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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 15, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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because of the indoor dining being closed. well now they've gotten the ok to resume outdoor dining. after being shut down for 3 months outdoor dining resumed in alameda county on june 19th. >>the last friday, the state put that on hold saying the county had not received a waiver to proceed that put restaurants that were barely surviving back to square one lot of us have hired back stafon. >>put a lot of money into the outdoor dining and just kind of getting up to capacity to to be able to handle that takes it takes money. but wednesday morning, the state granted alameda county its waiver. >>meaning restaurants like alameda spies, a calmer restaurant could reopen for outdoor dining. >>hopefully we'll be able to keep doing it. hopefully this thing doesn't go on. for another year in livermore concerns over laying off staff and not being able to pay the bills. >>cause some restaurants like demetrius to verna to stay open anyway. >>there's nothing you could do we have to stay open because we have to feed our families
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with care bills and. getting a variance was big but while appreciative of the state's ok restaurants don't feel they can breathe easy, especially with the on again off again nature of state directives and the rapid spread of covid-19. >>the problem is this day today. so we're all nervous about like what's going happen tomorrow. >>you know >>the peace that comes days. it will be one if we ever get back to normal. >>and that's what a lot of restaurants are hoping that someday they will be able to get back to normal having more than just outdoor dining but indoor dining as well. now the state order in addition to allowing outdoor dining also allows outdoor activities to resume at the oakland zoo. however indoor malls and indoor church services remain off limits here in alameda county live in alameda dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan, another condemned inmate at san quentin has died from apparent complications from the coronavirus. >>64 year-old jeffrey hawkins he died at a hospital today.
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he is a convicted killer he had been on death row, 11 inmates as we had last count at the prison have died from coronavirus so far a new health order in san mateo county this allows family members to visit loved ones in long-term care facilities that will allow family and friends to have outdoor meetings with people in nursing homes and long-term facilities as long as are those facilities obey, certain health restrictions, the new order also allows indoor compassionate care visits where family members can take care of urgent health and legal problems including and of life is it's this new order takes effect at midnight. we're trying to get businesses to voluntarily comply with some of the covid-19 health orders that has remained a difficult task for lawmakers in an east bay county as kron four's haaziq madyun reports the county is now considering issuing citations.
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>>not complying with the contra costa county health odor may soon have you reaching in your wallet to pay a fine if he could be sort of the kremlin writing parking parking ticket, you know i ration $100 ticket that might get tension of some businesses that are not really part of the whole order contra costa supervisor candice anderson says the board is now considering creating an administrative ordinance making it an infraction to not comply with the health order because she says some businesses just won't do it some of them are issues where perhaps they have their tables a little bit closer than they should for outdoor dining but others are businesses that are not supposed to be open they are choosing to operate anyway, which is currently a criminal misdemeanor in contra costa county. those complaints are handled by the da's consumer protection unit, we received a few 100 yeah we definitely got a lot of the beginning on price what businesses are allowed to
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operate. >>army requiring their employees or used to wear masks are they ensuring that when customers come into that store they are wearing masks. >>with the county currently in the midst of a surge in covid-19 cases contra costa health services doctor tom ward says the alternative to complying with the health order is too costly. >>what are you doing so is that we're going to we're going to see more and more cases we're going to have worse coronavirus you know unfortunately more people are going to be hospitalized or may not still a lot of flexibility to to have business activities to or to go out and exercise and other things but it's got to be done safely. >>now the council for contra costa county is expected to submit the first draft of the health order ordinance to the board of supervisors by the end of july. has it made you kron 4 news today is the day after indoor businesses like hair and nail salons were shut
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down after being reopened for just a couple of santa clara county. >>kron four's rob fladeboe has reaction from some of the people affected. >>this was busy hair handlers so on in san jose's willow glen neighborhood on monday. and this was the so long today after the state ordered also long's statewide to close yet again and that was newly furlough stylists and owner yvonne sotelo who says some salons are considering whether to defy the order that they all want to get together all at one time just one time open up all together you know what can they do it all of us. >>you know like something unity, you know, and i'd be willing to do that this is ridiculous despite having complied with all safety precautions under a new local health order that let them open on monday hair and nail salons gyms and many other indoor businesses. >>we're forced to close at midnight on tuesday. they can open again as soon as the county is removed from the state's covid-19 watch list
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supervisor dave cortese even though it's frustrating for hair salons right now a lot of other shops because of the speed orders have come in a superseding the county orders. >>but that that will stop stude orders who essentially back off as soon as we can come off of the watch list and that's really depending on the hospitalizations right now a petition to reopen salons as 40,000 signatures and counting. >>another new petition seeks to allow salons to operate outdoors. >>sources say the new shutdown will force many stylists into homes and back yards putting themselves and others at risk stylist elizabeth what ron was forced to cancel 2 weeks or appointments and your bills keep piling up to pay rent where i live. >>we have to have to feed myself, pig as i have bills. i'm having a hard time. we need to get back to work it's our livelihood we have they're just that their mental state has been affected by this also
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in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and we have the latest numbers of coronavirus cases in the bay area, including deaths there more than 36,000 cases more than 660 deaths. the most cases in alameda county more than 8400. the virus has been deadliest in santa clara county 173 deaths at last count. we do have the details on kron 4 dot com. and we want to bring you the number of cases nationwide there are more than 3.4 million cases in the u.s. more than 100 37,000 americans have died. the u.s. recorded more than 67,000 new cases on tuesday and that breaks the record for the number of new cases on a single day. camilla bernal has more on that. >>around the country health experts asking americans to be responsible. >>the challenges that we had that people have not been
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masking be socially distant this as coronavirus cases hit a new nationwide record for cases reported in a single day. >>at least 27 states have paused or roll back plans to reopen their economies. the senate majority leader telling his constituents. this is not over pretty obvious the girl of our says. >>not going away. we've seen a surge florida and arizona taxes and yes in kentucky as well the senator also saying it will take a while to get a vaccine. >>even as attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine are showing promising safety and immune response results. >>i do think there's progress on both the therapy que ticks and the vaccine front. but we're still going to have to observe social-distancing we're still going to have to wear masks precautions because a new model from the university of washington. >>is projecting that 224,000 americans will have died from
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the virus by november 1st an increase of 16,000 from their projections. just a week ago that drug contributed to the skyrocketing cases around the country specifically in states like california texas and florida camila bernal kron 4 news. >>san jose police a young man was shot and killed this afternoon it happened a little after noon on center road that's the rock spring neighborhood. just a few blocks from the dmv driver license processing center. when officers arrived they found a young man had been shot he was pronounced dead at the scene we know, here's a juvenile. no other details. no word on a motive. no suspects have been identified. it is san jose's 19th homicide of the year. and we first told you about the shooting with a push alert. you can download the kron 4 mobile app to get breaking news sent to your smart device as it unfolds the berkeley city council has approved a plan to and traffic enforcement by police making
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berkeley the first city in the country to do that the council approved the proposal overnight. they say this is an attempt to curb racial profiling to reduce law enforcement encounters which can turn deadly. the plan creates a new arm of the department of transportation and it would handle traffic incidents like broken taillights and parking enforcement. the san jose city council has extended its contract with the police officers association for another year, no changes so the officials say they wanted to provide a sense of certainty to the city into its officers. the agreement maintains the current wages benefits and policies for now, but there is room they say in the contract for wages and policies to be renegotiated down the line. a lot of san jose residents say the contract should be changed in light of officers using force during george floyd protests also racist remarks that some
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officers made on a private facebook group. coming up with the new school year fast approaching districts around the bay are deciding whether to hold classes for chilly in the fall and for how long. >>and you think the fall and winter of 2020 in 2021 and really the probably one of those difficult times that we experienced is the american public health. >>new warnings from the cdc about the fall and winter seasons expected to slam the health care system and next the state releasing new testing guidelines for the cor
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>>california has revamped guidelines for covid-19 testing they want to focus on people at high risk. the system would put people hospitalized with covid-19 symptoms at the top of the list along with people who have been exposed to somebody infected. next in line people in high-risk facilities that means like nursing homes, prisons, homeless shelters and health care and emergency service workers, san francisco is seeing a rise in coronavirus cases a spike also in people who want to be tested. today officials explained why there are a lot of delays and the testing process kron four's charles clifford has that story. >>well here in san francisco, the city is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases and there's also a dramatic increase in the number of people trying to get tests. back in june late
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june i personally got a test here at the embarcadero i was able to schedule an appointment the next day i had the results which were negative within 48 hours i went online today and tried to book an appointment and the best you can do at the embarcadero site here as you can get appointment 10 days from now now there's also a testing site over in the soma area. there's one appointment on thursday, but after that there's nothing available for it looks like 13 days until the 28th. so there's a real delay here for folks trying to get a coronavirus test now on wednesday, the director of the department of health doctor colfax held a virtual press conference in which he talked about the testing situation in san francisco. >>we are averaging. 2,950 test a day across the city. with our parekh seen our goal of 1800 tests. certainly as we are seen across the region across the state and nationally. our testing.
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system is experiencing delays in accessing getting results. both within our city system in with private providers. >>now that slowdown in testing and also the delay in getting results is also contributing to a bit of a a problem with contact tracing here in san francisco. the city says they are struggling to get everyone check to figure out who they might have been exposed to since they contracted coronavirus the doctor colfax also says they're trying to step up to make sure that they meet that obligation of doing robust contact tracing. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>students in the san francisco unified district will be learning from home when classes begin next month today. the district said the fall semester. we'll begin with distance learning august 17th. they're hoping later that they'll be able to allow some in person classes the district says it's planning to distribute more technology to students who did not get it last spring. sandra fell city schools, beginning the year
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with online learning guidelines include starting august 20th with remote learning and a phased in return to the campus. the campuses the district holding a weekly meetings to plot details task forces will present recommendations to the board of education later this month and a town hall meeting july 30th, a final decision on a plan will be made august 3rd sandra fell also starting the new school year with distance learning other districts include san leandro berkeley unified oakland west contra costa unified. mount diablo and brentwood union elementary school district. there are grim predictions being made about the future of caltrain after a sales tax measure that could have generated a 100 million dollars a year it was blocked by members of the san francisco board of supervisors kron four's maureen kelly has that story. and so it's just going to be a tremendously sad loss for the community.
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>>we're going to see a return to normal at some point and without kate caltrain that normal will mean gridlock on highway one o one charles stone is on the peninsula corridor, joint powers board which oversees the rail line that prepandemic transport roughly 60,000 people a day between san francisco and san jose. >>the rail line was moving forward with an electrification expansion plan and hope to eventually triple their ridership but the virus has dried up their commuters in the month sense. they were hopes that a proposed 1, 8 sales tax measure for the november ballot would help keep the train system chugging forward but to get the measure before voters it first needed to be approved by various transit boards and all of the boards of supervisors in san mateo san francisco and santa clara counties, but san francisco supervisor, shamann walton who is also on the joint powers board and supervisor aaron peskin who chairs the san francisco county transportation >>decided not to introduce the
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measure at tuesday's board meeting essentially scuttling at this would be to taxation without representation they want to change the way the rail system is governed unhook it from sam trans san mateo county's bus service and give san francisco and santa clara counties more say in the decisions affecting the train service. >>they also call the sales tax regressive we were never hot about the sales tax and west texans put before the voters and city and county of san francisco. >>which was not for regional transportation measure went down in flames, it could be the end of caltrain as we know it we're facing a fiscal kids cliff in october. >>this is the lifeline of transit for the peninsula in silicon valley. i just can't fathom why the san francisco board of supervisors wouldn't at least have taken action to give the voters a chance to weigh in and see if they wanted to help us save caltrain. >>supervisor walton says he's talking with state leadership on a special tax for next year's ballot. but caltrain board member stone says he fears it will be too late to save the rail line from
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financial ruin. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>for the first time in 75 years the rose parade is being canceled organizers say they had to do that because of the impact on planning and the risk of spreading infections because of the pandemic of course they're looking into a worldwide televised event to take its place meantime, the rose bowl football game that is still on but no word yet on whether it will be played with or without fans, let's take a live look outside i think we're looking at the golden gate bridge for a pretty gloomy more breeze. uh yeah sarno sky july which we typically see this time of year catherine and the same for half moon bay. >>noticing that high marine layer out there right now cooling down temperatures for happened at 59 degrees quite the spread for everyone else in the bay area in the 60's 70's, and yes, even 80's, mid 80's out there right now in antioch so a near 30 degree difference right now with widespread 70's as you make your way inland and 60's
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around the coast of the bay 24 hour temperature change showing very little temperature change a degree to 3 degrees of warming or cooling depending on where you live so very unique microclimate forecast out there right now but very similar to last night as well, current wind speeds out there right now little bit breezy but in the 20 mile per hour range for those of you in napa and fairfield seeing sustained winds at 26 miles per hour for those of you in fairfield inn wind speeds going to remain breezy around 20 miles per hour less for your thursday, the one thing that we are going to notice is that change in wind direction with winds out of the southwest pushing in that smoke and ash from the mineral fire burning in fresno county amor said counties so we are going to notice moderate amounts of air pollutants for everyone in the bay area. so if you do have any pulmonary a respiratory issues make sure to limit your outdoor activity for your thursday because it is going to be noticeable temperature wise though very little change in the coming days, but this weekend warming back up into
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the mid 90's for interior valleys. details ahead, funny, he waves are heading our way in my full forecast in just a few minutes catherine back to you thank a brief are still ahead the woman behind a viral photo there. it is says a barista discriminated against her for not wearing a mask you might remember this, but now she's planning to sue him. >>and next a california church defying the governor and this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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>>defying governor newsom's orders that's what one church is going to do this sunday as it's a planning to hold in person services. the pastor and destiny christian church in rockland that's near sacramento says the chairs at the church will be full sunday morning with covid-19 cases on the rise placer county is one of the roughly 30 counties told to shut down indoor services. the pastor says he's made a video message that speaks for itself. >>the >>but he's been warned the violation could result in a fine of up to a $1000 and or 6 months in jail. the federal
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income tax deadline is here you still have until midnight to file your return if you haven't done that it was of course postponed because of the pandemic if you are filing probably do it online there's a big backlog of paper tax returns because so many irs employees have been working from home extension requests also have to be made by midnight tonight. >>next you think about it does your face mask that you're wearing does it actually work find out which materials protect your best and the cdc predicting tough times for the
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>>the u.s. has hit another record with more than 67,000 new coronavirus cases 900 more deaths several states are reporting record hospitalizations the cdc director is warning that this fall and winter will be one of the most difficult times we've experienced in american public health. rosa flores reports. >>as the coronavirus sends many states into crisis mode. the director of the cdc warns the worst could be on the horizon i do think the fall in the winter of 2020 in 2021 are going to be probably one of the most difficult times that we experienced and american public health keeping the health care system from being over she stretched. >>i think it's really going to
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be important with at least 38 states experiencing a rise in new cases over the past week. >>many hospitals are already over stretched, we just had some. >>requests for refrigerated trucks to come into our state to howe's dead bodies boards are beginning to run out of space we could end up in a position where we're going to have to serve a decisions like who gives a ventilator and who doesn't florida experienced a grim new milestone in coronavirus related deaths and added over 9200 new infections over the past day. >>nearly a quarter of the sunshine state's cases are in miami dade county. now considered by one expert to be the epicenter of the pandemic the situation is dire as you mention. >>our hospitalizations are all time high or icu beds are double what they were in april but if things don't improve dramatically over the next week. we could be forced to take very dramatic measures like resorting to stay home or. >>in a meeting with miami area leaders florida governor


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