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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 7, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good we start the day here a little bit just glaze as we take a look at alcatraz here in the foreground san francisco behind all of it. >>we're going to repeat some of this fog going on tomorrow morning but just like today, this will clear out very nicely in the mid morning hours. and then as we get as late as thursday you can see it's really not even building that wells as much either as we go into a little bit of warming phase are going oh so heat spike we get into the weekend as we get some lofty upper 90's by that point most the readings on the board right now holding into the 50's these nights release refreshing that we have 63 any aac 57 going on for concord livermore to 5451 meanwhile for santa rosa. the current winds are holding together a nice little cluster up here in the north bay, you'll notice and across the wide bay most readings are showing an onshore flow that's in place we're going to repeat this again. late this afternoon really into this evening hours to take us to the overnight, it looks like 2 complements that inland heating lining things up for you today, we're at 58 by about 08:00am at 11, 72, most ratings for the
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inland valleys will be mostly into the 80's. we have a couple token 90's here and there but becoming more numerous as the week starts to wear on that coming up a little bit we'll take a look at that 4 zone forecast for you and the extended rob, all right. thank you dave full developing news that we're following for you this morning out of san francisco. >>police are searching for clues and the weekend murder of a 6 year-old boy the texas say the point is just watching fireworks with his family and friends when he was hit by a stray bullet kron four's jonathan mccall has that story. >>a passionate plea from san francisco's top cop somebody out there knows what happened. somebody out there knows who did it chief bill scott now begging for the public's help the truck down the killer of 6 year-old to jay shawn. detectives say the jay-z and his family were watching fireworks saturday night in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. >>when he was hit and killed by a stray bullet. scott know calling the killing an acceptable. he says deeectives have a good idea where that bullet came from. >>we we know where. we believe
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the gunshots came from in that piece is being examined heavily family members meanwhile say jace was destined for greatness a bright young man who had a love of technology. san francisco board of supervisors from on walden talk with jason's family, the family is just trying to. >>wrap their hands around us and want to make sure that the memory. chase young is never forgotten. >>as his family prepares for the an invisible task of saying goodbye. chief scott promising the full force of the department trying to track down his killer we're going to do everything we can to bring this case to a solution or. >>this child and for his family. for the people of our city. >>well those jonathan mccall reporting for us this morning, a go fund me page has been set up to help chase's family and we have details listed on our website just head over to kron
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4 dot com information you if any information that you have police are asking that you give them a call and you can remain anonymous so keep that in mind. well to the east bay now wannacry police are looking for a man wanted in connection to an attempted homicide. the shooting happened last night near the intersection of homes that and it a sealed valley road now the victim told police that he was stopped in his car. when a man work toward him and fired several shots with a handgun. the victim is in stable condition this morning at the hospital and police are still looking for man around 25 years old and about 5 foot 5. he had a low the hair cut a low cut hair cut and a mustache if you have any information you're asked to call wannacry police. san francisco and oakland are the most intensely gentrified cities in the united states that's what a new study claims and here's a look at the top 5 cities, check them out of your screen according to the national community
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reinvestment coalition which used data from the u.s. census bureau san jose ranked 8th on the list in sacramento came in at number 10. the study says that the coronavirus pandemic exposed deep economic and social fault lines in the nation. well as the u.s. nears 3 million known coronavirus cases, some doctors worry that the spread of the virus. maybe out of control with the number of cases rising since last week at least 32 states. late leaders at the state and local level are scrambling to 3rd turn things around nadia romero has the latest. >>we are in free fall and stop it dire warnings from doctors across the country. we don't. >>more forcefully against the virus. >>it will continue to kill as the death toll tops 130,000 new cases of coronavirus are rising in at least 32 states since last week we have got doubling of people in icu and a doubling of people in ventilators now the hardest hit areas are buckling under
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the strain if that pace continues where we're a week away from running out of hospital beds nice you fasting which is forcing at least 23 states to pause or roll back phased reopening that we're going to be closing some of of businesses that open sometime around that the beginning of june doctor anthony fauci points the state's reopening too early as the cause of the recent search we are still needed in the first wave of this but he says it's not impossible to slow the spread the fundamental concepts. >>physical distancing, wear a mask at all times when you're outside wash your hands often avoid crowds. one of the nation's top health official says the virus is still out there and everyone has to take steps to keep it from getting worse keep your optimism keep your hope. >>and do the right thing in washington nadia romero kron 4 news. well there's some potentially encouraging news on the treatment of coronavirus and you know the
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front lines of the pandemic. >>the biotechnology company regeneron they announced that it is in phase 3 of clinical trials on a drug to prevent and treat coronavirus the company so-called antibody cocktail drug. it's a combination of antibody made by the company and a second antibody isolated from recovered covid-19 patients. now these latest tests will evaluate the drug's ability to prevent infection in people who have been exposed to the coronavirus. well the fda has approved emergency use authorization for a fast on side coronavirus antigen test. the diagnostic swab tests can you'll results in just 15 minutes, according to manufacturer. becton dixon and the the test analyzes samples with a little device that so maybe a little bit larger than a cellphone and this test is not designed to be used at home health officials see antigen tests as a potentially valuable screening tool to
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quickly test large numbers of people who may have already had the virus. well new this morning in california prisons are replacing their top medical officer after coronavirus outbreaks worsen. according to the state's department of corrections there are currently more than 1300 active cases at san quentin with nearly 70% of those cases popping up in just the last 2 weeks 6 prisoners there have already died from the virus more than 2300 inmates are currently infected in the san quentin state prison. a total of 165 staff members have also tested positive. we're less than 6 weeks away from the start of the democratic national convention followed immediately by the republican national convention, as washington correspondent kelli meyer reports the differences between these 2 events it's much like the campaigns themselves. >>the 2 campaigns 2 very different conventions, we're doing it in a way that will keep americans safe. we're
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really excited to now be able to hit 2 cities. democrats will hold a scaled back convention in milwaukee, wisconsin while republicans will hold 2 events a business meeting in charlotte north carolina and a three-day celebration in jacksonville florida. david bergstein with the democratic national convention says democrats drastically alter their plans due to the coronavirus i think the approach the 2 parties have taken to the conventions are really reminiscent of the approach that democrats and republicans have taken to the coronavirus democratic delegates will stay home business will be done remotely and voters will meet virtually and we think that allows us to keep our delegation safe and still to the business needed at our convention republican national committee spokesperson, liz harrington has a different take on democrats downsizing, i don't think they can fill the seat harrington wants the republican convention to showcase the contrast between the 2 campaigns we're really
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excited. >>how this event and one of the crash out and we want to have safety measures in place of people feel safe. she says those safety measures will include temperature checks and offering masks to those attending reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>a google is trying to help its users get around during the coronavirus pandemic the company launched a new feature on google maps that notifies drivers about checkpoints down the road before they cross national borders, you can also get alerts about local health restrictions on your route and public health transportation existing public transportation riders can get information about mandatory face mask and other equipment n for people who are on their way to you know covid-19 testing site they can get alerts about whether they are eligible for tess pretty cool. we definitely need them. well, thousands of young undocumented immigrants celebrated a victory last month when the supreme court blocked president trump's attempt to end dhaka now the
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migrant policy institute says that 66,000 young people are now eligible to sign up for dhaka us immigration stopped accepting applications back in 2017. and a warning to reports. >>and hundreds of thousands of dhaka recipients celebrated last month supreme court's ruling keeping the program another group of people were left waiting there are many thousands more that qualify for daca and that have been unable to apply sear appears with the migration policy institute says when president trump moved to end the program the u.s. citizenship and immigration services stopped accepting new dock applications since september 2017 u.s. c a s has only been adjudicating dock applications and those who currently hold back or or had who had held doctor previously, but usc i s has announced plans to reopen the application process leaving 66,000 young immigrants who came to the u.s. as children and are now
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old enough to apply for dhaka wondering what's next for them. >>i don't know how many of the dhaka eligible folks are going to try to move forward with an application when the administration is still trying to dismantle it texas republican congressman will hurd said the feet of the program and those children is up to congress. but texas democrat henry clay or says congress can't do anything if president trump keeps fighting back the president will come in and say get the doctor out if you give me the wall us. the irs is also looking to congress saying in a statement quote if congress wants to provide a permanent solution for these illegal aliens. >>it needs to step in to reform our immigration laws in washington, i'm anna warren, a key. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news air travel experiencing a spike over the long weekend. what aaa has to say about where americans are setting their sights in the summer. and a look outside from the embarcadero pretty
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shot it's pretty if it's you know white or dark we see some cloud cover there in the background. as you make your way into san francisco this morning that you're going to see a little bit of cloud cover maybe some fog but you know temperatures are fairly mild. it's 53 in san francisco already 63. and 51 in santa rosa and 55 in fremont we'll see how the afternoon shaping up after the break.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time for 44, let's head over to the weather center and get an update with dave spahr heyday of a good morning robin good morning, everybody live shot coming in from sfo a pretty clear picture given the fact that we have a little bit of haze from the faa going on, but no delays there this morning which is good news most ratings are in the 50's across most of the bays real estate 63 off to antioch at this hour. do have a little bit of an uptick that happens with the winds late this afternoon and this evening that will be driven from some inland heating it looks like a bit and will repeat the same thing it looks like for tomorrow as well again up in selected spots will see the winds start to build also for highs what don't have a lot of numbers here going on to the desert of southern california but really popping nicely this afternoon, it looks like 82 meanwhile for san diego 76 for l a x and up to san francisco at 7064 from monterrey inland only into the middle 90's it looks like for central valley for today but expect that to
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warm as the week. progresses for today though going to go out and call it just basically warm it looks like but the hot stuff will be coming our way sending our inland highs close to 100 it looks like by saturday and sunday 69 again, san francisco today. daly city at 6764 per pacific up 65 for half moon bay. and most readings in the northern end of the peninsula near about 70 or so heading down south palo alto about 80 but 79 for redwood city 77 for mountain view for the south bay 80 milpitas 87 from morgan hill los gatos at 8479 santa clara cupertino 81 east bay shoreline in the mid 50's mid 70's along the south mid 80's out the tri valley, 87 for walnut creek 88 going on for concord 72 for berkeley and 75 for richmond, jumping up to the north bay with cool spots like the label at 68 elsewhere, it's pretty much a tease 89 for 88 fairfield 84 going on for now an 89 per santa rosa stenson be checking
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in at 66. somebody forecast we've got to cruise into the 90's for the rest of the week it looks like but then they'll be another heats by coming our way into the weekend. i will say middle 90's going on here, but it's possible to pop near 100 it looks like as we get into the weekend all those highways and byways going there, robin looking good and moving well, you know it's early and so we do have some early birds out there, but the traffic's not so bad, it's nice and quiet, which means. >>if you can roll out of bed right now and get on out there you have a trouble free commute into san francisco, here's a live. look this is the traffic heading in and it continues to pick up but not bad at all so quick trip under 10 minutes into san francisco, which is what we like right, okay off to the richmond sandra fell bridge want to check in on west 5.80. it's doing just fine up in checking 8581 on one, i don't see any problems for the stretch of your commute so off to a fantastic start and then from the north bay to san francisco using the golden gate there it is traffic nice and smooth northbound on the right heading out of san francisco
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and on your left you have south 1, one which is still at the limit so far we'll check back in on traffic coming up a little bit later. well a summer we're seeing more americans willing to travel during the pandemic so just how crowded this tripoli expect roadways to be in the skies to get mandy gaither reports. it's a summer like no other with coronavirus cases continuing to surge many americans who had been planning to take a vacation may be rethinking that holding off until the last minute to plan a trip and aaa is forecasting that travel will fall more than 14 and a half percent between july and september compared to last year the organization is expecting more than 700 million trips overall in that time period and traveling by car will likely account for 97% of all trips this summer with air travel forecast at 74% below last year's levels of les says when it comes to a
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recent online searches for a trip destinations. some cities are the popular right now orlando florida dropped from the top search city destination to number 8 denver colorado made the biggest climbed from number 10 to number one. >>followed by las vegas and los angeles rounding out the top 3 destinations searches. triple a also expects the national gas price average near to 25 a gallon over the summer. the organization says this will be the cheapest summer for filling up since 2016 for today's consumer watch i'm mandy gaither. well if you plan to travel aaa says it is important to book hotels make sure you do that and plan out your gas in your food stops. >>also you want to keep in mind that some national parks and attractions. they have capacity limits, so you may want to make arrangements in advance or just make sure you make a reservation. the transportation security administration said it screened more than 700,000 passengers per day on thursday friday and sunday and also the
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highest single-day total since mid-march lot of folks are out there of the weekend was also the first since april when american airlines begin selling its to full capacity and then also united airlines has also been selling flights to capacity. or the study they said that saturday. it's 3 busiest days since the pandemic it for the first 3 days in july so a lot of folks are traveling for the holidays. well the san francisco giants confirmed that there are 2 more cases of covid-19 within the club, the giant say that there are no new cases involving players or staff, but the 2 new people who have tested positive will now self-isolate and contact raise for those 2 peoples will start. >>but most of all continue to wear masks. >>well golden state warriors superstar steph curry he's pleading with everyone to wear a mask you see him right there his mask on. he posted this
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video on his instagram page monday and in that video he just reiterated you know what most health official officials have already been telling you wear your mask social distance he was reminding people to do that and then curry also added that the most important thing that you can do to protect yourself and others right now is to wear a mask. the town of hearing but it needs to be stressed. well the most magical place on earth is getting ready to welcome back visitors this weekend walt disney world in orlando, florida. put out this video online featuring workers getting training, they're getting ready. they're working on their safety measures. disney says that all visitors will have to make a reservation and will only be allowed to enter one park per day so keep that in mind all guess except for children younger than 3 years old. we'll have to wear a face covering have to have your mask on you also have to have your temperature checked too. so disney in southern california may reopen july 17th pending state approval, so we'll keep you posted. all
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right a trip outside to the airport. no reports of any major delays this morning. but we do have some cloud cover around the bay area this afternoon lots of sunshine on tap today. >>it's just going to be cooler. how cool how specific to your city coming up. look
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at this 10 sections of the aids quilt now hang at san francisco city hall, the sea
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and get a full right these panels are part of the 48,000 panel quilt which was showcased yesterday on the national aids memorial website. now the very first 8 school panels they were shown at san francisco city hall way back in 1987, the panels are on display also at oakland city hall in san francisco and oakland are the official host cities for aids 2020. and this is the first time that the quilt panels have been displayed in both city hall's now the purposes of course to bring like to you know the many faces of aids from 1980 when the first cases were reported to today with one 0.2 million people in the u.s. living with hiv and aids. >>morning everybody or look at the weather situation. a little bit the way some of that blaze we talked about earlier there's the first flight and gray of sun just a better way 50's across most of the board right now 63 for any ah now we do see the winds still holding together a little bit of to the north bay
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they're actually going to die down later this morning and then pick up a little bit later on once we get some daytime heating here, lining up free of 58 by mid morning at 11 we're talking 72, revisiting the 80's for the most part we'll see some 90's pocan in here a little bit later on robin all right sounds good. thank you dave. >>coming up in the next wildfires burning through gilroy and stands only 20% contained we're live with an update on the efforts on containing the blaze, plus businesses and napa county may be shut down again of coronavirus cases do not improve we'll have more on this coming up in a live report and students in one east bay school district will not be going back to their classrooms. this upcoming school year. but the future of education is looking like for students in parkland. with this one little nexgard chew
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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 5. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, it's tuesday july 7th, i'm robin when said good morning, everybody i'm marty gonzales we're going to start this hour off by checking in with a spartan see the tuesday forecast heidi martin robin good morning, good morning everybody and off to a pretty
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good start live shot coming in from berkeley as we see it all let up very nicely on the east bay shoreline short us a little bit of glaze fog but not too much to cover things up. here's the shot from the golden gate bridge. we can see the gray often the distance as well, most readings right now are in the 50's hope you're enjoying the cooler weather for right now we'll see that warm up happening in land in more of a heat spike by this weekend 61 for any aac 57 meanwhile for concord with livermore at 54. here's a look at that fog by the way and it clears up pretty quickly as you can see to repeat again tomorrow the same kind of intensity and again mixing up very quickly sourcing the same type of pattern. again fog not too much of an intrusion issue, the current winds are on shore as you can see the pockets that are all affected here up in the north bay looks like a little bit more intense that will die down a little bit later on but it will fire up this afternoon. 61, it looks like by 09:00am by high noon we're at 77 as we go for numbers this afternoon in the 80's, however, 9 is going to be much more common by


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