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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 10, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher joining us as well as always is john triple in the weather center with a look at the forecast hey there john hey guys we are warm up into the weekend which is may be hard to believe for some of you that are already pretty warm. these past couple of days, berkeley sitting under sunshine. this morning a little bit of fog and cloud cover out towards the bay itself which isn't going to last for long. you're already seeing areas brightening up that have been shrouded by fog this morning as for temperatures right now 50's 60's and just a few 70's over towards conquered and pittsburgh. go ahead get outside currently enjoy this cool start to the day because it's not going to last as i mentioned temperatures are starting to rise and by the afternoon we're going to be warmer than we were yesterday with highs well into the mid
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90's inland, upper 70's low 80's right along the bay. james. all right john thank you to 8 o'clock let's get to that breaking news this morning. 3 deputies were shot and a gunman killed is a shootout in contra costa county near brentwood. it happened around well after an 11 hour standoff with a gunman. this was in the quiet community of nights and here's a map showing you where it occurred it was on green acres lane right off highway 4 and lone tree way. let's go to conference reyna harvey she's at the sheriff's office all morning giving us the very latest arena. >>yeah, we're still waiting for an update on the condition of those deputies what we know 3 of the deputies were shot, 2 of them had to be rushed to a hospital this is all during a call out for domestic violence dispute, we're going to show you that scene from yesterday in a standoff that lasted nearly all day. you can see this is on the 1700 block of green acres lane and nights 10 when a man barricaded himself inside a home with a woman now
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that woman told deputies that the gunman was holding her hostage, she said that and broke her ribs and poured gasoline on her while threatening to center on fire. well the contra costa sheriff's office swat team and hostage negotiating team was also called out to that scene. the man continued to shoot at the deputy several times during the day would not give up. the woman was able to it's a now that evening the gunman came out of the house and fired the shots that members of the swat team, 3 of them were hit. deputies returned fire hitting and killing a man that 2 of the deputies were taken to the hospital. well since this was a deputy-involved shooting have multiple agencies that are all currently investigating and again the deputies that were in the hospital we're still waiting to hear an update. >>on their status for now reporting on here in contra costa county reyna harvey kron 4 news all right reena thank
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you scare situation for all those involved. >>starting today, sonoma county is going to be put on the state's coronavirus watch list because the case is increasing conference will tran is live in petaluma with what that means well. >>that means bad news for over the past several weeks they've enjoyed having people inside to dine and as diners they loved it too because his was a win when they get to go back to what. >>is a new normal and they get some business but unfortunately now with the watch list in effect they will be closed for at least the next 3 weeks because the cases. >>they just didn't go up they exploded take a look at your screen we are going to give you whole bunch of numbers to digest. >>here are the numbers that facts governor of the state that they are relying on to make their decisions so back in early june there was sitting at 20 cases for every 100,000 residents that is super because the benchmark is
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100 cases so they were well below that well as of this morning, they're sitting at 111 cases that is a hot spot, 42 cases just on thursday and since the pandemic started sonoma county has done a great job is trying to keep that deaths down of course every death is tragic. >>but overall the numbers are low 14 deaths and then all of a sudden on june 28 9 people died out of that 14 people altogether in sonoma county and that is why the board of supervisors in sonoma county they decided to go ahead and roll back some of those things that the restaurants, the museums that places that enjoyed people going inside that they're not being able to do that keep in mind just like i did yesterday napa county the key word is indoor. you can still go out and grab take out you can still hopefully find a restaurant where you can dine outside the patio we're talking indoor facilities where you can not
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sit down and then just have a good time with your family and friends and a chance to talk to some people in sonoma county. everybody says they're on board. >>i feel bad for people here in petaluma because they're just getting back on their feet again. they're probably going to be really disappointed. they're being closed again. i'm more worried for them and the people that work for them, you know what's going to happen to them. people their jobs they're affecting in all this here. you know being closed in then they have no money. >>so she feels bad for those employees and let's face it we all do, but they're saying that it is a good move by the governor to get those cases back down to fewer than 100 cases for every 100,000 residents and by the way it's a 2 week span that the governor is measuring this as far as what's going to happen, yes. they're on a watch list, some of the things that are being bounced around possibly issuing tickets are people not wearing their masks when they
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can not have social distance so lots going on in sonoma county a lot of people james darya disheartened because they thought they did such a great job keeping the numbers down one of the better counties in california and then all of a sudden over the past 5 weeks the cases just didn't go up they went up 5 100%. >>back to you i know i it's it's hard to believe and it's depressing like you said disheartening because we're all doing such a great job with the mass but you know all i mean it's not all that's the problem not the whole country california is only one of the states that's really blowing up well. >>absolutely i mean we're still relatively low compared to other states. i mean that the positivity rate that the governors watching anything above 8% meaning 8 people out of 100 tested, come down with a positive test so we're still below that. but the governor says this whole thing has started area and we've been doing this ever since it started the whole idea is to
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make sure the hospitals are not overrun with coronavirus patients and the problem is in sonoma county is going up and up and up and soon facilities here won't be able to handle those cases, yeah, yeah you bring other places that have higher positivity rates. >>miami dade yesterday, 36%. the latest said one in 3 their health care expert said one of 3 people who went in to get tested had covid that's crazy. thanks a lot. well. >>california texas florida, arizona. now experiencing surges of infections. that have gone up to 30,040 50 and most recently a total of 60,000 new cases per day. we need to get our arms around that stephen we need to do something about it quickly because if we don't is a possibility. we may be seeing surgeons and other area. >>and there you see doctor fauci talking about exactly that is the nation's top infectious disease expert is
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calling out a number of states california included for the surge that we're seeing in covid-19 cases and now our cities and counties could be forced to reinstate stay at home orders once again as you just saw will tran there live for us this morning kron four's gayle ong also has reaction from a local doctor. >>all of us are going in the wrong direction and so clearly we've got to scale back what we've been doing and be less open than we were. but we're not at the place where we need everybody to stay at home just yet los angeles mayor eric garcetti says the city could reinstate a stay at home and 8 of the city says more cases we asked doctor robert wachter of ucsf how the bay area measures up with the state. >>it would have to be really bad for that much worse than we are in california is bad the bay area is not quite as bad as the rest of california. california is not quite as bad as texas or arizona or florida. >>alameda county is the hot
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spot in the bay area but health mandates remain in place which means outdoor dining is still allowed it's business as usual in downtown pleasanton where outdoor dining was allowed last month we were there when gabby a jelly owner of bochy be stone bars first weekend serving customers outside a boost in sales since operating take out only right now there's a good normal so. >>if we go backwards and there's going to be a lot of all you know a lot of people that our whole staff come back into work so i could go back where you just make things a lot more complicated thursday napa county scaled back on orders shutting down indoor services after seeing a rise in covid-19 cases, a jelly-like many business owners here hope there's no changes we hope not it was really really hectic during that time so hopefully everything calms down because we all are struggling with a very hard time. another thing doctor wachter pointed out. >>was that as the bay area sees capacity hospitals, many
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of the patients are actually transferred from southern california. here in pleasanton gayle ong kron 4 news. >>and here's a closer look at where the numbers stand this morning statewide we have more than 302,000 infections with more than 6800 deaths in the bay area more than 30,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 625 people die. >>in the north bay restaurant owner is slamming the state. >>for giving him a ticket for workers not wearing masks in a place of business. >>jason dvds owns the loft wine and bar in benicia wine bar and restaurant that is they were cited by the department of alcohol beverage control this week for not following state guidelines that say everybody has to wear a mask. divita says the 2 officers came in and they caught 2 employees not wearing masks and wrote a citation the owner believes it was a little heavy-handed. >>they did provide direction.
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they just simply rocha citation after interviewing my employees they told my staff they were unable. they were not allowed to record them. so the interactions so my staff was very uncomfortable with it and it was it was very intimidating i think that abc is out of line for the way that they're conducting the strike force. >>abc apparently thought that he you know when you're cited for not wearing a mask that what it means is they need to wear a mask. the restaurant owners admit that at least 4 of his 5 staff members. >>we're not wearing face coverings. >>in the east bay, a major street downtown alameda is restructured to help businesses and restaurants. >>give people social distance and operate outdoors they're re striping as you can see 4 blocks of park street between tilden way and so at news and that should be done today to allow businesses to offer outdoor dining and curbside pickup, easier for people to get around and have distance. >>be able to come and sit and
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enjoy the downtown. just we think is a great amenity. >>and alameda is also going to be doing this this month on webster street as well following the lead of a lot of other san francisco. i was just walking down sanchez tampa several blocks close there at sandra fell has a whole area closed off i love those walking streets in san francisco right now nice day to at least venture out on them early on later on today though this is what you're going to be facing livermore co
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>>14 right now want to check out the weather it's going to get pretty warm. yeah john give us the latest yeah heating up this weekend we've been hot all week so far anyways but temperatures are only going to get hotter in the days ahead of us and today is going to be warmer than yesterday was so we're working our way up slowly. >>you can see outside from berkeley, nice clear skies overhead beautiful start to this day. go ahead enjoy this morning as much as possible because later on today you may just want to hunker down inside the house and stay nice and cool by the time we work into the afternoon the coastal fog that you are seeing right up and down the pacific and through the golden gate. we'll have burned off as high pressure really prevails in this instance keeping us all nice and sunny into the afternoon and there was sunshine and skies. they are going to see inland going to be one of the reasons that we're going to be so hot today. now for san francisco and other areas closer to the
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pacific definitely not a bad one 60's 70's, calmer winds then last night all things that will be really enjoyable. the further inland you had not so enjoyable fountain view 88 woodside 89 and then the south bay into the low 90's for saratoga los gatos in morgan hill, upper 80's and milpitas in san jose, 88 degrees. union city and hayward back down into the upper 70's today. so a little cooler for you right along the bay. well our inland areas are going to be just the opposite a bit warmer conquered 96 while 99 and pittsburgh in antioch are close to spots to triple digits today likely to see a couple of triple digits on the map on into the weekend as daytime highs inland climb, even further through saturday into sunday with your average highs on these days well into the upper 90's in the meantime it's going to be even warmer right alongside the shore of the bay specially on saturday and sunday next week does look to remain warm, but not quite as hot for inland areas with thursday of next week finally temperatures falling back into
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the upper 80's. james all right john. thank you quick check of a couple roads for you this morning will begin with the bay bridge toll plaza camera where you can see traffic has cleared up. >>nicely as expected during the 8 o'clock hour looks like the bulk of the morning commute is passed and you've got smooth sailing nice conditions once again from oakland into san francisco. from here, let's jump to the san mateo bridge traffic here also beginning to thin out just a bit with commuters make a good time in both directions here west and eastbound on highway 92. >>in the buzz, the first big sign that college football could be doomed because of covid the big 10 will not play any non conference games. n the pac, 12 and the others will likely follow. >>play amongst yourselves if all the major conferences stick to their own. it could complicate a possible playoff or it could simplify and no griping about who played the weakest non-conference foes.
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no loan up on softies but let's not get ahead of ourselves a familiar face in football says the players know that covid could kill the entire season. if they're not proactive. >>i'd say the biggest question that really getting from a you know our players is how they can be part of the solution. you noticed that the back a lot of the feedback has been that. their peers other you know people in their age group. somewhat or very cavalier you know the virus and their response has been you know they want to be they want to be part of the solution they want to be you know as a force for good and example. they've taken it to a the extra level of you know when they're out in public to have a mask to wear a mask to to. to socially distance everything that they're doing
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you know the briley be the be a great example of a force for good. >>michigan's jim harbaugh trying to stay upbeat. but the big 10 commish flat out said. >>there may be no football in the fall. >>the ivies already called it first smarty pants but it's not easy to upon and hope to return in 2021 with. so many dollars and athletic future's at stake. how about the nfl forty-niners cornerback richard sherman is calling out to leave for a new rule, banning players from doing this swapping jerseys because this is getting too close. after they've just spent 3 hours huddling up in tackling each other sherman says quote this is a perfect example of nfl thinking in a nutshell players can engage in a full contact game and do it safely. however, it is deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game. richard
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sherman graduated from stanford but surely he can't be the only one to see how this makes no sense buehler buehler goodell. baseball players can't do anything no swapping lineup cards no fist bumps no spitting can't get through a mask anyway. i don't even know how they can practice with the masks on but the giants and the a's have been doing just that gearing up to play games in empty ballparks with the sound of silence but some teams are going to amp it up this one goes to 11. yankee stadium is going to pipe in crowd noise during games to motivate the players which i think is a much better ideas and what soccer is doing. >>well this isn't even the this this isn't even if this is where they're getting the sound from they are actually so they're using the video
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game sound which is fake crowd sound and piping it into the premier league games but not into the stadiums where the players could hear it, they're piping it into the broadcast. if you choose you kids the option of hearing the. >>whoa. >>or whatever you want you know i don't need to live in up my living room given to the players. >>but apparently that's what mlb is going to do they're going to provide the crowd noise for tv fans only unless i get somebody good like yankee stadium does it for the players if you have been lining up your life with ukrainian table tennis. don't bet on it new jersey is suspending betting on ukrainian table tennis, because of concerns over possible match fixing. don't worry if your that board and desperate to wager you still have belarus hockey video games you can even bet on the
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weather and that steph curry is still going to have that running bet for golf with his dad loser has to jump into lake tahoe. they tee off in the first round of the annual celebrity tournament at edgewood today but it's not going to look like this wow. look at the crowd surrounding staff that was on the 17th hole last year. this year, no fans. so instead steph sparred with boxer canelo alvarez. while they were waiting to play a practice round yesterday. we'll let's watch that again kanell swipe step from the left could grab this hat right off. she stepped you gotta move not to be a joy killed 2, but they're also too close for covid there and there's got to be something in his contract that says no shadow boxing with a real life fighter cannot staff. so he's fun until somebody loses an islet aishah rain in them that's the buzz.
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>>25 is the time national news lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the nation's top military leaders on the president's recent photo up outside the white house where protesters were cleared from a nearby church using tear gas last month. >>they wanted to know who ordered those measures and why our washington dc correspondent joe khaleel has more. >>it's still unclear to me who gave the direction to clear the park at that moment in time to find that hard to
8:26 am
believe lawmakers grilled the nation's top general mark milley and defense secretary mark esper more than a month after peaceful demonstrators were forcibly clear from outside the white house asking how it happened and on whose order right. >>pretty big decision lot of people there everyone's there and it just sort of happened. now i'm not saying i'm just saying i don't know i have never inquired lawmakers also inquired about president trump's photo of following the unrest which secretary esper took part in what i was very disturbed by seeing that congressman gil cisneros a navy veteran says the optics of that moment undermine the country's armed forces just so that the president could take a photo op. >>in front of a church that he never attends this is something that we need to get to the bottom of and some democrats on the house armed services committee have gone as far as to call for both esper and milley to resign. both esper and milley have since apologized for attending the president's photo-op united states military hold dear the constitution and the
8:27 am
principal of an apolitical military that is so deeply rooted. >>and the very essence of our republic esper and milley defended deploying national guard troops in response to recent protests but told lawmakers that no active duty military have taken part active duty forces in a direct law enforcement role should remain a last resort and both leaders commended peaceful protesters for standing against injustice in washington, i'm joe khaleel. as we head to break just a quick programming reminder kron 4 is hosting a live town hall next week with police chiefs from across the bay area we'll be discussing the changes they've made to their departments. >>in the wake of this national call for police reform so if you have a question you'd like us to pose just go to website at kron 4 dot com. we have instructions on how you can submit it and then tune into that town hall next wednesday, july 15th at 09:00pm to hear their answers that's right
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>>the 30 right now taking a look at the weather and things are going to get hot real fast. yeah, harder before it gets cooler we get john in the weather center with details morning john yeah, definitely hotter weekend ahead of us before just a touch of a cooler week next week. >>it is going to be a consistently hot forecast ahead. it's july i guess it's time for the heat inconsistent. he looking outside from center tower lots of fog that has pushed right into the golden gate this morning, there's a oh my
8:31 am
goodness, i'm blinking at mount tam in the distance right now i can think of is not we are going to be seeing that fog not lasting much long this morning a much longer this morning burning off at the coast and then our coastal areas get a good dose of sunshine just as our inland of even bayside areas are also getting a dose of right now 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, nice cool start nice morning for a walk before it gets too toasty later on pittsburgh in concord each in the low 70's oakland and san mateo each at 60 degrees. temperatures later today. we give these inland highs well into the 90's bayside areas, warm but not too warm while the coast is the place to be this friday. highs mostly in the upper 60's. james, all right john thanks very much foreign students in the u.s. are worried that if their colleges switch to online learning only. >>they're going to be forced to leave the u.s. with proper was dan thorn to explain why california has more than 180,000 international students are at risk of losing their
8:32 am
student visas a sudden policy change by immigration and customs enforcement this week says foreign students enrolled in entirely online courses will have to leave the country or transfer to a school offering in person classes this could put everyone at risk of getting and spreading the coronavirus. >>or be subject. >>in any case of these international students to deportation if they don't comply with this latest trump. >>policy the states lawsuit led by attorney general javier becerra comes after harvard mit in the usi system filed similar suits. the schools have announced they're moving to remote learning to help curb the spread of coronavirus meanwhile president trump has been pushing for universities to fully reopen in the fall. >>the trump administration policy. here's our universities and hot spots of the disease. this policy isn't just unlawful. its dangers and morally reprehensible. >>in march. i said announced student visa holders would be
8:33 am
allowed to remain in the country if they're forced to take only online courses because of the public health crisis uci's president has called the new ice order quote mean-spirited arbitrary and damaging to america. the reversal is also alarming for california's community college chancellor issues like this continue to create fear and anxiety. >>on our college campuses. the state's law suit is on behalf of 21,000 international students at california's community colleges university professors across the state and across the country are also taking action saying they'll be offering in person independent courses for their students that are facing possible deportation. >>reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron 4 news. >>8.33 and bay area news, the american red cross is looking for volunteers, they need people to staff their evacuation centers and help with other emergency response efforts because the covid pandemic has put a great
8:34 am
stress on them kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >>disasters like wildfires and earthquakes don't stop because of the pandemic it's not a question of whether the red cross will be needed but rather where and lamb says the agency's cynthia shaw on this weekend's fires in gilroy morgan hill. >>were you know sort of those precursors that reminding us you know should we have a large evacuation we will need care for many people we want to be ready to do that and so the red cross has put out a call for volunteers to help set up an operating evacuation centers like those that provided food and shelter for thousands during the recent camp and wine country wildfires. >>the need maybe a bit greater right now because of the coronavirus pandemic we know that some of our workforce may become ill. >>or may have family members who are ill or maybe just in those vulnerable groups either
8:35 am
cross planning for alternatives to traditional shelter protocols. >>which means volunteers with special skills are also needed to maximize readiness is we're looking for anybody willing to be shelter workers to work in our shelters with their but we are looking for have a health professional so doctors nurses >>people with those licenses that can help us with screenings and monitoring people during this time in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. a new website is looking for people to voluntarily take the covid vaccine before it becomes widely available. >>you go to this site called coronavirus prevention network and they provide information on all the clinical trials in the u.s.. they are looking to recruit 10's of thousands of volunteers and those who register and qualify would be sent to the nearest study site 4 large vaccine studies are expected to happen. this summer and in the fall.
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because of the rising covid cases in the north bay, a san quentin prison has been the subject of protests. a 3rd of the inmates now have tested positive. and so activists and local officials are out there wanting the state to take more action. there are more than 1300 confirmed cases so far in the prison at least 7 people have died. yesterday assemblyman marc levine called on the governor to start removing inmates from the prison and get them the help they need. >>it is not going away. so we can't let our guard down and that is one of the reasons why reducing the prison population is so important. >>the governor has said that this is a priority and he tends to get the most vulnerable inmates out of san quiz and quinton and reduce the overall population. >>the rest recorded more than 60,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday setting at another daily record and that has a number of organizations and
8:37 am
companies reconsidering whether they're going to do large events and large gatherings. john lawrence has more. >>some walt disney world theme parks in orlando getting ready for a phased reopening for the general public this weekend. and it will be a small world after all with attendance limits. temperature screenings masks and social distancing will also be in force for guests at the mouse house as covid-19 cases rise on a daily basis. there are concerns about protecting people when they're outdoors some college sports programs are making changes. big 10 teams will only play conference games this season. there's a chance we might have football teams. >>so we shifted to i can we got kids on the shield drive-in theaters like this one in chicago allow people to beat cabin fever safely, it's alive, but you know, hey we were working their way so it's great to see events like this. >>so take us away from responsibility and gop officials are still
8:38 am
considering how next month's republican national convention will be handled or to wait and see how things look. >>and late august to determine whether or not safely >>that many people health experts keep stressing the importance of being cautious while out and about if we social distance and wear face coverings we can really interment inner inner fear with the human to human transmission of this virus. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>well even though it's comfortable right now later today, we are looking at some increasingly hot temperatures fog that's keeping coastal area school for the sweaty faces,
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8:40 am
and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask.
8:41 am
let's all do our part to slow the spread. >>i rise in cases, santa clara county is moving towards the next phase of reopening allowing gyms and yoga studio this conference theresa stasi spoke with one yoga student their studio a teacher about her approach to reopening. >>a lot of people do want to a lot of people also very scared. >>sabina hands with yoga is youthfulness says that everyone is excited to greet those coming back to the studio. after the coronavirus forced the mountain view studio to close its stores in march. but in a recent survey, there is some hesitation. >>most of people do want to come in. because everybody's missing be in person. you know back. you know the connection they mind body exercise community. it's very important
8:42 am
for people now everybody is getting a little bit 14th on a zoom sabina says that they are in a unique position where kind of looking that way because we just moved to the space a year ago. and we do have big doors and we can open them all have the fresh air coming through also we had our space can fit. max like max we can do it 4040 50 people we're not going to have that we can to limit the number of people in the class to 12. and everybody who is interested in taking class will have to register online sabina says that they will not have the instructors doing any kind of corrections where sometimes they will go over. >>and tweak how someone is standing in a post also all instructors when they will be teaching classes are going to have to wear a mask when definitely looking forward to
8:43 am
slowly starting to get back. >>theresa kron 4 news. >>well as we head to break here's a quick live look outside our camera top sutro tower looking down at the bay. john's going have another look at the forecast coming up here in just a minute you start though, although it will be hot this afternoon full
8:44 am
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>>08:45am are in counties just cut to the chase no fair share
8:46 am
to just give me the good stuff and you don't even have to leave your car that's the fantastic part about it sarah stinson steady by to explain hey sarah. >>and they're all incredible is that i mean we don't have any rights but part of the fun of going to a fair is you get to try delicious food that you normally wouldn't have because it's often pretty sugary and savory but this is great news making your friday a little sweeter take a look at this video so you can see what to expect here at the marin county fair food drive through you can see right there you drive right in there's a menu right there someone degree you. >>they'll take your order you drive up in and then you just keep going if you want to get some kettle corn you want to get a corn dog. super easy they have everything from carmel apple so candy apples and get this i even just heard about a blue raspberry apple pablo heard of that sounds delicious smell like a blue blue jolly rancher but i'm about to try a corn dog in a
8:47 am
minute, but let's just get to our interview year this is a lady hendricks with marin county. >>tell me how exciting is it to have your drive through open in these such in these times we can have a fair. >>this is the ultimate substitute if we can have the full year in county fair then we at least need to offer our residents that fair food experience that so many people come to the marin county fair to enjoy whether it's that quintessential corn dog or the funnel cake and everything in between so we're hoping to bring a little light levity and food love to marin county and as i said you don't even have to get out of your car, it's really safe. >>absolutely we've been working very closely with more and public health to make sure that our vendors and our staff are following guidelines and we're going to ask the same of our customers all they need to do is pull up in their car. they don't even need to exit will take the order will get the food will get back to them and they can drive off and have that fair food experience in the safety of their home as
8:48 am
a kid who grew up in marin county coming to the fair i can't imagine would be like to hear the fair is canceled. >>at least the kids can come and get that sugar rush. i'm not sure how the parents will feel when they're stuck at home with them. >>and for those families of winter for some healthier options we do have things like air popped popcorn apples and a few other options, so you can find balance in your family. those that love the sugar rush and those that prefer to keep you on the healthier side. to each their own right. i say let's just go for it if you're at the fair. >>eat the fair food and speaking of that can they get a corn dog over here at the giant corn dog stand and you can get one of these become this weekend friday saturday sunday. >>11 o'clock until 8 o'clock at night. oh my they're not kidding. >>this is a giant corn dog, what thought it'd be like half this you might be caught the time i like will trendy when the whole thing is face oh you
8:49 am
did get some hot dog perfect okay, so that's the big one that we might right we saw that on the money. and just how much is going. i think not i think it was 92 that at $9 for this it's worth it thing i've had and a wild good guys i haven't had a corn dog in a hot minute grade i right through fair food, i love it, thank you and you know i get that james like i'm not going to let you drive up to the fair to get an apple she's like an apple. you want candy apple still wait for that final cay john suddenly my protein yeah, nice weather to go out there today to just drive on enjoy some sunshine and any fried food you want to guess.
8:50 am
>>looking out towards the distance there is still some lingering fog are right along the coastline and through the golden gate. although most of us such as berkeley, sitting under sunshine now and get a stay that way through the day now it's going to be a beautiful day. what it's not going to be is a super comfortable afternoon for inland areas, it's been hot so far this week and it's only getting hotter today and into the rest of the weekend. as this ridge of high pressure really builds in across the region for coastal areas like san francisco. these are the places to be today with 60's and 70's for your daytime highs and a good dose of afternoon sunshine. areas right along side, the bay certainly not bad the palo alto 84 getting warmer mountain view at 88 today while in the south bay into the low 90's for saratoga los gatos in morgan hill, san jose and milpitas each up to 88 now for the inland the east bay daytime highs will be back to the 90's bayside areas like union city oakland and richmond actually fall from the low 80's yesterday to the 70's you can think the sea breeze for that that kicked in
8:51 am
last night as for benicia 88 degrees for your high today just a few miles to the east though pittsburgh in antioch up near 100 degrees at 99. each back to villa 97 in santa rosa toasty at 92. this is just the start the weekend ahead even warmer with sunday being the hottest day of your forecast highs into the upper 90's inland. temperatures do level out in the next week just a touch cooler for inland spots by next thursday returning to the upper 80's inland. so finally a little relief in sight. james. thank you very much john so here's a quick look at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza where traffic is moving just fine richmond out towards sandra fell. we've got traffic on westbound 5 80 traveling at the limit the problems on the span golden gate bridge is also been an equally nice dry for you this morning in fact as we switch over to take a look at that camera you'll see that commuters have been making good time heading southbound i want to one yet is a little fog a little breezy across the span but nothing bad enough that you're going to really slow down too much for it. so that's kind
8:52 am
what we're seeing out on the roads this morning, no major hot spots to draw your attention to. let's get back to one of our developing stories this morning. president trump hinting that he may grant clemency to his former aide and longtime friend roger stone stone was sentenced back in february to 3 years in prison for lying to congress. at least half a dozen sources close to the president say that he will either pardon or commute stone sentence which is set to start this coming tuesday. >>in an interview last night the president said that stones prayers for a pardon quote, maybe answer. >>and alexandra le mon in washington president trump announced a plan to help hispanics economically but some lawmakers are
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>welcome back 8 55 looking at clearing skies across the bay area now just a little bit of fog remaining closer to sfo and out towards the coast, shouting san bruno mountain but sfo obviously getting a good dose of sunshine. temperatures are really beginning to climb inland now so your window of opportunity to step outside and actually enjoy the feel of the temperatures is starting to close and the aac nice 75 currently livermore in concord now just rising to 7273 a moment ago temperatures are climbing to be warmer than they were yesterday for inland areas just a touch cooler at
8:56 am
the coast. it's going to stay this way into the afternoon with hotter conditions. inland comfortable conditions near the water dart. >>thanks a 55 and look at this. a hot air balloon ride turned intense when a passenger passed out. and the pilot to make an emergency landing. this is the middle of a neighborhood in chicago, they touch down and the emergency crews are waiting right there. the passenger is fine and the pilot did an amazing job this and handling that's that's the weirdest yeah i just write the neighborhood who landed yeah. as a livery driver in new hampshire, sorry, new jersey had to be rescued after she got swept up in a flash flood she was dropping off some food. >>when her car got sucked into viaduct in woodbury yeah, and it's all underground by doc and kerry towards the river. that's like going down the drain right. and finally the car stop when it crashed into a support structure and so
8:57 am
then it was like in this hunk of metal and she had to get out. stopped just in time, wow they actually pulled that car out and somehow the driver escaped and even though was completely pulled out a water she's okay. >>he said look there are portions why was submerged why couldn't see anything so i just kept moving and i imagine that in her mind even though she know when it would end. i don't know how people can survive like that's amazing to have the wherewithal to do that. >>and she jimmy she was injured, but minor injuries. she was working with doordash. like that's dedication. she was trying to do you know of course everybody one of their stuff deliver because the flood and she was so they're helping her they're giving her some assistance. yeah with yeah. the doordash pay enough to risk of that that was pretty intense. yeah. >>all right. time now is 8.57 coming up on the kron 4 morning news sonoma county is expected to join the states watch list of coronavirus
8:58 am
spike counties
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 9. >>thanks for waking up with us on a friday morning and we'll check in now on the big headlines in a minute, but first. let's take a look at the weather. i think that could make headlines by monday if it's going to have triple


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