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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 16, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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here in the foreground temperatures thus far we're at 62 kind of uniformity with temperatures in the east bay going on we expect the inland areas to start racing ahead, however, the next couple of hours 50's up to the north bay 56 san francisco, 61 san jose and comparing it to 24 hours ago a little warmer in the outlining areas, cooler slightly as you get closer to the bay now we've been dealing with fog also around sfo, however, no delays being reported there but kind of overcast shot. well, yes welcomed sfo. and a look at the breakdown for you at 78 by high noon, 86 by 3 under sunny skies going on now temperature to be very much like we saw yesterday and will be the same for friday. but we look for a little kick happening into the weekend. we'll get more on your forecast coming up in just a bit marty all right dave thanks a lot we'll new this morning the san francisco police commission voted last night to support the black lives matter movement. >>and that includes placing black lives matter's posters in every police station in san francisco. kron four's reyna
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harvey live in the city now with all the details rana. >>marty good morning that vote unanimous so that means now for going to a police station out here in san francisco will now see that sign reads black lives matter including at the station behind me got 30 days now to with these signs up and again this resolution says this is the commissions and the police department's way of making sure that they continue their efforts to support black lives here in the city ok, let's look at these resolutions they've even got it down to a dimension size here how big the signs have to be they've got to be 32 by 24 they can only read black lives matter posts or sign also has to be placed in a location that's visible to the general public visiting the station and at all times the scientists not be blocked or out of you. the resolution also mentions the san francisco police department has been on the front lines of putting in place many critical
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reforms related to police accountability. this is by is free police scene along with community policing at the sign is damage they have to replace it. now they have 30 days when that resolution is passed to put this in place. they are also instituting anti-bias training for new recruits and are deciding to join the department and again we're going to be monitoring this story as it continues to develop for now reporting here in san francisco reyna harvey kron 4 news, it looks like it's going to be in the news for a while thanks a lot of rain for that live report from san francisco robin. >>the to the north bay now the late how city officials are launching an investigation after evidence was destroyed in the case of sean monterrosa the 22 year-old was shot and killed by the label officers last month. authorities say monterroso was kneeling and had his hands raised at the time. the destroyed evidence is the windshield from the patrol car where shots were fired at monterrosa the city said the wind chill from the unit was replaced and the patrol car was put back into
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service without permission. the city is talking with the fbi to possibly take over the criminal investigation. the solano county district attorneys and california attorney's general office recused themselves lawyers for the monterrosa family say that this shows that there's a lack of trust between the department and community. >>it's interfered with criminal prosecution its interfere with our federal civil rights case, it's. prejudiced our case in the ability to prosecute this officer and so not only is it appropriate to. that s the fire the person who did this. it is also appropriate to figure out how this could have happened how was one person making a decision about evidence collection. >>the city says one workers on administrative leave an outside investigation is being conducted to figure out exactly what happened to the evidence. >>now to the latest numbers on the coronavirus we have a breakdown of cases and deaths in the bay area. there are now over 36,000 cases and 660
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people have died from the coronavirus is seen in most cases in alameda county with over 8400 and factions but the virus has been deadliest in santa clara county which has 173 deaths. we have a full breakdown of the cases by county and city on our website kron 4 dot com. now to the north bay this morning, the marin county office of education and health department have made recommendations for reopening schools there kron 4 sarah stinson live in marin county she has all the details for us sara. >>marty i'm live here at tim high school the pool has just reopened to the public and we're talking to some parents out here who are taking advantage of that there's still some anxieties surrounding reopening this fall. but as you said the office of education, the public health department they're all making recommendations to every school in marine county about how to reopen safely they do not think it's a good idea to
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reopen any sooner than september 8th, due to the rising coronavirus numbers in this county and across the bay area plus san quentin is in this county and they have a rise of numbers there as well, teachers can meet with students individually or in small groups before that day but they really don't think that school should have done before then they want this to be a gradual they want to them to read just gradually reopen school both departments have created a list of recommendations for all educational institutes, this includes both public and private schools all grade levels. officials are discussing precautions such as distancing between teachers and students, everyone wearing a mask while on campus using outdoor areas for teaching guiding movement through hallways, no large gatherings and use of playgrounds will be very limited. they're thinking meals to be served in classrooms or outside no cafeterias plus health screenings much much more the goal of course is to prepare students and staff to eventually be in school full time, but with the health of
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everyone in mind i spoke with a mom of 2 she was swimming here at the port am high one of her children will be a freshman this year, tim hyde she explains some precautions that might put her mind at ease. >>hopefully like a staggered days something that they talked about and. just you know being to stand in the classroom like at least 6 feet apart everybody wearing masks and you know maybe for today's primary concern is that everybody be healthy and safe. >>that is the concern of everyone parents staff students and of course the health department and office of education and they'll be continuing this discussion on how to safely reopen today as well as next week and i'm sure the discussion will just continue into august and september for now i'm live in marin county sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sir, thanks for that update from or in robin. >>well students and the san francisco unified school district will be learning from
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home when classes begin next month. >>the district reveal the fall semester will begin with distance learning on august 17th. they hope that in person classes can be held later in the semester. the district also says it's planning to distribute more technology to students who didn't get it last spring. and sandra fell city schools will also begin the year with online learning guidelines include starting the school year on august 20th with remote learning and a phased in return to campus. the district is also holding weekly meetings to figure out the details task forces will present their recommendations to the board of education on july 28. a town hall meeting will be held on july 30th and then a final decision on a plan will be made on august 3rd. other districts keeping students away from campus includes san leandro unified school district berkeley unified oakland unified west contra costa mount diablo and brentwood union elementary school district. >>well the distance learning
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guidelines have inspired one east bay mom to get creative and to step up to help teach children. kron four's michelle kingston shows us what that mom has up her sleeve to help her children and others in the brentwood school district students will not be back in the classroom here in brentwood instead will be distant learning, but one parent has a creative plan to help those students and parents get through the semester after brentwood union school district voted to continue distance learning this fall, kathy daniel wrote in a local facebook group asking if parents would be interested in getting their children together in small groups to help each other this upcoming semester within days she had a list of more than 600 students if you want to do this let me know that kids you have a great stir in. >>and i created charter and hopefully it 9 kids are grouped together says the park is still in line will do whatever it takes sitting outside in distancing themselves. the students will
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do their schoolwork with other kids around their age and with in their neighborhood all while receiving help from parents i said i get it out for english i can do that i can each year, i'll just read in the shop robbed him. >>so yes. >>joy and she said i top 3rd big last year out to 3rd graders this will help students feel not so alone and also help parents who may still have to work full-time in are unable to help their children with their schoolwork kathy daniel says it will also help keep everyone accountable. i'm hoping the district sends out packet so that we can work on those habits that the kids and have worked to turn it. >>because not just me many many many of my friends, their kids all said oh yeah, the work gets done. well then we found out it was daniel is currently busy organizing the 600 students into small groups and figuring out where they can all meet safely to do their work before the school year starts on july 28th.
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>>in brentwood, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, good news for families who wish to visit their relatives in long-term care facilities. we'll have details on the new health order that eases restrictions plus which east bay county is now considering issuing citations to businesses that are not complying with current health orders, the fines that they may face coming up. before we go leave you with a live look of 92 the trip across the san mateo bridge which is slowly improving no traffic problems to the peninsula will be right back.
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>>good morning, welcome back it's a 12 this thursday morning time to go ahead and get a check of the weather forecast with dave spahr hide a hey good morning marty good morning, everybody, any of those overcast skies hanger-on sfo, good news is no delays going on so that's a. these that's good temperatures starting to move a little bit inland look at this 65, antioch we got 60 learn more 62 for conquered east bay shoreline even fighting through some of the fog in spots where moving a little bit lower 60's for now fremont still a stubborn 56 61 a bottle with 57 for santa rosa and 57 also san francisco. so the leftover fog should clear the next couple of hours, however, it may not do so along the coast very well even into the early afternoon. lingering has come to be partly cloudy kind of appearance that we could have means the sun comes out a little bit but then gets covered over with the leftover
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fog. that's the low level moisture that's the kind that we get overnight as cold damp from the ocean that comes in meanwhile, different type of moisture is drifting up to the not the bay area but up to california from the 4 corner states in this form of the monsoon. we have some daytime heating in the sierra we'll get a little stray shower or thundershower today so putting that all into motion, here's the low level moisture gone, boom pops up there you can see in the sierra and we do that actually again for tomorrow looks like but it's nowhere near as impressive there you can see much more muted. getting of the weekend though they're kind of be turned off and we look for a little bit of a warming trend coming our way pushing those high temperatures in the middle 90's it looks like so putting it all together for your morning fog. scattered afternoon clouds a bit with a warm conditions in the same kind of deals expected for your friday brushing by 90. into the weekend numbers really start moving here might get some middle 90's going on here for so those inland spots a bit. but that's that's a little bump along the road because will retract again as
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we get into next week highs today 66 san francisco, 72 for oakland 84. san jose across the wider bay temperatures again getting near the 90 degree mark as you can see for any og upper 80's in the far east bay we have 81 santa rosa 18 again that green line indicating a trouble spot there along the coast were temperatures might be a bit more sluggish because not as much sunshine to be had we'll check into the 4 zone forecast. coming up a little bit later on but checking in the bay area traffic robin what's the deets looking good moving well hot spot free that's how we like it the drive into san francisco will not be a problem. >>we have some busy traffic during the 6 o'clock hour and the 7 o'clock hour. but it's gone now so come on in under 10 minutes off to fremont street. we have another bridge to want to peak at and that is the golden gate. we're checking the drive on one oh one which actually looks a little busier heading out of san francisco on the right that's northbound traffic but still no problems here to and through the toll plaza and a quick peek at 92 still are busiest, but still not bad
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it's going to be busy on the flat section of the san mateo bridge but under 30 minutes for your drive to the peninsula marty ok robin let's go to the east bay this morning berkeley city council has approved a plan to remove police officers from traffic duty. >>and this makes berkeley the first city in the country to make this change kron four's gayle ong has more now on the mayor's plan to implement this brand new program. >>this would be a new transportation department made up of unarmed civilians, the launch could take months or up to a year the vote came early wednesday morning berkeley mayor jesse arreguin omni bus measure calls for a public committee to hash out details of a police department that will remove traffic enforcement mental health and social service calls. >>this one only free up money inner city budget 44% of our general fund funds are police departments so it's unsustainable long-term. but also this will enable police officers to focus on what they're trained to do which is addressed serious and violent crimes. the new plan believed to be a first of its kind in the nation is aimed to curtail
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racial profiling citing the names of people who died at a routine traffic stop across the country. the plan comes as cities around the united states are looking at ways to scale back on police in the wake of the killing of george floyd we and listen to the community and the call for change. >>and the national to demands for transforming policing and i really think now is the time to innovate and that we must meet this moment terror to gain says berkeley is not proposing to abolish the police we have to have police to address serious and violent crime. but is it doesn't make sense for police officers to be responding to somebody who's in a mental health crisis merkley police department responded to the mayor's plan in a statement saying quote. >>as we move forward members of the berkeley police department will collaborate with our community and city staff to determine how we can best evolve to accomplish our mission of safeguarding our community we look forward to engaging with their community and working together towards the best possible approaches to safety in our neighborhoods and across our city.
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>>in that statement berkeley pd also says that moving forward the department will evaluate calls for service that perhaps other city service can handle safely instead, reporting in berkeley gayle ong kron 4 news. >>the to the east bay now the state has given alameda county the green light to resume outdoor dining outdoor dining begin in alameda county on june 19th but was suspended by the state just last friday, health officials said that the county had not received a waiver to proceed. but the on-again off-again nature of a state orders and the rapid spread of covid-19 just making it hard for restaurant owners to stay afloat. >>a lot of us have hired back stafon put a lot of money into the outdoor dining and just kind of getting up to capacity to to be able to handle that takes it takes money to prop this is day to day so we're all nervous about. >>i was going happen tomorrow. you know the peace that comes does it will be one if we ever
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get back to normal. >>well in addition to outdoor dining the state's waiver also allows the oakland zoo to open for outdoor activities indoor church services and malls remain off limits. >>and san francisco sees a spike in coronavirus cases, there's also been a dramatic increase in the number of people who want to get tested. for instance at the embarcadero testing site the next appointment you can get is 9 days from now and it's the same situation at the testing site in the soma area. the testing delay also contributing to a problem with contact tracing in san francisco. the city says when someone gets the virus. it's struggling to figure out all the people who may have been exposed. on the peninsula. there's a new health order in san mateo county that will allow family members to visit loved in long-term care facilities. it will allow family and friends to have outdoor meetings with people in nursing homes and long-term long-term care facilities as long as that facility follow
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certain health restrictions. the new order will also allow what they're calling indoor compassionate care visits where family members can take care of urgent health and legal issues which include end of life is it's. >>to the east bay now contra costa county is thinking about an ordinance that would find businesses that are not following covid-19 health orders. contra costa supervisor candice anderson says the board is looking into creating a law making it an infraction for not complying with the health order with the county currently in the midst of a surge in covid-19 cases city leaders say not obey the health order is just too costly. >>some of them are minor issues where perhaps the other tables, a little bit closer than they should for outdoor dining but others are businesses that are not supposed to be open they are choosing to operate anyway, we're going to we're going to see more and more cases we're going to have worse coronavirus. >>you know unfortunately more people are going to be hospitalized and a more may
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die. >>the county will submit the first raf of the health order ordinance to the board of supervisors by the end of this month. >>it's been months since congress passed the last relief package for covid and now the cases are spiking both sides are trying to come to the table and come up with another one i'm joe khaleel here in washington. what those negotiations look like now and what might be in the next time. >>and let's sneak a peek outside for the approach the bay bridge where the worst of the backup is over and things are nice and smooth heavy in san francisco will good morning, welcome
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back it has been months since congress passed a coronavirus relief package. >>and as we're seeing another spike in covid cases negotiations on a new package is starting to heat up. joe khaleel has more now from washington d c. >>2 months after the house passed the heroes act democrats are still pressuring republicans to take up the 3 trillion dollar covid relief package. how many times have we had to say in the course of this pandemic we are at critical moment. we really are even more critical moment now. speaker nancy pelosi says with cases spiking nationwide congress must fund more testing support local and state governments and infuse cash directly into americans hands that is an answer. there's a plan. the resources
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are. designated but that plan has run into republican opposition law. speaker pelosi says she hopes the heroes act is still a baseline for negotiation. some republicans question whether or not a new package is even necessary i'm not at all sure that we actually need it right now. >>the states can the states can fill in the gap maryland, republican andy harris says if there is another stimulus package republicans will push to reduce the amount americans receiving unemployment bonuses, not allowing anyone to collect more than a 100% of what they what they turn in addition to reducing those benefits republicans say any deal must include liability protections for small businesses those are 2 key provisions, arkansas republican steve womack says congress should start negotiations over and leave the heroes act behind not a not a good negotiating. the bill was he says the house will cancel its august recess if a deal isn't reached before then in washington, i'm joe khaleel.
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>>well the extra $600 weekly unemployment benefit that was signed into law through the cares act will likely end next week. now it's set to expire on july 31st, but effectively will and on july 25th or 26 depending on how each state weekly calendar is set up. >>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news of a loved oakland business is on the brink of closure what has to happen for oakland's. and to survive the pandemic. >>and most bay area temperatures holding in the 50's and the 60's now as we still battle some bay area father look forecast coming up next.
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>>again everyone welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news. >>we appreciate you tuning in and we need to get an update on the forecast we're still waiting for that stubborn fog to clear day. >>yeah, good morning marty and robin good morning, everybody is still hanging around the bay bridge as we can see the overcast skies off to the background. also 2 at the golden gate bridge now at least is not hanging down covering up the towers, it's lifted up to the top of it but giving us those overcast skies. temperatures are moved a little bit in the far east bay a little bit we're in the mid 60's 62 conquered livermore coming in at 62 with 50's up to the north bay and lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline later on today, we'll see those winds uptick again compliments of daytime heating that will bring in new moon moisture for fog to develop for tonight, it looks like some of those winds in
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the far east bay. well hang on a little bit as it looks like into the overnight hours 78 going at high noon by 3 we're talking 86. look at your 4 zone forecast coming up in a bit robin. >>well according to johns hopkins university there are more than 3.4 million cases of the coronavirus in the u.s.. more than a 137,000 people have died. >>california is on the list of states that are seen surges in cases the statewide there are more than 11,000 new cases and 140 deaths yesterday alone. it's the second highest one-day totals in california. health officials say the state's coronavirus epicenter is los angeles county. california just one of 3 states report more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases on wednesday. >>and now leaders in those states are asking people to change their behavior in order to slow the spread of the virus rosa flores has details. >>in florida, it's becoming more difficult to find a hospital bed for those who may
8:31 am
need one has a number of people testing positive for the coronavirus here keeps growing as we're getting out of the it look that surgeries were moving in covid patients extremely stressful miami dade county has already run out of intensive care unit beds and is quickly converting other beds for use. health care workers asking floridians to change their behavior. >>once we start things we you know we can't going on this trend. when you no longer have best we can convert icu beds. that's very critical for each individual that needs that kind of care with the surge, a massive demand for testing and a serious backlog. >>governor ron desantis pushing labs to provide results in today's you have somebody go through one of the sites and then they get a result back 10 days later that is not going to be very helpful florida texas and california surpassing 10,000
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new infections wednesday. these alarming trends reflect behaviors from 3 weeks ago. and it will take several weeks to see if our behavior now including the rollback of previously opened sectors. >>slows the spread of the virus texas also recorded its deadliest day of the pandemic many hospitals are becoming streams and medical military personnel deployed to help care for the sick. >>the governor says he's not planning to shut down the economy again all we need is for people to wear masks if everyone wears a mask, nothing will be locked down. nearly 600 nurses will head to arizona from out of state to assist hospitals overloaded with patients. with new weekly coronavirus cases rising in at least 39 states this morning some residents being warned. they could be in the next hot spots the tragedy that we see playing out on our television screens every day. >>in florida. texas arizona and california. may well be
8:33 am
our reality in just a matter of weeks. good news is that this nightmare does not have to be our future. >>the nation's top infectious disease expert says it's time to press reset on handling the crisis. so you can think that you're operating in a vacuum. you've got to accept this is site of responsibility or then if we want to stop this. everybody's got to contribute you can say i don't care. >>well that was rosa flores reporting for us this morning. >>another inmate at san quentin has died from coronavirus complications, 64 year-old jeffrey hawkins died at a hospital yesterday. he was kind of a convicted killer who was on death row, 11 inmates at the prison have died from covid-19. well after serving oakland and the bay area for 70 years, the future of children's fairyland amusement park is in question. children's fairyland ran out
8:34 am
of its paycheck protection program loan just last week and was forced to furlough most of its employees, the news when park which also serves as a petting zoo green space and educational place for families was supposed to open up this month. >>the opening hour we're going to have to look at a different situation, so there's a big season. we're normally open 7 days a week from june forward until the kids go back to school in august. to july last 0.2 million. nothing like the zoo, but definitely for skilled huge for us. >>well now that alameda county's allowed to reopen the oakland zoo. they're hopeful that fairy land will also get the green light. >>in the south bay this morning, a young man was shot and killed in san jose it happened yesterday afternoon along center road in the rock spring neighborhood. that's just a few blocks from the dmv driver license a processing center. the young man was pronounced dead at the scene and there's been no word on his identity nor a motive nor have any suspects been identified. now to the east
8:35 am
bay where a store clerk is under arrest on suspicion of homicide after he shot and killed a homeless person according to police. they say that he tried to steal from a gas station in alameda. it happened saturday night police say that when young weighing was the store clerk on duty who opened fire after someone had reported the theft. police say that the level of force used by wang was not justifiable they say he needed to step back and call police rather than intervene and risk getting hurt, wang is now being held in the santa rita jail in dublin. >>the grim predictions about the future of caltrain after san francisco supervisors. block the sales tax measure that could have generated a 100 million dollars a year. charles stone is on the peninsula quarter joint powers board which oversees caltrain he says that prepandemic the rail line carried about 60,000 riders a day between san francisco and san jose and without this taxes or caltrain may not survive.
8:36 am
>>it could be the end of caltrain as we know it we're facing a fiscal kids cliff in october. this is the lifeline of transit for the peninsula in silicon valley. i just can't fathom why the san francisco board of supervisors wouldn't at least have taken action to give the voters a chance to weigh in and see if they wanted to help us save caltrain. >>they're working on a special tax for next year's ballot. but some caltrain board members fear that it will just be too late to save the rail line for financial ruin. >>still ahead this morning, dozens of high-profile twitter accounts were hacked that includes the account of former president barack obama will have an update for you. >>in washington, the coronavirus pandemic is impacting women more than men, i'll tell you how lot. >>and we are enjoying the view here the richmond sandra fell bridge very light traffic smooth onto the bridge from the east bay we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back everyone statistics show the coronavirus pandemic is having a greater impact on women than men, washington correspondent alexandra le mon explains how and why women are impacted economically and in other ways. >>history shows that economic recessions tend to worsen in equities that already exist women already make less than
8:40 am
and we know that women of color make even less than men for the same work for the same amount time nevada congresswoman dina titus says the coronavirus pandemic is making things worse statistics from the labor department show that in april may and june women experienced higher unemployment rates than men and women are also more likely to be exposed to the virus because women tend to work in front-line jobs that 2 thirds of health care workers 2 thirds of social work. there's also grocery store and fast food workers over whether and a very frightening share of women. >>you show up to work. and report that they have symptoms because they fear losing their job doctor william spriggs chief economist at a f l c i o says those women are also less likely to have access to proper health care meanwhile white house economic adviser larry kudlow says reopening schools is one way to help
8:41 am
women in traditional families too, but. >>single moms. who have to work. >>but if the kids are home, but the solution is not a simple one more than 75% of teachers are women, the kaiser family foundation says one in 4 teachers may be at risk of severe illness from covid-19 in washington alexandra le mon. >>there's some variety with temperatures going on today getting up to about 9 years on places like any on a lot of 80's and 70's going on and let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast coming up in a bit.
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>>good morning welcome back time to get a check of the weather forecast with dave spahr heidi a good morning marty good morning, everybody still looking at the overcast coming in sfo, the fog that still hasn't lifted yet you see by this time start to see some sun appearing to look like it's trying to a little bit of the way some shadows. >>temperatures getting some oranges reds she's being oranges yellows popping up here a little bit on this map 65 for any aka lower 60's going on in land 63 oakland 61 meanwhile for hayward with a mixture of upper 50's lower 60's up to the north bay 57 for san francisco, current winds we see a little bit of a drift on sure they'll pick up a little bit later on this afternoon and this evening. keeping in marine layer that will greet us again tomorrow in terms of the fog mean one other type of moisture at the
8:45 am
4 corner states is hosting that monsoon that will drift up there a little bit up to the sierra and we'll see a little bit the way of some afternoon isolated little thunder showers going on today and also tomorrow, plenty warm in the central valley today, sacramento at 9399 fresno 97 going on for bakersfield bacon and the deserts of southern california with mid 60's along the central coast. for your 4 zone forecast 66 san francisco, 58 for alcatraz in a struggle with temperatures along the coast along the peninsula, particularly in the mid 60's on the bay side a little bit warmer getting into the lower to middle burlingame for 75. with a little bit better aid and better clearing we're seeing too and some 80's even down south 83 palo alto 78 mountain view, redwood city at 82. meanwhile in the south bay. we're looking at middle 80's here. morgan hill about 9084 for milpitas santa clara 83 meanwhile, the east bay shoreline to the south upper 70's, upper 80's meanwhile, tri valley 84 going on for dublin 85 for walnut creek
8:46 am
concord checks and 8767 for berkeley and up to the north bay. readings reach about 87 for vacaville 94. antioch we'll see more of that happened into the weekend. but he should a cool 7462 for 84 for sonoma, an 81 for santa rosa with about 80 heading down south. somebody for 4 mill valley, 7 day forecast and temperatures pop of the weekend a little bit mid-nineties going on for a couple of days and then we back track to about 90 upper 80's into next week looks like most the bridges are going ok robin what's happening with traffic. you are absolutely right the morning commute is pretty much over for those of you who have waiting to rolling to san francisco. >>we have some slow traffic and never got that bad backed up to about west grand. it started thinning out and now looks great so come on in under 10 minutes from the bottom of the mace to fremont street and even beyond that point you're good on the skyway the central freeway, the james lick. >>2.80 as well, let's check some other bridges showery how about the richmond sandra fell west 5.80. that's going to be
8:47 am
a problem free commutes nothing but good news here an easy transition into the north bay and i believe we have one more, and that's one oh one across the golden gate, not just scanning the north bay looking for problems. i don't see anything nevado sandra fell larkspur mill valley sausalito is this going to be a clear shot. all the way across the golden gate through the tolls and even on city streets in san francisco. we remain trouble free marty as what we like to hear later well new this morning kohl's will be requiring its customers to wear face coverings us begins on monday. >>the company says that face covering orders already applied to about 70% of its stores. and this new order is meant to make a consistent policy across all of its locations walmart you may remember made a similar announcement just yesterday and other stores such as best buy and starbucks also require their customers to wear masks at all of their locations. >>dozens of high-profile twitter accounts were hacked and what the company is calling a coordinated social
8:48 am
engineering attack. this included the accounts of joe biden former president barack obama and more kron four's jonathan mccall has details on the attack and they're bigger red flags, this poses. >>twitter trouble for the rich and famous and it's like the perfect or percent approval on wednesday hackers targeted the twitter accounts for some of the world's biggest names as part of an apparent bitcoin scam. among the victims president barack obama tesla ceo elon musk amazon founder jeff bezos and rapper kanye west. the fig tweets offering to send $2000 for every $1000 sent to an anonymous bitcoin address one of the things that you want to do with phishing schemes to get access. >>to a prominent account whether be email or social media account twitter responded initially to the incident saying they were aware of the security incident. >>and we're taking steps to fix it. miley wednesday evening, the company said that the attack appeared to be a coordinated social engineering attack. >>my people who successfully targeted some of our workers
8:49 am
with access to internal systems and tools for hours the hacked left some users unable to tweet in verified users without their blue check marks all of it now raising some red flags says tech expert burden kelso we're not sure if any of the people's accounts that were. >>actor or expose the people may have actually infiltrated the. >>could your system and were able to send this out the word warns users to be cautious about the personal information now tied to their twitter accounts information that could now be in the hands of hackers now it's not people not able to change passwords or. >>with them removing official twitter account blue checkmark that yeah it's starting to point to something that may be an internal at in san francisco jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>and you caters and parents across the country are counting down until the start of the new school year but a lot of them are worried that the schools are prepared for a safe return. kron four's
8:50 am
washington dc correspondent raquel martin explains that democrats and republicans are now struggling to reach a deal before funding for schools run now. >>with the school year just weeks away in the last round of coronavirus relief money running out you want to get back to in person instructions safely, but that's going to require funding, lindsey jensen that hold greek teacher in illinois he cares about soccer official and she says the federal government must act to protect teachers and students if they're to safely return to the classroom this should not be a political jensen says fortunately her rule district has some money left over from the package but said larger districts are scrambling to meet the proper ppe but you know some schools they're going to require extra buses extra bus drivers extra bus routes, other schools might require more teachers, it's in the hands of mitch mcconnell and it's time to get the job done illinois democrat jerry bhutto says the fastest
8:51 am
way to help cash-strapped schools is forcing the republicans to vote for the heroes act which passed the house 2 months ago that would provide another 100 billion dollars for students in schools at a time when resources are desperately needed. but illinois republican rodney davis as republicans won't support the bill the 3 trillion dollar wishlist package. davis says congress must draft a bipartisan bill that can actually become law should be a sense of urgency when there's urgency to get something done. >>once we get a chance to see what still needs to be done. davis says he was a package passed by this month, but so far lawmakers seem an able to negotiate an agreement in washington raquel martin. as we head to break we leave you with a live look at 6.80 and walnut creek the traffic looks great right, it's moving well in both directions northbound and southbound not only their wanted creek. but if you come through conquered, pleasant hill alamo danville no problems both directions, nice
8:52 am
and smooth. so far as far as temperatures wannacry to waking up to partly cloudy 62 degrees right now for you. >>and down south in the san jose area we're at 6155 half moon bay, 57 in san francisco will be right back. welcome
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back everyone that i'm a 54.
8:55 am
let's bring in dave spahr and get another update on the thursday forecast a ok good morning robin good morning, everybody the shot from timber on we see some blue skies making its way through however it to other locations we're still fighting the fog bit 65 going on for any aac. >>lower 60's line up the east bay shoreline with 50's and 60's mixture up to the north bay. there's sfo looks like bringing the little bit of slightly better clearing at least no delays happening this morning, 78 for high noon at 3 we're looking at 86 marty. >>all right dave thank you well coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning city officials launching an investigation. after some evidence in a deadly shooting was destroyed. plus health leaders are issuing guidelines for gradually reopening schools in marin county will find out what they're suggesting to keep their students safe. and contra costa county is cracking down on covid restrictions will take a look at the consequences some businesses might face in the near future. [♪]
8:56 am
alright, guys, listen up. my momma... our grandpa... - my daddy... - our dad works on the highway. it's so scary. please be careful. slow down. and pay attention. be alert.
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some people drive we havway too fast. why are they driving so fast? zoom. please, be careful. we get scared. - my mom... - my dad... my jiji's at work. >>you'%e watching kron 4 morning news at 9. >>morning everyone, thanks so much for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news,
8:59 am
it's thursday july 16th marty gonzales we'll get things started by checking in with days far for the forecast heidi a good morning marty good morning, everybody and still battling little bit of fog and parts of the bay the shot from timber on showing some blue skies off to the background at least breaking some of that up. >>projections show that whatever fog we have should clear out except pesky along the coast and it may not to target left there. do least dealing with some variable cloudiness from parents. 65 going on for any aac 64 for concord 64 livermore we're moving a little bit temperature wise there lower 60's cover the east bay shoreline with 60's and 50's up to the north bay for comparison sake, it's around the midday temperatures are trailing just a little bit in the inland areas warming up as you can see will there's sfo for you still dealing with some fog but no delays this morning, 78 by about high noon to 3 o'clock we're talking 86 marty ok dave seen a couple minutes. thank you. new this morning, the san francisco police commission voted last night to support the black
9:00 am
lives matter movement that includes placing black lives matter posters and every police station in san francisco. >>kron four's reyna harvey live in the city now she has all the details for us right. >>marty good morning. yeah that's right that was voted on unanimously and that means you're going to now see black lives matter signs every department here in san francisco, including the one right behind me all the police departments have 30 days now to put these signs in place and the commission is saying this is just the first step and their continuous attempts to support black lives so again that resolution even has the sign with and live down to an exact they have to make sure they're hanging these up there at least 32 by 24 and they only say black lives matter now the poster or site also has to be placed in a location that's visible by the general public visiting that station and


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