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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 3, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>good morning. thank you so much for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news. it is friday july 3rd on martin gonzalez we're going to kick off this hour by checking in on the forecast with a spark a day a morning, good morning, good morning, everybody and yes battling the fog we are but. >>we're already starting to see a little improvement look at that is trying to lift off right over here we're getting a little site the east bay shoreline here. the sign and maybe us turning the corner still changed much here the golden gate bridge still shrouded in the overcast fog issued a situation going on that will probably clear out in the next couple of hours, however, temperatures pretty much in the lower 60's, although any ox getting ahead at 65 shows that inland heating working 50's up to the north bay 55 san francisco, 62 for redwood city and also for san jose. now comparing things now from this time yesterday a little bit warmer in the south and north bay, but midday looks like a touch cooler today, breaking it down for you sunny 79 at 1 o'clock and 4 at 82. we'll have some 80's
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here shore but no 90's until tomorrow we'll take a look at that forecast coming up in a bit part all right dave thanks a lot. let's get right to our top story this friday morning. bay area health officials are encouraging everyone to stay home this 4th of july weekend. now this comes as the state and the bay area continue to see a rise in coronavirus cases kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest now from contra costa county. >>in contra costa county where coronavirus cases are surging along with the rest of the bay area bad timing as we head into a holiday weekend now health officials are urging people to celebrate the 4th of july at home. traditionally we enjoy this holiday by watching fireworks. nope not happening or go to a parade. >>not happening go to the beach. >>all closed. instead the governor of california and local health officials are advising people to stay home why because of the alarming rise in coronavirus cases and
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deaths in each county take a look for yourself contra costa county is seeing a 129% increase in cases in a 111% increase in deaths from may 31st to july second napa county saw a 207% increase in cases with a 33% increase in deaths, many people i talked with in walnut creek say they're going to stay at home to put their health first staying home and ah you know see had a new dog and see how the dog fears of the fireworks and stuff watch tv for half the day. i love to go out like everybody else you go to a parade and be around people but. >>honestly, the risk is not worth the reward. and they're just so many negatives about going out we all to have the discipline to stay home. >>bay area health officers put out a joint statement urging people to stay home this holiday saying you should only hang out with people you live with and avoid gatherings. if
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you are leaving your home for 4th of july make sure you're taking those precautions wearing a mask keeping distance if you feel any symptom at all make sure that you stay home, we'll have to see how the coronavirus affects our cases after this weekend. in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>well how health experts are sounding the alarm as we head into another holiday weekend in the span of just one month the state of california has gone from optimistic to alarmed in the fight against covid-19 doctor art rheingold with u c berkeley school of public health says getting a handle on the virus will take a joint effort and with no vaccine expected until at least next year. doctor rheingold says the spike in infections was likely with the relaxing of restrictions and the reopening of some businesses. >>this is pretty much what you'd expect was unreasonably injections virus on the right like the one that causes covid-19 if no huge problem to deal with and we don't we have
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limited means. >>the latest numbers from the state now show the infection rate has gone up from just over 4% to now 6% and with no vaccine and without a lot of people following health guidelines such as wearing a mask, doctor rheingold suspects those numbers will continue to climb. now to the north bay were sonoma county is carefully monitoring the spread of covid-19 after it reported 2 more deaths yesterday county officials believe it could be placed on the governor's watch list by next week. kron four's gayle ong has more. >>sonoma county was one of the first bay area counties to loosen restrictions and now there's concerns about reopening too fast definitely scared. >>i mean if these shutdowns are counties where they're going to go. they're going to come to us this reaction coming from a restaurant owner in sonoma plaza where visitors have been flocking to ever since businesses were allowed to reopen all of our. >>hotels getting 200% capacity. it's a little difficult to not have this
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hesitation. >>ordering a lot of food to get ready for something which used to be our biggest weekend of the year the july 4th holiday is near but county public health officials are seeing a jump in covid-19 cases each day as of thursday to more coronavirus deaths were reported i think our covid increases at don't necessarily surprise me but nevertheless it saddens me greatly this may land the county on the governor's watch list, which means the possibility of businesses closing again board of supervisors chair susan gorin had this message for businesses who may be impacted. >>try to limit your interaction with people as much as possible to avoid any potential transmission of covid it may be challenging thursday evening the parking lot full at sonoma plaza, a stark contrast from 3 months ago. i watched the occupancy
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just today i think the jump from 20% to 80%. >>within that when the course of a few hours. i mean you shut everything down around us. people seem to not want to stay home and. the sooner we all stay home the sooner we all get back to normal the county will be monitoring hot spots and encourage people to follow public health guidelines that they have to go out. >>wear your mask keep your distance. it is just best to stay home and that will prevent the county from ending up on the watch list. here in sonoma gayle ong kron 4 news. >>now to the south bay where despite the number of cases going up in santa clara county county leaders are moving forward with reopening plans. under a new health order the county will allow hair and nail services gyms and small gatherings to resume as early as july 13th, if the state approves it. but the businesses must follow specific orders like consistent use of face coverings and significant capacity limits. >>we want kids back in school we want our lives back we're
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going to have to work together to make that happen. >>so businesses must also report positive cases to the public health department indoor dining public swimming nightclub stadiums theaters and arenas will remain closed. new this morning firefighters in concord put out a blaze that was burning at a 3 story apartment building that was under construction, you're taking a look at photos of the fire which started about 1145 last night. this is an we'll pass road in concord firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading fortunately no one was injured the cause still under investigation this morning. also in the east bay, the contra costa chp looking for the driver of this white van that reportedly hit and seriously injured a 7 year-old investigators say the hit and run happened thursday afternoon on vine avenue between leslie and moral avenues in martinez. they say the child was riding his scooter when he was hit. he was flown to oakland children's hospital and is listed in stable condition this morning. if you have any
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information about this incident you're asked to call the police. also in the east bay, a deadly crash had traffic crawling for hours on highway 4. it happened about 1230 yesterday on the eastbound lane just west of discovery bay bull boulevard in discovery bay. witnesses told investigators a 2006 pontiac sedan was going about a 100 miles an hour. when the driver lost control and veered across all westbound lanes and then into the eastbound lanes crashing head-on with a g the driver of the pontiac died at the scene the driver of the jeep suffered minor injuries. investigators still looking into whether the driver of the pontiac was impaired by alcohol or drugs. in the north bay the solano county district attorney's recusing herself and her office from 2 deadly officer-involved shootings involving the vallejo police department in a video statement top prosecutor krishna abrams says that she is stepping back from investigating the shooting deaths of really mccoy and sean monterrosa and turning those cases over to the
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attorney general's office, the district attorney's recusal comes after mile after calls last month for the prosecutor to pursue charges against the police officers involved or to step back from those cases. you might remember that mccoy was shot last year by vallejo police officers. he fell asleep in a taco bell drive-thru lane monta rosa was shot on june second outside of a walgreens store. still ahead this morning governor newsom has established a strike team to enforce the state's covid-19 rules. >>but it's coming with some sort of confusion we'll tell you about. speaking of strikes baseball no longer striking l they are back on the diamond the giants spring training today. >>a's tomorrow, but the biggest opponent covid-19 we'll break
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>>good morning welcome back to kron 00:04am morning news, it's 9.12 this friday morning time to go ahead and get a check of the weather forecast predicts park friday. marty good morning, good morning. everybody, here's a live shot coming in from u c berkeley and still kind of waiting for this to lift off. so we can kind of get a good you could view of the east bay shoreline will slow going as we see also around the golden gate bridge as well that overcast sky appearance that's been kind of a damper on temperatures this morning really haven't seen a lot of movement and haven't seen really a good solid decoupling between those inland areas along the east
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bay shoreline for now pretty close. although antioch is racing ahead of that 50's up to the north bay 50's been insulin 62 for san jose. now as we go forward with all of this whatever's left of the marine layer does mix out nicely nothing really upstream to interfere us from that vantage point however winds are kind of interesting we typically get with the daytime heating the inland areas warm up that air rises something has to fill it in isn onshore wind comes in but tomorrow night that little bit more potent has it really starts picking up across the greater wider bay in lingers all the way a bit in spots up there in the north bay in peninsula all the way. till sunday morning. we'll probably see a little temperature reduction in response to that for sunday now so saturday probably be our warmest a today being our coolest easily in the holiday weekend. so morning fog and clouds breezy mild that kind of deal here have overcast look right now 4th saturday, the 4th sunny warm hot depending on your perspective in location 90's going on some
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inland locations, 80's for the east bay. then sunday post those winds not as warm with fewer 90's 80's happening in some inland spots even 70's happening around the bay. again for today 64 san francisco open 69. to san jose across the wider bay, we have quite a bit of a tease on the board here for today but will be replacing those with 90's though coming a little later on the broadcast. we'll take a look at your 4 zone forecast marty sounds good dave see in a few minutes. well happening today, the san francisco giants will be back on the diamond is a return to oracle park. >>for spring training 2 point o kron four's will tran live outside the ballpark. where they're finally going to start playing some baseball. >>we won't be inside because you talk about social distance you could be further from the ball players will be at home watching because nobody's allowed inside the ballpark marty but at least we have a season even though it's a shorter season. the giants they too are practicing social
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distance look at this video this is right from the giants and you can clearly see the lockers are spaced apart because they don't want the players show that the shoulder because they don't want spring training 3 point o because they've already had to shut it down twice. sometimes twice because they try to started during the shelter-in-place and then they came down with covid-19. i can tell you that the a's will be doing it tomorrow and of course major league baseball as a whole either today or tomorrow. >>with the hope of opening day the 23rd or 24th, the bottom line is the game's mean so much more than it ever did because instead of a 162 game season now we're talking 60 games. so it's worth about 2.7 games for every game, no more these long losing streaks and laughing it off you see them in the dugout they mean a lot more now they will practice social distance while in the dugout they also will not be
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allowed to spit their sunflower seeds tobacco chewing gum a lot of pitchers can't they can't just like their fingers anymore for a better grip on the baseball which always surprised me in ways that big and so you really need to lick your fingers just to do that as well i should be tying a grape in their hand. but they can't lick their fingers they could bring out a wet towel moisten their fingertips and then throw the baseball. they don't travel is often as they would have no more cross country travel leo just be regional and the games of course will be televised so you got to get your television set. it's better than nothing right marty i mean it's not what we're used to with the rhythm of a baseball season, but it's baseball we need some live action, especially let's face it. we could be facing another shelter in place and hopefully the players of the antisocial bubble. they were home at gonzalez park. watch >>that's right we'll be enjoying it from the comfort of my sofa well, and you know
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it you know the worst thing that can happen for baseball is for there to be a surge. in september something like that and even more of an outbreak. >>that's right so you know even the nba, they're talking about flexibility that it wouldn't surprise him if they have to start and start the start and stop start and stop. this is hope they get through most of it if not all of that without any problems i know that there are some players that will come down with covid-19 so they will have a deep bench of 9 covid-19 in fact a place to rotate in. it's better than nothing crackerjack at home much cheaper hot dogs, cheaper and you know, i'm missing the bobbleheads at the game today which is why early i jump if you like i want to marty gonzales right we'll get working on that. >>great idea, thank you we'll is bobblehead impression. they're oracle park warriors head coach steve kerr never afraid to speak up on subjects that he's passionate about whether that's hoops social justice and as we head into the holiday weekend coach kerr
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wants to make sure that you stay safe and wear a mask over the long 4th of july weekend please make sure to practice social and physical distancing. >>wear your masks and wash your hands frequently we all have a responsibility to help get this fire is under control need everyone to do their part. just like in sports. it's going to take a total team effort to be successful wearing a mask is one of the best things we can do for our communities. some to ask bay area come off mask up let's go. >>now let's move to hayward where city officials had to restructure how maintenance crews collected the trash and this has led to an increase in calls for service and also more trash left in public spaces kron four's phillipe djegal has more. >>on both private and public property trash is piling up in hayward and neighbors are taking notice, i've been thinking about this personally just going about picking things up me and my husband talk about that a lot because you care about one leg. and it
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just it just looks a mess mattresses couches discarded gloves the range of items run the gamut i've been living here pretty much my whole life and to see unlike. >>how people are treated and city i'm really is and now this city of hayward works with trash collection company waste management to haul off debris, the city mainly focuses on what's left in public spaces but as a result of the covid-19 pandemic the city's maintenance services director todd redmond says his team stopped collecting trash for about a month except for emergencies. crews are now slowly returning to work but often in staggered shifts with employees working alone in some cases to allow for social distancing we're hoping to be able to bring everyone back. >>when that's going to happen i just don't know, but we are taking it, you know i really won one day the time the city says it typically receives 40 to 50 debris and trash removal requests per day but in the
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past 2 weeks that number has skyrocketed to more than 100 requests per day we're stand somewhere between a 5 to 7 day. >>total turnaround time from requests. we were at a at a high last week about 8 to 9 days. so it does seem to be trending a little bit better prevent demick ruhlman says his crews were typically able to respond to requests and remove debris within 24 hours i don't like the limits. neither does the city and the maintenance team is working on a street sweeping resumed 2 weeks ago. >>in hayward phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>well the state senate has voted to expand job protections for more people to take time off to care for their family. now previously the law allowed workers to take up to 12 weeks of leave but only protected the jobs of people who work at companies with at least 50 employees. well now that law expands protections to companies with at least 5 workers. republicans and some moderates opposed the bill because they say it makes the law. the law makes it too difficult for small businesses to find
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short-term replacements. craft breweries working around the country were going gangbusters until the pandemic hit and now a lot of those small businesses are struggling to stay afloat the brewers association predicts almost half of their craft breweries will be forced to close because of coronavirus lockdowns our washington dc correspondent antiwar nikki has more. >>when businesses abruptly closed in march bob pease with the brewers association says beer sales hit a wall they hunt from 60 miles an hour to 0 like that overnight. he says many of the 8,000 small and independent craft breweries in the u.s. quickly shifted their business models to delivery and to go sales for those businesses has it been devastation all but it's been close on top of that breweries are facing another uncertainty with tax breaks on their production set to expire at the end of the year very difficult operate a small business. >>if you don't know which tax
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rates are going to be we want to make sure they don't have that and that issue. come in december a texas republican congressman roger williams is working to make the lower rates permanent we need to do what we can not burned their bodies. >>our excise taxes, the current tax rates were part of the tax cuts and jobs act of 2017. >>if they expire the taxes breweries pay are set to double something peace as many businesses can't afford. >>it's a collective $80 million in savings to small and independent brewers to pay those lower rates. williams says the bill already has bipartisan support. he's calling for his colleagues to quickly send the bill to the house floor for a vote by the end of july. >>in washington, i'm anna warren, a key. >>and coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news that new trade deal between the u.s. mexico and canada kicked in this week we're going take a look at how the pandemic might affect that trade relationship we'll be right.
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good morning welcome back covid have course has impacted just about every corner of our global economy. >>as the u.s. is entering into a new trade agreement with canada and mexico all 3 nations may have to make some big adjustments. joe khaleel has more. >>the new us mexico, canada trade agreement took effect on wednesday in a much different global economy and when it was
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negotiated this pandemic is definitely a impact how it's implemented democrat jimmy gomez says the usmca replacing nafta raises standards and pay for mexican workers to help american companies compete, but he says as whole industry suffer amid the pandemic those standards may be tougher to meet you know we're going to keep pushing for to make sure and mexico as well as the united states and companies on both sides there porter live up to its 2 agreement in california could export to canada for essentially the first time congressman john carter says usmca gives dairy farmers in his central valley district new markets to sell 2. but he says don't have to overcome the pandemic first, but those problems are not over and we've seen the price of milk go down 40% over the last couple months and republican leaders say despite the economic hardship in the short term, the usmca will still create jobs in the united states in the long term 4.8 million jobs just announced today for last month
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>>and 3 nations ratify the agreement and are now working to implement the require changes in washington. i'm joe khaleel. the san francisco joins a growing list of cities that are closing beach parking lots ahead
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>>good morning, happy friday and welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, 9.29 this friday morning, let's go ahead and check out the weather forecast today for heidi hey good morning morning, good morning, everybody in battling the fog still we are here's a shot from u c berkeley and we can see a little bit lifting up here old ucf just just just now getting some better improvement here we can see through some of this fog to actually see the east bay shoreline little bit but slow going of this 9.30 hour. we're still negotiating through all of this well okay that's going to be gone, but tomorrow not going to see much really come back again either in may look like this by dawn. when we got outside your door so an improvement on that front which means tomorrow is going to be hotter than today, it looks like temperature check we're at 65 now in the aac 61 for concord 62 livermore lower 60's light of the east bay shoreline. 50's up to the north bay 62 for san jose are
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talking about 79 happening at 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock 82 okay, but i mean up in the high temperature today, but a lot of 80's were looking for inland. tomorrow though we're going to turn those in the 90's that coming up in a bit. we have the extended forecasting an idea how this fits into perspective and also take a look at your 4 zone forecast to mark sounds good dave, thanks. a lot of schedule big story we're following this friday morning, san francisco has joined the long list of bay area cities. >>closing beach parking lots during the 4th of july holiday weekend. kron four's reyna harvey joins us now we have from the beach in san francisco where she needs a jacket hiring a good morning. >>i know full mardi because it is cold out here and windy hey, but that's not deterring families from coming out to the beach a lot of them tell me they came today because they're going to avoid that traffic over the holiday weekend now they plan to close populous like you mentioned the parking lot behind me that one still open, but again it will be closing it soon. take a look at your screen right now we put together a list for you at home if you're going to the beach all beaches that are
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going to be closing down their parking lots of that baker beach china beach crissy field fort funston. >>4 point golden gate bridge lands in marina green in ocean beach allegheny of the mayor is also speaking out she has residents to just stay home for the weekend to be safe and practice social distancing hour. we also have to talk to residents out here who came out today like i mentioned i here's up mayor breed all with that warning to residents. >>please for all of us make smart decisions avoid crowds don't gather with people outside your household, keep your distance from one another. >>wear a mask. >>all right now for the most part marty people and i've seen out here today on the beach they have a mask and they've been doing their best to practice social distancing now another reason why the city decide to do this is because hospitalization rates
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have also increased out here so get another reason to try to keep people safe again if you do decide to come on just can't stay away from the beach will she wear your mask also practice social distancing now reporting here in san francisco reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>all right ready to go inside and get warm, thanks a lot for that live report from the beach. we'll have move a also closing its beaches through sunday, those closures com after governor newsom ordered parking lots at all state beaches to close for the holiday weekend. half moon bay's mayor also actively discouraging visitors to the city. he says a stretch of the popular coastal trail between the seymour bridge and kelly avenue will be closed for the next 3 days. as more restrictions are put in place throughout the state to governor newsome says that he's established a strike team to enforce the state's covid-19 rules that includes a number of workplace and business licensing agencies like cal osha, alcohol beverage control and the chp but there are still questions on how those rules will
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actually be enforced. this comes after approved permits for a 300 person protest to weddings and a 50 person demonstrations were scheduled all for the 4th of july. >>to how you address what some might perceive a mixed messaging here. yeah i don't have the benefit of the details of the permits chp is evaluating those permits now to see about how that can be done. taken into account, the the governor's orders and directives that we want for appropriate social distancing and limiting. to come together while still protecting rights some before for peaceful protest. >>so for now the state is primarily targeting businesses out of compliance with the guidelines that include the face mask mandate. now to the south bay this morning more than 45 school principals and administrators are in self quarantine because a potential coronavirus exposure. now this
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comes after one school district employee tested positive for covid-19 following a large in person meeting that took place a few weeks ago kron four's maureen kelly has more. >>i got several calls educators who are a little panicked about the company exposure cancels meeting and i personally was surprise because of life or other school districts suing that we had a meeting of her around 45 people sent a clear unified school board member the key fairchild reacting to the bombshell dropped at a meeting last week by the district superintendent back in mid-june a district employee tested positive for coronavirus. >>a few days after attending an in person leadership meeting inside one of the buildings at their educational options campus as a result, the other principals and administrators at that meeting we're told to shelter in place and undergo testing. >>in a statement the school district says those in attendance wore masks and maintain social-distancing protocols and so far no one
9:36 am
else has tested positive. the district says the complexity of developing the plan for reopening schools in the fall is why they chose to hold this meeting in person. >>rather than online. i know there may be some there some the question. every decision we make. but the reality is there is no road map for this pandemic a parent of 2 children in the district says this should be a wake-up call but it's kind of like hummus the universe holding a big sigh and say hey this is your get out of jail free card. take this as a lesson learned. and make sure that if you are going to open classrooms and you're going to go to a hybrid system. >>you really our main painting 60 distance that you really are making sure that everybody's got a taste, perhaps although the school district says they followed all health department guidelines. the santa clara county health department said this in a statement the health order currently in place allows local governments to conduct essential business in person. >>and to decide for themselves. what is essential. our recommendation has always been that to the extent
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possible meetings should not be in person and should happen virtually in this case is not clear why meeting in person was necessary. it is a lesson for other government agencies even though they have the authority to hold an in person meeting it does not mean they should exercise the right to do so maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the coronavirus is flip the year 2020 upside down and now experts are saying the pandemic will likely have a lasting impact on the country's labor market for the next decade. a 10 year forecast by the congressional budget office reports of 4.4% unemployment rate at the end of the year 2030 which is higher than the pre pandemic levels of 3.5% in february of this year. jeff belisario the executive director of the bay area council economic institute says those projections could change and are highly dependent on public response policy response and the trajectory of the virus. >>i do think though that when you look back at previous
9:38 am
recessions, there is something that you can learn particularly the last recession. roughly at the same unemployment that's they were back in the great recession and in some parts of the country that actually never recovered country overall it to take about a decade to kind of get back to those employment level so it's not out of the realm of possibility. >>well there are of course a lot of unknowns and uncertainties that could change those projections and while the bay area has typically come out of recessions more quickly than the rest of the country because of its tech innovation industries, that trend could reverse because a lot of those companies are giving employees permanent options to work remotely from home. coming up this morning officials at lake tahoe expecting more visitors than usual this weekend we're going to take a look at how the 4th of july will look. >>and it's going to be a little different compared to past years. i'm trevor shirley in washington where federal officials and lawmakers are trying to do what they can to save kids from
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>>as americans are traveling this weekend and trying to get back to their normal routines in general the u.s. department of transportation is again warning parents not to forget their kids in hot cars. our washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports of several efforts to try and keep kids safe. >>in 2019 52 kids died after being left in hot cars. now as july 4th travel ramps up the
9:42 am
u.s. department of transportation hopes a million public service effort help save lives. we want to make sure in all of this. >>that the children are not forgotten. >>transportation secretary elaine chao says these days there's an even greater risk for caretakers to forget kids in cars since the pandemic appended our usual routines having children. >>locked and forgotten he did cause is such a preventable tragedy and on capitol hill, some lawmakers including illinois representative jan schakowsky are trying to pass a bill called the hot cars act it is our duty. >>to say that when we can protect children from dying in hot cars that we have to do it the hot cars act would require most new cars to come with an alert system to detect a child or animal that gets left in the back seat we want a passive system. >>where the parent doesn't
9:43 am
have to do anything but there detection of the child in the car and then a notification the dot says it doesn't comment on pending legislation but she koski is optimistic the bill can pass the house but really we're running out of time the hot cars act is co-sponsored by 55 democrats and 2 republicans reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. here's a look at the temperatures we expect for today for highs lot of 80's going on in lebanon such yeah we're going to do better than that tomorrow, but it's hitting a closer inspection of that coming up in a bit in your 4 zon
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>>good morning, welcome back officials at south lake tahoe say they're expecting more visitors than usual this 4th of july weekend. and so now some of them are asking visitors to just stay away because of the potential for large crowds, kristen simoes has more. >>and like every 4th of july weekend every holiday weekend. it gets busier but especially in this covid environment, them was some areas, closing. we're seeing more intensity more visitation parking lots and campgrounds are packed singling roads bumper to bumper and businesses that were struggling 2 months ago are overwhelmed with tourists today for us in tahoe, there's really been a silver lining where. >>you know we're reopening and it's been really busy because everywhere else is still shut down. >>but adding to the influx of
9:47 am
tourists is a shortage of employees a problem tahoe, typically sees this time of year when the town of 25,000 residents swells to over 100,000 with visitors. but park officials say covid demands are making it even harder. we've had to hire more people to keep up then and keep our staff safe in the public safe. so there's these layers of challenges more people and managers to help take care of it. >>really just means everybody needs to step up their game and the tahoe better than they found it a big concern. >>trash because there aren't enough park employees to pick it up another safety many of the tourists we talked to say despite the crowds, everybody seems to doing the right thing. that from what i've seen i went to the grocery store this morning, everyone was in a mask people are really keeping their distance i felt very comfortable. >>still with so many tourists this weekend, the advice for those considering heading to
9:48 am
tahoe, i would say stay home, it's going to be way too packed this weekend stay home come next weekend well i would stay away for the 4th. >>well that was kristen simoes reporting for us this morning. all right, let's go ahead and get you caught up on the weather forecast for the big holiday weekend a lot of folks are going to be barbecuing in the backyard and days far has all the answers high day where we have on the grill just carry it whatever you want good morning marty good morning everybody live shot coming in from sfo >>haven't had any real delays from all this fog we had going on so look smooth sailing into the weekend on thing maybe some winds happening tomorrow night maybe make known enough. most the east bay is in the lower to middle 60's with 50 still hanging on to the north bay and 62 san jose 61 palo alto that's not bad when you consider the fact we have a lot of this fog hanging around willie slow the temperatures climbing this morning. so that's been kind of a little slow down here we've had all right, we have some winds that bill this afternoon typical daytime, heating, whatever, but tomorrow it's all the more impressive little bit more aggressive ul shoes made by
9:49 am
saturday night you can see the when pattern that we have this will be driven a little sun optically is well out of the northwest, some of these winds will be onshore winds. correcting our temperatures a little bit so not quite as warm on sunday as it will be on saturday highs today across the state 96 fresno 88 sacramento, central coast in the 60's and 70's down to socal, your 4 zone san francisco at 64 along the coast will do those lower 60's meanwhile, the bay side will try the upper 60's at that burlingame 69. so the 3 foster city, san carlos 7478 for palo alto and 77 redwood city and the south bay into the 80's we go 86 morgan hill 83 los gatos 84 san jose in cupertino about 80. meanwhile, rick has some lower to middle 70's located along the east bay shoreline 81 pleasanton livermore 82. to also won a creek in 84. concord with 72 san leandro 68 for richmond, jumping up to
9:50 am
the north bay, a vacaville, the 87 will probably try 90 tomorrow fairfield 84, 75 for billy ho nap at 77 in sonoma at 82. rosa and most readings heading down to southern moran will be in the upper 70's to some lower 80's. the beaches meanwhile into the 60's check it out in the seven-day forecast warming up a little bit for the 4th of july shading a little bit off for sunday. we will have those winds by the way on saturday night and 80's to the balance of next week marty all right dave thanks a lot, let's go to the east bay this morning bart is going to be raising parking fees at 6 of its stations, this is all because of a new parking fee tax in oakland. >>so beginning monday parking is going to cost you at the bart stations, $3.55 at the coliseum lake merritt macarthur and rock ridge stations at the west oakland station parking lot you'll have to pay $12.40. this comes as the city of oakland is imposing an 18 and a half percent tax on all parking
9:51 am
fees across the city. now to this morning's flying tails kron four's ken wayne takes is a little slice of paradise in mendocino county. it's called the milo foundation sanctuary and it's a place where many animals go when no one else will take them. >>the mountains of mendocino county about 10 miles east of will is. this is the home of a place called the milo foundation sanctuary, there's a doggy heaven on earth, this looks like it could be a. as for running. >>the first clashes and fellow animals and people for money. >>we touch down at willott airport with a special cargo. this is leyla zana high energy
9:52 am
dog who needs a lot of room to roam. >>layla is a character and a chic a member from the shelter there was facing euthanasia. >>and she's just a full-throttle bursting at the seams energetic girl 283 acre mile foundation sanctuary has plenty of spades. when tingle meters at the airport to pick up late. she founded the mile foundation in 1994. >>yeah, we have our 25th anniversary last year. with rescued more than 35,000 animals and found >>this is not strictly a dog sanctuary. the past by couple of other milo residents. we stop and visit the horses and 2 of the sweetest donkeys you'll ever find. >>the horses here were all rescued from a kill lot. and texas where they say the kill buyers go horse auctions livestock auctions. by the
9:53 am
mall usually pretty cheap there competitive fan. they will out there even people that want you don't even adopt there are 5 workers here supporting this nonprofit mile relies on donations to do its work is almost time to to take dog back with us we're going take that amos who >>the there hopefully maybe the foster or adopt them and that's possibility and there's someone else interested so. >>but it's going to see >>that's great job myler foundation.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>>we're just about to wrap things up here this morning but let's check in with some nice to her knee in the newsroom find out what they're working on for kron on ice on us good morning marty coming up in a few minutes, i'll be speaking with a doctor from ucsf. >>about covid-19 and why california is such a hot spot and what you need to do to be safe this holiday weekend and speaking of the holiday weekend. we'll be taking a look at the beaches that will be closed for the 4th of july plus we'll have a live report for you on the fire danger we
9:57 am
are facing this weekend with fireworks so be sure to download the kron on app for free to stay alive with us all day long right. >>sounds good. thank you sanaz. and one quick check of the 7 day forecast shows that for tomorrow and it's going to heat up inland into the low 90's but 60's by the coast. and then we drop a little bit into the 80's for the rest of the week that is going to wrap things up for us we're going to be back with you again tomorrow morning, bright and early at 07:00am have yourself a great day. >>we will see tomorrow about.
9:58 am
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[dramatic music] - alicia is in this greenroom next to us. she's been very up and down all morning. she's threatened to leave multiple times this morning. it has been extremely difficult to reel her back in. right now, she's okay. we don't know how long that will last. - she was refusing to come on at least three or four times. i'm not going to come on if i have to wear this, or if i can't talk about this. - what is she doing now? - we don't know if she's coming or not coming. - now i'm starting to believe the other sister. - right. just when she wanted to set the record straight. i don't know. - she's being the problem. - she's being a big problem. - so what's happening with these guests? - okay, so we have one really difficult guest today. she's been yelling and screaming. - this is your fault, too. i told you the same [bleep].


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