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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>news at 5. requiring all counties to close their indoor act to that ease their indoor operations. this is in every county in the state of california california shutting down again as coronavirus cases surge a major step back in reopening the economy people are just very fed up about how why it's happening how it's happening what's safe. what's not it makes your head spin frustration among businesses trying to get back on their feet. >>but the governor says it must be done recognize soberly. >>that covid-19 is not going
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away anytime soon. >>thank you for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 5 i'm justine waltman governor gavin newsom is now extending the closure of certain indoor businesses and imposing even further restrictions on 30 counties, including 5 right here in the bay area. effective immediately. the following must close indoor operations at restaurants wineries tasting rooms family entertainment centers zoos museums, movie theaters and card rooms. the governor also ordered all bars to close all operations. the governor imposed even more restrictions for counties on the state's watch list. 30 counties now must go even further into closing that means shutting down indoor fitness centers places of worship offices for nonessential sectors and salons must close now we want to show you a map now of the bay area counties on the state's watch list. that includes contra costa moran.
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napa solano and sonoma county for more now on this governor's major announcement that came out today will go now to kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala she joins us now live from sacramento. ashley this is big. >>yeah just seen this is big governor gavin newsome always compares california's reopening process to a dimmer and not a light switch. today, the governor announcing the entire state is toggling back. >>covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. intel, there is a vaccine. and or an effective therapy governor gavin newsom announced monday the entire state must shut down bars along with indoor operations at restaurants, wineries family entertainment centers museums and movie theaters. the governor also said 30 counties on the state's covid-19 watch list must move further and shut down into our operations at gyms houses of worship nonessential offices,
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personal care salons and indoor malls, those counties representing 80% of california's population, the state's latest orders comes as hospital capacity dwindles in some counties across the state while the overall positivity rate continues to rise now at 7.4% hospitalizations increased 28% over the last 2 weeks the data suggest not everybody is practicing common sense. >>now again newsom's administration says these closures all closures are effective immediately and they are indefinite until the data shows. >>otherwise just teen reporting live here in sacramento, ashley zavala. and the breaking news that we're also watching tonight as that santa clara county is reversing its decision to ease coronavirus restrictions due to a statewide surge in cases. >>this decision comes on the same day that some businesses were allowed to reopen some of them rob. >>must now close immediately or do so later on this week rep for us rob fladeboe live
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for us now in santa clara with the very latest on what now must close again rob. >>that's right justin. it's not so much as the county has reversed disorders that the state order trump's the local order you'll recall that today a new county order had took effect which would spas and hair and nail salons like the one behind me here on lincoln avenue a little when to reopen they did just that at least a dozen or have reopened and now they're hearing that they're going to have to close down 2 days from now i spoke with the owner yvonne sotelo who was ah elated earlier today now she says she's extremely disappointed and doesn't know what she's going to do going forward. but earlier today it was all smiles inside the salon here as yvonne and her staff were seen different tune. let's take a look. >>after closing down almost 4 months ago due to covid-19 san jose's hair handler so on and
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little line is open again and not a minute too soon says owner yvonne sotelo oh yeah we've been once they found out we open today they've been calling us nonstop. my phone rings 24 7. soto is only too aware of that so long as could be shut down again based on the ever-changing level of infection in the county. but for now at least more stylised and their clients get their temperatures checked. clients are asked to use hand sanitizer before sitting down and everybody must wear a face covering. handlers is limiting occupancy to 10 or fewer people and appointments are staggered throughout the day we're having to do less client because we have more time have to clean between the plan and we can't have more than one plane at the time we want to be safe to we want our clients to be say we want s to be safe. >>so we're trying we're doing really well the role so far sotelo waved chair and in recent months or her 15 independence stylus many of
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whom are struggling to make ends meet. they are thrilled to be back on the jobs as men stylist henry medina it it's been a trying. situation for everybody. but you know, i'm just glad that we're all here. alive and well between clients, the tools of the trade are disinfecting keeping with strict reopening guidelines. the salon is also asking customers to sign a waiver before receiving that long overdue haircut. >>every coming in like a refund they're pretty on so it's exciting. >>the i haven't seen that you can imagine now the disappointment that this and other salons will have to be closing 2 days from now and it's not just salons shopping malls which opened recently are also going to have to close down as well as museums and some other indoor activities. you might also recall though that the governor's order which ordered bars and indoor dining and other restaurants to close
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down won't have an effect here in santa clara county because the bars and the restaurants said never did have not reopened to indoor so far but again this so long and others just have a couple of more days now to make a few more bucks before they're going to have to close down again i reached out to the health department they're telling us in terms of a timetable when they might reopen that's all up to the governor's office which are the governor's order again trump's the local order in this case live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news just you, yeah, rob huge turn of events there we'll go now to contra costa county which is also on the states. >>watch list so hair salons barber shops and indoor malls must close there. kron four's michelle kingston is in walnut creek outside of a hair salon now has to shut down. >>all contra costa county hair salons are no longer open including this one here in walnut creek we just spoke with a stylus here at the beauty lounge about the governor's latest order could
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be. >>and had shown there is rumors going around that things are going to get shut down a listen now you're gone. he is trying to stay optimistic just one month ago. she was able to return to work as a hair stylist in walnut creek the salon looked a bit different, but she felt is happy to see her clients again it was like christmas in and everybody was really excited and your are cautioned but as of today, california governor gavin newsom ordered all hair salons and barbershops and because the county is on the states watch list and the governor says all indoor operations in the 30 counties on the list must shut down and when they reopen is still anybody's guess you know, everybody's like well, you know when you're going to open back up they haven't given us today haven't even given into the peanut how long we're going to be shut down again that's just going to be exactly like you said wait and see that we did speak to some
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stylists today who said they were planning to shut down anyway just because of the rise in new cases all have more from them coming up at 6. >>and walnut creek michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>now there's a new face mask requirement that went into effect today in contra costa county effective today face masks must be worn at all times while at outdoor dining spots. >>except in your eating or talking and that means you have to wear one when you're ordering food, waiting for food waiting for your check you have to have a mask on face masks are also required an extended family social bubbles and indoor want worship services. also prohibited starting today that the stricter requirements comes after contra costa county over the weekend was added to the state's covid-19 watch list. amid a sharp rise in cases, we'll go now to sonoma county which was also ordered to close hair and nail salons gyms churches malls and now critical. offices by
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non-critical offices by the governor today, this comes 12 hours after the public health department had shut down indoor dining wine tastings and museum museums kron four's maureen kelly has reaction from those who are impacted. >>the left the high end restaurant and feels burned has a letter posted on its front door explaining to customers they had to close once again. after just reopening to indoor dining a few weeks ago monday workers busy stacking chairs because they'll have to stay this way until at least august 2nd. and the latest sonoma county health order. it's crazy right you know is from a business standpoint, it's very complex we basically bolivar staff back on. >>and then we had the going to have to probably change or model we're probably hadley also of our staff yet again the chef and owner says they plan to restart their to go only service the sunday as much i can't see him holding his yeah stick to close her business yet again.
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>>it's going to help is going to say why is going to help protect our committee members then you have my blessing 100%. >>the charles and schulz museum and research center in santa rosa is empty of visitors once again now shut down after reopening just last wednesday. >>the management says they feel like the zig and zag decorating charlie brown's iconic t-shirt they recently installed these social distancing markers on the floor and hand sanitizer stations for visitors in addition to other improvements we read about it a lot of air circulations that weekend more fresh air into the building rather than on recycling it. >>and really increased our cleaning especially in high traffic areas and so we have got going on throughout the day everything was going very smoothly. so we are confident that when we do reopen we had a great test run in the meantime they say they boosted their online content so fans can busy themselves until
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they're ready. >>to open back up maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>tonight at 5 the body of actress naya rivera was recovered today where investigators found her body. plus vandalism caught on camera why a woman believes someone slashed her tires in a targeted attack and next san francisco, sounding the alarm to take coronavirus seriously. while
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covid-19 cases are moving in the wrong direction in san francisco. the city is so far not. >>as bad as other counties in the bay area but during an online chat today, san francisco's health director said we're not too far away from a disastrous scenario if things don't turn around. >>kron four's dan kerman live now for us from city hall with more on this good evening dam. >>good evening. justine we can tell you that things are moving in the wrong direction, they're looking at scenarios regarding hospitalizations and deaths and the rate of transmission. how many people are transmitting it to the next person they say those numbers don't turn around we are in for a bad fall and a worst winter. words of warning mayor. >>colfax indicated monday covid-19 cases and
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hospitalizations are up even worse the reproductive rate that is the rate of transmission has grown from 0.8 5 to 1.2 5. at one 0.2 5 that means each person infected will transmitted to at least one other person. for people infected will lead to 5 additional cases and if that number can not be reduced. it means skyrocketing hospitalizations and deaths. >>i will tell you this is the side that keeps me up at night is everything stayed the same at 1.2 5 and there were no changes. we would hit a peak of 830 hospitalizations in our city. and let's think about that for a minute. in april we peaked at 94. and thanks to all the work that people did in san francisco, we sheltered in place we drove that number down. it is now possible very possible that we hit the hospitalizations than 8830 if we do not do more to stop the spread. and those lighter blue
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peaks are plausible scenarios as well. so we could get as high as over 6,000 hospitalizations a scenario that reflects the challenges that new york ap and certainly we hope that this doesn't happen. >>kovacs says those scenarios also look at the possibility of 890 just skyrocketing up to as many as 2000 if things don't turn around how to turn things around he says more social distancing not being with people who are outside your home. he also says that the rate of transmission has got to come down. and again. >>face masks and hand washing social distancing. he says that's what's happened before it worked he says it can happen again in these numbers can turn around. >>the san francisco has got to get on live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan out to the big story. we're following tonight. authorities say a body found at a southern california lake is former glee
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actress naya rivera her body was recovered near the surface of lake piru on monday morning. investigators say they found no signs of foul play and her death does not appear to be a suicide. authorities have been searching for the 33 year-old since last wednesday when she rented a boat with her 4 year-old son. her son was later found on the boat by himself wearing a life jacket and another life jacket was found on the boat. >>she was found in a northeastern portion of the lake. near the surface of the water. the depth of the water in that area is is between 3560 feet deep. and there's heavy brush and trees and at the lake that there. >>rivera's body was flown by helicopter to the coroner's office in ventura where officials say an autopsy will be done. for official identification. we'll move it along now and talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside right now here at the embarcadero in san francisco, not windy out there at this moment and cool
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weather is on the way after rather hot weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. now with details you want to change just 24 hours yesterday we had some triple digit heat. >>well that sea breeze kicks in everything changes here comes the fog low clouds moving in now and that temperatures dropping around the bay area's the hottest numbers today topping out maybe in the 90's so it's on the hot side in the but definitely a big change in the weather pattern that will be the case here over the next few days more this more fog and low cloud cover begin to develop along the coastline that will be ramping up tonight pushing inside the bay and probably some local valleys overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. brees been picking up to that on shore flow care in that cool marine air further on shore only to 20 miles per hour right now in livermore 15 in san jose on the west at 13 in oakland and 14 miles per hour in san francisco. a temperature wide look at the 50's in the san francisco right now so big change from yesterday almost 70 degrees in oakland 77 degrees. and very nice and warm in san jose 78
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degrees. very much more comfortable weather there live more today 82 right now in concord and 70 degrees in santa rosa overnight tonight, maybe with some drizzle along the coastline that we'll see the low clouds and fog fill into the bay begin to stretch into some of the valleys overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning by the afternoon looks like a nice summer day as we watch the fog break up again, pulling back toward the coastline leave in sunshine in the bay in the valleys but numbers going to be coming down a few more degrees by tomorrow afternoon next 2 hours we're going to see a few more clouds coming away the breeze continuing. then those temperatures we'll be dropping off as we head in toward tomorrow. >>thank you lawrence now there was a major change to a football franchise today and many say it is long overdue kron 4 sports reporter jason dumas joins us now to explain hey j. that little situation
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fixed and be right back with that big story but still ahead tonight, doctors are facing some tough decisions about who gets what care during the coronavirus pandemic. >>how moral injury is taking a toll on health care workers. and after the break vandalism
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so there was a major change to a football franchise today kron four's
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jason dumas joins us now to explain hey jason. >>justine for years the football team in washington had been the subject for scrutiny due to the team's polarizing nickname and in recent weeks public pressure has mounted in the wake of protests against social injustice. and police brutality. well today the organization announced that they will be retiring their nickname and logo after completing a thorough review. the new name has not been revealed yet washington's head coach ron rivera told the washington post that he and owner daniel snyder, we're looking for a new name that would honor native americans and the military brands, including nike and amazon have recently removed the team's merchandise from their online stores. and fedex the team's as corporate sponsor who owns the naming rights to washington stadium. issued a statement saying it had told the team it wanted the name change. now back in 2013 washington owner, dan snyder told us today to quote put it in all caps and quote that he would never change his team's
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name. but the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars seemed to have changed his mind now of course we'll keep you updated right here on kron 4 when we find out the new named to that team. that's all i have back to you, thanks jason other was a tire slashing incident that was caught on camera now police need help identifying the suspect. >>the victim tells kron four's haaziq madyun that she believes her vehicle was targeted because of her political beliefs. >>caught in the act all 4 tires on this car punctured by the men you see in this video the vehicle belongs to 22 year-old sydney. chinchilla this is like high. yeah it happened saturday morning shortly after she parked their car here on castro at main street in downtown martina is he comes in in kind of circles around my car couple times and then pulls what looks like a knife out of his pocket and then goes boom boom boom boom. >>on all 4 tires the incident happened the day before a highly publicized black lives matter protests, sydney
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chinchilla works in the area and says she remembers see a lot of and really faces in town that day this is kind of like a really eerie feeling being downtown on saturday. she says she had these signs in her rear window that are typically associated with black lives matter and says she believes this is why the man targeted her vehicle, somebody really did like my signs are my stickers, i'm proud to share my opinion in and where us and i think it's important especially you know young people in a small community it's important that we lead by example, i think officials with the mighty ducks. police department say the incident is under investigation at this point there is no clear connection to the black lives matter protests because the incident happened the day before as for the actual protests martinez police released a statement that reads in part quote there was a large turnout and while the day was filled with several instances in which there were a few arguments between folks in the crowd. >>people kept their calm and there was no escalation in no reported violence unquote did meet in gillette says he just
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hopes that someone out there recognizes the sky and caused the police the fact that the community is really rattled by what that noble jumped in and kind hard to figure this guy is in martinez has it made you kron 4 news. >>coming up next new cases of coronavirus surge across the u.s. says hospitalizations. plus a black lives matter matter mural vandalized in new york the mess that it cause right outside of trump tower and after the break governor gavin newsome rolling back on reopening plans. our
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top story tonight, governor gavin newsome rolling back on reopenings across the state all indoor activities in the following sectors. >>much shut down immediately across the state this includes restaurants, bars wineries zoos and museums kron four's terisa stasio is live for us now in the newsroom with more details theresa i just in the governor says that this is a matter of scaling back to prevent the spread. he says that he's leaving and to what is happening state-wide and says it's mandatory. >>to act quickly. >>not on open economy or off shut down. but a dimmer switch looking at conditions. throughout the nation's most populous state and with that. >>california governor gavin newsome ordered bars an indoor dining shut down


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