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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 10, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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alarm fire burning in san francisco's pacific heights it said washington street and franklin that is near lafayette park. >>the fire broke out shortly after 7 o'clock this evening that fire quickly went to 3 alarms to burning in a 3 or four-story tall apartment complex this video you can see how large that complex is the apartment buildings there takes up a good portion of the block in the 1900 block of washington street. the specific address is 1927 washington street, but just within the last couple of minutes, san francisco fire tweeted out that this fire is now under control and there are no injuries, however, there are there are with the getting around that area there's a lot of activity there still even though the fire is under control. we want to check in now with the kron four's dan thorn. he just arrived at the scene and he has more for us dan. >>well ken and pam as you can see behind me here so a number
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of firefighters here responding to this fire. it seems as though they have it under control yet you could still smell a lot of the smoke that was moving through the area here right now on washington street between franklin and gough huge presence behind me here as you can see they're still working on spring out any sort of hot spots that are in the area here. water continues to out run down the street from one of the hillier parts of the city here in pacific firefighters have been sort of moving out of this area but as you can see from earlier before a lot of viewers have been sending us and video of a what broke out here i just a short while ago a lot of viewers giving us different perspectives of not only seeing the flames shooting up from a down below at the ground level but also a number of people that were also sharing some videos of the smoke. from buildings that were next from what we understand this a fire broke out in a garage area. right
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now it's not being reported that there were any injuries, however, still a heavy presence that's here so firefighters have been telling people to avoid this area. this is a heavily residential area of the city. we're now continuing to see some firefighters that are up making their way down the street here there's also number of people that are out here on the on the street corners hanging out taking a look at what's going on because of all these flashing lights and all of the firefighters that are out here. there's also been some mutual aid with excuse me police. officers providing the firefighters with some mutual out 8 here in this area. we're still learning to get some information as to exactly how this fire broke out in and out what the situation is that's going on here, but still heavy presence said that's happening in the probably expected that it's going to stay this way for quite some time. >>dan and you can hear us to a mention this is a residential area for those who don't know pacific isis also a dense
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residential area, the buildings are pretty close together you have a sense of whether or not the fire crews got the fire knocked down before it spread. >>it seems as though that is the case but i'm sure there's probably some damage that was done to some of the other buildings probably back out here for a second here and give you out a better idea you could still hear me. here's a look at some of those buildings on where the fire happening as you can see firefighters working in what appears to be an apartment building right here. probably one of the rooms that maybe suffered some probably a lot of heavy water damage to some of these buildings and them as you mentioned you're you're right on the money a lot of these buildings tied together there right on top of each other, it's where this fire broke based on what we're seeing here from the street, it's also one of very sort of on an level 3 areas so that could probably add to some sort of difficulty in terms of fighting this fire. but crews seem to have had a pretty good
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handle on on what happened out here. firefighters of course are probably going to on the scene for just a little bit and we'll of course bring you the latest details when they got when we get them in terms of how much was damaged here. >>san francisco firefighters are able to battle those fires in in the hills and in tight congested areas with a lot of apartments jammed up against each other and this morning, i know you just got there you probably haven't had a chance to talk to neighbors in that area, but it's got to be little dis concerning with this hot weather that we've been in a in a place that's so densely populated when you have a house fire like that and hats off to the firefighters for jumping on it so quickly. >>absolutely can and you know it's it's that time of year where a lot of people like to get out and grill and enjoy barbecues and all of that it is the summertime. the hot weather of course always a big factor this time of year, especially with how dry it's
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been in firefighters out here of are usually on top of these things and they seem to very much on top of the situation that played out here and thankfully if you're just joining us we've have been reporting that there haven't been any injuries and this but based on what we're looking at here with how tight things were together. it could have been a really bad situation of course the damage is still being surveyed firefighters seem to the link pretty confident about what they've they've done here so far but there's more work to be done. >>dan thorn reporting live for us tonight in san francisco, a 3 alarm fire has been not down nonetheless emergency crews will likely see on the scene all evening down we'll check back in with you thank you for that report tonight and we first brought you this breaking news on our kron 4 news mobile app make sure to download that app for the latest news in the bay area and beyond other news tonight learning in the age of
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covid-19 back in march schools had to close and resort to distance learning despite the spike in cases both in the nation and the bay area school districts have started talking about their reopening plans in the east bay, the oakland unified school district discussed reopening schools on august 10th. >>as kron four's gayle, ong tells us the first day of school. well not be the same. >>we are starting with all students in distance learning and taking a cue from friday's news conference virtual learning is the goal for the upcoming school year parents can expect to zuma being used for classroom, teaching and for those parents who are not experience with computers. we're estey says those parents will receive more training. uresti's director of communications johnson psaki said the district is waiting on more than 20,000 chromebooks that will be distributed to students who need the device district officials say the distance learning lasting a month in order to ensure school sites are well prepared. >>women weren't implemented or
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covid-19 safety plans and stabs able to attend training in both safety and instruction and oranges or in students and families to quote subsequent phases of blended learning the proposal for full-time in person learning includes masks a part-time schedule for students so staff can thoroughly disinfect the schools for those parents opting for distance learning work so try to work out exactly how we're going to go to so take our parents getting back to work. >>waiting need to so that something is going to continue to develop. >>distance learning in the fall for all families all family should expect that and as we're able get staff and make sure that the schools, the fiscal buildings are safe and environment we will start bring students back in small to get the support they to continue their learning in the fall. >>okay, so marcus so. >>those students identified as having the greatest needs they come back first and then it's
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phased in. >>that's that's the plan. yes for instance students we can connect with their couldn't get could not to engage during the distance learning that took place in the spring. they would be among some of the first students we try to bring back 4 in person supports. >>the district says internet access and have enough broadband was a big issues students face during distance-learning at the beginning of the school year. the district says it's working with community groups to buy internet hot spots for students. >>the san francisco unified school district also wants to start off its school year with distance learning supervisor, matt haney sent this tweet tonight. he says the district will recommend to the school board that students and teachers do not return in person when the school year begins on august 17th, the plan will include distance learning for nearly all students with some possible small and person learning hybrid learning will be phase in when the science and the
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day to allow it to be done safely. a large protest is planned for this weekend in martinez that follows a number of hate crimes in that city this after white nationalists flyers were found in the black lives matter street merle mural which had a city permit was painted over. >>by 2 people who did not have a permit just last weekend. kron four's michelle kingston has more on this weekend's event. >>businesses are boarding up here in downtown martinez where organizers and city officials say this weekend's protest is expected. >>to be a big one i said it all really all i got are the 2 people seen in this video could face up to a year in jail charged with a hate crime for painting over a black lives matter mural in downtown martinez, a mural that was painted by demonstrators but permission from the city the people who painted over the mural did not have permission to do so this video went viral. him is seen by people from across the country think
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it's very telling. as to how divided this nation is at the moment between missing white nationalists flyers found martinez just a few weeks ago a large protest is now planned for this weekend, but the majority of working its residents turned into cancer. and something that. and i know that the plan are still being investigated. and as we speak fingerprinting is being done. the martinez police department says they are not anticipating any problems but because of the expected size of the protest. >>they will have adequate staff on hand with officers in the downtown area to protect and patrol businesses and residents. they will also shut down the following streets beginning at 10 on saturday night and not reopening them until 7 o'clock monday our concern with this one is just a growing and the fact that this. >>incident leading into it went viral. and so we're hearing a lot of and angry
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chatter on social media were receiving calls throughout the city of people angry on both sides and so because of that we just want to be sure we have enough resources in place to keep everyone safe protesters are being asked to park at the waterfront the rally will begin at the courthouse people will then march to marine of east out west towards ferry street and then back to the waterfront we have had so many people. >>sara martinez thinking as so many people asking how they can get involved in coming out on sunday, if you've never march before stealing a call to do this now because. they want to stand up against hate and racism and that's a beautiful thing in martinez michelle kingston kron 4 news com for is hosting a live town hall next week with police chiefs from across the bay area we want to talk about the changes. police departments are making after the nationwide calls for police reforms and how officers are
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working to regain the trust of their communities you can join the conversation by submitting a video question for the police chiefs on our website kron 4 dot com the town hall will air next wednesday july the 15th at 09:00pm. >>california continues to be a hot spot for new coronavirus cases in the nation yesterday, the state recorded almost 8,000 new cases and more than 140 new reported deaths here in the bay area cases also continue to climb today the state added sonoma county to the coronavirus watch list. now half of california counties are on that list, including 4 other bay area counties. napa marine solano and contra costa. this means indoor activities such as restaurants wineries bars and movie theaters will not be allowed to reopen outdoor dining and take out in these counties are still allowed. >>starting this monday the san francisco zoo and gardens will be allowed to reopen with approved safety plans
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reservations are required if you are visiting on monday but then the zoo will be open to the general public starting july 15th. the zoo says it works hard to have the park declared and outdoor museum indoor exhibits in playgrounds and ride attractions will be closed the oakland zoo has been struggling financially and is also trying to get permission to reopen. >>yeah dollars so far. >>that is reason to be excited this 6 year-old girl from castro valley has raised thousands of dollars to help the oakland zune keep it from closing. the zoo recently announced it's losing millions of dollars in may have to permanently shut down due to the pandemic and that is when andy solarte with the help from her mom created a facebook page asking people to donate money so far they've raised close to get this a $115,000. if you'd like to help out you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com.
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>>in santa clara county businesses that want to operate under the new health order including those already open must complete the new online social distancing protocol form before monday's deadline the county says that this will help ensure the necessary steps are taken to prevent the spread of covid-19 the new order also says no indoor gatherings such as indoor dining and church services will be allowed to reopen on monday exceptions to this order include hair and nail services and gyms this comes after a recent uptick in cases and hospitalizations because of coronavirus in the east bay city leaders in oakland are asking you to stay away from lake merritt they say it's become unsafe on the weekends because of traffic. >>and covid-19 concerns due to overcrowding to help with the problem. the city will begin enforcing parking and traffic restrictions. they include closing southbound lakeshore avenue from the cars are to hand over. closing ellen barkin darryl in both
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directions closing the lakeview library parking lot and turning all streets around along lake merritt into no parking zones to restrictions will be in place on saturdays and sundays from 07:30am until 11:00pm we have a full list of all the streets affected on our website kron 4 dot com. >>with the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus and mounting pressure to protect california inmates governor newsom announced thousands of inmates could soon be set free from prison as kron 4 dan kerman reports as many as 8,000 current inmates could be released by the end of august. >>more than 2300 current state prison inmates are positive with covid-19 more than half of those are at san quentin with more than 30 inmate deaths statewide so far the governor is speeding up the state's early release program to thin out the prison population and slow the spread. under a new plan 8,000 inmates could be eligible for release by the end of august with 4800 of those eligible before the end of this month. and prison officials say none
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of those prisoners are violent or serious offenders this crisis requires bold urgent action to bring down the numbers proponents of criminal justice reform are hailing the decision. >>but not so victims rights advocates we definitely are concern for public safety christine mortis with california's crime victims alliance. we certainly don't want people getting sick. we certainly don't want people dying, but we also need to make sure that our communities are safe and that everybody coming out into the community into society. >>has the support in order to succeed people have support systems and for those that don't there is a real plus of community-based organization ecosystem in california jay jordan with californians for safety and justice says. >>families and support systems are in place. but criminal justice reformers just worry this isn't happening. fast enough to save the lives of those behind bars. >>buyers are on the line and people are crying out.
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>>state prison officials say the only serious or violent offenders that could be released early are those with high-risk medical conditions and those will be looked at on a case by case basis. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>california lawmakers are delaying their return to the state capitol with some members diagnosed with covid-19 at least one has been hospitalized. lawmakers originally set to return from summer break on monday. but now they pushed back to july 27th. the legislature's final recess is set for about a month away from that with several pieces of legislation still yet to be passed by august 31st. >>some disturbing new details on a deadly shootout in contra costa county 3 deputies were struck by gunfire after an 11 hour standoff on green acres lane in night sent right off of highway 4 and lone tree way an exchange of gunfire left the suspect dead. he has been identified as has martinez from bay point. deputies say
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before they showed up by tina sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend he then threw her on a coffee table used duct tape to tie her to a chair doused her with gasoline and threatened to burn down the house, we also know one of the deputies who was shot was hit in the chest, but saved by his bulletproof vest the second deputy was hit in the head with shotgun pellets the 3rd shot in the arm all 3 have been released from the hospital. >>a warning now in the east come police are searching for a man physically assaulted a woman and was using language. this is in the area west grand and broadway near the 500 block of thomas l berkeley way. the description of the man has not been given at this time, but if you see a man who seems to be exhibiting these traits in the area you're asked to contact oakland police. in the south peters police have released body camera video from an officer involved shooting that happened on june 21st.
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>>police >>say they were responding to an apartment complex after a 19 year-old man reportedly stabbed his stepfather when a second officer arrived on the scene. police say the 19 year-old who was holding a large knife charge ship police yelling kill me. it was then that the officer fired his weapon the suspect later died at a hospital, the stepfather was treated for his stab wounds. >>i'm honestly surprised that a coyote would come down here. but that's actually pretty scary i would be i'm very alarmed if she got bit by a coyote. >>coyote sightings in moraga do come with the territory there but coyote attacks on humans are rare and that is what happened at an east bay park a 2 year-old boy was bitten by what police and wildlife officials say was a coyote has called forcefully to go reports the town closed the park early today because coyotes are more active at
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dusk. >>with temperatures rising and as cooped up families fed up with staying inside head outdoors parks are a popular destination but also come with some potential hazards. i'm honestly surprised that a coyote would come down here, but that may have been the case thursday in moraga the police department says an animal reported to be a coyote bit a 2 year-old boy in his lower leg police say it happened in the parking lot near restrooms at marotta commons park they feel like the fact that covid is happening and there's been fewer people at the park. >>there are people everywhere the animals are starting to feel more comfortable coming in instead of just staying in the mountains where they normally are the california department of fish and wildlife is investigating the incident the child was treated at a hospital and then released. >>fish and wildlife says his injuries are non life threatening code is probably sick. >>they don't normally approach to unless they say you have
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something to. >>a small dog with you it's unclear what may have prompted the rare attack fish and wildlife says if it is determined the animal was in fact a coyote it was just the second coyote attack on a human this year reported in the bay area we just stay in this area. we don't stay like of on you know the still ranked we like to stay where everybody can see then if you encounter a coyote fish and wildlife says stand tall and shout aggressively if it approaches in moraga phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>now to an update on the crews fire which has been burning east of gilroy since sunday cal fire says that blaze is now 95% contained it's burned more than 5500 acres fire crews expect to have the fire fully contained by july the 16th all evacuation orders have been lifted and road closures removed the cause is still under investigation our news continues at 9 o'clock president trump and doctor
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anthony fauci apparently are not talking this as the pandemic. >>gets worse coming up at 9.30. now the president's response to the crisis is affecting his reelection poll numbers at 9.45 hear from a researcher about why more men are being infected by the virus than women. >>and walmart is about to launch a new membership that would rival amazon prime's details ahead. >>and tracking amini heat wave this weekend bringing warm temperatures along the coast [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪
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>>art is planning its own membership program, the retailer is reportedly close to launching a service that would rival amazon prime walmart plus is set to be unveiled sometime later this month they would be a yearly subscription at $98 and will include same day delivery fuel discounts and other perks. grocery options are also reportedly included all to take on amazon's ownership of whole foods walmart has already been experimenting with one day delivery in some areas, happening tomorrow, 7.11 is shaking things up for its annual 7.11 days celebration locations usually give out. >>free slurpees making july 11, it's 7.11 the busiest day of the year for the chain given coronavirus of retailer says it will now donate a million meals to feed america instead that said it still giving out those free slurpees but not all on one day app
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users can collect on the offer any time in july. >>coming up a story of survival next we hear from one bay area man who spent more than a 100 days in the hospital battling covid-19 how his family is celebrating his victory tonight. >>and president trump says he aced his cognitive test. they explained why
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>>an update on tonight's
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breaking news, a 3 alarm fire on san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood in a 3 story apartment building it broke out reportedly on the ground floor of that building possibly a garage started about 7 o'clock tonight, the fire department does have the blaze under control at this hour our dan thorn is on saying collecting additional information this is video we obtained from the citizen app san francisco fire says the flames again came from the garage and also affected the second and 3rd floor levels of that apartment building this is at 19 27 washington street right near the corner of franklin about a block down from lafayette park you can see us and a lot of smoke in the sky the drifted over. >>the north and east sides of the city over the financial district. the good news. no injuries to report. there is some damage to that building plus 2 adjoining buildings and likely some water damage to other structures in that area fire officials are asking
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people to avoid the area because they're still working the scene again, no injuries reported and no word yet on how that fire started started will keep you posted as we learn more throughout the night. today president trump claimed that he recently aced a cognitive test. it says latest attempt to dismiss questions about his mental capabilities and a call in to question those of rival joe biden all of this as reports indicate that disease expert doctor anthony fauci and the president are not really speaking and all of this is happening as the pandemic worsens jeremy diamond reports. >>group that was all there because i stood as the pandemic rages on president trump is focused on dismissing questions about his mental acuity claiming he recently ace the cognitive test very body as he called into question joe biden's mental fitness to get at walter reed medical center. >>in front of doctors and did they were very surprised, they
9:31 pm
said that's an unbelievable thing. the white house would not say when he took the test or provide any details. but cnn previously reported trump took the montreal, cognitive assessment in 2018 scoring highly on a test that includes simple memory and mental tasks which only indicates he is not suffering any mild cognitive dysfunction. >>today trump spending the day in the country's biggest coronavirus hotspot but his trip to florida has nothing to do with the pandemic instead trump appears focused on shoring up his reelection prospects in this critical battleground state posing with seize drugs accusing his democratic rival of supporting socialism and attending a high-dollar fundraiser. but his chances at a second term may be tied to the crisis he is all but ignoring it's a new poll revealing that just one 3rd of americans approve of trump's handling of the pandemic down from 41% just 3
9:32 pm
weeks ago, even republicans are starting to lose faith support for trump's handling of coronavirus dipping from 90 to 78% in his own party activists out he's a nice man but he's made a lot of mistakes very difficult meanwhile, the president is locked in an increasingly public feud with the country's most trusted doctor. >>his assessment of the surge in coronavirus cases is growing gloom here while the president tries to spin a rosier version of reality they have. tested almost 40 million people. >>by so doing we show cases. 99% of which are totally harmless. >>doctor fauci who says he hasn't seen trump in more than 5 weeks making clear that's not true telling the financial times what i think happened is that someone told in that the general mortality is about one percent and he interpreted
9:33 pm
therefore that 99% is not a problem when that's obviously not the case. >>that was jeremy diamond reporting doctor fauci was seen arriving for a coronavirus task force meeting this morning and ministrations officials say the president has not attended one of those meetings since april. >>and the united states at least before the goal the game to the but before we would do really well with still the very well, but now we're getting back on track. >>during a speech in south florida president trump again seen not wearing a mask this despite south florida being a coronavirus hot spot. president says we are doing well despite seeing a record of new coronavirus cases. today there are more than 63,000 new reported cases in the country. here's a look at the latest hotspots and their cases, new york leads the country with the most cases followed by california.
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>>alleged accomplice of accused trafficker jeffrey epstein is requesting bail attorneys for gin lane maxwell wanna bail package that includes a 5 million dollars personal recognizance bond. the package would also include travel restrictions at home confinement with gps monitoring. maxwell was arrested by fbi agents last week she is charged in connection to her alleged role in conspiring to recruit. groom and sexually abuse under age girls as young as 14 all of this on behalf of af saying the 58 year-old maxwell faces up to 35 years in federal prison if convicted. fca by the way die by suicide at a manhattan jail last august while he was awaiting trial. >>michael flynn's case is on pause once again the u.s. district court judge who oversaw the guilty plea of president donald trump's former national security adviser has requested a full appeals court review of the
9:35 pm
case after a panel of judges dismissed it. u.s. district judge emmet sullivan made the highly unusual request today. a 3 judge panel last month dismissed the case against flynn following the justice department's unusual decision to drop the prosecution. 2 years ago flynn pleaded guilty to lying under oath. >>all right we want to go back to the scene of that 3 alarm fire in san francisco kron four's dan thorn at the scene still you've been talking to neighbors there and have their thoughts about what happened there tonight. >>that's right lot of people were surprised they saw the smoke coming, but they were also surprised and happily surprised to see how quick of a response there was by san francisco fire department. i actually just got done speaking with the assistant chief here rex hale who tells us there's been a total of 4 buildings that have suffered damage because of this fire breaking out. they said they're still where this fire
9:36 pm
began and how it began there are some reports out there that it started in a garage area and was the result of a possibly. somebody trying to start a fire with in a garage whether that was through a grill or what not. is remains to be seen but anyway, as you pointed out before. this is a condensed area where the pacific heights area we're on washington street right now a lot of these homes and residences are right on top of each other lieutenant first is the assistant fire chief tells me the reason why this fire moved so quickly through these 4 buildings. >>was because there's a lot of wood in these buildings a lot of wooden staircases a lot of wooden walls, the structures of design very so it made it pretty easy for this fire to move through, but they were able to get here pretty quickly to god. take this fire and get it and are contained within a few hours. right now we have a large response here that is on the street. and for good reason because of what viewers were showing us before
9:37 pm
of these high reaching flames that were just seen shooting out of this apartment building and also some other apartment buildings that were nearby a lot of neighbors reported not smelling smoke but seeing a lot of snow smoke in the videos that have been shared with us. this is a 3 alarm fire number of crews that are out here at least 15 pieces of heavy equipment that were brought out here by firefighters in order to get this fire under control. again they're expected to be out here for quite some time working on throughout the night in order to get any sort of hot spots and also assessing the damage within these buildings we don't know whether there is any sort of total loss of this time that still being determined. >>and crews are just continuing the work. i think it out fi behind me here i can also zoom in and give you a closer look as to what we're looking at here in terms of the firefighting response a number of firefighters there but not only there up in this area here you can still see and hear me. number of
9:38 pm
firefighters still working through these buildings are also going up on some of these. hi ladders get in to the roof area and also some of those upper-level assessing damage and also spraying some water in those areas where some might pop up again. this was a quite a fire for firefighters to have to deal with ah but they were able to get it under control and it seems to be going in the right direction for now, but you can expect that this area will be closed off for at least some time. >>real quick a obviously apartment buildings where people live any idea how many people are homeless tonight and where they're going. it's supposed to be several, but we don't have an exact number on that the assistant fire chief was not able to give us a number but there are going to be people that are displaced tonight because as we mentioned it's 4 different building so. >>break that up into different rooms are different apartments within each individual building. we're not sure exactly what that makeup is but we're assuming it several
9:39 pm
people that will be displaced tonight. >>and or not keeping an eye on that fire situation in pacific heights in the city dan we'll check in with you a little bit later thank you. >>coming up a close friend and political consultant to president trump is not going to jail the president commuted roger stone the sentence today here what stone
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
in national news president trump has handed out a get out
9:42 pm
of jail free card to his friend roger stone. >>the president is commuting stone's sentence. so was convicted on 7 charges and was supposed to report to prison to say now he will not i just don't address the media shortly after receiving this news. >>a few minutes ago i had a very gracious call from president united states. they told me that he had decided to use. his extraordinary of pregnancy to continue my sentence is what he called a for computational missions. we actually have not seen the papers but under the terms of a commutation i can now for sale. the 2 appeals that i have filed my connections. >>despite the commutation stone's conviction will still stand he has been found guilty of lying to congress witness tampering and obstruction after learning that he does not have to report to prison stone called the process a
9:43 pm
quote horrific ordeal. >>anyone can get coronavirus but a new study says more men are dying from the virus and i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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mine caused liver damage. epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects include headache and tiredness. ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. according to a new study men are more likely to die from coronavirus a study was released by ucsf this week. >>for more on that study kron four's terisa stasio talk with power knocked fatah he researcher with ucsf.
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>>so this does the whole thing started as a number of clinical from different hospitals from around the world actually from and many many different countries men seem to be affected disproportionately by the buyer is there's a higher number of men that are hospitalized. they are also dealing with more severe symptoms. unfortunately, there's high mortality among men. what via phone is basically a potential explanation for why this is the case. let me be seeing what's happening is that in 6 hormones the male hormones that are cooked really called androgens. basically make the cells more susceptible or virus wires can attack the cells. more frequently and to a larger extent men because of the hormones. >>the time he says there could be other factors to explain why men are more affected than women according to the california department of public health. 2000 more men have been affected than women
9:47 pm
in this state also according to the health department the latino community makes up the most covid-19 cases of any race is there a found the marin county fair may be canceled this year, but you can still get some tasty fare food this weekend today, the fair held a fair food drive through while in your car you can safely pick up delicious their food such as corn dogs and cotton candy carmel apple's chose. >>kettle corn and more to order just line up your car on the avenue of the flags in sandra fell and then you'll be directed onto the fairgrounds where vendors will take your order. a man you can be found on the run county fairs instagram and facebook pages the fairgrounds will be open this weekend and next weekend from 00:11am in the morning until 8 at night, a big giant piping hot corn dog, fresh out of the fryer leather with mustard anything better in the beautiful view of downtown san francisco and the breeze is standing by with a warm forecast. yeah i can make sure
9:48 pm
to say be a funnel cake with that all right, let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge. >>and we are tracking overnight lows in the low to mid 50's giving way to plenty of sunshine by your saturday afternoon and near normal daytime highs for downtown san francisco warming up to 68 degrees happened they in the mid 60's as well widespread mid 60's from brisbane to san bruno but upper 60's for those of you in millbrae and burlingame flirting with 70's for your saturday afternoon highs fortunately, wind speeds on the breezy side around 20 miles per hour or less. but warm temperatures for san mateo 77 degrees palo alto in the mid 80's tracking widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 87 degrees campbell warming up into the low 90's so for most of our inland areas about 5 to 10 degrees above average scorching heat for livermore warming up to 96 degrees but cooler temperatures along the coast of the east bay shoreline widespread mid 70's, but still about 5 degrees above average there. berkeley
9:49 pm
and richmond in the mid 70's conquered flirting with that triple digit heat but vacaville an antioch you're going to hit that century mark for your saturday afternoon napa 88 degrees in santa rosa at 95 degrees with a widespread upper 90's and triple digit heat on sunday for inland areas as the heat wave gets hotter and peaking on that day really for early next week with near average temperatures by next thursday, ken and pam back to you making a brief survey area man and his family are celebrating a big covid victory after fearing the coronavirus would take his life. >>now that south bay fathers back home kron four's terisa stasio brings us this remarkable story of survival. >>there we were told multiple times that he wasn't gonna make it and and he did. >>jenny guillermo is talking about her dad to fully understand the weight of her words. >>take a look at her father right here as he left the hospital friday. now check out this picture of her dad. the athlete. >>it's hard to imagine that
9:50 pm
they're both the same person, but it is a searing example, and just how devastating the coronavirus can be so skinny he lost like 50 feet down then. >>but we don't care my mom is just in heaven right now jenny shared with me that in total her dad tom but spent a 110 days in the hospital. 93 days in the icu and 87 days on a he atlanta and some multi-organ failure they had no choice but to put on dialysis danny says that one dark day the hospital called for her mom to go and say only permitted her to go in >>he has heart rate was 30 and she won and then she talked to him and she touched him and his heart rate shot up. so he left that night and then he let the next 10 minutes. i think that we all truly thank from the bottom of my heart
9:51 pm
that she. >>they temp how is tom doing now. now that he is home see for yourself. hi dad. >>how are you. give me a thumbs up or thumbs down if you think this is an absolute miracle that you're here. >>jenny says that her dad who is an attorney believes that he got sick being exposed to someone who had the coronavirus at court as for what comes next to jenny says that she just wants her dad to get better. >>as he heals at home and that maybe someday he will be able to compete. again like the athlete. he is theresa kron 4 news. >>and this just in tonight, a number of counties have been making adjustments because of the rise in covid cases and we're now learning that restaurants and alameda county can no longer offer outdoor dining. instead they can only
9:52 pm
offer drive-thru and pickup services, the updated health order was announced tonight these new guidelines also allow bars and wineries to offer drive-thru and pick up. >>i still it behind hours not minutes. and the southern california parking lot how she ended
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
♪ when it's made with love, it's made to be shared.
9:55 pm
>>a southern california mother got a far more speedy delivery vans he expected with her 3rd child so quick in fact she ended up giving birth in a parking lot with the help of 2 firefighters can really change has the story. >>so someone has on the parking lot that was a 911 call from the morning of july 3rd, but when firefighters, kyle cross and kai brody with the orange county fire authority arrived, they got a big surprise we were called out for an unconscious patient, a parking on came to band a a a pregnant in delivering the couple pulled over in a kaiser permanente clinic parking lot in mission the a whole when they realized they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time we quickly had to change gears. >>and deliver baby within a minute of us arriving on scene we had delivered. >>child during a virtual reunion on zoom thursday, the couple introduced their heroes to the healthy baby boy they helped bring into this world and also explained how they ended up there they say that every time think goes faster
9:56 pm
and so i was kind of have to wait for that with my oldest it was 12 hours later. >>and then with my second term we are it was about 3 to 4 hours of labor mom says she expected a quick delivery for her 3rd child but not that fast, i'm not still be had hours not minutes, dad told them they were only 15 minutes away from the hospital where she was supposed to give birth but minutes into the drive she started screaming and we're about 10 minutes out of the hospital that point. >>and she is screaming at me like pull over and let my waters breaking and he's coming right now tonight and into the legal left hand turn up, you know ran a red light there and we had it up to the razor clinic that was just right there. >>this is one of higher s low-frequency but it's also one of those calls where you know if everything goes well it's the scariest day for someone but the most rewarding experience ever very exciting for both of us because typically we're getting called out to some bay's worst day and be there on sundays.
9:57 pm
>>what would be one of the best games with something that was very special for me and. >>and that was kimberly chang reporting a lot she was 7 pounds 12 ounces and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 but pam and i will be back at the top of the hour with the latest on that apartment fire burning in san francisco. we'll hear from a neighbor and from a firefighter help stop the flames from spreading to nearby homes and the lives the bay area school districts that want to keep students out of the classrooms is growing tonight, we'll break down which districts are starting off the school year with distance
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>look the news stations. >>that breaking news out of san francisco tonight flames shooting from a residential building as smoke filled the air in sections of the city. crews racing to knock the fire down before it spread to nearby homes. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the fire broke out shortly after 7 o'clock tonight in pacific heights and washington and franklin near lafayette park. kron four's dan thorn is live on the scene has been for there for the last hour and a half or so and he has the latest for us dan. >>ken and pam were here on washington street between franklin and gough where a lot of the activity remains there are several, san francisco firefighters that are still on scene here we


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