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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 10, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>kron four's reyna harvey is there now the sheriff's department with the latest on this >>and good morning, 3 of those deputies were shot 2 of them actually had to be transported to a hospital this all originating from a domestic violence call out that those deputies were responding to what we want to show you that scene from overnight take a look at the response that this. they are okay that suspect responded to you can see right here. this is on the 1700 block of green acres lane in nights to like you mentioned, when that man barricaded himself inside of a home with a woman. now the woman told deputies that the gunman was holding her hostage she said that man broke her ribs. >>and pour gasoline on her while threatening to set her on fire. now the contra costa sheriff's office swat team along with the hostage negotiating team was also called out to the scene that man continued to shoot at the deputies, several times during the day and would not give up
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that woman able to xscape now that evening the gunman came out of the house and fired a shotgun at members of the swat team, you know that 3 of them were hit, we know that 2 of them in the hospital, the deputies returned fire they hit and killed that man. now 2 of the deputies like i mentioned we're still waiting to hear word on their status after being taken to the hospital and since this was a deputy involved shooting there are multiple agencies that are still investigating this for now reporting here in contra costa county reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>all right, thank you very much random. >>6 o one right now and get a look at the weather and get ready for the heat. >>john yeah, it is going to be a hot weekend even hotter than we've been so far this week temperatures only climbing in the days ahead of us today other than yesterday tomorrow little hotter than today. and then sunday even hotter, yeah, a little bit of fog heading out into the bay right now
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from suture tower can see the bay right there in the distance. some of those spots of fog that are sitting over the east bay too. this is keeping temperatures a little cooler for coastal areas this morning. well our inland areas are actually already off to a pretty warm start with uppers 60's unconquered low 70's in pittsburgh compare that to the low 50's in san francisco in pacifica mid 50's right now in oakland. later today, temperatures out the coast will remain nice and cool well inland, nothing cool about it highs into the mid 90's for inland valleys with upper 70's to low 80's. right along the bay back to you. thanks a lot john. >>starting today it's expected sonoma county is going to be on the states watch list for coronavirus because of an increase kron four's will tran is live in petaluma with what that means to me and you will. >>that means that if you want to go indoors to the restaurants, the tasting rooms to the bars that will not happen because they are rolling that back because the
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case is not only slightly went up the area and has exploded over the past month or so in fact let me draw your attention to the screen. this is always been a numbers game, especially when you're talking about coronavirus just to give you texture on the state's decision to roll back some of the opening of the bars and the restaurants look at this so since this whole thing started last month when they started tracking a 2 week. span early june, they're sitting at 20 cases for every 100,000 residents that is super because the benchmark is at 100 for 100,000 they were well below that as of today, they're sitting at 111 cases for 100,000 people it has gone up 5 times in 5 weeks in fact they had 42 cases just yesterday and since the pandemic started 14 people have died and sonoma county since june 28th, 9 of those 14
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have died so the cases are just exploding in sonoma county and they want to get those numbers down because they don't want the hospitals to simply be overrun with coronavirus patients a lot of businesses of course they were hurting during the shelter-in-place they were so happy when the state started to loosen his grip on some of the guidelines allowing people to go back in and dine inside a restaurant is going to taste the rooms tasting rooms. but now that is not happening because we've been told for many weeks now that inside is more much more dangerous then outside but that might be the case but that's not good news to restaurant owners. >>pretty rough i think technically 3 months but felt like 5 years. but we're excited, you know to get out of it and. you know now we're kind of staying in the world to know if can see it's been it's been really hard just to just to kind of window through the the various bits of
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information to figure out. >>what you actually pull that really how you react are going in there as long as we can as long as we can stay open. we'll we'll keep keep as many people as we can. >>so they will try their best it doesn't mean that the restaurants are shut down you can still do take-out they have outdoor eating patios and that's still available to you of course that will make it harder to get a reservation because now maybe only half of the restaurant is available to the public. this is a 3 week window just like we did in napa county yesterday when i was there to report that they will monitor the situation for the next 3 weeks as far as the guidelines at this particular point again they're just making sure that the hospitals are not overrun. but while they're on this watch list aria they are talking about many things might be hard to enforce but one of the things that they're bouncing around as far as discussion. possible enforcement of masks in may be levying fines for those who are not wearing the mask when they can not ab social
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distance back to you and just what you said that. >>and a kid behind you was skateboarding wear the mask on nobody was around him and he still had the mass which is awesome that's what it's going to take will. >>that's right. i mean this face a doctor fauci is talked about this if a lot of people of all of us wore masks when we can not social distance. this thing would be a lot better than what it is of course a lot of people have politicized did but isn't on the county there. it sounds like they're tough they're done with politicizing it so they are bouncing around the idea that possible enforcement that's just extra duty, 4 police officers out there, but they say they got to get the numbers down you don't want to overrun the hospitals we have to do something all right. thanks a lot. well. >>california texas florida, arizona. and now experiencing surges of infections could have gone up to 30,040 50 and most recently a total of 60,000 new cases per day we
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need to get our arms around that stephen we need to do something about it quickly because if we don't is a possibility. we may be seeing surgeons and other area. >>well we'll just mention doctor fauci there you saw the nation's top infectious disease expert, and there was with a new warning calling out california for its surge in covid-19 cases and now our cities and counties could be forced to reinstate stay at home orders once again offers gayle ong has more reaction from local doctors. >>all of us are going in the wrong direction and so clearly we've got to scale back what we've been doing and be less open than we were but we're not at the place where we need everybody to stay at home just yet los angeles mayor eric garcetti says the city could reinstate a stay at home and 8 of the city says more cases we asked doctor robert wachter of ucsf how the bay area measures up with the state. it would have to be really bad for that much worse than we are in california is bad the bay area
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is not quite as bad as the rest of california. >>california is not quite as bad as texas or arizona or florida. >>alameda county is the hot spot in the bay area but health mandates remain in place which means outdoor dining is still allowed it's business as usual in downtown pleasanton where outdoor dining was allowed last month we were there when gabby a jelly owner of bochy be stone bars first weekend serving customers outside a boost in sales since operating take out only right now there's a good normal so. >>if we go backwards and there's going to be a lot of all you know a lot of people that our whole staff come back into work so i could go back where you just make things a lot more complicated thursday napa county scaled back on orders shutting down indoor services after seeing a rise in covid-19 cases, a jelly-like many business owners here hope there's no changes we hope not it was really really hectic during that time so hopefully everything calms down because
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we all are struggling with a very hard time. another thing doctor wachter pointed out. >>was that as the bay area sees capacity in hospitals, many of the patients are actually transferred from southern california. here in pleasanton gayle ong kron 4 news. >>and here's a look at the numbers themselves california we're now seeing more than 302,000 infections with more than 6800 deaths. locally the bay area has more than 30,000 confirmed cases but 625 people dying now from covid-19. >>in the east bay u c berkeley says 47 students have tested positive for coronavirus in one week. many of the cases linked 2 parties at fraternities cal is not revealing which france recorded the spike in cases because of privacy. the university says that some of the infections lead to secondary spread within households, health officials with the campus and the city of berkeley have been using contract rate contact tracing
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to reach people exposed to the students who tested positive and they're devising students to stay in self quarantine. oakland mcdonald's linked to 25 coronavirus cases is reopening on sunday with new safety measures in place. the mcdonald's we're talking about is on telegraph avenue near highway 24. and i 5.88 shut down in may. after an outbreak forced workers to go on strike to protest the working conditions. when mcdonald's at mcdonald's reopens on sunday. it has to follow safety guidelines outlined by court order including. >>new protocol for cleaning contact tracing. >>masks and equipment to protect against the virus. >>in the north bay restaurant owner is upset with how the state enforces its covid-19 safety measures this after his employees were caught not
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wearing masks. jason debate, us owns the loft wine in a bar and restaurant in benicia the restaurant was cited by the department of alcohol beverage control this week for not following the state guidelines by having its employees wear masks. divita says 2 officers came in as the employees why they weren't wearing masks and when they were given satisfactory answers. a citation was written that simply said no masks now the owner believes their approach was heavy-handed. >>they did provide direction. they just simply rocha citation after interviewing my employees they told my staff they were unable. they were not allowed to record them. so the interactions so my stab was very uncomfortable with it and it was it was very intimidating i think that abc is out of line for the way that they're conducting the strike force. >>so that was the perspective of the owner of the restaurant, but again officials were called there because customers complained that the employees were wearing masks the restaurant owner and it's indeed 4 of his staffers. we're not wearing
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masks when they should have been. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, starbucks will soon require that you wear a mask and all of its stores are going to tell you when that goes into effect. >>the marin county fair may have been canceled, but the county has set up a fair food drive through that's right you can get your fair favorites, we'll tell you all about it. coming up in a live report. >>and certainly feels like summer fare kind of weather out there this weekend daytime highs climbing even warmer today than yesterday look at today than yesterday look at this number great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa!
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>>6.15 is the time and now for my favorite story of the day the county fair in moran, although itself has been canceled you can still enjoy the food at the fair what is it. >>deep fried twinkies that you crave haha whatever you want you can get it in a drive through this weekend. governor sarah stinson live in sandra fell with more on how this is going >>cotton sarah. >>i will tell you guys you can still smell the fair food through your mass so we're good to go. it smells delicious i or they're making killed corn right now hopefully can get our hands on that soon above right now to show you how it all works this is where you drive through says one of the stands or 3 of them as a cashier and if you're getting like a carmel or candy apple you go right here or cotton, candy take a look at some of the video that
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i shot obviously it's the sun's literally just coming up now, but you can get a good idea of how this all works this food fair food drive-thrus going to be a really awesome way to get your hands on your fair favorites, even though we can't go to the fair that's the whole point right. so it's going to be pretty awesome especially for the kiddos who are pretty bummed that the fair is not going on this year and they're going to do everything they can to make sure that you are safe while doing it. joining us now is phil adela toyed the thank you so much for joining us. you organize all the vendors here and tell me about why it's important to make sure you do this even though we're in this weird time where you can't really go to a fair. >>so we've been doing this up and down the state for the last 6 or 7 weeks. you know we all need something that's fun right now and different than normal. and there is no fares this year for the most part and we just thought you know, let's bring corn dogs and politics out you know so if
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people thought. >>and so you've already done this and what kind of reaction did you get. >>you know we've gotten really good reaction people in really happy you know it's something different different and that's what i think we all need. >>yeah and so how does it work people drive through here and it's very easy safe way to kind of get your fair experience. >>so they start here at the the cashiers the cashiers will take your order to give you all year, you're treated like a common core new kettle corn. they'll print your receipt. we tape to see 2 window is little contact as possible. and you drive around we have servers will take the receipt gather all your food minutes ago fashion and you drive up. >>super easy and so this is the first time in her and it's this weekend next weekend. should everybody come out is its most delicious all right to food seems like it's going to be credible. >>yeah this weekend next weekend from 11 to 8 daily. >>or to hit the last word at some of that cotton candy, so
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you can make everyone at home drew little bit. >>it's a little early forgotten, candy, but who's who's making the rules here. look at this some cotton candy there's pink those blue of course your favorites she tries i'm going okay, i'll try some it's 6 in the morning but. >>and then travel piece. that's it that's the sugar fix we all need in their lives right now with the pandemic again we're in county right and center fell at the avenue of flags so come by it's from 11 until 8 o'clock today and tomorrow. >>and sunday and then next weekend as well send it back to you guys in the studio will be showing you all types of food this morning next time we'll see you as at 7.45, okay, thanks sarah. >>the store think about waking up at no 2 in the morning. i could go for you know a piece of salmon. well, you know like a little or a burger or cotton, candy, it doesn't. it it was bally, then it comes the fares absolute favorite a
6:19 am
funnel cake got to have someone so life goes deceiving rely this and if you have a favorite a fair to week yeah of fried twinkies yet oreo yes, but says everything get the care of this morning up in marin county there is actually some fog hanging out right now right below mount tam that's not going to last for long though sarah obviously you can see was under some sunshine a bit further north. >>that fog mostly just hanging out right around the golden gate bridge couple spots on the peninsula in a few spots in the bay too overall most of us are clear this morning, those foggy spots at the coast are going to be our coolest areas while hot temperatures can be expected yet again inland as daytime highs climb even further than they did yesterday and we're going to climb even further through the rest of the weekend. 60's and 70's for your highs and san francisco. well 60's of the coast 70's 80's for most spots
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right along the bay pretty similar to yesterday in areas like san carlos in mountain view palo alto back to 84 today. temperatures in the south bay also similar to what you had yesterday saratoga los gatos in morgan hill holding on the low 90's, san jose back to the upper 80's. 90's return for the inland east bay. union city hayward ups oakland in the meantime fall from the 80's yesterday to the upper 70's you can actually think some of that fog keeping temperatures right along the bay just a touch cooler in the meantime pittsburgh in antioch are going to be a little bit warmer up to near 100 degrees at 99 degrees. each napa and sonoma in the low 90's along with santa rosa all petaluma nevado each 87. tomorrow temperatures pretty similar to today's one to 2 degrees warmer for some spots as for sunday or how does one of the weekend highs near 100 degrees for inland areas. we cool off just a touch but remain hot through early next week before we return to the 80's inland by thursday. james, all right
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john thank you, here's a quick look at the bay bridge as we give you just a perspective here of what it's like from oakland into san francisco, the bay bridge one of the heavy most heavily used bridges. >>and as you can see there's still a little bit of a minor back up in a few lanes but otherwise you're making your way across the span just 5 more weather and traffic checks in just a bit now let's get back to the headlines. >>in the east bay, a major street in downtown alameda is being restructured to help businesses and restaurants have space for social distancing the city is re striping 4 blocks of park street. the teen told tilden way and and still avenues should be done by today and that will allow businesses too have outdoor dining and curbside pickup in room, 4 people alameda city leaders say similar work is going to be done later this month on webster street between taylor and lincoln avenues. starbucks is going to start requiring customers to wear face coverings when they go into
6:22 am
the stores, the company just announced this new rule in all of its us locations, starting next wednesday july 15th. so now it's not just them brisas know workers everybody has to wear a mask if you want to go into starbucks. coming up on the kron 4 morning news peak fire season is here that the pandemic the american red cross says they need your help. this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. >>the foreign trending this morning, the coronavirus has created a coin shortage in the
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u.s. impacting businesses in california, doug johnson with our sister station ktxl and sacramento has more. >>everyone has that joran their dress or just filled with it seems to many have just been sitting there we've been losing a lot of ever since covid-19 started now every business from washing your clothes. >>washing your car. >>and by the soda and a vending machine. they're all competing to get good little change land it's harder to get quarters them. we have to go to the bank we have to order him for owns for laundry mats in woodland winners, vacaville enrichment he says getting the change in use machines cost him money and most banks charge of the game and we have ordered we can't just walk
6:26 am
into a bank in order to $1000 for the quarter i got a call them several days ahead. >>and those are probably $1500 to $1000. per week. other businesses are also searching for loose change. >>the signs of started to pop up at any know restaurants all over california, asking for payments with exact change or credit cards. >>the case as the shortage has some businesses coming to these changing sheens soon we coins from his customers they're coming in putting 2 or $300 reporters. the building might change or take a knockout so that hurts me as a as a business person that my customers need the corner to start the machines, no reserve points to the covid-19 closure so many retail shops and other businesses as the main cause of the shortage that has its enough us sports group point circulations. >>during the pandemic. >>everybody's in the >>doug johnson reporting the
6:27 am
federal reserve is working to increase the coin supply they say the shortages, temporary. >>coming up next california process more than 260,000 unemployment claims this week we're going to talk to an expert about what california's economy is going to look like in the weeks to come.
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and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. are back awaiting the opening bell here on wall street to see where the numbers go once trading starts yesterday was a
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wild session which ended sharply negative. >>amid fears that growing coronavirus numbers would hamper the economic recovery and so there was a big pullback yesterday well this morning premarket trading started negative following that same sentiment that turned around sharply once delia scientists of the bay area here reported that it's a coronavirus treatment drug remdesivir ear. actually showed that a large number of its test subjects express a big drop in the mortality risk so that's hopefully a sign that maybe we could have at least a treatment that will help people recover and reduce the risk of dying from coronavirus and that has certainly turned the mood around a wall street were looking for a triple digit jump now that trading has begun a proposition can't make it fast enough they can make enough of the stuff. >>because everybody wants that needs that and that's going to be the next problem is to keep up with and 6.30 right now and let's look at the weather is going to be really warm this weekend. yeah hot this weekend, especially for inland areas which will be well back up into the 90's. this morning
6:31 am
you do see a dose of fog in a couple of areas, but also some sunshine working its way down into berkeley. >>patchy fog over towards the coast in just a couple of spots over the east bay right now temperatures currently in the 50's for most of us anyways livermore dublin berkeley all in the 50's while conquered fairfield in pittsburgh actually even warmer than that 60's and low 70's to start off this morning. later on today we're talking hot daytime highs inland in just a touch cooler at the coast, partly due to that increase marine layer that's bringing us fog this morning. i'm talking what this means for us for the rest of the weekend too. all still ahead your forecast over to you james all right, thank you very much john california is still losing jobs during this pandemic in fact the latest jobs report shows more than 260,000 new unemployment claims filed. >>this week alone more than a quarter million kron four's taylor force act has reaction now from the former director of the employment development department. >>well that sites like this that are very troubling to see right now you know many of
6:32 am
these businesses have been boarded up since the beginning of the pandemic and now months later, they're still closed meanwhile places like restaurants are running out of loan money to pay their employees with forcing them to lay off employees that they already brought back to work. >>the pandemic continues to swallow more businesses and jobs in its latest report, the california employment development department says the press has 267,123 new unemployment claims last week now we never had anything comparable to this an employment attorney and former director of the california employment development department michael bernick says the unemployment numbers over the last 4 months or concerning especially as we see many reopening timelines in the bay area come to a screeching halt question that's the main storyline of the past week or past 2 weeks. the fact that we had a plan we're moving forward. >>in my view to slow but we were moving. ford on the plan and in the past couple we
6:33 am
moved back. indoor dining other forms of activities have been cut back we're beginning to see this even now. the past week's numbers but i think we're going to start seeing more bernanke like many others predicts more unemployment claims are to follow. unfortunately, businesses permanently closing due to financial struggles is nothing new but now restrictions are being reimposed across the bay area in many small businesses are running out of money from the payment protection program. >>or ppp loans be paycheck protection program which subsidized. >>up to a 100% subsidize jobs. from many companies that will be we'll have been spent. i june 30th, even though now it's recently congress extended use the time, yes, somebody but a lot of companies have spent by june 30 is i take that fear, we're going to a significant number of jobs that were subsidized
6:34 am
by the paycheck protection program. now turning into layoffs contributing to an economy that's becoming more dependent on unemployment insurance this morning. edd release its most recent figures, it's paid out over 40 billion mail 40 billion in unemployment insurance over 7.7 million. unemployment claims. so i mean we are in a country that basically subsisting in good part and unemployment checks fence. that's not sustainable but many jobs may not come back for a while bernick suggest using approaches from the past things like transitional jobs already california is doing that with contact tracers. >>until it does sackey reporting kron 4 news. >>6.34 and other bay area news, the american red cross is looking for volunteers, they need people to staff evacuation centers and help with other emergency response efforts because the need is so great during the pandemic kron
6:35 am
four's rob fladeboe has more. >>disasters like wildfires and earthquakes don't stop because of the pandemic it's not a question of whether the red cross will be needed but rather where and lamb says the agency's cynthia shaw on this weekend's fires in gilroy morgan hill. >>were you know sort of those precursors that reminding us you know should we have a large evacuation we will need care for many people we want to be ready to do that and so the red cross has put out a call for volunteers to help set up an operating evacuation centers like those that provided food and shelter for thousands during the recent camp and wine country wildfires. >>the need maybe a bit greater right now because of the coronavirus pandemic we know that some of our workforce may become ill. >>or may have family members who are ill or maybe just in those vulnerable groups either do their health or age other the may not be in their best interest to go out and volunteer in person at this time straw says that he needs shoring up because volunteers themselves are often impacted
6:36 am
by wildfires and other disasters. covid-19 as the red cross planning for alternatives to traditional shelter protocols. >>which means volunteers with special skills are also needed to maximize readiness is we're looking for anybody willing to be shelter workers to work in our shelters with their but we are looking for have a health professional so doctors nurses >>people with those licenses that can help us with screenings and monitoring people during this time in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news in the north bay, the number of covid cases at san quentin prison. >>is climbing now a 3rd of the inmates have it and activists and local officials are calling for the state to take action. there are more than 1300 confirmed cases in the prison and at least 7 people have died. yesterday assemblyman marc levine called on governor newsome to start removing inmates from the prison and get them the help they need. >>unfortunately covid-19 is
6:37 am
not going away. so we can't let our guard down and that is one of the reasons why reducing the prison population is so important. >>the governor has said that he was going to do just that and intends to it just hasn't happened yet. >>well the u.s. recorded more than 60,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday and that's once again sets an all-time daily record. and that has some organizations and companies reconsidering large events and gatherings. john lawrence takes a closer look. >>some walt disney world theme parks in orlando getting ready for a phased reopening for the general public this weekend. and it will be a small world after all with attendance limits. temperature screenings masks and social distancing will also be in force for guests at the mouse house as covid-19 cases rise on a daily basis. there are concerns about protecting people when they're outdoors some college sports programs are making changes. big 10 teams will
6:38 am
only play conference games this season. there's a chance we might have football teams. >>so we shifted to i can we get kids on the shield drive-in theaters like this one in chicago allow people to beat cabin fever safely. it's alive, but you know, hey we were working there. so it's great to see events like this. >>so take us away from responsibility and gop officials are still considering how next month's republican national convention will be handled we'll have to wait and see how things look. >>and late august to determine whether or not we can safely can >>that many people health experts keep stressing the importance of being cautious while out and about if we social distance and wear face coverings we can really interment inner inner fear with the human to human transmission of this virus. i'm john lawrence reporting. well a new website is looking for people to voluntarily take the covid-19 vaccine before it's widely available to the
6:39 am
public. >>so they need human testers the site is called coronavirus prevention network and provides information on all the clinical trials are happening here in the u.s. researchers looking to recruit. 10's of thousands of volunteers. those who register and qualified will be sent to the nearest study site there for large vaccine studies that are expected to start sometime this summer and fall so if you're willing to be a a volunteer and test these vaccines go to the site check it out. >>in national news the cdc is not going to revise its guidelines for reopening schools. they say that it's up to local schools to decide how they open and when they open but as kaitlan collins explains those guidelines go against what the president is demanding. >>with only weeks before some schools are scheduled to reopen more confusion is emerging from the cdc guidelines are guidelines, but we are going to provide additional. a reference documents to aid.
6:40 am
>>basically interim that are trying to reopen k through 12 cdc director doctor robert redfield now says his agency won't change its guidance on reopening schools after president trump criticized did that will release additional information instead it's not a revision of the guidelines, it's just to be fraught provide additional information to help. >>schools be able to use the guidance that we put for trump said the guidance was too tough and expensive, but officials have struggled to say exactly what trump has a problem with which guidelines are too tough which guidelines are impractical. >>i think it's important george to realize you use the word guide. >>guidelines that's what cdc has done they provide guidance is there not requirements with the president and the cdc on different pages, maryland's republican governor larry hogan says it's trump who's mixed up. >>well actually i'm not confused. i think it's the president who's confused. the governor seemed to know
6:41 am
exactly. yeah, we know exactly what cdc was talking about. >>asked how the administration can say that they're not going to tell schools helped open but they will say when kayleigh mcenany said this the costs are too high to keep school shutdown how can you say you're going to tell the school's how 3 maybe you're going to tell it all went to >>48 their 47 guidelines issued by the there's guidelines have been put in place that can be done safely can be done well what you do testing to that extent trump repeated his inaccurate assertion that there are more cases in the u.s. because there's more testing. >>claiming of have to people have been tested there would be half the cases, but again that's not true even according % to his own health experts. >>that's an indication that you do have additional. infections. p>>the trump administration is also being accused of politicizing the reopening of schools by threatening to cut off funding if some of them don't reopen education secretary claimed that money could go towards a
6:42 am
conservative cause school choice if schools are going to reopen we're not suggesting pulling funding from education, but instead allowing families take the left the families take that money and figure out where their kids can get educated. >>that was kaitlan collins reported the cdc also encourages parents is to consider parents to consider home schooling and virtual learning for the new school year. >>happening right now santa clara sheriff's deputies are investigating human remains were found in a creek bed in san jose. they were located near a tent or homeless encampment near santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenue. still too early to determine the exact identity of the remains but we'll keep you updated on that investigation. it is 6.42 we'll take a quick break but still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news as we move further into fire season, we'll tell you how the coronavirus is impacting the state's ability to fight fires and if you're looking for memorable family friendly trip this summer look no further out blow in the east bay we're
6:43 am
going to take you there this morning. and if you are heading there this weekend make sure to bring some sunscreen and plenty of water is going to be hot for the inland east bay antioch 99 today conquered
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>>now for destination california. brought to you by fix auto collisions. >>wow that's a fun stuff and
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we're getting new ideas all summer long and how you can have fun. this summer in the days of covid that's right and this week's destination takes us to the east bay where we can check out about the awful state park forcefully gaal has more. >>through the grass and into the blue and ageless determination and enduring push up mount diablo state park. a quick pass through the north gate entrance and the mountain is your oyster it's always a challenge it never gets easy but it still is the last time. >>swilling up narrow navigation elevated more than 3800 feet to the peak up on top there's this you can see 4 miles everywhere. birds boulders turkeys and cattle all wild encounters you may pass and the refreshing break you your friends or family absorb before continuing that coveted cap to the climb make sure you bring plenty of water breaking free from the beaten path i just got back from afghanistan last month, so
6:47 am
it's been a while since i've been able to enjoy this area. lieutenant david call firs from the u.s. army corps of engineers leisurely hikes the burma road trail the borough blast of challenging. >>3,000 feet of elevation gain 3 and a half miles. the first hike in the bay area touch it off then take a load off with a rewarding peak from the outlook. >>and if you'd like you can settle down overnight mount diablo has 3 designated family camping areas and 5 group camps, this is the juniper campground located about 2 miles below the summit, this is really good places to hike in half and in the end you're rewarded with the summit he could just see the whole bay area and in all its loin just everything has to hold we did this it's all us or i made either way you'll remember that you earned this event from mount diablo state park phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>and to take that haha can we
6:48 am
have some more of that music is a very intense, but john had some good advice if you are going out the park over the weekend definitely bring the sunscreen haha yeah tees off on the dancing, this afternoon you might get overheated out there, you keep saying oh my gosh i love it and the on mount diablo may be a good spot to go this afternoon later on after the sun baby is about to set because it is going to be hot out there you can see that from the east bay right now we're already under some beautiful clear skies just a touch of fog in the distance. >>not mount diablo amount am i sitting over the fog right here. former suture tower cam showing just how clear skies are once this fog does burn off closer to the coast. so skies, nice and clear very dry and we're going to work our way through a dry hot and much calmer weekend than what we had last night at least which was the wind speeds picking back up into the evening. hot for inland valleys, and you can see that reflected in your daytime highs later on today
6:49 am
while 60's and 70's will remain closer to the coastline pacifica at 64 elder not at 65 areas further away from the ocean are definitely going to be feeling the heat yet again it's back to the mid to upper 80's for areas for the south of the peninsula and then for the south bay, upper 80's to low 90's. morgan hill, los gatos in saratoga. all right at or above 90 degrees. dublin pleasanton livermore 90's for you with upper 70's and hayward oakland on over to san leandro temperatures here little cooler than yesterday. well warmer than yesterday in pittsburgh in antioch each up to 99 vacaville at 97 sonoma napa and santa rosa. also in the low 90's today, the weekend ahead a scorcher highs in the upper 90's for saturday and sunday, most notably our hottest one next week looks to be warm as well just not quite as hot as this weekend's about to be by thursday, it's back to the upper 80's inland. james. all right. thank you very much john. here's a quick
6:50 am
live look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as we. >>meter the right here on west bound 5.80 looks pretty know grow back up here at the toll plaza itself so if you're on westbound on 5.80 with intentions of heading from richmond out towards center fell looks like it's looking pretty good for you, we're also looking at the bay bridge too and it looks like traffic has slowed up there just a little bit. no big surprise we typically do see that during the 6 o'clock hour and then it will lighten up once we get closer to 8. so we'll watch that for you and hopefully it will develop right as planned. >>6.50 right now and more than 4,000 wildfires have burned so far this year and despite the pandemic california is ramping up its firefighting efforts emergency management leaders gave an update on the state's preparedness for another intense fire season. the state is bringing on more than 850 seasonal firefighters through at least october to help to the hand given back them up and the hand crews are already provided by the prison system.
6:51 am
>>the hots are getting hotter. the drives are getting drier. the wets are getting wetter you may call that climate change you may call that global warming. but one thing we know is our approach to dealing. with wildfires has to change and adapt with a climate that is changing very very dramatically. >>and also with covid because covid is getting colder. newsome said he recently passed the state budget which allows for equipment upgrades, including new helicopters to fight fires at night and 80 million dollars to hire a 172 full-time firefighters. and firefighters are making progress on the crews fire burning near gilroy that fire is now 85% contained a broke out sunday and grew to 5400 acres at least one structure was destroyed investigators are still looking into what started that fire.
6:52 am
>>well the ivy league has already canceled their fall sports and now big 10 is following suit with the league saying it will not allow any out of conference games. in any sport this season so everything has to stay in conference in the big 10. that includes football in a statement big 10 officials say that limiting games to teams all within the conference with give them greater institutional control. so they can make decisions more quickly and be more flexible during this pandemic and since the warriors will be on the one of the teams heading to orlando for the nba bubble. steph curry had a little free time and so he had a tahoe for their annual celebrity. golf tournament and here at the edgewood course there taco he met up with a fellow golfer boxer canelo alvarez and you can see that it will shadow boxing i think i think steph needs to stick to his a game which is to be a basketball tracked shadow box with a real box surgery yeah looks a bit time though i mean everybody
6:53 am
is it just to get out and do something other than sit at home. >>why it's good up. they televise this right. i think they're doing we can see is of its on its on tv channel like well, we'll have highlights and south one will try to bring us some highlights gunman on monday, so look for that. >>here's a quick live look outside as we take a quick break we'll be back with weather traffic and news updates in a bit as we give you another live look here at the bay bridge. >>and also quick reminder too. a programming note that we hear kron 4 going to be hosting a live town hall next week. we've got the police chiefs from across the bay area. joining us for this we're going to be discussing the changes that they've made in their departments. amid that nationwide calls for police reform. if you have a question you'd like us to post to them you can submit it through our website kron 4 dot coms to go there for instructions on how to do that. and again tune in for the answers. that's the live town hall this coming wednesday july 15th at 09:00pm right here you spoke. we listened. tiny tacos are back for good!
6:54 am
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery.
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. we're back at 6.56 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, 3 deputies shot and a gunman dead following an hour's long standoff in the east bay kron four's reyna harvey is standing by with a live report to give us the very latest on the investigation this morning plus sonoma county is expected to join the states watch list of counties that are seeing a surge in coronavirus cases we'll tell you what this means for businesses that were hoping to reopen and the marin county fair may be canceled. but the fair food is still available, we'll tell you how you can drive up and sample of
6:57 am
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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 7. >>morning and thanks for joining us for a friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher in on this friday, let's find out what kind of weather we have in store and we'll kind of hate we can expect this weekend john. it's going to be hot temperatures
7:00 am
warmer than what we've been seeing so far this week guys which is not going to be the most fun during afternoon hours. >>so it's going to be one of those mornings and evenings got a weekend or hopefully you do enjoy the cooler times of day looking outside from berkeley skies, nice and clear overhead you can see that fog that's been hanging out right above the bay itself in the distance, it's still hanging out especially right along the coastline half moon bay visibility dropping below a mile currently most of the rest of us though are sitting under sunshine and some pretty enjoyable skies right now considering temperatures are still in the 50's for most of us do 60's 70's out there get those windows wide open go enjoy a walk because this afternoon as i mentioned going to be a toasty one daytime highs even warmer than where we saw them yesterday for many of our inland areas, not just the low 90's but mid to upper 90's talking more about what to expect this weekend all still to come james. thank you very much john it's 7 o'clock, let's get to our breaking news from overnight. we had 3 deputies shot and a


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