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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 16, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>for >>the lay of police department facing a criminal investigation for destroying evidence in the shooting that killed sean monterrosa and new tonight. we're hearing from his sister that describes the department has quote incompetent plus a 32 million dollars settlement reached in the ghost ship warehouse fire with the attorneys for the victims families. >>has to say about the deal. >>and she needs being blamed for last year's kincade fire
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in sonoma county by that announcement does not come as a surprise to the people impacted, but first. >>we need those who are tampering with evidence to be fired and convicted because this is a crime. >>tonight we are hearing from the sisters of sean monterrosa he's the 22 year-old man who was shot and killed by a boy who police officer last month. good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the city of vallejo is now investigating its own police department. >>for destroying evidence in the case kron four's michelle kingston is live for us outside the lake pd with more on this investigation michelle. >>a really huge car key part of the evidence police department is now under investigation for destroying evidence in the sean monterrosa case the 22 year-old man was shot and
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killed by a police officer last month 40 for his death
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sparked a number of protests throughout the bay area. city officials say an employee has been placed on administrative leave while the city retains an outside investigator to investigate the destruction of evidence the 18 year veteran officer involved in the shooting has also been placed on leave then has yet to be identified by police eventually justice will be served in just is on the way it's just a matter of when it might not be today and maybe not be tomorrow. michelle kingston reporting for us there by the way we reached out to police city councilors and the mayor of later tonight for a comment. >>but have not heard back from any city officials. meanwhile the families of the ghost ship warehouse fire victims sever each day, 32.7 million dollars settlement with the city of oakland the fire killed 36 people back in 2016. and that settlement money will be split among 32 families we spoke
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with the attorneys representing the victims families about the settlement and here's what she had to say. >>well this is never enough. it is a sense of some justice for the family and a sense of accountability on the part of the city where there were hundreds of contacts with them shep but police and firemen and they did nothing on that turned a blind eye and and as a result. they're 32 people. that are now struggling. people who lost their lives. >>as part of the settlement the city of oakland is not have to acknowledge any liability. the settlement will be allocated with 23 and a half million for the families of the victims and a little more than 9 million dollars for plaintiff. sam maxwell, who survived the fire. but will live with severe lifelong injuries and major medical expenses. the lawsuits were filed on behalf of 32 of the 36 people killed. >>pg and is being blamed for
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causing 20 nineteen's kincade fire in sonoma county. cal fire just released those results of its investigation into that destructive wildfire. the report says investigators have determined that pg and e own power lines near geyserville are to blame. >>the kincade fire burned for 13 days covering more than 77,000 acres, 374 structures were destroyed 4 people were injured. kron four's gayle ong is live tonight in geyserville with reaction from wildfire. victims attorneys scale. >>grant and vicki calfire releasing the cause almost 9 months later, the wildfire tourney for the kincade fire victim says he is not surprised. >>we knew a year ago, then it was pg e's equipment has started the fire. we knew that just like the campfire it was a jumper cable that failed came loose from apg knees idol, the transmission line speaking to us shortly after cal fire released the cause of
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the kincade fire in sonoma county blaming pg any wildfire victims attorney mike danko says the victims want answers. the victim certainly want to know is why. >>they'll ypg not turn off the power. why is why did we basically get in the situation to pg need learned nothing. >>the fire broke out the night of 10/23/2019 it burned more than 77 acres almost 400 structures destroyed 4 people hurt police bar on how to watch the flames go up near his geyserville home what he heard at the time of the fire. they're looking at. >>all they have by and they have done the that was the same thing billionaire has that's the problem. >>in a statement pg and e responded to cal fire's investigation saying quote we are aware of cal fire's news release stating that pg and e facilities caused the fire at
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this time we do not have access to cal fire's investigative report or the evidence it has collected we look forward to reviewing vote at the appropriate time. cal fire sent the report to the sonoma county district attorney's, a spokesperson. >>from the da's office says they received the report and are in the process of reviewing its reporting live in geyserville gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle happening now crews are battling a brush fire in alameda county it is burning just southeast of livermore your tesla and mclaughlin roads so far about a 150 acres have burned. no homes are threatened at this point we'll keep an eye on this situation and bring you updates as they come into our newsroom. >>with covid-19 cases racing out of control all across the state many school districts, including san francisco and los angeles have opted to start the school year with online instruction. but this piecemeal district by district approach is being criticized some people want the state to step in. >>provide guidelines as to
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when it is safe to hold in person instruction and this kron four's dan kerman explains now the governor has decided to do just that. >>it's great unease from parents for teachers. all those who love and know how important is for kids devon education yet are fearful. that would be putting them back in an unsafe situation east bay state senator steve glazer hosted a virtual town hall thursday. >>to talk about whether it's really safe to reopen schools, this fall, 4 in person instruction when the governor comes out with state mulls they work ending indoor dining is it's not safe to dine indoors. >>why would anyone believe that that standard would not that's not apply to kids inside class roots with the same risks and vulnerabilities while many school districts have already opted to start the school year with online instruction. >>during the meeting glaser told state schools chief tony thurmond, more guidance is needed from the state. thurmond agreed. >>my sense is that these
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governors facing probably one of the toughest challenges anywhere if you're out how to balance local decision-making also safety. i know people after the more i think that the request. and in fact friday, the governor is now planning to provide covid-19 guidance for schools. >>glazer says to do it correctly. the state must dispense with the county by county piecemeal approach. >>school districts are not in their own bubble or our counties or our cities and if you have broader a regional areas like we have in the bay area. you just can't make decisions and isolation and expect that they'll stay in their bubbles we all interact we cross purposes and so many different ways glazer says the best way to get control of the virus and keep students and their family safe. >>as for the state to take a more regional approach. >>we have to all be in this together that means we need more statewide command and control so the choice we make we're going to be choices that actually constrain spread of this virus.
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>>the governor is expected to release his covid-19 guidelines for schools during an online news conference friday at noon. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the north bay schools in marin county have a rough timeline for when kids might be able to return to campus education and health officials say in person classes shouldn't start until at least september 8th. and when students do return to campus there will be wellness checks still have their temperature taken everyone will wear masks and between august when school starts virtually ended september 8th, when they hope to have more kids on campus they will be bringing some kids on campus in small groups so they can meet the teacher and get acclimated with the classroom and the like and well a lot of parents are hesitant to send their kids back to school. some parents and teachers at a student safety rally today said it's time for classes to resume. >>there's a little extra work, but it's a 100% worth it when you can go to school when the parents want the kids to go to
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school the kids want to go to school for the families and teachers were going to come back. let's do it let's get on campus again and educate our children. >>even though in person classes in marin county likely won't start until at least september 8 schools will begin distance learning learning virtually with computers and the like from home on august 19th. >>as san jose public schools get ready for the fall semester nearly all school districts in the city have sent surveys to determine just how parents and students want to return to school. some results have been published. nearly 80% of the parents in the berryessa union school district say that they are hesitant to return to school. nearly a 3rd say that they would not want to send their children back until a vaccine is available this district is planning to start. the new year with distance learning. there might later be some in person classes. now east side union high school district conducted its own survey it found that roughly 40% of staff students and parents are
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not comfortable with in person classes that district is also starting the year with distance learning meanwhile, 65% of parents in the moreland school districts say that they feel comfortable sending their children back to school with a hybrid model, the district will hold classes virtually but. still finalizing details there we will have a full list of the districts and their survey responses available now on our website kron 4 dot com. coming 19 pandemic could make our homeless problem even worse the 3 ways the lawmakers in washington say we can keep that from happening. >>plus in napa county cracking down on anybody violating health orders so much you can expect to pay if you don't follow the rules. >>and new covid-19 testing sites are popping up across the bay area why the demand for them still has it been met and near average temperatures along the coast and the bay for one more day but some parts of the valley will
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>>covid numbers are just through the roof throughout california and they keep climbing at a troubling rate and people under the age of 50 continue to be the most infected. so we hear the latest numbers from the state health department. we have 356,000 total cases, 7300 deaths nearly 7,000 hospitalizations a nearly 1900
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people in the icu. the situation, especially bad in southern california in l a which once again set a record for a new daily cases with over 40 500 people. and here in the bay area's the case numbers go up so does the number of people getting tested santa clara county opened 3 new pop-up test sites this week. but even as new sites open up kron four's rob fladeboe says that they're still. a demand for more tests. >>and this morning here at the county-run test site at independence high school in san jose. the line stretched halfway across campus 800 wristbands guaranteeing a test today we're gone by noon the wait for a test was about 40 minutes. well worth the wait says joby ramos rounded shape to know the not too now and how if you know you don't have to be a good to go. and just keep yourself healthy from then on the increase in demand for testing comes as santa
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clara county has pulled back from for the reopening after being placed on the states watch list and the increase in new cases and hospitalizations of the increased numbers of cases that we're having are 2 things it's certainly coming somewhat from the testing so we're testing more and finding some of these cases, but we know in addition to that there's additional spread testing a 1000 people a day in april santa clara county is now averaging 5 to 6,000 tests per day and as many as 9,000 on some days but still more are needed to as there's additional spread we want to identify those through testing and those and keep those people away from others so that they don't expose anyone else and protect themselves. >>and their family and identify any of the contacts to protect them also doctor faster shots as testing and tracing is showing much of the additional spread of the virus in people who reported being in groups and gatherings wear face coverings and physical distance for lacking as i told i might have been exposed so harry m to just see if i.
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>>and then i want to be a carrier i want to get anybody else so that's why. i'm here to in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news now to salon owners struggling to keep their businesses afloat during this pandemic and they're demanding now that governor newson let them take their businesses outside. >>and they're getting support from some lawmakers they want the governor to throw out of business licensing code. the band's personal care workers like hairdressers barbers from working outside while salon workers say this will not solve all of the problems it is at least a start. >>we really going to be useable hair cuts. man a caring for any cures these things can be done certainly. all of our services so you know it's not a complete solution. but we're looking to at least provide. >>and those folks point out that governor newsome has already encouraged other
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industries like restaurants and fitness centers and gyms to move their services outside it doesn't come as a surprise but bottle rockets officially canceled this year the napa music festival. usually takes place in may but it it got postponed to october this year of course to the pandemic and today the promoters announced that it won't take place at all in 2020. they do plan on bringing the festival back in may of 2021 with the headliners who were scheduled to play this year. our weather time we get a peek outside a live. look now at the golden gate bridge which is there as always you just can't see it because of all the fog yet took a walk outside and it's it's gotten pretty chilly out there joining us now >>but recent rodriguez hiring freeze okay to grant and vicki allen tracked a stronger sea breeze today and that's pushing that low and high cloud cover a little bit earlier today. >>cooler temperatures, especially for those of you in santa rosa, cooling down to nearly 10 degrees below average only warming up to 75
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degrees very seasonable temperatures for everyone else in the bay live look outside. tracking that knows sky july and also that low cloud cover as well stormtracker 4 showing that thick fog big right off the coast making its way inland into the bay area and temperatures out there right now quite the spread 50's along the coast 60's as you make your way inland with some low to mid 70's for parts of the tribe valleys antioch the warmest city 76 degrees. nearly 20 degrees, warmer right now than half moon bay, currently at 57 degrees as you step outside for your thursday night in current wind speeds out there right now still on the breezy side with fairfield tracking the gusty east winds sustained at around 30 miles per hour. but the good news is thanks to that stronger sea breeze, it's pushing all that smoke and ash from our nearby coyote and mineral fires away from the bay area so tracking better air quality and tomorrow, everyone will be under that good level with the exception of moderate amounts of air pollutants still going
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to hang tight right along the coast to just keep that in mind for those of you with any pulmonary a respiratory issues future cast for though is going to show once again very summer like pattern with that thick fog blanketing most of the coast and east bay shoreline for your friday morning. but then it is going to make a step back as it approaches the coast given way to mostly sunny skies for your friday afternoon and overnight lows, widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs near average along the coast a few degrees warmer than where we were today downtown san francisco right where you should be 67 degrees with mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and widespread 70's and 80's as you make your way inland but warming up into the low 90's for parts of the tri valley is like antioch in livermore and it's going to peak on saturday with widespread mid 90's but then a cooling trend will begin on sunday with near average highs arriving next wednesday back to grant >>looks good. thank bree said still to come tonight, a recent report shows a surge in
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violent crime in oakland, how the police chief is responding to claims that the report's release was politically motivated. >>and napa county will start fining people for violating health
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>>and this just you can add san jose unified to the list of school districts starting the new year online the district just announcing that classes will resume on august
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12 with distance learning and that the plan will be back until at least october 2nd. napa unified school board is also scheduling its vote on the learning plan that's happening tonight once a decision is reached we will let you know on air and on her website kron 4 dot com. >>downey is adding some teams to its rules about wearing masks in public end its bans on social gathering this week, the board of supervisors passed an emergency ordinance allowing for fines up to $500 per person and up to $5,000 per business. our first marine kelly explains why the county feels that they need to take this extra step. >>not the county says they already had code enforcement officers in forcing the local health order and as of july first they even started working on weekends. but a rise in coronavirus cases has made them realize they need to get tougher on violators we felt we needed to marcos.
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>>what we were already doing it and the size of the county supervisors passed the emergency ordinance which authorizes code enforcement officers to find individuals anywhere from $25 to $500 and businesses from $200 to $5,000. >>for violating the state and local health orders related to covid-19. but the fines will only come after both verbal and written warnings and local deputies and police officers will only be involved as back up to the code compliance workers, the first step is education, always education. >>it makes it easier for that business and say hey i got a call from code enforcement they're going to come here if you don't put on the mask, it helps them as well that the county supervisor diane dillon says they felt like they needed to double down to get the message through to residents and businesses here that masks in public are a must and this is no time to be hosting a party we're really hoping that people understand
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that the reason we did this is to reinforce it's social gatherings. and one of the main reasons that the virus is spreading. >>the public will be able to report violations via e-mail that e-mail address can be found on our website kron 4 dot com. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and trump has touted his travel ban is saving thousands of american lives during the pandemic why the cdc is actually saying it was too little too late and cvs and target are the latest stores to
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>>there are questions tonight about a recent release of violent crime statistics in oakland being politically motivated opie's police chief addressed that subject head on today and is cont forces easement yoon reports the chief says that's not the case. >>we have in fact our homicides but we are not trying to cause any alarm oakland interim police chief susan manheimer made herself available to the media answering a variety of questions among them were questions about the motivation behind recent opd press releases highlighting a spike in homicides and this year's 34% increase in gun violence and gangs and groups who are conflicting in between different cities or our initial responsibility is to
8:31 pm
do this call to action and let everyone know we're out there to interrupt assignments we are with our cease-fire and our community a partnership network. out there with violence interrupters every single day in fact for nearly a decade. opd is used operation ceasefire as its data-driven violence reduction strategy coordinating law enforcement, social services and the community considering this major rise in shootings machine or in eyes of the coalition for police accountability questions why the chief still has faith in the program the cease-fire program is supposed to be reducing. >>homicides its specific focus is to reduce gun violence and the police department touts it. as the reading strategy that they years to interrupt violent crime, especially gun crime. currently it's not working or not says the fact that the community did not report 86% of this year's shootings points to another problem, the whole point of
8:32 pm
community policing is to establish trust. >>between the community and the police that is clearly not the case. i think they're trying to push back against the defund or movement, however chief manheimer rejects the idea that these opd press releases were politically motivated. i think it's interesting that and oakland and the bay area it's looked at as some political statement or responsibility is to our community to ensure that they are aware of and partnering with us in this in this issue around safety haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>tonight, the cdc says us travel bans were put in place too late to effectively stop the spread of covid president us travel from china on february second and he positive from europe on march 13th, but by then the coronavirus was already circulating in new york in just 2 days later, community transmission was widespread, according to the cdc. the
8:33 pm
strain circulating at that point most closely match the one circulating in europe not china. president trump repeatedly touted his travel bans as proof that his administration effectively responded to the pandemic and tonight, new york's governor says that a cdc report is proof that president trump's response to covid unnecessarily cost new yorkers, their lives. >>the cdc is a federal agency to the president's admitted in the report today clearly that the virus came the federal government missed they were looking at china the virus had gone from china to europe it mutated in europe it came to new york a trace to streams back to europe and the president talks about his travel ban china and the travel ban against europe, it was too little too late he
8:34 pm
close the barn door after the proverbial horse was gone and what happened in new york didn't need to happen. it was a clear federal failure. >>new york has been the hardest hit state when it comes to covid more than 400,000 cases there and more than 32,000 people have died. all right 4 zone forecast time as we take a peek outside a live look at the san mateo bridge the headlights coming at you headed to the east bay. >>kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with a look ahead greece up. >>either grant and vicki tracking that deep marine layer out there so it's noticeably thicker and widespread live look outside at san francisco international airport and also a lower fog bank as well so visibility starting to diminish on the roads, especially along the coast at or near 0 so make sure to drive safely for your thursday night commute temperatures out there right now in the 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with widespread 60's along the bay and as you make your way
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inland with the exception of parts of the tribe valleys like conquered in antioch still in the 70's out there right now at this 8 o'clock hour and overnight lows cooling down into the mid 50's for most of the bay area with the exception of antioch going to stay mild there in the mid 60's and future cast for going to show dense low clouds and fog during the overnight hours even going to extend into our interior valleys where visibility could be at or near 0 for your early morning friday commute with better lifting and clearing right around 9 o'clock so after your mid morning drive and let's take a look at your friday microclimate outlook a few degrees of warming warming up to right are we should be for this time of year downtown san francisco, 67 degrees cloudy start giving way to plenty of sunshine by your friday afternoon. half moon bay, 65 degrees low 60's for pacific up with mid 60's for those of you in south san francisco, but no break burlingame and even san bruno 40 with 70's at
8:36 pm
69 degrees, san mateo 60 degrees foster city a little bit cooler than that at 67, but palo alto 77 degrees for your friday afternoon highs so pretty seasonable temperatures along the coast and even along the bay, but for those of you right throughout the south bay a few degrees above average with san jose warming up to 86 degrees low 90's for those of you in livermore so you're going to be one of the hottest cities for your friday afternoon. hayward 74 degrees widespread low to mid 70's for most of the east bay shoreline conquered warming up to 88 degrees and low 90's for those of you in antioch in vacaville 78 degrees for napa and santa rosa near average highs at 82 degrees and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we're going to notice a warming trend mainly for our valley's holding steady along the coast and the east bay shoreline with near average highs and then gradually cooling down sun starting sunday through most of next week back to you grant vicki. >>yesterday's twitter hack not deterring the president from
8:37 pm
his favorite social media site. why he's not concerned about his account. >>plus captain america sending a special message to a 6 year-old boy. why chris evans says this kid is a real life hero and body cam footage of a fatal encounter between police and a man inside his home is released
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>>cvs and target are joining the list of stores requiring
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that you wear a mask, the cbs policy goes into effect monday. july 27th target's policy takes effect on august 1st other target does point out that 80% of its stores already require facial coverings because of local and state health regulations. these might not be the last doors to make this change. the national retail federation is pushing for all retailers to require masks for customers right now there are more than 3 dozen states that do require facial coverings with more seemingly added to that list every day, here's a list of most of them out of the 10 states with the most cases of covid-19 only arizona and georgia. do not require masks the pandemic is creating a whole new challenge for fire crews that are trying right now to control wildfire. >>in central california, the 16,000 acre fire started burning monday near fresno and adding to the struggles. he's firefighters are forced to wear masks to protect themselves from covid of course a cal fire spokesperson
8:41 pm
says. firefighters are doing their best to adjust to the new rules but think about how hot that fire is how hot it is near fresno harder to breeze with a mask, it's it's a tough deal. the fire right now just 20% contained. and it is forcing evacuations in the area. captain america promising to send this 6 year-old boy and authentic she'll with the boy did that has the avenger calling him a real hero. >>and coming up in sports jason dumas us we'll have a report. spring training. both the a's and giants are getting ready keep
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>>the economic fallout from this pandemic has impacted americans from all walks of life but for those who are struggling with rent or mortgage payments before the virus could be devastating homelessness was already of course a major problem in the bay area before covid in us kron four's joe khaleel reports now congress is trying to make sure that problem does not become exponentially worse. >>states like california with high cost of living were in ready grappling with the homeless crisis before covid-19. >>and now the people that were struggling with their rent their mortgages before are struggling gave them more congressman jimmy gomez of california says it will take resources to make sure more people don't end up on the streets everything went on a this food assistance gomez
8:45 pm
says those measures are especially important for people who lost jobs he introduced the opportunity start at home act to expand those benefits it's about providing the wraparound services that they need in order to i get to a job to stand there hold kentucky republican andy barr says reopening the economy is the best tool to prevent more homelessness nothing can replace shipping people back to work and getting kids back in school so people can take care of their mortgage and sadly many people dealing with homelessness are veterans and about one 3rd of all homeless vets live. in california are veterans see to us to serve at a slow 6 served our nation congressman mike levin says he's working to provide veterans with rapid job retraining and housing benefits. he says he'd like to see the 17 billion dollars mark for the va in the cares act. >>put to use i pushed the va secretary and others too. >>really strong the funds specifically around.
8:46 pm
>>almost this thursday, the va secretary did release 400 million dollars for veteran housing levin says he'll continue to push for more in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>yesterday twitter hack is not making the president rethink his reliance on social media press secretary for the white house kayleigh mcenany says during today's briefing he'll remain on the site will mister trump adding that his account was secure yesterday. never jeopardize prominent accounts, including president obama elon musk's they were all victimized by what twitter is calling a quote coordinated social engineering attack by people who targeted some of our employees twitter employees with access to internal systems and tools. >>for social workers charged in connection to the death of an 8 year-old boy in palmdale are off the hook. they were accused of abusing gabriel fernandez and changing public records. hernandez's mother and her boyfriend were convicted of murdering him in
8:47 pm
2013 put his case was open with the department of child and family services for more than 6 months before he was killed. the da charge the social workers involved in gabriel's case but a court to rule that they could not be charged because they couldn't control the abusers and today, a judge dismissed those charges. >>police in colorado. releasing body camera footage of an incident that happened about 2 months ago. >>yeah as lori jane lot reports for us tonight, the fatal encounter happened inside the man's home. >>of course not worried about. we're here to help you on may 24th chad burnett's encounter with colorado springs police started with him refusing to open his front door i want to talk we're not screaming through a window eventually he comes out of the house to talk as officers slowly approach why would i want to tell you chad. >>yeah do you want to die. >>then seconds later. officers
8:48 pm
chased him into his house tease him and handcuffed the law the police department says an officer called for a medical crew because they deployed the taser but according to a police department timeline a medical crew doesn't arrive for the next 15 minutes. and when police tried to take chad out of his own house he resists don't want to listen to chip or the world eventually chad slows down and stops fighting and stops moving. they discussed whether he's breathing and whether he has a pulse. >>then the police put us fitch stock hood over his face. it's typically used to stop prisoners from spinning fluid or blood on officers and they shackle his legs then before medics arrived they discuss his light pulse again in question whether he's faking it for a cap on it. the i got calls nearly a minute later,
8:49 pm
they don't body. >>these eyes are open. we're sorry this happened. that you have to listen to the police okay, he's unresponsive for another 3 minutes after that that's when police removed the hood from his head and started chest compressions what am >>that was laura jane gila, reporting for us tonight, the district attorney's now reviewing the body cam footage to determine if the officers actions. >>we're justified. tonight san francisco police are searching for the driver who injured 2 people and then took off in the mission district it happened just after to 45 wednesday afternoon near 19th and harrison streets. the suspect hit one car drove away. hit another car then hit 2 parked cars, a 66 year-old woman and a 38 her 39 year-old man were injured. the driver ditched his car and ran away anyone with information is being asked to call the sfpd san jose is renewing its focus
8:50 pm
on traffic safety the city had 21 traffic related deaths between january and march despite fewer people being on the road when shelter-in-place orders took effect for context, san jose had the same number that in 2015 when the city ended up having its second highest number of deaths to fight the problem the city plans to focus its enforcement resources to the biggest trouble spots. >>the richmond police department has a new full-time chief besa french shes been hired to lead the department. she's not new to it that 22 year veteran of the richmond pd and she's been serving as the interim chief since 2019. chief wrenches appointment takes effect on august 1st. >>they feel so odd to say this in mid july but we're just a week away from mlb's opening day and while prepandemic the giants didn't have much of any expectations. the new
8:51 pm
shortened season has given me the sense that all team feel like they have a much better shot at a postseason run. the giants have held inter-squad scrimmages over the past few days. young guys like catcher joey bar have been pressed some of the vets but all signs point to bar not being in the mix for the opening day. roster all in all it's been a good camp yet an odd one for the giants things are clearly different giving everything that's going on in our society and just like everyone, the giants well they're just trying to adapt. >>creativity from every corner of the organization. >>the as of business entity of as a baseball organization are doing just that. and on the field year. you're seeing us try to try to be as creative as possible to get our players ready ready for the season. >>now over in the town expectations are much higher on that side of the bay. this is a team that has 2 straight
8:52 pm
postseasoh appearances and there's a feeling that this is the year they can get over the hump especially during a time where the astros are playing under a cloud of controversy due to that cheating scandal like the giants the a's had a intersquad game today. it went 8 innings and manager bob melvin was impressed with his team's plate appearances. it felt kerr compared what we've been planned, but. >>we're getting lots of wood that's i mean some guys got 5 at bats yesterday which was good. which means we're. right around 20 was some of these guys over 20 actually now so. comfortable with where we are as far as the bats are gone. all righty that is your look at sports. so you did. >>i'm sure you've heard a lot of this over the last couple days but that may be the next one to tell you. >>needed would you need one. what that 6 year-old little
8:53 pm
boy did th
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>>cruise ships want to get on a cruise ship didn't think so they won't be taking off from ports in the bay area or anywhere else in the country anytime soon the cdc. his extended its ban on cruises through september 30th because of course of the ongoing pandemic the no sail order has been in effect since the middle of march. it was scheduled to expire on july
8:56 pm
24th. captain america is praising the real life 6 year-old hero who saved his sister from a horrible dog attack in wyoming brave little man bridger walker he jumped in front of a german shepherd mix when. >>it charged at his 4 year-old little sister, the dog bit the boy badly resulting in him needing surgery and more than snide he stitches. chris evans who plays captain america heard about the story and he sent bridger this video message. >>this is a message for bridges. so i read you story so you did. i'm sure you've heard a lot of this over the last couple days but that may be the next one to tell you. coming to track down your address and i'm going to send you. thank you captain america's shield kids count. >>temperatures the real deal
8:57 pm
there. he received messages from other stars including anne hathaway and hugh jackman. >>that kid and his sister was not touched under his face you can even see the worst of it they're brave little be all that got a good attitude about it and he's getting some love from around the world as they should as he should that wraps up kron 4 news today. >>and i will be back at the top of the bars in san francisco forced to change their business models to stay afloat during the pandemic what they're now doing so that they won't have to shut down for good plus hundreds of students in these base topped by campus today. why they were meeting with teachers in person. >>those stories and much more news stations.
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>>you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now at 9 p gt is being blamed for causing last year's kincade fire in sonoma county thanks for joining us at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis cal fire just released the results of its investigation into that destructive wildfire. the report says that investigators. >>have determined that pg and e on the power lines near geyserville are to blame the kincade fire burned for 13 days covering more than 77,000 acres. 374 structures were destroyed. 4 people were injured. kron four's gayle ong reports now from geyserville


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