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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 10, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>look the news stations. >>that breaking news out of san francisco tonight flames shooting from a residential building as smoke filled the air in sections of the city. crews racing to knock the fire down before it spread to nearby homes. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the fire broke out shortly after 7 o'clock tonight in pacific heights and washington and franklin near lafayette park. kron four's dan thorn is live on the scene has been for there for the last hour and a half or so and he has the latest for us dan. >>ken and pam were here on washington street between franklin and gough where a lot of the activity remains there are several, san francisco firefighters that are still on scene here we've been told tonight that there were at least 4 buildings that were
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damaged because of this fire. investigators are still determining where it broke out and how it broke out, several people are believed to be displaced tonight we still don't have those numbers and in terms of the amount of people but they will not be able to return to their homes. as firefighters are made on scene here if you take a look behind me. the firefighters had a number of ladders that were put up onto the roof areas of these apartment buildings that are really tightly knit together here on washington street. the flames were seen on top of the roof area also a lot of smoke that was seen by neighbors, but thankfully, no one was injured inside of these out in this again we're still trying to learn how many people were there but a lot of people that saw the smoke say they were surprised and they were even more surprised once they saw the flames. flames bursting up. it was quite spectacular and a tremendous outburst of black smoke. >>we have a smoke so from a distance or support a fire in the building. we showed up and
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determine quickly that we had 3 buildings going initially. all with a common kind of backyard. wood siding wood stairs all burning pretty good on arrival. and then you know extended into a couple of these buildings, one on franklin and 3 on here so a total of 4 buildings were >>and as you can see by this video that we're showing you here from viewers they were seeing a lot of smoke in this area. i even some of our people back at the station said that they were selling some of the smoke that was up blowing through here from a pacific heights. a number of firefighters quickly responded to the scene here they were able to knock down the flames pretty quickly, they're still working on assessing the damage. from what we have been told tonight by the assistant fire chief the reason why some of these flames move pretty quickly is because these buildings are a little bit older and there's a lot of wood there's wooden stairs, this wooden walls and they're
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all built very similarly. at least 3 buildings were distraught well we're still learning whether or not they've been destroyed or at least damage at 3 buildings here on washington street and one other on not the franklin street side. firefighters are manning on on scene here right now and we've been told that they're going to be remaining here. throughout the night we've actually seen several firefighters already leaving the scene here. tonight as they've already gotten this fire under control. but they were a number of them will remain here throughout the night just making sure that there aren't any other a hot spots or anything like that so they're still on some more work that's left to be done here. >>and more than a mile away from where you are down near the embarcadero down when it was certainly smell the smoke here inside the studio, i'm with it did hear from any of the residents who are concerned that even though their particular building wasn't burning that it could spread because as we've talked about those apartments are so
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densely packed in to get that's right. ken yeah, there were some people out here that said that they were concerned because you know when you smell that smoke you immediately think oh wow like. >>this is got to be right near where i live the one gentleman when that we spoke with earlier said that he's lived here for more than 30 years so he was thankful as soon as he smelled the smoke that he immediately started hearing the fire alarm is going off meaning that firefighters would be rushing to the scene quickly any good and thank them enough for how quickly they were able to get this under control. but the situation is still a pretty unfortunate for people that may have lost a lot. >>dan thorn reporting live from the scene in san francisco. thank you dan and of course we first brought you this breaking news on our kron 4 news mobile app make sure to download that app for the latest news in the bay area and beyond and this just into our newsroom, a care facility in sandra fell as dealing with a deadly covid-19 outbreak. moran post-acute tells us 5
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patients have died from coronavirus and in total 46 patients and 13 staff members have tested positive. those staff members are now isolating at home in the patients and staff members who have not tested positive are now being tested every week we'll have more on this story as we learn more a number of counties making adjustments in light of the increasing cases of covid-19 and tonight we are learning restaurants and alameda county can no longer offer outdoor dining instead they can only offer drive-thru and pick up. >>this updated health order was announced tonight. the new guidelines also allowed bars and wineries to offer drive-thru and pick up. >>the oakland unified school district will start its new school year exactly a month from now on august 10th. but the first day of school will not be the same school district officials talked about reopening plans today kron four's gayle ong has details. >>we are starting with all
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students in just since learning and taking a cue from friday's news conference virtual learning is the goal for the upcoming school year parents can expect to zuma being used for classroom, teaching and for those parents who are not experience with computers. we're estey says those parents will receive more training. uresti's director of communications johnson psaki says the district is waiting on more than 20,000 chromebooks that will be distributed to students who need the device district officials say the distance learning lasting a month in order to ensure school sites are well prepared. >>women weren't implement or covid-19 safety plans and stabs able to attend training in both safety and instruction and orange or in students and families to quote subsequent phases of blended learning the proposal for full-time in person learning includes masks a part-time schedule for students so staff can thoroughly disinfect the schools for those parents opting for distance learning courts to try to work out exactly how we're going to go
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facilitate our parents getting back to work. >>waiting need to so that something is going to continue to develop as we go forward next month, parents and teachers will be able to weigh in on a virtual town hall meeting on monday in oakland gayle ong kron 4 news. >>the san francisco unified school district also wants to start off its school year with distance learning supervisor, matt haney sent this tweet tonight. he says the district will recommend to the school board that students and teachers do not return in person when the school year begins on august 17th. the plan will include distance learning for nearly all shoes with some possible small and person learning hybrid learning will be phased in when the science and the day to allow it to be done safely all students in the west contra costa unified school district should also expect to learn from home when the new school year begins next month. the district released a multi-phase draft plan today under that plan students will continue distance learning until school officials deem it
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safe to bring the students back to the classrooms. the second phase of the district's plan would open some school buildings as support facilities for small groups of students and the brentwood union school district will resume classes on july the 28th with 100% distance learning the antioch unified school district has postponed the start of the new school year for almost a month to september the first all right step outside take a live picture and view of the bay bridge and the embarcadero didn't oversell it a little looks like a beautiful night out our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at the weather and a hot weekend ahead. yes, scorching heat inland where i'm tracking widespread triple digit weather for hottest interior valleys already feeling that heat inland, especially for those of you in concord. >>near triple digit heat 98 degrees. so overall most of our inland valleys are about 5 to 10 degrees above average. but near average along the coast of downtown san
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francisco, thanks to that cool sea breeze also track some more high cloud cover today but as we take a live look outside were know to seeing clear skies but we will notice a shallow marine layer during the overnight hours of better lifting and clearing by mid morning on saturday but temperatures as you step outside right now widespread mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline. >>with 60's as you make your way inland but still in the 70's for parts of the tribe valleys conquered flirting with 80's but antioch 81 degrees as you step outside at this 10 o'clock hour, very warm temperatures after being near the triple digits earlier today, current wind speeds out there right now fortunately on the calm to breezy side and we are going to see breezy winds this weekend and that's going to help limit that risk of high fire danger for interior valleys striking a very warm and dry air mass this weekend overnight lows tonight cooling down into the low 50's along the coast, widespread mid 50's as you make your way inland
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and tomorrow's daytime highs for your saturday afternoon holding steady for downtown san francisco 68 degrees about 5 degrees above average for the east bay shoreline widespread mid 70's there and upper 80's and 90's as you make your way inland with antioch actually hitting that triple digit mark a 101 degrees concord not that far behind 99 degrees wouldn't be surprised if you hit that century mark though santa rosa also tracking warm temperatures are about 10 degrees above average 95 degrees. and san jose in the upper 80's so we are going to see relative humidity bone dry around 20th percentile even as low as the upper teens for our driest inland locations and we're going to cut those numbers in half by sunday because i'm tracking widespread upper 90's in triple digit heat as we take a look ahead at our 10 at 10 outlook. this many heat wave is going to peak on sunday, so expect 70's along the coast 80's throughout the east bay shoreline upper 90's and
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triple digit weather as you make your way inland with relief and near average highs not arriving until thursday of next week and very little change 10 days from now so the heat is on this weekend ken and pam back to you thank you to reset another bay area county has now joined the states watch list for coronavirus spread. >>the state's department of public health announced today sonoma county. >>we'll have to implement new restrictions as soon as monday. unless it's coronavirus data does not improve over the next 72 hours. we don't know exactly what the county's new restrictions will be but based on state guidelines. restaurants are expected to pause indoor dining services wineries and breweries we'll have to close tasting rooms movie theaters bowling alleys zoos museums and card rooms will have to close. the new restrictions are expected to be in place for at least 3 weeks. sonoma county is now the 5th bay area county to join the state's list, the other for armor in napa solano and contra costa county san francisco zoo and gardens will
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reopen on monday san francisco city officials announced the approval today, the zoo shared this video of how. >>the staff set up social distancing signs and markers the zoo says all guests will have to make reservations to visit wear face coverings and follow social distancing protocol. the zoo was originally set to reopen on june the 29th. the city officials postponed that reopening due to the spike in covid-19 cases indoor exhibits playground and ride attractions will remain closed. and other businesses like hair and nail salons and tattoo parlors will have to continue to wait city officials plan to give another update on reopening businesses on monday meantime city leaders in oakland are asking you to stay away from lake merits this weekend. they say it's become unsafe because of traffic and covid-19 concerns due to overcrowding to help with the problem. the city will begin enforcing parking and traffic restrictions. they include closing southbound lakeshore avenue from a cause
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or to hanover closing ellen barkin darryl in both directions, closing the lakeview library parking lot and turning all streets around along lake merritt into no parking zones restrictions will be in place on saturdays and sundays from 07:30am until 11:00pm we have a full list of all the streets on our website kron 4 dot com. san francisco giants roster will look a little different this season today catcher buster posey now see is opting to sit out our kate rooney is here to explain what's behind his decision. kate. well it's not entirely unexpected posey had missed several of the giants workouts and this week since they've been back in business but. >>it's a good reason buster posey said that the reason he plans to set up for the 2020 season is because he and his wife have recently adopted twin girls that's right. today posey got personal in a press conference explaining that he and wife kristen have been trying to adopt for a number of years and their new twin girls were born prematurely on
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the first day of giants training camp last week so the babies will be spending some time in the neonatal intensive care unit and together with his doctors posey has decided that the risk of playing outweighs the reward. >>i just feel like in the current state. >>and then we are right now. and these babies being is as fragile as they are for the next, you know 4 months and minimal. this ultimately wasn't that difficult a decision decision for me from a baseball standpoint it was it's up to city and from a seemingly standpoint in you don't like. i'm making the decisions protect. our children i think it it was relatively easy. >>today giants team president farhan zaidi manager gabe kepler and several of cozies teammates expressed their support for the 6 time all-star now the organization sets about figuring out the tough job of who's going to fill posey's shoes. >>all right, thank you very much kate and of course at announcement means some
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disappointment for giants fans, yeah on 4 maureen kelly talked to fans who say well they are disappointed they do support his decision. >>more power to him. you know, i mean he's putting is his family in his loved ones first and you know in this day and age. and any gain age, i mean that's really what you need to do. >>watsonville resident rob spore leader says he has family trying to make it up to oracle park 4 games at least once a month during the season. he says as much as he'd like to watch buster play ball. he cannot argue with the stars concerns for the health of his newly adopted twin daughters who are born premature 16 game season and give other players an opportunity. >>which will make sure the season even more interest and i that even happen in 60 games. what kind of care about these people as individuals and human beings, not just people that are out there to entertain us songwriter, a newspaper columnist noah griffin has sung the national anthem from the pitcher's mound at giants games. he says
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posey brings maturity and experience the clubhouse he expects that will continue from a distance the season, so you need older. >>to the older players. >>the younger players and these are the roads this is what you don't make this mistake over here. so you'll still be that. i wrote play that role for the team behind the scenes is not be enough to play that role. yeah, i'm sure that he will his team guy and certainly the last and best are huge. >>stephanie hebert was a season ticket holder until she moved up to sacramento. she 2 respects posey's decision. >>the wonders about the ripple effect could have not just on the giants, the sports i'm still that says it may not happen again. i mean i think everything's changing so rapidly that. >>inflexible and adapted into each day's news is kind of what's required out all the fans i spoke to say they look forward to buster posey back in a giants uniform. the 20, 21 season. maureen kelly kron
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4 news. >>happening now state wildlife experts are looking into what could be a second coyote attack on a human this year reported in the bay area this after a 2 year-old apparently was bitten yesterday in moraga wronka police say a coyote bit the child in his lower leg in the parking lot of them are on commons park near the restrooms the child was treated at a hospital and then released. frequent park visitors say they know there are a corrupt cop coyotes in that area, but they say the animals mostly stay out of sight. >>they feel like the fact that covid is happening and there's been fewer people at the park. there are people everywhere the animals are starting to feel more comfortable coming in instead of just staying in the mountains where they normally are. >>the first coyote attack happened in april when another child was wounded at dublin hills regional park, say fish and wildlife authorities suggest carrying a whistle to scare away coyotes and to keep your pets on leashes. >>we have new video of that
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fire in san francisco we've been telling you about it broke out this evening, look at these flames you can see how intense this fire lines. it was reported shortly after 7 o'clock this evening in pacific heights at washington street and franklin that's near lafayette park neighbors say those flames went up within seconds the sending plumes of smoke that could be seen for blocks and the smell of smoke was also spend across much of the city. no injuries have been reported the fire crews did respond they got the fire under control just about an hour ago the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >>coming up roger stone is not going to prison president trump commuted his prison sentence tonight just days before he was set to begin that sentence. what stone says he plans to do next and reaction from capitol hill. >>plus 110 days of uncertainty and fear of bay area woman shares her father's long brutal battle against covid-19 but first does tick tock pose a security risk a bay area
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company reported told
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happening now the city of martinez is preparing for a large protest of this weekend this comes after white nationalists flyers were found and the black lives matter street near all which at a city permit. >>was painted over by 2 people who did not have a permit just last weekend kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>businesses are boarding up
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here in downtown martinez where organizers and city officials say this weekend's protest is expected to be a big one want back i said it all really matter the 2 people seen in this video could face up to a year in jail charged with a hate crime for painting over a black lives matter mural in downtown martinez, a mural that was painted by demonstrators but permission from the city the people who painted over the mural did not have permission to do so this video went viral. him is seen by people from across the country i think it's very telling. >>as to how divided this nation is at the moment between this and white nationalists flyers found martinez just a few weeks ago a large protest is now planned for this weekend, but the majority of markets, residents cervical cancer. granted the something that. and i know that the flag there are still being investigated. and as we speak fingerprinting is being
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done. the martinez police department says they are not anticipating any problems but because of the expected size of the protest. >>they will have adequate staff on hand with officers in the downtown area to protect and patrol businesses and residents. they will also shut down the following streets beginning at 10 on saturday night and not reopening them until 7 o'clock monday our concern with this one is just a growing and the fact that this. >>incident leading into it went viral. and so we're hearing a lot of and angry chatter on social media were receiving calls throughout the city of people angry on both sides and so because of that we just want to be sure we have enough resources in place to keep everyone safe protesters are being asked to park at the waterfront the rally will begin at the courthouse people will then march to marine of east out west towards ferry street and then back to the waterfront we have had so many people.
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>>from martinez thinking as so many people asking how they can get involved in coming out on sunday, if you've never march before stealing a call to do this now because. they want to stand up against hate and racism and that's a beautiful thing in martinez michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>even though police do expect the protests to be peaceful they are still shutting down several streets here is a look at the streets affected on your screen police say these closures will create a buffer between the crown and homes. the streets will be closed beginning at 10 o'clock saturday night and they will not reopen again until 7 o'clock monday morning. you can also find this information on our website kron 4 dot com. kron four's hosting a live town hall next week with police chiefs from across the bay area we're going to discuss the changes. police departments are making. >>after nationwide calls for police reforms and how
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officers are working to regain the trust of their communities you can join the conversation by submitting a video question for the police chiefs go to our website kron 4 dot com. the town hall will air next wednesday. july 15th at 09:00pm. >>well amazon wants to clarify the company now says it is not banning its employees from using the video sharing app to top this comes just hours after company sent an e-mail to employees this morning that said quote security risks that tick tock app is no longer permitted on mobile devices that can access amazon email. amazon officials say that e-mail was sent by mistake. and there's no change to the company's tick tock policy. some politicians say tick tock could undermine national security given its ties to china. cyber security experts have been more cautious about that assessment tick tock is owned by the world's most valuable startup a chinese company named byte dance. walmart is going head to head with amazon. it will
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reportedly launch his own membership program this month, the service called walmart plus is set to be similar to amazon prime according to reports the yearly subscription will be $98 and includes same day delivery fuel discounts and other perks. >>grocery options are also reportedly included in order to take on amazon's ownership of whole foods walmart has already been experimenting with one day delivery in some areas if you're planning on going to europe this summer you can cross the united kingdom off your list at least for now the uk's government. relax quarantine rules for travelers from a number of destinations today but not for the united states americans traveling across the pond. we'll have to self quarantine if they go for 14 days his story in the making the university of california system welcomes its first african-american president ahead. president michael drake shares why he accepted the job over retirement plus we're tracking coronavirus cases
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across the country where health officials are sounding the alarm. >>as a virus claims even more lives including an infant. >>and i'm tracking tropical storm fay in the east coast and you're warm and hog bay
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>>a covid prices united states counted 63,000 new coronavirus cases today setting another single-day record for reported
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cases across the country death rates are also surging in at least 10 states among the victims an infant whitney wild reports. >>we thought the disease was out he thought his young and she was invincible and wouldn't get expected about the disease a 30 year-old man killed by the virus after attending a covid party in texas one of the things that was heart wrenching that he said to his nurse now as you i think i made a mistake facing a crisis texas's governor extended the state's disaster declaration. >>in nueces county the county morgue has now hit capacity and an infant is one of the latest victims of the virus that is an infant under the age of 6 months will not be a seven-day just on friday georgia, illinois and utah reported record high cases. >>california alone surpass 300,000 cases and west virginia now has the highest rate of transmission in the country the virus is spreading
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faster person to person in west virginia. >>right now than any other state in the country. >>in florida. it's the second time reporting more than 11,000 new cases in a single day, the state averaging more than 9,000 cases a day up more than 1200% since the state started reopening in may. now the world health organization is warning in our current situation. >>it is very unlikely that we can eradicate or eliminate this was at the white house whitney wild kron 4 news. >>california meanwhile reported nearly 7800 new coronavirus cases and 140 new deaths today, the state now has a total of more than 304,000 cases and close to 7,000 people have died. >>a new more liberal health order is set to take effect next week in santa clara county. but there is a catch. the new order no longer allows indoor gatherings kron four's rob fladeboe explains. >>consistently we've said outdoors is better that
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indoors director of environmental health michael valley. am friday confirming that the county has dropped plans to allow indoor gathering such as limited church services community groups or any non business gatherings which had been part of the new health order announced earlier this week worst delaying the indoor gathering components of what we're really encouraging people to do this spend as much time outdoors as they can performing the activities that they like to do of course following all the appropriate social distancing protocols thursday ended part of the new directive would have allowed indoor gatherings of up to 20 people outdoor gatherings of up to 60 people will still be permitted. it's feared indoor gatherings will further contribute to the reason upward trend in community transmission of covid-19 along with an uptick in hospitalizations and right now we have increasing case counts across the board is you've also seen throughout the nation and so we just want to be as protective as possible the new order which takes effect on monday allows other
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indoor activities like hair and nail salons gyms and other businesses to resume with restrictions the big difference is that many businesses that will be launching on monday. >>are up taking the appropriate social distancing protocol filling those out submitting them to the county and following the rules that have been laid out for their business. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a member of the state assembly remains in the hospital tonight because of covid-19 palmdale republican tom lackey has been in the hospital since sunday after feeling and overall sense of exhaustion with a headache. his chief of staff says lackey is not in intensive care not requiring oxygen right now. >>is calling me give me orders for work cheese stephanie. it's just alert interacting with us. >>us democratic assembly member autumn blake also tested positive for covid-19 after being inside the state capitol for a session last week and one of her most
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recent tweets the southern california lawmaker says she has no symptoms and is working remotely she wrote quote like most we are taking it one day at a time in quarantine in addition to the 2 lawmakers several staff members and other capital workers have tested positive for the virus lawmakers were originally scheduled to return from summer break on monday of course that has now been pushed back to july the 27th. the big national news story tonight, president trump's longtime friend roger stone is not going to prison the president commuted stones prison sentence today. >>the move does not erase stones felony convictions in the same sense a pardon would have but it does protect him from serving any time behind bars stone was sentenced in february to 3 years in prison for lying to congress in was supposed to report to prison on tuesday. stone shared what he plans to do instead. >>i can now for sale. the 2 appeals that i have filed my
10:35 pm
connection one is an appeal. >>of my conviction based on constitutional and other things that happened in the trial. the other one is an appeal of the decision by judge jackson not to grant a new trial based on blatant agree jess and disputable. misconduct on the >>in a statement, the white house said in part roger stone has already suffered greatly. he was treated very unfairly as for many others in this case, roger stone is now a free man. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is calling the president's action appalling she reacted to the news well speaking to anderson cooper on cnn. >>there are to be a law and i'm i'm recommending that we pass a law that presidents can not issue a pardon. it's a crime that the person is in jail for is one that put that
10:36 pm
is caused by protecting the president which this was. >>and this tweet from senator kamala harris of california it says trump commute the prison sentence of roger stone while the officers that killed brianna taylor are still free. the 2 systems of justice in this country must and and this is the tweet by minnesota senator amy klobuchar she wrote it is one of the most nauseated instances of corrupt government favoritism the united states has ever seen trump's commutation of roger stone sentence is an unforgivable the trail of his office. and slamming sections of the northeast tonight, tropical storm fay made landfall in new jersey about 10 miles north of atlantic city earlier today, the
10:37 pm
national hurricane center says the storm packed maximum sustained winds of 50 miles an hour. >>with some higher gusts reported as well say is now moving north bringing in a threat of flooding from new jersey to pennsylvania. >>meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez says tracking that storm and she has the latest on what it's doing right risa either ken and pam and yet tropical storm fay has just been downgraded to a tropical depression with sustained winds at 35 miles per hour. as it makes its track throughout the northern portion of the east coast, widespread rain though for new york and boston out there right now with the outer bands of this storm. >>still in the atlantic as it moves north in the next couple of days and let's take a look closer to home eat your bay area forecast noticeably dry and also tracking that increasing high cloud cover overhead you're microclimate saturday forecast tracking near average temperatures along the coast 68 degrees for downtown san francisco, holding steady from today's
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temperatures and happened in the mid 60's low 60's for those of you in daly city flirting with 70's for millbrae and burlingame so we are going to wake up to a shallow marine layer for your saturday morning giving way to plenty of sunshine by your saturday afternoon and temperatures away from the coast about 5 to 10 degrees above average san mateo warming up to 77 degrees mid 80's for those of you in palo alto widespread 80's for most of the south bay campbell 90 degrees, but san jose 87 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs, scorching heat as you make your way inland in livermore 96 degrees there and even for the inland valleys like try valleys in concord flirting with that triple digit heat 99 degrees wouldn't even believe if you hit that century mark more than likely that you will and we are tracking mid 70's along the east bay shoreline with a vacaville an antioch warming up in the triple digits. so we are going to be in the low 100's there napa and sonoma 80 degrees in santa rosa, 95
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degrees for your saturday afternoon with widespread upper 90's and triple digit weather on sunday for most of our inland valleys and for the east bay shoreline widespread 80's for your sunday afternoon with 70's along the bay area coastline but then we're gradually going to cool down early next week with a near average highs beginning on thursday and little change 10 days from now back to you ken and pam thank him every son more significant progress in the south bay battling that crews fire cal fire says the fire burning near gilroy is. >>93% contained that fire broke out sunday exploded to 5400 acres in just 24 hours. at least one structure was destroyed. cal fire says the fire burned more than 5500 acres in total investigators are still looking into how that fire started. >>in the east bay oakland police are looking for a man wanted for using threatening language and physically assaulting a woman police say the man targeted women in the areas of west grand and
10:40 pm
broadway and at telegraph avenue and 20th street. if you have been a victim or have any information about this case you are asked to contact. oakland police and also officials want you to take a close look at this picture alameda police say 21 year-old donald standifer has been missing since sunday police say he was last seen sunday night around the college of alameda family members say it is out of character for him to go away forced ended periods of time without contacting family or friends. if you have seen donald you are asked to please call the alameda police department. >>the university of california system welcomes a new leader michael drake is the first black president in the system's history as reporter lonnie wong reports drake was getting ready for retirement when he was offered the top job at the university system that he knows so well. >>all i'd ever wanted to do was to be a medical doctor michael drake was highlighted
10:41 pm
in a virtual get acquainted session what board of regents chair john perez eager to show the result of a 10 month search to replace outgoing you see president janet napolitano drink studied and taught of you see san francisco before becoming chancellor and you see are vying for 9 years. he was set to retire from the top job at ohio state university was drawn back to a university system he knows well there's no other opportunity that i would have at all you know to me 70 year-old administrator is credited with increasing in mission for minority and low income students at ohio state and he said he was driven by the power of the use the system to make ordinary people's lives better my work is done correctly. >>all the help circumstances besides that his life and his family's lives will be elevated and to move forward no easy task now that the university is looking at devastating state budget cuts and a mandate by the board of regents to make admissions more inclusive disparity in health care is also a concern for the position. >>as well as the health of students and staff during the
10:42 pm
covid-19 pandemic traits demeanor can disguise his love of music and amateur rock guitarist who has played in many bands he fell into music while a student at sacramento's mcclatchy high school i first got the job has worked as a clerk at tower records in sacramento are able to play the records for help. market the u.s. outbreak is on the board of the rock and roll music hall of fame helping to diversify induct these 2 park in-bee and others that's an important direction for the hall to be taken. and he was also on the board of nc double a during recent votes, it would not allow the championships to be held or playoff to be held in places that display the confederate flag. the trick is disappointed that the slow rate of social progress but is optimistic that things are changing they require vigilance the effort and we have to get those things right as we move forward in sacramento. >>lonnie wong. >>we were told multiple times that he wasn't gonna make it
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and he did. >>a wonderful miracle in the south bay, a father and husband beat a 4 month long grueling battle against covid-19 kron 4 had a chance to meet him tonight as we and as he begins his recovery at home. still ahead as far as buster posey will not be playing for the giants this season, but hunter pence still plans
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>>this is really something a bay area man and his family are celebrating a covid victory tonight the south bay fathers back home. after spending almost 4 months at a hospital finally some good news cloud forced to recess osseo brings us the story of survival. >>there we were told multiple times that he wasn't gonna make it and and he did. >>jenny guillermo is talking about her dad to fully understand the weight of her words. >>take a look at her father right here as he left the hospital friday. now check out this picture of her dad. the athlete. >>it's hard to imagine that they're both the same person, but it is a searing example, and just how devastating the coronavirus can be so skinny big loss like 50 feet down then. >>but we don't care my mom is just in heaven right now jenny shared with me that in total her dad tom but spent a 110
10:47 pm
days in the hospital. 93 days in the icu and 87 days on a he atlanta and some multi-organ failure they had no choice but to put on dialysis jenny says that one dark day the hospital called for her mom to go and say only permitted her to go in >>he has heart rate was 30 and she went in and she talked to her and that she touched him and his heart rate shot up. so he led to that night and then he let the next 10 minutes. i think that we all truly thank from the bottom of my heart that she. >>they temp how is tom doing now. now that he is home see for yourself. hi dad. >>how are you. >>give me a thumbs up or thumbs down if you think this is an absolute miracle that you're here.
10:48 pm
>>jenny says that her dad who is an attorney believes that he got sick being exposed to someone who had the coronavirus at court as for what comes next to jenny says that she just wants her dad to get better. >>as he heals at home and that maybe someday he will be able to compete. again like the athlete. he is theresa kron 4 news. >>tonight's we've doubled our speeds the fastest just got back. >>well our big news of the day 6 time all-star and three-time world series champ buster posey is sitting out the 2020 baseball season, the san francisco giants star catcher announced the news today, he and his wife kristen have adopted twin baby girls who were born prematurely last week so while the baby spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit posey decide what's best for his family is not to take the risk of playing this season. he's
10:49 pm
receive support throughout the giants organization, including from good friend and teammate hunter pence. >>we all just want to support him or let him know that we respect and honor and we know that this is a very difficult decision for him and for everyone at this time. we understand and we're here for and that's what teammates are from or you know, that's what our job is is is it's it's for to be supportive to be behind everyone understand and we totally respect and understand the situation that he's in. >>today major league baseball released the latest final numbers from what it's calling the intake screening process that is the initial round of covid-19 testing among players coaches and front-office employees, 58 people tested positive during the intake round representing one 0.8% of the individuals, the league tested. 27 of 30 teams had at least one person test positive going forward players will be continued to be tested every other day and in college
10:50 pm
sports news, the pac 12 conference became the second power 5 league to announce it will limit fall athletic competition to within conference only the sports affected include football, soccer and women's volleyball among others, this due of course to concerns about keeping student athletes and staff safe during the pandemic the conference also said it plans to delay the start dates for these all sports. well as keeping an eye on health and safety indicators to figure out when a return to play it would make sense and this announcement comes on the same day that pac 12 conference commissioner larry scott was diagnosed with covid-19 the league said that he's been experiencing, mild flulike symptoms and will self quarantine while working from home. and we're just going to let you guys know that we're one step closer to seeing hockey come back in 2020 course they approved a new collective bargaining agreement today and restart to training camp which is set to begin monday. the sharks, however they're not going to be there based on where they
10:51 pm
were in the standings so now our local team will be spending the time getting ready for the nhl draft coming up in october. >>and pam alright locate now before we let you go tonight, we just want to say that we're going to miss seeing you here at the station you're going to continue working but working from home after tonight because buster posey is not the only one with babies on the way that's right, i'm sitting out the 2020 baseball season as when this little guy arrives what we want to wish you all the best and miss having you around here you know we hope you have a very happy and healthy delivery in the little guy. >>grows up to be a giants fan yeah has been hope so too thank you both looking to
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
we might be devised this is not inside a post office this since is inside a nursing home in north carolina, the staff there's this spending 8 hours a day sorting through thousands of letters and packages letters and gifts are from hundreds of thousands of strangers from across the country. >>there are responding to the nursing homes request on social media for pen pals. >>a friend of mine saw a post she said what do you think and i said let's try many will get a 10200 letters how about 50,000 letters lighter in less than 2 weeks. >>that's crazy the nursing home has a 100 residents all
10:55 pm
of them have been quarantined since the second week of march and only able to see their families during window visits. >>and let's take a final check at your 4 zone forecast for your friday night live look outside golden gate bridge and that low cloud cover nonexistent right now just tracking high clouds streaming through the bay area temperatures cooling down into the 50's along the coast, widespread 60's as you make your way inland. but still warm in the tri valley is widespread mid to upper 70's for livermore in concord but check out antioch 81 degrees about 30 degrees warmer right now than half moon bay 52 degrees as you step outside thanks to that cool sea breeze influence noticing cooler temperatures along the coast, but getting that warm dry air mass, thanks to those offshore winds in our interior valleys overnight lows tonight cooling down into the mid 50's along the bay area coastline. widespread mid 50's as you make your way inland but and choke only cooling down to 65
10:56 pm
degrees so very mild temperatures even during your overnight hours you are near triple digits today but antioch you're going to hit that century mark tomorrow warming up to 101 degrees concord not that far behind 99 degrees for you livermore and santa rosa in the mid-nineties upper 80's for san jose for your saturday afternoon forecast and widespread mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline downtown san francisco holding steady with near average highs at 68 degrees. so let's take a quick check at your full tentative forecast because we're currently under a mini heatwave mainly for interior valleys and it is going to peak on sunday. tracking widespread upper 90's and low triple digit heat as you make your way inland in our valleys to throughout the east bay shoreline expected on sunday with widespread 70's right along the coast of the bay area but then starting monday of next week we're going to begin a gradual cooling trend to near average highs on thursday and it's going to continue that way very little
10:57 pm
change within the next 10 days with near average highs even monday 10 days from now so as you can see tracking a lot of sunshine and warm to hot temperatures with little relief in sight in the coming days back to you ken and pam. risa thank you for that update a hot weekend ahead, everybody should be careful because of the potential for fire danger of course. >>but on that note we still want you to have a good weekend try to stay cool out there and we will see you on monday enjoy your weekend is night.
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