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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 8, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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there are now more than 3 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and as numbers continue to go up. >>the debate and how and when to reopen continues. camilla bernal has the latest. >>19 cases in the u.s. hits new records. the white house coronavirus task force needs at the u.s. department of education is time for us to get our kids back to school the briefing focusing on
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reopening schools and doing it safely. >>they must fully open and they must be fully operational and how that happens is best left to education and community leaders. >>before the meeting president trump tweeting his disagreement with cdc guidelines for opening schools and in another tweet saying he may cut off funding if the schools don't open all this as the country reaches 3 million covid-19 cases and at least 2 dozen states have paused or rolled back reopening plans new cases in the u.s. continue to rise at a record rate with the country reporting more than 16,000 cases tuesday. its highest single daily count. since the pandemic began it's a dire situation. >>and if people don't. observe very careful social this is saying it will get even worse. >>still the white house says it sees some promising signs
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and is confident about the road ahead we slow the spread before. then we can do it again. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>doctors are studying whether it's even possible to develop a herd immunity to the coronavirus kron 4 sanaz tahernia talked to a professor at the ucsf school of medicine. >>i guess let's just start off explaining what herd immunity is exactly and how would it take for us to get there. >>so the concept of herd immunity with any virus within action is here that if not people have been exposed. to a virus that you get to a certain point where the virus will no longer spread rapidly the population because there's so many people exposed somewhat exposed to it they can't pass it on because they themselves have been immune. and that is essentially how we achieve control of viruses or infections win. we as a
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population where never immune to it before so this would be for measles this before any infection human we should infections we're talking about stars of the 2 here on and you the population. you want that population eventually to become immune enough. sense that it slows down spread on its own. that's what heard in the distance a let's say the flu something we're very familiar with. >>when you contract the flu, your body developed antibodies and t cells against the flu is that right. >>yes, it does actually and in fact antibodies are somewhat useless as antibodies change with the type of flu the are exposed what really matters in viral infections and unplanned go infections is having that arm and the immune system which is called the memory t cells that can cause you to have long-term protections if this virus doesn't change too much. other coronaviruses like
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sars the first sars epidemic in 2003 has shown us that we are capable of getting t cell immune responses to the virus and that we can stay in. >>the fda is warning labs and doctors that a common covid-19 test is giving false positive results. it is called the b d mac system diagnostic test it has an error rate of about 3%. the nasal swab based test was given an emergency authorization from the fda in april the fda is now recommending that patients confirm results with another authorized test, the company is working with the fda to fix that problem. president trump is threatening to cut funding for states if they do not open reopen schools and the fall the president tweeting today that other countries have open schools with no problems saying democrats want to keep schools closed for political reasons he says he might cut off funding of schools are not
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open. although he's not detail on exactly what kind of funding. >>lawmakers and some elite universities are pushing back on a trump administration rule. >>that would send international students back to their countries if their classes are all done online. joe khaleel reports. >>this democrat judy chu says the trump administration's order to send international students back to their home countries if their colleges don't hold in person classes means going back on america's promise for students apply for hire can pull expected to be able to complete there. >>education that you proposed order is we did at but congressman ted lieu says international students benefit the u.s. they embrace the universities and colleges. >>they're providing innovation creativity that helping the economy new says he suspects the administration's order is
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really aimed at pressuring universities to fully reopen in the fall like a ham-handed way to try to do that and it's not just lawmakers pushing back wednesday morning harvard and mit asked a federal court. >>to block the administration's order acting deputy homeland security secretary ken cuccinelli defended the order in a cnn interview on tuesday there isn't a reason a person holding a student visa. >>to be present in the country they should go home and then they can return when the school opens he says the order doesn't descend ruled foreign students if they're going to be a 100% online then we wouldn't expect people to be here for that could you know he said the order does include universities across the board to commit to holding in person classes in washington. >>i'm joe khaleel. >>the supreme court is expected to rule tomorrow on whether congress can see the president's taxes and other financial records, the president has been fighting hard to keep them private he's been losing the battle throughout the process. but
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the record still have not been turned over pending a final court ruling the fight has significant implications regarding the president's power to refuse a formal request from congress. and this just in to the kron 4 news room, san francisco mayor london breed she's waiting for results from the coronavirus test. after she says she attended an event where somebody did have covid-19. the mayor says the person who had the virus knew they were positive. breed says it is reckless simply reckless as she put it for people who test positive to go out and risk the lives of others. coming up another curve ball for 2020 dozens of storms being predicted for the hurricane season. >>and you knew somebody was going to try this at texas company wants to make it possible to eat and drink while you are wearing a mask and the social media giant that migh
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>>might be working on a new subscription based platform. the company made a job posting today looking for a senior software engineer at a subscription platform called griffen the listing said the job would be with a new team describing it as a first for the company, but twitter says it is not a product announcement but didn't elaborate on what it was the company's shares still jumped 8% after that posting. still ahead new consumer spending
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and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. was up in may particularly impressive during a pandemic mandy gaither explains it's a sign businesses are continuing to adapt. >>from small companies to big box corporations, the coronavirus has delivered a blow to businesses across the
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u.s. according to the latest report from the bureau of economic analysis personal income decreased 4.2% in may but consumer spending went up more than 8% companies are evolving in an effort to lift sales in the age of covid-19 strategies like curbside pickup have exploded in popularity. the past few months but the concept is easier for retailers that operate freestanding stores and have space to provide the service is not so easy for america's enclosed malls, especially for tenants who don't have a door leading outdoors other businesses making different changes like contactless delivery some stores are offering special hours for older shoppers and costco stop selling their have sheet cakes that serve about 50 now only serving smaller cakes some states scaling back on reopenings business owners are hoping these changes will help them stay afloat for
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today's consumer watch i'm mandy gaither if you want to travel, but you want to avoid a crowded plane amtrak has a new offer. >>it is offering a buy one get one free discount and tickets for its sleeper cars, travelers in those rooms get priority they can now get lounge access at the major stations since the room as private people also don't have to wear their masks at least not while they are in the room. the year 2020 is going to be thrown another curve ball 20 named hurricanes are being forecast for the upcoming storm season. it is also expected to happen earlier than usual. the last time 20 or more storms were projected that was august of 2005 a record breaking season. researchers say sea surface temperatures in the atlantic have been above average for months, the peak of the season hurricane season is between august and september. thus take another live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero it was a nice day and it was a
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warm embrace about getting a lot warmer. >>yeah it's going to get a lot warmer in the coming days all throughout the 2nd half of the weekend. that's when this many heat wave is going to peak, going to see a gradual warming trend from now until then and already tracking those changes. no marine layer in sight but fortunately tracking calmer winds speeds as well very similar tomorrow, but we are going to be a little bit warmer throughout downtown san francisco, warming up to 72 degrees so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average there mid 60's for half moon bay at 67 degrees daly city also warming up into the mid 60's there, widespread low to mid 70's from brisbane to burlingame with burlingame warming up to 76 degrees low 80's for foster city and mountain view warming up to 82 degrees and mid and upper 80's for those of you in the south bay 40 with a 94 cupertino in san jose. well peta's and santa clara you're going to warm up into the mid 80's and we're back in the 90's for most of our inland valleys,
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high fire danger concerns because of the warm and dry conditions could see relative humidity. drop in the 20th percentile because of the return of those offshore winds warming up temperatures at liver were at 93 degrees low 80's throughout the east bay shoreline. so about 10 degrees above average for those of you at oakland, you should be in the low 70's, but tomorrow warming up to 80 degrees low 90's for napa and santa rosa 95 degrees and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. the peak will be on sunday with little relief 7 days from now back to you catherine thank a gruesome. >>the day in sports stanford university announced it's eliminating nearly a dozen sports programs part of the problem the pandemic attorney says kate rooney joins us now with details kate. >>that's right catherine stanford announced the elimination of 11 varsity sports which will affect some 240 athletes and 22 coaches, here's a list of the sport's being suspended fencing both men's and women's field hockey lightweight rowing men's
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rowing cohen and women sailing squash synchronized swimming. men's volleyball and wrestling the cuts will take effect after the upcoming season of su ming of course that sports will even be played this fall or spring, stanford has promised to fill all scholarships and coaching contracts for the sports in question. but the university said it had identified a million deficit in athletics operations prior to the pandemic which projects will double in the wake of covid-19 here's director of athletics bernard new york. >>you got to keep in mind we're talking about 36 sports here in ca average as we said in the in the notes is 18 and so we've been punching above our weight for quite some time it just became more acute. as we got into pre covid but then certainly when we got into into this realm. just beat in such a a large issue that we had to take this measure. >>the giants resume workouts at oracle park today after canceling yesterday's training session while the team awaited covid testing results, you're
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looking at video from a couple days ago. >>they said today that those results from saturday testing all came back negative. the a's were also on the field today for second full day of workouts after their own testing delays on monday. outfielder mark hanna said from a baseball standpoint though things are trending in the right direction. >>i feel a little rusty facing about 4 about now so we're getting into the swing of it it's going to take a little more time to feel good. i think the but my body feels good and. you know workloads been been really good. >>and finally some unexpected forty-niners news today breakout star running back raheem mostert is requesting a trade for his agents threat tesler this comes quote after months of unproductive talks but the team most are led the team with 776 yards and 10 touchdowns last season, including a franchise record 220 yards in the nfc
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championship game. >>he's currently on a special teams contractor 2021, which makes him only the 4th highest paid running back on the team behind jerick mckinnon who's never played snap for the 49 ers fullback kyle use check and tevin coleman. the team has yet to comment on the matter catherine. thank you kate. >>coming up next the possible well many people have such a misunderstanding
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helping customers like these use the equity from their homes to finance their lives. they know the importance of having financial security. make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. it's a good thing. access your equity. stay in your home. have peace of mind. >>the latest fashion accessory this year is the face mask like it or not. but it is not
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great of course when you're trying to eat or drink. now texas based company has created a face mask with a zipper they insist it will make it easy to an cip and take a gulp of water or a bite of food, the zippered facemasks cost about $35 that come in a variety of fabrics and colors, the company is called shut your mouth and it does have a website coca-cola is closing down the smoothie company owed walla it was founded in santa cruz a 1980 by 3 people who so their product to restaurants from the back of a 1968 volkswagen van at first. the company has been headquartered in half moon bay since 1995. coca-cola bought it in 2001, roughly 300 people will lose their jobs. the company will stop delivering and walla to stores this month and will pick up unsold smoothies in august. >>we're realizing biased not saying something wasn't enough
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that we needed to start saying something. >>a new york pa been 900 other businesses across the u.s. they are brewing support for the black community unveiling the black is beautiful beer to raise money for black women owned business is a co-owner says that brother risk losing a few customers than tolerating hate. 100% of the money raised will go to to programs that help inner-city women of color, build foundations of success. the collaboration of 900 companies was organized by a black on brewing company in san antonio texas, a homeless man in washington dc risked his own life to help save a police officer reporter sam ford has that story. >>police chief peter newsham came personally to hotel today to say thank you to john burroughs homeless made them i mean, but she's talking about
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an incident last thursday downtown and officer was trying to get a man to stop. >>burroughs was watching is the man turned on the officer is saying anything this turnaround said those surveyed in my years i burleson after watching for an instant he grabbed and punched the stabber and with the officer got them and under control he was arrested about me really enough aid. >>and then at that and he just couple mean fabian anybody you know i don't care who was you know it's going to stab >>dc human services put boroughs up in a hotel started a go fund me account for him, but so far up to $16,000 and publicity of the answers that got the attention of his family and prince william county who hadn't seen him for years this nice renee came today 8 years. >>and when asked about him calm my grandma. my mom said he heard from uncle don. this is every time he came around
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he was funny. humble. >>she even brought a cake for the hero. he says he's been living on the streets of dc more than 20 years for the best thing you've had been a hit and run. >>the unit again miami that you. >>that was sam ford reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 we'll see you tonight at 8 on your bay area's local news station.
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all out war, president trump and his niece, the shocking photo just revealed, mary trump in the oval office. then, no more singing in church? why they're banning sunday choir. and the super spilters that clean the air you breathe. is this a game changer in the fight against covid-19? plus, actor will smith, what he is revealing about his youth. >> i had been called [ bleep ] by the cops on more than one occasion. and best catch, ever. he


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