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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news stations you're watching kron 4 news at night. i mean just pretty scary when they come down. >>now a second wild animal attack in an east bay town has people on high alert tonight good evening, everybody thanks for being here 9 o'clock, i'm grant lotus i'm catherine heenan and the 4 vicki liviakis tonight. >>well just over a week after a toddler was bitten by a coyote at a park in moraga a second person saying they were bitten by a dog like animal at the mirage a country club kron four's dan thorn talked with concerned residents and and they say they are seeing a lot more coyotes than usual at dan joins us live in morocco with the latest. >>well catherine and grant fish and wildlife investigators are still looking into these 2 attacks.
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they say that they are still confirming tonight whether or not this man was actually bitten at the country club neighbors who live by the country club say they've certainly seen an uptick in these sightings which has become alarming. >>coyotes appear to be popping up more and more in moraga the signings coming after a small child and a grown man were both bitten a little more than a week apart. this video from a home at the mirage a country club shows one wild canine getting uncomfortably close very concerning especially when you hear about coyotes high biting kids in. >>adults and very crowded areas, you're okay, ju has seen an uptick of coyotes running around her neighborhood on augusta drive. it makes her fearful for the several children, including her daughter ana ca who like to run around and ride bikes she's pretty scary when they come down. >>we don't really know what to do the garages or pri, pretty much just open to we just go
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into the garage and very to have that freedom to come out and play in your front yard is is pretty much gone now and also we have an uptake of coyotes friday night's attack at the country club comes after a 2 year-old child was bitten by a coyote a barrage of commons park officials temporarily closed the park because of safety concerns on july 10 coyotes are not uncommon in moraga. >>bites however are unusual that's a little concerning you know any of the kids especially like the the attack the other day. >>some of the neighborhood kids have suggestions as to what should be done with the coyotes i think those should kill them. i think that she just because someone yeah the california department of fish and wildlife says unfortunately relocating the co noises throw rocks and if attacked call police also keep
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an eye on your pet's like it's a normal here, but now it's getting to a point where i think it's been dealt with. >>well the moroccan police department is also handling the investigation into these 2 attacks they suggest giving them a call. >>if they see if you see a coyote that's acting strange or possibly getting just a little too close for comfort reporting live in moraga dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>morton county is seeing an increase in covid-19 cases public health officers say it is a sign. the virus is spreading and the community and now residents say there's coronavirus in believe it's in west marine you might recall that town tested almost all of its residents back in april. >>nobody had it then kron four's gayle ong reports. >>marin county's website. it was a courting bolinas has less than 10 cases unclear. if there's any confirmed cases, but residents say there's been an uptick in visitors. >>you know it seems like people are really anxious to
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get out of the house 4th of july and the weekend after what the weather was really good and it was pretty busy. isolated to scientists say its rule setting contributed to a low infection rate of covid-19 in april the town made national headlines after testing almost all of its residents. the results negative locals worked hard to keep it that way signs at the entrance telling visitors the town is closed and to turn around but word is spreading the virus is in the community i heard there was like a couple cases just cost of in town you hear from various people. >>and there are at the store and other places i think i heard it from my daughter, according to this map honoring county's website bolinas has 0 to 10 cases far lower than the rest of the county, the map indicates communities with less than 10 cases do not have their case counts shared. >>for privacy of the individuals people go backwards and forwards between billionaires. >>and the city other places where people work i'm not surprised that eventually would happen county public
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health officers could not be reached for comment sunday but gave an update friday in this facebook live we were so successful we first. >>together to flatten the now we're the consequences though as we reopen. >>marion county remains on the state's covid-19 watch list after seeing a surge in cases the county recording record high numbers just last week. here in marin county gayle ong kron 4 news. >>school districts in less populated california counties they're moving ahead with plans for classroom instruction. governor newsome announced friday most counties will start the school year online the problem of course again soaring coronavirus cases but we're all counties in the central and northern parts of the state have not seen much of the virus and they can bring students and teachers back to campus leaders in those counties insist they will take precautions to keep kids safe. >>an amazing human being.
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>>it says is in games and sacrifices. >>that is the wife daughter and son of sergeant gilbert polanco a san quentin guards who is now fighting for his life in the hospital after his family believes he got the virus. while working at the prison right now he's in a medically induced coma. fully intubated while his wife and daughter are currently battling the virus from home kron four's taylor bisacky shares their story. >>it's a lot of downey lows. you know, i know it's a it's a ride no known family want within the last few weeks the polacco families lives turned upside down. that's after husband and father sergeant gilbert polacco on his body to family contracted the coronavirus his family believes he was infected while working at the san quentin state prison where he's been a guard for more than 30 years he's now fighting for his life in the icu in a medically induced coma in fully intubated.
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>>coming on taking off his clothes right outside the door, make sure things to not on the are you the shower and was running late because it was scary, it was scary and here we took the precaution. he got sick so far. >>sergeant longo is one of the more than 230 staff members infected by the coronavirus outbreak at san quentin. more than 2000 inmates were also infected in 12 have since died. >>so in live together in one day compromise, you know in meet our guards and there is there's just so many people not effects including clunkers daughter selina and wife patricia. >>they both also tested positive for the coronavirus and had been recovering at home ever since. meanwhile, gilbertson vincent is in the army in based overseas then son says his father went above and beyond for san quentin in san jose community by volunteering and helping others he leaves a mark on you. >>you earn and it shows it really does show that my
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father is a great guy. i always want to be like that that my dad is that somehow we strive to i guarantee every person you talk to you we want to be like my dad has been since working on a way to get home to be with his family. >>as they all stay strong for each other in for gilbert is. >>the man that you always wish and dream that you would have in your life. >>and that your kids have a family friend created a go fund me page for the blanco family in gilbert's medical expenses. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>and another big story we're following after more than 50 days demonstrations continue near the federal building in downtown portland, oregon police there declared a riot after the portland police association office was set on fire. and that's not all tension is rising after federal troops arrived without any calls from local leaders and they have been whisking people away in unmarked cars scott for zell sogomonian live in the newsroom with the conflict. portland's dia says
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should worry all americans sell it. claims that a peaceful protester was shot in the head by what he said was. >>one of president trump's secret police he wants those troops remove now it says that their presence is only making matters worse. >>for 50 days street demonstrators have been coming together on portland city streets. demanding racial equality and an end to police use of excessive force. >>well many protesters have remained peaceful violence has erupted. now mayor ted wheeler's accusing president trump of disregarding citizens, constitutional rights saying on identified militarized agents are snatching people up. >>the tactics that the trump administration are using on the streets of portland are important people are being literally scooped off the street into unmarked vans role cars apparently. they are being denied probable cause and there are denied due process. they don't even know who's pulling then into the
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van's the people are identifying themselves and as far as i can see this is completely unconstitutional. >>there's growing concern after video shows masked camouflaged men arresting protesters and putting them into unmarked vehicles. the dhs accuses the person in this video of trying to tear down federal property and see a large violent mob move toward the cbp agents which is why they moved the suspect in their words to a safer location. the u.s. attorneys for the oregon district has requested an investigation into the federal authorities were arresting protesters without identification badges every american needs to be concerned about what's happening here in portland. >>i know these is federal agencies are operating with no trrnsparency and against the will of just about every leader in our state and i assume it will be the same in other states where the show up but portland is currently the poster child or this they are using us sort of throwing mud on the wall to see if this is an issue that might stick for
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the president meanwhile other law enforcement agents sent in to protect the federal buildings. grow weary as they're met with lasers and projectiles local authorities are declaring saturday night's protest a riot after portland police said people broke into the police associations office and look the building on fire. >>our community has had enough. our business owners have had enough. officers have had enough importance had enough. this is no longer about george floyd this is no longer worry about racial equity. a social justice. this is no longer about reform or revolution in policing. this is about violence rioting destruction chaos anarchy buildings on fire. the officers on fire. >>authorities also say a large crowd of people removed fencing around the federal courthouse downtown however, as mentioned the city's mayor doesn't like the federal response. president trump tweeted sunday that it was meant to help portland. not heard it in the newsroom ella sogomonian kron 4 news thank u
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l and just north of there seattle police have reported that an officer was injured and 2 people were arrested after. >>you see what some violence they're looters ransacked and amazon store downtown. they smashed windows at the municipal court building and sprayed graffiti on the west police precinct on twitter seattle police called the incidents criminal acts not peaceful protests. the east police precinct was also targeted when protesters broke several windows. incendiary device was thrown inside the police station there fire started the seattle police department's twitter account also says the fire was put out pretty quickly there's been no update yet on the extent of. officers injuries who had to be hospitalized. still to come protesting the latest pandemic shutdown why one mom says her children who have autism or especially affected. >>also as coronavirus cases continue to go up we'll look at the hardest hit areas and
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how the los angeles mayor thinks we can get things back under control. >>and would you. >>go and get your haircut on a sidewalk or and outside deck. the latest on the effort to safely open hair salons
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>>well you could soon be getting your hair and nails done outdoors the state's business consumer services and housing agency expected to
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release more details on this probably sometime this coming week seems reasonable right kron four's reyna harvey has the details. >>many salon owners and barbers would like to start offering their services outdoors and again we've already seen them start to do this we caught up with a barbara earlier in the week here lafayette as well as oakland they've been offering here cuts outdoors now here technicians and barbers want the governor to draw a business licensing co that prohibit air technicians and barbers from working outside this request comes days after the governor ordered most salons and barber shops to shut down indefinitely citing an uptick in cases and community spread on friday. the tweet was sent out from the california business consumer services and housing agency that leads we recognize the men's hardship here stylists barbers manicurists and estheticians face in a lot of the covid pandemic some services will be allowed outdoors in the next 72 hours we'll have updated information on how to safely offer these
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personal care services outdoors now this is not a quick fix for everything because there are a lot of services that barbers and beauticians cannot offer outdoors this will provide many of them with leeway to at least start services again for now reporting here in alameda county harvey on for news, a new covid-19 testing site is going to open an alameda this one stay in partnership with city health urgent care. >>the site will offer free testing to anybody with health insurance or government issued id and that includes children people with special needs regardless of symptoms you don't really have to have symptoms the site will be able to test 500 people a day you'll get results in about 15 minutes, it will be at the research park at marina village on 300 wind river way it will be open 7 days a week from 00:09am in the morning to 05:00pm appointments are required but they are encouraged and we have details on kron 4 dot com. today
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dozens of people rallied outside the state capital calling for an end. >>of covid-19 closures across the state jessica mensch was there and spoke to protesters. >>the event originally had a permit for 200 people but several dozen ended up showing up they're all out here for similar reasons you're calling for the government to reopen several businesses that have been shut down now for second the song signs and speeches mark governor so let's go back to dozens rallied outside the state capitol sunday calling for an end to coronavirus closures across the state is really tough for my kids chelsey adams organized this protest on behalf of the 2, 6, year old songs she says they both have autism in book getting the services placer county schools order to stick to virtual learning for the start of the year. >>the one size doesn't fit all and these kids with autism they really need tactile teaching they need to be in person with the teacher reading hughes from facial
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expression and she's not the only one with a personal reason for rally people can come in to do business with us. we're going to close all t pay jones a cake decorating store and while she still filling orders numbers are way down it went from you know larger cakes. >>and people that were buying parties too. highway having a little party for 6 people with covid-19 cases rising across much of california the governor's orders to close several industries are meant to slow the spread. that republican political candidates, speaking to the crowd and claim it's unnecessary you guys have demonstrated the social distancing in 25% of the 50%. >>volume i get that there's no reason to be shutting back down. >>and many rally goers say this is not the end of their push for reopening they plan to be out here again next weekend to call for schools to reopen in percent the sacramento, i'm jessica mensch. >>whether time now as we get a check on storm tracker for a
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live look outside right now san francisco's embarcadero you see it. low layer of fog there near the bridge, the bay bridge. yeah and we've had a lot of clouds apparently we can expect more. here's meteorologist. >>but bruce rodriguez yet tracking a lot of high clouds overhead and check out city hall very patriotic for your sunday night. >>lit up in red whiteivil right representative jonathan lewis and my favorite quote of his is get in good trouble necessary trouble and i love that why not i will certainly follow your amazing word. sir let's take a look at stormtracker 4. we are noticing that increase in marine layer out there right now and patchy drizzle during the overnight hours temperatures for the most part cooling down into the 50's along the bay area coastline upper 50's with widespread 60's as you make your way inland. an antioch 71 degrees as you step outside right now at this 9 o'clock hour so
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still pretty warm temperatures compared to everyone else but current wind speeds out there right now light and breezy in the teens and future cast for is going to show that deepening marine layer and also that increase in coastal drizzle we could actually see measurable and tree says amount of rain reported from that deepening marine layer during the overnight hours so that blanket of cloud cover is only going to get thicker and with that cooler temperatures as well as we start our work week forecast and overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to dave barry degree or 2 cooler tomorrow compared to today downtown san francisco 65 degrees low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and low 80's for those of you in san jose and santa rosa, but mid 80's as you make your way into the tri valley is like antioch am livermore and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast by the middle of the week we're going to notice that cool down with about 5 to 10 degrees below average with the biggest drop in
9:22 pm
temperatures for most of our inland valleys but then we're going to rebound really nicely starting friday with near average highs on saturday and sunday warming up to slightly above normal temperatures back in the low 90's but fortunately granting catherine, no major heat waves in sight back to you looking good. thank of greece is still to come. >>this one is rapper fashion designer kanye west's hitting the road holding his first rally today we take you to south carolina. we spoke to supporters in hopes of getting his name on the 2020. the presidential ballot. and northern california restaurant giving up a lot of pushback today from customers because of its new mask policy. >>and we'll caltrain exist after the pandemic hard to
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>>your money is 7 elected leaders across the bay area they are calling on voters to decide the future of caltrain the move coming after san francisco supervisors voted to put a sales tax measure before voters that could keep the service running keep it alive. the tax would be assessed in san francisco santa clara san mateo counties, california lawmakers pushing the measure include california congresswoman jackie spear and anna eshoo. >>there is a growing petition for a trader joe's to change its names when it starts
9:26 pm
labeling international food raeford maybe of these ethnic, sounding names such as trader ming's or traitor jose. nearly a 1000 people have now signed a petition it says labeling food like that is racist the grocery chain says it is in the process of updating the ethnic sounding products and changes should be coming soon. up next after nearly 2 months of not speaking. president trump calls doctor anthony fauci an alarmist this as covid cases continue to rise. >>and president trump defending his pandemic response when he says he will be proven right. >>an
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>>several states are reporting alarming new coronavirus numbers this weekend as the u.s. broke single day. records for new cases at least 9 times in a month meantime, a new report is recommending that 18 states. >>roll back reopening plans. this as the president is defending his decision against a national mask mandate. meredith wood has the latest. >>a grim milestone in the u.s. shattering records of daily new coronavirus cases at least 9 times in a month. alarming new coronavirus numbers reported in several states including florida. >>which is a hot spot of things continue and this continues to be a manageable
9:30 pm
we're going to have to make some dramatic decisions like potentially a stay at home order on sunday, the latest numbers out of florida showed more than 12,000 new infections and 87 deaths reported hospitals there are struggling to keep up with the surge of patients. texas also seeing a sharp rise in covid cases as well as georgia and mississippi where despite the surge. the governor is defending his decision to not issue a statewide mask mandate. >>if i believe that was the best way to save lives and my state i would have done a long time ago on fox news sunday president trump also saying he would not issue a nationwide mask mandate downplaying the virus actually i said it's going to disappear said again that is going to just as actress credit, i'll be right. i don't think so right i don't think so you know i just into the script because i've been right probably more than anybody else. this comes as an unpublished report prepared by the white house coronavirus task force recommends 18 states. >>including hard hit florida and california. roll back
9:31 pm
reopening measures. >>this virus praise on our division praise when we get exhausted, it preys on us in those moments when we don't have a unified national front or we as individuals the sinking to be a big deal. we have to be as vigilant right now as we were the first day. >>i'm meredith wood reporting. >>meanwhile the cdc has updated its guidelines for people with covid who are isolating at home. >>under the new guidelines, a person may stop isolation. 10 days after the symptoms first appeared as long as 24 hours have passed since the last fever without the use of fever reducing meds and if symptoms like coughing or shortness of breath have improved. more national news now president trump is calling doctor anthony fauci quote a bit of an alarmist when it comes to the pandemic mister trump said this morning that fauci who is the nation's top infectious disease expert has made some mistakes. >>doctor fauci has made some mistakes but i have a very good i spoke to him yesterday
9:32 pm
in life, i have a very good relationship with doctor fact that search this week this weekend, your white house put out a series of statements so-called mistakes. >>the doctor fauci has had made one of your closest save one of your right hand man daniels daniels divina. is a mess. well, the doctor doctor doctor faucet shows him as a laker and an alarm i don't know the bottom line what he's a little bit of enormous that's ok little alarm a little bit of enormous. >>early in the pandemic doctor fauci asked the public not to go out and buy a 95 masks because they were needed by health professionals see has now strongly advocated for people to wear some type of face covering. last wednesday after going more than a month without speaking. the president had a phone conversation with fauci who came under attack by mister trump's top aides days before that discussion. kanye west
9:33 pm
has announced his run for president did so earlier this month in a tweet and now after rumors that west had dropped out of the race. he did stop today in south carolina and apparent effort to collect signatures to. >>get his name on the ballot. katie augustine reports. >>a crowd of people filled acts was event center in north charleston eager to hear just what kanye west would bring to the people of america if elected president on a c on the big pentagon isn't what every citizen for president honestly i just want to see like he's want to bring up for the country and i would yes offered west began by asking members of the audience, what issues are important to them education, a reduction in police brutality and abortion were called out to the presidential hopeful, i told him that we need to focus on education summarize lee was invited on stage to share her opinion but says she was disappointed by some aspects of the night i like it was the first one so it's little shaky. i think you should have started offering a better know and have.
9:34 pm
>>more organized and better venue >>and bad news all over the place at one point west became emotional on stage while discussing his views on abortion. the crowd asked west to elaborate on maximum increase. a comment about harriet tubman caused quite the stir in the audience. >>some grumbling could be heard some audience members chose to walk out. >>and it was horrible. >>he was all over the place on planned before exiting the stage tonight west shouted kanye a 2020 on his social media accounts he's asking people to sign a petition to
9:35 pm
put him on the ballot in south carolina. in north charleston, i'm katie augustine. lincoln park is the latest and to tell the trump campaign to stop using its music. >>the president reid tweeted a video featuring the song in the end last night and then the band tweeted back saying it does not endorse the president saying a cease and desist order has been issued neil young the rolling stones tom petty they've all demand of the trump campaign stop using their music. tonight a restaurant and plaster ville is getting criticized for its alleged policy apparent policy on face masks a lot of customers say the owners are not forcing anyone to wear masks instead. >>these people claim the business is actually forcing people to take their masks off. doug johnson reports. >>if you look up apple be struck last year going yelp. >>theresa reviews complain again and again the covid-19
9:36 pm
guidelines are not being followed one woman wrote on facebook she was asked to leave when trying to buy a pie while wearing a mask and other recent customer telling fox 40 off camera that or waitress wouldn't serve her until she took her mask off and the signs are posted on the front door discouraging customers from wearing a mask inside i have problem, i'm glad to see him still. >>doing business and they are social distancing kanye who didn't want to give her last name was down the street from applebee's stroke. >>she says she believes the signs are a joke she doubts customers are being turned away for wearing masks to why there about a week ago. >>they there are people there with masks on. >>however, the el dorado county health department says that since march it has received 20 complaints about half of the street staff not fallen covid-19 guidelines and soon that could lead to consequences for the cafe the el dorado county board of supervisors approved a new approach to restaurants were in violation falling customer complaints next week, the environmental management department we'll be issuing a warning on its first visit on
9:37 pm
its second visit licenses to serve food can be suspended, but the county admits it will be focusing on ensuring employees are wearing masks not customers but how do you eat when you have a mask on. that was doug johnson reporting from our sister station in sacramento. >>he says one of the owners of apple be strong was responding to negative yelp reviews saying slander is a crime another customer said she felt sick after eating at the restaurant though she admits she's not sure if she got covid or not. well flags across the country including in san francisco are at half-staff in honor of civil rights legend and congressman john lewis san francisco city hall that's been lit up in red white and blue in his memory. lewis died friday night at age 80. he announced in december he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. lewis was often called the conscience of congress along with martin luther king junior, he led the civil rights march on selma, alabama in 1965, san francisco mayor
9:38 pm
london breed tweeting that he put his whole life and to fighting injustice. she says he never stop demonstrating. unparalleled strength perseverance dignity, adding that so many of us stand on his shoulders and our hearts grieve for the loss of a true hero. here's what one california lawmaker had to say. >>the bad him i think about what's going on today and he was built. for this moment of change in this great country of ours and so many people i think they're going to use john lewis has an inspiration going forward a master of just down to earth a big loss but i think yeah he's going to be an inspiration. >>lewis became active in civil rights at a very early age, his awards include the martin luther king junior, nonviolent peace prize. at jfk profile in courage award and the presidential medal of freedom.
9:39 pm
>>representative barbara lee is also remembering john lewis says a longtime friend and colleague kron four's terisa stasio talk to her about her memories of him. >>it's hard to a world without the some of his speeches were so powerful and he really had are incredible voice and was able to connect so well and his words so what do you remember you have a unique perspective. there's there's so many memories of i've known of course he was larger than in one of most are aspects of his character and his brilliance and his commitment was his mentoring of young people and loving young people and he would always stop talk to them. he was never too busy
9:40 pm
and in a family that martin sheen freedom center here in the east bay in my district and every year for the last 15 years i have >>i think the politics no permits to selma, montgomery and birmingham. >>and 67 young people from my center and just this last year for i think was left late part of march early april. know it was failing, but he wanted to meet with the young people and he took them aside who met with him. >>in frail and frail state know a condition and not feeling well that he was determined to talk to the kids also he's come to my district know he sums up the east we yeah lecture series that he loved it in a register. a 1000 people showed up just need him to talk to him to get one of his books he was a person who just connected to people
9:41 pm
everywhere you look in his legacy and his passenger turned out to young people. must be part of what we do next because john was so committed the democracy to voting rights to racial and economic justice issue we just warm. remember him without saying ok we're going to continue this march to just. >>2 republican senators they are backtracking after posting photos of the wrong person that we're trying to honor john lewis senators, dan sullivan and marco rubio both used both of them his photos of the late representative elijah cummings by mistake. the social media post tour later corrected. both cummings and lewis were active in the civil rights movement before coming to congress cummings died in october. >>the death of brianna taylor has sparked outrage across the country about police brutality and now a lawsuit claims teller was alive for several minutes after. she was shot. taylor's mother is suing the 3
9:42 pm
louisville police officers connected to her death. no arrests have been made here the lawsuit claims that taylor's boyfriend kenneth walker called 911 after the shooting. and says he was shouting for help. he says the officers on the scene did not rush in to help the coroner disputes the claim that taylor could have survived for several minutes after the shooting. she says given the injuries medical care could not have saved her. taylor was killed during a mistake in police raid of her home back in march. >>still ahead there are some people apparently trying trying to get the coronavirus we'll take when i have a breakout
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a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. >>sounds hard to believe right catherine, but it's real enough i guess the doctors are issuing warnings about this madness really sound stupid. there are people reportedly attending covid-19 parties where they want to see. >>if they get the virus. brian todd has the story. >>there's a in the 60's. that's dozens of young people seen at a party in osceola county florida sheriff's officials tell cnn affiliate w e s age they believe parties like this have led to a spike in coronavirus cases in that area in michigan young people's parties in the towns of saline and torch lake officials say have exploded into thousands of cases of covid but that's not the worst
9:46 pm
of it while some parties are attended by young people who simply think they won't get infected. >>other parties seem to have been hosted by people who knew they were infected or attended by people trying to get infected local officials say driving america's top expert on infectious disease to incredulity when i hear about these covid parties it just you know makes my head spin because when you get infected. >>would you doing is you're not in a vacuum. are you a part of the propagation of the outbreak doctor jane appleby chief medical officer at methodist hospital in san antonio put out a videotaped message in recent days about a 30 year-old patient at her hospital who she said admitted to attending a covid party, this is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the cold and the thought is that. >>people get together and to see if the virus is real and if anyone gets infected. just before the patient died, they look at their nurse and they said i think i made a mistake. i thought this was a hoax that
9:47 pm
it's not. >>the mayor of san antonio confirmed that case in an interview with cnn and gave more details they thought they were invincible that that this wouldn't affect them. >>as a way that you know to prove their point. unfortunately 5 days later this is a memorial day party at the lake 5 days this young man got sick. >>officials in tuscaloosa alabama recently spoke about information they had received on young people apparently throwing covid parties in that city, a city council member relaying accounts of grotesque contacted by cnn health officials in alabama and san antonio said they investigated the reports but could neither confirm nor deny the existence of covid parties in their areas even though younger people appear to be at a lesser risk of severe illness or death from coronavirus.
9:48 pm
>>one expert says it's beyond words that they play russian roulette with their own lives or the lives of others in may in fact their parents or their grandparents or their teachers or 65 who might have. >>an airline condition and they will die, i can't think of anything more stupid then i get to go to a covid party. >>idiotic that was brian todd reporting health officials warn even people who recover from covid without complications. >>are not immune from complications later in life the virus. they say could lead to heart failure. kidney failure or lung disease. again later in life even if you don't have a problem with it now. happening tomorrow baseball will be back in the bay the a's was the giants in an exhibition game before the regular season starts later this week. the 2 teams will face off at the coliseum on monday and then again at oracle park on tuesday. the giants will be in regular season thursday, when they
9:49 pm
travel to la to take on the dodgers for 4 games. the first home game for the giants will be july 28th. the a's meanwhile will start their regular season on friday at home against the angels, first pitch for tomorrow night's game set for 6.40 at the coliseum of course, no fans at the ballpark. >>tonight you might see some smoke in the sky across the bay area because of a fire in fresno county. an air quality advisory has not been extended through monday. this is because of the smoke, you're looking at video that was taken earlier in the week, the mineral fire has been burning for 6 stace no injuries have been reported, but at least 4 buildings have been destroyed more than 26,000 acres have burned and it is 47% contained they are making some progress evacuation orders are in place for some neighborhoods. >>our 4 zone forecast time as we take a peek outside a live look here at the golden gate
9:50 pm
bridge can see the towers though because of that low clouds sun this sunday night. >>and kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez members i haven't really noticed the smoke they're talking about, but i guess it depends on where you are yeah, it's really going to be in the inland valleys, mainly for those of you in the east bay and south bay fortunately. >>not reaching the ground level so good air quality there, but it is in the upper elevations in those areas i just mentioned so if you are very sensitive and have any pulmonary respiratory issues limit your outdoor activity through monday. because we do have that air quality advisory in effect tonight through tomorrow, let's take a live look outside those san francisco international airport noticing that high cloud cover and low clouds and fog starting to stream through along the coast of the golden gate bridge. temperatures out there right now cooling down into the 50's along the coast 60's as you make your way inland. antioch those 71 degrees and overnight lows tonight going to show and choke only cooling down to 62
9:51 pm
degrees and sienna rose about 10 degrees cooler in the low 50's with widespread mid 50's for everyone else in the bay area. let's take a look at your microclimate monday outlook we're going to remain below average thanks to that deeper marine layer we're going to see plenty of cloud cover for your monday morning. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, partly cloudy skies by the afternoon, half moon bay, 64 degrees there with upper 60's for burlingame and even for sam, a tale as well mid 60's for foster city, so a little bit cooler there. and redwood city in the mid 70's for your monday afternoon highs so we are going to notice some traces amount of drizzle to start out your day and for the south bay 82 degrees for san jose to cupertino in the low 80's as well livermore cooling down into the mid 80's with the widespread low 70's and mid to upper 60's throughout the east bay shoreline, richmond 69 degrees oakland, 71 and conquered only warming up to 81 degrees with napa in the
9:52 pm
mid 70's at 77 degrees nevada of 79 in santa rosa, a degree warmer at 80 degrees. so we're going to remain below average for most of this upcoming workweek and then so the rebound as we warm up on friday with near average highs returning to the bay area by saturday and then warming up in the low 90's on sunday but the good news is with the cooler weather and that increase in drizzle going to diminish our fire danger threat for most of this upcoming week ahead catherine grant back to you thank you for isis still to come hundreds of job, seekers will have a chance to put their best face forward. >>now some photographers
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
nice professional headshot can be an important tool to get into the workforce and now some national photographers are stepping in to make sure that people who have lost their jobs. >>have the photos they need and they will be free. let me so paul has the story. >>booker town-based photographer sharon morgenstern is lighting up her pop-up studio before jumping behind the lens we increase your chance of finding a job she's preparing for next wednesday's massive photo shoot and meisner park, it's part of a national effort to snap 10,000 free had shot specifically for job, seekers and this is something that we feel we can do to give back to people to increase their chances. >>finding a job and getting back on their feet as we recover from covid ca launched by an agency called headshot
9:56 pm
booker is calling on jobseekers to put their best face forward without worry about or 10 minute sessions where safety is the number one priority, but you book your appointment at a shopping com. you reserve your space. >>and that is the time where the photographers will take the time with you to bring out your best. and we want to leave confidently to take the next time that i'd refer say the best way to prepare for the photo shoot as to where solid colors keep your look natural and save the southeast for social media, especially as more interviews go digital if you are as a person hiring of you're presented with 2 had shots and one of them is a selfie that someone took in their backyard where the crop themselves out of a group photo at a party or something. >>versus a professional headshot. >>some people are going to be much more likely to hire the person that has a professional headshot capturing candidates in the best light possible with hopes their next opportunity will click into place and really has the power to one image through an experience. >>the levy change around their lives give them hope. and there was going to sue powell reporting more than 200 photographers are going to
9:57 pm
participate in pop-up studios in all 50 states part of an initiative to create the largest single-day photo initiative is set for this wednesday. >>great initiative there and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 and join us at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 10.
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10:00 pm
>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at brands are just pretty scary when they come down. >>now at 10 a second wild animal attack in an east bay town has people as you would imagine on high alert good evening, everybody thanks for being with us at 10 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight, we'll just over a week after a toddler was bitten by a coyote at a park in moraga a second person is saying they were bitten by a dog like animal at the mirage a country club kron four's dan thorn talked with concerned residents. they say they're seeing more coyotes than usual and he joins us live in morocco with the latest dan.


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