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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10:00am. >>freeze for all of us make smart decisions avoid crowds don't gather with people outside your household. >>keep your distance from one another wear a mask. >>a plea from san francisco's mayor london breed tonight for the 4th of july weekend. she is joining other bay area and state leaders and urging families to celebrate at home. thank you for joining us at 10, i pay all morning and i'm ken wayne mayor breed posted her video message on twitter today to prevent gatherings the city and county of san francisco also announced. it
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is closing all beach parking lots through the holiday weekend. parking lot closures include but are not limited to the following baker beach china beach crissy field, fort funston 4 point the golden gate bridge lands end the marina green and ocean beach, half moon bay is also closing its beaches through sunday, the closures come after governor newsom ordered parking lots at all state beaches to be closed for the holiday weekend. the city's mayor is also actively discouraging people from visiting half moon bay. in fact, the mayor announced the stretch of the popular coastal trail between the seymour bridge and kelly avenue will be closed for the next 3 days. >>in the span of one month california has gone from optimistic to sour in the fight against covid-19 especially because cases surged after memorial day. now health experts are sounding the alarm as we head into another holiday weekend. kron four's dan thorn talked with health experts on what went
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wrong and how we can get back to beating the virus and joins us now live in the studio with more dan we'll head and pam it took about a month of rapidly reopening businesses and relaxing restrictions to see a fast increase in infection rates and hospitalizations california was in a really good spot in terms of keeping covid-19 at bay but now health officials say people need to continue following guidelines, especially as we head into another holiday weekend. >>california has gone from coronavirus championed the coronavirus crisis zone infection rates and hospitalizations are rising fast as the 4th of july approaches this is huge problem. >>to deal with. >>and we don't we have known it was doctor art rheingold with you see berkeley's school of public health says getting a handle on the virus will take a concerted effort and with no vaccine expected until at least next year rheingold says a spike in infections was likely with the relaxing of restrictions and reopening of
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some businesses well, i'm sorry to say that this is pretty much what you'd expect within reason injections virus on the right like the one that causes covid-19 before memorial day about 3,000 people infected with the virus were in the hospital, the latest numbers from the state now show it has jumped to more than 5,000 people. >>the infection rate has also gone up from just over 4% to now 6% doctor rheingold expects without a vaccine in without people following health guidelines such as wearing a mask in public and continuing to physically distance. >>numbers will climb even higher during. >>black women nations like one. nobody has an incredibly country. >>well as we pointed out many beaches across the state have been closed for the 4th of july holiday governor newsome expecting this will help keep people from gathering in 2 large groups. the governor's also imploring families to not have parties or barbecues where others will mix in with your immediate family.
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reporting live in studio dan thorn kron 4 news stan. thank you we want to compare the total cases in the bay area reported after the memorial day weekend to today's reported cases take a look at these percentages. >>napa county saw the biggest jump with more with a more than 200% increase but napa has the lowest number of cases alameda county saw an 88% jump in cases compared to may 31st and it currently has the most cases with more than 6,000 you can find total bay area cases as of today on our website at kron 4 dot com. sonoma county is carefully monitoring the spread of covid-19 there tonight it reported 2 more deaths today county officials say they think it could get on the governor's a county that is get on the governor's watch list by next week. >>kron four's gayle ong reports from sonoma. >>sonoma county was one of the first bay area counties to loosen restrictions and now there's concerns about reopening too fast definitely
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scared. >>i mean if these shutdowns are counties where they're going to go. they're going to come to us this reaction coming from a restaurant owner in sonoma plaza where visitors have been flocking to ever since businesses were allowed to reopen all of our. >>hotels getting 200% capacity. it's a little difficult to not have this hesitation. >>ordering a lot of food to get ready for something which used to be our biggest weekend of the year the july 4th holiday is near but county public health officials are seeing a jump in covid-19 cases each day as of thursday to more coronavirus deaths were reported i think our covid increases at don't necessarily surprise me but nevertheless it saddens me greatly this may land the county on the governor's watch list, which means the possibility of businesses closing again board of supervisors chair susan gorin had this message for businesses who may be
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impacted. >>try to limit your interaction with people as much as possible to avoid any potential transmission of covid may be challenging thursday evening the parking lot full at sonoma plaza, a stark contrast from 3 months ago. i watched the occupancy just today i think the jump from 20% to 80%. >>within that when the course of a few hours. i mean you shut everything down around us. people seem to not want to stay home and. the sooner we all stay home the sooner we all get back to normal the county will be monitoring hot spots and encourage people to follow public health guidelines that they have to go out. >>wear your mask keep your distance. it is just best to stay home and that will prevent the county from ending up on the watch list. here in sonoma gayle ong kron 4 news. >>cases are also going up in santa clara county but county leaders are moving forward with reopening plans center a new health order the county will allow hair and nail
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services gyms in small gatherings to resume as soon as july 13th or once the state approves it. but the businesses must follow some pretty specific orders such as the consistent use of face coverings and significant capacity limits at those businesses. >>we want kids back in school. we want our lives back we're going to have to work together to make that happen. >>businesses also last report positive cases to the public health department indoor dining public swimming nightclub stadium see utters an arena, us of course remain closed in san mateo county for inmates at the county jail are being treated for covid-19 the sheriff's office says they are among 8 inmates who tested positive for the virus. so far the other 4 have been placed in quarantine and are being treated 3 staff members also tested positive they were treated in quarantine at their homes. >>san francisco is stepping up financial aid to people who have tested positive for covid-19 and who have no other
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source of income today supervisor hillary ronen announced a new initiative called the right to recover program. it would guarantee a minimum 2 weeks of paid wages based on the city's minimum wage to anybody who test positive and is unable to work it could take years for the u.s. economy to recover from coronavirus the congressional budget office released a 10 year forecast today predicting that the u.s. unemployment rate will not return to pre pandemic levels for the next decade. kron 4 staters aqi talked to some local economic experts she joins us now on what this could mean taylor for the bay area. >>well as we've all seen throughout this pandemic a lot can change in a month, even just a week now the experts that i spoke with say that of course those projections are subject to many uncertainties and unknowns but they do agree that the bay area's already seeing some concerning trends that could impact its recovery. the coronavirus has flipped twenty-twenty upside down. but now experts say the
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pandemic will likely have a lasting impact. >>on the country's labor market over the next decade in its latest report, the congressional budget office projects a 4.4% unemployment rate at the end of 2030 which is higher than pre pandemic levels of 3.5% in february this year as a long-term projections are. >>filled with uncertainty all the time and even more right now i do think though that when you look back at previous recessions, there is something that you can learn particularly the last recession. roughly at the same unemployment that's they were back in the great recession and in some parts of the country that actually never recovered country overall it to take about a decade to kind of get back to those employment level so it's not out of the realm of possibility jeff belisario executive director at the bay area council economic institute says. >>those projections could change in a highly dependent on public response policy response in trajectory of the virus. in june the u.s. unemployment level fell to
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11.1% down from its peak of 14.7% in april but now as cases rise in california and restrictions are put back in place. we continue to see california as lose jobs. >>that will certainly slow. if not completely halt the recovery. sharing california at today's numbers, new unemployment claims numbers we have. nearly 280,000 jordan 80,000 new. unemployment climbs just filed in the week ending june 27 so we're continuing to lose jobs throughout the state former economic development director michael bernick also raises concerns about trends happening now at least parts of the economy and found themselves able to operate with fewer number of some jobs are now being automated others are becoming remote something that will particularly impact the bay area's recovery historically. >>we have grown more quickly this time the industry's but i do think this time or industries are more prone to remote there. and so that could give us a little bit of a disadvantage.
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>>now there are a lot of unknowns that could impact those projects projections and while the bay area typically comes out of recessions more quickly than the rest of the country because of its tech innovation industry as well that trend could reverse or change because a lot of those tech companies are now allowing their employees to work from home or work remotely for now live in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor. thank you president trump me well is touting the economy as the covid-19 cases continue to surge and now there's growing concern in his campaign as to whether or not that's the best approach, pamela brown reports. >>president trump choosing to ignore rising coronavirus numbers, is being handled instead taking a victory lap over rising job numbers today this is not just love what's happening. this is a lot of talent as coronavirus cases
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across the country continue to surge hitting single-day records in some states. >>trump in says the pandemic is quote under control we're putting out the fires. >>but other places were long before us. and they're now it's a good life, it's got a life. and we're putting out that life because that's a bad life that we're talking about sources say there's a divide emerging in trump's inner circle over whether the president to turn his attention to the virus or continue to message on the economy several top aides worrying about trump's reelection chances think he should stay the course on the economy. >>something trump showcase today you're going to have a fantastic 3rd quarter, the good thing is the numbers will be coming out just prior. >>to the election so people will be able to see those numbers but joe biden the presumptive democratic nominee slamming trump over his economic celebrations make no mistake. >>we're still a deep deep job hole because donald trump has
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so badly bungled the response for coronavirus the president's handling of coronavirus will be under scrutiny come november. >>and his delay in calling for mask-wearing has helped keep the issue politically charged. >>now with top republicans embracing masks sources say it's adding pressure on the president to change his tone. trump. briefly mentioning wearing the masks today as a best practice that includes face covering social distancing testing and personal hygiene washing hands, the president doesn't wear a mask in public, but on wednesday, he claimed he had no problem wearing one i thought it looked ok look like the lone ranger. >>no i have no problem with that i think in and of people feel that about it they should do and while trump has claimed the increase in coronavirus numbers is due to increased testing has. 4 cases. >>today top health officials in his administration testified that's not true. we do believe this is a real increase in cases because the
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percent positivity is are going up. today vice president pence is visiting florida and meeting with governor ron desantis has the state reports 10,000 new cases a new single day record the economic comeback that's underway is a is a demonstration that we don't have to choose between opening up america and the health of our people we can do both and that's the challenge that we face today across the sunbelt the president is pressing ahead with plans to travel to mount rushmore tomorrow where thousands are expected to attend. but masks and social distancing will not be required going to be a fireworks. >>display like few people have seen. >>and that the president is still dealing with fallout from his last trip. a campaign rally in tulsa resulted in several staffers and secret service agents testing positive. >>today we're learning that campaign surrogate herman cain who attended that tulsa rally has been hospitalized with
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coronavirus although it's not known where he contracted it. >>there was pamela brown reported a nun in a major turn about texas governor greg abbott who had resisted any restrictions and in fact push reopening his state economy quickly is now requiring texas to wear face masks in light of the surging case numbers there and texas who refused to comply can be fined $250 we are learning new tonight, the corona virus has mutated into a version that is more infections. that's according to a new study by international team of researchers they found strong evidence that a new form of the virus has spread from europe to the united states. the new mutation makes the virus more likely to infect people but it does not seem to make them any sicker than the earlier strange researchers say this new version has almost replace the first version of the coronavirus but they add any bodies are still effective in neutralizing the
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new 4. in the north bay, this auto county district attorney's says she is recusing herself and her office. >>from 2 deadly officer-involved shootings involving the vallejo police department in this video statement top prosecutor krishna abrams said she is stepping back from investigating the shooting deaths of willie mccoy and sean monterrosa and turning the case is over to the state attorney general's office the district attorney's recusal comes after calls last month for the prosecutor to pursue charges against the police officers involved or step back from the cases. mccoy was shot last year police officers while sleeping at a taco bell drive-thru in his vehicle. monterrosa was shot on june second outside of a walgreens just in to the kron 4 news room contra costa county highway patrol officers chp you're looking for the driver of this white van that reportedly hit a 7 year-old seriously injuring the child. investigators say the hit and run happened shortly before 4 o'clock this afternoon on vine
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avenue between leslie avenue and monroe avenue in martinez. the highway patrol says the child was riding his scooter when he was hit. he was flown to oakland children's hospital, he is said to be in stable condition. if you have any information about that white van or the incident you are asked to contact. the highway patrol. >>a deadly crash in the east bay had traffic crawling for hours today along highway 4 the chp says the crash happened about 1230 along the eastbound lane just west of discovery bay blvd in discovery bay witnesses told investigators a 2006 pontiac sedan was going about 100 miles an hour on the right shoulder of the westbound lane when the driver lost control of the car veered across all the westbound lanes and went into the eastbound lanes crashing head on with a jeep. the driver of the pontiac died on the scene, the driver of the jeep suffered minor injuries investigators are still looking into whether or not the driver of the pontiac was impaired by alcohol or
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drugs in concord investigators are looking into how large a large grass fire started overnight. this happened off of the world road near will pass and highway 4 witnesses say they heard fireworks just before the fire broke out, although the exact cause is still under investigation fire officials in the east bay say they have seen an uptick in grass fires in recent weeks and they are reminding everybody to be mindful. this holiday weekend not to use illegal fireworks all right, let's take a live picture outside see how things are shaping up on this well it's a kind of a holiday weekend already for a lot of people there. >>we're going to have to work tomorrow, pam yeah that's right lauren not going to work tomorrow so tell us what's coming up with the looks like it's going to be some nice weather had the temperatures going to start warm-up thing to watch out for the winds though the winds are likely to continue to pick up. >>specially on saturday on the 4th of july but some of those gusts of 2030 miles per hour right now the fog has made its way all the way to the east
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bay hills kind of bumping up there right now we're going to fill in across the bay area a little more fog overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning they watch out for the large swells are showing a lot of the beaches over the weekend probably just as well that us big swell building 6 to 9 feet not huge but enough to generate some very strong rip tides and so places south facing beaches, you can just it's a beach you get in the santa cruz beach area certainly those areas most affected as well coming up out of the south and that you got to get away forecast if you're headed about on this holiday weekend 69 degrees in watsonville 67 degrees in carmel valley, 64 in santa cruz to mom southern california enjoying temperatures of 70 degrees in los angeles 75 in san diego about 84 degrees in pasedena well the high country this year looking good clear skies are 77 degrees in south lake tahoe, 83. in reno on 71 in truckee all right, we have some low clouds and fog along the coastline. now let's begin to fill back in tonight and going to see more that early on tomorrow morning live ants
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inside the base of the valleys to especially in the north bay, the winds still 26 miles per hour. so it's still a strong breeze making its way through the delta into fairfield 11 miles per hour in to live more right now and 24 in the byron want you to watch these winds as we head through the night tonight start to calm down then by tomorrow afternoon we get that breeze going again that's not too bad, but then as we get into the weekend and the 4th of july things change but those winds really intensify late in the day right around the time for fireworks look at some of the winds out there looking at some 20 maybe some 30 mile an hour gusts out near the coastline, so something to watch out for be extra careful this weekend with the fireworks. temperatures 64 degrees in san jose 57 in half moon bay 60 in dublin 59 degrees in concord 62 degrees in pittsburgh right now 55. in petaluma and 55 also in the bottle. we are expecting some changes coming our way as high pressure going to start to build in, but we're going to see more low clouds and fog early on tomorrow morning with even some patchy coastal drizzle clouds going give way to some sunshine in most parts
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of the bay area at the clouds lingering out toward the beaches and then this weekend lots of sunshine coming our way going to see more of a northerly wind but it could be pretty breezy out there looks like that will continue to be the case both saturday and sunday high pressure trying to build out the desert southwest will slowly move its way near looking about some 90's in the hot spots on the 4th of july. >>thanks lauren so possible covid outbreak among school principals in the south bay house district officials say the educators may have been exposed and what they're doing to ensure student safety in the new school year plus animal rescues in the age of coronavirus ahead in tonight's flying tails, we take you to a place. some consider heaven on earth for dogs and other and said first the feud continues between a former u.s. attorneys and the trump adminis
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>>most of us attorney geoffrey berman is scheduled to appear at a closed door hearing of the house judiciary committee next week that's according to a congressional aide berman served as the u.s. attorney in new york's southern district and prosecuted cases involving a number of president trump's associates, including his former personal lawyer and fixer michael cohen byrne and was fired last month after he initially resisted attorney general william barr's request for him to resign. his appearance next week will be the latest event in a highly publicized feud between the
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former u.s. attorney ernie and the trump administration in consumer news tonight home depot is changing the way it sells rope after some people reportedly made. >>new says out of this pooled rope. the home improvement retailer says it's taking way spools of rope and instead of selling pre cut rope in links that are most commonly sold in a statement a home depot spokesperson said the company will not tolerate hate symbols in its stores. apple is closing 30 of its stores nationwide again. the company cites a recent spike in covid-19 cases, apple closed a total of 77 stores. and there is no word on when they will be back open. >>tonight we remember legendary broadcaster, hugh downs, he passed away yesterday at his home in scottsdale arizona, he was 99 years old downs got his start in radio before serving in world war 2 he once held the world record for a hearing on television for more hours than anyone else.
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>>his storied career included anchoring abc news, 2020 and nbc's today show he also hosted the tonight show for a brief time. he always had a calming effect i thought he retired back in 19 99 and in his award-winning broadcasting career. >>let's all do our part to slow the spread. >>a california launches a public service announcement campaign to try to get everyone to wear a mask the a street tree measures and other state leaders are now taking as the u.s. records more than 55,000 new coronavirus cases just today and ready said devours san jose's joey chestnut will be competing in nathan's hot dog eating contest this weekend. how the organizers say they'll keep the contest and safe from being exposed to covid-19 and we've got the holiday coming up we're goin
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>>in the south bay more than 45 school principals and administrators are in self quarantine tonight because a potential coronavirus exposure. this comes after one school district employee tested positive for coronavirus after a large in person meeting a few weeks ago kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>i got several calls educators who are a little panicked about the company exposure cancels meeting and i personally was surprised because of life or other
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school districts scene that we had a meeting of her around 45 people sent a clear unified school board member the key fairchild reacting to the bombshell dropped at a meeting last week by the district superintendent back in mid-june a district employee tested positive for coronavirus. >>a few days after attending an in person leadership meeting inside one of the buildings at their educational options campus as a result, the other principals and administrators at that meeting were told to shelter in place and undergo testing. >>in a statement the school district says those in attendance wore masks and maintain social-distancing protocols and so far no one else has tested positive. the district says the complexity of developing the plan for reopening schools in the fall is why they chose to hold this meeting in person. >>rather than online. i know there may be some there some the question. every decision we make. but the reality is there is no road map for this pandemic a parent of 2 children in the district says this should be a wake-up call
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but it's kind of like hummus the universe holding a big sign saying hey this is your get out of jail free card. take this as a lesson learned. and make sure that if you are going to open classrooms and you're going to go to a hybrid system. >>you really our main dining 60 distance that you really are making sure that everybody's got a taste, perhaps although the school district says they followed all health department guidelines. the santa clara county health department said this in a statement the health order currently in place allows local governments to conduct essential business in person. >>and to decide for themselves. what is essential. our recommendation has always been that to the extent possible meetings should not be in person and should happen virtually in this case is not clear why meeting in person was necessary. it is a lesson for other government agencies even though they have the authority to hold an in person meeting it does not mean they should exercise the right to do so maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>usc the university of
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southern california is dropping plans to bring back students to campus is august. it says it will mostly offer online classes, instead. it's also recommending all undergraduates take their courses online and reconsider living on or near the campus is upcoming semester. the move comes in response to a surge in coronavirus cases in the los angeles area. >>california is reporting recording record breaking cases across the state according to the state's health department, there are more than 240,000 cases of covid-19 and nearly 6200 deaths to contain the spread governor newsom announced today that the state is launching a major public service announcement campaign that encourages everybody to just simply wear a mask as nadia romero reports it is one of the emergency efforts that officials across the nation are doing to try and convince people to do the right thing. >>this is just one of the jarring covid public service announcements the state of
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california unveiled as the state faces record breaking case numbers. we have now over 400 billboards sites. that we're putting up the ad campaign is aimed to encourage people to wear masks keep their distance and stay home, what we refer to as a non pharmaceutical intervention. that is the most impactful outside of staying at home in texas. there's a wait list for ventilators in some places we are having an explosion of covid we are overrun yet. but it's overwhelming they're so sick that if they don't get put on they don't get that support. >>they're probably going to die 3 bets. >>now texas governor abbott issuing an executive order making face masks mandatory in counties with 20 or more positive cases impacting more than 60% of texans to the east arkansas reported nearly 900 new cases and less than 24 hours. the largest single-day increase in the state since the pandemic began, let's a double. >>of the cases that we had
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yesterday and a new record high in florida with more than 10,000 new cases reported thursday we can slows further. we can flatten the curve and for just as we flattened in other parts of the country in washington nadia romero kron 4 news here in the bay area and napa leaders are urging residents employees and visitors. >>to report any covid-19 safety violations such as failure to maintain physical separation and not wearing face coverings say announced today they're establishing a covid-19 compliance task force coalition to keep tabs on businesses restaurants and tasting rooms. officials say each county jurisdictions has assigned staff to work with the county and monitor covid-19 complaints as they come in. see why california is wrapping up its enforcement of covid-19 will love the state's efforts are sending out some mixed messages. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>as more restrictions are put in place governor gavin
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newsome says he's established a strike team to help enforce california's covid-19 rules. the team includes a number of california's workplace in business licensing agencies, including cal osha alcohol beverage control and the california highway patrol but there are still many questions on how these rules will actually be enforced. this holiday weekend newsom's administration is urging californians to avoid gathering with people they don't live with and large crowds, but we found here at the state capitol chp one of the agencies in the governor's enforcement strike team. >>approved permits for a 300 person protest to weddings and a 50 person demonstration. all on the 4th of july i specifically asked the governor about this thursday to how you address what some might perceive a mixed messaging here. yeah i don't have the benefit of the details of the permits newsome then brought the director of the office of emergency are killer duty to the podium chp is evaluating those permits now to see about how that can
10:36 pm
be done. >>taken into account, the. >>the governor's orders and directives that we want for appropriate social distancing and limiting. to come together while still protecting people's. rights some before for peaceful protest for now the state is primarily targeting businesses that don't enforce the rules governor newsom says more than 350,000 of them have been put on notice. >>at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>here's something you don't want to see in your neighborhood this is in hayward were trying to trash is piling up the city's maintenance services director says his crews have been forced to shelter in place like everyone else and that shutdown trash and debris collection for about a month's except for emergency situations. crews have been returning to work in recent weeks but they're doing so in staggered shifts and in some cases working alone to allow for social distancing. >>we're stand somewhere between a 5 to 7 day total
10:37 pm
turnaround time from requests. we were at a high last week about 8 to 9 days. so it does seem to be trending a little bit better. >>the director also says in the past 2 weeks calls for service have doubled to more than a 100 every day. the response turnaround of up to 8 days all right a live look outside tonight at the golden gate bridge which is always a pretty sight. no matter what the weather out there with the weather let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is also a good looking thing to look at. >>oh nice night out there tonight the fog and low clouds are on the increase as we look toward the holiday of course we'd like to clear things out and not going to see those major displays this year they've been canceled, yes certainly going to see some nice conditions as far as the skies is there going stay mostly clear just a couple patches of clouds out along the coastline. >>and that wind will be kicking up so do plan on that
10:38 pm
and be extra careful. the fireworks as they can start fires in a hurry and much of that dry brush. hey we've got those clouds bouncing up against east bay hills right now more that on the way filling into the bay tonight and some of the valleys overnight so we start out with some clouds early on and then as we get toward the afternoon, we'll clear things out pretty nicely. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's right now on our cooling things off now but we're going to see some warmer days ahead high pressure going to start to build in. but tomorrow morning clouds starting out inside the bay early on some of the valley, especially in the north bay and then by the afternoon that begins to break up and you start to see almost is start a road along the coastline that's more that normally push of the winds kicking in and that is going to clear the skies out in fact look as we head in towards saturday. those skies clearing out all the way to the coastline and boy if this model is right that keeps a clear right through all the fireworks that would be very nice. all right, you're looking at here as we look toward the next 10 days we're going to heat up over the next couple of back some 90's popping up on the 4th of july we do start to cool things down it will be another
10:39 pm
breezy day on a sunday, but cooler weather expected as we get into next week in fact these temperatures running below the average but not for long as we look toward that following weekend. yeah we're going to crank up the heat again back in the 90's next saturday and sunday. >>thank you lawrence, it would be the 4th of july without san jose's joey chestnut scarfing down hot dogs at an alarming rate they column jaws, pam, he's going to be defending his mustard belt once again on saturday despite the pandemic the nathan's hot dog eating contest plans to go forward but with very different rules karin caifa reports. >>among traditions that will go on this independence day what may surprise you it's really so different every a lot of different things and i don't. >>the nathan's 4th of july hot dog eating contest, 12 time winner joey chestnut holds the contest record of 74 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, i'm happy that word. >>trying to trying to make something happen in and i think that's what really trying to just keep pushing
10:40 pm
and trying to some normalcy. >>some may question the wisdom of an eating contest in the midst of a global pandemic major league eating yes, competitive eating has a governing body has ruled out screaming sweaty crowds like these at the corner of coney island still well and surf by moving the competition indoors to a secret location. the invited field much smaller to allow seeding 6 feet apart, contestants and staff tested prior to competition, everyone wearing masks and gloves as much as they can 6 time women's champion in the studio says it's a new world for her sport all this is uncharted territory. but. >>and procedures and policies are going to have to grow at all going to have to adapt to the new normal but if there's any group of people that i trust you know crowd control food safety and sanitation probably major league eating. >>the contest makes an annual donation to the food bank for new york city and says this year competitors will do a little extra so individual competitors have pledged to
10:41 pm
donate money to do that to their choice and also use this platform to raise awareness for essential workers that have helped us continued help us to pandemics the first recorded contest was in 1972 and nathan says the first unofficial contest was in 1916, so a rare chance to hear to a long time tradition during a year that has brought anything but certainty. i'm karin caifa reporting. >>and you can also join kron 4 this saturday for a virtual 4th of july celebration we're going to show you some of the most memorable moments from the biggest fireworks show on the west coast. >>it is san diego's big bay boom. >>we will also honor local heroes who have been on the front lines of the covid-19 pandemic you can check out the 4th of july celebration on kron 4 starting at 09:00pm still ahead a slice of doggie heaven for forgotten animals in tonight's flying tails, how an animal sanctuary in mendocino county is saving animals during the pandemic. >>and more covid-19 cases
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today and possible training
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>>and tonight's flying tails can takes us to a little slice of paradise in mendocino county, it's called them. milo foundation sanctuary and it's a place for many animals go one. no one else will take them.
10:45 pm
>>the mountains of mendocino county about 10 miles east of will is. this is the home of a place called the milo foundation sanctuary. there's a doggy heaven on earth, this looks like it could be a. >>and fellow animals and people are funny. >>we touch down will that airport with a special cargo. this is leyla zana high energy dog who needs a lot of room to roam. >>layla is a character and a chic a member from the shelter there was facing euthanasia. >>and she's just full-throttle bursting at the seams energetic girl 283 acre milo foundation sanctuary has plenty of spades. when tingle meters at the airport to pick up please. she founded the
10:46 pm
mile foundation in 1994. >>yeah, we have our 25th anniversary last year. with rescued more than 35,000 animals and townhomes. >>this is not strictly a dog sanctuary. it passed by a couple of other milo residents. the stop and visit the horses and 2 of the sweetest donkeys you'll ever find. >>the horses here were all rescued from a kill lot in texas where they say the kill buyers go horse auctions livestock auctions. by the mall usually pretty cheap, but they're competitive fan. they will out there even people that want you don't even adopt there are 5 workers here supporting this nonprofit mile relies on donations to do its work is almost time to go, but we're going to take another dog back with us we're going to take that amos who
10:47 pm
>>the there hopefully maybe the foster or adopt them and that's possibility and there's someone else interested so. >>what is going to see this is a big boy 90 pounds, here's a recent picture of a miss with his foster families he waits for his permanent home is picked up at the mile adoption center in point richmond, this is magic. >>a horse that was adopted from the mile sanctuary and layla still at the sanctuary in mendocino county waiting for the right person. you can match her energy as nice really nice looking people visit milo and you mentioned that the animals to get adopted how does that work out how do you make that happen. yeah they do have tours out there and you can adopt an animal at point richmond they have an adoption center here
10:48 pm
in the bay area point richmond in the sanctuaries up their mendocino county. >>find out all about it and find out how you can help this organization go to my low foundation dot org animal sure look happy there is surely all right. >>we want to share another animal rescue story. this is video out of alameda county it shows an animal control officer in new york rescuing 7 ducklings and their mom from a swimming pool, the officer collected the ducklings in a container started walking of course the mama duck waddle right along after them. once the officer reached a lake nearby he released them all and reunited the family >>tonight's we've doubled our speeds the fastest just got back. >>it is scheduled to resume at the end of the month as long as the league is able to contain exposure to the coronavirus today, the nba announced that 9 unidentified players have tested positive this week for covid-19 now that brings the total since june 23rd, to 25 cases that's
10:49 pm
out of 351 players tested the league said 884 staffers were also tested with 10 positive results per the league's covid-19 protocol, those who test positive will self quarantine until they can be cleared by a doctor now earlier this week. nba commissioner, adam silver said that a large spread within the nba's bubble could help their plans. he didn't give specifics though on what those numbers might look like. meanwhile, the nba is considering training options for the 8 teams who will not be rejoining the season in orlando and that includes the warriors today gm bob myers told espn's jackie mcmullan the golden state would participate in what they're calling a second bubble environment in chicago. that would be where teams would hold minicamps and scrimmage against one another the idea is being proposed to satisfy concerned about training and development for some of these younger players, so the idea of a second bubble hasn't been officially approved by the league just yet warriors head
10:50 pm
coach steve kerr is never afraid to speak up on subjects he's passionate about whether that's hoops social justice or in this new video wearing a mask take a look. >>over the long 4th of july weekend please make sure to practice social and physical distancing, wear your masks and wash your hands frequently we all have a responsibility to help get this fire is under control. we need everyone to do their part. just like in sports. it's going to take a total team effort to be successful. wearing a mask is one of the best things we can do for our communities. some to ask bay area come off the mask up let's go. >>more covid-19 news today, the san francisco giants announced a partnership with levis that will benefit 6 local nonprofit organizations the team in levi's selected groups that have been working to help the community during the pandemic here's what jason pearl, the senior vice president of partnerships and business development for the giants had to say. >>we can't do this or south
10:51 pm
pole can support those who are on the front lines and we work with levis to identify 6 organizations that we have connections to that are you know working. that have been always do good work but are typically doing great work. and during the pandemic to support those most in need. >>so these 6 organizations receiving the grants are the san francisco-marin food bank larkin street youth services swords to plowshares the homeless prenatal program project open hand and la casa de las madres the diets do plan to recognize these nonprofits in a ceremony at oracle park when health and safety allows. we don't know when that's going to be and of course to hopefully they'll raise a lot of money to help those organizations out they have to agree. >>coming up a right to be loses her engagement ring
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>it is this it. >>pure >>joy caught on camera as a bride to be is reunited with her engagement ring. gina bop was spending the day at a new york beach with friends on monday when a friend's son got into some trouble. the first sign that quote a new way. >>so i went to go grab him and i felt my ring sighting of a finger. >>and what an amazon but if a client is a good know why i'm
10:55 pm
going get another one. >>she says she searched this or from the shore for 8 hours. but no luck specially reached out to a group of scavengers to try to find her ring with the help of metal detectors say found the ring within just an hour. searching. >>before that tessa mayes all right let's check in with lawrence for the holiday forecast. yeah here we go guys getting ready for the 4th of july and the clouds rolling back in tonight. that's pretty typical of this time of year the clouds stretching right to the golden gate bridge all the way into the bay of against the hills now that's going to fill in kind of flatten out a move throughout the bay area overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning and maybe even a little drizzle along the coastline. you notice that fog overnight tonight, developing kind of moving all along the california coast so more fog. what we had today tomorrow morning we're starting a pretty gray in spots and then pull back toward the beaches. that's pretty typical then you start to see some clearing even by tomorrow evening as we start to develop more of a northerly component the winds that will start to clear things out look at the 4th of july, it's looking good as we head in
10:56 pm
toward fireworks on the 4th, maybe a patch or 2 of fog along the immediate coastline. i think we stay clear even inside the bay and of course clear maybe the valleys those winds. they will be picking up though we've got to watch out for that overnight lows going to be in the 40's and the 50's tonight, but by day tomorrow, it's cool in the san francisco, you look at 57 in the sunset, 60 in san francisco didn't feel that breeze in the afternoon for pacifica you've got some patchy fog mid-fifties their 57 and al gore not a 59. in half moon bay, then you get inside the bay of find more sunshine after a couple of patches of fog in the morning. brees kind of blowing on through the afternoon about 6 to do in san bruno 61 in south san francisco 70 in foster city and sunny all day long 74 degrees in palo alto and also the mountain view, 70 degrees in santa clara, warm in cupertino 80 degrees beautiful in saratoga at 79 70 degrees in morgan hill. no 90's tomorrow, we're talking about 80's around the bay area. so these numbers running a little
10:57 pm
bit below the average for this time of year, but little more comfortable to about 84 degrees in pleasanton 85 in livermore and 82 degrees in dublin inside the bay 69 castro valley 68 in oakland 7774 degrees in her chili that breeze blowing right to the delta tomorrow, but still some comfortable temperatures they're warmer probably vacaville about 90 pound about sandra fell over the next couple days here we go we get ready for the holiday and we're going to actually compete up through saturday, cool back down until the following weekend gets hot again all right good night everybody tonight.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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