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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 17, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 9. that comes our way were you ready. >>now 9 every bay area county except san mateo is on the governor's coronavirus watch list, but county leaders there say they're worried they could land there soon good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore today, san francisco was the latest bay area county to land on the governor's watch list counties are put on that list. >>if they have seen a spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations for 3 consecutive days and now for san francisco under the new health order all malls and not essential offices must be closed by monday and all reopenings will remain on pause until the state lift its restrictions tonight almost a
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1000 new coronavirus cases have been reported in the bay area and in san mateo county the one county not on the watch list. there have been 70 new cases kron four's gayle ong talked with some local leaders who are worried they could soon be on that list of the cases don't level out soon she joins us now live from downtown san carlos scale. >>county leaders say the situation could change easily of people are not careful and that landing on the list would collapse the economy here. >>friday evening, people donning downtown san carlos supporting local businesses outdoor dining reopened last month but many are operating with fewer staff and are bracing for the unknown it's hard to. >>managed to hiring new employees all so i kind of feel bad for our employees. it is hard for everybody. >>a bay area counties have landed on governor gavin newsome scope and 19 watch
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list while san mateo county is not on the list shop adults in need say owner of to mari georgy in kazeem says he's been preparing for the worst if something changes we are ready would be through this already. >>and we've got to stay positive and whatever comes our way we're we're ready in a statement, the county's health chief says san mateo county has a case rate of 101.2 cases per 100,000 in the population. >>and a 14 day rolling average that will likely put them on the governor's list soon county supervisor david cannabis has been urging people to wear masks to slow the spread of covid-19 even calling on governor newsome to find people who don't wear one supervisor cannabis as indoor businesses will suffer if the county ends up on the state's list and that fresh aid and leave any and owns a nail salon and has been keeping an eye on the bay area and is taking it day by day we don't have any choice initiative if the how can the world problem i would do whatever they can.
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if san mateo county lands on the governor's covid-19 watch list businesses like nail salons hair salons. >>gyms and churches that are in doing indoor services. days can be suspended as so places here they really have time to make some money will they can before any possible changes. we're live in san mateo gayle ong kron 4 news thank you take a look at this this is a graph showing the number of hospitalizations in san francisco each day since the beginning of july and you can see. >>back on tuesday. the city had 86 hospitalizations because of covid-19 the spike in hospitalizations has the state adding the city to the governor's watch list as kron four's dan kerman reports tonight officials are pleading with the community to change their behavior before it's too late. >>but i'm afraid up is the complacency people are tired of the virus, but the virus is
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not tired of us an impassioned in frustrated, san francisco mayor london breed. >>pleaded with residents to curb their bad behavior before the surge in covid-19 cases reaches the massive level we are seeing across the country gatherings remain inherently dangerous. >>and you need to get a lot of thought if they're worth it, and how you can do it safely can you wear a mask the whole time can you be socially distant can you wash your hands often public health officials say in just 13 days, san francisco has added almost a 1000 cases. >>bringing the total from 4,000 to almost 5,000 and in less than a month. hospitalizations have tripled 26 and june 19th to 80 on july 15th. it's those numbers that put san francisco on the states watch list and come monday indoor malls like westfield san francisco centre as well as nonessential offices must close and that
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may be just the beginning it conditions in our city don't improve. >>we can also choose to close additional businesses and activities as well san francisco health officials are also addressing testing backups. >>beginning monday private health care providers will be required to expand testing by providing same day test for those with symptoms and those exposed to someone who has covid positive the health order coming out monday will guarantee providers do their share while the city continues to expand testing in the neighborhoods most impacted. >>but city officials say san francisco cannot test its way out of the pandemic it must come from a change in behavior. >>we're not reopening until we get this under control. so we need to redouble our efforts to limit gatherings and wear masks when you're outside your household. >>again the mayor and the health director threatening to
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close more activities in the city. if the surge continues because behaviors don't change that san francisco city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>i know that this is going to result. >>in individual businesses being able to survive very exciting and super super excited. >>businesses in san francisco's mission district hope to see a big money boost, thanks to a new plan sections of valencia street will go car-free to try to help the area's shops and restaurants. that have been struggling throughout the covid-19 pandemic kron four's dan thorn live for us in the mission tonight he joins us with more on this plan and how it's exactly in a work camp. >>well ken it won't be all of last year's 3 that will be temporarily removing cause it will just be 2 very busy sections mission merchants tell us that this is a good plan and that they're expecting that this will really help out some of the businesses here in the area and that this traffic closure shouldn't be looked at as a street closure rather a
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reopening of the street. in just about a week for a few hours a night 2 blocks along valencia street will not be filled with parked cars instead tables chairs and hopefully a bustling restaurant and shopping scene will take their place it's about giving small businesses a fighting chance to survive this pandemic. >>mission business owner many akuti l along with the valencia corridor merchants association proposed a 3 month experiment. every thursday through sunday from 04:00pm to 10:00pm valencia will be closed between 16th and 17th street and 18th and 19th streets this way the nearby restaurants and shops can take over the parking in biking lanes to allow for outdoor seating and shopping it's going to allow small businesses to. perform their business more safely. a lot of people the distance out even farther and a lot of high capacity at the same time some residents who have been disheartened by seeing mission district businesses boarded up and struggling say they're on
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board with the idea, i'm a san francisco native so i love going on i love going shopping and i just think that we need to have been opened so in a safe environment i think it's a great idea i can sanitize on the front table there guys don't mind often wander isn't selling food or cocktails, but sarah larson owner of the handmade candle in jewelry store says this idea will bring much needed energy back to valencia valencia street was this. >>by brant. >>a thing before i shut down and we've kind of lost a lot of my new covid shut down so it's really exciting to bring attention back to the street and get people off about with no expectation of covid-19 disappearing anytime soon mission business owners say safety for everyone is key is no mask, no injuries of you want to come enjoy valencia street and support our merchants. these come wearing a mask or but we're not gonna be able to come in at all. >>the valencia corridor merchants association says that this is just a temporary
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plan an emergency plan to help out small businesses on these 2 blocks and they are not planning on having this go on long term and totally removing cars from all of the land see a street reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. thank you dan there is breaking news tonight, a true legend of the civil rights movement john lewis has passed away. >>he was 80 years old. he was the longest-serving democratic congressman from georgia and the youngest leader of the 1963 march on washington in december of 2019 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in fact he almost died after the brutal beating on the edmund pettus bridge during the bloodiest sunday march back in 1965. can i must say i had the privilege of interviewing congressman lewis some years what a gentle man he was really loved on both sides of the political aisle because he stood for such integrity and he was truly passionate about the civil
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rights means for all of americans you're right and when he spoke people listened to governor newsom tweeted this out saying quote when you see something that is not right. not just not fair. you have a moral obligation to do something quoting john lewis tonight, the world lost a legend, the governor continued. >>let us honor his life and memory with action. rest in power. representative john lewis will bring you more details on the passing of john lewis as they become available. >>and now another big story tonight california's governor announcing today most schools in the state will not be reopening for the start of the academic year this includes public private and charter schools governor newsom also laid out exactly what needs to happen before students are allowed back on campus. counties in california must spend at least 2 weeks off of the governor's watch list before any schools in that county would be allowed to reopen once they pass that hurdle they must follow strict requirements, including wearing masks physical
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distancing, contact tracing and distance learning. >>education broadly is absolutely about our kids but we cannot deny the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of adults that are responsible to taking care and educating our kids as well and their health has to be considered. >>governor newsome added if a school does reopen and a student test positive at the class with the teacher pay the class and the teacher most quarantine for 2 weeks if 5% of a school test positive for the virus. the school must go back to distance learning that's the entire school plus an entire district would need to district to distance learn if 25% of the schools in that district are closed. >>state school superintendent tony thurmond says he commends the governor for his leadership and his focus on prioritizing safety during this pandemic thurman went on
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to say quote i appreciate the concern he expressed today as a father, his concern for the safety of california's 6 million students and his concern for the health and welfare of our schools, educators and families thurman says california department of education will host a meeting with the 1000 school districts in the state to what they say is unpacked today's guidance that will happen on monday. >>kron four's michelle kingston was in contra costa county and has reaction from that district superintendent. >>this is on president terrence. the situation we're in we are trying to building new school system really school district superintendents across the bay area have been working tirelessly making plans for bold distance le the possibility of students returning to school in the fall at a handle the mask requirements, social distancing guidelines in classroom cleanliness but on friday governor gavin newsom announced a 5 step statewide plan for safe learning and
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announced that schools can not reopen until the county they're located and has been off the state's monitoring list for at least 14 days contra costa county is on that list along with 31 other counties across the state i do i really appreciate that we are going to be getting more guidance in one >>on a statewide level that we news on a county county level the governor's plan did not surprised when mackie the contra costa county superintendent of schools. she says she found it helpful and that the districts are just staying in adapting think what's happened today is it's getting better parameters. >>it's getting more concrete parameters of what we need to do. and so everybody knows that they're going to have to start with distance when can we are on the monitoring list mackey is excited for the start of the year but says contra costa county families must come together to flatten the curve so students can return to school at some point in some way before the end of
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the year and i'm hoping that as a community the contra costa community we are think that that is so important. we stay home when we can and we wear our masks when we can and we use all those protocols. >>why i'm optimistic now. matthew says realistically she doesn't see classrooms returning to full capacity at all this year, but she does believe there will be some sort of face to face learning. >>but first we have to flatten that curve in contra costa county michelle kingston kron 4 news the california teachers association released a statement today saying the governor's guidance provide some clarity and uniformity in the state however. >>toby boyd says that the association does have some concerns and will ask for further clarity on the standards for closing schools. if there's an outbreak boyd added that safe school reopenings require funding that many local districts just don't have boyd is calling on lawmakers to return to the state capitol to adopt or give them additional revenue for
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the school's well governor newsom's latest guidelines come as california does see an increase in the number of cases here the latest numbers yesterday the state saw nearly 10,000 new cases and close to hospitalizations. >>tonight there are more than 336,000 cases in california in the bay area there are more than 37,000 cases and close to 700 people have died. you can find a breakdown of the cases by county on our website kron 4 dot com in the east bay, the percentage of positive coronavirus cases in contra costa county has slowly trended down over the past week. but the number of hospitalizations is going up. the health department says large gatherings are a big reason why kron four's phillipe djegal reports health officials are considering a penalty for people who don't follow the rules. >>as time goes on contra costa health services is learning more about how covid-19 is transmitted the latest research shows surface transmission is less likely
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compared to talking sneezing and close personal interactions that's why county health officer doctor chris farnitano says it's crucial the public at here to the statewide face covering water. >>local social distancing guidelines and more importantly businesses enforced the law currently through the health order. >>there can be a misdemeanor felony charge filed that's a little more complicated than just issuing a ticket a little more of a. actions the district attorney's office says its consumer protection unit has fielded nearly 200 public complaints since a plea. >>reporting businesses not following health orders but so far the da has not filed any criminal or civil cases against an individual or business. the county board of supervisors is exploring in administrative ordinance if it eventually passes a vote violating this would be an infraction potentially avoiding the long and
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drawn-out process of a prosecution an infraction would allow law enforcement or a county to actually issue a ticket essentially right on the spot with an immediate fine. >>and that would really help with deterrence because we know folks unfortunately still are wearing their masks or complying with social distancing doctor farnitano says, although the percentage of positive cases for covid-19 is down at least a half percent this week from the week prior the highest rate of new infections is in younger adults between 2040 years old. >>he says unlike older people with preexisting conditions that group is disproportionately ignoring gatherings restrictions and distancing leading to the continued spread of the virus in contra costa county phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>and around the turn for the city is calling on solano county district attorney's krishna abrams to complete the investigations of the officer involved shootings involving willie mccoy and sean
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monterrosa in a city manager greg niehaus said quote we owe it to our community to see a fair and independent review completed. and tonight house speaker nancy pelosi has joined the city calling for an fbi investigation into the police killing of 22 year-old sean monterrosa. speaker pelosi says quote the police killing of sean monterrosa was a horrible act of brutality that continues to shake our bay area community. she went on to say that we must insist on justice for all killed by police brutality in america, civil rights attorney john burris who currently represents 11 lawsuits against the police department says he welcomes the fbi investigation. the city's request comes after a california attorney general javier becerra said he will not review the incidents and says he believes the district attorney's office is the appropriate and obligated authority back on july second district attorney j abrams recused herself from her office and her office from the investigations. she has not
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released a response to this latest letter also vallejo police are investigating a murder police responded to a report of a shooting on harbor way near the ballet home municipal marina about 11 o'clock last night. >>officers found a 21 year-old man suffering from at least one gunshot wound and he died at the scene police say the man was of a legal resident, his name has not been released yet no word on a motive for this incident. >>however, anybody with information is asked to contact police a big story tonight, john lee coul the man convicted of stabbing neil wilson to death at an oakland bart station back in 2018. >>was sentenced today to 2 life sentences without the possibility of parole. neil wilson was slashed with a knife as she enters 2 sisters stepped off the bart train that night. although never charged with a hate crime. the wilson family maintains that khalil who is white attacks the women because of their race due to the pandemic cal will stay in the santa rita jail in alameda county. and will not be transferred to a
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state prison. in the east bay, a candlelight vigil was held for the missing 21 year-old man whose body was found at local barry botanical reserved for is regional preserve in oakland nearly a week after he disappeared donald standifer was reported missing by his mother back on july 7th. >>he had not been heard from since july 5th. santa first car was found july 8th in an unincorporated section of family and row. investigators did find evidence that a violent crime had occurred and then on july 13th, the body was found. >>our news continues at 9 o'clock president trump says we're winning the battle against covid-19. but at 9.30 we show you a new poll that shows us if americans agree with how the president is handling the crisis and at 9.45 this a mystery to many, but some young people are meeting up for what's called covid parties hoping to get infected. what health warning medical professionals are now issuing. raquel martin
9:21 pm
washington with the end of the pandemic now nowhere in sight. >>treasury secretary steven the newton says he wants to give small business owners now is forced to shut down yet again another's life life odd couple story coming up. >>we are getting ready for the weekend, some changes ahead, but hey and you
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>>treasury secretary steven mnuchin and the head of the
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u.s. small business administration testified before congress today. they were asked to explain exactly how small business loans are being dispersed democrats and some republicans say they're unsure the program is being executed fairly and they're demanding more transparency. capitol bureau reporter raquel martin has more. that's right treasury secretary steven mnuchin on the hill celebrating what he calls a successful small business loan program. >>the paycheck protection program is estimated to have saved roughly 50 million jobs but with the end of the coronavirus pandemic nowhere in sight. he's not pushing to extend it. >>we remain committed to working together until every american gets back to work as quickly as possible as infection rates or in some states friday treasury secretary steven mnuchin told lawmakers he wants to see new loans extended to small businesses facing a second round of closures but on a more targeted bases for smaller companies and those
9:25 pm
that are especially hard hit newton says restaurants and hotels will be top priority. lawmakers say the priority should be getting hosed a smaller business owners still struggling to get their first loan even as large are more well connected business owners rack up millions in aid communities like mine quite frankly iowa democrat abby finkenauer and ohio republicans, the shah but want to see a focus on helping rural in minority communities access loans. we must examine and learn from the past and prepare for the future. >>unfortunately there are still challenges that are presenting obstacles for the nation's smallest firms why information that we still don't now kansas democrat sharice davids says the administration must also be more transparent to prevent abuse and help borrowers with loan forgiveness rates will look like the rate at which minority businesses have received a bronze this information is essential we're going have a very robust process to review loans before loans are forgiven. newton says companies deemed ineligible have already
9:26 pm
returned 30 billion dollars in small business loans secretary newton adds that the paycheck protection program still has roughly 130 billion dollars in a news loans that are available. he says he plans to add additional money into that fund so that small business owners are able to apply for second round of payments. >>for now in washington raquel martin. >>the school should be opened schools should be open. >>president trump wants the school to open but a new unpublished white house documents says at least 18 states should roll back their reopening plans which businesses should close according to this new documents ahead. and how soon might see a vaccine for the
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the geico giveback. tonight, a real loss for the united states because a true legend of the civil rights movement and a leader in the u.s. congress. >>congressman john lewis has passed away he was 80 years old. he's actually the longest serving democratic congressman from the state of georgia. he was the youngest leader of the 1963 march on washington in december of 2019 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. in fact he almost died after a brutal beating on the edmund pettus bridge during the bloodiest sunday march in 1965 as i mentioned to cannon others i had the opportunity to interview many years ago. a
9:30 pm
true gentleman and a gentle man who was passionate about civil he was really can appreciate it on both sides of the political aisle. he was a staunch democrat, no doubt about it but he was respected on both sides of the political aisle because of everything he had been through and you just saw the video was as senator kamala harris and congresswoman. >>house speaker nancy pelosi in the front of march across the bridge. the edmund pettus bridge representative john lewis was a titan of the civil rights movement whose goodness faith and bravery transformed our nation this is a quote now from hmos house speaker pelosi and she says every day of his life was dedicated to bringing freedom and justice to all senator kamala harris tweeted this out john lewis was an icon who fought with every ounce of his being to advance the cause of civil rights for all americans, i'm devastated for his family friends staff. and all those whose lives he touched my friend, thank you
9:31 pm
for showing the world what good trouble hashtag good trouble looks like that from senator kamala harris will continue to follow this story throughout the night. more than 75,000 that is not how many new daily coronavirus cases were reported nationwide yesterday and tonight. a new white house task force report shows 18 states are in what is called the red zone for a surge in new cases of this information coming out as president trump's poll numbers are down white house aide kellyanne conway says the poll numbers are down likely because the president is not holding those daily briefings anymore his message is also drifting further away from experts who are recommending. >>more shutdowns kaitlan collins has details. >>president trump is ending the week without holding a single event dedicated to coronavirus has cases are soaring around the u.s. instead he held a roundtable on law enforcement monday gave a disjointed speech tuesday
9:32 pm
visited atlanta on wednesday but not the cdc and then talks deregulation yesterday where he briefly mentioned the pandemic. >>my administration is also eliminated massive regulatory barriers. in our battle against the china virus americans are taking notice that the president doesn't seem to be paying attention to a new washington post abc poll shows 60% of americans disapprove of trump's response to coronavirus while only 38% approve. >>and more than half strongly disapprove kellyanne conway address trump's sinking poll numbers and suggested he should resume his daily briefings, the president's numbers were much higher when he was out there freezing everybody on a day by day basis about the coronavirus to a stop. well, i think some people are encouraging him to stop that. i see the disinfectant. >>they've not yet. >>trump largely stopped taking questions from reporters in the briefing room after he
9:33 pm
suggested that disinfectants like bleach could be used to treat covid-19 and lately he's focused on urging schools to reopen the school should be opened. school should be up and a newly uncovered document is raising questions about that push an unpublished filed prepared for the white house task force and obtained by the center for public integrity recommends that 18 states and the covid-19 red zone roll back their reopenings the red zone is defined as areas with more than 100 new cases per 100,000 people in the last week. the report is dated july 14 and says bars and gyms in those areas should close gathering should be limited to 10 people or fewer and residents should wear a mask at all times when outside their homes also missing from the trump administration this week is that additional cdc guidance on reopening schools. the vice president mike pence said would come out this week, the president said today we just don't want the guidance
9:34 pm
to be too tough. >>and that's the reason why next week. cdc's going to be issuing a new set of tools 5 different documents of getting even more clarity on the guidance going forward overnight a cdc spokesman confirmed to cnn those documents are quote. >>not ready to come out this week. >>that was kaitlan collins reporting the cdc says those new recommendations may not be ready until the end of the month, however in some sections of the nation's school is scheduled to start before them as we have been reporting today governor newsome laid out strict criteria for california making it unlikely the vast majority of california's public and private school students will have in classroom instruction in the fall. >>tonight there are 23 candidate vaccines in clinical evaluation. that's according to the world health evaluation. yesterday an investigator working on the moderna vaccine said the phase 3 trial is expected to start at the end of the month. doctor anthony fauci says he's
9:35 pm
cautiously optimistic about the road to a vaccine for the virus. >>so we feel cautiously optimistic that we are on the road as bleak as it may sound right now that we are on the road of getting this under control. we will get back to normal with schools and we will ultimately get back to normal with every other aspect of our lives. >>you might expect people lineup for the vaccine once it's completed but doctor fauci says that the anti vax or movement has been gaining steam in recent years in a recent cnn poll, a 3rd of americans say they would not get the vaccine when it becomes available. >>tonight lowe's and home depot are the latest retailers to require all customers to wear face masks in their stores. here's a list of some of the big retailers requiring face masks the practice advocated by the cdc is in wide use already in other nations contending with the camp a pandemic but it has proved particularly difficult to enforce here in the united states where being told to
9:36 pm
wear a mask is viewed by some americans as an affront to personal freedom. >>steven brill, the man involved in the shooting of a federal protective officer in oakland and a santa cruz sheriff appeared in santa cruz court today says he cannot afford and attorneys so the court has appointed a public defender to represent him. >>his arraignment for the shooting of the santa cruz deputy has been continued to august 27th. the suspect he faces the death penalty in both cases has not yet entered a plea you may remember he is involved in the shooting of also involved in the shooting the pad underwood a federal protective officer in oakland back in may. and santa cruz sheriff's deputy dan nuggets weller back in june. >>this week the u.s. government has executed 3 people after a hiatus of almost 20 years today, dustin honken in iowa chemistry student turned meth kingpin was given a lethal injection at the federal correctional
9:37 pm
complex in indiana on can was convicted of killing 2 children and 3 adults. back in the 1960's. the 2 others who are also put to death this week we're wesley purkey from kansas and daniel lewis lee from oklahoma. >>paging doctor robot you probably have heard of telemedicine but have you ever been treated by an actual robot af
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9:39 pm
9:40 pm
>>people who are older or are at a higher risk of complications from covid-19 and of course health workers are not excluded. so says the cdc so a critical care doctor in baltimore's enlisting the help of a unique partner to help treat his patients said bell takes a look at the robot which allows him to do his job completely from home. >>they are a new kind of medical team a robot named fast freddie and critical care doctor h neil rentals that take a peek at the ventilator way over here. >>they went on a cruise around to the other side of the bed rentals is in his home office and fast freddie is 22 miles away. >>with covid patients at the university of maryland. shock trauma center in baltimore. >>this system, it's just like being there are some very real times very comfortable and patients can see my face my emotions. my eye contact and i can see the same on that this
9:41 pm
case it allows patients to see a veteran doctor with years of experience. >>a doctor who otherwise would not be able to help. >>i'm 72. allegedly on in the high category for getting this disease. an doing poorly. it's real and it's dangerous to some. >>and the cdc has now begun tracking covid among healthcare providers and the numbers are significant even with partial data they have found a 100,000 have tested positive. 531 have died. >>so in march reynolds boss said him home. he hasn't been to the hospital since. and yet thanks to fast. freddie. he also has missed a shift. >>i do my full job i'm around in the icu every day doctor reynolds says the hospital is no longer packed with patients, but he says now is the time to prepare for a possible second search and he thinks fast freddie and more robots like him should be part of the planning. >>not only does it protect us,
9:42 pm
but it allows us i believe to deliver better care so we can actually get back to the site. >>there's a term like 5060. a lot of tension over it. >>students dancing in the streets and it's because of the coronavirus coming up we explain what a as hard as i do.
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>>that sounds hard to believe, but it's real enough to doctors are now issuing warnings about it some young people are reportedly attending hosting covid parties where they actually tried to get the virus brian todd has details. >>there's a term like 5060. a culture that's already dozens of young people seen at a party in osceola county florida sheriff's officials tell cnn affiliate w e s age they believe parties like this have led to a spike in coronavirus cases in that area in michigan young people's parties in the towns of celine and torch lake officials say have exploded into thousands of cases of covid but that's not the worst of it while some parties are attended by young people who simply think they won't get infected. >>other parties seem to have been hosted by people who knew they were infected or attended by people trying to get infected local officials say driving america's top expert on infectious disease to incredulity when i hear about
9:46 pm
these covid parties it just you know makes my head spin because when you get infected. >>would you doing is you're not in a vacuum. are you a part of the propagation of the outbreak doctor jane appleby chief medical officer at methodist hospital in san antonio put out a videotaped message in recent days about a 30 year-old patient at her hospital who she said admitted to attending a covid party, this is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the cold and the thought is that. >>people get together and to see if the virus is real and if anyone gets infected. just before the patient died and they look at their nurse and they said i think i made a mistake. i thought this was a hoax that it's not. >>the mayor of san antonio confirmed that case in an interview with cnn and gave more details they thought they were invincible that that this wouldn't affect them. >>as a way that you know to prove their point. unfortunately 5 days later this is a memorial day party at the wake. 5 days this young man got sick.
9:47 pm
>>officials in tuscaloosa alabama recently spoke about information they had received on young people apparently throwing covid parties in that city, a city council member relaying accounts of grotesque contacted by cnn health officials in alabama and san antonio said they investigated the reports but could neither confirm nor deny the existence of covid parties in their areas even though younger people appear to be at a lesser risk of severe illness or death from coronavirus. >>one expert says it's beyond words that they play russian roulette with their own lives or the lives of others in may in fact their parents or their grandparents or their teachers or their employer who might be over the age of 65 who might have. >>an airline condition and
9:48 pm
they will die, i can't think of anything more stupid then i get to go to a covid party. >>that was brian todd reporting health officials warn even people who recover from covid-19 without complications. >>are not immune from complications later the virus could lead to heart failure kidney failure or lung disease later in life. >>tonight the hollow fire in alameda county is 90% contained this is a picture of the fire from a pg and e broke out yesterday afternoon southeast of livermore near tesla and mcloughlin roads. so far it's burned more than 250 acres no reports though of injuries, let's take a look outside we understand is a bright light in the sky and there it is that looks like it might be a street light. yeah, wait that's not it's not a list check in with lawrence guys that we do have a little fuzzy ball up in the sky tonight. >>that's a common out there that's neil wise that is now rising above the horizon you want to look toward the
9:49 pm
northwest. this is really good time to go outside and check it out right now about 10 degrees above the horizon in just below the big dipper you find that out there and then look at just the blow that you'll likely see just a fuzzy ball out there right now and that's neil wise right now of this visible with the naked i got to sit up there for a while let your eyes adapted the darkness, but if you've got some of ocular is even a small telescope going to see a very nice do tonight is that will continue to rise above the skies of brightened up looks like maybe for another week, outside right now we do have some fog moving in of course really brings into your viewing of any common or anything else outside as we've got clouds rolling in tonight and more that along into the bay overnight as well but temperatures today, not a bad day just slightly below the average at 66 in san francisco was 74 in oakland today, 82 degrees in san jose 87 and lived moradian conquered and 76 degrees in santa rosa. those thunderstorms they were exciting this afternoon really a firing up over the sierra nevada lot of part of the day along the coastline low clouds
9:50 pm
and fog kind of just spinning around out there moving in along the coastline now and pushing inside the bay as we speak. sea breeze has been blown we have some winds to 20 miles per hour we've got no one there latest gust there at 20 in fairfield 13 in oakland right now 9 in the san francisco so that onshore wind is going to bring plenty of clouds overnight tonight, the temperatures cooling off in response. but what a beautiful feeling whether if you're in the tri valley might want to seek outside and just look to the northwest may be able to see the comet out there right now. this is stick around at least until next month all right tonight low cloud and spreading well on shore and some of the valley's to tomorrow morning we wake up on your saturday with some clouds early on then lots of sunshine and maybe a little bit warmer by tomorrow afternoon it will cool things down almost immediately as we get into sunday. high pressure though going to nudge its way in here for tomorrow so we'll wide variety of temperatures fog along the coastline, 1560's there some hot 90's in the valleys and even some triple digits in the central valley 101 in fresno 100 degrees in
9:51 pm
reading about 99 degrees make us feel 81 in los angeles overnight tonight, low clouds and fog going to surge well on shore little that blanket of cloud cover early on tomorrow morning all the way into the delta. some of the valley's to that will start to clear out your skies and by the afternoon mostly sunny skies except some patchy fog of the coastline. next couple days we're going to see some changes coming our way the cooldown begins on sunday temperatures running below average, becoming partly cloudy as we look toward the middle of next week. thank you lawrence. >>happening tomorrow, the feed your city challenge kicks off in oakland at the eastman town center at noontime saturday music artist in oakland native fail study, tony draper nba star ricky davis will be among many others handing a groceries and personal protective equipment to underserved people in the community. well fours reyna harvey talked with of health and eat about what to expect. >>he just any challenges challenges and genia has used in new york different places and i was i guess that's
9:52 pm
interesting how we can work this out, but i can bring this to oakland, happening on saturday at 12 o'clock trying to speed over 3,000 people going to be there from my 12. >>so at an afternoon until everything is gone. identity cannot be working some going to be you know bring groceries to your car. not just going to be there and will be asked the the one working next to me is. amazing that i get to you know go to the cause and have people you know families in need. you know floor just people who wanted to help other other people. >>good for him and for all of those involved in tomorrow's event there will be 2 non-contact drive-thru lanes with a separate walk up site following social distancing guidelines. >>if you're tired of the emoji's that you're sending to your friends coming up the hammer you this
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
because he's way smarter than me today is world emoji day i had no idea but in honor of this day apple is previewing its newest emoji's take a look at this the new memo does include a ninja a boomerang and a bubble, tea looks like a to mali up there to also part of this latest addition is a set of lungs and the heart. >>and of course there's the pinched fingers which has been nicknamed the italian hand
9:56 pm
this latest emoji list was approved by unicode back in january but each platform vendor creates its own design that likely means a beta release of oh geez for apple users will be in september or october if you can wait that long. taco bell says it will change its menu next month to reflect how its restaurants are operating during the pandemic the chain says it's getting rid of grilled steak soft tacos a seven-layer burrito as well as a few specialty and snack items, it's adding a beef burrito for a dollar and a five-dollar not shows box since focus groups are not possible right now the chain says is drive-thru taste testers to try out those new items. that wraps up kron 4 news at night but her prime-time news continues coming up at 10 remembering an icon a true icon we will look back on the life and career of civil rights legend john lewis who passed away at the age of 80 helping small businesses
9:57 pm
the outdoor plan picking up steam across the bay area keeping some restaurants and stores. >>afloat those stories and more just minutes away on kron 4 news at 10. news stations.
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>>you're watching kron 4 news at 10 we are now putting forth guidelines that say schools can physically open for in person education when the county that they're operating in has been off or monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. >>governor newsom giving every school in the state both public and private the same requirements for allowing students back on campus good evening, everybody i'm pam moore, i'm ken wayne. the governor's announcement providing some consistency and clarity by making universal statewide guidelines for reopening instead of each county and district making their own decisions. >>here are some of those guidelines the county must be off the watch list for 14 days as governor just said masks will be required physical distancing must be enforced. regular testing and dedicated contact tracing must be in place until schools


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