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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 6, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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as always john trouble in the weather center with a look at the weather today. what are we looking at it's nice out there and it's a good way to start your workweek stepping outside for a walk maybe this morning go ahead put on the light jacket but otherwise you're good. >>maybe a little sun screen to as it's pretty bright over berkeley and really all the way out to the coastline. temperatures remain cool as of right now in the 50's and 60's pittsburgh are warm spot at 68 pacifica in the meantime as well as timber on 2 of our cooler spots in the low 50's right now into the afternoon our coastal areas as you'd expect will be our cooler spots well our inland areas still hanging on to the mid 80's, little cooler than we were yesterday though i'm talking the details on what to expect today still to come back to you. >>thanks a lot and at 8 o'clock a let's talk about the 2 big fires that are burning in the south bay on the left that is in santa clara county. the crews fire which broke out yesterday along crews road and oak spring circle, north of gilroy its 1500 acres in just
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15% contained right now or i should say on the right side of the park fire that's the other one that sparked early yesterday morning at morgan hill actually. >>saturday night. park fire has burned more than 340 acres now 70% contained so they're making some progress on that fact all evacuation orders have been lifted near morgan hill. but the evacuations are still in place in gilroy let's go there now kron four's will tran. >>has the very latest will. >>daria more specifically the evacuation orders are forking out a road in fact the only people out here are firefighters and the media we have to drive through a barrier just to get to this location you can see what the fire did right behind me when it broke out. yesterday afternoon still burning out of control because it's only approximately 15% contained and we're still waiting to hear from cal fire for some new numbers. there has been more firefighters thrown at this look at that the bottom of the hill james and aerial
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look at that cal fire vehicle right there just to keep a close eye on the situation. this whole erica's so dry look at how yellow. >>the field is for the most part, it's to spark at any time will move the camera will keep going to the left of your screen look at that. still smoky still small during sometimes it dies down a little bit and other times it continues to burn it gets really smoky and breathing could be an issue for people around this area. and you can see the only if you can zoom at the bottom of the hill look at that it's moving down closer to the roadway here. so let me show you some video of what we saw when we got here at around 5 o'clock in the morning that particular section which we showed you live that was on fire and you can see how orange it was in the dark this. they didn't pour anything on as far as from the sky, but i'm sure firefighters are nearby just a. >>knock it down a little bit it's still smoldering at this time. i can tell you that 2
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homes, y 2 structures has just said don't know specifically their homes to structures were destroyed from this fire. no fatalities and no injuries. the wind if you could tell john sure able to win a starting to pick up just a little bit at this location that could always be a problem because it could pick up from one spot. >>so the next spot to the next spot. we are hearing that the fire is moving at a steady pace. closer to highway one 52 fortunately, this is a remote area. and now what we saw on santa rosa where was a neighbor of what we saw homes, go up in flames but in this case obviously still very troublesome and they are saying they don't expect containment in a perfect world as we all know things can go out of control but in a perfect world they don't expect containment for the next several days james started. thanks for the update. well. >>meantime firefighters as you mentioned do have the upper hand now on the park fire out morgan hill fire officials are
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looking now into what exactly sparked that fire and they suspect it might have been fireworks because neighbors say they certainly heard them going off before the flames were spotted. >>about 10 o'clock last night we heard some fireworks going off and after them maybe half an hour after that we heard. >>sirens going down it just kept going off and go on you know for a lot and i guess people trying to celebrate in. >>unfortunately things bad things happen when you're doing a dry area like this. and now you can see up on the hill there. and you can still see some smoldering going on up on the hill. >>east dune or he's done road in morgan hill is still closed off except for local traffic. let you know when they reopen it in the meantime in the east bay, some neighbors in hayward not only had to deal with illegal fireworks but they also had to deal with sideshows as well they're pretty loud take a look. >>this was the kron 4 viewer sent to showing this.
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>>sideshow at the corner of florida and miami streets in hayward the viewer says the fireworks the sideshows day. we're sounding off all night until about 2 in the morning. >>and look at this mess left behind in antioch people left trash and fireworks debris all over the parking lot of lone tree elementary school. a neighbor side spotted it put it on facebook and when people saw that was about 20 volunteers got out there and clean up the mess. people living in a stockton neighborhood were forced to evacuate because of a grass fire that spread near their homes. ryan hill has the latest. >>like after everything started. >>tears disbelief and plenty of smoke filled the air of the neighborhood near hurting way in stanford avenue in stockton. the san joaquin county sheriff's office says it all started from a large grass fire near the stockton rule cemetery labor came to atlanta in the field in the bag like it's burning but it wasn't on our firehouses and
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the that when i went to the back and try to water down just a visit with gulf stockton, firefighters dousing the homes that were lost in the flames as the fire spread to stanford avenue. >>one of those homes belonging to paul sorey as brother in law when it's got to know our neighbors being told to evacuate to a nearby bowling alley soria says his backyard got burned, but not his home thankful his home was in a total loss. >>i think that one of those another was a little bit worse. >>that was ryan hill reporting the red cross and they are working with authorities to help find temporary shelter for those who've been displaced. >>well happening right now police are investigating a possible kidnapping in vallejo after reports of a woman being seen big hit by a man in that shoved into the back of a car. it happened yesterday afternoon near the area of rotary way and cad lonnie lane in fact this is a picture of the very car that people saw that woman being shoved into it looks to be an older model silver infiniti sedan. police have been able to enhance the picture enough to make out the
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license plate it's a temporary plate and here's the number 8 d m n 2, 8, 4, if you spotted on the roads. call police. meanwhile gunfire in san francisco takes the life of a 6 year-old boy. the shooting happened the night of july 4th in the bayview neighborhood on english street paramedics rushed the child to the hospital, but he later died another person was shot and wounded. no arrests have been made. in national headlines gun violence erupted in several other cities as well during the holiday weekend. some of the victims were children with john lawrence with more on the story. >>gunfire kills at least 4 children in chicago, atlanta and elsewhere this long july 4th weekend. one of the victim's 8 year-old son korea turner we understand the frustration of ration of rules we done the same. >>we get anything to do with a we in the sea she and 3 other people were shot in 2 incidents near the wendy's were a sharp brooks was killed by police last month. >>amid national outrage over
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police brutality. >>but atlanta's mayor says this is different these aren't police officers. >>shooting. people on the streets of atlanta these are members of the community shooting each other enough is enough fatal gunshots also fired in chicago saturday killing a 7 year-old girl is the same day of kids can be out here plan. >>without worry about people's soon and do 6, in washington dc john i all of the founder of the dc guardian angels. >>lost his 11 year-ond grandson dayvon mcneil saturday, when bullets were fired near the frederick douglass community center he was with his mom's and if they want to get out to get the charge it up when he shot and killed and in alabama a 22 year-old man is facing a capital murder charge for friday's fatal shooting of an 8 year-old at a shopping mall just south of birmingham. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. >>california once again sets a
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record for the most coronavirus cases it's had in a single day in our state we saw 11,786 infections reported just yesterday, so here's the total in california now 264,681 positive tests and 6373 people have died throughout the state. close to 600 people in the bay area have died of covid because of the rising numbers in the north bay restaurant in marin county will have to go back to outdoor dining. alone for the next 3 weeks they were allowing them to go inside restaurants, customers just started indoor dining. and the health department said no we have to roll back because of the outbreak is also an outbreak at san quentin prison that as to the number of cases in rain county. so only outdoor dining now as marine county has also been added to the state's coronavirus watch list which includes in the bay area contra costa and santa clara counties. and in the
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southland that's where the counties or the worst. >>a sea of sunshine across the bay area today, not quite as warm as we were this weekend but as you
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>>the 12 right now and we're looking at more nice weather. we are yeah the shot behind me here beautiful shot from our sutro tower camera looking at is closer to vent to the outside. it's nice to that
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ticket. they're just grateful taking a look at the forecast and elsewhere around the bay jam yeah, this is the closest i've been to the outside to almost looks like i'm standing in but yeah we do have lots of sunshine and a really none other beautiful day so for july is actually been pretty fog free pretty toasty today is going to live up to both of those expectations yet again. >>not as warm for inland valleys, but still warm enough with highs back into the 80's and going to be increasingly breezy into the afternoon winds right now in gilroy in morgan hill on the calmer side, you head up into the hills above gilroy though in morgan hill where those 2 blazes are currently burning in the south bay. we do have wind speeds sustained at around 10 miles per hour right now things have calmed down a touch closer to the coast. but as i mentioned wind speeds do increase initially out the coast. later on this afternoon, especially after 04:00pm for the north bay and the coast are breezy east of conditions gusts well in excess of 20 to 30 miles per hour. not as windy for east
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and south bay neighbors but still going to be seeing increasing winds. calmer tomorrow and then winds increase yet again on into wednesday. we're in the midst of a subtle cooldown is this dip in the jet stream is not just bringing along with it some breezy conditions. but also temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler for some inland areas, i'm talking still warm conditions for inland areas but not as hot as we have been and those are key words here burlingame 72 for the high today foster city and i 73 mountain view at 77. in the south bay warm enough with mid-eighties in morgan hill low 80's and san jose, but no 90's no 90's in the east bay either with livermore barely even in the low 80's. dublin, pleasanton each at 79 while oakland and berkeley in the low 70's. while the creek and dan villa, 8483 degrees today, north bay temperatures pretty wide range delay how at 78 while only one 90 left in this forecast that's for you in vacaville, santa rosa in the mid-eighties petaluma nevado and center fell at 79 degrees
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each tomorrow and wednesday are coolest days of your forecast inland after that we show signs of warming back up come thursday and friday and then saturday and sunday arrive in the upcoming weekend gets toasty again with highs back into the 90's. james. all right. thank you john quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza camera it's been nice and light all morning and sure eeough that's still the case. >>pretty easy commute heading in from the east bay across the bay bridge into san francisco. so no problems there. the san mateo bridge has seen a little more traffic this morning, but it's still moving at the limit nothing slowing stalls no accidents all lanes open everybody traveling at the limit or better. what happened today. bart is going to be raising the parking fees at 6 of its stations because of a new parking fee tax in oakland. so parking is going to cost you $3 and $0.55 now at the coliseum the lake merritt the macarthur and the rock ridge stations and it will be a little more out of the west oakland station parking lot you'll have to. paid $12.40 to
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park their this comes as the city of oakland is imposing an 18 and a half percent tax on all parking fees citywide. also new this morning uber has acquired the food delivery company postmates this will help uber expand its food delivery division uber eats last month over last out in a bid for grubhub the number of people using food delivery services is on the rise because of the coronavirus pandemic and in recent months uber has really been relying on its food delivery business as the pandemic is a cut drastically into his rideshare program. >>in the buzz change is the name of the game was societal pressure mounting the redskins and the indians are considering calling themselves something else. the braves however are not budging. washington seems to be the closest they could get a new name before football season starts of the options being floated around their quarterback dwayne haskins says the red tails would be fitting since they were a
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group of all black fighter pilots in world war 2. the cleveland indians are also exploring a new nickname and manager terry francona says it's time. >>were never trying to be disrespectful. i still feel that way. but i don't think that's a good enough answer. today. thank you it's time to. >>moos cnn new word. >>you know, i guess you know even at my age. you we don't want to be tooled. >>to learn or to realize that maybe i believe you're of some things stand to be ashamed of it and to try to be about. i'm glad we're going to be open to listening to i think that's probably the most important thing right now is being willing to listen not necessarily just saw. >>the braves are going to talk but they will not let go of their name instead they say they will work to create a stronger bond with various
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native american tribes in the atlanta area and across the country. the braves also have a coronavirus problem on their hands. 4 players just tested positive and they'll be says so far about 1.2% of players have tested positive for covid much worse for the nba. 7% of their players have tested positive effect. the sacramento, kings and the milwaukee bucks both just had to shut down their practice facilities. >>they detected members with covid just before they're about to head to the playoffs in florida and the bubble all that is supposed to protect them from all the floridians who don't seem to care if it spreads and they're not alone, plenty of people were out partying too close for covid over the july 4th weekend. take a look at this. another huge parted ozarks a lakeside rage or in michigan and thousands attended 2 big fireworks shows hosted by the president to told them not to worry. >>now we have. tested almost
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40 million people. by so doing we showcases. 99% of which are totally harmless. >>it hasn't been harmless for the 1 million americans who got sick or died. 879,000 people have recovered many saying they didn't think they were gonna make it. more than a 130,000 people did not. broadway actor nick cordero just died of covid complications there he is on the left in the plate, the bronx tale and on the right with his wife and baby she chronicled his 3 month battle with coronavirus and announced a heartbreaking end to his story. yesterday nick cordero was just 41 years old. as we see the age of the victims going down and the numbers of cases going up maybe more people will decide to wear
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masks or. that's the bus. new
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this morning. this photo has come out showing dillon maxwell the woman accused of helping. jeffrey epstein
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trafficked young girls around the world for posing on a throne. >>at buckingham palace next to actor kevin spacey this photo was taken in 2002. it was published by britain's daily telegraph over the weekend on saturday. the telegraph says that max on spacey were invited into the throne room by prince andrew. the prince has denied all of the allegations that he participated and jeffrey epstein, sex-trafficking an under-age. but he has refused to do an interview with the fbi. the royal family has not commented on the photos. >>in national headlines and 8 year-old boy from pennsylvania is leading a local movement against racial injustice and in support of black lives matter brian houston has the story. >>as cars go by hawking their horns in support. 8 year-old andre barron stands tall his
8:24 am
shirt, his sign the message all the same he is like matters isn't fun >>so black about people at because a collector skin so he stands rain or sign several days a week outside the pizza station on lincoln avenue in bellevue he says he got this idea from his mom and seeing andres big brother joined i want to see everybody we all so they could be a change from my brother gets older and something happens on, but it's not just andre's family. the community is supporting him. >>black. >>why young get older their side i won't be quite so you can be comfortable we stand with you and our friends matter to be a little boy and assisting that i want to grow old and i want to live i can't imagine desiring that at that age and that's something that he's going through in. i want him to live, i want him to grow old as i stand behind him and everybody else on that it's the minimum alyssa girl access supporting andre is the
8:25 am
least she can do she believes it's up to white people now to make sure his life really does matter i think the change really have to start with us as black people have been asking for change for 400 years and where is it. >>so it's our turn. it's been our turn and as the horns home. and drivers yell encouragement. andre says he feels the support to keep standing for himself and others and makes me so happy. >>and they still feel like they've got my back again ice isn't >>one or one oh one meisel's to help the real ones. >>help >>that was ryan houston reporting for us this morning. >>well trained in gilroy where wildfire continues to race through this particular area of kenya on a road in fact you can see what it did to the hillside right behind me. coming up we will show you video
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>>a 28 is the time i hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. move to me it was another day just i know it's a monday so i got that going for it was great the weather was fantastic a little on the warm side, but hey a lot of folks are looking for that on the 4th john yeah, definitely plenty of sunshine. i think a few of us came out of it with some sun burned so that change things up a little bit. >>still sunny out there even this morning our mornings have been free of fog so far this
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month and we're keeping that go on this monday. lots of blue over berkeley very bright skies as you step outside and i'd encourage you to do so this morning. it's comfortable a bit on the breezy side so bring the jacket 50's and 60's for most of us pittsburgh are warm spot at 68 right now little bit cooler up in the north bay towards saint alina and timber on at 5354 degrees later today. we have some 80's to look forward to inland which is actually a touch cooler than what we were this weekend, 60's and 70's remain along the coast and the bay. daria. >>thanks a lot john 8.29 and let's give you an update on what's happening right now with these 2 big fires that are burning in the south bay. the spark a fire. and sorry the park fire and the crews fire crews fire broke out yesterday in santa clara county along crews road and oak spring circle. north of gilroy it's 1500 acres and only 15% contained, yeah, it's on the right side you see that's the park fire it sparked early.
8:30 am
>>yesterday morning in morgan hill now the park fires burned more than 340 acres. the good news though it's 70% contained right now which is great and evacuation orders have been lifted there as well but there are still evacuations for people in gilroy because of that fire. so let's go to kron four's will tran to get an update. well. >>daria james i want to quickly show you something will move the camera over there and you can see firefighters are outside of their vehicles now i saw one firefight actually look we use binoculars to get a closer look at this hillside which continues to be a problem area in fact look at this as we speak down in the valley there on the floor of the hillside you can see now foot soldiers crew members coming down here, they'll try to clear some path all try to attack the fire as well. so this is far from over in fact i talked to some firefighters and they did tell me that because of the changes shift is taking a little bit longer to find out the containment numbers in the
8:31 am
percentage of the fire burning at this particular time. but the latest numbers are still the same from last night 15% contained 1500 acres burned we do expect those numbers to go up as far as the acres burned because he continues to be stubborn in fact let me show you some video that we shot when we arrived here at 5 in the morning when it was still very much starr king you can clearly see how they accentuates the orange of the flames, it was burning pretty strong at that particular time for snow even jumping the fire lines. they already preemptively evacuated can ya to roads and nobody's here to get hurt or injured other than the firefighters in the media. but it is still a problem to the point where they had to use this yesterday because it's such a rugged area hard to reach not like a neighbor we can drive up and plug in your hose to a fire hydrant that they had to use air drops to structures have been destroyed at this point not sure of any more have been
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destroyed over the overnight hours but we did get a chance to talk to some people near the fire lines. here's just one person talking about what she saw. >>i could see the big thick black smoke and the huge flames, the flames where the house was burning were over the trees you could see it above the trees and the line the fire line was real big. >>and back live. now you can see look at this this is something that's new james and darya this is something we're going to show you live. and look at that it is still moving along along this ridgeline here and it's you can see by the smoke is moving from the right to the left the wind has certainly picked up. off and on throughout the morning, not gusty. but you can certainly feel the breeze and that could be a problem moving forward because of how dry this area is as soon as i get my hands on the new containment numbers and the acreage burned a let you know, but again this is far from
8:33 am
over where they're actually having a change a shift and looking at the people down at the floor there it looks like they're leaving from fighting the fire in the overnight hours. and i'm sure replacements are on their way james starry a wow. >>wow look at that just to see the smoke and also see these men and women marching towards a to help out the threat of fire season all the more real thank you will. also in the headlines this morning president trump now heading to new hampshire, this coming weekend where he's scheduled to hold a rally at port smith. >>airport on saturday, organizers say they will be handing out masks this time and hand sanitizers though they're not going to require attendees wear them they're just going to recommend that they do. but even that's a change from the president's previous events affected remember last friday, social distancing wasn't even forced or encouraged at the fireworks event there at mount rushmore they packed everybody in attendees were required to wear any face masks, none were handed out. the republican governor of arkansas says the people that were there really should have been given and warned masks.
8:34 am
>>they should have been face coverings they should have followed guidelines there. you know i know that it's a controlled environment, so it's really more about setting an example but i know how important this was the governor now she's been asking that the president about this months ago. this is not something that was set up at the last minute it was planned. and it was a controlled environment. >>yeah, so there you hear him saying they should have planned for the governor went on to say that if president trump were to hold a rally in his state he would require people wear masks and practice, social distancing. >>doctors are afraid with what we saw over the holiday weekend that we're going to see a bunch of new cases a couple weeks from now comports theresa has reaction from an infectious disease specialist at ucsf. >>in general in california as many people know we're kind of in an upswing and a little bit concerning. >>doctor, peter chin, hong is an infectious disease expert with ucsf he and other health
8:35 am
experts say that the next few weeks are going to be critical for several reasons for one california was already showing troubling signs of the corona virus infecting more and more people pushing up the positivity rate. >>we don't only have a test positivity rate increase. we also have an increase in hospitalizations and the number of icu beds use and in some counties like imperial county and riverside. things look a little bit more concerning of course we have marin county with san quentin serve exploding right now doctor chan hong says that if. >>you were one to go to a 4th of july party and not wear a mask with people not in your immediate family or if you traveled over the holiday weekend getting tested should be on your to do list. >>long flights tend to fill up people might not mas in those us together. you know it's a party may be and where mass that's a high risk situation i
8:36 am
would definitely think about getting tested, but they could baller old people at home doctor chan hong says that while the concern is choices people made over the 4th of july weekend. >>could lead to a further spike in cases medical experts are also worried about hospital and icu rates. >>the commission is about 7 days on average for this. you know it could be as soon as 4 days and then as long as 10. more days, so like 2 weeks is kind of a good period to begin seeing. the impact and that's the positive cases. i think haas live nation's and icu admissions and deaths come a little bit later. >>doctor chan hong says that he and others hope it is not necessary to order another shelter in place. he says he remains optimistic with everyone focusing on the 3 w's. >>where a mosque wash your hands and watch your distance and all but 3 things probably wearing the mask is most of the control when you're out and about. >>the doctor says that he and others are going to be
8:37 am
watching very closely as the clock is now ticking. theresa kron 4 news. >>another sunny ahead of us across the bay area and daytime highs inland still warm but not as warm as they have been antioch well many people have such a misunderstanding as to how a reverse mortgage works. people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. that's absolutely 100% wrong.
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if they're over 62, they should at least investigate it. for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. we've got great peace of mind. whatever comes up. we're ready. i advise you to call them. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. reverse mortgage funding. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind. >>the 39 and as hard as the lockdown has been on schools with parents and kids. it's also been even harder on
8:40 am
children have special needs a lot of them souther services vanish when state shut down and now they're worried what may come next. >>we've got a laura jarrett with the story. >>i think each. >>and that the population gets to focus on this will be over. in the near future and we can move on with our lives even if it's a little bit different. it's at our future. does not look like that off as a mom of 2 kids with special needs joanne de simone is no stranger to the challenges of parenting. >>that was schools closed she and her husband john are now on duty around the their son ben has listen suffering a brain disorder that puts them at an increased risk for complications if he gets covid-19 until things dramatically change for there's a vaccine he can't go anywhere. >>then the mill your way of life now completely of ended. he used to get over 9 hours of
8:41 am
school programs and therapy every day with online learning though it's 8 hours per week was struggling to try to keep them engaged. i don't have physical therapist hands. i don't know what they're feeling at 21 ben's now aging out of the educational system with no safety net falling off the so-called cliff with what everyone says like oh they're falling off this cliff right. and i'm like then didn't mosey on over to the clash. he's got shoved. and we're following it in there and do all this while she also tries to manage the school work in progress of his younger brother sebastian who is on the autism spectrum much and how long it takes him to do things i don't know what this time is going to do to. >>push him back. >>it's a sobering new reality for the over 7 million students who receive special education in the u.s. that's 14% of all us public school students. kids like back we'll years and who is visually and
8:42 am
hearing impaired. >>and has been without his interpreter for weeks the music teacher was trying to do a music class on soon and i will tell you my son asked not to be part of that anymore and he didn't know who to look at first. he didn't know how who where the teacher was where's interpret it was his mom, michelle still working full-time herself. now sits by his side for therapy online. but she says he's missing the face to face interaction with those who understand his needs i missed >>and she worries about what happens if school doesn't reopen this fall. i don't know mentally and emotionally. if that happens. how we can continue to sustain. like we are now. i think our child needs that environment it could be a second pandemic in our society if people. >>don't realize the importance. bringing school back at some level. >>well community comes together to paint a massive black lives matter mural on us
8:43 am
basketball court we're going to take you there and tell you about this amazing effort this bringing a whole community together.
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8:45 am
>>and 45 right now and we're talking about the weather what we're gonna do maybe get out there and take a hike or something maybe keep talking the weather center john for those that are going to be outside today what could
8:46 am
expect. hi you're to soar to get israel this weekend which is have you ever heard of someone getting hitting a girl together for yes, it was a big project that took me several hours. >>there was no lifting involves you're talking about the screwdriver by bending over and a lot of squatting in place trying to hold things but. >>you know what right i'm not ashamed. i'm joy well worth it and the family because the grill but not some fantastic food john good us well these you have the girl though as you get outside this weekend. some great grill and whether. you have lots of sunshine overhead in berkeley all the way out to the coast blue skies unimpeded by much if any fog just a couple of spots of cloud cover right around san bruno mountain but even you are getting a lot of sunshine between those clouds now one of the most noticeable things about today is going to be our high winds increasing into the afternoon. winds have picked up a little bit right around morgan hill in gilroy still
8:47 am
pretty light. around these 2 fires that are burning in the south bay, you head up into the hills where these blazes are actually burning and wind speeds around 15 miles an hour right now that's pretty similar to what you've got an sfo mill valley fairfax and log-in eat us up in the north bay winds only going to increase into the afternoon so we're seeing wind speeds pretty steady at the coast currently, but look at where we're heading after 04:00pm today 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts for coastal in north bay areas. >>and although not quite as windy in the east and south bay winds will be picking up for these areas as well we come down tomorrow and then winds pick up again on into wednesday. we are pretty familiar with that for this year so far as it's been actually a pretty windy spring and summer season as of this point. breezy conditions, partly due to this dip in the jet stream that is bringing us are slightly cooler temperatures today. not a big difference for coastal areas where as you'd expect we're still in the 60's bayside areas will be a few degrees cooler down into the low 70's
8:48 am
for foster city and san mateo mid 70's and saying carlos in redwood city, south bay daytime highs upper 70's to low 80's today, east bay temperatures pretty similar to that 70's in hayward union city even on over to dublin. well livermore holds on to just the low 80's today concord mid-eighties for you and the only 90 we have in the forecast today is in vacaville at 92 out towards the coast. some 60's while on one oh one from mill valley to petaluma you're in the 70's later on. tomorrow and wednesday are coolest days of your forecast thursday and friday shows signs of warming back up and by saturday and sunday. it's back to our inland heat with highs in the 90's. james all right john. thank you quick check of a couple bridges for you as we gauge traffic around the bay richmond center fell bridge looking fantastic. >>no issue here at the toll plaza, no problems on the stand either so you ride from the east bay out toward the marin county area looking pretty good southbound from murray county across the bay earlier across the golden gate bridge in san francisco also
8:49 am
moving just find this morning, no problems to report chp logs are clear. and san francisco a rally was held demanding justice for vanessa guillen now she is the missing soldier from fort hood texas whose remains were found last month. we have video of the rally was held yesterday near the embarcadero and davis street intersection now she's been missing since april and her family had to fight to get information from the army before they finally positively identified her remains now the family says that she was being sexually harassed by a member of the military on that base and was planning to file a harassment complaint. federal investigators now believe she was killed by that soldier who was stationed at the base in fact they say that soldier killed himself after police confronted him. new this morning. police have also arrested a man for waving a loaded gun at the black lives matter mural site in downtown martinez that's the same girl that was vandalized over the weekend with black paint. these are pictures of the mural being restored by members of the community. the
8:50 am
man arrested was identified as 30 year-old joseph osuna police say that he got into some sort of argument with another person. last night near the mural side started waving a loaded gun and that's when a nearby officer arrested him. the people who vandalized the street barrel over the weekend have also been identified and they could face vandalism charges. >>in fremont police are investigating graffiti that was found at a church is a hate crime. it was on the mission san jose saturday morning and somebody spray painted the words, native land and then used a splatters of red paint to represent blood in a statement the fremont police say they don't tolerate hate there and asked the alameda county district attorney ernie to fully prosecute whoever did it. last month, a statue of father junipero serra was torn down by protesters at golden gate park in san francisco now another statue. the controversial catholic priest was torn down and the state capitol and many people accuse sarah of destroying native
8:51 am
american tribes and their culture in 18th century. jessica mensch has more. with fire in spray paint protesters taking aim at the pro sailor statue. >>talking to the ground saturday night in the state capitol park because we're tired of asking permission. we're tired of compromising with people we're not asking or demanding as a descendant of the norwalk tried ronnie gonzales he's this destruction as a victory she's been calling for the monument's removal for years, it's a disgrace for us that we have to drive past the statues every day and see people who committed genocide and torture on our people. being glorified sarah was a catholic priest in the 1700's who founded the mission system while he spread the catholic faith he's drawn controversy over forcing native americans to join the missions into manual labor introducing them to for diseases that wiped out tribes, this is difficult to destruction of history, but
8:52 am
some see this removal as an assault on their heritage like free to to repay who came to pray before the base of the statue highlighting this year is an important part of the catholic religion after pope francis canonized sarah sustained in 2015. we paid him for so. >>and everything that we do. that's something that goes to the deep is. parts of all catholic a symbol of history to some and 8 others now caught sight. >>in sacramento, jessica, mitch. >>well just last month protesters tore down a statue of you know for us air at golden gate park in san francisco and now demonstrators have torn down actually just talked about that story them tearing down that at the state capitol we also have other monuments that have been torn down as well in a recent days as a matter of fact. last month well actually that stories. now gone, let's continue on with more here on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're looking at the outside shot here or market arrow cameras. >>where we can see again sunny
8:53 am
skies so bright sunshine out there. but there is more headlines to get to the bottom.
8:54 am
8:55 am
tp>>back in close to 09:00am on your monday morning skies have been nice and clear across most of the bay area just a touch of cloud cover right over san bruno mountain right now not really blocking out any of the sunshine that we're seeing all across the region even across the golden gate bridge. you know it's a sunny day when skies are this good
8:56 am
blue right across the marin headlands winds not a huge factor right now but breezy enough that you should throw on a jacket if you're heading outside for a walk with those 50's 60's we're currently seeing. winds will pick up into the afternoon and after 04:00pm especially we're in for a breezy finished your monday. tomorrow, a calmer one before winds pick up again on into wednesday just around the corner. dr. >>thanks a lot and today john it's the annual international aids conference kicks off on line because of coronavirus you can see a virtual display. a 48,000 panels, the aids memorial quilt just go to aids memorial dot org. here's video of the quilt being returned to san francisco back in february on the website you can search the virtual panels for specific names and learn the stories of those who died of aids. 80 panels will be displayed as well and san francisco and oakland and the city hall's both cities are hosting this year's conference.
8:57 am
>>coming up in the next hour 2 large fires burning in the south bay this morning, one of them forcing evacuations will have updates on both. at the top of the hour and california setting a new record unfortunately for the number of coronavirus is perverse cases in a single day run to break down the
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 09:00am.
9:00 am
>>i hope you had a great july 4th weekend. it's back to work monday i'm darya folsom and we're going to start off with a check of the weather john hey there daria we've got lots of sunshine yet again today should be much of a surprise after this july so far which has been pretty fog free, pretty warm we're backing off he he just a little bit today, golden gate bridge. it's clear as marin county out in the distance, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures at least for most of us. pittsburgh now climbing back up to 70 along with fairfield now a concord oakland low to mid 60's currently so we're starting to warm up in by the afternoon. we're back into the upper 60's for san francisco low 70's for oakland while san jose a little cooler than yesterday only in the low 80's, i've got more on your forecast still to come daria thank you john right now firefighters are trying to get aid to big fires in the south bay. the one on the left the cruise fire is in santa clara county it broke out yesterday along crews road and oak


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