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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 13, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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news stations. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10. today requiring all counties to close their indoor act to batteast their indoor operations this is in every county in the state of california. >>california is shutting down again as coronavirus cases surge governor gavin newsome announcing today a major step back in the reopening of the economy, thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm pam moore, i'm ken wayne. the governor ordered today all counties was close indoor operations in on the state's watch list. >>the restrictions are even tighter kron 4 s ella sogomonian joins us live in the newsroom was which businesses have to close up shop and where pam the state's latest orders come as hospital beds are filling up in some parts of the state.
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>>infection rates rise the governor's health order is 0 ring in on indoor businesses specifically all across california including 5 bay area counties that includes indoor operations at restaurants wineries tasting rooms family entertainment as museums movie theaters and card groups. newsome also ordered all bars to close all operations. in addition to that governor newsom also announced today that counties on the covid-19 watch list must go even further and shut down more businesses contra costa moran napa solano and sonoma counties have to adhere to the latest directions because they've been on the watch list for 3 consecutive days, so they have to close gyms places of worship. offices in non critical sectors which some health officers say is a very clear plus hair and nail salons and indoor malls. here's a more detailed map of the bay area counties on the state watch list that are solano and sonoma as i just mentioned, but santa clara and alameda county are
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also on that list they just were added yesterday so the guidelines says that they've had to have those reopenings for 3 days in a row to be included in the latest health order. here's what the governor said about when he was asked about all this confusion. >>alameda county is one of 2 counties that i preview just a moment ago, they're likely to go on the list as i said tomorrow apparently that may have happened as it relates to the website. and forgive that mismatch that's a rare occurrence. many many months i've not seen that happen forgive but as it relates to alameda county as it relates to a number of other counties as i said it's likely. i know inter onto this list. >>so again santa clara county was added to that list yesterday they're anticipating that they'll be next so although today's rules don't apply to them just yet there are plans there to start to rollback shortlived reopenings like james and salons and that
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should happen by wednesday alameda county hasn't responded just yet, but yesterday when they were added to the watch list of their leaders released a statement saying that they're in the process of getting permission from the state to have their own health officer make those decisions live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>thank you all on under the governor's new statewide orders a popular east a mall will have to close its stores again. the sun valley shopping center in concord left to turn away customers who are looking to go inside. our team coverage continues tonight with kron four's dan thorn live in concord and he joins us with more on what the mall staff is saying about all this stand. >>that's right ken boehm all closing at 7 o'clock tonight, but the question is will it reopen tomorrow. a spokesperson of the mall says that they are still waiting for an official word from the governor and then they will announce what they will do some customers telling us they think it's a good idea to close them all while others say they believe the mall should stay open. >>the sun valley shopping
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center is one of many malls being told to close up once again governor newsome citing the rise in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations is asking for and or operations to stop. shoppers it might be the last time in a while to browse around the malls, 150 plus stores can then does the i do go back goes on to join it from that time forward ago it does suck because it's summertime and i know a lot of people have plans want to go do fun things since the mall reopened last month signs have been posted to remind people to safely keep apart from one another. >>customers also have to wear masks. some of the stores haven't reopened since the shelter-in-place was first announced this place called box launch decided to close immediately following the governor's order. i we definitely need to. 19. >>we're going to do that is by not having crowds of people near each other. >>some people have been coming
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to the mall in search of something other than a new outfit or shoes, normally i work at a local theater to close down and looking for a until job for the summer job seeker eva greg's it found the stores she applied to were conflicted as to whether or not they were even going to be allowed to stay open. let alone hire people that still kind of jumbled up in the stores, but as cases of got up some shoppers think the governor is making the right call them in a way i think it's good we snead alike you know stop it in its tracks. >>the corporate legal team for the mall is expecting to see something in writing soon so they can review it. meanwhile the mall says that they will be putting out more information on its website by temorrow morning. reporting live in concord dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>hair salons and contra costa county are also closed again but many hairstylists and wannacry told us that they were not surprised by the governor's order today, one salon owner says that she had
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already been thinking about closing her business again. >>it seems as people are just very fed up and the numbers are going crazy and there's so many opinions. >>about how why it's happening how it's happening what's safe. what's not it makes your head spin and then you're out in the public and when i'm home i think he my bubble. >>just like are safe everyone when you're here. we can't control or people are going who they're hanging out with what they're doing are they wearing masks on their time off. so that part's a little nerve wracking in has it the numbers that crazy year. that's right and got myself thinking i don't know i might want to pull back a little bit. >>hair salons and barbershops in contra costa county were first allowed to reopen back on june 17th. >>if you're out eating in contra costa county you'll have to keep your mask on and last year actually physically eating or drinking. a new face masks requirement went into effect today. it requires diners to keep their masks on
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when ordering food when they're waiting for their food and even when they're waiting for their check. >>i mean it's insane that they're able to do this to us to our members. >>gym owner in sonoma county is sharing his frustrations about having to close his business again. the owner of the sonoma fitness club says he and his staff has spent the past several months getting their facility ready to meet the new health standards but not even a month since reopening he was told to close his gym immediately. he says the whole process doesn't make any sense. >>i think the focus. this is absolutely insanity. makes no sense there's no logic and yeah, it's just side. open know. i actually close but you can open partially know open limited. well at these guidelines never mind just getting close again you might
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open. well never mind you're not we're 5 months in we're 5 months in and we're starting all over again. and people are still out there partying. >>the owner says he'll continue to have limited outdoor operations but will likely have to furlough 10 to 15 staff members. also frustrated or bar owners all bars were ordered to close immediately in california had a 1030. i sat down some bar owners in the north bay about what they call a lack of communication from local and state leaders. >>state guidance issued over the weekend for salah me to county to shut down its outdoor dining immediately. but many restaurants remain open tonight, many restaurant owners in downtown livermore say there's a lot of confusion on what they're allowed and not allowed to do kron 4 state of the psac ii has more. >>well here behind me people are still sitting outside and enjoying their meals it's not just the restaurants that are confused or choosing to continue with outdoor dining
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anyways city leaders tell me that they received the information about the closures through a press release but not an official order saying the directions are unfair and inconsistent people in downtown livermore filled the streets and patio spaces for outdoor dining on monday that's after the city received this press release from alameda county over the weekend saying quote yesterday july 10th. >>we learned the state issued updated guidance dated july 9th prohibiting outdoor dining in on various counties, including alameda county. >>while alameda county's health guidelines allow for outdoor dining state announced it's tightening of restrictions on friday that we are being hit again, you know i think that a lot of small businesses a little bit more time to prepare for these type of significant changes because of the significant amount of. investment that goes into each business. you know, especially restaurants of course you know what supplies now we're all of us and we're school supposed to visit what happens to all the supplies that we ordered
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you know for the week it just it's a loss huge loss. >>so addresses family owns el charro mexican food and cantina on their restaurant is closed on mondays she says their patio seating was open over the weekend like many other restaurants, it's confusing and that's why i think some people are old thing because it's like yeah well let's just take advantage until we get a little more clarity is what's happening right now. >>meanwhile some city leaders say the changes are not binding since they were notified through a press release and not an official order and then email the mayor told me there's a lot of conflicting information and you'll have a better read on things after the county needs on tuesday. the confusion also continues at restaurants in hayward we didn't know. >>clear direction from the county up until about. 11 o'clock 1030 11 o'clock saturday morning. and still it was. you not to certain or clear as to what to do. so so restaurants went ahead without outdoor dining hayward city
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council member mark salinas tells me. >>many restaurants in hayward have since closed down their outdoor dining and reverted back to takeout or delivery options as you can see livermore is still not complying with those guidelines from the state in the main issue here is that alameda county does not have a variance from the state to allow them to continue with outdoor dining now on tuesday alameda county board supervisors will meet to discuss this variance whether to continue to seek that variance from the state in livermore tiller the psac ii kron 4 news. >>with less than a month until the new school year in oakland education leaders say they want to begin the year with at least 4 weeks of distance learning it's one of many proposals to district revealed during a meeting tonight kron four's jonathan mccall is here with all the details john paul hamm can you know what parents all across the bay area wanting to know what's happen oakland unified says it's looking to start its classes on august 10th now less than a month away. >>district leaders say the focus of this year's
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curriculum will be centered around distance-learning with the goal of adding in person classes or even hybrid models along the way. the district says it has ordered some 19,000 chromebook computers and 15,000 devices that lets kids get on the internet at home while handling that online learning. leaders say they want to get kids back into the classroom but stressed that safety is a top priority families were told also have the option of keeping their children on a distance learning program full time, the transition phases will be reviewed every 4 to 6 weeks to see if the next steps can be taken superintendent doctor kayla johnson tramelle says the district has to be flexible to handle the changing conditions. >>the fact that what we are experience e is uncertain in so as conditions change we have to continue to pay that and as i've said many times where we are now we absolutely have to to be adopted in to
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better plans in our proposals are nimble. >>these plans all recommendations at least for now that's because they still have to be signed off by labor groups who are currently in negotiations with the district in just within the last hour, i've learned that the superintendent a berkeley unified schools will recommend 8 weeks of distance learning to begin the school year for elementary and middle school students. high school students will continue learning from home until at least december that recommendation will be made at the district's school board meeting on wednesday. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>thank you jonathan meantime the state's 2 largest school districts are keeping their campus. a campus is closed in the fall school leaders in los angeles and in san diego announced today they will be holding online classes only this comes as the debate over reopening schools intensifies across the country not your merrill has more. >>and south florida teachers
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like sarah vause are uniting to fight a state order to reopen all schools in the fall for the first time in my 17 year career i'm scared the sunshine state is breaking records with more than 27,000 new cases in the last 2 days. president trump's administration says the decision to reopen schools should be done on the local level the president calls the cdc guidelines too tough and too expensive the reason they're expensive is that you actually have to make physical changes to the school to make it safer a former acting director for the cdc says because schools are funded by property taxes reopening now could put poor communities at risk means that wealthy communities may be able to make the changes so that schools are safe for their kids. >>lower-income communities are not going to be able to do so so the same disparities we've seen play out in terms of who's dying from this pandemic with more black and latino native american kids adults getting hit hard. >>you're going to see it play out with schools. meanwhile, the world health organization
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says the decision should be made outside of politics. we can't turn schools into yet another political football in this case. >>it's it's a fairly children a situation that is all too real for boston scared for my own safety and to my children safe day and just take a risk like this seems to us to me in washington nadia romero kron 4 news. >>all right, let's go outside see how things look it's been foggy along the coast there it is still a kind hangin pass the bay bridge. cam foggy always means cooler lawrence's service had over the weekend but cooler tonight for sure yet triple digits in parts the bay area yesterday today really watching those temperatures tumble has that nice cool marine air started sweep back on shore now filling into the bay. we'll see more of that in some of the valleys but the temperatures really coming down some places almost 20 degrees cooler. and some of the interior valleys from what we had just 24 hours ago, but all around the bay area, those numbers coming down so instead of triple digits we had 85 degrees in concord 85 also
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just a day ago 102 in livermore still hot in antioch at 9579 much more pleasant the san jose cisco which was 71 yesterday dropped 10 degrees of the sea breeze at 61 degrees 71 in oakland. and 73 degrees in hayward but certainly that onshore breeze and the fog combining to bring those temperatures down all around the bay area that finger fog continuing along the coastline we're going to see that the next couple of days, it will return and bring with it some cooler weather at least along the coastline still some lead to revalue going to be on the warm side that sea breeze has been kicking this evening and continues to do so to 20 miles per hour of the southwest in napa that's a pretty good on shore breeze. 15 and oakland right now 32 in a byron and 26 into fairfield so certainly strong many of the interior valleys in the east bay going to see it but you'll see it inside the bay the breeze will diminish overnight tonight then by tomorrow afternoon again the search to ramp up a little later in the
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day that a real strong breeze but maybe 10 maybe 20 mile hour winds by the afternoon. temperatures outside right now we've got 55 degrees with the fog in half moon bay, maybe a little drizzle settling in along the coastline tonight with that marine layer developing outside 61 degrees in oakland right now 56. in berkeley this 58 degrees in napa and 63 in saint helene up tonight low clouds and fog stretching back on shore and then tomorrow morning patchy fog giving way to some sunshine and stronger sea breeze ahead, we'll carry low clouds and fog. the cooler temperatures on the way the next couple of days i press trying to nudge its way in here still got a trough though that's card itself out that hot weather. that comes the desert southwest, the ridge now retreating somewhat still some hot temperatures as you make a way to death valley and eastward with that big dome of high pressure overhead tomorrow, we're looking at 90's in the central valley as high as 98 fresno 96 in bakersfield 79 degrees in los angeles and 78 in the san diego low clouds and fog likely to redevelop overnight tonight and more on the way as
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we head in toward the next couple of days and kind of fill in and i think tomorrow night to see a bigger run of some low clouds and fog and some cooler temperatures out there as well we'll have more on the weather. your next 10 to 10 is coming up in a few minutes. thank you, ours. >>san francisco's sanctuary policies do comply with federal law that is a ruling today from the 9th circuit court of appeals the decision a blow up loads the 2018 decision. which said that the trump administration cannot withhold federal grant money from san francisco over its sanctuary policies. city attorney janice herrera filed the first lawsuit on the issue back in 2017. he released a statement today that reads in part the trump administration should spend less time villain ise ing immigrants and more time trying to help all americans during this devastating pandemic now is not the time to try to withhold funding from local governments more than 200 universities across the country are backing a legal challenge to the trump
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administration's new restrictions on international students. >>the restrictions would force international students to leave the u.s.. if they take all their classes online this fall, harvard and mit filed a federal lawsuit in boston. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments tomorrow state of california and the use the system also said they plan to sue in the east bay, a stunning report from also police the 1st half of 2020 is showing a spike in violence police say assault with a firearm are up more than 30%. >>however, 86% of shootings go unreported that's why police say they use shotspotter technology, here's a look at the locations pinpointed this year by that technology. oakland police say that there have been more than 2600 activations of the system that's a 24% jump over last year the department says it is among several cities in the country seen a rise in shootings and homicides. >>president trump takes aim is
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president trump trying to discredit the nation's top infectious disease experts after doctor anthony fauci says the pandemic is not under control. we'll have details on the president's attempts to discredit the doctor plus a new documentary, hoping to shine a national spotlight on east bay congresswoman barbara lee i spoke with the filmmaker on why she saw the need to share the representatives the story beyond the bay area, but first a fire burned some more than 200 year-old church near los angeles. why investigators are not a federal
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investigation is underway tonight in san gabriel which is near los angeles after a catholic church founded back in april sarah. >>burn down over the weekend firefighters say the fire started saturday morning and spread quickly. >>and we're going to show you what's now left of the san gabriel mission church almost everything inside the 215 year-old church is gone except the altar. firefighters say the thick walls basically turned the building into an oven and crews inside were forced out when the roof started to cave within minutes, the roof was gone and most of the wood fixtures inside were charred. parishioners came by the church yesterday for a mass was held at the chapel next door. >>and makes me sad because it's such an old building and as i remember everything in it was would it saddens me because my mom and dad were
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married here. my kids were baptized here. >>and all of us feel that pain. >>investigators say they did not find any obvious signs of arson but they're not ruling it out given the church's ties to father serra the spanish priest is known for his brutal treatment of native americans many of his statues including one here in san francisco have been toppled. >>new york police are looking for a man caught in this video seen this morning splattering red paint over the black lives matter mural in front of trump tower, the black lives matter mural spark controversy even before it was painted last week president trump, the first to that mural as a symbol of hate. >>the mandatory closure of bars across california is adding even more stress to an industry is already struggling % to survive coming up. we'll hear from a group north a bar owners who complain about the lack of direction and clarity from authority and not in the clear of grim warning from san francisco's health director about the spread of covid-19
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in the city even though san francisco is off the state's watch lives. >>and we've got clouds moving in right now and some cooler temperatures all the way how long will that last year to
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>>tracking the rising number of covid-19 cases, the bay area now has more than 34,000 cases and 646 people have died. alameda county has the
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highest number with nearly 8,000 cases and 148 death santa clara contra costa marin and solano counties each reported new deaths today they are among the 7 bay area counties now on the state's covid-19 watch list currently contra costa. marin napa solano and sonoma counties have been on the watch list for 3 consecutive days. >>alameda and santa clara counties were added to the watch list yesterday while san francisco is not on the watch list. the city is far from being in the clear kron four's dan kerman has the grim warning from the city's health director. during an online chat with the mayor monday, san francisco public health director doctor grant colfax. >>gable word of warning there are downsides to where we are right now and the alternative unfortunately is even worse colfax indicated covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are up even worse the reproductive rate that is the rate of transmission has grown from 0.8 5 to 1.2 5. at one 0.2 5
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that means each person infected. well transmitted to at least one other person. for people infected will lead to 5 additional cases and if that number can be reduced, it means skyrocketing hospitalizations. >>i will tell you this is the side that keeps me up at night. it is now possible very possible that we had a hospitalizations than 8830 if we do not do more to stop the spread and those lighter blue peaks are plausible scenarios as well. so we could get as high as over 6,000 hospitalizations a scenario that reflects the challenges that new york ap and certainly we hope that this doesn't happen in colfax is skyrocketing hospitalizations will also mean skyrocketing deaths with average excuse me. >>890 deaths from covid 1920 20. >>edward 50 right now so by
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the end of the year we could be at 8.90 with every project a rate of one 0.2 5 colfax as reversing the numbers means more social distancing more mask-wearing more hand washing. >>not being with people outside your household and certainly not having any gatherings inside. in fact he says your chance of catching covid-19. >>is 10 to 20% less with outdoor gatherings for says indoor gatherings. at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>just when many california bar owners were finally starting to get their businesses back on track. the latest health order derail their plans. i sat down with the owners of 7 bars in petaluma pen grove uncut audi all in sonoma county. they told me the latest shutdown caught many of them off guard after they made costly renovations to try to satisfy covid guidelines. >>so it was. overwhelming quite frankly, i'm settings to myself my staff particular my
10:32 pm
staff and my business partner. so very disappointing, quite frankly we can have our hands tied because we don't have a kitchen that either of our locations so we don't even have the option to serve food and cocktails with food. and our location and dining we do have a outdoor seating area but without have a kitchen or under tight there. the first of all life remove the majority of my car that just to just to make it so that people understood. >>this is where you need to set. i did this in place the glass out just as a barrier between my. bartenders and life staff i mean, i'm my customers. just because we're tight areas of that 6 point barrier. they also are required to wear the masks. we ask that anybody coming in is to wear a mask, but it was my understanding that once they sat down and just like if you're going to a restaurant you can take it down so that's what our policy west and we
10:33 pm
were pretty some pretty strong about that for many years we have patio so we have. >>9 tables. which helps but take same stuff for 19 wasn't a spur 35 maybe one more servers. so all the other cos row there so you stay open to player. staff that's it. and just go back to the families to feed. employees. their own and then my my employees you know so when they're shut down you are on from his guys in a bar employees at it, play a few off you know here and there i'm just trying to support these guys because they're essential to my business of course, plus there are the most these guys are really good friends of ours tonight, ics our owners as as an easy target. so yeah but i'm going to do what i need to do when they're you know when
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the government tells me what what i need to do to be safe. i'm going to do that i'm not going to i'm not going open up against those orders were clearly needs to be a better way to handle is do i have my ideas absolutely and we have an hour probably not but there is definitely better ways to handle what's going on and nobody wants anyone to get sick and clearly nobody wins out wants anybody to to die from this horrible horrible virus. >>one of the better ways to handle it. pam that all of those bar owners agreed on was better communication from state alcohol abc. and from the county health department because he said there was mixed messages wasn't clarity all of our owner said they wanted to do the right thing but often they didn't know what the right thing once they're so clearly they're frustrated how else would you describe how they're feeling right now whether sat for their employees because they've just rehired them just a few weeks ago some of those employees not haven't even received their unemployment from back in march when they
10:35 pm
were first laid off because of the shutdown now they're laid off again and they're just not getting any income now and a lot of people are being affected by this. all right coming up happening right now flames continue to rage through a warship that is at the san diego naval base. the fire broke out aboard the uss bonhomme recharge yesterday injuring almost 60 sailors, a top navy official revealed that a fire suppression system was not working at the time of the fire more than 400 sailors are working to try to put out that fire that so far brought down the ship's forward masten damage other structures on that vessel a wildfire burning in colorado is forcing nearly 1000 families to evacuate the elephant butte fire as it's called is burning west of evergreen in jefferson county about 30 miles from denver. >>it has already burned about 50 acres. it is still 0% contained the firefighters initially ordered 250 homes to evacuate, but as the fire moved those numbers quickly changed to 1000 evacuations in
10:36 pm
the bay area, the crews fire that was burning near gilroy is now 100% contained cal fire says the fire scorched more than 5500 acres since breaking out on july the 5th the cause of the fire is still under investigation why least right now the weather not fire weather along the coast much cooler and moisture out there and have a plan about that laura yes certainly after the triple digit heat yesterday and of course see the fires burning around the bay area so far this season, but now. >>we're getting the fog that is moving is bouncing up all the way to the east bay hills now you see that the cloud deck a moving inside the bay. >>that will be there in the morning when you wake up early on in that slowly breaking a peeling back toward the coastline by the afternoon right now the temperatures 56 degrees in san francisco. the 61 in oakland 62 degrees in san jose and mostly clear their 58 degrees and live more 60 degrees in concord and 56 degrees in santa rosa. alright, long-range forecast as we look toward early the
10:37 pm
latter part of july now and we're going to see high pressure trying to build back into the bay area but low clouds and fog man we're going to see a little love a line of fog making its way along the coastline tonight tomorrow morning more that we as we get into the latter part of the week to clouds gather along the coastline even to the weekend seymour, the cloud deck begin to form along the coastline and just kind of out toward the beaches. very typical summer like pattern almost setting up here right now see a lot of sunshine the afternoon of alice but along the coastline we've got a lot of cloud cover on the way and of course that will keep your temperatures cool in fact i think after have this high temperatures yesterday. i think. for at least the next 10 days these temperatures probably going to start had a little bit below the average. so let's hear it you can attend for you. yeah, they're still going to see a couple 80's and some low 90's well inland and then it looks like things begin to change a sea breeze kind of taking hold that'll decrease the temperatures as we head towards thursday and friday and i think over the weekend to in fact really over the next 10 days, no major change
10:38 pm
in the forecast temperatures probably running a little bit below the average. yours here's a little odd story received a covid stimulus check for someone who don't worry about returning it. >>the internal revenue service is now saying those checks have been canceled. the irs previously requested family members to return them the irs now says some of the checks were sent to the deceased because the treasury department relied on previous tax filings to try to find recipients if you have not filed your federal taxes yet time is running out this year's federal income tax deadline was pushed back to wednesday july the 15th. >>because of the pandemic if you are filing you might want to do so online officials say there's a huge backlog of paper tax returns because so many irs employees have been working from home. taxpayers can also request an extension to october the 15th but that will need to happen you'll have to submit an extension form by this wednesday july
10:39 pm
15th as well president trump is downplaying tensions with doctor anthony fauci saying the 2 of them have a good relationship now the doctor fauci has become increasingly vocal about his concerns over reopening the country and in a statement over the weekend white house officials call some of his claims wrong jim acosta reports. >>after spending days railing against doctor anthony fauci president trump and his top aides seem to be pulling back on what appear to be a campaign to undermine one of the nation's most trusted health experts a very good relationship with doctor fetch a fad for the longtime right from the beginning i find to be very nice person. i don't always agree with and i know i get along with him very well, i like him even though is access to the president is all but cut off in his tv appearances have been blocked by white house officials it's fauci who is still offering americans a dose of reality warning the coronavirus pandemic remains a danger to the public we haven't even begun to see the end of it get until you get it completely under control it's still going to be a threat even as
10:40 pm
coronavirus cases reached record numbers in multiple states over the last few days white house aides have blasted fauci anonymously telling reporters several white house officials are concerned about the number ofon things one i got us to a things presid back there's no opposition research being dumped to reporters to the notion that there's opposition research not there's fauci versus the president could be further from the truth doctor fauci and the president always had a very good working relationship while sometimes questioning the expertise of fauci who was once awarded the presidential medal of freedom. mister trump appears to be putting his faith in people who aren't scientists retweeting this tweet from former game show host chuck will re who claims the most outrageous lies of the ones about covid-19 everyone is lying the cdc media democrats are doctors not all but most that we're told to trust him. >>even though he's just recently embraced wearing a mask and a still downplaying the threat posed by the virus
10:41 pm
word about a 135,000 will be at somewhat higher than that by the time it. >>it ends former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is acknowledging there have been problems with the administration's response writing an op ed on cnbc's website, i know it is unpopular to talk about in some republican circles, but we still have a testing problem in this country. >>that was jim acosta reporting fauci is served under 6 presidents under both parties and is something of a fixture in washington white house admits firing him would be difficult something doctor fauci also appears to understand as he continues speaking out about the virus. >>coming up and east bay congresswoman's a lifelong fight for social justice is hitting the big screen. a sneak peek of the new documentary on barbara lee and how you can be among the first to see it. >>and coming up has forced the football team in washington has decided to change its name jason dumas school this
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may congresswoman barbara lee is well known throughout the bay area as a champion of progressive politics, but a local award-winning filmmaker felt. >>her story needed a wider audience and that filmmakers launching a documentary on lee this thursday night there will be a special screening at a drive-in theater i talked with the filmmaker about the project this all clips from the film. >>here's a preview of truth to
10:45 pm
power barb really speaks for me. >>political item. fighting for social >>myself more as a public servant, not necessarily a politicians. >>the reason i wanted to do it is because i felt like. barber should be better known than she is outside of the bay area and i really wanted to share her story. the story traces barbara leisurely years born in texas the move to california her days at mills college u c berkeley a single mom and a young activist. >>when she needs shirley who is the first african american representative in congress who she invites to come to mills. >>and she decides well now that i can achieve running for president maybe i can work in her campaign and in that moment, barbara becomes you know essentially a political activist sort of within the democratic party, the film follows her election to the california statehouse and then
10:46 pm
the house of representatives all the time and advocate for progressive issues fighting for the poor and communities which are largely ignored and it highlights her lone vote against the iraq war. >>this resolution authorizing the president to use military force president is authorized to use force. this is going to set the stage for endless war i rise today really with that very heavy heart understanding how barbara came to that boat why she was able to live with that. >>you know the pushback that came to her some of the death threat to cetera. what's it all into context you meet her you instantly feel connected to her spirit. >>we're really is the conscience of the congress we did not anticipate that we would be in the black lives matter moment when this film was released. >>and what i would say is that everything the barber is doing today. >>you know to ensure this your strength of the black lives movement she's been doing her entire like what i think the
10:47 pm
film offers is an understanding or you know what deep in view of what it was like for her as a black woman. in america trying to be this kind of a committed public servant all these years. >>you must buy tickets for the documentary in advance there here's the information on your screen. >>you just go to www dot jf i dot org slash barbara lee and you click on the purchase tickets tab. there is a promotion code. ca 13th which is her district here in california the screening will be held at the west winds a little drive in which is located in concord one ticket per car. no matter how many people are inside your vehicle while pam you talk about somebody with guts that won the gulf war or not the gulf war, but the war in iraq started and was getting ready to launch in there looking for congressional authorization. 435 members of the house of representatives. all of them, but one all of them, but but barbara lee of voted for that she was the only one who
10:48 pm
didn't do it and even now it looks like she was vindicated in many ways because of the intelligence failures that all led up to that yeah and that really is one of the power a big part of the documentary is to show how much courage. it took for her to take that stand all by herself in the house of representatives even many of her. >>colleagues are now saying boy i wish i had been at stood with her she said alone and took a lot of bravery to do that. and the film highlights that as well as many of her other battles and accomplishments so well look forward to seeing it. >>tonight's we've doubled our speeds the fastest just >>for years, the name of the football team in washington has been the subject for scrutiny and in recent weeks public pressure has reached its peak in the wake of protests against social injustice and police brutality. today, the organization announced that they will be retiring their
10:49 pm
name and logo. the new name has not been revealed just yet washington's head coach ron rivera told the washington post that he and owner daniel snyder, we're looking for a new name that would honor both native americans and the military. the recent backlash has hurt the team's pockets. brands like nike and amazon have recently removed teams merge and ice from their online stores and fedex the team's corporate sponsor who owns the naming rights to washington's fedex field. issued a statement saying it had told the team it wanted the name changed. back in 2013 snyder told usa today to put it all in caps that he would never changes team's nickname, but the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars has seemed to make snyder heavy change of heart. a lot has been made about the nba's return in the whole concept behind the orlando bubble is it safe will the nba be able to get through 3 miles without any outbreaks. well
10:50 pm
today, one of the most notable players in the nba announced that he has tested positive for covid-19 russell westbrook posted on social media that he tested positive before the team headed to orlando to practice in the bubble. he said he's currently feeling well and looking forward to joining his teammates as soon as possible. he also asked people to take the virus seriously be safe and wear a mask following rock fellow rockets star that is james harden he hasn't joined the team ia either no official word as to why. to the college level usf men's hoops coach todd golden told me earlier this year that he made it his mission to keep the top local talent here in the bay area and he's keeping his word with this most recent signee the dunn added oakland native in dublin high school star anthony roy to its roster. roy was named nor cal player of the year this past season as well as east bay athletic player of the year, the 65 guard averaged 18 points per
10:51 pm
game in 5 and a half rebounds per game. while leading dublin high to the north ko section champiop. >>all the coaches showed me. mad love their season. when it came to an end of season. and it was like that time make my decision when i when i came down to them and other schools i was considering it was like they really should they have something for me. and like i just so light was a better place to stay to know a lot of people don't know is born in san francisco. the list really gone back home in a way it will be big to death we have up long being 2530 minutes away. >>such a talented kid, i'm looking forward to him continuing his career and seeing how he progresses on the hill. that's your look at sports back to you guys all right jason thank you an impressive collection of baseball cards is up for
10:52 pm
auction, ho you are looking at
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
what's done their second robson one of the great sports memorabilia collections ever includes baseball cards, autographs ticket stubs and more. >>the collection belong to a new jersey man nicknamed uncle jimmy he died this year at the age of 97 and auctioneer and pennsylvania is selling the collection for the family.
10:55 pm
>>it was like walking through the baseball hall of fame going through everything and his collection and the name opal jimmy collection is going down forever and the accolades of the sports card industry. >>looks like there's a couple babe ruth signed yard stare so how much is uncle jimmy's collection worth, here's an example, the auction house website indicates assigned 1933 babe ruth card. one card so for a $130,000 just yesterday, a man. but a collection that's a lot of history as a lot of issues coming up next a news continues on our 24 7 streaming service kronon it is commercial free ella sogomonian standing by in our newsroom with what we're working on tonight l a. >>can this coronavirus cases surge across the country we're going to be looking at a report at 11 on kron on about doctors and nurses who say that they just don't have enough personal protective equipment. they say that masks are in especially short supply, and critics say that the trump administration could
10:56 pm
do more to help we'll see then. >>all right thank you ellen make sure to download the kron on app to get 24 7 free local news coverage lawrence all right well let's check the weather and we're looking at that fog that is really starting to stretch on shore tonight going to into the interior bay and published in the valleys overnight to overlooking sfo the breeze has been blown that onshore wind help cool down the temperatures outside tomorrow morning. we're waking up some patchy fog numbers in the 50's in the 60's by the middle of the day we'll bring that sunshine out most spots except along the coastline, keep you cool there with 50's and 60's and then by the afternoon. so some 80's maybe couple low 90's on tap breaking it all down for about 64 degrees downtown san francisco, 62 with some patchy fog in the sunset about 59 overnight a 6 to one. president half moon bay, 70 in millbrae mild temperatures and burning game at 7174 in san carlos 75 in redwood city about 70 degrees in mount view the south bay filled with sunshine all day long looks like those numbers creeping up in the low 80's,
10:57 pm
many spots 80's, maybe a couple low 90's into the tri valley by tomorrow afternoon about 78 fremont 76 in union city 73 degrees castor valley, 83 moraga about 72 degrees in hercules the breeze is going to blow through the delta again tomorrow but we're going to see that kind of play out over the 7 maybe even 10 days or so not seeing any real offshore wind in effect so we get the effect of that sea breeze that means the temperatures going to start to cool down a little bit maybe below the average on saturday and sunday and hovering right about that the about the next 10 days guess good night everybody.
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