bay but inland we're not going to see a big change on that not to get to about thursday temperatures thus far are hanging pretty much into the 50's you can see along the east bay shoreline for now 63 for fremont 60 san jose 50's meanwhile up to the north bay was 65 for any aac notice up here in the north bay here so but cooler going on this morning here that we saw from yesterday still banking off of that dry atmosphere and not much the way of winds to help out either meanwhile more mild along the east bay and out of the peninsula 69


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