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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 16, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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another update on your thursday forecast now with dates for a day a good morning. robin good morning, everybody of the live shot from the bay bridge just awaiting for a little bit of light over the east bay hills to kind of assess this a little bit but we know there's quite a bit of fog that we're dealing with this morning again. >>and then we'll have a nice little control and those temperatures this morning too. a live check of how we're doing thus far kind of mixture of 50's and 60's going on here 50's mostly up in the north bay 63 62 going on for oakland 59 for san jose 58 livermore in 62 for antioch for comparison's sake most readings and outside the immediate they are a little bit warmer it's around the midday. it's a little cooler as you can see one to check into the winds just like yesterday we're going to see a little uptick on the winds this afternoon happening again it will all be on shore little bit more pronounced in solano county in contra costa county looks like this afternoon and lingering in the far east bay, it looks like well into the night until about say 03:00am or so. so the breakdown for you is about 62 an atm. 1174.
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probably for many folks got to keep some cloud tops and here maybe at least in the morning hours least late morning hours from some of that fog is still kind of burn off a little bit and to really open up the skies coming up a little bit we'll check of the 4 zone forecast for you rob all right. thank you dave. according to johns hopkins university there are more than 3.4 million cases of the coronavirus in the u.s.. >>more than a 137,000 people have died. a california is on the list of states that are seeing surges in cases statewide there are more than 11,000 new cases and a 140 deaths yesterday this is the second highest one day total. now health officials say the state's coronavirus epicenter is in los angeles county. counties across the state are scrambling to find and train enough contact tracers to deal with the rising number of covid-19 cases and california's health and human services secretary. so that the current contact tracing program was just not built for this level of transmission.
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jessica mensch has the story from sacramento. >>between people not cooperating over the phone to simply not having enough contact tracers the ones that are counties are facing a lot of difficulties here that case is still on the rise there working to adjust quickly. >>the call after call family z's contact tracers brick to break the chain of transmission all across yuba and sutter counties if an individual get sick. >>those people then they come in contact with may get sick, so we want to monitor them and make sure they don't come down with the disease and they don't spread it to anybody else roughly 20 contact tracers in these counties let people know if they think near someone with need to quarantine for 14 days but according to public health deputy director doctor homer rice isis are rising so quickly that they don't have enough tracers to keep i believe our number 632 cases
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that means we made 6,000 calls. i will admit there were a little bit we're trying to keep up with the numbers again have been >>and they're not alone. sacramento county says it started with 30 contact tracers working with the illness is spreading so quickly that the state says they now need 200 pounds of the number of cases that when probably not getting to every single person sacramento county health officer doctor libya, syria says traces are having to prioritize cases involving more serious outbreaks like those that are hospitalized torn vulnerable the setter and sacramento counties are all working to train more tracers but in the meantime the ask you to your part to cooperate if you've got a phone call. >>since often they're struggling to get information or she's bringing me and used language that i have not heard since i quit going to bars, but we have people who simply don't want to believe it was this work to trace and isolate cases is key to getting the virus under control our job is
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a safeguard community and that's what we're trying to do >>well that was jessica mensch reporting for us this morning. there have been concerns of scammers posing as contact tracers will be on the lookout for that a public health officials are just reminding people. they're never going to ask you for any sort of personal financial information or your social security number so don't give that information out. california attorney general javier becerra says the state is suing the department of education and its leader betsy the boss for the 10th time. this time officials claim the department is trying to overturn student borrower protections. the obama error borrower defense rule provided a pathway to debt relief to students who enroll dir took out loans because of false claims made by a college or lender but sarah says that under the u.s. department of education's new regulations. there is not a meaningful process and that only about 4% of students could actually get financial relief. >>they rigged the system. again students. flattened.
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>>well in a statement, the department of education said that this is just another grandstanding politically driven lawsuit meant to grab headlines maintaining the new rules protect students from fraud and holds schools accountable. well after serving oakland and the bay area for 70 years, the future of children's fairyland amusement park is no longer serve are going there as a kid. well children's fairyland ran out of its paycheck protection program loan just last week and was forced to furlough most of its employees emu's that park which also serves as a petting zoo, green space and educational place for families was supposed to open up this month. >>open our we're going to have to look at a different situation so these are big this season, we're normally open 7 days a week from june forward until the kids go back to school in august. to july less than 20 million. nothing like the zoo that definitely for skilled huge for us.
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>>well now that alameda county's allowed to re open the oakland zoo, they're just hopeful that fairy land will also get the green light, so we'll keep you posted. well, barbershops and hair salons were forced to close down again because of a spike in coronavirus cases all around the state this week. some say that they're just not sure that they can stay in this is sand while the water is only temporary. it's been especially frustrating for hear scholars who say they're just you know taking every precaution like. clark, russell of lafayette who besides providing masking taking temperatures even set up a curbside salon right there on the porch to reduce the risk. >>most businesses are not going to survive through this not for a second close in an open up the curbside salon so we can make it safer. we have better airflow we are in control we can implement everything that the state offer asked us to deal with the only one doing that i'm the only one doing the laughing operate right. >>restaurants to her you know exactly i think that's a great
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i think that's a great question. why aren't so on given the opportunity to clarify they do that for restaurant, they do that for the business that. >>well there's no word from the state when businesses like salons and barbershops will be able to start cutting and coloring again and of course that depends on covid numbers that need to be cut back first kron four's rob fladeboe house reaction from the south bay where some of the people are affected by the order. >>this was busy hair handlers so on in san jose's willow glen neighborhood on monday. and this was the so long after the state ordered also long's statewide to close yet again and that was newly furloughed stylists and owner yvonne sotelo who says some salons are considering whether to defy the order that they all want to get together all at one time just one time open up all together you know what can they do it all of us. >>you know like something unity, you know, and i'd be willing to do that. but this is ridiculous despite having complied with all safety precautions under a new local
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health order that let them open on monday hair and nail salons gyms and many other indoor businesses. >>we're forced to close at midnight on tuesday. they can open again as soon as the county is removed from the state's covid-19 watch list supervisor dave cortese even though it's frustrating for hair salons right now a lot of other shops because of the state orders have come in a superseding the county orders. >>but that that will stop those sustained orders who essentially back off as soon as we can come off of the watch list and that's really depending on the hospitalizations right now a petition to reopen salons as 40,000 signatures and counting. >>another new petition seeks to allow salons to operate outdoors. >>sources say the new shutdown will force many stylists into homes and back yards putting themselves and others at risk stylist elizabeth what ron was forced to cancel 2 weeks worth of appointments. and your bills keep piling up to pay
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rent where i live. >>we have to have to feed myself pig as i have bills. i'm having a hard time. we need to get back to work it's our livelihood we have they're just that their mental state has been affected by this also in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>to the south bay now a young man was shot and killed in san jose this happened yesterday afternoon the long center road and rocks for the rock spring neighborhood. it's just a few blocks from the dea and the driver license processing center. when officers arrived they found a young man who had been shot, he was pronounced dead right there on scene and there's been no word on a motive or suspects. well to the east bay now store clerk has been arrested on suspicion of homicide after he shot and killed a homeless person. so police say they have tried to steal from the gas station in alameda this happened saturday night. police say that when young when was the store clerk who opened fire after someone had reported a theft police
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also say the level of force used by wayne was this not justifiable they say that when needed to step back call the police rather than intervene and risking getting hurt or possibly face higher criminal liability as in this case wang is in santa rita jail now in dublin. predictions are being made about the future of cal training after a sales tax measure that could have generated a 100 million dollars a year was blocked by members of the san francisco board of supervisors. charles stone who is on the peninsula quarter joint powers board which oversees the rail line explain said prepandemic the rail line transporter roughly 60,000 people a day between san francisco and san jose and without this tax measure caltrain just may not make it. >>it could be the end of caltrain as we know it we're facing a fiscal kids cliff in october. this is the lifeline of transit for the peninsula in silicon valley. i just can't fathom why the san francisco board of supervisors wouldn't at least have taken
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action to give the voters a chance to weigh in and see if they wanted to help us save caltrain. >>well a special tax for next year's ballot is being worked on but some caltrain board members fear that it will be just too late to save the rail line from financial ruin. and checking out the embarcadero in san francisco. we see the clouds lingering in the background there above the bay bridge, it's cool to mild outside your door 56 in san francisco 58 in napa and 62. >>in we'll be right back. - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile.
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>>welcome back everyone the time for 44 when i stepped outside this morning. it didn't feel too bad. it was ok, i had a jacket on, but you know wasn't cold, let's check of the day's far get an update on your forecast the goldilocks start your day the port is going to warm up this weekend the robin so watch out there a little good morning. good morning, sfo checking in with the bright lights we see no delays being reported with all of this but as we've been talking about a little bit once we get some more light in here will see really where the fall county is here. >>we notice that in some spots around the immediate basal thick and probably in some of those valleys to lower 60's line at the east bay shoreline for now some 50's out there to
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the east bay in the north bay, the mostly hodgepodge of 50's all the 63 billy hope, 56 san francisco with 59 for san jose, current winds we remain with the onshore winds are going to build this afternoon by the way into the evening into some of those interior valleys off to the east bay and linger after midnight, it looks like as well but kind of kind of weapon a little bit there around fairfield these winds sometimes actually support. temperatures in the lake little bit keep the temperatures up a bit. so in stormtracker for something really in our neck of the woods, it's happening. but it's a the 4 corner states the monsoon is kind of alive and well it's you know it's in july so we start to see this all the way until about october. some of this moisture that you can't see is going to make it up to the sierra and you add the daytime heating today tomorrow, little isolated shower or thundershower possible. on the big board here we've got 100 going on for fresno 97 for bakersfield 93 for sacramento. for comparison's sake, we're actually little cooler across the bay in some areas due to the fact onshore winds and having to deal with this fog clouds and bacon and the
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deserts of the southwest, including the california desert stew, let's get to a know your 4 zone forecast check out what's going on 66 san francisco. and along the peninsula coast we're still in the middle 60's own and that's again very contention when some of those clouds start to break up a little bit getting into the afternoon because of the morning fog south san francisco, 65 millbrae 71, 75 for burlingame heading down south we still got him some lower 80's here like we did yesterday 83 palo alto redwood city 80 to 78 for mountain dew, san carlos at 76. in the south bay most readings again in the 80's here, although morgan hill got up to 90 well today, 84 for san jose santa clara to 83 cupertino 84, east bay shoreline to the south mostly upper 70's. tri valley upper 80's this go around livermore 88 dublin 84, 85 for walnut creek dan don't 87 was san leandro 76 in castro valley at 78, jumping up here the north bay now cooling off in vallejo with again the winds in place there cut 90 that's one of the 90's popping
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back to build 8783 for fairfield to force for sonoma 81 per santa rosa and to the coast ensign beach about 60 point rate 67. i was pretty intense yesterday along southern moran there so that will keep temperatures suppress their. here's a little bump upward. we have for the weekend as temperatures get up to middle 90's and then into next week we're treat back to the business of the upper 80's, a bay area bridges what's going on robin. >>well it's pretty quiet. no trouble the bay bridge trip into san francisco looks really good. no delays no problems here the pay gates and it's just like this throughout the morning. so hopefully we'll stay that way until you make it to work it's under 10 minutes to make it over to fremont street. so that's really good. let's check in on some more bridges over to the richmond sandra fell from the east bay to the north bay, just a couple of vehicles rolling through the pay gates so all is well on 5.80 westbound and we're checking out the drive from the north bay to san francisco really looking good no road work no interruptions here so it's still smooth and at the
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limit under 30 minutes between nevado and san francisco. the statistics show the coronavirus pandemic is having a greater impact on women than men, washington correspondent alexandra le mon explains how and why women are impacted economically and in other ways. >>history shows that economic recessions tendpto worsen in equities that already exist women already make less than and we know that women of color make even less than men for the same work for the same amount of time nevada congresswoman dina titus says the coronavirus pandemic is making things worse statistics from the labor department show that in april may and june women experienced higher unemployment rates than men and women are also more likely to be exposed to the virus because women tend to work in front-line jobs that 2 thirds of health care workers 2 thirds of social work. there's also grocery store and fast
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food workers over whether and a very frightening share of women. >>who show up to work. and report that they have symptoms because they fear losing their job doctor william spriggs chief economist at a f l c i o says those women are also less likely to have access to proper health care meanwhile white house economic adviser larry kudlow says reopening schools is one way to help women a traditional families too but. >>single moms. who have to work. >>but if the kids are home, but the solution is not a simple one more than 75% of teachers are women, the kaiser family foundation says one in 4 teachers may be at risk of severe illness from covid-19 in washington alexandra le mon. >>dozens of high-profile twitter accounts were in what the company is calling a coordinated social engineering attack. this included the accounts of joe biden former
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president barack obama and more the fake tweets offered to send people died in $2000 for every 1000 sent to an anonymous bitcoin address for hours the hacked just left some users unable to tweet verified users without their little blue check marks the fbi is now investigating the hacks but the tech expert a burg kelso says it raises a deeper concern, a deeper questions about twitter's own security we're not able to change passwords or. >>with them removing official twitter account blue checkmark that yeah it's starting to point to something that may be an internal at its like the perfect or or cyber criminal. >>well twitter says the hack targeted some of their employees as well with access to internal systems and tools. >>some members of congress say that it's time to create a dedicated position within the white house. >>to protect against cyberattacks lawmakers worry that there's just not a strong enough defense in place to
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prevent a digital 911 washington dc correspondent trevor shirley reports. >>new york representative carolyn maloney says the country's adversaries have the u.s. and their digital sites in china. shot. >>or and walk free. >>he's a starter or people are saying after such. >>on wednesday maloney along with members of the house oversight committee warned about the digital dangers the u.s. faces cyber attacks or better. her last. >>poland and grown ups make she said. >>and now there's a push by some in congress, including wisconsin representative mike gallagher to create a dedicated position within the white house to oversee the nation's cyber defense i've yet to creation of a single focal point in the white house to be the least bureaucratic the least onerous and the most efficient of all possible options maloney said a similar position was created under president george w bush and
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then expanded by president obama only to be eliminated by the trump administration 2 years ago. >>their position restore. cyber or maybe she and and she couldn't pass. >>there's already a bill to create the position and gallagher says the job congress should oversee not a president making the role senate confirmed another woods would in other words would provide greater permanence by institutionalizing the positions existence and while it is something republicans and democrats largely agree on it's not clear when a vote on the bill might happen. reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>and a look outside before we head to break checking in on the sfo there it is we do not have any reports of any major delays will definitely keep you updated. and the temperatures outside your door mainly in the 50's so it feels pretty good out there, we'll have your full forecast coming up stay with us. and welcome
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back to me when the time is 4.55 good morning again and thanks for staying with us let's get another update on the forecast now with meteorologist dave spahr looks a little foggy behind your cloudy back there days you got that right, yeah good morning rob, good morning everybody and we're kind of monitoring all that this morning as we start to get some light next hour. >>we'll see kind of her everybody fits in with some of these bridge camera shots the shot from u c berkeley even the foreground really can't make anything out you know. we don't have this kind of problem we can see the east bay shoreline, nice and clearly not this go-around
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live shot from the golden gate bridge here we see some northbound traffic going on here a little bit of southbound to the doing some work on the southbound route but a little bit of that fog yet we're dealing with everywhere and it's actually going intensify the next couple of hours probably reaching its peak around 7.15 seven-thirty zone, somewhere around there. but even as late as 1045 11 o'clock, it's still lingers along the coast a little bit in some of the valleys up there to the north bay. temperatures thus far got a mixture of some 50's up here to the north bay lower 60's along the east bay shoreline coming in at 60 to 58 for livermore lining it up for you 62 by 08:00am by 11 at about 74 keeping in could be still some fog alang in there and some of the outlying areas just a touch until we approach around new rob sounds thank you. coming up in the next hour billy, how city officials are launching an investigation after pieces of evidence in a deadly shooting or destroyed. >>plus health leaders are issuing guidelines for gradually reopening schools and are in county what they
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are suggesting to keep students safe. and contra costa county is cracking down on covid restrictions, the consequences that some businesses can face in dear california... we know these are challenging times. rest assured, you are not alone. we've all had to adapt. and with summer here, your energy bills might go up with rising temperatures. together, we can save energy and money. try closing your shades during the day... setting your ac to 78° or higher... or cooling off with a fan when you can.
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united we are always stronger. stay well, california, and keep it golden.
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kron. >>morning news at 5. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's thursday july 16th,
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i'm robin when good morning. everybody i'm marty gonzales we're going to start off checking in with dave spahr to find out more about the thursday forecast hi dave martin robin good morning, good morning, everybody and fog is greeting us again this morning the shot from u c berkeley can't even make out the foreground so we'll see when the sun joins us how everything comes together least all the light we should say the shot from the golden gate bridge as well. you can see the delays that's at work here now for this fog, what happens with that well actually intensifies a little bit more over the next about 2 hours or so reaching its peak and then starts to erode away with the mixing out that occurs with the natural heating of the day, but even as late as 11 o'clock it looks like it will still be lingering along some of the coastal areas and may be slow going for some clearing but for everybody else around the bay we should be into the mostly sunny mode on balance so temperatures now we're in the lower 60's lining up the east bay shoreline. if he's up to the north bay here 56 san francisco, 58 for san jose with that in mind we're up to about 65 by 09:00am minus the fog of course at 06:00am by high noon we're


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