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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 9.
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>>people came together today in martinez for a peaceful black lives matter protest. thanks for being with us at 9 o'clock everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the rally and march coming after a series of hate crimes in that city martinez. >>was thrust into the national spotlight just last week when the defacing of a black lives matter mural was caught on camera tonight activists wanted their voices to be heard kron four's dan thorn was at the protest late today, he joins us live tonight in martinez with more on what happened and. >>grant vicki there was a lot of anticipation that was leading up to today's demonstration businesses were boarded up streets were closed off. but as police stood by and watched what was happening protesters remained peaceful. >>hundreds of people make their way down court street waving signs and chanting for racial equality, the demonstration taking place where a man and woman recently
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defaced a black lives matter mural that's the disgraced that we're fighting against this white supremacy and white supremacy in a to white people and this is unfortunate that this is where we still are in america, but we have to do what we have to do them. protesters some even on horseback wanted to be known that racism anywhere including martinez is not welcome is our home town and we just don't want to see. against color. people of color just not ok while some streets were closed off business owners boarded up their shops and restaurants in fear of damage or looting. the city's police department was also bracing for educators and counterprotesters to clash with the peaceful there were a few brief moments of tension these men saying they deserve their voices to be heard as just because i say all lives matter. >>doesn't mean i'm a racist or. i'm a white supremacist
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prison not. >>protesters want the attention to be focused away from people who are against their message for them ignoring hate is a solution everybody is welcome to help support us. this is not a moment. this is a movement. we will not stop until we get equal justice across the board across our country. >>well the 2 people that were caught on video defacing the black lives matter mural here on court street martinez are facing hate crime charges and if they are convicted, they face up to a year in prison activists tell us that they hope that more people speak up about these hateful acts so that others can show support against hatred, reporting live in martinez dan thorn kron 4 news all right dan and tonight fire crews in san diego are in a fight to save the u.s. navy ship that's been burning. >>for more than 12 hours now the fire on board, the uss bonhomme rush ard injured 21
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people, navy investigators now working to figure out what sparked that fire. our conference jonathan mccall talk to the bay area man today who served on the ship. jonathan what did he have to say about the and the the impacts ahead, yeah, vicki, 17 sailors 4 civilian contractors heard in that fire this morning. >>tonight we've learned that a number of officials are still there on the scene trying to put it out altogether. but that man that i spoke with earlier today said that depending on exactly where that fire is located. it could be a tough challenge for crews trying to get it out. >>all wildfire fight is under way to stop a massive blaze burning on board the uss bonhomme rush art just before 9 o'clock sunday morning a fire was reported on the 840 foot long naval ship stationed at naval station san diego, 17 sailors and 4 civilians were hurt in the fire which also triggered an explosion. >>160 sailors were on board the ship at the time and have since been evacuated their
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first things. >>everybody safe and then try to minimize damage because it is will likely to be next to their extremely costly cole smith once served on the bond homer shard and says crew members did everything they could to try to limit the spread of the fire in the way ships are built is the main tool for that is compartmentalize station so the whole shift compartmentalize so even if you there is major damage you can hope minimize the location of that damage late sunday evening navy officials said the fire is in an area near the ship's. well dec it's part of the ship that allows water vehicles on and off it's called the. >>for that class of ship and this huge open area where you store a lot of marine equipment everything else. >>smith says if that's the case it could be tough for crews to try to get to it all know the world it's large and you can. >>they can potentially access that there's tons of spaces surrounding come smaller compartment said sport engineering ballast tanks. >>the ship was currently
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undergoing scheduled maintenance at the naval station when the fire broke out. smith says the fire is a blow to the naval fleet. the ship is a flagship to transport marines and other personnel to war zones. he says the fire could cause earlier and even longer deployments for sailors having to fill the gap is a very important you choose you guys set. >>for you know marines and navy on the west coast kron 4 toured the u.s. has bought homer shard when the ship visit san francisco during fleet week in 2018. >>smith says he's now thinking of his fellow shipmates. >>as the investigation into what started the fire zahn i know that i knmw of any who was in a ballot. >>on the charge is going to do the right thing and they're going to handle to the best of their ability. >>the ship was currently undergoing 250 million dollars and scheduled maintenance and repairs and tonight we've learned depending on just how long this fire continues to burn on the ship their early estimates that the cost of repairs from this fire could easily top more than a billion
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dollars. live tonight in the newsroom jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>thank you jonathan, a deadly fire in san francisco's presidio heights neighborhood today. it killed one person and injured another firefighters were able to control the house fire at the 3 story home on sacramento street in per city heights, but right now it's not clear what started the fire the cause is being investigated. the person who was injured is said to be in stable condition tonight. now to the pandemic and the u.s. saw a surge of coronavirus infections in the weeks right after memorial day. at least 26 states are pausing or rolling back their reopening plans now in an effort to get this spread under control. the u.s. says more than 3.2 million cases. more than a 135,000 people have died georgia florida south carolina and texas are all reporting record or near record high numbers of confirmed infections. and that was in a single day.
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yesterday. the cdc now estimates 40% of people infected with covid have no symptoms. meanwhile, there's tension at the white house tonight as some trump administration officials. >>are starting to question doctor anthony fauci in a statement, a member of the administration says officials are concerned doctor fauci has been wrong on things. the white house also provided a list of statements to supplement that argument. a health and human services spokesperson clarifies that doesn't mean the white house is clashing with scientists fauci is director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and the leading coronavirus expert he's been known to correct president trump when the president's facts wrong. he's also been at odds with the president at times about the need to follow health guidelines. >>a grim milestone for california today, our state has officially surpassed 7,000 deaths related to covid in
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tonight there are more than 321,000 cases confirmed in california and over 32,600 of them or here in the bay area, the bay area county with the highest number of cases is alameda county with over 7700 cases but the county with the most deaths is santa clara county. at 166 deaths, san francisco county currently has more than 4,000 cases and 50 deaths. alameda county has been added to the state's monitoring list after. >>it's an increase in cases recently that county along with others on that monitoring lists will receive what they call targeted support from the state. after 3 days the county will need to impose state restrictions or enforcement. alameda county health services says that the increasing cases due to people interacting with others while not wearing face coverings and also not following physical distancing guidelines being on the monitoring list along with
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alameda county are some others, but it means alameda county will be required to close indoor activities such as dine-in restaurants but in these cases. they're already close so if they weren't close they would have to close all these places you know tasting rooms for wine movie theaters family entertainment centers. zoos museums card rooms outdoor dining is currently not permitted in the county already so alameda county has already been cracking down on its restrictions being added to this monitoring list didn't really change much. >>in contra costa county meanwhile officials issued a healthy order over the weekend that will prohibit indoor religious services beginning tomorrow morning but outdoor gatherings including worship services and political protest. those will be allowed as long as masks are worn, and physical distancing rules are followed officials said in a statement that more than 8% of its covid-19 test. now coming back positive over the previous 7 days a sign that
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the virus is spreading rapidly in contra costa county. 2 officers ambushed killed in the line of duty, how they're being remembered tonight. >>plus the latest on the search for hollywood actress naya rivera where her 4 year-old son is right now after he made it back on to the boat in pursuit of presumed drowning accident. >>and tracking 5 to 15 degrees of cooling to start your work week monday things to their trauma that cool sea breeze and marine layer
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>>all right time now for a 4 zone forecast as we get a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. >>meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by with a look at the forecast for the week ahead and debris said we need that the cool down a bit. >>yeah and we're waiting on the return of karl, the fog to help with that cool down in the bay area clear skies out there for now and still tracking warm temperatures until learning with the 90's at 89 degrees. but in the upper 50's right now for half moon bay and downtown san francisco. so quite the spread out there right now for your sunday night 50's 60's 70's, 80's and we are also going to see cooler temperatures tonight, thanks to that cool sea breeze already feeling that nice cool sea breeze influence along the coast of the san francisco peninsula
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extending throughout the east bay shoreline and it's going to make its way inland during the overnight hours storm tracker 4. right now tracking clear skies but you could see that cloud cover out in the distance out in the pacific expected to make its way into the bay area within the next hour too blaine canning us with high cloud cover first along the coast shortly before midnight but then becoming more widespread during the overnight hours into our inland areas by monday morning with plenty of sunshine by monday afternoon. so clear skies out there right now pretty calm conditions, breezy winds but overall overnight lows warming in the low to mid 50's along the coast with mid to upper 50's as you make your way inland and tomorrow's daytime highs finally relief in sight for inland valleys, widespread 80's as opposed to 90's and tried valleys. back in the 80's and 90's instead of being in the triple digits like you are today, so you're going to notice the biggest drop in temperatures. 15 degrees of cooling your average highs ever also in the bay area mid 70's along the
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east bay shoreline, mid 60's for downtown san francisco in mid 80's for those of you in san jose and that cooling trend is going to continue for most of this upcoming workweek with near average highs returning inland by thursday back to hugh grant and vicki all right in southern california, several dive teams and cadaver dogs are searching. >>for missing actress naya rivera at like peru. officials say that it's been 5 days since she presumably drowned during a boating trip with a 4 year-old son. >>the 33 year-old glee star rented a pontoon boat wednesday at the ventura county lake at about an hour north of los angeles and officials there say that the boating vendor discovered the vessel in an area about 30 feet deep after the boat did not return following the 3 hour rental period. the child was asleep on board wearing a life jacket. authorities say another life asked and rivera's person i d we're on the boat as well. ventura county sheriff's office says
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it's a difficult search but believes that they have the tools to find her. >>so it is a needle in a haystack. it is a very difficult search. that's why we use sonar. the boats are able to search a 30 foot 40 foot section and they can give us targets to go search those are a lot easier to pinpoint and there are gas is the start to develop within the body and the body should float. it can take anywhere from 4 to 7 days. >>and according to authorities rivera's son has since been staying take lee with family members grant. >>the community in mcallen texas is mourning the loss of 2 police officers they lost their lives while serving in the line of duty and today people close to them tell reporter, a real pro that they're remembering them as heroes. >>to hear that this happened you know especially to such a great individual, i know he loved us or tell us what he did and you know i guess the role of the of the police officers to serve it's a somber moments frost reveal hass as he remembers mcallen
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police officer he smiled chavis once a science teacher and coach at weslaco east high school he was just. >>that type of person that he cared about what he did. he did everything on it, but i percent chavis an officer of the needle were killed during a domestic violence call saturday afternoon. today those who knew them are remembering them that that was eddie and. >>so you know every single member of our church can identify him can know who he is he was so visible. you know, and again we're just going to miss him using it wasn't. >>a great teacher and a great coaching. i don't imagine how many kids if he impact you know one of the bases on campus, you know as a coach a teacher. just as a mentor, you know and out. i know that he will forever be remembered leaving their mark in their community definitely definitely a part of sure i'll
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be teaching coaching family just an awesome awesome individual just the type of person that you would want you know your kids to be around now their friends are sharing the memories left behind to share its fellow dispatchers we always said when you got to work with that he was going to be a fun day. >>she always found a way to make everybody smile to might make everybody laugh and a commitment to serve their community. you know he was a great person, a great individual that just love to people and i think he chose to become a police officer just that because he loved people. he loved it to serve people. >>just just a servant to us what he did you know and i'm always positive. always promoted a positive outlook in life. >>so that was a real for saudi reporting for us tonight in mcallen texas. the democratic party of orange county has sent a letter to the county's board of supervisors calling for a vote to remove john wayne's a name from the airport protesters gathered
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this weekend across the street from the airport in support of a name change. the move is garnered international support but is also sparking outrage from some including president trump who attacked the idea on twitter supporters of the name change wanted to revert back to its original orange county airport. as we get ready to start another work week a lot of parents are really country. one big thing when. >>well their kids go back to school how many days out of the week will they be doing that versus zooming in the answers of course are complicated and they could have dangerous consequences whitney wild brings us. the latest now from washington. >>kimberley chavez lopez byrd died june 26 after fighting coronavirus in the hospital for less than 2 weeks she. that's very surprising. >>she was what i would call the giver give or knowledge. a giver kindness. >>bird shared a classroom with 2 other teachers in arizona, those school officials say all
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3 wore gloves masks and use hand sanitizer all 3 contracted the virus. i mean thing is if we can stay safe how are students in st. stay safe. it's a startling example of the risks of returning to school the american academy of pediatrics support in person learning the american federation of teachers says it's not clear districts can do so safely we simply just don't have the states the flexibility the time the funding to be able to make that a reality and to be able to put our staff and student safety at the forefront of our decisions. >>making the decision harder mixed messages from washington. the centers for disease control and prevention released public guidelines for reopening, but according to an internal cdc document obtained by the new york times some within the agency warn reopening schools is the highest risk for spread. >>kids need to be in school they need to be learning they need to be moving ahead, and we can't we cannot be paralyzed and not allow bad or
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not it be intent on that happening in washington, i'm whitney wild. >>and we have governor newsome looking to reduce the spread of covid in prisons by releasing more inmates would one advocate says will happen to innocent people. and pandemic travel the data is and just how much people hit the road over the 4th
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>>well the marin county fair
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may be canceled this year, but you can still get some tasty fare food. it happened this weekend then again next weekend so you're not too late while you're in your car you can safely pick up some corn dogs will cotton candy carmel apple's churro ys kettle corn you all the good stuff to order you just line up. your car on the avenue of the flags is sandra fell and then you will be directed onto the fairgrounds where vendors will take your order. a man you can be found on marin county fairs instagram and facebook page if you're interested fairgrounds will be open next saturday and sunday from 11:00am to 08:00pm. new cell phone data in 10 coronavirus hot spots show that more people hit the road over the 4th of july weekend then over the memorial day weekend. >>this is despite warnings from health experts the analysis comes from day to buy cubic that's a private company that uses the cdc to attract general movement in the u.s. it focused on the number of
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visitors to and from houston orlando, miami and atlanta to name a few of the 10 hot spots, orlando. and the state of florida in general side of the largest increase in visitors compared to the weeks leading up to the 4th of july and atlanta residents were the most likely to travel including taking trips out of state. >>calls are growing to define of the seattle police department why some officials there say police reform isn't going far enough. the new health orders taking effect tomorrow in santa clara county, what indoor activities will be allowed and what is still prohibited. riding out our work week monday with a near average highs along the coast and bay and really finally making its way into our inland
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>>the south bay new health orders take effect tomorrow in santa clara county that allow indoor activities here like gyms hair and nail salons to reopen with restrictions kron four's gayle ong reports now from los gatos where business owners are of course eager to reopen to the public after being shut down for so many months. >>if you've been stuck in the house and want to get pampered salons here in downtown los gatos spent the weekend getting ready to reopen with restrictions. perfect nails is one of those salons after almost 4 months, helen mcdowell is ready to get back to work her clients already booking appointments when they knew they knew of the news of
9:30 pm
a call me. >>them to come and pick me. and now and asking so excited to come back but things will look different for the sake of covid-19 that includes mask intense, cleaning practices and fewer appointments for social distancing mcdowell says reopening will be easy because she works alone i'm on on one on one anyway. >>i don't have more than one people one time and i >>and i think it's a small state santa clara county's new order allows other indoor activities like hair salons and gyms to resume would restrictions the order takes effect on monday, but mcdowell plans to reopen her business later in the week due to an upcoming surgery sunday afternoon her 16 year-old daughter, victoria help with the cleaning just kind of reorganizing everything going through everything getting her ready to come back after surgery, i take down all of the nail polishes and and put them back up after cleaning them. >>in color order it's a good thing i really like to do so i
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just very organized everything that color mcdowell says about half of her clients are coming back the other half are going to wait on the spam. >>you know they want to see reopened you know and then they see how is that though. and they come back, you know that i think they come back because a 21 year. i have very little oil on you now us them. >>santa clara county also dropped plans to allow indoor gatherings of up to 20 people worried it may cause a spike in covid-19 cases, reporting in los gatos gayle ong kron 4 news. >>as coronavirus cases continue to climb teachers in san jose's unified school district are pushing back on plans from the district to have students return to the classroom as early as august 12th after receiving a letter from the san jose teachers association that most teachers felt it was unsafe to do so and that they were unwilling to return to teaching in person the school districts. >>is now rethinking its plans cut force taylor the second
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reports. >>this is clearly not what anybody wants right teachers want to be in the classroom. they want to be face to face with their kids are a lot of teachers work extraordinarily conflicted about this because they understand the tremendous burden that this places on kids and their families. but but we don't think this will safe before we can be really before we can be open to public school teachers in san jose are responding to plans from the san jose unified school district. >>to reopen school classrooms august only the message from them was they were they were scared of they are returning to full class sizes, you know full days. with with relatively prevention measures. >>left them, but you so much anxiety of a they begin to consider a individual actions not come back to work beginning for retirement thing, leaving the profession and they're using their 60 days and president of the san jose teachers association patrick bernhardt represents 1500 teachers. >>roughly half of the school
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district staffers served 30,000 students in 41 different schools from k through 12. he says most teachers are on willing to return given that cases are rising and there's a lack of testing to detect asymptomatic carriers. teachers like jodi to are disappointed by the district's plans i was already going to say that's not safe for >>and it's not safe for my child i wasn't planning on sending her back. if this gets ugly and we get really pressed to then you know i'm going to i'm staying with my union because my union stance with me on friday. >>bernard sent a letter to the superintendent reflecting their concerns after learning that most of its teachers are unwilling to return to in person teaching at this time the school district wants to serve a on his website for staff and parents to gauge their willingness on classroom reopenings the survey is open through tuesday july 14th, i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>now to the east bay where
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city leaders in oakland are asking people to stay away from lake merritt they say the areas just become inundated with people, especially on warm weekends and there's a lot of traffic and of course covid concerns due to the overcrowding to help with that problem this weekend city started enforcing. some parking and traffic restrictions they say the results are positive things weren't as crowded. these new measures include closing southbound lakeshore avenue from macarthur to hand over closing the embarcadero in both directions, closing the lakeview library parking lot and there turning off streets that run right along the lake in the no parking zones, the restrictions will be in place on saturdays and sundays from 7.30 in the morning until 11 at night. we have all the specifics on our website kron 4 dot com. that's a 1000 inmates across california may be released early as part of a plan to limit the spread of covid in state prisons just come and spoke with some crime victims who are worried about
9:35 pm
governor gavin newsom's order to release the inmates. >>i want to check it i want to hold him, i would just expect things. i want to tell him everything's going to be ok. >>she won to scott's taser now consumed with worry after her 35 year-old son carrington roussel tested positive for covid-19 he's one of roughly 1400 inmates serving time at san quentin who have the virus they're not safe yet. >>not be in that property. not social distancing they can not so she was relieved to hear governor gavin newsom's order friday to speed up the release of as many as 8,000 inmate freeing some by the end of august. >>inmates with 180 days or less on their sentence will be eligible first only those who have committed nonviolent crimes as defined by the state qualify anyone required to register as a offender or found guilty of domestic violence is not eligible. >>but nina salerno best woman with the advocacy group crime victims united worries. these early releases will put the
9:36 pm
safety of the general public at risk you're going to be creating bright and a lot of innocent people are going to be for she believes the state's definition of violent crimes is too narrow and that dangerous offenders may still be let out elder abuse, certain offenses always really or book i'm ce are no longer serious and violent and that's with that definition is being released. she says if the state wants to prevent outbreaks. they should instead focus on making prisons more senate hearings. >>scott saunders not qualify for early release, but she's hoping reducing the jail population will help protect those still behind bars when given the opportunity to pay for the crime should not be a in sacramento, jessica, mitch. the first execution of a federal prisoner in 17 years is set for tomorrow daniel lewis lee is a convicted killer. >>an appeals court ruled today that his execution can go forward despite covid concerns
9:37 pm
the bureau of prisons says a staffer tested positive for the coronavirus at the indiana prison where the execution is scheduled. lee's family members say they're worried about getting sick if they go there to witness his death. their attorneys says they are appealing to the u.s. supreme court. >>meanwhile seattle's chief of police is dismissing calls to drastically cut funding from her department but between support from city council members and activists the idea seems to be gaining momentum. cole miller reports. >>the chance to be fun may become a reality during a virtual news conference for members of the city council join activists and pledged to cut and rebuild s p d from the ground up it is the institution of policing itself must be dismantled 3 other council members later made the pledge as well to follow for guiding principles proposed by the group's holding the conference. >>replace current 911 operations with civilian
9:38 pm
controlled system. >>scale up community let solutions fund a community created road map to life without policing and invest in housing for all the proposals outlined by decriminalize seattle and king county equity now is the north star to our moral compass the deputy mayor has now sent an email to the council warning that a 50% budget cut of s p d. >>we'll leave the department with 0 budget remaining for 2020. and would require the city totabolish the department and a 100 million dollar reduction or 25% of spd's budget would mean immediate layoffs of up to 1000 personnel, leaving chief best and the seattle police department unable to conduct basic functions in a video message to her officers the chief said the deep cuts are just political posturing. i do not believe we should ask the people of seattle. >>to test that theory the crime goes away if police go away that is completely reckless but council members control the city spending and
9:39 pm
if all 7 stick together. they now have a veto proof majority over the mayor who's looking to cut just 5% this year, the council president who supported spd funding is now apologizing for doing so and also spent more than 15 years thinking that this is something that we could reform that we didn't need to throw the baby out with the bath water. >>but i am now convinced that that is not the course of action we need to take. now is the time to divest from the police department got. >>and that was cool miller reporting for us tonight calls to toughen police departments have swelled across the u.s. including here in the bay area. all in the wake of the death of george floyd. speaking of a man has walked from huntsville, alabama to minneapolis to advocate. >>for justice and equality. terry willis started his march more than a month ago, he ended that journey today at the spot where george floyd was killed. >>there are great, i feel good. i feel all the wrong i feel all the support from my people. right i've never felt
9:40 pm
this and i feel it right now. >>a lot of support as you see there in fact the mayor of minneapolis honor, the accomplishments by declaring today. terry willis stay. video of a controversial use of force is sparking protests in allentown pennsylvania. >>police say officers found a man bombing in staggering toward a hospital emergency room but they approach he allegedly spat on them. police say that the officers restrain the man while hospital staff. used a spit shield howard monroe reports it is how one officer appears to have restrained the man that's causing public outcry. >>a lot is up next on his neck, a man arrested in allentown the officer appeared to hold his knee to the man's neck. the arrests happened saturday evening outside of saint luke's sacred heart hospital thinking that people think that kim could happen here and has been in that happened has happened again
9:41 pm
yesterday so it's it's it's enough is enough the video is only 24 seconds long however, justin parker, the leader of black lives matter to lehigh valley says it's reminiscent of the george floyd killing in minneapolis. in it you see allentown police holding the man down with his face to the pavement and then one of the officers places their money on the man's neck. >>the arrests prompted a protest in allentown saturday night both allentown mayor ray o'connell and police chief glenn granitz showed up to ease tensions are secret from the videos battleground might not matter to balance, i'm pleased to partner to the city earlier this month, the police department released its use of force policy in it is specifically banned chokehold as well as neck restraints the policy is available on the department's website. it was released at the request of the city council. >>it says in part that only necessary and reasonable force can be used to control a situation or overcome resistance to arrest and also says officers can determine the degree of force necessary based on the amount of resistance used by the
9:42 pm
suspect. >>it's not clear what happened before the camera started role it's really it's scary and socks because now that the policy was finally made a public. >>they're still not to buy into it so i think within what are we doing here what was the point of releasing it is it's not going to hear a story like lives matter to lehigh valley are planning more protests later this week. >>that was howard monroe reporting for us tonight police say that the man was treated at the hospital and then released. >>still ahead tonight mask mandates are becoming more and more common as more states sea surges in cases and as
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coronavirus cases surge across the u.s. the debate over whether to require americans to wear masks to slow the spread of the virus. >>has intensified people gathered to protests the mandate tunisia cordell reports. >>my body, my choice my rights that's what one person sign reading edge water part we feel it's unconstitutional it's not right. it's like the end of the people should have choice and it's the message. this group is sending to ohio lawmakers requiring masks be worn in public spaces i believe that. >>the masks don't work they even say it on the medical grade masks boxes that it does not stop the virus and for some reason people just keep ignoring that it's literally on every medical grade mac mass box that they do not stop
9:46 pm
the virus. so why are we wearing them the site's bean. i'm putting the fear right on through the press but many health officials and doctors say that's not the case studies show mask block most large droplets coming from the person's nose and mouth which prevents those potentially virus. phil droplets from reaching other people. >>researchers say it's not a 100% effective, but it's one layer of protection masks work. >>they can reduce transmission of the coronavirus by up to 75% while the choice to wear masks is ultimately left up to residents failing to comply with state orders can lead to a second-degree misdemeanor charge. >>meaning you could spend up to 90 days in jail and face a $750 fine but it's our hope that this kind of action won't be necessary. and those tunisia cordell reporting from
9:47 pm
cleveland, ohio. meanwhile the u.s. surgeon general jerome adams is doubling down on his concerns about masks and policing the wearing of them and he said education on masks would benefit americans while 33 states are on the upswing in new cases, the nation's top doctor says there's still time to turn things around. >>if we can get a critical mass of people wearing face coverings practicing at least 6 feet official distancing doing the things that we know are effective enough important to the american people understand we're talking about the fall. we have the ability to turn that around. after the interview doctor jerome adams tweeted a video of himself dancing encouraging. >>mask wearing saying that the little ones beg me to do a public health video adding their message was to wear a mask. someone has deleted tick tock. could i'm guessing is. >>as we get a check on the weather here on this sunday night live look outside
9:48 pm
showing san francisco's embarcadero little breeze there on the flag you see it blowing. yeah, there's a hint that there might be a cool down in our future when he saved 3 set oh yeah going to arrive tonight and speaking of mask-wearing i know i sometimes where my lipstick underneath my mask. >>i think that extra layer of protection, maybe helps against the virus or i'm just forgetful right i think that's it let's take a live look outside at stormtracker 4 we are noticing that blanket of cloud cover inching closer to the bay area coastline. so karl, the fog. >>going to bring us some much needed relief to start out our work week monday after very toasty weekend in the bay area right now tracking clear skies throughout golden gate bridge and not even tracking any low cloud cover right now as you hit the roads for your sunday night temperatures out there right now widespread 50's and 60's on the bay area's shoreline, the 70's and even 80's as you make your way inland. still warm out there right now in antioch 89
9:49 pm
degrees and right now 55 degrees for happen base about a 35 degree difference out there right now cool difference between the coast thanks to that on shore flow and inland areas. still getting a little bit of that offshore wind with those warm dry mountain breezes starting to ease up in our inland valleys, but overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's but and took only cooling down to 67 degrees. we'll still tracking a fairly warm air mass even for overnight temperatures in future cast for going to show that return a marine layer and it is going to bring us about very poor visibility, not only during the overnight hours before your monday morning commute so make sure to slow down and turn on your low beams as you head into work future cast for the was going to show better lifting and clearing by around mid morning, let's take a look at your microclimate outlook we're going to cool down 5 to 15 degrees in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, widespread mid 60's from brisbane to burlingame and wind speeds on the breezy
9:50 pm
side still around 20 miles per hour less san mateo 69 degrees with mid 80's for those of you in san jose cooling down to near average temperatures there and really for livermore out of the triple digits and in the upper 80's instead mid 80's for concord widespread low to mid 70 south the east bay shoreline with oakland at 73 degrees. napa 83 degrees. and santa rosa in the low 90's with a cooling trend for most of this upcoming workweek and a slight bump in temperatures next weekend. but fortunately not tracking any heat waves in the coming days back to you grant vicki, thanks for bruce a boston police say that they have identified a suspect in the vandalism. >>a black lives matter art installation. they released a photo of the man and woman they called persons of interest and today police upgraded that language in called one of the to a suspect peter you lie to police reports the incident was as you saw caught on video. >>it happens over the course of several minutes surveillance video showing what appears to be an older
9:51 pm
white man and woman walking up to a black lives matter side in allston waiting for the coast to be clear and spray painting the word black black it's not the first time the sign has been messed with there's been 3 somebody tore down lines. >>somebody change at the blue lives matter. and this time somebody just tried to spray painted out the vandalism unfolding as the security cameras for the bonds vintage were rolling cars driving past and eventually the man stops as pedestrians walked by is a really people at them in the world standing and waiting for the coast to be clear before finishing the letter k and walking off. >>boston police now asking for the public's help in identifying the to the hate crime in my opinion it's like there's no there's no 2 ways about it this all happening thursday night along the fence bordering the mass pike those who walk and live around here say they're sad to see it here at all says kind of things i love it makes it feel like home and i see are the >>and the vandalism is obviously not the kind of like
9:52 pm
i think said just to face whatever is already there's pretty >>and that was peter eliopoulos reporting for us tonight. police are not specifying whether the man or the woman. or their suspects. chris reese witherspoon shows a lot of love and support for her son after he releases a new song we'll show you
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>reese witherspoon is proving once again that she's not a regular mom but. >>she's a cool mom got her 16 year-old son deacon felipe dropped his first single long run and you know being a proud mom weatherspoon showed off her son's latest accomplishment. this weekend with a tick tock dance. all right what a cool mom wetherspoons video has racked up millions of views young man on both tick tock is graham and other celebrities are chiming in with their support for her kid single. county west late mother donda west would have turned 71 today counties wife kim shared a sweet throwback video of kanye a and on to singing his song, hey mama. and kim shared the clip without comment, letting
9:56 pm
the visible bond that the mother and son shared. so to speak for itself a mom appears on county's 2005 album. late registration that their service a tribute to the rapper's mother praising her choices as a single parent, while she raised her son in chicago where she taught english and eventually became the english department chair at chicago state university. and for the first time in recorded history, a black woman is set to be a u.s. naval tactical pilot. >>naval air training command is congratulating lieutenant matalin swingle in a tweet it says she's receiving her wings of gold this month. the military magazine stars and stripes says she will likely fly super hornets growlers or joint strike. fighters superstar yeah so patrick mahomes had a little fun at the american century. >>championship celebrity golf tournament. but it looks like
9:57 pm
his star tight end travis. yeah yet even more fun, well, homes, well mahomes was being interviewed kelsey saw his opportunity for a candid on screen moment in bubbles yes, 90 is you can see there he seeks up behind the reigning super bowl mvp and he gives them a. >>a wet willie in the right here as some people on twitter pointed out the south is appropriate to spread germs like that a fundraiser for covid-19 relief during a pandemic for you can't get it through the year. not just the eyes and the nose or the mouth of your head with what will it and not hits like elementary school right yeah that's when the popular yeah, but those guys are in their 20's. so. >>keeping it light it like to go and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 on that note we'll
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>martinez has been on the map for the wrong reasons lately and late today, lots of people gathered there for a black lives matter protests. thanks for joining us at 10 o'clock everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the rally and march coming after a series of hate crimes in the city. >>martinez of course thrust into the national spotlight just last week when the defacing of a black lives matter mural was caught


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