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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 10, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning everybody thank you for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news today is friday july 10th, i'm james fletcher and we've got a lot of news to get to which we will in a moment, but first let's start the hour with a check of the forecast we have john trouble standing by with a look at somewhat of a warm-up for the weekend ahead john yes, definitely warmer conditions for the week ahead james which is saying something because we've been warm all week long today warmer than yesterday tomorrow going to be warmer than today. >>and sunday you guessed it even warmer than that so time to settle in for some heat as
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of this morning skies are nice and clear over berkeley, but if you head out towards the coast. there is a layer fog that you can make out right over san francisco. that funny layer right up the coastline is going to help or coastal areas to stay nice and cool today in fact a little cooler than yesterday right up and down the pacific elsewhere, it's just warmer weather ahead of us fog is going to strut right a stream over the bay a little bit later on like we saw yesterday you're likely to see a bit more of it in areas like san mateo it's not going to last for long though for the rest of the bay area with skies really clearing out warming up pretty quickly this morning as for stormtracker 4 we're nice and dry smooth drive into work if you have to do that this morning until you head to the coast where you may run into some coastal drizzle. 50's for current temperatures alongside the bay and up the coast. while 60's and even some 70's for inland valleys. fairfield conquer double in livermore all in the 60's right now while pittsburgh, a standout a lot warmer than that san francisco
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and fairfield wind speeds are still breezy after having picked up last night while areas like livermore hayward half moon bay and san jose have seen increasingly calm conditions that something that areas like san francisco in fairfield are going to tap into later on with increasingly calm winds by the time we work towards the latter part of your morning. today's daytime highs well warmer than yesterday as i mentioned for inland spots well into the 90's a couple areas getting close to the triple digit mark while beside areas in the upper 70's to low 80's and coastal areas in the upper 60's to low 70's. i've got more on your forecast still to come james. thank you john for 2 is the time and breaking news overnight with to contra costa county sheriff's deputies. >>shock following an hours long standoff in the east bay. the shooter in the end was fatally shot by deputies when they returned fire. so we have video from the scene last night this was on the 1700 block of green acres lane in nights and that's near brentwood. the standoff began
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just before 10 o'clock yesterday morning when a woman called deputies say that she was being held hostage after being physically abused by the shooter. she managed to get away. but the gunman remained in the home firing shots at deputies throughout the day then at around 9 o'clock last night the shooter came out of the house and fired a shotgun at police injuring 2 deputies. officers returned fire, fatally shooting the gunman, the injured deputies are recovering at a local hospital. and happening now in santa clara county the sheriff's deputies there are investigating human remains that were found in a creek bed in unincorporated san jose. arafat close to a tent or homeless encampment near santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenue. it's still too early to determine the identity of those remains. >>california texas florida arizona. now experiencing surges of infections. that have gone up to 30,040 50 and most recently a total of
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60,000 new cases per day. we need to get our arms around that stephen we need to do something about it quickly because if we don't is a possibility. we may be seeing surgeons and other area. >>you know new warning from the nation's top infectious disease expert calling out california for its surge. it covid-19 cases in our cities and counties could be forced to reinstate stay at home orders again kron four's gayle ong has reaction now from a local doctor. >>all of us are going in the wrong direction and so clearly we've got to scale back what we've been doing and be less open than we were but we're not at the place where we need everybody to stay at home just yet los angeles mayor eric garcetti says the city could reinstate a stay at home and 8 if the city says more cases we asked doctor robert wachter of ucsf how the bay area measures up with the state. it would have to be really bad for that much worse than we are in california is bad the bay area
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is not quite as bad as the rest of california. >>california is not quite as bad as texas or arizona or florida. >>alameda county is the hot spot in the bay area but health mandates remain in place which means outdoor dining is still allowed it's business as usual in downtown pleasanton where outdoor dining was allowed last month we were there when gabby a jelly owner of bochy be stone bars first weekend serving customers outside a boost in sales since operating take out only right now there's a good normal so. >>if we go backwards and there's going to be a lot of confusion. you know a lot of people that our whole staff come back into work so i could go back where you just make things a lot more complicated thursday napa county scaled back on orders shutting down indoor services after seeing a rise in covid-19 cases, a jelly-like many business owners here hope there's no changes we hope not it was really really hectic during that time so hopefully everything calms down because
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we all are struggling with a very hard time. another thing doctor wachter pointed out. >>was that as the bay area sees capacity in hospitals, many of the patients are actually transferred from southern california. here in pleasanton gayle ong kron 4 news. >>and here's a closer look at the numbers for california and the bay area statewide as you can see we have more than 302,000 infections with more than 6800 deaths in the bay area with more than 30,000 cases now with 625 reported deaths from covid-19 and in related news today, we have sonoma county being added to the states watch list of counties that are seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. being listed on this watch list means that a roll-back on reopenings for at least 3 weeks is now required in crawford's michelle kingston talk with business owners about their concerns. >>crazy emotional roller coaster dust and the lettuce describing life is a business owner during the coronavirus pandemic he transformed his restaurant from an indoor
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dining establishment to a takeout concept in order to feed his customers and pay his employees 2 weeks ago they reopen their doors and while people were allowed inside the let pat to remove 60% of his tables, it was a pretty rough i think technically 3 months but felt like 5 years. but we're excited, you know to get out of it and. you know now we're kind of staying in the world to know she can't let may have to shut his doors to diners once again with the state monitoring sonoma county because of an increase in hospitalizations in coronavirus cases, these red flags may put them on the watch list meaning museums card rooms ou's bars indoor dining breweries and wineries that just reopened may have to close down once again it's it's been it's been really hard just to just to kind of winnow throughs of the various bits of information to figure out. >>what you actually pull that really how you react right next door to the let restaurant is the car to graft
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tasting room, its owners plan to start outdoor seating on friday and will bring in food in order to stay open where we're going in there as long as we can as long as we can stay open we'll we'll keep keep as many people as we can now if sonoma county is put on that watch list these restrictions will last for at least 3 weeks. >>in sonoma county, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the east bay u c berkeley says that 47 students have tested positive for coronavirus in one weekend, many of those cases they say were linked to parties and fraternities. now the university is revealing which fraternities recorded the spike in cases because of privacy concerns but the university spokesperson says some of those infections lead to secondary spread within households. health officials with the campus and the city of berkeley have been using contact tracing to try and reach people exposed to those students who tested positive. they're advising students to self quarantine and get tested. and oakland donald's linked a 25 coronavirus cases
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will reopen on sunday with new safety measures in place. the restaurant is on telegraph avenue right or highway 24p 5.80. it shut down in may after a coronavirus outbreak forced workers to go on strike to protest the working conditions there. when the mcdonald's reopens on sunday. it has to follow safety guidelines outlined in a court order. it includes new cleaning protocols contact tracing and masks and equipment to protect against the virus. in the north bay, the restaurant owner is slamming how the stated forces covid-19 safety measures. jason dvds owns the loft wine bar and restaurant in benicia well the restaurant was cited by the department of alcohol beverage control this week for not following state guidelines. the fda says 2 officers came in asked employees about why they were wearing masks and then cited citations were written that simply said no masks. the owner believes their approach was heavy-handed. >>it provides direction. they just simply rocha citation after interviewing my employees they told my staff
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they were unable. they were not allowed to record them. so the interactions so my stab was very uncomfortable with it and it was it was very intimidating i think that abc is out of line for the way that they're conducting the strike force. >>officials were called to the restaurant due to a complaint about a lack of employees wearing masks the restaurant owner admits at least 4 of his 5 staffers, weren't wearing masks when the inspectors came by. >>in the east bay, a major street in downtown alameda is being restructured to help businesses and restaurants increased some space for social distancing. >>the project should be completed today and we have krause forcefully that recall now with a closer look. >>businesses in downtown alameda are taking to the streets. we think it's going to greatly help our business daisies mercantile conor run mooney encouraged by the merck city crews are laying out on park street in front of his business. the city is re striping about 4 blocks of the road between tilden way and will have a news to allow shop
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owners to turn existing curbside parking spaces into park lists and room for outdoor dining retail and space for customers to safely lineup for services store parkway will be in the parking space right here. >>there will be a wood plank in going out here last month the city council approved launching the commercial streets program, the area of roadway being re striped will be reduced from 4 lanes to 2 lanes the existing parking lanes are being transformed into space for outdoor dining retail and customer pick up. >>the outer traffic lanes will be used for parking the 2 inside lanes will accommodate vehicle and bike traffic mooney who is also treasurer of the downtown alameda business association says the city also streamlined the permitting process for businesses like his that intend to build park lists last thursday we put in our application and we got our yesterday so that's very fast standard city work and the
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city says similar work will be done later this month on webster street between taylor and lincoln avenues traffic will be impacted no doubt that danya miri believes people will adjust she's the principal engineer for the city's public works department pretty confident our buses are not getting impacted. >>parking is up for the most part preserve christie hamilton who works at somebody and sometimes spot thinks this project. we'll have a positive impact if it gets us back just. >>being able to get back to sort of a a new normal of life that was just the awesome the re striping is scheduled for completion friday, the new street layout will stay in place through the first week of november in alameda felipe de gaulle kron 4 news. >>for 12 is the time and still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news as we murph move further into fire season, we'll tell you how the coronavirus is impacting the state's ability to fight those fires. here's a live look outside our senator rich
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camera showing us what it's like right now on 92 as folks make their way across the span. we'll be right back.
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>>the back for 15 more than 4,000 wildfires have burned so far this year and despite the pandemic california is ramping up its firefighting efforts. emergency management leaders have given an update on the state's preparedness for another intense wildfire
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season. the state is bringing on more than 850 seasonal firefighters through at least october and this they say will provide help to hand crews that are usually provided by the state's prison system. >>the hots are getting hotter. the drives are getting drier. the wets are getting wetter you may call that climate change you may call that global warming. but one thing we know is our approach to dealing. with wildfires has to change and adapt with a climate that is changing very very dramatically. >>a nuisance as the recently passed state budget allows for up equipment upgrades that includes 2 helicopters to help fight fire at night. and 80 million dollars to hire 172 full-time firefighters. >>well firefighters continue to make progress on the crews fire that's the one burning of gilroy cal fire says it's now 85% contained. it broke out on sunday don't forget and crews
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are actually grew to about 5400 acres at least one structure was destroyed investigators are still looking into exactly how that fire started. we'll keep an eye on the weather because john's been saying it is increasingly each passing day and that's not good news for firefighters. here's the live look outside our sutro tower camera actually showing us a little bit of fog blanketing san francisco we're not seeing it all that widespread around the ban fortunately, john yeah, a good that we're not seeing the fog i guess making an impact on your morning commute all across the bay area. >>as you saw from senator tower and now the golden gate bridge. separately presence right a little bit closer to the coastline. golden gate bridge are heading out just fine if you're making that crossing. visibility is hovering just below a mile right now those to take it a little bit slower as for stormtracker 4 we're dry in this forecast. we just talked about high fire danger and that is something that we're going to be talking about more into the weekend as we are going to see daytime highs continuing to get warmer in these days to come a little
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cooler at the coast with that fog. that's hovering out there but that's about the only spot in the bay that i'm going to be using the word cooler for today as increasingly hot conditions for inland valleys and even areas right along side, the bay can be expected as we work our way into the weekend. what does that mean for daytime highs will for san francisco not a big difference here little cooler toward sunset district while similar in mission financial districts, daly city mid 60's for you half moon bay falling from 70 today to 67 not a huge difference. burlingame you'll be at 79 today with 80's back in play for saying carlos palo alto and mountain view at 88 degrees today, south bay temperatures right around the same as yesterday's morgan hill, los gatos in saratoga it's back to the low 90's for you while 90's also return for inland valleys like livermore 96 degrees walnut creek at 93 conquered also at 96. oakland and san leandro 77 for daytime highs that's actually a touch cooler for you than yesterday korea increased sea breeze
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really helping oakland out today. napa and sonoma low 90's for daytime highs while pittsburgh in antioch very close to 100 degrees c c 99 for both cities today. santa rose at 92. well petaluma nevado each 87. now from today into tomorrow temperatures won't change much but will be a degree or 2 higher for many spots across the bay, our hottest day of the weekend will that will be on sunday with daytime highs even closer to the triple digits for inland valleys we round the corner start to show signs of cooling down towards the start of next week and by the middle to end of next week finally seeing some 80's returning to our inland valleys. james, all right. thank you very much. john is quick check of the roads this morning as we take a live look outside the bay bridge approach traffic moving just fine. >>so far so good here nobody really reporting any problems the chp logs looks pretty clear. now i think i'm picking up right now is a report of a fire grass fire basically off the side of 5.80 out near
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grant line road. but that's just about it the golden gate bridge also looking good for you this morning, the right on one with southbound humming along just fine, there's a little bit of fog as you can see in the shot but there it's not thick enough really to slow down traffic so you're making good time former in county down into san francisco. we'll have another weather traffic check in just a bit. let's get back to the headlines now we have california still losing jobs during this pandemic in fact the latest jobs report shows more than 260,000 new unemployment claims filed. this past week crawford's taylor sackey has reaction now from the former director of the employment development department. >>well its sights like this that are very troubling to see right now you know many of these businesses have been boarded up since the beginning of the pandemic and now months later, they're still closed meanwhile places like restaurants are running out of loan money to pay their employees with forcing them to lay off employees that they already brought back to work. >>the pandemic continues to swallow more businesses and jobs in its latest report, the california employment development department says
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the press has 267,123 new unemployment claims last week now we never had anything comparable to this an employment attorney and former director of the california employment development department michael bernick says the unemployment numbers over the last 4 months or concerning especially as we see many reopening timelines in the bay area come to a screeching halt question that's the main storyline of the past week or past 2 weeks. the fact that we had a plan we're moving forward. >>in my view to slow but we're moving. ford on the plan and in the past couple we moved back. indoor dining other forms of activities have been cut back we're beginning to see this even now. the past week's numbers but i think we're going to start seeing more bernanke like many others predicts more unemployment claims are to follow. unfortunately, businesses permanently closing due to financial struggles is nothing
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new but now restrictions are being reimposed across the bay area in many small businesses are running out of money from the payment protection program. >>or ppp loans be paycheck protection program which subsidized. >>up to a 100% subsidize jobs. for many companies that will be we'll have been spent. i june 30th, even though now it's recently congress extended use the time, yes, somebody a lot of companies have spent by june 30 is i take that fear, we're going to a significant number of jobs that were subsidized by the paycheck protection program. now turning into layoffs contributing to an economy that's becoming more dependent on unemployment insurance this morning. edd release its most recent figures, it's paid out over 40 billion mail 40 billion in unemployment insurance over 7.7 million. unemployment claims. so i mean
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we are an economy that basically subsisting in good part on unemployment checks fence. that's not sustainable ball, many jobs may not come back for a while bernanke suggest using approaches from the past things like transitional jobs already california is doing that with contact tracers. >>until his sacking reporting kron 4 news. >>i mean a warning here in washington thousands of hotels will be forced to close this september if congress doesn't
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>>we're back at 4.25 national headlines this morning with empty hotels across the country struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic and now lawmakers are working on a plan to save that industry and work it takes a look. >>what should have been a busy travel season. could now be the last for some who town what we've seen are occupancy rates dropped to a level that the industry has never recorded before chip rogers with the american hotel and lodging association says more than 8,000 us hotels could be forced to close in september of business travel doesn't pick up by this fall in the ppp funding has run out the really bad problem that exists today is going to result in massive foreclosures for a tells rogers is asking congress to step in and help before it's too late give them a low interest loan give them something where they can just stay afloat i have hotels i i
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don't know how my community functions texas republican congressman van taylor says he has a plan to keep hotels operating and 8 million americans working in those hotels employed. taylor in over 100 members of congress wrote a letter to the treasury department asking for money that would go directly to the hotel's struggling to fill their rooms lending enough money to make the mortgage payments until the revenue comes back us pass the basic idea. taylor says that would help get hotels through the fall but to survive the pandemic he plans to introduce legislation soon that would provide a more permanent fix. >>in washington, i'm anna warren, a key. >>3 deputies were shot and one man is dead and a
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>>breaking news overnight 3 deputies were shot and a gunman killed in a shootout in contra costa county near brentwood. it happened. right after a 12 hour standoff with that gun in fact, here's a closer look at where the shooting took place. the map points to wear green acres lane is located there in night since right up highway 4 in lone tree way and that's where we have kron four's reyna harvey standing by now with the very latest on the dramatic scene that played out there right now. >>that's right james it lasted


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