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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 8, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a deadly confrontation amid nationwide protests of police violence.vallejo police release video from a controversial shooting.sean monterrosa killed after officers mistook a hammer for a the family of the 22-year-old says -- it's time for change. (catherine) thanks for joining us -- i'm catherine heenan.there's growing outrage tonight after vallejo police released video of a officer involved shooting. it shows sean monterrosa's final moments...caughton officers' body cameras. we want to warn you -- some may find this video disturbing.(catherine) the video was released more
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than month after the shooting. but family of the man killed say -- there are still unanswered questions. kron-4's michelle kingston is following the storyand joins us live... michelle? the family says
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we have continuing coverage on the shooting on kron 4 dot com.including more reaction from his family.. the u-s has set a new single day record for confirmed covid-19 infections. there are now more than 3
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million cases in the u-s. more than 132-thousand people have died - with 936-thousand listed as 'recovered.' dozens of i-c-u units are at full capacity in some states...just one of the signs that the pandemic still has a tight grip on the u-s. we'll have more on the surge in cases coming up at 5:30.. during his briefing today, governor newsom announced more resources are on the way to california as the state sees more covid-19 cases. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details. (catherine) %
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applications just in one part of the state. >>it's really about matching need in different parts of the state based upon different professions within the health care. >>system the governor's update comes as 3 more counties napa and yolo and san benito were added to the state's community spread watch list that brings the total to 26 counties where state officials have serious concerns over hospital capacity and disease transmission in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and the governor says california has met and
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exceeded its tailing daily testing goals now averaging more than 100,000 tests today. however that is coming with some bumps in the road. the problem, delays and getting a test and delays in getting the results. kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco with more on that dan. >>catherine the issue with the delays in getting the results is if you happen to be positive. you are still out in about within the community whether you have symptoms or not and you could be spreading it and that seems to be the concern at this point. san francisco's to city test sites on 7th street on the embarcadero are averaging about 1500 tests today. >>nearly 90% of the results are being released in less than 2 days. but not all test sites are alike. >>i got the test on july 27th this saturday, san francisco resident corey warren went to one of air lease project baseline sites and bernal heights to get tested you do a persistent cough. now 12 days later, the cop is gone, but he
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still waiting for test results and just got an e-mail saying it could be up to 10 business days is somewhat disappointing because if they're trying to protect the public and if i were to have this virus which i don't think i do. >>that i could have spread it quite a bit unknowingly health experts say his concerns are very real the longer it takes you to get test results back. >>more like the most people are now going to develop that section and go out and spread it ucsf or elegy professor doctor george rutherford says. >>until there's a vaccine controlling the spread of covid-19 is best done by identifying and quarantining those who are positive and then isolating the people they've been in contact with which is why a quick return on results is critical. >>3 to the extent that their their keys long delays built in testing that makes the contact tracing less effective. you want to happen, you know pretty quickly in order to find the people who are infected the contacts were
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infected get them tested and get them and isolation are courting. >>because of backlogs of quest and others. that we're experiencing a multi-day analyzed during his update wednesday, the governor acknowledged the delay in results and said it's being addressed working to match some are testing capacity. with local. labs. with many of our hospitals and not just doing these national labs we've seen a lot. >>of the delays occurring. >>the governor says he should have an update on the revamped to testing and the targeting of how that should be done and getting results back faster we'll have that update other friday or monday in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan as ashleigh mentioned a little bit ago napa county is the latest bay area county to be added to the watch list for the state business owners were told this week. >>to get ready to shut down
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after the county reported a rise in cases that order takes effect tomorrow. it orders the closure of businesses, including breweries and bars and pubs indoor dining indoor winery's tasting rooms and things like movie theaters family entertainment centers also zoos and museums of the closures will be in effect for at least 3 weeks. south by officials are pleading with the community to wear masks as the economy is set to open further next week. >>kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live from san jose and has details on that story rob. that's right catherine now county officials are like you orleans pleading with the community to wear their face coverings like this and practice social distancing as the county is set to open further next week. >>they say it's really a matter of risk reduction and personal responsibility. there's more. >>and at the end of the day mother nature is in charge and we must adopt in other words
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his public health's doctor sara cody wear a mask. >>around san jose today, most people but not everybody here at this costco was doing self i saw the same thing you're on lincoln avenue and willow glen masks and no mask in downtown san jose a similar story now you see a mask now you know. play it safe and reduce your risk it's that simple says doctor cody. >>everywhere we are wherever we go if we're with people outside of our household as we are now we all must wear face coverings with the county reporting 450 new cases last weekend alone we can and must do better says county executive doctor jeff smith, we need to take a different perspective rather than focusing on business sectors. we need to focus on personal responsibility we are in this for the long haul the only way we're going to bend the curve back as a community. >>is it for protecting each other. and our families in a
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much more disciplined way that we have been signs remind people to wear masks here at santana row but compliance was spotty outside. >>people feel less pressure to mascot outdoors they feel more safe from the virus outside and there is evidence that may be true. but close contact occurs outside too. indoors, a maskless person is rare the rules are pretty clear. >>but what hair and nail salons and many other businesses opening next week. it's all about risk reduction says doctor cody when we go out. >>to engage in business or to engage activity. we must do it differently if we don't do it differently or cases will continue to accelerate and we will be in big trouble. >>now there is an existing state mandate for a the wearing of masks and face coverings but there is enforcement mechanism. the county executive today said that the focus ought not be on
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the businesses but rather on the customers themselves again back to the personal responsibility live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you rob. >>of course the reopening process has been a little different for each bay area county san francisco is holding off on reopening indoor dining and outdoor bars because of new cases santa clara county planning to reopen hair and nail salons after getting state permission. despite different tactics health officials in both counties again pleading with people to keep wearing masks and to stay away from others. this week supervisors and yellow county near sacramento. they passed a measure allowing fines up to $10,000 for businesses that repeatedly violate the health orders. >>coming up the growing concern among san francisco parents and whether their children can return to the classroom this fall. and is it even possible to develop a herd immunity to the coronavirus we'll talk about that with the ucsf doctor and
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the community coming together to remember a doctor who was murdered in front of his side. >>and tracking a warming and drying trend in the bay area that is going to peak this weekend bringing 90's for most of our inland areas and mild temperatures along
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>>messages of love and support have been pouring in for a danville family whose father was killed in a random attack and the sierra on friday. kron
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four's maureen kelly reports that people are organizing a virtual vigil to honor the victim. >>friends of the victim have been busy writing messages of love and support to the family of doctor ari gershman on white paper bags. the plan is that monday evening battery operated tea lights will be put inside each bag which will then be placed on the lawn of his family's danville home. they're calling it a love like virtual long luminary photos will be posted on social media after the event because they're asking people not to attend in person before here along with mary was a great guy. >>we can't let people get their thoughts and prayers to the family but also the respect home idling virtually due to covid obviously but also because he just compromised immune system the victim's wife page is also undergoing chemotherapy in the battle against cancer on top of losing her husband to an act of what's being described as random violence. we are just yes still trying to make
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sense of this. so the first tragedy gershman and his 15 year-old son had been off-roading in a jeep inside the tahoe national forest near downeyville. >>when they were fired on the 45 year-old internal medicine doctor was killed his son was able to run off and hide in the wilderness for 30 hours before being found safe. sierra county sheriff's deputies say they arrested the suspect identified as 40 year-old john thomas conley of oroville shortly after rescuing the boy this is a mug shot posted last year when conway was on the butte county sheriff's most wanted list for a felony warrant charging him with vandalism battery and making terrorist threats, according to court records conway was most recently on probation on a felony vehicle theft charge which he allegedly violated in may and a warrant was issued for his arrest less than a month before the fatal shooting of ari gershman this county sheriff's office says conway is also suspected of shooting
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and wounding 2 other people in another random attack on friday. >>not far from where gershwin's body was found maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and san francisco, there is growing concern about how and when schools will reopen in the fall kron four's charles clifford has an update. >>well here in san francisco parents who have kids in the san francisco unified school district and teachers at the district and people who work at the district are all very concerned about what's going to happen with school in the fall and unfortunately right now there are very few answers the school district is right in the middle of the process of trying to figure out how it will if it can reopen schools in august tentatively the date is august 17th that's when school will resume, but what that will look like for the students and the teachers that is an unanswered question at the moment, the school district has put together several working committees were trying to gather information they're also working with the health department here in san
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francisco to come up with guidelines for how kids could go back to class what classes would look like whether that would be a combination of all the kids going back full time 5 days a week or there could also be distance learning where kids are at home. part time or their home all the time and the plan is to eventually submit a proposal a plan to the board of education on july 14th in july 28th at the board's meetings and then move forward from there now the district has also been holding a virtual town halls this week and we also heard from the president of the board of education saying that he understands everyone is frustrated. but they have to get this right. >>the board of education is dedicated to opening at camp says based on what's best for students and families and staff that work in the schools. but we must be guided by what the science tells us and by what is economically feasible that being said we were actually guarding the ocean that we all desire and need our school with their peers and educators and others that make a questions some of the most vibrant and welcoming in the nation now again the
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school district is soliciting questions and ideas from the public through these virtual town halls you can go to kron 4 dot com and we have a link there to more information and also some details on these virtual town halls but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>all right time for a look at the forecast we're looking live outside overlooking san francisco and it was a warm and it was a pretty to damon bruce up. >>yeah, very pleasant temperatures out there, especially along the coast, but warm already as you make your way inland. let's take a live look outside and we could see crystal clear skies in downtown san francisco in quite the temperatures spread out there 59 degrees at half moon bay and nearly 35 degrees warmer for those of you in antioch in the low 90's so fortunately tracking. calmer winds speeds today right now in the teens but we are going to see the return of those warm dry mountain breezes for your thursday afternoon warming up temperatures into the 80's and widespread 90's and not only that but it is
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going to start any moisture that we have out there for your thursday afternoon dropping relative humidity levels in the 20th percentile range for most of the north bay and inland valleys of the east bay, so just keep that in mind. we're tracking widespread low to mid 90's for most of the north bay and also possible triple digit heat for those of you in antioch 99 degrees conquer not that far behind at 97 degrees about 5 to 10 degrees above average 72 for downtown san francisco low 80's for the east bay shoreline and this heat is going to peak on sunday back to you catherine thank abry so well in sports news today, stanford announced plans to eliminate a string of sports programs after the 2020 2021 nazis and the problem of course the pandemic. >>kron four's kate rooney joins us with details kate there's a a lot on that list. >>there sure are a lot of sports, tough news today for more than 240 student athletes and 22 coaches will be affected 11 varsity sports in total set to be cut. and the
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university said today that's due in part to the financial effects of covid-19 here's a list of the sport's being suspended fencing both men's and women's field hockey lightweight rowing men's rowing coed and women sailing squash synchronized swimming men's volleyball and wrestling. this will take stanford from 36 sports which is second most of any school in division, one athletics down to 25 total the university said it had identified a million deficit in athletics operations prior to the pandemic which they project a double in the wake of covid-19 here's director of athletics bernard new york. >>you got to keep in mind we're talking about 36 ports here in ca average as we said in the in the notes is 18 and so we've been punching above our weight for quite some time it just became more cute. as we got into pre covid but then certainly when we got into into this realm. just a bit in such a a large issue that we had to take this measure.
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>>one thing to know your said that the university will fully honor all existing scholarships and coaching contracts for the sports that are set to be eliminated gathering. thank you kate. >>and a texas woman beats both the coronavirus and the flu will have the story of her fight to survive and after the break with help from her tooth fa
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when a young girl in the east bay learned that the oakland zoo was in danger of
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permanently closing because of the pandemic. >>she brainstormed ways to keep it open and the result an online fundraiser she started she said with money from the tooth fairy. it has raised more than $28,000 kron four's phillipe chagall reports. >>for the past week 6 year-old andy solarte has been occupying her time in castro valley by making bracelets tokens of appreciation to the donor she hopes may help save the oakland zoo thank you time and money andy's mother kelly says her daughter is a lifelong member of the zoo. >>before the pandemic the family would visit the more than 750 animals there at least once every couple of months, but shelter-in-place orders have kept the zoo closed since march and last week the president and ceo announced the property may have to permanently close if it's not allowed to reopen this month to talk to her can she imagine not being able to go into tigers and lions and
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bears in real life. >>and the only be able to see it on television or reading about it in a book and say just women real travesty the zoo says operating expenses run about $1 million a month and it's down to its last million in reserve funds last week and he started a facebook fundraiser for the conservation society of california the nonprofit organization that manages the zoo really on starting off the donations at a gold $200. >>and actually donated at the first $5 that she had earned from that she's very that we could just lost her to within 24 hours and he had already raised $13,000 and nearly a week later more than 670 individual donors have contributed more than $28,000. >>india is sending homemade bracelets to everyone who donates more than peel costs $800,000 a year just to feed
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the animals alone. >>and so as know what you re so far you're able to see it every summer animal at the zoo for 2 weeks started. isn't it that way not too long, but it's something to use this large say the fundraiser will continue through the end of the month before andy resumes school. >>phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>million coronavirus infections officials are clashing over the next steps and the supreme court rules on to birth control cases by they ruled employers can refuse to offer free contraception and after the break and we actually develop herd
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