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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 11, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>when prime time. from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>tonight berkeley's mayor isn't happy and he is going public. he doesn't like the decision that his city has to shut down outdoor dining thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis the rollback was announced late last night and it's being met with some push back. >>our chris gayle ong live for us to berkeley with why the mayor thinks that his city should be able to make its own decisions about health orders scale. >>they king grant despite that new guidance you can see restaurants aren't fazed by it and you can see the open for
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business on the sidewalk over there. but the mayor strongly feels the city should have authority over public orders because the berkeley has its own public health department and the case count is far lower. >>then the rest of the county. >>i respectfully disagree. but the state's decision i think it's going to really burden or small businesses and neighbors alternate places their jobs. i think it's going backwards. berkeley mayor jesse arreguin speaking out at a virtual town hall saturday against the state's guidance banning outdoor dining in alameda county or fiction writers under like some of our other neighboring jurisdictions and so i think you know we should have the ability to be able to make our own decisions about. orders city manager dee williams ridley says berkeley will be reaching out to state officials to try to obtain its own variance to allow outdoor dining but in the meantime we are going to have to comply with that order we are hoping that this will be a very short
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temporary homes to hours after dining in the city of berkeley city health officer doctor lisa hernandez says as of saturday there are more than 7400 cases in alameda county. >>254 cases in berkeley doctor hernandez says the city has added get testing capacity and blames the small number of cases in berkeley. >>on social gatherings a social has not been compliant within a jurisdiction throughout recheck the mayor says many of those gatherings or college party see increase in infections are more. >>it's it's not due to the fact that there is there has been more testing but because it you know certain activities occurred like students living in combat living situations, having parties. people not sheltering in place is following that the health order. >>city officials say 80% of berkeley residents wear mask, but for the 20% who don't. now they could have a huge impact on the rising covid-19 cases,
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reporting live in berkeley gayle ong kron 4 news right gail although alameda county has banned outdoor dining the city of oakland. >>says that this new order is confusing and contradicts the previous order allowing outdoor dining the city says that it is in contact with both the state and county to try and resolve this issue and also says that it will not be changing the city's enforcement of the new county order in a statement. the city says in part given the lack of clarity regarding outdoor dining we're temporarily putting oakland's flex streets for restaurant operations on hold until further clarification has received from the county and the state and the city of hayward also responding to alameda county's order. today, the city released a statement saying in part that it would support local restaurants that choose to continue to allow outdoor dining tonight in accordance with the county's june 18th order. >>and sandra fell meanwhile, at least 5 people have died at a skilled nursing facility
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here after being infected with covid-19 dozens of residents and staff members have also tested positive. it's called for sleep to go reports out access to the facility is restricted. >>5 patients that were imposed acute in sandra fell have died from covid-19 it's unclear when the first patient or staff member at the facility. first tested positive for the virus but access to the skilled nursing site has been restricted since march because of the pandemic my heart goes out to them is it just to the community marine post-acute sits in a residential neighborhood, one neighbor who lives next door says it's too early to place blame for the spread of the virus, it's presumptuous of anybody in the community to make a judgment on how they are running things across the way when people are so very ill. and i'm the spokesperson for the skilled nursing facility confirms 46 in-house patients have tested positive for covid-19 has had 13 staff members who are off sight isolating at their homes
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or in county public health says it believes the peak of the outbreak has already passed adding that the administration at marine post-acute has been fully ansparent and cooperative with the health department is very real. this goes out that's a nationally in terms of them. >>a rough time for us all as for all the staff members and residents that have not tested positive for the virus. the facility spokesperson says they're being tested. >>on a weekly basis in diego and for news tonight, we know california lawmakers are delaying their return to the state capitol is some members have been diagnosed with covid-19 now so far. >>only one has been hospitalized. lawmakers originally scheduled their return from summer break monday but then pushed it back to july 27th. the legislature's final recess is scheduled about a month away from that with still several
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pieces of legislation to pass by august 31st. well, today's picture perfect weather in the city said a lot of people flocking outside dolores park was a popular option and hard to resist, but what kron four's jonathan mccall saw may not bode well for limiting the spread of the virus. >>and the summer heat wave takes over the bay area temperatures aren't the only things on the rise. so are the number of coronavirus cases across california and as those case numbers continue to climb. there's one group in particular being hit hard they think in a sense of mortality him. >>i hope works out i can't stop talking on doors to bask in the summer sun too much vitamin d not the only potential risk these days. coronavirus cases are climbing across california with folks in the 18 to 49 age group seeing the biggest surge. saturday at dolores park in san francisco. most people could be seen social distancing, but a large number of people could be seen moving
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around in about without their face coverings. it's a sight that would make health officials cringe as they stressed the need for face coverings to limit the spread of the virus. james beach says it's a dangerous risk that he's taking you >>also trying to enjoy this saturday, california recorded more than 8,000 new coronavirus cases in nearly 100 new deaths in a 24 hour period. >>californians from 18 to 49 now make up the majority of confirmed cases with nearly 185,000 but get this if you add up the number of cases in every other age group. it's just 127,000 nearly 50,000 fewer. >>store and that's how i take care of disinfect everything in my house and had to have more people should be were numb i wish they were at dolores park jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>today president trump for a mask when he visited walter
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reed medical center this is actually significant news because for months now the president has refused to cover his face in public, but the president says the trip to the hospital warrants this move especially since he was visiting, wounded service members recently some americans have argued that mask requirements are an attack on civil liberties. >>but the cdc recommends them in public settings where social distancing is not possible. >>tonight new data shows the u.s. has just said another new record for the most new covid cases in a single day, this is a new record the second new record this week, according to johns hopkins university there were more than 66,000 new cases. >>just on friday alone paula sandoval reports. >>i would advise nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci telling the world that the u.s. is at a historic point in the covid pandemic as you can see from this live here my own country, the united states as i'm sure.
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>>we'll be able to discuss a little bit more is in the middle right now even as we speak in a very serious problem fauci issued a blunt new warning during this year's international aids conference of the coronavirus crisis rages on amid ongoing reopenings florida continues to grapple with skyrocketing daily covid numbers. >>and hospitalizations in hot zone, miami dade county the test positivity rate surpassed 33% this week we have 1800. >>people in covid patients now that's the highest by many multiples we have for almost 4 people in intensive care and we're about to hit an all-time high. in genoa years. >>despite the apparent height in florida's pandemic we look forward to seeing you soon to disneyland parks are open again this weekend amid criticism from one employee unions. aggressive testing happening in parts of texas. some regents working with the military to keep up with demand. in another sign of the pandemic is tightening its
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grip on the lone star state, some hospitals are turning to tense and other spaces to treat the overflow of covid patients. >>prince or so space is currently have icu patients that are on medical-surgical force. honestly we really closer monitoring need equipment. >>but those are things that we just simply do not have the everyone is exhausted the patience here are very sick. >>california also taking steps to relieve the pressure from record covid numbers, the state's department of corrections plans to release at least 8,000 pre selected prisoners from correctional facilities across the state. the movement to allow for more social distancing behind bars as death toll to climb a troubling new report from the centers for disease control and prevention about how covid is disproportionately killing black and brown americans. the fresh cdc data showing on average those minority groups are dying from the virus at a younger age when compared to
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white patients. one likely factor many of them filling essential and service jobs allowing little room for social distancing or for staying at home and what we need right now in the short term or an equitable allocation of resources to black and brown communities so targeting testing contact tracing pp e ensuring that the health care institutions in those communities are adequately resources. >>staying fully stocked that's a big challenge for some hospitals across the country with the virus showing no signs of slowing down. >>that was polo sandoval reporting for us tonight, texas governor greg abbott said the next step would be to have a lockdown and in georgia the governor there is reactivating a field hospital at a convention center in atlanta. the mayor of atlanta there is now rolling back reopening to essential travel only and restaurants are being asked to stop all indoor dining there. >>now more than 150
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minneapolis police officers are filing for disability. the mental and physical injuries. they say they're suffering from. protests and their city. >>and lawmakers in washington are struggling to pass meaningful police reform which points top democrats and republicans can not seem to agree on. plus los angeles chief medical examiner releases an autopsy despite the sheriff's office says wishes. >>why he
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the la county coroner's office has defied the sheriff's department and is releasing the autopsy of an 18 year-old who was fatally shot by a deputy last month, the coroner says the public has a right to know that andres guardado was shot 5 times in the back. >>carlos a setup has details. the lee county's coroner report on the cause of death for and as one of the other confirms with the family knew. >>the 18 year-old died after being shot 5 times in the back by deputies in gardena june 18th. >>very significant for the case because it confirms that andreas was not in front of the sheriff's deputies, the family's attorneys authorize an independent autopsy after the sheriff's department placed a security hold on the official results. >>but the chief medical examiner defy the sheriff by releasing its report today in a statement, the coroner says have given careful consideration to the major variables in this case
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supporting the administration of justice as well as the public's right to know. i believe that government can do its part by being more timely and more transparent in sharing information. the public demands and has the right to see county supervisor mark ridley thomas agrees this investigation needs to be. >>independent. of the ships are and we don't need to be fully satisfied. the investigation is proceeding up to. there and then get up and get. matt. >>but sheriff alex been all about trying to keep the results hidden from the public for now as soon not taint the ongoing investigation on such a high-profile case. he had this to say on wednesday as sheriff connect giving an opinion. >>on a deputy-involved shooting until all the facts are documented. and presented. >>late today, the un weather blasted the corner and county supervisors saying any statement as sheriff lee county i find it deeply
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troubling that an elected supervisor would use the authority of his office to bully the corner and so mistress of law enforcement in the community one another's death last month has sparked protests with family and friends demanding justice. investigators say one of the other was armed at the time of the shooting. >>that was settle reporting for us tonight from los angeles. in washington house democrats are urging the senate to take up the house passed george floyd justice in policing act this after the senate failed to advance their own police reform bill authored by south carolina republican senator tim scott has called for morgan wright reports now house democrats say demonstrators demands for reform in the wake of floyd's death. it's more than a moment. it is a movement. >>i don't think they're going to rest until we do the right thing. rhode island congressman david says only nice as americans demanding justice for police brutality won't stop until congress passes meaning for police
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reform banning choke calls to making sure all officers had body cameras. given police departments, the tools they need to hold bad officers accountable, this is only nice as the george floyd justice and policing act already passed by the house would do just that but the senate has in touch the bill what they can't do is try to stop the american people think they've done something about this serious problem in our country there's this idea where sometimes you just have to lee. >>connecticut congresswoman john hayes says house democrats won't give up i think the american people are not willing to accept less house democrats say they're ready to work with senate republicans but need the gop to show a willingness to compromise the first vote was a failure south carolina senator tim scott authored the senate's police reform bill he says he's working with congresswoman karen bass who authored the house bill the more she has taken a look at the bill, but the more she is. >>so just a person perhaps a half or two-thirds of a loaf might be better than a good
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right now we're sitting at 0 scott says he'll keep working as lawmakers on both sides remain optimistic for change reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>tonight, ford ceo says the company is not getting out of the police car business this comes after employees. >>call for the automaker to stop because of a series of high-profile killings of black americans by police, a public petition on change dot org has gained about 12,000 signatures in the last month. the ford interceptor widely acknowledged as the nation's best-selling police vehicle. but the ceo jim hackett says that the company can continue to sell it while still supporting black lives matter of fact he says it's better for both police and the public for ford to sell police the most advanced vehicles possible. >>the time now as we get a live look outside this is a shot of downtown san francisco, no fog in the picture it was. today, especially if you're inland. yeah, what a day even in the city was pretty toasty meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez has our forecast and the precept a hater grant and vicki and grant welcome back we certainly miss to at least i did yeah, of course right let's take a look at temperatures out there right now quite the spread a mix of 50's 60's 70's, 80's and yes, even 90's 91 degrees right now in concord. >>about 35 degrees warmer than half moon bay. in the mid 50's so cooler temperatures along the coast things to that cool sea breeze but as grant and vicki mention lack of marine layer, thanks to that warm and dry air mass out there right now current wind speeds fortunately working in our favor during this weekend heat wave either calm conditions or light and breezy in the teens out there right now and we're going to notice wind gusts tomorrow just about 20 miles per hour or less so that really is our saving grace during this very hot summer sizzle and future humidity levels right now showing some improvement in our inland valleys, 30 to 40% tell range we were in the single digits
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in livermore and fairfield so bone-dry dangerous conditions expect similar conditions tomorrow we're going to remain dry for inland valleys for the 2nd half of the weekend we're going to be just as warm if not harder then today, so let's take a look at today's daytime highs 5 to 15 degrees above average downtown san francisco warming up to 71 degrees but triple digit heat for livermore and conquered communities where it spread warming out there today where we were well above average and we're noticing that lack of marine layer out there right now as the sun is setting in the east bay over berkeley overnight lows tonight in the low to mid 50's and a few degrees warmer as you make your way inland. >>things today's warmer air mass mid to upper 50's for your overnight temperatures and tomorrow's daytime highs once again tracking triple digit heat mainly for those of you in the tri valley is like antioch in livermore widespread upper 80's and low to mid-nineties as you make your way inland low 80's throughout the east bay shoreline and holding steady
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in downtown san francisco very warm temperatures there in the low 70's, but no one along the coast really complaining about the warm weather today, taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook we're going to notice the return of the marine layer sunday night through monday finally bringing relief to our inland valleys and near average highs arriving on thursday and holding steady 7 days from now grant vicki back to you. >>appreciate it teresa still to come more than 150 minneapolis police officers are now seeking disability payments, but they say
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>>tonight we know that more than 150 minneapolis police officers have started the process of filing for disability saying that they're suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following riots in their city has me murphy spoke to an attorney representing the officers to find out more. as demonstrators stormed the 3rd precinct, some of the roughly 13 officers inside cent loved ones what they feared more final did not feel that they were going to be able to come home. >>because they did not feel that they would come out alive some officers counted their ammunition if they run out they're going to say the last spot for themselves for legitimate fear that they would end up join themselves rather than being beaten to that the officers eventually got the order to abandon the precinct and flat. >>other officers suffered injuries during other parts of the rights we have officers
8:26 pm
bill. >>sustained physical injury. as a result of being struck by concrete by firecrackers physically struck by various protesters that iran user says the city has to approve the claims of vast majority probably over 90% are denied by the said that during the 6 months it takes to process the claims most officers will be off the streets approved disability payments come from para the public employees pension fund user says 75 officers have already filed paperwork and are not working. >>and 75 more are in the process of filing. >>i was as me murphy reporting for us tonight, the attorneys for the officers says even more officers may also file claims and that those claims could go on for years the minneapolis city council is still pushing to defund the police department or replace it with a new system. >>of public safety. those details have yet to be determined.
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>>next amazon is backtracking after sending a strange company-wide e-mail on friday white tick tock officials say they're confused about the e-mail blast. >>plus a new study says teachers may be at a higher risk of contracting covid the preexisting conditions, many american teachers have in common. plus president trump officially commutes roger stone's prison sentence. why
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>>president trump has officially commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend and former adviser roger stone stone was scheduled to begin serving his 40 month sentence next week he was convicted last year of lying to congress witness tampering and other charges related to the russia probe. sara murray reports. >>president trump on friday night commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and political adviser roger stone started been convicted of crimes, including lying to congress in part to protect the president. he was set to report to prison next week to kick off his 3 year sentence stone was pleading publicly for the president to intervene he said reporting to prison during the pandemic was akin to a death sentence because he is 67 years old ultimately the president did intervene on friday in here a stone describing his conversation with trump. >>he said you understand i have the option i have the authority to either grant a pardon or commute your sentence. he says you should understand that a pardon would be fight would be final. and
8:31 pm
that in accepting of of a pardon you are exceptionally of accepting guilt and i would rather see you a fight this out which is why i'm commuting her sentence. >>president trump and roger stone are insistent that stone did not get a fair shake at trial but even attorney general bill barr has said the prosecution was righteous as for democrats they are pointing to the president intervening in this case as an indication that he has no respect for the justice system sara murray. >>the first time president trump has confirmed the u.s. conducted a covert cyberattack back in 2018 against russia's internet research agency the internet research agency is a troll farm blamed by the u.s. for helping carry out interference in both the 2016 presidential election. and the 2018 midterms president trump reportedly gave this confirmation during an interview with the washington post and alleged accomplice of
8:32 pm
accused trafficker jeffrey epstein is now requesting bail ghislane maxwell was arrested by fbi agents last week at a new hampshire house they say. >>she bought for cash under an anonymous corporation now her attorneys want a bail package that includes the 5 million dollar personal. our reconnaissance bond it also includes travel restrictions and home confinement with gps monitoring. maxwell is charged by federal prosecutors in new york for her alleged role in conspiring to recruit room and sexually abuse underage girls as young as 14. they argue that she is an extreme flight risk and was found holding 3 passports and has millions of dollars in several different bank accounts the one-time epstein girlfriend has previously denied any wrongdoing. passed its first major stimulus package earlier this year it provided extended unemployment benefits but now they're set to run out kron four's joe khaleel reports it is not clear if congress will extend those benefits.
8:33 pm
>>while millions of americans are still out of work the additional unemployment benefits they're getting providing an economic lifeline for many are set to expire this unemployment insurance uncertainty. it's devastating house. speaker nancy pelosi says congress must extend the extra weekly $600 unemployment benefit beyond july 31st, but she says it should be part of a stimulus package that includes money for hospitals testing and local governments they really are all connected. they are all of one piece we do not have a hand or this democrat brian higgins says given the recent rise in covid cases congress needs to help americans stay home without losing income to long you're still with us. >>we will need to provide disaster. relief. speaker pelosi says all of this is in the heroes at the 3 trillion dollar stimulus package. the house passed in may. but republican leaders say as is the bill won't pass the senate and i think it would be better
8:34 pm
to do one package all together and in that package house gop leader kevin mccarthy says congress should not extend the $600 unemployment benefit if somebody is off work from covid should they make more money than when they were working. >>because remember that money is not free mccarthy says the unemployment bonus discourages people from working there are a number of businesses that have called people back in this i'd rather stay off. mccarthy is confident both parties will have a negotiated stimulus package before august in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>amazon certain e-mail sent to all of its employees was a mistake yesterday amazon instructed its workers yesterday morning to remove the short video sharing app but a lot of kids are using these days tick tock remove it from their phones. but the online retail giant now says that email was sent in error and there is no change to amazon's policy regarding tick tock in the email amazon said that due to quote security risks the tick tock app is no longer permitted on mobile
8:35 pm
phones of amazon employees that can access amazon email on them. in a response tick tock as a spokesperson says amazon didn't communicate with us before sending out that e-mail and we still don't understand their concerns. some u.s. officials including the secretary of state have said that the app could undermine national security given its ties to china. some cybersecurity experts though have been more cautious about that assessment tick tock is owned by the world's most valuable startup a chinese company named by dance. today nearly one in 4 american teachers are said to be at a higher risk of serious illness if they contract the coronavirus and that statistic comes from a kaiser family foundation report. >>nearly 1.5 million teachers are either over the age of 65 or have health conditions like diabetes or heart disease or obesity. and those are all the factors that make them more vulnerable to covid-19. the
8:36 pm
analysis comes as the nation is debating whether it's safe to bring children back into the classroom, this fall. research does indicate that kids are less likely to suffer serious illness from coronavirus the kaiser report points out that the high-risk population in the schools may be teachers with preexisting medical conditions. >>tonight we know a new version of the coronavirus has spread from europe to the u.s. but according to a new global study. this mutation will not make you more sick, however, this new strain does appear to spread more quickly and easily. according to an international team of researchers the new version seems to multiply faster in the upper respiratory tract which would explain why it it is able to be passed around more easily. this version has almost completely replaced. the original version of covid that was spread in china, europe and the u.s. now these researchers are checking to see if this affects weather. the coronavirus can be
8:37 pm
controlled by a vaccine and tonight, we know that the united kingdom has eased travel restrictions for dozens of countries, but the u.s. is not one of them. >>traveling travelers arriving into the uk from 75 countries and british territory's. they will no longer have to self isolate for 14 days that's that began on july 10th that there's no timeline for when americans could be able to travel there. again. what to could have been a dangerous mistake is now being used as a teachable moment, how a couple of tennessee neighbors are opening a dialogue about racism. >>and disney world in orlando is back open and how the park officials say they're going to
8:38 pm
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>>disney world in orlando, officially open to the public today welcoming guests back for the first time since it closed in march at the beginning of the pandemic a big day but almost 4 months later now the numbers are worse than when the park initially closed so is it really a good idea to be the theme park. but the country hitting record. high numbers in terms of cases whitney wild reports. >>it's the happiest place on earth now it's trying to be the cleanest place on earth. but is that really possible in the middle of a global pandemic the new york times estimates the park is limiting capacity to less than 50% making face masks mandatory
8:41 pm
and forcing social distancing and using temperature checks before you even get on the tram to the entrance and constantly cleaning we feel safer at theme parks than we do. >>and any other normal store restaurant, it feel safer at the theme parks because they're putting in that extra effort that's saying a lot considering the state in which those theme parks are located florida. >>is seeing a record breaking number of coronavirus cases and deaths this is really we're dire position right now the governor ron desantis insists the higher numbers are due to increased testing you did test 200,000 people at a 3% rate and get more cases that if the test. >>a 100,000 people at that. >>echoing an inaccurate claim from president trump everybody says we have so many cases. that's because we test so many people but medical experts say he's wrong. but what we see is that the percentage of tests that are coming back positive is increasing the virus is basically outpace those
8:42 pm
efforts and now we have more people infected now than we ever have. >>in washington, i'm whitney wild. >>still ahead addressing racist 911 calls sell a tenness (birds chirping)
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itchy skin distracting you? cortizone-10 works fast. and relief lasts 10 full hours. (club swings - splash!) cortizone-10. feel the heal. i'm out of clubs! >>each year police departments are bombarded with calls mistaking the reporting >>i'm sorry black persons
8:45 pm
engaging in quote suspicious activity bad for one homeowner in tennessee, the consequences. could have been tragic but the attorneys and community activists now they're trying to turn this experience into a teachable moment. chris miller reports. >>and he brushed it after 2 american male probably a doubt. i don't know like 20's late afternoon on saturday june 20th james crumlin is arriving home after a workout. >>come in my driveway. let the garage door up drive in my driveway close the garage door at that very same moment, a woman who lives up the street is on the phone with brentwood police describing similar details with a completely different perspective. >>saw a couple people to lie down. and now it's not the previous owner. again it's an
8:46 pm
empty house ever think arrived in poland to the crisis not a realtor. >>the caller is convinced the home is unoccupied and anyone inside is an intruder still in the house minutes later 3 brentwood officers are at james his front door. >>i just really thought ok maybe there is maybe they're looking for somebody the officers want proof this is his home so i go to get my driver's license i walk back and i come back to the front door and brightest are coming to as i come to the front door. >>i see one of the 3 officers dart around the side of my house and i think in that's odd where is he going and i'm thinking oh he probably thinks i'm going to and when to run out the back door the interaction with bret with police ends without issue. >>the person was there in their old uniforms 7. >>2 weeks removed from the incident james is still shaken. >>i'm thinking if they didn't come to the door. what i did i mean they may have come in and
8:47 pm
i don't know the answer to that, but if they did then. now there's a slight possibility i probably would not be here today. >>james krumm one is an eternity at a prominent nashville from and a popular community servant. these an iron man triathlete and the founder of nashville's capitol steps workout. >>50 standing squats during the pandemic he's been hosting those workouts remotely every monday and thursday on the outside front steps of this very home. >>they just because you have these. ideas false ideas about you know how things should be in a neighborhood that's not how they are i live here. i've lived here for 13 years i called the woman my name is chris miller network with channel 4 here in nashville. >>she declined a recorded interview but reached out to james left an apology in his mailbox and called him with an invitation to meet in person.
8:48 pm
>>that the willing to talk to her because i think let there again this is a teachable moment. >>in the end james's hoping that sharing his story will become a teachable moment for others as well any time that you call especially in today's environment. >>if you call the police or on any black person, you know, there's is strong possibility that that person may not survive. >>chris miller, reporting there the police in that town say, although you should use critical judgment before you dial 911 d say they stand behind the see something say something mentality. >>you know that you on musk is now richer than warren buffett the tesla ceo is now the world's 7th wealthiest person that's according to bloomberg billionaires index. his fortune rose by more than 6 billion dollars after us stocks surge yesterday musk is also the primary shareholder of space x. meanwhile, buffett's fortune fell this week after he donated nearly 3 billion dollars worth of the berkshire hathaway stock to
8:49 pm
charity. >>and older copy of super mario brothers now holds the record for the most money paid for a video game heritage auctions says it sold for a $114,000 yesterday. the game here was still sealed in its packaging even had one of those little hang tags underneath the plastic that indicates it was one of the first variance of the 1985 game. that was released. the sale was part of the auction house's big comics and comic art sale. the heist company is selling a new kind of desert in the uk. and the flavor options are shall we say ms. dine and dish interesting yeah that's one way of describing it, yeah. >>they are ketchup mayonnaise barbecue sauce and salad cream we're talking about ice cream here. yeah. yeah hines launch these new do it yourself i screamed kits in britain this month for about $17 the kit provides everything needed to whip up the frozen. desert
8:50 pm
sauce recipe card and scooper except for the milk that is the one thing that is not included these odd desert kits are not available here in the u.s. darned but if you really want to try it out of the recipes are on the company's uk website. >>take a for the knowledge that a live look outside wow what a cool shot of the golden gate bridge is a little bit of haze seems to finally be pushing its way in towards the greater bay area okay, we see a lot ahead lights to that's unusual meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. >>yeah, beautiful day along the coast, but warm temperatures as you major way inland, here's a live look outside different angle of golden gate bridge. no marine layer, but we did notice that haze out there in the distance and temperatures out there right now 50's and 60's along the coast and throughout the day and widespread 80's and even 70's as you make your way inland but conquered, still in the low 90's 91 degrees even
8:51 pm
at this nearly 9 o'clock hour so warm air mass still in place out there this evening overnight lows tonight, a few degrees warmer than last night, widespread low to mid and upper 50's and chuck only cooling down to 68 degrees after reaching the triple digits earlier today and tomorrow's daytime highs very similar slightly warmer than today for your sunday microclimate outlook downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's so enjoy the mild temperatures along the coast 65 degrees for daly city mid 60's as well for half moon bay. millbrae and burlingame in the low to mid 70's, there with burlingame warming up to 73 degrees san mateo 70 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs in redwood city in palo alto in the low 80's so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average along the coast in about 10 to 15 degrees above normal as you make your way inland warm temperatures throughout the south bay, widespread mid to upper 80's low 90's for those of you in campbell and triple digit heat returning once
8:52 pm
again to parts of the tribe valleys livermore you're going to hit that century mark once again widespread 70's and 80's throughout the east bay shoreline oakland, 80 degrees. but conquered flirting with that triple digit weather at 98 degrees but antioch in vacaville you're going to hit that century mark yet again tomorrow napa in the low 90's and santa rosa at 96 degrees. so the one thing really working in our favor. the lack of winds 20 miles per hour less for your sunday afternoon and also make sure to check out the neowise comment for your sunday morning shortly before sunrise around 45 in the morning we're going to notice that comment and it is going to be in the low horizon and make sure to head to the suburbs and inland areas, the city lights could get in your way in downtown san francisco in this is going to be the first time the comet actually passes earth in 6800 year so take advantage of sunday morning because sunday night tracking the return of marine layer bringing us some inland relief finally to our inland
8:53 pm
valleys back in the low 90's but out of the century mark back to you going to be key. >>resign next up a southern california mom get some help bringing her baby into for the sweaty faces,
8:54 pm
and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs.
8:55 pm
a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. a far more speedy delivery than she expected with her 3rd child so fast she ended up giving birth in a parking lot with the help of 2 firefighters. >>kimberly cheng reports.
8:56 pm
>>so someone has on the parking lot that was a 911 call from the morning of july 3rd, but when firefighters kyle cross and kai brody with the orange county fire authority arrived, they got a big surprise we were called out for an unconscious patient a park going came to band a a a pregnant in delivering the couple pulled over in a kaiser permanente clinic parking lot in mission be a whole when they realized they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time we quickly had to change gears. >>and deliver baby within a minute of us arriving on scene we had delivered. >>child during a virtual reunion on zoom thursday, the couple introduced their heroes to the healthy baby boy they helped bring into this world and also explained how they ended up there they say that every time think goes faster. >>the show i was kind of have to wait for that with my oldest it was 12 hours later. and then with my second term we are it was about 3 to 4 hours of labor mom says she
8:57 pm
expected a quick delivery for her 3rd child but not that fast, i'm not still be had hours not minutes, dad told them they were only 15 minutes away from the hospital where she was supposed to give birth but minutes into the drive. she started screaming and we're about 10 minutes of the hospital that point. >>and she is screaming at me like pull over and let my waters breaking and he's coming right now and into the legal left hand turn up, you know ran a red light there and we had it up to the razor clinic that was just right there. >>this is one of higher s low-frequency but it's also one of those calls where you know if everything goes well it's the scariest day for someone but the most rewarding experience ever very example, both of us because typically we're getting called out to some bay's worst day and be there on sundays. >>what would be one of the best days with something that was very special for me and. >>that's great story that was kimberly chang reporting from our sister station in los angeles close call that wraps
8:58 pm
up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock thanks for being with us this hour. but news stations.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now at 9 and east bay city might become the first in the country to remove police from traffic enforcement. good evening, everybody thanks for being here 9 o'clock, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki
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