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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 6, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>in the south bay crews are battling 2 wildfires the park fire near morgan hill is nearing full containment right now and the crews fire is also burning away from the city of gilroy. >>that fire started sunday afternoon it moved very quickly and burned more than 2000 acres right now it is 20% contained. hundreds of firefighters aircrafts helicopters and bulldozers are working to build containment lines around the fire. one man was or action that area says that he saw that fire spreading really fast. >>was coming up here to do some work and why property which is right over there you know the 4 was significantly further to the north west here. just inside of you know the 2 hours i really think to
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2 and half hours it was all the way up here and moving our way and then it was spreading down here as you see behind me. really fast you. >>officials there say that there is no immediate danger to any additional homes at this moment, but there are still evacuations in place. so far 2 structures have been lost and one person was hurt with minor injuries. >>no cause has been determined that fireworks are suspected and in the east bay cut across the county fire district says that forward progress of the california fire burning near highway 80 in rodeo. that's right across from the phillips 66 refinery won't last check there that fire has burned 150 acres and is now 50% contained. fire crews are also battling a vegetation fire on nelson hill behind mountains meadow drive evacuations are being issued for the follow. >>we residential streets. this is in fairfield scots pine court early amber court and
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cierra court link road between core delia and pippin road. currently closed and core delia road between link road and thomasson lane also currently crow closed. you can see all the smoke here again this is in fairfield inn we're being told ask everyone to stay away from the area. we'll turn now to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is tracking the fire conditions for us tonight across the bay. it's very dry out there and windy. yeah, boy and you get the winds you get that brush fair fires going and boy it moves in a hurry with winds like this 2030 miles per hour just check. >>on the ultimate past they had a gust of over 50 miles per hour. so it's whipping outside right now and you get to places like this never dale and also crockett got a fire going there that is in and around some oil tankers certainly something to be concerned about those winds continuing to kick up. actually picking up over this last hour to 18 miles per hour. now on to 22 miles per hour in benicia you've got another fire there on the 7.80 split. so certainly. condition
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they're not good if you're trying to fight a fire with the things get that windy now and toward the freeman union city hayward we've got another fire that is burning this one closer to the bay, but all of that smoke is sliding further to the east and that smoke is going to bring that right in places like fremont union city maybe even all the way up and they were too so certainly you got to watch out for that if you're susceptible to some of that smoke for the south we take you to the crews fire that we're showing in the winds now beginning to pick up a little bit 40 miles per hour or so in some spots so certainly that of concern and then overnight tonight, those winds will begin to decrease become slack somewhat that means some of that smoke is going to begin to filter in and fill in right around the royal, so morgan hill maybe the southern part of san jose and they may have to deal with some smoky conditions overnight tonight and tomorrow. winds in the north they really getting going dylan beach some 30 mile an hour winds and i just saw when they're hamlet of almost 40 so certainly very gusty winds. there. we talked about the advisory has been issued there
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in the morgan hill semmer teen also in the gilroy going to be very smoky as those winds calm down overnight just being all that smoke is going to start to filter in the falun certainly some folks if you're susceptible that be very careful fornite shut those windows and eat. thank you so much lauren at lance's mayor keisha lance bottoms has tested positive for covid-19 she announced today. >>that both she and her husband have tested positive. the mayor said that they got tested because her husband was sleeping more than usual lance bottoms says she has not shown any symptoms and does not know how she got infected. she also says that her diagnosis shows just how contagious and mysterious this virus, us. 32 states are reporting a rise in coronavirus cases and this week, the federal government will start surge testing programs and at least 3 states showing the most danger. our washington correspondent trevor shirley reports, the primary target of the strategy is young people.
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>>federal officials hope casting a wide net will catch a lot of unknown covid-19 cases can we go in and test perhaps a month's worth of testing and only a few days identify a lot of these asymptomatic individuals and get them appropriately isolated admiral bridger was the u.s. department of health and human services said the testing surge will target florida texas and louisiana we're going to do this search testing over a period of 5 to 10 days in the locality test a lot of people however hhs declined to say what cities in those 3 states will get surge testing but plans to release more information tuesday just think of brush fires you want to extinguish those brush fires before they become big forest fires in texas and florida both reported record numbers of new infections, this week and now health officials say it's mostly young people under 35 years old who are catching and spreading this disease what i see on the news and what i hear is that a lot of young
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people aren't taking this seriously. there's also added concern after the 4th of july weekend sure wants as anybody who was in a crowd should get tested this week and then isolate themselves until you're absolutely sure you're not developing symptoms and you have a negative test. he also said the need for so much more testing wouldn't be as great if people wear masks wash their hands and stay at least 6 feet apart, reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>tonight we're learning more about how covid-19 is spread and the dangers of doing something as simple as talking or sneezing how that plays a role. a group of health experts warns that even tiny droplets from your mouth or your nose can linger in the air. and penetrate more deeply into locks. hundreds of scientists from around the world are now asking the world health organization and other agencies to be more forthright in explaining how the virus can transmit in the air and there is some potentially encouraging news on the
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treatment front. the biotechnology company regeneron announced today it is in a phase 3 of clinical trials on a drug to prevent and treat coronavirus the company's so-called antibody cocktail drug is a combination of an antibody made by the company. and a second and a body isolated from recovered covid-19 patients. these latest tests will evaluate the drugs. availability and also it's ability to prevent infection in people who have been exposed to the virus. for an update on a big story that we have been following here you may remember this cell phone video which sent shockwaves across the country because it showed a white woman in new york city central park calling police on a black man who asked her to keep her dog on a leash which are the park's rules, the woman in the video amy cooper was falsely telling 911 that a man was threatening her life and now manhattan's district attorney ernie is prosecuting her. she faces one charge falsely
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reporting an incident and she's scheduled to be arraigned in october the manhattan district attorney is also encouraging anyone who has been the target of a false report to contact authorities much more ahead tonight here on kron 4 news at 6 after gun violence erupts in several us cities over the long holiday weekend. >>some officials say enough is enough and they're demanding change and after the break learn why some hand sanitizer products could we have a warning
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right now from the food and drug administration some hand sanitizer products could be hazardous to your health. >>mandy gaither has more on what to look out for in today's health minute. >>if you're using hand sanitizer to help slow the spread of covid-19 you want to check the label the fda says it's seeing an increase in hand sanitizer products contaminated with potentially poisonous methanol which can be life threatening if ingested and toxic that tore through the skin. the agency says states have also reported cases of blindness hospitalizations and deaths in adults and children after drinking hand sanitizer products tainted with methanol when using hand sanitizer the fda says to make sure the product contains ethanol which is safe for topical use not methanol the fda says some of
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the tainted products could still be in stores, although one brand has been recalled after the agency sent out a warning last month. the fda says young children who accidentally drinking hand sanitizer and adults who ingested as a substitute for alcohol are the most at risk of poisoning and should seek immediate medical attention for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>tonight new details are emerging after a car drove through a crowd of protesters killing one person and severely injuring others. one
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person is dead and another is critically injured after a car plowed into a crowd of protesters over the weekend. the demonstrations were on a seattle freeway in the middle of the night. but police have put up barricades and station vehicles across the road to be able to keep the protesters safe. officials also say the car was driving on the freeway in the wrong direction. we get more now from denver home and we also want to warn you that some of the video that we're about to show you might be hard to watch. >>a 32 year-old diaz love was live streaming as protesters chanted and danced on i 5 early saturday morning but it was cut short just after one 30 am eyewi nesses said a white jaguar had gone around a barricade and accelerated toward the group would look to
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you like that was his aim. >>well i can tell you this. you know, i've never seen somebody when they get to a barricade. they accelerate. >>citizen journalist omari salisbury was on the freeway informally interviewing the protesters when he looked up and saw the vehicle barreling toward them. >>most people slow down when you get to a barricade car definitely accelerated. >>given what you saw there could you tell how badly summer taylor was hurt. >>and percent. yeah, i mean it. it could tell immediately that the people who are injured there were injured very seriously 24 year-old taylor died some 18 hours later 32 year-old love was critically injured, but is improving at harborview medical center. >>both are non-binary whose pronouns they and them both according to friends or activists devoted to the cause of racial justice. still walking on i 5 is illegal, but the washington state patrol look the other way even setting up barriers nearly 3
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weeks of protests on the freeway we've worked tirelessly to separate. >>motorists from pedestrians fearing a treasure like this could very well happen, but that may have well them into a feeling of safety there was actually no traffic and the national man's were barricaded. so i think today gave a sense of security. >>was it a false sense of security even. >>clearly it was. >>it was a violent 4th of july weekend for several cities across the u.s. most notably chicago the city's police superintendent says from thursday night to sunday night. there were 87 shooting victims in 47 incidents, 13 victims were young people, 17 people died including a 7 year-old girl. the superintendent says the things have to change. >>we cannot allow this to be normalized. in this city. we cannot get used to hearing about. children being gunned
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down the chicago. every weekend. >>it was the 3rd weekend in a row that a child had fallen victim to gun violence in chicago. and now we'll go to san francisco where a young boy has lost his life shot and killed this past weekend as he attended a birthday party. this happened in the city's bayview neighborhood on in glass street. now his family and police are searching for answers. kron four's terisa stasio has the story for us now. >>is a beyond tragic incident. >>jae-yong was only 6 years old. but this past weekend. the boy died struck by a bullet while he was standing outside of his home on the 4th of july on monday bayview supervisor, schoeman walton talked about the tragedy. >>someone this young to die. anyway, of course is very disheartening and devastating but or a young man 6 years old to lose his life to gun
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violence is something that is very tragic and something that we need to immediately make sure we do something about so that this does not happen. again, i did just have an opportunity to visit with the family i've spoken with. the father as well as conversations with a mother in folks representing the family. this is an experience that i as a grandfather as a father as someone whose work with young people of the majority of my adult life. whenever wish anyone ever has to experience. and it's just beyond words, right now, san francisco mayor london breed pledged to help in any way saying quote. >>there are no words that will ease the pain of these senseless killing of a 6 year-old boy our prayers are with the family of jae-yong at this moment along with his friends and his entire community but make no mistake. thoughts and prayers are not
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enough. the boy's aunt has put up a go fund me account saying that he was simply out attending a birthday party when he was struck, adding that he was a very bright young man destined for greatness and that he could brighten up a room with his smile and blue glasses. he loved technology games. and will be very missed. an investigation is underway. theresa kron 4 news. >>next here on kron 4 news at 6 we'll get one last check of the weather from meteorolo we'll talk
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about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco windy which has been affecting the fires that are burning across the bay area of more coverage on that tonight for you in prime time, but right now we want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a look at the summer like keith that's heading our way just the we're going to crank up those temperatures is going to get hot spots the next few days, it was hot in some areas. well inland today but look at this the winds blowing now no fog speak of although i think we'll see a couple batches of fog moving back in along the coastline, you see the flag waving in the breeze out there and that has been the big problem, the fires, those winds picking up we've got some 40 in some 50 mile an hour gusts around the bay area today. >>temperatures 66 degrees in the san francisco for a high 72 just slightly above the average in oakland 79 degrees in san jose 81 in livermore 87 degrees in kaka check out
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santa rosa 94 degrees 10 degrees above normal there. and we're going to see some much warmer days on the horizon overnight tonight couple batches of fog trying to build in back along the coastline not going to be a lot and then a lot of sunshine again by the afternoon a little breezy tomorrow, not as windy as it was today and then as we head into our more significant clouding trying to form their only to dissipate by the afternoon overnight lows generally in the 50's by day tomorrow, nice day in san francisco about 65 degrees downtown 68. and the mission about 63 degrees in the sunset along the coastline will fight to make sure 50's and some 60's little cool up toward the water's edge but not bad. then you get inside the bay, the temperatures warming up nicely 71 degrees in millbrae tomorrow, sunny skies beautiful day at 72. in burlingame how about san carlos checking and 72 degrees 72 also in redwood city about 7 to 8 in mount view the south bay filled up with 70's and some 80's by tomorrow afternoon. and then we're going to maybe start to crank out a couple of 90's limb or
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maybe about 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon about 85 degrees in pleasanton 74 degrees in oakland 88 degrees in concord about 18 hercules again you'll feel that delta breeze but instead of some 2030 mile an hour winds probably 10 maybe 20 mile an hour winds by the afternoon. so that means we're going to see some cooler temperatures out toward the coastline next couple days we're going to heat things up this weekend just dean how about that some mid 90's pretty hot. >>sounds hot. thanks so much for watching us here tonight on kron 4 news at 6. so that's lawrence karnow don't forget to wash your hands, lawrence, they wear a mask, i'm justine waldman and we'll see you back here next happened. for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread.
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suffer the children. kids shot to death as violence sweeps america. and the wave of unauthorized fireworks that consume the city. then, parents gone wild. temper tantrum at costco. and trashing target. and death of a broadway star. ♪ nobody's business if i do >> his 94-day battle with covid- 19 comes to an end. and whatcom median d. l. hughley wants us all to know after his covid-19 collapse. >> i have been the


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