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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 6, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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can expect. hey there guys we are looking at lots of sunshine today already this morning sitting in the clear skies all the way out to the coastline. >>just a few clouds on the peninsula but still pretty bright for those of you on the peninsula. berkeley obviously getting a good dose of sunshine already right now temperatures are in the 50's and 60's cool start to the morning and a little on the breezy side so go ahead, but on the light jacket this morning as you step outside. later on today, look for to temperatures that won't be quite as warm as yesterday still a warm afternoon though for inland spots with highs back into the 80's inland, 60's and 70's along the bay in khost dari. >>thank you john 7 o'clock and happening now firefighters are trying to contain 2 big fires burning in the south bay. on the left you can see the response from the air and ground to the big fire in santa clara county. and on the right that's the park fire. so we've got the crews fire and the park fire. both of them burning. but with different results so far. the one on the
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left being problematic. it's only 15% contained the one on the right. the park fire is 70% contained. so we do want to start with the one that is more out of control this morning. >>yeah of activation orders again as mentioned lifted at morgan hill says not to worry about that it's the ones that remain in place for the gilroy area that's where kron four's will tran is standing by with the latest will. >>james you might have seen a cal fire truck race right behind me they're crisscrossing this area keeping a close eye on the situation. they me tell you it is not windy and i'm thankful for that because the fire continues to burn and look at the hillside it is so dry. but the one right behind me just went up in flames. they knew this area would be a problematic area which is why they evacuated people. yesterday along this area, this is canyon out a road.
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that home often the distance right there it's empty we never saw any lights turn on because they were told to leave this area in fact the media we were allowed to drive through barricades just to give you this vantage point you've been watching it as much as i have from this location that smoky air it has died down considerably thank goodness because for a while you could not even see the terrain next one hill taller than the other. now you can clearly make out the texture. this hillside here let me show you some video that we got however, when we arrived here at around 4.50 in the morning and you could see at that particular time this section of the hillside was up in flames, the fire fighters they kept close eye on the situation. they knocked it down as best as they could hoping that it would not spread to a nearby hill size and into a problem to gilroy to the outlets area which by the way is only a few miles from this location. and of course where the residential areas are this is a little bit more of a remote area and the
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key word is remote which is why they had to do this james and area yesterday. they instantly took to the air because this area is hard to drive through it's not like santa rosa, where you can drive through the neighborhood and plug in your hose at the fire hydrant no they had to use air drops to knock down the flames. fortunately they did that but i got to tell you 2 structures caught on fire destroyed in fact, let's listen to one person described the fire. >>i could see the big thick black smoke and the huge flames, the flames where the house was burning were over the trees you could see it above the trees and the line the fire line was real big. >>right now they do not know the cause of the fire and generally they don't focus on that unless it's so apparent but they will know the cause of the fire for quite some
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time as far as containment we are hearing that he could take several days before we get containment right now we do know they cal fire at any moment should have an update. covering up wildfires throughout the years right around 7 o'clock in the morning is and we have an update but as we speak right now 1500 acres burned 15% containment hopefully with these conditions where it's not windy. james and area that will get the containment percentage up back to you ok, thanks a lot for the update will. >>well meantime let's give you a quick update on that morgan hill fire where firefighters do have the upper hand now which is good news. officials are looking now to see if that fire was perhaps started by fireworks, neighbors say they do in fact remember hearing fireworks going off before they smelled the smoke. >>about 10 o'clock last night we heard some fireworks going off and after them. maybe half an hour after that we heard. >>sirens going down it just kept going off no one you know
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for a lot to me as people were trying to celebrate in. >>unfortunately things bad things happen when you're doing a dry area like and there you can see up on the hill there. and you can still see some smoldering going on up on the hill. >>well easton road at morgan hill is still closed except for local traffic. and in the east bay, some neighbors and hey we're not only have to deal with illegal fireworks but also with sideshows take a listen. >>that's what kron 4 viewers heard and saw you are sending us this video the sideshow they say happened at the corner of florida and miami streets in hayward. >>if you're saying the fireworks in the sideshows went on until about 2 in the morning. >>and look at this mess left behind in antioch from people shooting off fireworks trash and all kinds of fireworks debris in a parking lot at lone tree elementary school. they were spotted by a neighbor who posted this on
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facebook and he saw somebody with a broom but 20 volunteers saw that picture ended up going over in cleaning up the mess. with all the fireworks there were more than 67 fires that broke out in contra costa county alone over the weekend and more than a dozen we know were caused by illegal fireworks so far one of those fires threaten more than 20 homes in pittsburgh. kron four's taylor, the sacking has that story. >>last night it was in my experience of 15 years by far the lows. the most extreme use of illegal fireworks under stage. it was just incredible on the 4th of july. >>legal fireworks in contra costa county spark more fires in 5 hours. what firefighters typically see throughout an entire cern month contra costa fire captain george lang says the department put out 67 fires from 07:00pm to midnight, including this large one near oak hills and southwood drive in pittsburgh, extremely dangerous, especially because we're so busy. >>we didn't have a number of
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units that we would normally action fire at one point the fire threat in 20 homes nearby, but firefighters managed to save and protect all 20 meanwhile, 2 homes on chris park circle in any opera burning from another fire but were later saved by fire crews. >>captain lang says all the illegal firework activity pretty strain on the resources saturday night we're down to sending a single engines to most call. >>where we would normally have a pool alarm senate which could be depending on the alarm for a truck that she's we have just one unit responded to each fire set that tone from down or well, no homes were lost there were several injuries i know at least 3 injuries to a mother father were none of the first you lost that fireworks. and that's just the initial round lang says the use of illegal fireworks started earlier this year at the beginning of june. well it's not clear if the fireworks will continue after the holiday langhorne's
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neighbors to be prepared. we want people to do their education management good there we've done in the space. >>completed before the for the giants simply because of the number of fires that occurred before 2 people 5 of the 6 to 7 fires saturday night fireworks caused at least 16 of them all the rest are still being investigated and taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news videos. >>well happening right now police are investigating a possible kidnapping in filet o this after reports of a woman being seen hit by a man is shoved into the back of a car. now it happened yesterday afternoon near the area of rotary way and could loan elaine and then this in fact is a picture of the car. the people say they saw that woman being shoved into. they were able to capture the license plate of this older model silver infiniti sedan was a temporary plate. but here's the number in case you see it on the road. it's 8 d m n 2, 8, 4, call police if you see it. gunfire san francisco claims the life of a 6
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year-old boy shooting happened the night of july 4th in the bayview neighborhood on english street paramedics rushed the child to the hospital, but he later died. another person was also shot and wounded. no arrests have been made. and on the national front gun violence also erupted in several other cities over the long holiday weekend. some of the victims that were killed were in fact children. john lawrence has more. >>gunfire kills at least 4 children in chicago, atlanta and elsewhere this long july 4th weekend. one of the victim's 8 year-old son korea turner we understand the frustration of ration of rules we on the plane. >>we get anything to do with a we in the sea she and 3 other people were shot in 2 incidents near the wendy's were a sharp brooks was killed by police last month. amid national outrage over police brutality. >>but atlanta's mayor says this is different these aren't police officers. >>shooting. people on the
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streets of atlanta these are members of the community shooting each other enough is enough. >>fatal gunshots also fired in chicago saturday killing a 7 year-old girl is the same day of kids can be out here plan. >>without worry about people's soon and do 6, in washington dc john i all of the founder of the dc guardian angels. >>lost his 11 year-old grandson dayvon mcneil saturday, when bullets were fired near the frederick douglass community center he was with his mom's and if they want to get out to get the charge it up when he shot and killed and in alabama a 22 year-old man is facing a capital murder charge for friday's fatal shooting of an 8 year-old at a shopping mall just south of birmingham. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>california has once again set a new record for the most coronavirus cases in a single day. we saw 11,786 infections. yesterday so california now
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has well over 264,000 cases and over 6300 people who've died of covid in the bay area. the number of deaths closer to 600. and that's why in the north bay restaurant summer in county are going after roll back and stop allowing people to eat in restaurants. only outside downing dining will be allowed to county health department made that move cutting back on the customer's going into the restaurants because that's where they've seen that the risk of catching covid is greatest when you're in indoor spaces and you can eat with a mask on. the outbreak at san quentin prison is adding to the number of cases in marin county. marion county has also been added to the states coronavirus watch list which includes solano contra costa and santa clara counties as well. >>well plenty of sunshine across the bay area today a
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slightly cooler one for inland areas which
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>>14 and it sure was nice out there yesterday i was running steps in mill valley. you heard the defeat. and why was someone chasing do i know. >>it was a little warm out in my neighborhood for any sort of outside physical activity which is why i stayed inside
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john how safe will it be for folks who do want to go out and it's never safe to chambers said steps, yes just always want to be focused on the step in front of you no matter how much you may be sweating out there because it was toast yesterday today will be quite as warm. we are working ourselves in a more comfortable direction. so that's a good thing to know as we do work our way through this week not going to be as hot as we were this weekend. >>golden gate bridge. it's sunny you are seeing just a few clouds on the peninsula, not really blocking out the sun shine those even our cloud east of areas are starting this morning off really nice and clear. now for the south bay we are seeing 2 fires that are still burning. the good news is around morgan hill in gilroy winds are calm, you head up into the hills above gilroy towards pacheco pass and you are seeing winds around 10 miles per hour right winds are going to pick up later today as you're already seeing closer to the coast towards mill valley fairfax in san francisco, where winds are gusting as high as 20 miles per hour already and are only going to pick up into the
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afternoon. so that's the only catch to what would otherwise be a perfect day to day lots of sunshine more comfortable temperatures. you just have that solid breeze something we're not unfamiliar with that's been a breezy spring and summer season. so far we're keeping that going this afternoon winds will really pick up after 04:00pm to 05:00pm specially for the north bay in coastal areas. but also for areas further south to a calmer day tomorrow and then winds kick back into gear on wednesday. so we're not done with them after today as for temperatures today, 60's by the coast that includes san francisco down to happen today. not a big change from yesterday in these areas as for bayside areas little bit cooler redwood city and san carlos down into the mid 70's. palo alto at 74 today, south bay temperatures also just a touch cooler milpitas santa clara and sunnyvale 79 for your highs well in the east bay 70's to just barely the 80's in livermore walnut creek at 84 well, oakland and
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berkeley in the low 70's only one 90 remains on this map that's for you in vacaville at 92 napa and sonoma in the mid 80's today, well upper 70's return in petaluma novato and center fell. tomorrow's temperatures as well as wednesday's for that matter little cooler than today's inland. after that we begin to show signs of warming back up come thursday and friday and by the upcoming weekend. it's back to the inland heat with highs returning to the 90's so enjoy these next few days and the slightly cooler temperatures though bring james all right john thank you let's see what the roads are looking like this morning the bay bridge toll plaza camera actually on a monday morning. >>looks like it's nice and light. we haven't seen the typical slow up that happens here on a normal commute, this may be folks are happening to take this monday off as well we'll have to wait to see, but all is well there at the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge also moving at the limit. no reports of any stalls are accidents on the span to slow you down chp looking at a smooth ride for you so you got that to look forward to as you head out the door. 7.17 the
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time happening today, bart will be raising parking fees at 6 of its stations due to the parking fee tax that's going to affect in oakland. so parking is going to cost you $3.55 at the coliseum the lake merritt the macarthur and the rock ridge station as you can see. it's going to be little more out of the west oakland station, $12.40. that's going to be the new parking fee and all of this comes as the city of oakland imposes an 18 and a half percent tax on all parking fees citywide. new this morning uber has acquired the food delivery company postmates this will help uber expand its food delivery division uber eats last month uber lost out in a bid for grubhub the number of people using food delivery services is on the rise because of the coronavirus pandemic and in recent months uber has relied on its food delivery business. as the coronavirus pandemic is cut into his rideshare business. >>for your money this morning drug companies are competing to get people a covid vaccine.
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and california has more employees working from home. then any other state jane king is live in new york with those stories and more good morning. >>hello gerri good morning as california the top state for work at home so flex jumps as 6% of state workers are doing their jobs at home cities with the highest percentage about from workers is berkeley 11% santa monica at nearly 10% in pleasanton at 9 and a half percent back seen researchers trying new tactics in an unprecedented effort to recruit the 10's of thousands of people that are needed to test these covid vaccines before they're approved by the fda so the wall street journal says other of trying to line up subjects quickly this is very challenging and given the urgency here the researchers are taking some unusual steps so they're going to pharmacies trying to recruit people going to churches as well and even requesting their employees go to friends and family to try to get them to be part of these vaccine trials also and email appears to be suffering
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from a widespread problem with that e-mail filters which is potentially causing dangerous and inappropriate messages to be sent directly to users inboxes google's android police that the flight was part of the bigger issue. with e-mail they were being delayed those sent to receive no google says a fix is happening. but some users are still reporting the unsheltered spam and target starting wage hike to $15 per hour began yesterday and the company posted few years ago that they would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020 they did yesterday target issued a one-time recognition bonuses. well of $200 to its hourly workers live from new york, i'm jane king back to you daryn all right, thanks a lot janet 7.20 and we'll be right back. this isn't our first flip.
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>>7.23 is the time a basketball court in maryland is now home to a mural honoring brianna taylor. the kentucky emt who was shot and killed by police during a botched raid, sean streicher shows us how community members brought that mural to life. >>if you drive pretty quickly it's a mural of monumental proportions start with they just the feel like it's time to stand as a community. then we can do it you are and why not this is that we have this
7:24 am
really speaking about you they is no platform tax for justice a 7,000 square foot painting of brianna taylor, a 26 year-old woman whose death sparked outrage. >>she was shot and killed by police in her apartment in louisville, kentucky. public art is a tool to express community and social change the artwork was made possible by organizations like future history now the banneker douglas museum. >>and the maryland commission on african-american history and culture with this mural. >>we hope to involve the year and this pivotal moment in history in a very peaceful and actively want to get the wrong. it was designed by muralist jeff huntington in a way that the team of volunteers regardless of their art background could bring it to life. we're putting many small abstract pieces togetherb to create one larger realistic peace with the end result being so big they say you'll be able to see it from outer space making its message hard to miss community members from annapolis to kentucky to
7:25 am
germany to south africa. >>we all want an end to systemic racism and police brutality. >>that was sean streicher reporting. we'll take a break it is 7.24 coming up 2 large fires continue to burn in the south bay this morning, one of those fires has forced evacuations, we'll have the very latest
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>>7.27 right now and we're
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looking at another warm day we it, not quite as hot as we were this weekend but definitely still toasty you look across the bay shows you all the sunshine we're already sitting under across the bay area. what you can't see is the pretty consistent wind that we've seen are right up and down the coastline and through the north bay this wind will pick up into the afternoon making for quite the breezy finished year monday. we take a step back from it tomorrow tuesday looking a lot calmer before it kicks back into gear on wednesday. as for temperatures with that brisk wind i'd advise putting on a jacket this morning with some 50's and 60's currently alameda conquered fairfield low 60's for you petaluma nevado berkeley all at 55. while oakland and san mateo in the upper 50's right now at 5958 degrees each sunshine over san francisco as you can
7:29 am
see over civic center right here cool and breezy to start as i just mentioned comfortable by noontime by the afternoon we start to get pretty toasty inland again not as many 90's on the map talking more so 80's for inland spots. well, 60's and 70's remain closer to the coast in the bay. i've got more on your forecast still to come daria. >>thanks a lot it is 7 29 2 big fires are burning in the south bay on the left. the fire in santa clara county. and then that is a cruise fires because it broke out along crews road and oak spring circle, north of gilroy that fire is only 15% contained. and it is very big ben on the right. the park things are looking much better for this morning, this is the one near morgan hill and it's 70% contained and it's burned 340 acres. we've got our a live team coverage of the fires as we continue to monitor what's going on. so let's go out to kron four's
7:30 am
gayle, ong first she has the latest from the fire lines. the crews fire is burning on steep terrain and the winds are not helping aid could she's a bit thick black smoke and the huge flames firefighters responded to a structure fire in the area crews road and oak spring circle. >>to structures have been destroyed one man lost his boat maggie swanton lives in the area the flames where the house was burning were over the trees you could see it above the trees and the line the fire line was real big. >>from the air. on the ground firefighters worked to put out the flames. they're currently working on structure protection and they're trying to keep the fire from crossing kenyada road and the entire road kenyada road has been evacuated at this point. >>there are no reporting injuries. one firefighter says it could take days to contain this fire. reporting in gilroy
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gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well new video is pouring in showing people all over the country ignoring coronavirus safety guidelines over the holiday weekend whitney wild now giving us a look. >>health experts looking at the 4th of july weekend may be shaking their heads. we are in a dire situation in that mountain just keeps getting steeper and steeper and steeper well millions of americans heeded warnings to either stay home or mascot video from across the country shows others ignored the recommendations at diamond lake in michigan partiers packed together called bless the people who are observing social distancing and wearing masks and i'm so said the others are not such images are startling for officials facing rising case loads and busy hospitals. >>starr county and had all go county both in texas hit full capacity at hospitals even before the weekend. houston's mayor sounded the alarm sunday, the number of people
7:32 am
in our icu dances and makes an increase. in fact if we don't get our hands around this fire is quickly. in about 2 weeks. hospital system could be in serious serious trouble florida's caseload is especially striking. the state has reported more than 200,000 cases since the start of the pandemic now the commissioner of the food and drug administration says he doesn't know if the state will be safe to host most of the republican national convention next month. think it's too early to tell. >>we'll have to see how this unfolds in florida and elsewhere around the country. >>in washington, i'm whitney wild. president trump is heading to new hampshire next weekend to hold a rally and in portsmouth at the airport on saturday. organizers say they will be handing out masks but they won't be required to wear that need. >>it's a little bit of a change from the president's previous events last friday may remember no social distancing was enforced at all at the fireworks event at
7:33 am
mount rushmore attendees were required to wear a face mask, not even given them. the republican governor of arkansas had some things to say about that he said the folks there at the rally really should have worn masks. >>they should have been face coverings they should have followed guidelines there. you know i know that it's a controlled environment, so it's really more about setting an example but i know how important this was the governor now she's been asking that the president about this months ago. this is not something that was set up at the last minute it was planned. and it was a controlled environment. >>the governor of arkansas says that if the president were to hold a rally in his state people would be required to wear masks and practice, social distancing president trump is downplaying the severity of the pandemic during the july 4th event that he hosted. >>in washington dc. he said that 99% of the cases are totally harmless which goes against the facts. the facts show that 4.6% of americans
7:34 am
infected have died of covid and many many more have gotten seriously ill and hospitalized. the commissioner of the fda address the matter yesterday. but didn't go us as far as saying the president was wrong. >>so so we know that cases are surging in the country we've all seen the grass associated with that. and it's just too early and i'm not going to speculate on what the causation is there what i can tell you is the way out of this dan a the way out of this for all americans is to follow the cdc in the white house task force guidelines, social distance wear a mask if you find yourself in a situation we can social distance. good hand hygiene all the things that i would tell my patients and if you're near someone who is vulnerable and you think you've been exposed. please take care and avoid exposing that person he's vulnerable. >>the cdc estimates 35% of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic but of course we know that those people can still spread the virus and
7:35 am
that's what they're most concerned about now is stopping the spread. new this morning. >>a new photo coming out showing. delaine maxwell the woman accused of helping jeffrey epstein, trafficked young girls across the globe for posing on a throne at buckingham palace. as you can see in the pictures, she's next to kevin spacey the actor this was taken back in 2002 it was published by britain's daily telegraph on saturday. according to the daily telegraph maxwell and spacey were invited into the throne room by prince andrew. the royal family has not commented yet on these photos.
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>>as hard as the lockdown has been on a students and parents it's been even harder on children who have special needs that many saw services vanish when state shut down and they're worried. >>about what might come next. we've got laura jarrett with more on the story. >>i think each. >>and that the population gets to focus on this will be over. in the near future and we can move on with our lives even if it's a little bit different.
7:39 am
it's at our future. does not look like that off as a mom of 2 kids with special needs joanne de simone is no stranger to the challenges of parenting. >>that was schools closed she and her husband john are now on duty around the their son ben has listen suffering a brain disorder that puts them at an increased risk for complications if he gets covid-19 until things dramatically change for there's a vaccine he can't go anywhere. >>then the mill your way of life now completely of ended. he used to get over 9 hours of school programs and therapy every day with online learning though it's 8 hours per week was struggling to try to keep them engaged. i don't have physical therapist hands. i don't know what they're feeling at 21 ben's now aging out of the educational system with no safety net falling off the so-called cliff with what everyone says like oh they're falling off this cliff rate. and i'm like then didn't mosey
7:40 am
on over to the clash. he's got shoved. and we're following it in there and do all this while she also tries to manage the school work in progress of his younger brother sebastian who's on the autism spectrum marching on it takes him to do things i don't know what this time is going to do to. >>push him back. >>it's a sobering new reality for the over 7 million students who receive special education in the u.s. that's 14% of all us public school students. kids like back we'll years of who is visually and hearing impaired. >>and has been without his interpreter for weeks the music teacher was trying to do a music class on soon and i will tell you my son asked not to be part of it anymore and he didn't know who to look at first. he didn't know how who where the teacher was where's interpret it was his mom, michelle still working full-time herself. now sits by his side for therapy online. but she says he's missing the face to face interaction with those who understand his needs
7:41 am
i missed >>and she worries about what happens if school doesn't reopen this fall. i don't know mentally and emotionally. if that happens. how we can continue to sustain. like we are now. i think our child needs that environment it could be a second pandemic in our society if people. >>don't realize the importance. bringing school back at some level. >>time now 7.41 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a bay area doctor reacts to the spread of coronavirus following celebrations this holiday weekend. more on what to expect see down the road.
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>>some 44 and another warm day on tap use the sunscreen you on good yes, sunscreen for sure maybe a jacket this morning with the sun screen as we are looking at clear but still cool conditions for the time being. >>lots of brightness making its way down into the east bay and all the way up to the so we make our way into the afternoon, the sunshine is going to stay with us we're going to see increasing temperatures and increasingly windy conditions now for those 2 blazes in the southern part of the bay area. that's definitely not the best of news, maybe calm for the most part in the vicinity of these 2 fires but winds will be picking up later on pretty similar to what you're seeing out along the coastline in portions of marine county and even the peninsula around sfo
7:45 am
this morning. one of the reasons it's so breezy we've got this dip in the jet stream pushing in some cooler air that cool air is definitely coming along with a steady breeze that's only going to be picking up this afternoon specially after 04:00pm expect gusts well in excess of 20 to 30 miles per hour in the north bay as well as in coastal areas while calmer for the east bay and south bay, you'll still notice an uptick in wind speeds. tomorrow, a calmer one and then winds pick back up into wednesday just around the corner now as for today temperatures pretty similar to yesterday's at the coast with highs remaining in the 60's from san francisco, down through half moon bay today, right alongside the shore of the bay look for temperatures in the 70's burlingame at 72 foster city at a nice 73. redwood city and san carlos each of 75 today. temperatures in the south bay a little cooler than yesterday's no 90's here anyways san jose at 80 degrees while santa clara sunnyvale and milpitas each at
7:46 am
79 east bay daytime highs 70's to a tease for you and barely even the 80's for areas like livermore oakland and san leandro each at 72 will conquer to 86 sonoma sharing that number with you only one 90 left in the forecast for today and that's in vacaville, elsewhere it's 60's 70's and 80's closer to the coast. tomorrow's temperatures as well as wednesday's for that matter even a little cooler than 2 days for some of our inland spots. thursday and friday we begin to reverse course temperature shows signs of warming back up by saturday and sunday and there's the 90's back in play come the weekend. james all right john thank you, here's a quick look at the richmond center fell bridge as we're again checking out the traffic around the bay so far so good looks fantastic here as you make your way westbound on 5.80 from richmond out towards sandra fell. no problems to report there and you're 1, 1, and a ride southbound across the golden gate bridge has been great all morning long no issues to report for you the chp has been out about them found anything that are really slow you down in any.
7:47 am
>>appreciable way. the news now here in san francisco, a rally was held demanding justice for vanessa guillen she was the missing soldier from fort hood texas whose remains were found last month. we have video of the rally yesterday held in the city it was held right near the embarcadero intersection with davis street, the land of missing since april in her family had to fight to get information from the army before they finally positively identified her remains now the family says that she was sexually harassed by a member of the military on that base and was going to file a harassment complaint. federal investigators believe that she was in fact killed by that soldier who was stationed at the base with her that soldier, they say killed himself after police confirm or confronted him. new this morning police have arrested a man for waving a loaded gun at the black lives matter mural site in downtown martinez. it's the same mural that was vandalized over the weekend with black paint. these are pictures of a mural being restored by members of the community now the man arrested police identified as 30
7:48 am
year-old joseph. they say he got no argument with another person. last night near the bureau that started waving a loaded gun. that's when a nearby officer arrested him, the people who initially vandalize the street mural over the weekend have also been identified and they could face vandalism charges. >>in fremont police are investigating graffiti found on a church as a hate crime. it was at the mission san jose saturday morning that somebody spray painted the words native land and you splatters of red paint to simulate blood. the fremont police department says it doesn't tolerate hate and we'll ask the alameda county da to fully prosecute whoever did it. protesters in sacramento, tore down a statue of missionary who knit peril sarah because of his treatment of native americans before toppling the statue demonstrators lit fires and spray painted the statue. the paris air is best known in the state for starting the mission
7:49 am
system in the 1700's to spread catholicism but he did so by forcing native americans to join the missions and perform manual labor as well as introducing foreign diseases that wiped out entire tribes like with confederate statues some people see this as an assault on their heritage and faith. >>the statue of frederick douglass in rochester, new york was vandalized and tore down from its base it happened on the anniversary of douglas a speech called what to the slaves is the 4th of july police are still looking for answers about why exactly it was collins has the details. >>leaders from the energized the legacy of frederick douglass or shot a monument they work so will have to be replaced this is all that is left at this particular >>a monument that we put so much time and energy and work and thought and karen to
7:50 am
police say they found the statue placed over a fence near the gorge feet from the statue's original bass pieces of plaster could be seen left in a pile by the fence. >>the act of vandalism comes on the 100 68th anniversary of douglas a speech titled what to the slave is the 4th of july. >>what is what comes from this what good is this is this some kind of retaliation because the national fervor over confederate monuments right now. a very disappointing it's it's beyond before the statue was one of 13 place throughout the city in 2018 and this is the second monument to be vandalized julia's jackson junior was there for the first incident which involved drunk college students in he's hoping this recent act is also one of an targeted mischief that we've been on this road before. >>i'm actually spoke to the vandals the first one i would like to believe it's not that that it's just you know some kids but again it wouldn't
7:51 am
surprise me if this monument will still stand because the ideas behind it are bigger than the mind. >>and that chuck collins reporting the creators behind the statue hope to get another replacement into the park soon. as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside we have to go get bridge camera here showing you the right on 1 one blue skies overhead plenty of sunshine john trouble we'll
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>welcome back 7.54 on this monday morning looking outside we are getting a good dose of sunshine already across the bay. something we're pretty familiar with that the coast even as it has been a pretty fog free july so far golden gate bridge looks nice and clear now if you had a little bit south of the golden gate you are running into a few low clouds over daly city down through half moon bay. still getting some sunshine overhead but those clouds are trying to push over san bruno mountain not really successful in doing so csa very nice clear start to the morning. a bit on the brisk side as winds are breezy right along the coast and into the north bay go ahead put on those jackets this morning. winds are only going to increase into the afternoon making for a pretty breezy finished the day all in all winds gusting to 20 to 30 miles per hour in the north bay as well as along the coast, not as windy for east and south bay neighbors but
7:55 am
still going to be windy here than it is this morning. right now we're in the 50's and 60's pretti nice way to start the morning go ahead step outside enjoy your morning walk. later on today, it won't be as warm as we have been but still toasty with some inland highs reaching into the 80's. daria thank you john 7.55 and today, the annual international aids conference will kick off online this year because of covid. >>you can see a virtual display of 48,000 panels of the aids memorial quilt at ase memorial dot org. here's video of the quilt being returned to san francisco back in february piece by piece panel by panel on the website you can search the virtual panels of the quote for specific names and learned the stories of those who died of aids 80 panels of the quill will also be displayed at san francisco and oakland city halls. both cities are hosting this year's conference. >>and a quick check of the big
7:56 am
board today as we're watching the markets and as expected the dow is up by nearly 400 points this morning as wall street looks to continue. the strong trading numbers we saw at the end of last week, so we'll see where they go for the week ahead, but for now anyway, it is a positive story at 7.56 we'll take a quick break coming up in the next hour 2 large fires burning in the south bay this morning, one of those fires has forced evacuations so we'll have the very latest on that is top of the hour. so stay tuned, meanwhile, california setting a new record once again for the number of coronavirus cases totaled in a single day we're going to break down exactly what those numbers show and just one week after allowing indoor dining to resume or in county now backtracking and reversing its order saying restaurants can't do that anymore. only outdoor and takeout dining is allowed to take a closer look at why. here's the san mateo bridge. so far so good on 92, the westbound direction on the right hand side looks like commuters are making good time from hayward out to foster
7:57 am
city, stay tuned, we'll be right back with more headlines in just a minute.
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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us after the july 4th weekend on a monday morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher joining us
8:00 am
as always john trouble in the weather center with a look at the weather today. what are we looking at it's nice out there and it's a good way to start your workweek stepping outside for a walk maybe this morning go ahead put on the light jacket but otherwise you're good. >>maybe a little sun screen to as it's pretty bright over berkeley and really all the way out to the coastline. temperatures remain cool as of right now in the 50's and 60's pittsburgh are warm spot at 68 pacifica in the meantime as well as timber on 2 of our cooler spots in the low 50's right now into the afternoon our coastal areas as you'd expect will be our cooler spots well our inland areas still hanging on to the mid 80's, little cooler than we were yesterday though i'm talking the details on what to expect today still to come back to you. >>thanks a lot and at 8 o'clock a let's talk about the 2 big fires that are burning in the south bay on the left that is in santa clara county. the crews fire which broke out yesterday along crews road and oak spring circle, north of


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